Hola mis amigos!

INA: Thanks for you lovely hello! Here's a kiss for you.
MEREDITH: Where are you hon?
PV: Hiya hon! How've you been doing lately?
RIZZO: How are you mi amigo? Long time no talkie!

Okay, pt. 2 of the campout. Well, the guys woke up with bad hangovers. I made coffee while they laid in the sun trying to revive themselves, eating cold camp biscuits. After coffee, I went off into the bushes to pee, found a clearing under some trees then pulled my khaki shorts down to my knees. Standing, facing two giant boulders I started pissing a fierce spray while aiming myself with my fingers. The piss was so hot and my arc was strong. Now, this was about 7:30 in the morning and it already felt like a 100 degrees outside! As I stood there letting out my piss, I could feel a nice cooling breeze on my bare butt. I think I had a gallon of water in me because it just kept coming out. The pee was starting to roll downhill mingling with my bare toes, turning the pine-needly ground into mud. When I was finally running out of piss I could feel it squirting out in last spurts. I shivered because it felt so good. Okay, here's the good part! Suddenly, I heard a crackling soun! d, like branches being stepped on. Quickly, I pulled up my shorts and squatted behind the boulders, peering through the crack in the center. There was this guy, he must have been a neighboring camper. He looked all around, then quickly pulled down his pants and squatted. I could see his balls dangling down from under his thighs. Man, did this dude ever drop some shit! Guys do such big dumps it always blows me away. He was pretty tasty too with a good muscly ass and thighs. I watched like a bad girl, as three giant turds fell from his butt. He stood up to wipe so I also got to see the whole package. Not as good as Jake's, but not bad either. Within an instant, the guy was gone and I heard Angie plodding up the small trail to the clearing where I was. She'd been involved with the last night's drinking and pissing contest but didn't feel hung over. I told her about the guy who pooped but Angie's gay and she wasn't too interested. She was wearing a long T shirt with bikini botto! ms underneath. So, she lifts her T shirt, yanks down her bikini and squats in the dirt near my pee puddle. With one hard grunt she launched a really fat turd which smelled horrible! It was super fat, maybe 10" long and really light brownish yellow. It took that girl approximately 20 seconds to poop! She wiped only once and was gone again.

So, I get back to camp and what are the guys doing? They're fishing! Jake got a nice steelhead and his brother Luke got two more. Needless to say, breakfast was great!
Then, after breakfast, Jake, the crazy dude that he is, stripped naked and waded into the river! There were some girls hiking on a trail not too far off and they were yelling and whistling and waving at him! Soon after, everyone was doing it! A little after noon, Vera said she had to do a "big potty" so I went with her, feeling some poop inside as well. She is so shy, but we found a pretty good spot with several fallen trees shaded by evergreens. Quickly, she darted her head in all directions, then undid her shorts and slid them down to mid thigh and sat on a log with her butt hanging over the other side. I could smell her poop right away, it smelled like cooking meat. I could even hear the turds splatting into the dirt. She was just so gorgeous sitting there pooping over the log, resting her elbows on her knees with her hands clasped together in front. She reminds us all of Brittany Spears so much. Suddenly we heard a noise and she jumped up in mid-poop and a turd fell ! out of her ripe ass and down the back of her leg! I was trying so hard not to laugh because it was only Nu who wanted to join the girl potty. Vera was so embarrassed adn I told her not to worry about it. I used some dried grass and cleaned up the back of her leg as Nu took a log herself. Here I am cleaning poop off of Vera's leg, listening to Nu grunting and plopping. After I got Vera cleaned up pretty good, she wandered back to the camp and I decided to take a nice afternoon shit. Nu was taking a long time with hers, grunting like crazy. She had some bad gas. I squatted down, shielded my eyes from the sun with my hand and started pushing. Nu just sat there smiling at me. When I was finsihed I had a huge pile of smelly shit beneath my ass.
That afternoon, Renee got a bad case of the runs and made several sloppy trips into the bush. Poetic justice I say! Let's see, what else? Oh yeah, Nu and Ray. There's love in the air for those two!...Especially since there'd been some tent switching in the night. Oh yeah, and Patsy got a picture of Jake wading nude into the river. A nice front shot too!

Now, as for this morning, I had a super dump! Nu was soaking in the tub and I asked if I could come in and do a big one.
"You gonna' stink me out?" she asked.
"Of course," I said, sliding my purple undies down to my ankles.
I took a good fifteen minute shit as Nu lay soaking in the tub watching. Actually, the smell was pretty mild. It was stinky, but not horrible. Nu had been pretty quiet, then said
"I smell it."
I couldn't help but smile because it was funny.
"Heard it," she giggled.
"Was that a big one?" she asked.
"Not really-wait a sec...," --KPLUUUMP--" that was a big one."
"I can smell that one too," she smiled.
I lifted my right cheek and pooped out another softie for her. It was so long and thick it itched and tickled at the same time. The room was beginning to swell with the brown aroma. Looking down at Nu soaking in the bath, I could see her smiling at me. I began to grunt and push, then reached for a magazine that was under her jeans on the hamper. It was some sort of gardening mag. Flipping through pages, I grunted once more, pushed with my belly and out came a succession of loose plops.
Nu giggled, then
"Snff-snff-snfff--P-U on you!
"Those were fresh ones just for you hon," I smiled back at her, "smell the garlic and onions?"
"Smells more like bad salsa to me with some feta cheese thrown in."
Just then, I rubbed my thighs and said
"Time to wipe my butt."
I was poopy and it took six very thorough wipes. I left Nu in the tub to enjoy Carmalita's exotic aroma's. Oh well, she's no perfume princess herself! And so goes another typical day in our looney tunes household!

Hugs and kisses to everyone

Ice Cream Man
I was in the book store the other day and needed to take a leak. This kid walks in who was about 12 or 13. He walks into the stall and sits down, ripping a loud fart. I can hear him moaning in the stall, and the sounds coming from the stall told me this was a soft poop he was taking. As I was washing my hands, he walks out without flushing or wiping. I went in the stall to inspect, and sure enough, it was almost orange looking and very soft looking. It had a cheesey smell. I went back out to the magazine section, and I spotted the boy running his hand up and down his butt crack. He had a serious boner, too. He must have enjoyed what he had done alot.

Mike of MD
To punk-rock-girl: there are some female urinals in the U.S. for more see

Hi everyone! Lots of you have been asking me about myself so here's a mini biography! I am 14 (female) with long dark blond hair. I am tall for my age, and people say that I am also mature for my age. My weight is about average, I might have a small belly, but not much at all. Next year I am going into the tenth grade. I have been interested in peeing since I was 8, when I lived next door to one of my best friends, Nat (short for Natasha, she was a girl my age). We peed ourselves together all the time without ever being found out. My dad is military, so we mave all the time, every two years, and ever since Nat I've never found anyone who is interested in that stuff. My parents have never been really open with peeing or pooing, so I always pee myself secretly. I also think that the danger of being found out adds to the excitement. I have tried pooing in my pants, by I always stopped after a little bit, because I don't like the feeling. However, the feeling of a full bladder t hrobbing in me is wonderful.

To wee in panties gurl: I use Super maxi pads with wings, just because those are the thickest kind my mom buys for us. The next time that I go to the store alone, I will try to buy the kind that you mentionned. I haven't before because I'm afriad of my mother finding them. I babysit a lot ( in the summer almost every other day ) and if there is a small child I'll take a couple dipers, but I am also afraid of buying these without my mom knowing.

The other day I babysat for a little girl and her brother. They were swimming in their pool, and running around the backyard, when the girl just stopped, and sat down in a plastic lawn chair. I looked over, and saw her peeing! Since she was in her bathing suit, I pretended that I hadn't noticed, and I looked away, but when she got out of the chair, I dumped a bucket of water over it to rinse it.

When me and my friend Natwere little, we used to make up these insane stories to tell to each other when we slept over (which was every weekend and almost every day in the summer). The stories were things about teachers teaching class who suddenly had to pee, and did it in their pants, and about peoplke who had houses where there was no bathroom, but there was one room with a long comfortable couch for peeing on, and another room with chairs for pooing.

All this reminds of one time, when I was 12. We were at a hotel because we were moving, and I had to pee badly. We were going to go to the beach, so I had on a bathing suit and shorts and a tee shirt overb it. I went down to the lobby to wait for my parents and two sisters, and I sat on one of the big fluffy chairs and pulled down my shorts and peed. Unfortunetly for me, the pee gushed down the chuishon and onto my shorts, so it looked like I had peed my pants. I tried to hide ot from my parents, and neither of them said anything to me, so I don't think that they noticed. As for the chair, I turned the chushion upside down and left.

My last post for today is about camping. (I loved the story about the two boys drinking beer and then having the contest to see who could wet themselves the most without it showing. I forget who it was by) Anyway, my family has a pop - up camper, and we camp all the time in the spring and in the fall. (the summer is too hot) I have a lot of fun peeing, becaues I can do it squating in the woods. Also, of the bat5hrooms are the kind with one room that has a shower and a toilet and then a locked door, I can pee on the floor through a pair of underwear that I throw out or in the shower. One time we were in a campground that had a long grassy hill. The campsites were all around the hill, and the bathrooms were at the top. I purposely held my pee before going to bed, knowing that I'd wake up in the middle of the night needing to pee badly. I got up at about 2 in the morning and snuck out of the camper. I ran halfway up the hill and then, in the dark, I pulled my pants down to ! my ankles, laid sideways and peed in my underwear (I always bring a lot of cheap underwear camping, I buy it at Walmart places and hide it in my luggage for times like this) The pee ran down the hill, and I took off the underwear and hid them in the trash can by the bathroom. I love the way that it feels. First your bladder is throbbing against your skin, and then the pee starts to flow, through the cotten and onto the grass, which I can feel beneath my bum...Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I love it! Hopefully one day I can find a boyfriend that loves peeing as much as I do!

new dude
o.k I'm gonna make this post short because last time I spent a long time typing something and it never posted. Kind of made me mad but anyways. I am new here, I've been reading for some time now, but have been trying to post. Anyways I'm really interested in women going to the bathroom especially pooping. I don't know why, maybe its becuase of all the things I've experienced in the past especially when I was a little kid. Well that's all I'll type for now, lets see if this gets posted.

...I don't believe we have ever gotten a post from you before...

NATE IN AZ--great story about that monster log coming out. Yes, they sure can be pure ecstasy coming out!

CARMALITA--Hola! Good to see you back!

EPHERMAL--good stories! Keep them up, and don't worry about constipation. When a log is ready it's ready. No sense in forcing it to come out sooner. Trust me, those big ones can feel incredible.

MEGAN--ah, those darn kids again! What is it with kids and their running comentary while someone is having a dump? Your story was funny, though.

Bye for now!

Hello ppl,
I were reading some magazines and get to read the synopsis of "Never Been Kissed". I read that there is a scne of Josie taking laxative to reduce weight. Is it true? I haven't watch the movie yet. For those who have watched it , can give detail explanation on the actual scenario. Also include the consequence that happen to her after the laxative intake........TQ

Ephermal-Ach crap! I sometimes eat Weetabix in the morning (which contains fibre) and sometimes i dont. it wont be a serious health hazard if u dont get fibre every day.

also, try drinking at least a bottle of coke or another carbonated drink every day. call me an idiot, but it works...

I've been a lurker around here for a long time and actually posted a couple of times under the name Rice. I have a story for everyone, hope ya'll enjoy. I woke up this morning with the worst urge to pee in my life. I thought of this as a good opportunity to wet myself since it was early sunday morning and noone would know. I quickly changed out of my boxers and into some briefs. I jumped back in bed and tried with all my might to let some out, but I couldn't. Then, when I thought all was lost, I started going full force. I jumped out of the bed and ran down the hall with pee running down my legs. I sat on the toilet with my underwear still on and peed the rest. I was very relieved when I was finished. Hope you all liked the story. I will post more if there's enough response. Have a good day.

Hi Fellow Weers and Poopers!

Meghan and I have just gotten back from a visit to my father's home. He is fine. I am back for awhile. My stories are in replies. Annie will be back this week.

****INA: Hi sweetheart. I know you need space so I won't be so persistant. I wish I would have been there when you had your wee squat. Also that traveimate is good to have, isn't it. Now, here is a funny wee story. Meghan and I went fishing with my father. We were in the boat and Meghan was shifting around looking uncomfortable. She went to the end of the boat and pulled down her shorts. She squatted over the side and I heard the loud splashing of her pee. My Dad also heard it and his mouth fell open when he saw her. I'm surprised that his teeth didn't fall out. She went on with her weeing, finished and shook her bum. She pulled up her shorts and went on fishing. Her grandfather never said a word. I think I saw a little grin of amusement on his face. I will be here. I will let you rub my ???? when I poo again. By-the-way, what is Boules? We all love you!! Hugs from Robby
****TIM: Sorry for being so sulky. I am ok now. Poor SARAH! She really had a bad time, didn't she. I remember when the girls were very young. One on the toilet and the other one on the little potty. I went to MacDonalds, too. Annie will give me all sorts of hell when she gets back. My father yelled at me for gaining weight. My poos are a little harder because of that. I don't mind you sorting me out. I hope little Josie and Loewie will be able to return to the loo, soon. Give my love to them and dear SARAH. Also to you, my friend! Hugs to all! Robby
****CARMALITA: OLA!!! Good to see you back, sweetie! I am ok, now. I was a little blue. My that was a house party. It is a shame that Jake's parents are that way. I'll bet those brother's eyes were about to pop out when you and the girls started to "perform" for them!! Loved the story! Keep with us!! Lots of Lovexxxx Robby
****LOUISE AND STEVE: Hi married folks! That was an amazing story you had, Louise. By-the-way, Sue shit her brains out the first night we were on our honeymoon. All I could hear was groan and splash. Not much more was performed that night,LOL! Glad you are back!! Lots of Lovexx from Robby
****EPHERMAL: Hi dear! I am eating more grain and things like that. DON'T start the fiber supplement. There are better ways to get your bowels moving again. Sorry you are having so much trouble. The girls would rub your ???? for you. Let me know how it goes. Lots of Lovexxx from Robby

WELCOME TO: Lexie and all of the new posters!
LOVE AND HI TO: Kendal, Lawndogs kid, and Ellen- we are worried about you!!!!!, PV- glad you didn't get caught in the gents, lol!, Damsel-hi there, Rizzo- sorry you can't get through. Loved the story!!, Jane and Gary, Diva- loved the Fidelio story! I know how you feel!, Kimmie and Scott-what happened!!, Jeff A-hope you are ok!, LindaGS- that was a massive dump, dear! Todd and Diana- hi dear friends!!, Adrian- thanks for the hello!, Bry, Adele-hi!, Eleanor-hope you come back!, Ellie and Little Lou-where are you?, and all of the other great posters!



DEREK: Is this Dublin, Ireland that you are driving around, and seing all these great sights? I live in Dublin too. so why don't I get to see them? I mean, I have seen people pissing in laneways after dark, and even evidence of where someone had a shit. But real live action, in broad daylight? What sort of situations do you get to see this?

GAY LAD LANCS: Great stories of you and your mate Andy on holiday. But you know you shouldn't be surprised that he was interested in seeing you shit, even though he is not gay like you. If you read lots of posts on this site, you will see that there are plenty of people who like to see the opposite sex shit, but there are also many others, myself included, who are not gay, but prefer this kind of experience with the same sex. Probably some experience when we were younger gave us this interest. In my case I think probably going to the school toilets as a teenager as a sort of a place of refuge, for peace and quiet, and getting to like the sound effects! Maybe we still haven't got over our inhibitions about hearing or watching the opposite sex. Anyway give us some more good stories if you have any.

DARIUS FROM MELBOURNE: Still hoping we will hear from you again, witth more stories from China or other places.


Hello! Greetings from Germany. Thanks to those of you who responded to my previous post. I felt honoured to hear from you.

I note from "wetguy" that there are not enough wetting stories on here. I write with a wet story with a difference that happened to my boyfriend and myself (we are both gay). Where we live in Germany there are lots of forests. We both love walking in the forests and do lots of it when the weather is right. We are very used to watching each other piss and shit in the forests. We sometimes wipe each others bottoms. I mentioned before that about once a week we like to piss or shit in our pants but we have not done that in the forest until about three weeks ago. We were walking with pale coloured shorts on. Mine were pale blue and Friedrich had pale beige ones. We both had white Calvin Klein slip style pouch briefs on under.It was a lovely hot day. We've not had many this summer. Finding a fallen tree trunk to sit on for a rest, we sat down. I said I needed a good piss and was tempted to piss my pants. Friedrich said he was bursting to go too. He got up and then sat on my la! p facing me. He said, "Enjoy this, Hans!" He then proceeded to piss himself. Well, you can guess what happened. He pissed my pants at the same time as his! It was so unexpected to have my shorts soaked by my friends piss! We then changed places and I pissed myself, wetting Friedrich even more in the process. It made the whole act of us both wetting our pants so much more enjoyable than when we stand and watch each other wet ourselves individually. We then walked about 200 metres to the beach of the adjacent lake. We lay down in the hot sun to dry off. There was a gentle warm breeze which helped. There was nobody else about. There rarely is in this lovely remote spot. We did have a newspaper in one of our backpacks. If anybody had come by we would have simply split the paper so we could each cover up our wet shorts. They quickly dried though. Our briefs took a bit longer as they have a double thickness of material in the pouch section. Let me just add that neither of us would! have done this with anyone else. We are two very healthy and fit young men of 22 and knew wetting each other in this way was not a health risk. We don't propose shitting our pants in the forest, as it could be too messy. We like to shit our pants indoors where we can get cleaned up in the shower after. But we do enjoy pissing ourselves just as much.

With best wishes to all.

Monday, July 08, 2002

Part 3 The Conversion of a Toilet-Shy Choirboy.

Was my brother too young to take to Grandfather’s? Although his asthma was improving, in the night he sometimes need to use an inhaler, especially in hot weather. This quickly subsided, but the wheezing put pressure on his bladder, and he had to wee before going back to sleep. But I didn’t want him using a chamber pot , and could take him outside if necessary. We were to sleep on the bed settee downstairs anyway, and the key would be left in the back door. There would be no daily shower, and in hot weather we often had two a day.

He knew that I would need to lift him onto the toilet, and it might be better to wee sitting down. Both of us hated this - it was ’unmasculine’ - but he was more philosophical about it than I would have been at the age of 9. We got over this by unzipping in the nearby woods.

Our vicar lent him a junior rucksack , from his own childhood, which he was saving for his own children when older. We gave him practice in putting it on and in walking with it full.

We packed light clothing - rain wasn‘t forecast - and we could rinse clothes and hang them on the line. We always wore long trousers (our schools were thankfully liberal about shorts and school caps), but would take shorts for pyjamas. (Mum thought boys should wear long pyjama bottoms, but I was working on her.) As well as our jeans, we took cool long trousers. We packed his asthma inhaler, my antihistamine medication, and tissues, Dad’s large toilet bag which would do for both of us. The vicar gave us a lift to the ’bus station. Uncle and Grandfather met us - the ‘bus stop was quite near to their house. They fed us really well. Grandfather, a widower, had an arrangement with one or two women in the village to do jobs for them, such as gardening, while they did his mending, and when Uncle was away, they sometimes cooked him a meal. Most evenings he visited his ‘bowling’ companions, his main recreation apart from gardening. While he had gone, a boy called with ! some mending his mother had done. He had been on a similar errand on my earlier visit. He was at a boarding school associated with a cathedral choir, and was a very good musician, intending to do music and theology at university. Uncle told him we were coming. I warned my brother that he might want to hear him sing - he was developing a promising soprano voice. We had got used to doing ‘party pieces’ in front of visitors. So I did my accompanying bit, and he sang. The boy gave him tips about breath control, and invited us for a meal 2 days later. He had asked his mum if we could have a shower while there - he knew that was something we missed. We had an interesting evening, and his parents spared time to talk to us.

We didn’t need blankets as it was so hot, and just used our sleeping bag liners. My brother used his inhaler at bedtime, and managed to sleep through the night, though we both woke early, and went into the woods to ‘stand and deliver‘. I had put the kettle on, and when we returned Grandfather and Uncle were there making the tea for when the milkman arrived. There was no fridge, and dairy products were kept in the cool cellar (with no light down the steps). I suspect giving uncle and grandfather had ’slopped out’ without our seeing them, into the compost heap. We got some cold water in a bowl to brush our teeth from the outside tap, and went back in for the welcome cuppa, followed by the substantial breakfast. We did the washing up between us - no dishwasher as at home.

Uncle packed Grandfather off to his bowling early, so that we could see to internal and external cleansing without him being around. I took a bucket to flush the toilet, then returning with two buckets of water, one for each of us when ready, wiping the seat also.

I was beginning to get internal messages, and said to my brother, when will you be ready, and he replied, rather agitated ‘Now!’ I dashed to my rucksack for the tissue, and off we went. I have never seen a pair of trousers dropped so quickly! ’Lift me up!’ he said sharply. He asked me to check his underpants and the seat of his trousers. Fortunately there were no stains. He said ’I was really scared. ... I have never been so glad to sit on a toilet in my life. I just don’t care who sees me!’ There were tears in his eyes and he was shaking. The splashes in the water indicated how desperate he was, but he relaxed, and said he felt much better. After a good wee, he wiped himself, checking for blood on the paper. There wasn’t any, but I could tell he had been frightened. He said he didn’t feel he had a ???? upset, but it was the probably the fibre in the food, plus the fact that he had waited a bit longer than at home. Then he said ’I’m sorry I shouted. Can! I put my arm round you’. Then he was calm. It was now my turn.

He giggled to see me with my legs not touching the ground, and using the ’Daily Mirror’, though finishing the operation with a wipe from our tissue. He agreed to ease off the apples but drank plenty of fluid. But he hadn’t picked up a virus. We had several walks, with good views towards the Malvern Hills, where I been a few days before. We stayed 3 nights, taking a few more apples home. Apart from that ’scare’ he had loved it, and slept through the night each time. When he looked as if he was going to be poorly, I wondered how we would get him home. We had eaten a lot, but had plenty of exercise, and our ‘dumps’ had been much bigger than usual. Our bathroom scales at home showed we had lost some weight. We had been greedy with the apples, but they didn’t do us any harm, and were a good way of cleaning our insides out. My parents had decided that one of them must learn to drive, if only to ferry their two sons about and visit Grandfather. Within 12 months the! y had both passed their tests and they purchased a car.

The rest of the ‘Gang of Four’ had returned - my parents agreed that we could have a giggling sleepover. This time my brother did the honours by telling the story of our trip away together, suitably embroidered. Next morning when my parents had gone to work, we stayed in bed and then I was ordered to tell the story again of my first visit on my own, which two of the gang of four hadn’t heard.

Soon after our visit the internal bathroom was put in, and the outhouse demolished. We didn’t stay overnight again. My grandfather’s health began to deteriorate, and he died just when I was doing my O levels, and I didn’t go to the funeral. We inherited a collection of chamberpots into which plants were put, but we turned the handles towards the back.

We were glad to have experienced a more primitive way of life, and also that our parents had trusted us to go off on our own.

Re: Bryian
Actually, yes i did, she was awesome!

To Gay Lad:
Loved your story.


CARMALITA - Hi girl! Thank you very much for what you said about us getting married and all of that. Please thank Jake and all the girls for us too. Oh yeah, Steve and I did not really leave each other alone when we were on honeymoon and we have tried not to leave each other alone since we came back. I bet you and Jake are just like us that way. It is a shame his parents did not visit you because you are lovely.
Steve will like reading your weeing and shitting story when he comes back home. He has been away because of work since Thursday and I am missing him. I have had some good wees and he has missed them all! I wish I had been there with you and joined in the standing peeing contest with Renee and Angie. I bet we would have put out that fire eh? LOL I would really have liked to see the guys peeing as well. I do not get to see enough of that. It is not like my husband is not enough for me LOL but seeing other guys as well with wee squirting out of their willies is something I like. A lot of the time I just get glimpses of dicks and streams but it is often better when we go to Spain. I hope it is like that this year because I have seen a few guys weeing and liked what I saw.
We were on a beach when we were on honeymoon and Steve wanted a wee. So I stood next to him and put my arm around him while we stood looking out to sea. He got his willy out of his trunks and had a wee in the sea. I do not think anybody saw him but I got to watch him of course and I enjoyed that. I wanted a wee as well a bit later and what I did was a bit like when I was 15 and had a wee with my mum and sister on the beach. When I got a chance to do it I squatted and pulled my bikini bottoms down to around my knees. Steve was in front of me and I had a nice gusher in the sand. LOL I made a bit of a puddle and I weed so much it needed a minute to soak into the sand. giggle When I was finished I pulled up my bikini bottoms and pretended I had not done anything. I think another couple had seen my stream because they looked shocked when we walked past them. We felt a bit hot after my wee and we just went back to the hotel to make love.
Love Louise xx

EPHERMAL - Hi girl! I am sorry you still have the troubles with the constipation. It can not be very nice for you to have to use the finger extraction to get the little balls out. I often do a lot of little balls when I shit, but they come out by themselves so I think you are a bit unlucky.
Love Louise xx

ADRIAN - Hi guy! Thank you very much for what you said about the wedding. Yeah, I really wanted to get my toileting all done before getting into my wedding dress. For ages I really thought no poo would come and I was clear, you know, so I put on my stockings and belt, my thong and then my dress. I still did not feel anything but then I got the feeling in my bum, you know? It may be that I just got a little bit more nervy with my dress on and it was enough to make the diarrhoea come. I did a surprising amount of wee as well when the diarrhoea had stopped. Yeah, Steve was affected by seeing my girlfriends weeing. And now I know what I should arrange as a treat for you if you had a stag night! giggle
Love Louise xxxxx

NATHAN - Hi! My husband Steve said he wished he had a video of me having diarrhoea while I was in my wedding dress. I was going to go the rest of the day without knickers on because I had soiled mine and my sister made me have hers. So she went the day with no knickers on. giggle Well it took care of the thing 'something borrowed' didn't it?
I hope you have as good a wedding day as I had.
Love Louise xx

TIM - Hi guy! Yeah, the story about the lizard scaring Josie and Loewie in the bathroom was a bit scary bit a bit funny too! I bet I would have jumped right out of my knickers if I saw a lizard on my bathroom ceiling. If I was having a shit I would fire it like a missile. LOL Our honeymoon was really lovely thank you! Thank you and Sarah as well for what you said to us. Hey there is a lot more to tell about the honeymoon but I do not have time now to finish.
Love Louise xxxxx

PV - Hi girl! giggle Yeah, Steve has regained consciousness now! He has been away from home for 4 days and I am really missing him. When he comes back home I am going to make him unconscious again. LOL
Oh yeah, he saw all of the 14 weeing! We were all drunk and we really needed a good wee again when we got home. I said we should all let Steve watch us pissing and everybody wanted to do it. So yeah each girl went in the bathroom and took her knickers down in front of poor Steve who got all stressed! It was really easy to get started because we really needed to wee, so Steve got to see the wee squirt out of each girl's pussy in big gushers. He said two girls needed him to look away until she started and then he could turn around and watch. Oh yeah, he was lucky but I made his luck for him. My friends all say how really nice he is, so they were keen to give him his treat really. We were all very, very bad 'schoolgirls' that night. LOL
Yeah, Winter makes you not have as many adventures. The weather here has been rubbish, raining so much, and I have not really had a chance to wee outside. I have 2 modelling jobs this week and I am going away for 3 days so I hope I get a chance to get a weeing adventure myself. Hey when I come back I will visit my favourite urinal again like you do a college and I will have a really good wee in it. It is weeks since I did that!



Does anyone know about the new product ex-lax put out called Benefiber? I heard its a new laxative. One can mix it in cofee, food, and other items. Does this make your BM's thicker, softer, longer?

I have a funny story for you today.
At home, our toilet seat has been very loose for a year. My mom has told my dad many times to fix it but he never got the time. Well, About a month ago, he got some tools and was going to fix it. There were two metal screws that went into the toilet to hold the plastic toilet lid in place. Well, he tightened it so hard that the screws cracked the plastic.
The seat was on pretty tight for about three weeks. After time, it kept getting a little looser. Every time you would sit on it you would slide around a bit.
About a week ago, my mom was going to take a shower after work, so she got off all her clothes and wanted to use the toilet. She went and dropped all her weight on the toilet, and the lid screw gave way, and she slid of the side of the toilet and fell on the ground, in the meanwhile breaking the lid in half. We were all at home, so we heard all the noise and right away ran into the bathroom. When we came in we saw my mom laying beside the toilet totally naked on the ground. The good thing was that she was laughing and didnt hurt herself. We helped her up and she went into the shower. I picked up the lid off the ground and i held it up to show my dad and sister. It was broken in half. It was one of those lids that wasnt totally round and had an open front.

Now for about a week, we have no toilet lid. We still didnt get a new one. Every time we have to use the toilet your bum gets pretty cold. In the morning, when i shower before school, i take a pee above the drain. If i need to pee throughout the day at home i usually hover over the toilet. The worst thing is when i have to poop. The toilet is sooo cold. I quickly sit down and dont think about how cold it is. After a while it warms up but it is still very umcomfortable to sit on.

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