Hey all,

First time poster, long time reader, finally have a decent story to post. I'm 21 and in college, brown hair blue eyes, and have always had a fascination with the act of relieving oneself. Anyways, this happened about a week ago; I was shopping at a mall downtown and, about an hour after lunch, had to take a dump. It wasn't like I would have gone in my pants, but I enjoy using public restrooms and took this opportunity to go and poop. I went into the ladies room, which was empty, and had just sat down in the middle stall of 3 when I heard someone come in. I listened, and heard two voices, one of a little girl, and one who I presumed was her mother. They both entered the stall to my left. Apparently the mother was going to help the little girl use the toilet. Soon, I let out a little bit of pee, and then began to relax my pooping muscles. Next to me, the mother was telling her daughter to "just relax and let it out." I was doing the same thing; then, I let a loud! , long, echoed fart out of me. I then heard the girl ask, "mommy, what was that?" The mother said, "shh, that's another girl." "What was that, she asked again?" "She's going poopoo, just like you." "Why?", the little girl asked. "Because she has to." Then, to me the lady said, "Sorry, she's just curious." "I understand," I said. I began to push out a soft but firm log of poop, making me feel much better. Then, I cut an extremely juicy, smelly fart, followed by another turd. Feeling greatly relieved, I pulled some toilet paper from the rack and wiped. "What's she doing?" asked the little girl. "Leave her alone, she's wiping herself." "Why?", the girl asked. "Because she went potty", said the lady. I got out of the stall, washed my hands, and left. It's not often I've had commentary while pooping.
Bye all!

To Nate in AZ

I read your post and know what you went through. The next time this happens you should take a 2 or 3 quart enema and it should clear you out so you don't have to struggle taking a dump. I don't know if you ever had an enema but the enema is the best way to relieve yourself. I had many problems like the one you had and they were all remedied by taking enemas. Enemas may be painful and uncomfortable but its well worth the agony of a log sticking out of your anus. Stay well!!!


I have been so busy with my summer job and baby-sitting my sister that I did not have enough time to even post. Well anyway today I dont know what is going wrong with me I have been farting all morning. And all day yesterday I have been feeling a little turd trying to poke out but ben saving it until I felt more fuller. And today it came outwith hot diareah and man did it feel good. Man I tell yah if you eat a good batch of prunes that shit will flush your ass out.
Well I have to go now have or Ill be late for my job

I'm a male college grad student, 24, north of Atlanta. Answers to Mike's survey:

1. Have you pooped or peed in your pants while waiting to use the toilet? >>>Peed, yes. Several times, as recently as age 16. Pooped, no.
2. How many time have you saw your parents pooping or pissing? >>>Mom, never. Dad pissing, hundreds of times, stadium restrooms, behind a bush on golf course, etc., neither of us shy in that regard. Dad sitting on john, a few times, very briefly, I didn't linger, lol.
3. What do you think of automatic flushing toilets? >>>Like 'em, because some creeps don't flush otherwise, which is disgusting.
4. Have you ever pooped or pissed in your underwear or panties while waiting in line? >>>Isn't this pretty much the same as question 1? Wet my pants rather spectacularly waiting in line at an outdoor concert, age 15. My first serious experience with beer. Didn't cause me to dislike it. :-)
5. Have you women ever seen a urinal for men? >>>No. I lead a sheltered life.
6. For you women have you ever used a mens restroom before? >>>N/A
7. For you men have you ever used a womens restroom before? >>>No.
8. How many times have you pissed or pooped on the seat? >>>A few drops on the seat accidentally, many times, always cleaned up with TP.
9. How many times have you used a airplane toilet? >>>Have peed in plane toilets dozens of times, always into the sink, which is a handy height. I always clean it well, of course. Dislike crapping in a plane toilet, have done so twice on flights to Europe.
10.How many times have you used a train toilet? >>>Believe it or not, I've never been on a train other than urban mass transit. Subway trains don't have toilets, and I avoid those at the stops, for obvious reasons.
11.Are you afraid of enlongated seats (open end seats)? >>>Afraid? Ummmm, no.
12.What is your favorite color of enlongated seats (a) white,(b) black? mine is white >>>Chartreuse? Burgundy? Ecru? Nah, don't much care. Any port in a storm.
13.What is your favorite type of toilet seat (a) round,(b) enlongated,(c) none? mine is round but will use enlongated? >>>Definitely elongated. Hey, I'm a guy, and I sometimes have to pee and poop at the same time, a concept which seems to have escaped some designers of plumbing fixtures. Some toilets in hotel rooms in England are particularly absurd with the smallness of their openings.
14.Have you women ever pissed in a urinal? N/A
15.Have you ever pooped or pissed in a japanese toilet (hole in the ground)? >>>Never been to Japan. But quite a few toilets in pubs/restaurants in the south of France are similar, just a square of porcelin with a hole in it, mounted flush with the floor. Peeing in these of course is no prob for us guys, but if I'd needed to poop, I'd have headed back to my hotel rather than straddle that thing. Feel sorry for women who have to use similar setups.
16.Have you pissed or pooped when there was no toilet around (especially outside)? >>>Pissed millions of times (hasn't everyone?), pooped, I don't know, maybe a dozen times, camping trips, hikes.
17.Have you pissed or pooped out side of your house, when you were home or locked out? >>>Used to pee outside at home when parents were away all the time. Often off the deck in back. Pooped in back yard behind the shed twice when our pipes froze and we had no running water for a while, and boy, was that cold. Kicked off pants, and did it standing up, legs spread. Might be sort of fun in warmer weather, but not when it was 15 degrees, brrr. Parts of your anatomy tend to shrink up in temps like that. :-(
18.Have you ever used an outhouse ever or port-a-john? >>>Sure, but given the choice, I'd rather step back into the woods. I worked as a construction laborer for a housebuilder one summer. We always had a port-a-john on the site (health code requirement), but the guys never used it.
19.Are you afraid of using the toilet in the dark (especially night)? >>>Even way down here in Georgia, we have electricity. I turn on the light.
20.For you women or men have you pooped or pissed in a toilet with a broken seat or no seat? >>>Peed only, of course a non-event for us guys.
21. For you men have you ever saw a women urinal? If so what do you think? >>>Yes. A bit silly, since women still have to get partially undressed. What's the point? Maybe it saves a bit of water?

Ana: I dont think you should tell your bf, cuz the risk is too great.
Jack: The Iowa toilet sounds like a dream come true, for people like me, if only Im a guy and Im in States. Haha do tell us some of the exiting stuff u saw there

Hola mis amigos!

We've been so busy and have had Jake's brothers and sister visiting.

STEVE AND LOUISE: I am so happy about you two tyin' the knot! Jake sends his best to you both, as do Renee, Patsy, Nu, Anj and Tesa. I'll bet you're having fun still honeymoonin'! Me and Jake still honeymoon like crazy LOL!
ROBBY, ANNIE, SARAH S. AND MEGHAN: Robby--Poor, sweet guy! I must have missed something somewhere. I hope everything is okay on your end. You feel kinda sad huh? I don't want you to be sad. If I could be there to hug you I would. We had an invasion of Jake's 3 brothers and sister from Texas. I wish you and Annie and the girls could have come. His parents didn't come. They won't have anything to do with him-Especially now that he married a Mexican! How awful for their poor baby! However, his brothers are really nice and definitely hot, but for me, Jake's still good to go. He's the hottie of the family. Then, his sister Vera! Oh, what a Brittney Spears looking honey she is! She had Angie squirmin' an' hummin' let me tell you! They all came up to visit and to see the baby. Since Renee and Patsy are lesbians, they wondered why Jake is the father, but Renee explained it all very well. I think that Jake's brother Ray is falling for Nu big time! She's showing a lot of interes! t too. Oh well, I love you all and I hope you're feeling better Robbie.
MARK: I enjoyed your post about Michelle! We have a temp at work who's really cute and whenever she goes to shit I swear she holds it all in for work! She'll drop turd after turd. Big healthy ones too. I know I shouldn't spy on her, but I do through a screwhole in the stall wall. The janitors keep fixing it, but somebody (not me!) keeps poking it out again.

Story wise, I wouldn't know where to begin! We've been having a fun and crazy summer. However, I took a week off for some fun in the sun. We went on a 2 day campout with the brood and it was excellent! There were so many of us! We have two tents and had to borrow 2 more! Jake, Nu, Renee, Patsy, Anj, Ray, Jimmy, Luke (Jake's brothers) and his sister Vera. Ray and Nu disappeared alone for about a half hour which we all teased them about later.
Jake's sister Vera had to pee really bad but was way to shy for any of us to see but there were no outhouses or restrooms. We were on the river, so she had to be an outdoor girl. Nu went with her to stand guard and gave us a full report later. Apparently, Vera peed for about five minutes! (exaggerating of course.) I guess it was a good pee though. Nu said she sprayed really good and that there was a nice foamy puddle under her pussy. Later though, she had to shit pretty bad and waited until nightfall. But her strategy didn't work because after dark she was afraid of snakes, so Nu and Anj went with her. Anj reported that Vera's dump was very petite, but healthy, and Nu did a huge, long log that was perfectly tapered. There were many more of us that had to shit, so we did it in various spots. I too, am terrified of snakes so I chose the more gravelly area by the river. It was so dark, and I could bury my poop easier there too.
First, Renee and Patsy did their dumps in the bushes not too far from camp. We could see Patsy's head bobbing up and down, nearly grunting with effort. She thought we couldn't see her but we could. She got a little pissed at Renee when Renee was telling everybody how big her turds were. Then later Anj had to do a big nasty and I went with her.
When I had to poop I wandered toward some bushes by the river bank, pulled my shorts and thong down to my booted ankles and squatted. First I peed. Man I had to go so bad it was pushing out like a fire hose! My hot piss sprayed the rocks which got everyone's attention. Anj yells out "Hey Malita, ya' peein' out there?" then people were laughing. I heard Vera's voice saying "Ssshh, don't tease her!" I was too busy feeling such relief! Oh the piss felt soooo good. I was in a blissful state of "Ahhhhh..." I call this blissful state "Peevana." Jake was with me and he had the flashlight. When I started shitting, he would laugh and point it towards my butt. Fortunately, nobody saw anything. I pinched off two very large turds, extremely long and fat.
Let's see...dinner was great, a sort of sausage, egg and ham scramble with biscuits. We had some wine and whiskey and the guys got a bit looped, so much that they had a piss contest in full view of everybody. We got to see an assortment of male dicks peeing. After they finished, they challenged all comers. I decided against it, but Renee and Angie competed, standing up, pissing out an arc that almost sprayed the campfire. The brothers loved it for they'd never seen anything like that ever. Finally, Renee and Pat went to their tent leaving the rest of us. Before too long,
The next morning though, Renee was taking people on guided tours of everyones turd piles, mine, Patsy's, Nu's and yes, even hers. She was proud of her log. Nu's nice long turd was very pretty too I have to admit.

Anyway, so much for me! More on the campout later. I love you all mis amigos! Happy Wedding Steve and Louise!


No, I never got spanked or even yelled at. I did it until I was 13. When I was 11, I started using the toilet again for about a month, but after my 12th birthday, I went back to pooping my pants. I almost always tried to do it in front of my mom, and I would tell her before what I was going to do(usually after school).

1. Have you pooped or peed in your pants while waiting to use the toliet? Yes, three or four times
2. How many time have you saw your parents pooping or pissing ? Yes both of them probably five times a week, we are a very open family
3. What do you think of automatic flushing toliets ? Once
4. Have you ever pooped or pissed in your underwear or panties while waiting in line ? Only once when i was nervous
5. Have you women ever seen a urinal for men ? yes
6. For you women have you ever used a mens restroom before ? Yes, couple times
7. For you men have you ever used a womens restroom before ? N/A
8. How many times have you pissed or pooped on the seat ? Cant recall
9. How many times have you used a airplane toliet ? often
10.How many times have you used a train toliet ? Couple times
11.Are you afraid of enlongated seats (open end seats)? no
12.What is your favorite color of enlongated saets (a) white
13.What is your favorite type of toliet seat (a) round
14.Have you women ever pissed in a urinal ? Yes couple times
15.Have you ever pooped or pissed in a japanese toliet (hole in the ground) ? Couple times when we were travelling
16.Have you pissed or pooped when there was no toliet around (especially outside) ? Very Often
17.Have you pissed or pooped out side of you house, when you was home or locked out ? Yes
18.Have you ever used an outhouse ever or port-a-john ? many times
19.Are you afraid of using the toliet in the dark (especially night No
20.For you women or men have you pooped or pissed in a toliet with a broken seat or no seat ? Yes ours broke of and we didnt Have on for a week
21. For you men have you ever saw a women urinal? If so what do you think? No

Ana--There's no "need" to tell Andrew, but if the subject is brought up (He says, "You didn't seem to be feeling so great the other night. Was everything okay?") You might as well be honest. Also, if you generally share toilet matters there's no need not to tell him. But if it's not a subject you openly talk about, why bother? (Just my opinion).

Diva--I know the feeling of your tenor friend. When I'm nervous I have to pee so much.

Linda GS--I'm glad you enjoyed your private "game." Not to be the bad guy, but I know that you sometimes suffer constipation, as do I, and the best way to prevent it is to go the second you feel the urge to.

In fact, I've not been quite right lately. It's so frustrating cause I'm eating well, lots of fruits and grains, but I'm just not pooping well. I've been going a little nearly every day, but we're talking VERY little, and frequently it's those tiny balls that don't want to move, so I've been forced to use the finger extraction method (yuck) which involves sticking a finger up my anus and prying the poop balls out and even though I can't feel any more, I never feel "done". I'm really tired of this and wish that for once in my life I could go normally and on a good schedule. I mean, all I want is well formed logs rather than a few little balls that is no where near what I eat. I'm thinking about maybe starting a fiber supplement, but I'm just so young and I read somewhere that if you start one you have to continue taking it your whole life. That would just suck. I just want my body to straighten itself out and let me go nice and easy once a day.

Sorry for the rant, I'm just frustrated.

Tim--you have the best stories lately :o) I liked the one in the restarant. Did you see the Saturday Night Live sketch many years ago about a guy in a fancy restaruant and there is a bathroom attendant. Problem is, it's a 1 stall bathroom and the attendant stays in, attending to the shitting guy's needs (scents, magazines, toilet paper, washing his hands etc). It was really funny and your story reminmded me of it.

TTT---I would like to hear a story of someone who used one of those astronaut toilets. I have seen them at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC ;o)

Hugs Robby, Annie, Sarah S, Meghan, Tim's Sarah, Louise and Steve, Ina, Jane and the whole gang here. Thanks for letting me rant.

I have just returned from an Oasis concert in London, where my girlfriend went to the toilet in the female port-a-loos. When she returned she said she had to have a poo but there was no toilet paper to wipe with and that she had to pull her knickers up which will have made a mess in her underwear. She has no idea what this information 'does' for me.

Dirtbike Boy
Well Infantry PFC I would rate the smell at probably a 12 it was the worst smelling shit I have ever smelled. Anyway on with todays story. I was at wal-mart and I had to shit so I went into the bathroom and found there to be 2 stalls one of which was pluged so I took the other one. Well I guess I didn't have to go as bad as I though I did because it was very hard to go. Well about 5 min later I herd the door open and a girls voice say hello. Well I didn't say anything back but I guess she came into the bathroom and walked into the stall that was plugged up cuz she realized I was in the other one. She appologized and said that she really had to go and the womens bathroom was closed do to a broken pipe. I said it was ok, I figured she was just going to pee but then I herd her covering the seat. Then man she pulled her shorts down and thong to her ankels. I staired at her thong for a min and realized it had poop stains on it. Then all of the sudden I herd her grunt an! d a wave of poop hit the water. She appologized again and I told her just relax and let it all out it dosen't bother me. Well she kept shitting and farting loudly for like 10min. Then there was a pause for a few and she started a convo about sitting on those toilets with just a hole below you. Well that was interesting then she grunted a bit more and began wiping. From what I counted she wipe 8 times. Then she said she was going to get some tampons and go home so she said bye and said bye. On her way out she asked if I was okay and I said yeah, just a little constipated. Well that was it for me I wiped 2 times and left the stall into hers because I new that she didn't flush which was a good thing since it was deffinty clogged. WOW there was about 3 huge logs and a few smaller ones a float. I found she had put the tp on the back ledge of the toilet... Man it was a messy wipe from the looks of it. Well I for got to tell about the smell I would give it about a 2 from! me and about a 6 from her. As I came out of the bathroom there was a hot girl standing there and she said you seem prety sweet can we meet up sometime. I was like sure. well laters for now.. take care everyone

Steve S
There is a guy a few years younger than me that lives in the neighborhood and likes to hang out with me and my buddies. I think he just turned 16. He is one of these guys that seems like he never has to go to the bathroom until all of a sudden he has to go and it's an emergency. The other day we were all over a MacDonalds grubbing when he just out of the clear while he's eating says Oh shit I just dribbled in my pants. Anyway he's not only younger but he's also real small for his age he looks more like he's 12 or 13. We all look at each other and say hey little buddy maybe you better get to the bathroom. He just keeps eating and says I can hold it a little longer. About 5 minutes later he almost dropped his drink on the table and at the same time says f**k I just squirted big time and jumps up and practicaly runs to the bathroom. Later that evening he was hanging around the house and everyone else had gone home and he was getting ready to take off too. So I said to him, man you alsmost peed your pants at Macs, why did you wait so long. He said he doesn't really think about it until it gets real bad. I asked him if he ever wet his pants real bad before and he said he had. Then he said that he's peed in his pants just to do it when no one was around and said it felt good to do it. I thought it would be fun to see him do it, but didn't want to ask, so I said, man your kidding me, you mean you would just stand right here and pee your pants just to do it? He stood there for a few seconds with what I thought was this puzzled look as though he was thinking of an answer to my question, when he looked down at his pants. My eyes followed his and there he stood in my room with a wet spot that was still growing. He continued to go until some started to dribble off his pant legs onto the carpet and I started yelling at him to stop. He looked at me and just smiled. I am sure he knew I enjoyed watching him do it as much as I guess he enjoyed doing it anyway he took off. We live out in the country so he had about a mile walk to get home. The summer evenings are pretty warm here so he probably dried out a liitle before he got home. I thought that that was pretty neat.

To Ana: I enjoyed your story
To Mark: Liked your story
To Althea: Liked your story..did you see that 9 year old girls poop?
To Jane (outdor Jane): Liked your story
To elizabeth: Liked your story..atleast your mom was nice about it
To Diva: Intresting about that guy having to run off stage to go to the bathroom in a middle of an act.
To sierra: Liked your story about having a broken leg...sorry you had to go through that. Usally people get constipated i think.
To wetguy: Liked your story
To Bry: Cool story about leaving the b-room door open so your gf would walk in on you
To Zip: liked your story
To Michael: I also enjoy watching my self have a BM
To Nate in AZ: Loved your story
To Unnamed poster about your daughter asking ?'s about poop..enjoyed your story
To JIMMY: Liked your was your poop you said you needed?
To jack: Liked your story about those bathrooms..sound cool!
To jim: Liked your story
To punkerboyy: Loved your story about your gf...did you see her poop?
To Marie: Enjoyed your tips
To TTT: Liked your story..are you a male or female?
To Ina: Speaking of socker players pissing during the game...I think that sounds like a pic i saw on an online joke website of a socker player peeing along the side of the field.
Haven't pooped in a day or 2..well gotta run bye
like that pic..seen it before

Saturday, July 06, 2002

Punk Rock Girl
1. Have you pooped or peed in your pants while waiting to use the toliet? Yes, unfortunately, a couple of times
2. How many time have you saw your parents pooping or pissing ? saw my dad on the toilet once, my mom a few times
3. What do you think of automatic flushing toliets ? no opinion
4. Have you ever pooped or pissed in your underwear or panties while waiting in line ? nope!
5. Have you women ever seen a urinal for men ? not only seen one, used more than one!
6. For you women have you ever used a mens restroom before ? several time
7. For you men have you ever used a womens restroom before ? n/a
8. How many times have you pissed or pooped on the seat ? never pissed on the seat, just pooped on a seat for the first time ever a few weeks ago (very gross)
9. How many times have you used a airplane toliet ? whenever I'm on an airplane and need to go (I don't keep count)
10.How many times have you used a train toliet ? see above answer
11.Are you afraid of enlongated seats (open end seats)? what's to be afraid of?
12.What is your favorite color of enlongated saets (a) white,(b) black? again, no opinion
13.What is your favorite type of toliet seat (a) round,(b) enlongated,(c) none? round, I guess
14.Have you women ever pissed in a urinal ? yup, many times
15.Have you ever pooped or pissed in a japanese toliet (hole in the ground) ? never in an actual Japanese toilet
16.Have you pissed or pooped when there was no toliet around (especially outside) ? many times
17.Have you pissed or pooped out side of you house, when you was home or locked out ? once when I was eight or nine, I had to shit and was locked outside and ended up going in the bushes in my backyard
18.Have you ever used an outhouse ever or port-a-john ? many times
19.Are you afraid of using the toliet in the dark (especially night) ? not in my own bathroom, in public I might be a little nervous
20.For you women or men have you pooped or pissed in a toliet with a broken seat or no seat ? a couple of times
21. For you men have you ever saw a women urinal? If so what do you think? As a woman, I've never liked women urinals. I see the point, but I still prefer the old fashioned method of sitting down.



Hi all
To bryan glad you liked my story
TO INOMINATE when you going to post about you shitting?
syill not many guy stories,im sure there must be loads of guys out thier who,ve shit outside parks,woods,beach,camping trips e.t.c so come on don,t be shy lets hear them.
When can we see a hot guy on the masthead?
now to my story
When i was in my middle teens i had this hobbey which was basically riding around on trains accumulating mileage behind this particular class of locomotive,and i frequently ended up in Penzance.This particular night i was going back to london ,and the train did,nt leave until 2 hours or so.Anyway i was walking back to the station when i caught site of this lad.He was about 16 wearing white adidas track pants trainers and a hooded sweatshirt. He was walking towards the toilet block at the bus station. he went to open the door and to his dismay he saw it was locked. At this time i didn,t know whether he needed a piss or a shit.I figured it must be apiss as i thought he was going to do it in the empty bus shelter.he walked around a bit then suddenly jumped over the sea wall. I followed and he was walking along, he then suddenly tarted to walk towards me.He came write up to me and asked hey mate have you got any tissues . I said what do you want them for? He looked at me ! funny at first and said well this is kind of embarrasing but i realy got to take a shit.I said yes, i have some tissues, he said can i borrow some? i thought here,s my chance so i plucked up the courage and said heres the deal if i give you some tissues can i watch you crap? he was hesistant at first but then said to my surprise yeagh if you want but hurry up i realy need to go. so we walked to the end of the wall and jumped down to this secluded sort of beach area. so we stopped he quickly ripped down his trackies and boxers,as he did so almost immediately he let rip a fart and i could see his arsehole starting to dome as a pretty big log came crackling out and hit the floor with a thump,then quickly followed by another smallish log.he said god thats a relief and i handed him the tissues. he then wiped himself about 4 times and pulled his trousers back up. i had a bulge in my trousers and he said i can see you enjoyed that, are you gay? I said yes he said cool i am too but! ive never had some guy wanting to watch me before,and it turned me on you watching me. We then did something i can,t mention on here and he said can i watch you, i said yes but i dont need to go right now. We exchanged names and he said his name was paul. Then he said do you want to come back to mine as it wasn,t one of my favourite engines i said yes,he said don,t worry my parents are out so we went back to his for the night

I Just had a releiving but most embarassing moment. I was at party with my boyfriend Andrew it was like 4AM so i thought it might be a good idea if we got home.Andrew decided he'd drive thank God. While he was driving me home a huge cramp hit me, it was soo sudden that let a liitle fart go but luckly Andrew did'nt hear it. I knew I should'nt have pigged out on food! Well I was lucky that I lasted all the way home with out shitting myself. He was looking at me and asked if i was all right I said I just gotta go to the bathroom, I'd be fine(but i was wrong)then he droped me off . The closest toliet was upstairs and the stairs was beside the front door. I decided to run since everyone was sleeping. I made it all the way upstairs when i triped over something and fell right on my stomach, then i chouldn't hold it anymore so I shit my pants, what a mess...First I farted uncontrollably, and very loudly and then mushy shit exploded out of my ass smearring my panties and some of it ! escaping out. I chouldn't control myslef I was shitting mushy shit for at least 4 min straight. Then the worst part happend right after, the diareah! I was shiting like a cow, shit was gushing out and exploding out of my ass then I peed too cause what the heck it didn't matter! I got shit all over my body it was all over my ass in my socks, down my legs almost any place you can think of! I threw all my clothes away because then were pemanantly stained with shit, and my panties were soo full of shit a whole ripped right in the center. I had to get the huge mess cleaned up cause there was piss, shit, and diereah I had to get cleaned up before everyone wakes up! By the way should I tell Andrew what happend that night cause I dont know if he can keep a a secret to well or if Ishould even tell him?. Thanks for listening!

I work in an office and my desk is against a wall. The other side of this wall is the ladies room. Our office is small and quiet, and the wall is not very thick. I learned months ago that I can hear women going to the bathroom in there while I'm sitting innocently at my desk. To be honest, this arouses me. One day our receptionist Michelle went into the ladies room. I heard the door lock, and then about ten seconds later I heard a very loud SPLASH. I heard an exasperated "Uhhhhh" and then the sounds of peeing. Then, silence in there for about 30 seconds and then I heard a series of "Ploops" and "Ker-Splooshes". She was taking a huge Dump and it was quite loud. Michelle is very attractive and fit (she is an aerobics instructor). I made it a point to go over and talk to her a few minutes after she came out - just small talk about boring things. All the while i was imagining how just a few minutes earlier she had been sitting on the toilet crapping. I was very aroused - if o! nly she knew that I'd heard it all!

The Conversion of a Toilet-Shy Choirboy Part 2.

As I walked up the yard I the woman-next-door was taking in her washing. 'Good morning' she said. She knew exactly where I was going, and probably what for. But I politely returned the greeting, blushing again. She had seen the my photos, and had come in the night before to hear me playing some Mozart on Grandfather's out-of-tune piano. Would she be dying to see a choirboy sitting in the outhouse with his trousers down ? Would she come and look?

Uncle advised me to leave the door open as there was little light. No one would see inside unless they came right up to the door (as I unwittingly had with him!). In front was a short fence. But I said I would prefer to shut it. I soon realised this would be difficult: I'd never find the hole over which my bare posterior was to sit, without falling into it. My fidgeting, dangling feet might kick over the bucket of water. I must swallow my pride and leave it open. As if putting off the evil moment, I wiped the seat with a piece of Daily Mirror, and then took out my own tissue from my pocket and toilet bag, carefully laying both on the seat. I returned to my uncle and said 'I will have to leave the door open.' Again he put his arm on my shoulder, 'Nobody will see you. You're as nervous as a kitten, aren't you?' (I was!) Back I went, coyly smiling at the woman-next-door, and said 'Good Morning' to the women in the garden the other side - I was sure they were ! talking about me.

Now at last the drama began. Belt, clip and zip all undone, jeans and underpants dropped, I tentatively placed my personal seat on the toilet seat. My school history studies made me wonder what was the age gap between the seat and my bottom which was its new companion. A hundred years? I must have looked a sight for sore eyes swinging my feet and concertina-ed jeans - and above them my bare shins, knees and thighs - and higher still, sticking out, something worse.

Suddenly nothing else in the world mattered. The pleasurable sensation was making me forget my embarrassment. Like our deputy head organising the dismissal of boys at the end of the school day, I made the little chaps queue up at the anal exit, gently rubbing against my prostate gland. After one left, I drew in my sphincter, and made the others wait. Uncle had said 'Enjoy yourself', and wasn't I just? All the splashes from the high seat reminded me of Handel's Water Music which was in my piano-playing repertoire. Then the epilogue - as my inevitable erection subsided, my penis contributed to the entertainment, weeing out all those cups of tea. That was nice, too.

After the paperwork, I rubbed my hands on my soapy face-flannel, dipped them in the bucket, and dried them on some tissue. Then the bucket flushed (the quite considerable) 'everything' away. I adjusted my clothes (as I thought), and returned to the house.

Those two women were still talking (one waving to me). Uncle asked me if it was a load off my mind. I liked that metaphor before! Then he said 'Your shirt is half out'. I blushed again and said 'Sorry, Uncle. What will the women think?' The part hanging out was on the side they would have seen. (I knew that detail would amuse my brother. He had been self-sufficient on toilet matters from the age of 3, but for some time after he needed his shirt tucked in.) After adjusting myself, I put the kettle on, to wash my hands properly, and make us a cup of coffee. Then we went on the motorbike down into the Cotswold Hills and climbed Broadway Tower for a superb view. Other days we and climbed the Malvern Hills and visited Gloucester and Worcester Cathedrals and Tewkesbury Abbey which I used later in a school project. I bought myself, my brother and my friend identical tee-shirts for when we were out together. I knew them well enough to know their sizes.

The toilet wasn't spoiling my holiday - it was part of it. I even used the 'Mirror', taking great pleasure in wiping my bottom with Margaret Thatcher's photo. (Her statue has been beheaded this week!)
What I missed most was a daily wash all over and washing my hair. Wasn't I looking forward to the shower when I got home! My brother had thoughtfully put some clean clothes out on my bed.

On returning home on Saturday my father formally shook hands with me, considering that anything more intimate had homosexual overtones. My brother hugged me, as did my best friend when he called later, to invite me and my brother, to a meal and a sleepover, on the Sunday evening. Giggling sleepovers were a feature at my friend's house, and his parents would laugh from their bedroom - even without knowing what they were laughing at! At our house, sleepovers were a more sedate affair - it was a miracle that they were allowed at all! I had already decided not to tell them the funny bits of the trip until after Church, otherwise we would be giggling all the way through the service. I was giggling anyway, nobody knowing why, and it caught on, and the vicar nearly dissolved, especially during the Peace, where he encouraged hugging. (My father never joined in.) What had come over this normally serious boy? So my brother and friend had to wait until Sunday night. In ! the afternoon, I wrote out my story to tell during the sleepover, in between my piano practice. After the evening meal, the three of us went to bed fairly early, so that I could tell my story. They laughed till it hurt, causing a constant trickle to the toilet (sorry, in). The story I told them was perhaps a better present than the shirts.

Uncle visited us on his motor-bike staying 2 nights, bringing more apples and other fruit. I had only managed to carry a few. Uncle certainly appreciated the luxury of a proper toilet and shower. In the daytime, when my parents were working, he told us 3 boys some navy yarns, while we munched apples. He invited me to take my brother for a further day or two before he returned to the navy. He couldn't take us both out on his motorbike, but we could go on good local walks. Two days after that sleepover, my brother was still giggling about me sitting on the toilet, and I'm pretty sure that he saw that as the highlight of the impending trip. But there were things for him to think about before he accepted.

(To be concluded )

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