Today, I volunteered for a road race. I did not run it. Around 11AM I had to move my bowels. So, I went across to the volunteer firehouse to their women's toilet. I walked into the men's toilet accidently. It was to urinals and a sit down. The women's had 2 sit downs. A girl about 9 y/o told me I had walked in to the wrong toilet. I entered a stall and the girl followed me and waited outside. Another woman was in the adjoining stall finishing off a bowel movement. I saw her reflection on the wall as she was sitting. Her black shorts and white panties were at her ankles. She wiped herself from the front. The 9 y/o asked if either of us would be finished. Apparently, she said she returned for a second time. The adult flushed and departed. The 9y/o held a conversation with me as she waited and when she sat on the toilet. I lowered my yellow adidas shorts and my black and white striped bikini briefs. The girl was wearing cut-off jeans and black and gray panties at her ankles. We! talked about the race. She said her mother had run in the race. I told her I did not. We talked as we evacuated our stomachs. I released two waves of chunky doo-doo and unrinated. I could not hear her bowel movement. I guess she was inhibited. But, I know she did. She then commented on my panties and how nice they were. I told her I liked them. She said hers were Jockey for her. We talked about running and sports and she was new to it. I gave her encouragement. I leaned foward to wipe myself. Then, then the girl took paper and wiped through her front. She came out of the stall fixing her shorts and forgot to flush. Her bowel movement was chunky and loose. Then she reached inside the stall and flushed.

Jane (outdor Jane)
euro hiker: What you try to say in norwegian is written hvordan går det, says vordan går de and it means how do you do. But this aint a language forum, this is a toilet forum. I liked your story. I want to write two storys self, but since one story take an hour and I juse over 30 minutes to see in the wordbook i don't match it. But I tell you one story know and i hope that is interessting:

Me, my sister and my fiend was at tour with the school. From 7 - 9 grade. We drink a lot and we have to do our pee. We go into the wood and when we came very quiet we saw to girls from the 8 grade sit and piss beside each other. The one of girls shit a big log to. But when they had wiped and pulled up their panties they saw us. They asked how long we have seen they pee and poop. We answered since they begin to pee. (cause it was then we come) They just wondered over it, they dont seemed to be neither exciting or em'barrassed over it. (such a people should we have more of in the world) They go out of the woods and then it was our turn. Right in front of us there was a flat stone. The two girls sat beside that stone. My sister goes on the stone, pull down her panties, squated down and pee. She shit a little bit also. That was very nice to see. Since she stood at the stone we could se right in her ass when the shit came out. Me and my friend dont have to shit so really, but my sister want to see how it look like so we pressed and grunted a lot and there came littlebit shit from us to. When we was finnished and should go out of the wood we saw trough some bushes and there sat a girl from my sisters class and do something. We stopped and wait untill she had done anything and was out of sight. Then we go to the place where she sat and there was seven big, fat log and some leaf with a light brown color. Of course that was the leaf she had wiped her ass with. That is the most exciting and lecherous school tour I've ever been at. Many toilet experience. How old are you euro hiker? And what gender are you? I just wonder. I guess you are a guy. If you have any storys about a girl who shit outside I want you to write it down. Im tired of "just" boys stories about outdoor poo and I don't think I have read a story about a girls outdoor poo ex'cept a story from a 14 y/o girl at page 920. Thanks to Kaitlyn for that story.

hi everyone, i'm back again. i have another story that just happened last night. i woke up in the middle of the night because i had to go to the bathroom. i had to go pee and poop. i didn't feel like getting up so i decided to hold it and i went back to sleep. later i woke up again and guess what, i had gone to the bathroom in the bed. i was all covered in runny poop and it was really yucky. there was poop all over my sheets and blanket and on my shirt and of course my pants. i smelled it and it was really bad! it wasn't quite morning yet so i went pee (in the bed of course, i couldn't get up all covered in poop) and went back to sleep. when my mom woke me up she found out i had an accident and she helped me clean up. it was a big mess!

Well, Fidelio is over and I have some VERY interesting bathroom stories - singers are definitely NOT shy!!! These stories are all about other people.
First, my dear tenor who was a very good friend. We had to wait on a blacked out stage before one of our scenes, and every time, he would whisper "I have to pee" (even though we had just come from the dressing rooms) and sometimes grab his crotch and jiggle around. He would laugh as he did this and joke about peeing in one of the jugs that was on stage as a prop - he wasn't embarassed for me to see him dance. Once, I asked him why he hadn't just gone before, and he said "I did, but every time I step on a stage, I get so nervous that I just have to go again." He also said that he sings better when he has to pee - it helps him support the breath better. After every scene, he'd run off to the dressing room immediately.

There were some little ballerinas who danced the part of angels in the Florestan dream part and had to wear this little tunics. They were about 8 years old or so. At the dress rehearsal, one of them missed her entrance. It was discovered that she was bursting to pee a couple of minutes before her entrance, and after going, had trouble getting her costume back on and missed her cue. The wardrobe lady took it upon herself after that to go to their dressing room 15 minutes before their cue and help them undress, pee and dress. (Their parents and dance teacher sure didn't!)

Once in a rehearsal, the director (who was a very boisterous, say-anything kind of guy) announced that he had to pee right now! He was crossing his legs and bouncing around. On his way out the door, the stage manager started asking him something. He talked to her holding his crotch and jiggling, and then said "I have to pee SO bad - we'll talk about it later," and ran out of the room.

Then there was this other guy, who had some kind of a problem. Besides Fidelio, we had another production which had a chorus that he was in. He was skinny as a rail but ate huge quantities of food all the time, and he always had to go to the bathroom. We became friends, and once I was helping him write a translation, and we were on the last line when he said "This may sound stupid, but I have to pee right now," got up, and ran out of the room. Another time in the kitchen during lunch break, he was microwaving something and doing the pee-pee dance because he had to go really bad but wanted to cook his food first. Everyone was laughing and talking about it.

Another time, we sat in on an orchestra rehearsal where we were not singing, and after about 20 minutes, he whispered to me that he really had to pee. He was bouncing around in his seat jiggling his legs, so I told him to just go. He was gone for over 10 minutes, and when he came back, he whispered to me that "I thought I just had to pee, but when I started I had to go number two as well."

The worst thing this guy did was run off stage during a performance - yes, he actually did that. We were supposed to be "frozen" in a position, and he began to shake, then unfroze, turned and rushed off the stage, not returning for the rest of the act. He was missing for some important stuff he had to do and people had to cover for him (luckily, he was ensemble and not a lead). As we came off stage after the act, people were worried that he was sick. The stage manager went looking for him in the chorus room and he came out and everyone jumped on him. He said "I'm sorry, but I had to pee and I couldn't wait. I started trickling in my pants, and when I start trickling, I have to go right away. The only way I could hold it a minute longer was to do the pee-pee dance on stage, and I would have still done it right there." The stage manager said, "We don't need to hear the details. Just tell someone the next time." (How exactly one does that remains a mystery.) He didn't seem ! embarassed and seemed to like talking about it. If I was less shy, I could have had a great conversation with him, sharing anecdotes, but I pretended to be as inconvenienced and annoyed as everyone else. I actually thought it was hilarious and got some good laughs out of people with the story.
You see a lot in this business, that's for sure!

1. Have you pooped or peed in your pants while waiting to use the toliet? yes
2. How many time have you saw your parents pooping or pissing ? a few.
3. What do you think of automatic flushing toliets ? annoying
4. Have you ever pooped or pissed in your underwear or panties while waiting in line ? yes
5. Have you women ever seen a urinal for men ? yes
6. For you women have you ever used a mens restroom before ? accidently
7. For you men have you ever used a womens restroom before ? -
8. How many times have you pissed or pooped on the seat ? only in public when i squat over the toilet sometimes i get both on it but usally just pee
9. How many times have you used a airplane toliet ? 1 or 2
10.How many times have you used a train toliet ? never
11.Are you afraid of enlongated seats (open end seats)? i dont undetstand what they are....
12.What is your favorite color of enlongated saets (a) white,(b) black? i dont care
13.What is your favorite type of toliet seat (a) round,(b) enlongated,(c) none? mine is round but will use enlongated ? um.. n0ormal..
14.Have you women ever pissed in a urinal ? no
.Have you ever pooped or pissed in a japanese toliet (hole in the ground) ? yes
Have you pissed or pooped when there was no toliet around (especially outside) ? pee
17.Have you pissed or pooped out side of you house, when you was home or locked out ? no
18.Have you ever used an outhouse ever or port-a-john ? yea
Are you afraid of using the toliet in the dark (especially night) ? yes
For you women or men have you pooped or pissed in a toliet with a broken seat or no seat ? no
. For you men have you ever saw a women urinal? If so what do you think? -

hey everyone.. wats up? i just remember another story that i forget to tell ..
2 yrs ago i fell off a horse and i broke my legand i was in the hospital for a few days becos i cudnt walk.. and they had my leg up on one of t hose things so it stayed elevated. i guess i had some kind of allergic reaction to the painkillers they gave or sumthing like that.. becos i got soo sick worse than ive ever been before and i felt the urge to fart.. and i let it out not knowing that it was diarreah and it exploded out all over. my pants and underwear were a mess and so was teh bed but i wsa too embarrseed to tell neone so i just waited until they found it... well i had to wait awhile.. and im really shy when it comes to pooping in front of people.. especially when it was diarreah like this so i cudnt help but just keep letting it out in my bed..the smell was horrible and by the time a nurse came it was all over and i was still going.. and she had to get another nurse to get a bed pan and hold it under my butt well i went and while she cleaned up.. i was so embars sed i didnt even say ne thing it was the most embreasing thing ever and i cringe when i think about it. fortunately the nurses were really nice about it and they wud make jokes and stuff to make mef eel better.. cuz they kknew i was realyl embarssed. but i swear it mustve took like a half n hour to clen it up.. and the nurse was still standing there with the bed pan and a washcloth so she cud kinda clean up my butt and stuff after each wave or wahtever.. my stomach hurt soo badly and after like 45 minutes the nurse asked if i thot i was done.. so then i was like yeah and she pulled the pan away and she went to clean it up.. and i felt the urge again and i tried to hold back from farting and i called her immeditaly and she ran back over and put it there and i let the fart out and a tiny squirt shot out all over .. a really really long squirt but that felt like the end of that attack. they chnged my medicine after that.. i only had a few more attacks like that but i made sure! i called a nurse before i went in the bed.
ok this is gettin kinda long ill post again later bye

Linda GS
Hi all...sorry I haven't posted in a while I was on vacation. Wlel last time I told you I was going to try like someone here to hold my poop for 6 days..well I couldn't to start off with i hadn't gone in 2 days and I barely held out for 4. It was hard I'd go of and hide in my room and dance a bit and even sometimes I sat down and squashed my tushie against my chair. It would get hardrer every time. on the last day I had horrible ???? pains and I even broke out into a cold sweat. I swear I even had hot flashes..and I don't even know what those are. Heh. Anyway I decided that's enough and ran getting out of my shorts and pampies (No was was home thank god)And felt it coming out as I ran into the bathroom and sat. MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN, I can't begin to describe the feeling it was soo nice but man..I have NEVER pooped so much in my entire life. I sat there and pooped for who knows how long..and in private..made it all the better. I had to grunt a strain a number of time! s and being alone made it easy..I'm surprised our nieghbors didn't hear all my moans and sighs of relief. You don't even want to know what happened afterwards. Let just say I spent a lot of time on the potty and even more time unclogging it.
Hey Kendal and Drew.. you guys got me worried. What's up?!?!

I have been naming myself just wetguy recently, but decided to add the ??, which is my age, so I dont have to keep saying it when people ask.

Lexie - Liked your story. Welcome to the board!

Steve S. - I really liked your story about the camping trip. I've found that in most cases, I have to do about 3 or so dribbles of pee in my pants before it shows on the front.

Today I went to see a fireworks show with my mom and two younger brothers and one of their friends. After drinking a big water and a coke, I had to pee real bad on the way home, but didnt want to show it. About 5 minutes from our house, I squirted into my pants. It was wasnt nearly enough to show, but it's a good thing we didnt have much farther to go. I made it home and to the bathroom all right except for doing a little more pee in my pants as I was fumbling to get them down.


Awesome thing happened over the 4th: I got a cute girl to see me on the toilet. I was staying with my buddy Tim and his girlfriend and his girlfriend's younger sister, Rebekah, at Tim's parents over the holiday. We saw fireworks on the 3rd and had a BBQ and we stayed over. On the 4th, Tim's parents drove Tim and the girlfriend to the airport, leaving me to drive Rebekah home. But Tim's parents were pretty cool and said we could stay at the house a while and use their pool before we left.

With the BBQ on the 3rd and big breakfast the next morning, I was definitely getting the need to use the bathroom. After everyone left, we both used the pool. Rebekah is younger than me and is pretty nice looking amd pretty fun to hang out with. This house has has a bathroom off of the pool and another one in the upstairs bedroom which is kind of small. I figured I'd use that one and hope Rebekah would come looking for me. So after using the pool for a half hour or so, I just dried off and went upstairs. I left the bathroom door open about a foot, pulled my shorts down and sat on the toilet (no shirt or shoes, so I was practically naked). I got really nervous and excited at the same time wondering if Rebekah would come looking for me. Eventually I heard her call my name and then heard the downstairs door open and close. She yelled again and came upstairs. I had to poo, but couldn't because I was too nervous.

She came into the bedroom and looked around, then opened the bathroom door and saw me on the toilet (the toilet faces the door head-on). She liked gasped and said "Omigod I'm sorry" and she looked away. "That's ok," I said, "I left the door open cause it was getting stuffy." She backed out of the bathroom but left the door open wide enough that she could see me in the mirror. I pretended I didn't know she could see me. She apologized again. I told her I wasn't through yet and it would be "a little while." Then she asked if it was ok for her to wait for me outside! I said "sure, just don't come in again." (I wish!) She laughed and it kind of put things at ease. Except now she was totally looking at me in the mirror thinking I couldn't see. It was a dream come true for me.

I tried to get relaxed and occassionally would glance at the mirror to see if she was looking. She was. I started pissing loudly, pointing my penis straight down into the bowl. Then I let out a loud fart, followed by crackling, and two or three plops. She was still watching. I pulled off a roll of TP and stood up letting her see my ass. (I didn't want her to see my boner). I wiped very thoroughly, pulled up my swimming shorts and flushed.

She was totally red-faced! I pretended like nothing happened, but got into the water fast before my bulge could be noticed. I could tell she kept thinking about it, cause on the way home, she apologized again. I said, "no big deal, its not like you did it on purpose." I'm sure shes never seen a boy on the toilet before, so it was a first for both of us. I hope I get to see her again.

i doubt this will be allowed for postage, but what the hell im curious so here goes...

when you've just drunk loads of water why do i feel... aroused? same in the morning when i got piss in my bladder. hell when i really need a piss i get a good feeling. when i close my ass, if u know what i mean, i start a boner. why does this happen?

On my return flight, I stopped in to use the restroom. There were 3 stalls, and the one in the middle had a problem with the door that blocked the adjacent stall door from opening, and opened up a 3 inch gap between the partition and the door. The two stalls were occupied. Through the gap I could easily see the guy in the middle stall, sitting on the toilet. He looked to be asian, probably in his 20's, wearing a white t-shirt, jeans and sandals. He had spiky black hair and was wearing sunglasses. He sat with his pants down around his ankles and his knees close together. I waited for a stall to become available. Luckily for me, the asian guy finished up soon and started to wipe. He leaned forward and wiped with his right hand from behind. He wiped about 4-5 times, checking the paper each time. Then he took a short piss, shaking off his dick when he was done. He dabbed at it with a piece of paper. He then stood up, and pulled up his black briefs, adjusting his package a bit. H! e pulled up his jeans, and came out of the stall. He had a serious look on his face as he walked towards the sinks. Good-looking guy, with high cheekbones and strong chin.

Hi there , are there any men like me that like to have a bm and watch it in a mirror? I do.

Nate in AZ
I knew I was in trouble this morning when I realized I hadn't gone in three days, which is an eternity for me, but I've had guests which has thrown off my schedule, which is usually like clockwork after breakfast. I felt so constipated I couldn't help worrying about it hurting. So I took a little lubricant and with my finger inserted it into my anus where I discovered a rock hard turd awaiting exit. I sat down on the toilet and spread my ass cheeks and started to push, with my knuckles digging into my ????. I needed more leverage so I grabbed onto the towel rack and grunted.."Uhhhh Unhhh" and I felt it S L O W L Y emerge from my domed anus..god it was huge and really stretched me wide open. I yelled "OH GOD please release me from this thing!!" It got stuck and wouldn't go back in or out so I had to reach back and work it out back and forth until the biggest chunk broke off. I sat back and grunted some more and a LONG movement that tapered at the end plopped into the toilet. Aside from the pain I experienced, the feeling of this monster emerging was unbelievably incredible. I don't want to repeat this anytime soon, so I'm going to make certain I have enough fiber in my diet. But the ecstasy in having a movement of this size beats any other experience in my daily life. Just thought I'd share it with everyone here since I love reading all your stories. Bye!

Hello ppl,
I were reading some magazines and get to read the synopsis of "Never Been Kissed". I read that there is a scne of Josie taking laxative to reduce weight. Is it true? I haven't watch the movie yet. For those who have watched it , can give detail explanation on the actual scenario. Also include the consequence that happen to her after the laxative intake........TQ

can anyone recomend a way to prevent anal Splash

Hello,Ihaven't written in so long but have read often enough posts. I'm writting a book on swimming techiques and so spend a lot of my time on the computer, my little girl just told me she had finnished taking her morning poop and how brown it was and asked why was it brown and not pink since it went from her bottom opening I' explaned food was changed by being in her insides and she accepted this and ask if mine did the same and did i poop yet, i told her no but very soon! i told wookie I was going to post and he says hi.He's a resident a a local hospital now.
My pooping story, I could hear my daughter humming as i sat my buns down and could finally feel the large turd begin to move I can tell this is going to be a very large one because its starting to stretch me a bit and seems to feel sticky as it slinds out, i peed a little while it hung for a moment then dropped into the bowl and a smell began to rise up from between my thighs, now to really pee and now to wipe. as I washed my hands, my lovely little one asked if my poopy was all gone and I told her yes all gone dear.Well hello again and bye for now.Nyad
Ps is Silke or Moire or other still posting?

AJ, your not alone

I like to sit back on my bare bum in the bathroom with a bit of newspaper under me and have a mirror in front. I like to take my time and slowly push and watch as a large hard compact log stretches me wide open and slides out crackling as it goes. AND I need a poo now

For all the people who enjoy(iam one)taking a shit in front of others and watching others shitI want to inform them of the best place to go. It is at the University of Iowa football stadium.It hasat least 10 toliets set up around the urinals with no doors.So after tailgating before there is enormous lines of everyone having to go.Everyone walks through there and can watch every one pull their pants down and watch and listem to themshit and wipe while they wait for a toilet or a spot at the urinal..Non stop action. I could be there for hours!I really want to know if the womens bathrooms are doorless too so i can sneak a peek...have heart some terriffic shits and tons of ass wipings in full view ,and Ihave dont it myself a number of times. Can't get enough.Only better thing is they were unisex!

to nick
you never got spanked when you pooped in your pants?
the first time i did it on purpose she spanked me so hard, i gues because she caught me doing it, i was playing a game in the livingroom and mom was in the kitchen i had to poop bad and i was going to go but i was fighting a bos and i just said i go a little then after the bos i will do the rest in the toilet. the poop came out so fast and i was standing up too. i didnt know it but mom was just walking in when i went and she saw the big bump on my but getting bigger. and she yelled at me by my first name and i droped the joystick and looke at her, she was so mad. i said i was sorry and i just had to go. i was like 8 then. she spanked me and took me up to get cleaned. well gotta go bye

Lexie. I wouldn't advise holding your water longer than you need to as it can put strain on your bladder. It's better to go to the toilet sooner rather than later.

leather pants girl. I hope you've got over your bout of the runs. It can't have been very pleasant. My advice is to carry a packet of Imodium with you at all times.

Punk Rock Girl. Thanks for your enquiry. I'm fine. Glad to hear that you're now back at work and they've provided a special cushion for you to sit on. Going to the loo must still be a bit uncomfortable though. Hope you're soon better.

Robby. Thanks for your post. I was beginning to wonder where you'd got to. So far as straining is concerned, I think it's a perfectly natural urge to strain when we're constipated. I wouldn't recommend it though. Give my regards to Annie and the girls.

Louise. I'm glad the wedding went well although I can well understand you having a dose of the runs beforehand. My guess is that many brides (and grooms) have that experience on their wedding day, although I expect that most brides make a point of going to the toilet in both senses of the word before getting into their wedding dress. I can well imagine Steve being under stress the night before seeing all those women weeing. I think I would have been too!

Best wishes to all


MarK B
Ring Stretcher:
I think that big hard logs do press against the prostate and that's one reason why they are a big turn-on. But it can't be the only reason because only males have prostates.
And it doesn't explain why lots of us like to watch ourselves in the mirror, watch other people on the toilet, do it in our pants, etc.



hey guys, I was at my G/f's place tonight and
if you remember...I mentined in my previous post that she was lactose intolerant. Well, were eating dinner and her mom comes in with a big glass of milk....Well, with everyone forgeting she was L/I,she suddenly had the runs(within a few minutes) ran to the bathroom and pooped a huge watery load into the bowl. Ahe must have sat their for a good 18 minutes when she finally took a shower and didn't speak to anyone for the rest of the night...

To bryian-im glad u enjoyed my story, and i'm pretty sure it was the Junk i gave i felt really bad afterwards!

To-punk rock girl- i hope your doing better! =)

To- pooping pants girl- wow! that was exhilarating!How i fantesized!

To katie M- it must be cool that your friends and you poop with eachother every day

Reading Louise's post about her wedding day got me thinking. I am getting married next year and like the thought of my girlfriend having to have a poo in a toilet one she has put on her wedding dress.

Does anyone else have any wedding day poop stories to recall?
Did you need assistance with lifting the dress from a bridesmaid?
Did you spend the day with dirty marks in your underwear from getting desperate or not wiping properly?

Infantry PFC
Mike of MD- here are my answers to your Q's:
1. Have you pooped or peed in your pants while waiting to use the toliet? no
2. How many time have you saw your parents pooping or pissing ? just my dad many times
3. What do you think of automatic flushing toliets ? Sometimes when I'm not finished I flushes and I don't like that especially when the water is cold
4. Have you ever pooped or pissed in your underwear or panties while waiting in line ? no.
5. Have you women ever seen a urinal for men ? N/A
6. For you women have you ever used a mens restroom before ? N/A
7. For you men have you ever used a womens restroom before ? yes if you count all the times in HS sports when we would travel to other schools and require a locker room.If not, no.
8. How many times have you pissed or pooped on the seat ? never
9. How many times have you used a airplane toliet ? a few times
10.How many times have you used a train toliet ? never.
11.Are you afraid of enlongated seats (open end seats)? no.
12.What is your favorite color of enlongated saets (a) white,(b) black? I don't care, when I gotta go
13.What is your favorite type of toliet seat (a) round,(b) enlongated,(c) none? mine is round but will use enlongated ? either, same as as last question
14.Have you women ever pissed in a urinal ? N/A
15.Have you ever pooped or pissed in a japanese toliet (hole in the ground) ? have never been to japan
16.Have you pissed or pooped when there was no toliet around (especially outside) ? All the comes with with the territory(Army Infantry)
17.Have you pissed or pooped out side of you house, when you was home or locked out ? no. I tend not to lock myself out.
18.Have you ever used an outhouse ever or port-a-john ? many, many times. I have a good post here from last summer about one.
19.Are you afraid of using the toliet in the dark (especially night) ? no I'm a very brave person by some standards.
20.For you women or men have you pooped or pissed in a toliet with a broken seat or no seat ? can't remeber, probably not
21. For you men have you ever saw a women urinal? If so what do you think? never seen one, but if they approve of it, the I approve of it.

Dirtbike Boy- Good story, what would you rate the smell on a scale of 1-10? do you have other stories about women you know? (aside from your mom, but those stories are probably good too)

I'll post another Army story later.

To Tim
Where the hell is that restuarant? With the toilet tray?

I love to BM.... anyway I'm 16, 5' 4" and 100 lbs. Over time, I have come up with the best ways to truly enjoy taking a dump....
1. TAKE UR TIME - when pooping, there is always times when the pressure is telling you "push now" and times when there is very little pressure, but u know you have more to do

2. pooping with friends is good... u can talk while waiting for the next load to come.

3. MAKE NOISE! believe it or not,groaning enhances that feeling of relief after u dump ur load. Once you've dumped, heaving a sigh of relief or yelling in joy or even breathing heavily makes the dump more exciting and it makes you feel better too. I can not stress the importance of groaning- express how that dump made you feel!!

4. Build yourself up- when you feel that familiar pressure (as long as it's not an emergency of diahrea) lay down for a minute on a bed or on a couch... breathe deeply and rub ur lower stomach where u feel pressure. Stomach aches are very common when u need to poop, but are unpleasant when pushing. Lay down and rub your stomach until these stomach aches subside and pooping will be generally better.

5.***IF POSSIBLE, HAVE YOUR STOMACH MASSAGED BEFORE POOPING. tHIS IS VERY ENJOYABLE AND MAKES POOPING A LOT MORE RELAXING** also, have your stomach massaged after you go, it helps you regain your strength and rids you of any "after- pooping" stomach aches you may experience.

6. try not to push, rather let the poop come on it's own- pushing causes anxiety and an unpleasant experience

7. don NOT hold in poop if youdont have to. the second you feel you need to go, GO. if at all possible, lie down for a few minutes and get a massage, as suggested in #'s 4 and 5. But never wait, because it makes your experience extremely unpleasant

8. WHen you are finished, remain on the bowl for a few minutes. this is to ensure that you are finished, and this will help you to relax if you had experienced some "difficulties" while taking a dump.

9. If you feel the need to push hard while pooping, you should try these methods first-- 1. get up and try again later- 2.either you or have a friend (works better if someone else does it) rub/massage your lower stomach and push on the areas of pressure- 3. lay back on the toilet for a few minutes and try not to think about it, read or talk to your friend. then sit up and try pushing VERY SLIGHTLY- 5. relax for a few minutes. then, sit up straight, put your hands on the sides of the bowl, and breathe deeply- in through your nose, out thru your mouth. Breathe deeply for a few minutes, and you may be relieved~~~ if these methods do not work, you are most likely constipated.

10. this may sound crazy, but it has helped me before when i was dealing with constipation or diahrea----- OK, you know that when you have diahrea or when you are constipated, you spend extended amounts of time on the bowl. When I have diahrea, I am often afraid to get up from the toilet because the urge to go is so frequent. So I bring in a chair, and I put my feet up while I am not going ( in that "in between time )

11.Stomach aches when taking a dump are always unpleasant. If possible, lay down for a while and shake the stomach ache before returning to poop. An Achy stomach is often the sign for a "bumpy ride" if you know what I mean. If you are like me and you prefer the company of a friend, now is the time to call on him/her.

12. Often, you can tell by the pressure on your anus how long you will be spending on the toilet. You should always prepare yourself accordingly. If it's gonna be a long one, finding a friend to sit thru it with you may be a good idea.

13. It is always a good idea to make sounds of relief when yo have dropped even a small load, because it is the only way to fully relieve yourself.

14. Reading is a classic way to pass time while waitng for the next load of your poop. A book, magazine, or newspaper and good things to have for a "long one"

15. For a "long one" you may feel more comfortable if you completely remove your pants and undies, or maybe even strip completely.

16. It is ALWAYS a good idea to lay down for a while after a long BM, ESPECIALLY if it is strenuous.

17.IF you have the time, and if your poop is like clockwork, here is a good idea-- right Before your "time of day" (or timeS, if u go more than once) hop in the tub and take a warm bath. this will relax your muscles. when you start to feel pressure, hop out, dry off, and lay down and rub your lower stomach/ massage yourself. Better yet, get someone else to do it for you! This will relax you A LOT, i mean A LOT, and you may have the poop of a lifetime. If you want, you can massage yourself in the tub, and the go right to the bowl and let it out.

18. Many people feel it is not normal to poop more than once a day. IT IS. My friend goes anywhere between 4 and 6 times a day. You should never hold it in b/c you have already gone that day, many people go more than once.

19. Relieve yourself fully, no matter how long it takes. If you poop a little, then get off and come back later, you will eventually gat severe stomach aches.

20. ENJOY POOPING....!!!!!!!!!

These methods have worked for me for a while now, please let me know if you like them!!! Post on this site specifically which ones did or didn't work for you. I hope you like them!!
~~ Marie

Bryian--The homeless guy was probably about 30 to 35.

Tim--That was a really funny story in the hospital. I really hope that you're doing better these days. I know lately you've been feeling weak.

Nothing new to report. Hope everyone's unbearably hot summer is going well.

Hi guys,

I went to Houston in the spring and took a tour of the Space Center there. One of the things in the visitors' center was a toilet like what the astronauts use. Ever seen a picture of it? It's definitely interesting. There's a little bar on the floor that you hook your feet under when you sit, and also to little spring-loaded bars that rest over your thighs so you don't float off the toilet in 0-gravity. when you use the toilet, you have to run a suction system to keep poop from staying where it come out. And for peeing, there's a little funnel attached to a hose that you pee into. It looks easy for a guy to use, but I'm not sure if the women use the funnel or just pee where they're sitting. I heard that the suction system is really loud.
Also, my parents and I were on a long road trip last month. I hadn't had any stomach problems the whole way, until one night we ate at this huge Chinese restaurant. I ate some really good food, but my stomach got violently upset after that. I spent about 30 minutes in the restaurant bathroom, and then when we were at the motel, I'd gotten my own room because I didn't want my parents to heaar (and smell) the results of my stomach problems the entire night. By the next day I was okay though.


BASEBALLPOOP: You know it's funny you are asking about sportsmen using the toilet, cause I wondered while watching the world cup (soccer), what somebody would do, who has to pee e.g.. I thought maybe they sweat so much it won't happen. I got my answer in full closeup on TV though! They showed an American player pissing on the gras next to the playing field. He kneeled on one leg and had the other stretched out. He thougth he wasn't watched and was fondling around in his underwear and got his penis out on the site of his leg. He then pointed it onto the gras and let go, looking around, pretending he was watching the game. That's what I call sneaky! This was all shown in full close up. You could see the peeing willie and were the stream hit the gras. How funny. It was clip of the week on TVtotal, a German comedy programm and they showed it at least three nights in a row...grin. I don't know if the poor American guy knows, that at least half of Germany has seen his tool, while ! he pissed onto the lawn. Giggle. I wonder if they showed it in other countries as well.

ROBBIE: Don't miss me! I am around. I just felt like talking to myself recently, as I did not get any answers. I am always sad when you disappear for a while, but I am glad, all is reasonable well. I am sorry, you are lonely. I know the feeling. Anyway I tell you a little wee story, but I I love to get one in return, sweetie. Last weekend we went to a party in the countryside. We were outside playing boules. One of the guys just went to a little tree and pissed against it in full view. I somehow do not really fancy him, although he is a nice guy, so I was not too interested. My flatmate also had to pee and went all the way back to the house, where you had to take your shoes off and join the little queue. I did not fancy that. I waited a bit till it got really dark, we could hardly see the balls anymore. Then I went ten meters away from our group, who still tried to play with torches. I squatted behind a tractor and shot my stream into the long grass. My flatmate was dri! ving back and I had quite a few beers resulting in a big urge to pee after an hour. We stopped by the motorway and it was the same situation like TIM described. No toilets, but a fence to prevent you from going into the woods. I used my travelmate this time and had a wonderful, long, satisfying, relieving standing piss also through the fence, into the grass. It was so good! And I did not care who would see me. Hope you are all well! With special love to ANNIE AND MEGHAN und an extra hug and kiss to you. Next time you are a lonely pooper, imagine me rubbing your back and cheering you on in cyberspace...

SARAH S: Hi dearest! Nice to hear from you again. Your hen party sounded like fun!!! I ordered three more sets of travelmates and will spread them among my female friends now. I hope one or two will like them and we can maybe have a pee after a few beers one night, you never know. Hope you will still have time to drop a line now and then. I guess there is lots of work coming up. Did you read about the American football player above. You two would have had a giggle as well! But although he was AfroAmerican he did not fullfil the cliche about the size....Take care dearest! Love from Ina

Where is the sweet CARMELITA and her gang? I miss you!

Special hellos to PRG, I hope you are healing ok.
Love to all

Friday, July 05, 2002

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