To Jillian:
Thanks for the information. Here comes the revised calculation result: At somewhat over 1 inch of girth, the total turd volume would have been between 500 and 550 ccm, which means that you shat well over 1 lb. - congratulations again!
Question: Have other contributors ever actually WEIGHED their "output"? Medical information about b.m. volume says that half a pound a day is already slightly above average. Against this background, some posts seem a bit "optimistic" to me. But then again, what would I say about my own usual performances (see my previous posts)? And how should I comment on the monster log dumped by Jill recently (see her post of Tuesday, Dec 9)? That one must have weighed at least 1.5 lbs., too!
Good poops to you all, Andre.

I just wanted to share my pooping experience and also find out if anyone else does the same thing as me. Usually, BM is a straightforward daily ritual for me... straight after dinner, I would head to the toilet and finish my pooping business within 15mins. I missed my pooping yesterday when I got back late from the mall shopping for a X'mas tree and I was too tired to poop. I've been feeling the urgency of having to poop the whole day, but was too embarrassed to do it at my office for fear of my colleagues hearing the embarrasing sounds. Incidentally, I had a rather humongous lunch too, and I was releasing gas all the way back to the office. Anyway, I "carried" my burden till I finally arrived home and frantically started peeling off my stockings and panties even before I reached the bathroom. It was only after I sat down on the pan when I felt this hot flush spreading over me and after my anus 'cracked' open to reveal about 3 inches of the poop, I immediately controlled my anus muscles to stop it from dropping out and adopted a relaxed stance. I sorta enjoyed the feeling of my anus hole held open by the piece of shit and when it started to slip out again, I controlled my muscles to push it back in. I did this back and fro for what must have been like 10 minutes and enjoyed every single minute. Admittedly, I even felt aroused. Unfortunately, nature soon had its way and despite my most valiant efforts, I lost control of my BM and everything ejected from my hole higgledy-piggledy. I immediately felt this stinging sensation around my asshole with a slight throbbing feeling in my pelvic region. It still stings a little as I'm writing this but I think it was well worth it!

To Steph:
I liked your story. It was very kind from you to have volunteered to help your friend Allison go to the bathroom. I probably, regardless of the gender of a person or the rapport I have with that person, would have felt embarassed by the situation, probably for cultural reasons (but I am sure I would have developed an erection if the person was a woman..which is perhaps why I would have felt uneasy). I suppose however that women, more than men, need company and someone to talk to when they are in a predicament. A question though: wouldn't you have felt concerned if someone had got up to go to the bathroom while you were in a stall with Allison, looked under the partition wall and seen who pair of feet and think some weird things about both of you? I think this could have pretty well been the case given the fact that, in dormitories, everybody seems to know everybody and that gossip develops quickly. I understand you are having your exams now. Good luck. I am sure you'll do well. Don't take laxatives the day before ! Regards.

New Guy
I haven't posted in a while, but I heard a different version of Char's story. The version I heard was of a father and son in Alaska when the son licked either a frozen mailbox or a lamp post. Anyway, they were so far away from any hot water that the father was forced to piss on his son's face to get him off the lamp post. At least he wasn't with his mom. She might not have had the accuracy.
As far as all the open stall banter is concerned, I preferred privacy. So I always pooped in the bathroom in the nurses office.

I remember one time when I was quite young (about 8 probably), and I had been at the beach most of the day, but had needed to poop almost since I'd left home. I didn't want to use the public toilets so figured I could hold out until I got home. However, I was horribly wrong. As soon as I realised I couldn't last out any longer, I ran for the toilets, but as soon as I got to them my bowels relaxed and the shit came flooding out, filling my underpants and began to run down my leg. I locked myself in a stall and spent a good 10 minutes cleaning myself up. I flushed the underpants down the toilet and went home just in my shorts. It was bloody embarassing, as you can probably believe! However, one good thing came out of it. I discovered how good it feels to not wear any underpants, which I do quite frequently now. It's just a little more of a problem when I get an errection in public :)

Well, I got back from Breckenridge and I stayed at a Youth Hostel/B&B. It was pretty cool. The place was pretty packed and I stayed up on the 3rd floor which has 10 beds for guys. The people range in age from 12 to 40. I am 31 and I relate better to the college age kids then the old adults. There were these 2 kids, one was 12 and the other was 22 and in college. They were brothers and the older one seemed pretty cool but I could not relate to the 12 year old. Even though I am straight and married, I would have loved to share a good dump with the plops and farts with the 22 year old along with the return of favor. I did not need to crap so there was no "performance". There was a South African that went into the bathroom and was there for a while but could not hear anything becuase of the chit/chat. The interesting thing about the bathroom was the quarter moon carved in with a stain glass piece almost like an outhouse
. ---
On sharing dumps, in the postings that I read, I am not the only one that would love to do a dump almost in front of another person of the same sex and opposite sex(My wife, no other women anymore). From the male point of view, taking a good dump as a performance in my opinion is like presenting a trophy. Just like one of the postings of guy taking a monstrous shit at the library and then going to the other stall to hear the reaction :)
This guy at Breckenridge would be considered good looking by the women and doesn't have the attitude. Most of the very good looking women had attitudes and same for us guys with very few exceptions. It is hard to think that a good looking woman or guy can actually take a good shit that reeks as bad along with the farting, etc. You would only think it is the average Jane or Joe that shit but not the babe or hunk. When I deal with people who have a bad attitude and they think they are too good, my favorite saying is,"You think that your shit don't stink, well, it stinks as bad as everyone elses :) ".

Monday, December 15, 1997

Here is something that has been puzzling me for a while now. My wife and I are of a similar age (mid-thirties), we eat the same food (more or less), and we are of similar build (although I am about 4inches taller and 2 stone heavier). From this similarity, I wouldn't expect our toilet habits to be much different either. So why is it that she can shit so much more than I can? Her "movements" seem to be thick and fairly solid, while mine are rather thin and loose. Is this a normal sort of variation? Is it a gender thing - or should I expect other people of similar diet to vary like this? And (and this worries me!) if it doesn't come out of me as shit - where does it go?

pooping girl
Nothing major to report on the toilet, so to answer some questions. Im very gassy so I usually fart before , during and sometimes after Ive pooped. I usually go to the toilet to do poop twice a day. Seems to be alot of interest about my jobbies as a term. Mom used to check on our toileting by asking if we did jobbies that day. Thats where the term came from for me. While I typed this I passed somegas and feels like its time for me to grab the newspaper and head to the toilet...bye

Andre, didn't mean to not answer your question, just noticed it now reading old posts. I'd place that diameter at a good inch, maybe a little more. Certainly, the earth moved when I did!

Re Nude Colonies
I go swimming at a nude beach a lot. I drink a lot of water while I am there, and on the days that I stay 3 or 4 hours, I probably pee 5 or 6 times. There are men and women there, usually as many women as men. The guys all go down to the end of the beach, where there are caves, to pee. Some of the women do too. What's really odd tho - even with everybody walking around nude (most of the men and many women too) most everybody waits for the previous person to leave the cave area before going in to pee. I had to pee really bad once and walked in to the cave area, one women was squatted there outside the cave peeing. Why squatted - why didn't whe stand - I would think it would have been much more convenient? Of course I wasn't about to ask her. Most of the women though get dressed and head for the public loos in the parking area, that is used by the non nude beach area. Even though the loos are totally grotty. I only go there when I have to dump, and I don't sit on the seat even with paper under my ass.
This is a nice page, I enjoy the stories. Later.

Luke, you don't have to be an oriental girl to reach a good distance peeing. I'm a natural at it, can usually pee upward and outward if i tense up my abdomen, bet that was what your neice did. This can be done from a deep squat where I hug my knees, or from a standing position with legs spread a bit. I've done eight feet that way, approached nine or ten when I really had a full bladder. But then, I always was a show-off!

Hi guys! I have a couple of good stories this week, both of which involve my friends.
Allison, whom I consider to be my closest friend at school, broke and sprained her ankle early last week. She has had difficulty in sitting down and getting up. Allison asked me on Wednesday if I could help her go to the bathroom. I happily obliged :) I escorted Allison into the bathroom (she lives a couple of doors down from me) and brought her into one of the stalls. While she was standing on her crutches, I pulled down her jeans and panties and helped her down onto the toilet; I offered to stand outside while she did her duty, but she told me it was okay to stay in there with her [yes! :)]. She strained and struggled to start peeing, but when she finally did, it came out very "hard," as if she had been holding it (indeed she was; she sprained her ankle two days earlier). After she stopped peeing, she continued straining (we were talking during the whole time). I assumed she had to dump, so I recommended my method (excuse me, Jodi, your method..), pushing into the abdomen while pushing out. She still had difficulty, but finally started shitting after about five minutes or so. It took her a good 20 minutes to finish up; she apologized for taking so long, and volunteered she usually spends about 15-20 minutes on the toilet. I again had to help her off of the toilet; she pulled some paper off the roll and struggled to wipe herself. I asked her to just stand on her crutches and I would wipe her myself. "Thanks Steph, you're a great friend!" I wiped her bum four times and cleaned her vagina. Allison was the second person I've watched go to the bathroom, and the first I've actually *touched* Please remember she was in a lot of agony, and my wiping her should not in any way a "kinky" thing- just helping a friend in need. Another friend, Kara, and I helped give Allison a sponge bath later that evening, but that's off subject, so I won't go there...
Story #2, my roommate Stephy complained of "cramps" on Friday evening; I didn't know whether she meant intestinal or menstrual cramps, or both, and I didn't ask. Around 4:30 AM on Saturday morning, I heard a scream from across the room. I immediately woke up and turned on the table lamp. "I crapped my pants!," sobbed Stephy, who then ran into the bathroom. I took the liberty of taking a clean pair of panties and sweats out of her drawer to take into the bathroom. I went into the bathroom, and told her I had clean clothes for her (plus a shopping bag for her soiled clothes); she thanked me and asked me to please slide them under the (stall) door. I asked her if she was okay; she told me she took a laxative the previous evening because she had been constipated "for the last few days." I wasn't in the mood to chide her for taking laxatives (it was still the middle of the night and I wanted to get back to bed). I went back to bed. Stephy came back in about a half hour later, after showering and changing into fresh clothes. I told her the next morning that taking laxatives is, IMHO, *not* a good idea. She told me she has taken them before, but they never "attacked" her the way they did that morning. I then told her that I'm often irregular, and there are other ways to help eliminate constipation. I hope she asks me the next time she has trouble going to the bathroom.
Final exams are scheduled for next week, so I probably won't be on again until Christmas week. Later, all.
Peace, Steph

When I was naughty my mum used to make me stand in the corner. At first I had to stand simply ages, and then one time I was desperate for a wee and I wet myself. When she saw this she let me go and play. The next time she stood me in the corner after a while I got bored and decided to wee in my pants to see what happened. Sure enough she let me go play. After that I did not have to stand in the corner for long I would just let go and wet myself and I always got off to play.

Here is a funny story! A couple was driving in a relatively deserted area in the middle of a terrible snowstorm. The woman had to go to the bathroom really really bad, and as it would be a long time before they reached a restroom, they pulled over so the woman could get out and attend to business. She gets out and goes to the front of the car where the headlights are so she can see.
After a little while, the boyfriend wonders what is taking her so long, so he gets out of the car and finds her in front of the car looking mighty embarrassed--her rear end is frozen to the bumper.
The only solution, it seems, is for the boyfriend to urinate on the "connection point" to free her derriere. He does, it works, and eventually they get married, because really, after sharing an intimate moment like that, what else can you do?
I can just see her daddy... "Son, my daughter tells me you took a leak on her butt. That so?"
"Uh--yes, sir. But I had to. You see, it was the only way--Oh, please, sir! There's no need to take down the shotgun! I've already asked her to marry me!"
(setting down gun) "Well, then. You done the honorable thing, son. Let me go get the justice of the peace right now so we can get this thing over with and save ourselves further embarrassment."

Anyways last night I had a dream that I was out playing with my friends in the street and I had to have a pee. We were playing a sort of wide game and I was hiding by some bushes. I was real desperate to piss and had let a little into my undies already so I pulled my track suit bottoms down a little and started my piss. The relief was really fantastic and I when I finished I put my pee pee away. Then we were all called back in. One boy said Jamie's pissed his pants and I looked down all the front of my tracksuit was wet. I went really red and had to go home to change. When I woke up I had pissed in my jammies and made a big wet in the bed. Has anyone had a dream like this.

Have been eating like a horse the last few days and the volume of poop is really amazing. Fills the whole lower part of the bowl but stays underwater, thankfully. Although there have been some pretty ripe farts and lots of skid marks in the underwear. All this eating is probably related to the holidays as everyone has these huge food trays to graze off of. Anyone else eating and pooping more than usual? Starting to need some salads .........

To Dottie: You must have been mortified ! Actually Dottie, stalls without doors are probably more the exception, than the rule.Although a lot of department stores, parks, beaches, do have open stalls. One guy posted last week that there are no doors in the mens room where he works. Most school bathrooms are open stalled also, so we guys got used to it at an early age. I guess woman are always given privacy when pooping? I never went into a ladies room. Enjoyed your story.

I tried to send this last night UK time but traffic was heavy on the Net. It is now the middle of the night US time so here it is again. I am delighted that US people are so more open about their defecation than the uptight English and many of the posted experiences mirror my own. Like many of your writers I too enjoy passing a nice big solid BM or as I would call it a Motion or a Jobbie (nice to see one of your women worters uses this term too!) I also enjoy listening to someone else male or female doing such a motion, seeing it afterwards or most of all being permitted to watch as they perform. I have to thank my Aunt who brought me up as a child. She would take me to the toilet and encouraged me to do a nice big Jobbie. She was very open about such matters and if I was having a bath would come into the bathroom (which also had the Toilet pan in the same room) and have a pee or a dump with no embarrasment. She is a ???? woman and did real whoppers, one or two long fat turds which dropped with a resounding "kersploosh!" and often stuck in the toilet as they were so big. I am in my forties now and often pass such big fat "logs" myself with similar sound effects. They vary from 8 to 12 inches and are like long fat brown carrots and very fat. Usually I go after lunch, but if I have a morning motion it is softer but still solid and formed but smooth rather than lumpy and shaped like a big curved sausage and floats. If my experiences interest your I will post more, especailly about memorable motions,(mine and others) over the years and about my girlfriend's performances.
Have a nice big one folks!

Dotty, read this: I was at the mall last weekend, it was very crowded. I went to the mens bathroom in JCPenney's cause I know exactly where it is. The stalls in there do not have doors on any of them. But I really had to go, All three were "in use" so I had to stand there, and wait my turn, right in front of three guys doing their business. When who walks in, bud my friend Tim's dad, who is a manager there. I remember the last time I caught him in there he chewed my ear off while he "made" Well now, paybacks are a bitch, cause he stands there talking to me, while I am trying to poop. I freeze up and strain. This is very awkward for me. He has no problem, but I think , because he is a figure of authority, I tense up. So I finally drop a log, and Mr.------, gets the bowl next to me, and does his business.I finish up, and start to leave, and he is standing up, facing the toilet bowl, wiping his ass, I caught a glimpse of a foot-long turd in the toilet bowl. But watching him wipe his ass was more than I needed to know about him. I just said "I have to get back to shopping, Mr. -------, or he would keep on talking, and wiping. I don't understand people, sometimes. How can you have any authority over your staff, when they see you wipe your heinee? Anyway, the funny part, Thusday, after school, my buddy Tim, was pissed-off at his dad, and told me he was full of shit. I just laughed to myself.

story: Dottie, won't you please tell us the rest of the story. After you and your girl friends crashed the men's room and were confronted by stalls without doors, what did you do. You were there because you were bursting; did you leave in emberassment and go back to the endless women's room line? Did you all make it?

Luke, you say
I'm White and have been intimate with only one Black woman. I could not help but notice that she was built somewhat differently that I was used to. I hesitate to generalize with one data point, but has anyone else noticed or codified these differences? Is there some medical book that discusses them?

To Baker: You are the man. I really loved your follow-up story. The part about the pooping contest was the best. I assume these were erotic experiences for you, they certainly would have been for me(why don't things like this happen to me?). Could you relate some other stories like the one about "T"? Thanks. To Sharon, I also enjoyed your story. Keep the wonderful posts coming.

What can a person do to releive the feeling of having poop that is almost ready to come out but can't? I have pushed as hard as I can it just keeps on piling up inside.

Sunday, December 14, 1997

I too like the new photo of the girl standing at the urinal. In answer to a question-that is a common urinal found in men's rooms in the USA. A story- I was at a festival last summer that was held in a wooded area. There was lots of food and beer being served to about 30,000 people. They had porta pottys set up in a well lighted area. The grassy area behind the porta pottys was as well lit (this was at night) as if it was daylight. After a while, the lines to the porta pottys got very long. Hundreds of guys were just going behind them and peeing in the grass all over. I saw three women (all tall, attractive, about 20 years old) peer around the end porta potty and observe about 25 guys back there pissing. That seemed to encourage them because they too went around the back of the pottys, pulled there shorts down to their knees and leaned their backs against the back of the porta pottys. They then pissed in unison. All three must have consumed huge amounts of beer as they let out powerful gushers of urine that went on for a good 30 to 45 seconds. They did this right in front of the many guys there who couldn't help but see the whole thing. This attracted my attention (naturally) so I hung around there for quite awhile and I wound up seeing about 30 women do the same thing in the next hour and a half. It was definitely awesome. I wonder if any of the other readers of this forum have had any similar experiences that they might share with us (of women openly peeing outdoors like this). It would definitely be interesting to find out how common this is.

To Gary from oz,
The urinal in the masthead could be American. In the United States there are a wide variety of shapes. (probably about a dozen)

(the time i wrote this) Tonight i was at the grocery store and when i was checking out this kinda-cute guy (i'm female) was at the register he was kind of ignoring me so i asked him if he was open and he said 'yeah just a minute' when he finally did ring up the stuff he called his boss over and whispered 'i need to go RIGHT NOW!' his boss said okay and the bagger took over for him. He looked really pale as he made his way to the bathroom he was also holding his stomach--if someone was so sick why was he at work?

To Dottie:
Welcome to our forum ! I hope you will stay with us a while, although you stumbled by accident. I should reassure you that doorless stalls in mens' rooms are the absolute exception and not the norm. I, for one, have never seen a mens' room with stalls without doors and men, like women, would probably be embarassed to do their business in the way you describe.

Hi Doug. To answer your questions, I am an Irish-American from Connecticut (USA). I am more bashful than some of my friends, but I've never considered my bathroom habits to be "British." My middle-of-the-night trips to the toilet have become less frequent over the last few weeks; when I have to go, it's *regular* poop, neither constipation or diahrrea. Your friend, Laura :-)

I am the very opposite to Jill. For the last year or so, I have practically never shat proper formed turds. My number two comes out as very soft, very small turds, not liquid, but not really solid either. The early ones don't need pushing, they just fall out. Later I have to push to get the last lot out. Because of its softness any build-up of gas blows the shit everywhere in the toilet bowl, and there are lots of very finely divided particles, which I think must come from the wholemeal bread that I eat. I think a lot of this is dietary, because in addition to wholemeal bread, I eat a lot of muesli and cereals with raisins and oats and nuts.

Hi, as a Brit it is good to read that you US people are far less prudish about your BMs than us Brits. I really enjoy this natural function (after all I enjoy eating the food which in the end causes it) and listening to others doing so, seeing their Jobbies and even watching them perform when Im lucky enough to have a friend who will permit this. I acquired this interest as a child of about 5, and 40 years later still enjoy having a nice big fat long Jobbie, usually once a day after lunch or before going to bed. I normally pass one or two fat turds of about 8 to 12 inches in length and 2 and one half inches thick shaped like big fat carrots and mid brown. These make a resounding "KER-SPLOSH!" when the fall into the toilet pan and often wont flush away until I have pulled the handle 3 or 4 times. In public toilets I will often leave them for the interest of others. I thank my aunt who brought me up for this pleasure as she both took me to the toilet as a child and I would listen to her doing her motions (which were real whoppers!!!) and often saw them when they stuck in the toilet pan afterwards. If I go in the morning my Jobbies are softer but still solid. Then they come out as big curved sausages and sometimes I pass 3 or 4 of these which float. I also wear womens' panties(briefs) instead of men's underpants, usually white, blue or black, or patterned and pull these down to my thighs when I sit on the toilet. I hope this British input to your forum is of interest to your correspondents and I will now watch this site with great interest. More of my experiences will follow if you are.

Have you ever had Boo Berry cereal? If you do, I will warn you, it turns green and hard. How many of you guys prefer the support of a brief? When I wear boxers, I find myself needing to pee every hour and then the last squirt comes out on my shorts.

the unknown
to everybody, I can see that the distance that one can pee is most interesting to all of us. I would like to know what the distance is that all of you can pee. My record is 6.5 feet and I am male. (please remember to mention your sex)

I wonder if you ladies opening your vigina and peeing while standing are more susceptable to urinary tract infections than the women who pee in a more traditional way. 13 years ago I went to the the center for blind rehabilitation in Kalamazoo for a 4 day seminar. I had an ear infection. While I was listening to the lectures I used paper towels to wipe the drippings from the ears. The ears smelled much like a woman's crotch. The hole in my ear is ofcourse much smaller than a woman's sigina so the smell was noticable only to me. Getting bach to the story. I wonder if women who pee in the traditional way periodically wash their veginas with urine hence getting rid of some of the bacteria hence reducing the risk of infection. Maybe my theory is totally BS if you have any feed bach please post.
Concerned Doug

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