Friday, December 12, 1997

Hi everyone. There was a ? a few weeks ago about if having your period effects your intestines. I just finished with my "time of the month" and my shitting habits have been pretty close to normal- one or two times a day, not too hard, not too soft. The only thing, and I think I mentioned this before, is that I spend a couple of minutes more than usual in the bathroom "cleaning up" when I have my period. I'm sure all the girls know what I'm talking about :) Laura, great to see you back on here! Luv, Alex :)

On Sunday afternoon I was out playing and I had to go to the toilet real bad. I was only a short way from home so I ran back. The door was shut and locked and no one was in. I was busting to go and the poo was beginning to come out. I could not get round the back begause the garden gate was locked and I was to desperete to climb over. There was only one thing to do go in my pants or do it by the front door step. It was now really coming so I quickly pulled my shorts down to my knees and dropped my brifs just in time as I bent over the first log dropped out on to the floor. I had just finished my second log and was starting to wee when dad came back from the shops and asked what I was doing. I explained that I needed the toilet real bad and could not wait. I was watching dad and not what I was doing and was doing my piss all over my shorts, so they got all soaked. Dad made me pull them up and clean up the poo before I could go back to play. Simon

To Mike: The woman in my story ( I will refer to her as "T"; the first letter in her name. ); although she was big, "T"'s body was not out of proportion (her measurements were 48-26-44) and she was grinning while telling me this information. If she wanted to, "T" could had been a full-figuerd model because she had an attractive face and smile. I'm sorry to say that we do not see each other anymore ("T" had gotten married and moved to the Midwest). But before she moved a few years ago; I saw her when I was seventeen (My first older woman experience (If you know what I mean.). And far as the bathroom stuff ; "T" and I meet up when I was eighteen (graduating HS), and at the age of twenty-two (graduating college), and finally at a family reunion four years later. Since this is a forum about the toilet, I will skip the first part and tell about HS graduation. It goes like this.... My classmates and I were just completing the graduation march to the school parking lot and I was ready to party. After attending some parties at varies locations; three of my football teammates and I wanted to go to Atlanta (GA), a two-hour drive from where I lived, to a big club. So I went home to changed clothes and packed when the phone rang. It was "T". She called to congraduate me and later asked about my plans for the night. I told her that my buddies and I was going to a club in Atlanta. "T" told me that if we needed a place to stay; we would be welcomed to stay at her apartment. I said that would be fine. Well, my teammates did not want to go to Atlanta afterall; so I ended up riding alone. By this time, it was 1:30 in the morning, I arrived at "T"'s apartment. I rang the doorbell and she opened the door wearing only a T-shirt (which barely covered her public area) with a big smile on her face. It was raining and I was getting very wet. She let me in and we talker for several minutes. I was getting very tired and sleepy, so "T" decided to take a bath and go to bed. I guess that I had taken a ten to fifteen minute nap when I woke up. I had to pee as I walked to the bathroom. As I was halfway to the bathroom, I heard a very loud fart followed by three plops. "T" was obviously taking a shit and the smell was making my head spin. As I walked closer, she saw me and asked if I was alright. I told her that I needed to pee real bad. "T" spread her legs further apart while sitting for me to pee. The urination took between 20 to 30 seconds. As I was putting my dick in my boxers, "T" farted like someone playing a tuba two or three keys off note. She flushed the toilet and did more pooping (about five or six thick logs). "T" got up and dared me to match or better that. She must had known about my stomach because all of the sudden, I farted (the kind telling you to dump now!). When I have an erection, my dick almost stands straight up; so I make sure to place it under the seat (which is a very strange feeling) so I would not pee on the floor. I wonder is it a strange feeling for other guys? Back to me, I was nervous shitting in front of this woman ;but ten minutes later: I let out two long turds (each about 8 inches), four medium turds (each about 5 inches), and some small balls. Needless to say, we stomped up the toilet (it took ten flushes) and we were marveled about our dumping teamwork. Even though I lost, I did not go down wiyhout a fight. You may guess by now that I was nopt sleepy anymore and we were hungry (the dumps made our stomachs empty. We had a very late (or early) candlelight dinner, then we went in the bedroom (candles,music,etc.) and you know the rest. The next morning (we slept in seperate beds), I went in the bathroom to pee and let a couple of farts. Minutes after I came out the bathroom, "T" rushed to the toilet (totally naked) sat down and "whissssssssssssh", she was having diahrrea followed by a long wet fart. She rolled some tissue and bend over the toilet to wipe her anus when more diahrrea whished on from her right hand to lower forearm and on the toilet seat. "T" was screaming "Damn cheese, damn cheese, damn motherf**kin' cheese, I'll never eat that shit (the cheese) again!!). She sat back down to release more "chocolate pudding" and three or four foghorn farts before finishing with six flushes. At this time, I was not in the mode to eat so I packed my stuff and headed for home. She begged me not to tell anyone on what happened while I was at her place. I said o.k. but I will always remember, we were laughing. I'm sorry that this sorry was so long, but you had to been there to truly experience those events. I will post the others on a later date. Comments are welcomed. Well, I have to make a "deposit" that is long overdue.

Hi !
I've been reading the posts about womem peeing standing up with a lot of interest.
Two things : a)The distance one is able to cover depends (among other things) a loton the way one is built. Japanese girls for instance shoot enormous distances in this respect (easily 6 ft.), but they're also having a pussy that is located way up higher on their belly than western girls, I think...b) I remember one of my nieces in a barn, when we were playing hide and seek ...We had found a perfect spot (nobody had found me and her two sisters for the last twenty minutes)...She whispered something to ther older sister, and then began to pee...I was sitting in the opposite corner (approx. 6 ft. away), and she was also squatting, but all of a sudden her stream flew up in the air, and jokingly she sprayed my legs... That sure triggered my fantasy for good... *S*

Several years ago I broke my right hand and wrist and wore a plaster cast from here to kingdom come. Being right handed, I now had to wipe my ass with my left easy chore. This is when I started using moist towels. They really do the job. Ladies, look under urinals, female on your computer or WebTv in Search and find a portable one for traveling..

This story, I swear is true. Well,way back in 1967 when I was in high school my friend was bored [as most of the time we were] and decided to crap in the urinals. I do not know why. Jimmy was unusual..Okay,word spread of his deed but nobody new who did it. Jimmy next took a dump on the auditorium stage. Word spread like wild fire. Still nobody had any idea who was the masked shitter. The third dump was on the wrestling mat. Well by now the principal was about ready to call the F.B.I. Jimmy was famous.The whole school was in absolute joy. This was good gossip. Jimmy told one person and the rest was history. All the men teachers confronted Jimmy and asked,'did you do this?'....and said, 'if you are the one we are not going to do anything to you. We just want you to stop. It was a ploy ofcourse. Jim said yes..He got a swat everyday until he graduated..Jimmy passed away in 1989..

Thank you Rebecca. It does work! I used your remedy for constipation yesterday, you know pushing up that piece of soap. Whow what a relief! I don't normally suffer from blockages, but had been eating irregular for a few days and somehow this had made me terribly constipated. All day and the previous day I had been feeling this building up and the discomfort grew worse and steadily more worse. Stomach aches and pains and lots of discomfort.
I spent most of my lunch break at work sitting on the toilet, trying my hardest, but nothing. Driving home that evening, I felt really uncomfortable and realised I was well and truly constipated and by now had developed a bad ???? ache through it.
After quite a long drive I arrived and went straight indoors and took a large dose of laxative. Even after two hours nothing! I again went and sat on the toilet, determined that I would sit there until I had gone. Ages seem to pass and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't go.
I then remember reading your letter and straight away thought, give it a go girl. I couldn't quite remember all that you said in your instructions, but I cut a length of soap, the first small piece I could find. This was about an inch and a half long. I soaked this for a few minutes in some warm water and then pushed this as far up my bottom as I could manage. I was going out that evening with some friends and definately wanted to be free from the discomfort I was in. I then started to wash my hair over the sink and after around five minutes I did feel a slight stinging sensation in my bottom, however it was not that bad. By the time I had dried and combed my hair, I started to feel it working inside me and felt the need to sit on the toilet again. I decided to wait a while longer to give it a good chance to work on me.
Around 15 minutes later the time had come and I sat on the toilet and had an really good bowel opening. I was able to pass all that had built up inside me with ease and experienced no discomfort at all. The first wave of poopies dropped like a stone into the toilet followed almost instantly by another. I started to relax realising that the clearout was well underway. The pain in my stomach subsided a lot and I began to feel ever so much better. I flushed the toilet not noticing if the piece of soap was among the contents. This bowel movement produced, I think four firm and solid lumps which rapidly left my bottom and splashed into the water below.
I then dived in the shower and whilst showering inserted another piece into my bottom. This second piece must have taken a full half hour to work on me and again I passed comfortably and easily, without having to strain or push hard. The relief was incredible and at last I felt refreshed and comfortable.
I have since cut a couple more pieces of soap, to keep as a standby, should the need to use them occur again. Oh to be back to normal. Grateful for your advice.


Well to answer the toilet paper question, at the time we went outdoors, there was none. You just have to drip dry, and hope its not to messy. I arch my back sligtly, but most of my friends had so much beer that they just pulled down thier jeans and sprayed the wall, there could of been wall erosion by the way they went! The taller a girl is the better or easier for her to pee standing up. Im 6'0". In the movie, "the Full Monty", there is an excellent scene where there is a women urinating into a urinal, check that out.

Hi everyone.
Today was kind of unusual for me today, because i already took another poop. Usually it takes a few days. Anyways, once again it was at work, which kinda sucks. So I got the urge to got and went into the bathroom and sat down. When i began starting to push, nothing happened. Usually something crackling, a fart, or a poop will peak out, but this time nothin. So i began to push harder, and finally some noise, pushing harder a little fart peaked out, and then with all my might, some bloody-mucus-liquid squirted out. not much...only enough to cover my anus, and in the toilet, but was wondering what it was? I continued pushing for the better part of a half-hour, with not much better results of some more of this mucus and a sore anus. Anyone ever get this stuff either? i'd like to know what it is.

re: Panda's Wiping Experiment. I'm a front-to-backer, and have never had trouble 'coming clean', as long as I bend over a bit to most fully access the target area. Sometimes the troublesome, messy movements require excessive wiping (5+ passes) and/or application of wetted tissue. You don't specify your gender, but if you're female be advised I understand that back-to-front is discouraged for hygiene reasons, i.e. greater tendency to 'smear' fecal bacteria toward the vagina where they don't belong and possibly result in an infection. Also seems that it would contribute more to the buildup of daily crotch-grunge in the 'taint' area. Yes or no, anyone else? re: Nature Pooper, women relieving themselves during childbirth. HMMmmmm....never considered that possibility though it's not far-fetched at all. Certainly something you never see on TV: (prospective father): "Well, doc.....? (doctor): "'s a really HUGE old plopper!"

Well to answer the toilet paper question, at the time we went outdoors, there was none. You just have to drip dry, and hope its not to messy. I arch my back sligtly, but most of my friends had so much beer that they just pulled down thier jeans and sprayed the wall, there could of been wall erosion by the way they went! The taller a girl is the better or easier for her to pee standing up. Im 6'0". In the movie, "the Full Monty", there is an excellent scene where there is a women urinating into a urinal, check that out.

Hey Guys, love the new banner! The girl standing at the urinal in the picture (at least I think that's what she's doing there - I can't see any other action!!!!) Is the urinal a typical men's one from the US? (or wherever the photo is taken), or is this a ladies special? Here in Australia, the men's versions look a lot different - they don't stick out as far from the wall, and go lower to the floor - this makes me think that it could be a ladies version? Can someone p-l-e-a-s-e help me with this - I'm dying wondering! Gary (from Oz)

Hi, all. Char, in reference to your questions, I stand all the time outdoors, and indoors when at home, and usually in a public facility. If you practice a lot, you can be pretty neat and accurate about it. In more social situations, I go into hover or squat position, if I think I might offend someone, but that position does not seem comfortable or clean to me as I grew up doing it the other way. (Some folks are shocked to see your shoes pointing the "wrong" way in an adjacent stall.)
I have a few friends who pee standing, too. One is a strawberry blonde earth-mother type who is into really long skirts and longer hair, another one, slender and wiry type, she likes to run in marathon races, and yet another is a quiet girl who is very prim and proper, and I think she could outdistance any of us, she really *does* pee like a racehorse, out several feet, then splatter and foam. She doesn't seem to be really trying that hard, either. We have all spent time hiking in the mountains together, and none of us is shy about peeing. Thanks for the statistics on stream size, seems you and I are about average in this crowd... :)

Yesterday early morning at about 3:45 AM I woke with a normal urge to poop. I went in and and started pooping. At first there was sone exertion needed then diarrhea. When I flushed and washed my hands I had to go to the bathroom again. I went back to bed, then arose a short time later to go again. That agternoon I started to vomit. At first not much came out then the second time the puke started to have the same color as the diarrhea. When I was starting to vomit and have diarrhea, I was in the university library. For a while I felt so bad my field of vision had red spots and the tables appeared to vibrate. This is the closest I have come to passing out. I wonder if I would have messed my pants if I did pass out. When I have a night time poo it does indicate sonething unusal is up. Laura: You system seems very British. You have boring dumps however 2 or 3 times a month you have the idiocyncracy of pooping at about 2:00 AM. Are you very british in herritage?

I stumbled here by accident. But I can contribute something to your group. About 10 years ago, I was at a beach concert. Thousands of people everywhere. Lines for the ladies rooms were simply impossable. So myself and two of my girlfriends "crashed" the mens bathroom. What a surprise! I never knew stalls came without doors. Well we hit the jackpot, about 8 stalls, all with no doors, all with guys having bowel movements. Were we embarresed! So were the guys who tried to cover their "privates" by trying to pull up their swim trunks. I will never go into a mens bathroom again. But the question is to the guys: How can you sit on a toilet bowl doing your business, with total strangers right in front of you? I am glad I am a woman.

My brother is ten and I am eleven. We were playing with some other kids at the weekend having play fights. One of the kids was holding my brother so he could not move and another boy started to tickle him. Jamie is very ticklish and he has one problem. He started to laugh when he was tickled and then he began to wet his shorts. The boy stoped tickling him, but it was to late. They all laughed at him and tought it very funny. Once Jame starts peeing he can't stop and it ran down his legs and he wet his socks and his shoes. He mad a puddle on the dry soil and he had to go home with his wet shorts on to change.

Baron VonFeces
Hi. The name's getting old. My real name's Matt and that's how I'll be posting from now on. Kelly- blood? Ouch. I'm sorry. I don't believe I've ever experienced that. Panda- that sucks about the accidents and all. Do you have a medical problem or anything? I used to have a psychological problem where I would get nervous sometimes for no reason. I didn't have any accidents, but my stomach would always be upset and I'd stay fairly close to the bathroom (to avoid accidents). Andre- love the calculations. Good stuff. BAKER- lovely story. Did you ever see your mom's friend after that incident? Was it as awkward as I think it would be? Ivanna- that is a little strange, but by my reckoning it's not too different from leaving your log in the toilet for the next user to see. To anyone interested- I usually fart as the poop is coming out; sometimes afterward and sometimes before, but almost always with.

Well, here at work, I had one hell of a shit. I was setting up someone's computer when I felt some strong gas come out and it smelled pretty raunchy. I then felt some excellent rumbles in the stomach along with some cramps afterward. I decided not to let anymore gas out until I got to the throne. After I sat on the can, I started to shilt like there was no tomorrow. Some of it was liquidy like "pissing out of my ass". I went through the process for about 20 minutes. By the time I was done, the water in the toilet was muddy brown, there were shit stains at the back of the bowl up to and including the part under the seat. After I was finished, I felt much better :).

I was on the way back from school today and I saw this boy about 10, the same age as me. He got home but his parentswere out and he could not get in. I could see he really needed the toilet and wanted to poo. He was running aboutthe garden to try to stop it comming and he could not wait any longer. I saw him lower his pants to his thighs and take down his red briefs. He stood over the edge of the path and bent over the soil. I saw two long logs come out on the soil. He then did a pee over them and pulled up his briefs and shorts. A few minutes later his mum arrived and they went into the house. I went home because I had to go to.

Thursday, December 11, 1997

Hi, I haven't posted on here for a couple of months, mainly because nothing unusual has happened to me. I've been checking in periodically, though...
For those who don't know, or remember, I'm a 19 year old college student, and today's story is about the *results* of my lunch. Chili was the main course; I normally can eat anything, even "hot" foods, without suffering intestinal upset. Today was different though, very different...
About an hour after lunch, I had a strong BM urge. It's not unusual for me to go in the afternoon, so I walked down to the bathroom in my dorm and found a vacant stall. I went in, pushed, and immediately let out a couple of "waves" (as Blake likes to call it) of diahrrea. I thought it was over, so I wiped, washed, and left. A half-hour later, I had the urge to go again, really badly, so I returned to the bathroom- this time all six stalls were occupied, with the sound of other girls pooping. Guess I wasn't the only one. I went downstairs to another bathroom, and the same thing, all the toilets were occupied. I went across to another hall- half of the stalls were occupied, and I could hear and smell pooping. I sat down and let out several more waves of diahrrea and some pee. Even my pee felt "hot" and my vagina had a burning feeling afterward. It's been a couple of hours and I haven't felt the urge to go again; wish me luck! Happy holidays to all :-) Laura

To Baker: I've been reading stuff and posting here since September or so, and your story was my personal fav. That was awesome. Tell me more about this woman. Even though she was heavy, was she even remotely attractive? She just walked in on you while you were peeing the next morning? Wow. Tell more stories!

nature pooper
I wanted to answer redneck that my experience in Europe is that people are also shy and are almost reluctant doing the business in front of each other. As a child this was not a problem (neither for boys nor for girls). I remember a young girl peeing in the toilet in front of me without any shy or irritation. I remember also the following situation: I saw a little girl playing in a circus. Suddenly it left the place quickly and ran behind a camping car. It squatted and pulled down its clothes. Once having finshed peeing she remained in the same position and after one minute I saw her arse hole to open and a big crap was coming out. When she saw that I surprised her she wasn't at all angry or irritated. She just smiled at me...
Another issue: I have been told by my wife who is pregnant that there are a lot of accidents happening at the moment of the birth. The woman has to push so strongly that she leaves control of her body and she is starting peeing or/and pooping. Is there any woman (or her husband) who could witness on this???

Some Guy
First of all- my business,
To all Lactose Intolerant People:
Well this may mean less pants pooping stories but here's how I made myself lactose tolerant. Simply, yogurt naturally has enzymes that helps you digest lactose (lactase I think?) and if you have a certain amount of yogurt with milk, you should be able to have no problems. I started having a half of a cup of milk with a few spoonfulls of yogurt every night. Then a cup of milk with 2 spoonfulls and slowly increasing the milk amount and decreasing the yogurt amount until I was drinking a cup of milk and no yogurt. Remember if you try this to go slowly. The whole process took me over two months.
And I can't take credit for this, some boy did this for his science project and it was published in the Los Angeles Times a while ago.

Gary- About high school johns... most people avoid going unless they have to because the seats are often wet (with pee) and its embarrassing, but some people play sports (like me) and having to take a dump weighs you down. I usually have to go so I wait until everyone is going to class.
Nice new site!

Celeste, this question has always made me curious and since you mention an outdoor peeing experience, I would like to ask it. Do women wipe when squatting outdoors? Obviously two problems present themselves; where do you get the t.p. and what to do with it afterwards. Just curious.

Tuesday, December 09, 1997

Hey guys! The worst thing at work happened to me today. Right after lunch was over i went back to my office, and had the urge to go. Its been a few days so I wanted to try and wait until I got home so I could use something to ease the pain. After about 2 hours of the urge constantly getting worse I headed for the ladies room. Once seated and ready i started the push-groan-rest technique. After 10 minutes, and halfway out, a silent (but big) fart slipped by the terd. After that i could not push it anymore. I pushed so hard my face turned red and i almost passed out! It was like the air was what my but was using to push it out. After ten minutes of pure pain, i got some tp, and had to actually "pull" and push it out at the same time. I need to not tell you that this hurt like a razor was cutting me open! So anyways, i then started to wipe (a little bit more blood than usual, some actually on the poop itself), flush, and left. I was definetly sore sitting on the chair the rest of the day thou!

When I was on the crapper this morning, I was thinking of this forum and remembering seeing someone on the crapper. I was over at a college buddy's house visiting. We were upstairs and one of his roomates was on the shitter. Adrian just walked in and talked to Lou while he was dumping and I was behind. Lou thought of nothing of it just like sitting on the couch.
A question for you Europeans. How open are you to going to the bathroom in front of each other ? Are any of you shy or modest like us Americans or very open ? I ask the same questions to Asians and Aussie's as well.

I've been looking in for quite a while now, but this is my first posting. For as long as I can remember, I've had difficulty in the pants department - I manage to keep them clean about 60% of the time; 5-10% I actually mess them and the rest of the time I get various degrees of skid marks. I'm a little ashamed to admit that it's never really bothered me that much (although there have been many embarrasing moments!) but something I read about wiping set me thinking - from front to back, or back to front? Well, I tried it one way one day, then the other the next day. Both days I got my usual stripes - not too bad, but enough to want to change. The next day, I wiped one way then the other, and guess what? The first few wipes (front to back) ended with clean paper, but by wiping back to front found some more - quite a lot, in fact. Since then, I've hardly marked my pants at all! If anyone else has experienced skid marks as much as me, they may wish to give it a try - I wish I'd discovered it 10 years ago! All I need now is to find a way to avoid my other accidents....

jillian, to answer your question regarding stream size, mine must be 1/4 inch or slightly less. (I've never really thought of measuring it) My stream goes forward about two feet without pushing, so if your stream reaches six feet, you certainly out-shoot me! I think its normal for women to have a more powerful stream than men because female urethras are much shorter than male urethras. (two inches vs. twelve inches, I'm told) Now two questions for you, if you don't mind.
1) Do you stand to pee most of the time, or just occasionally for fun?
2) Do you know other girls who pee standing?

I suppose it is the season, with all the parties and eating etc. but I have had some memorable toilet sessions recently. Today, at work, I had a really big dump, and , unusually for me, it seemed to come out all in one long poo. I pushed, and pushed, and it just kept coming, and I am sure it actually touched the bottom of the pan before it broke off. The final result was one huge long poo and some little bits, and I felt - well, wonderful. It only half flushed as well, and I left it sort of half in view, jammed into the hole with some paper. I couldn't hear anyone so I sneaked out!

Using soap as a laxative works wonders. I am a semi-professional triathlete in Australia and I go for a training run that lasts for about an hour every morning. If I don't have a BM before I start running, it doesn't take long for me to feel the need once I'm out on the road. This means that I have to hold on until I go past the park and use the toilets there. So now what I do, if I haven't felt the urge to go before I start running, is I put a little soap up my rear end and literally within five minutes, I am sitting on the can letting it all flow out. The soap does sting a little, but I prefer that to having to desperately hang on for 10-15 minutes while running.

To Blake - re: your post of Friday, Dec. 5 -
I usually do not fart before I have pushed out my usually very long and thick single turd. But it seems once this "plug" is out, the farts "imprisoned" behind it are set free. There are mostly half a dozen loud and dry ones. Mostly they are long and single but sometimes they come in groups of shorter trumpet blows.
To Jillian - re: your post of Friday, Dec. 5 -
You told us your latest BM added up to 32 inches (4 x 8"). Would you mind telling us about the girth of your monster turd? It's fun to calculate the volume of a BM, applying the geometrical formula for the volume of a cylinder (R x R x PI x L). At a given diameter of 1.5 inches = approx. 3.8 cm (average), your "big shit" would have had a volume of approximately 900 ccm, which at a specific weight of 1 g/ccm (you mentioned they were all floaters) would have meant that you actually shit out 2 lb. in a single BM! I presume you do not have a physique like "Big Bernie" (who posted on November 29), so this would be an amazing achievement. I would Love to hear a precise figure.
Good poops to you all, Andre.

Reference Gerry about urinals being visible beyond the mens' room door: You can thank the Americans with Disabilities Act. The government tells businesses with limited space how to lay their restrooms out so people in wheelchairs can get in there without assistance. Of course, the requirements are way beyond reason. To meet the ADA requirements, crazy restroom designs usually are the result.

To Fluidity: Female urinals. This was in 1945. Haven't been in many ladies rooms, so don't know when these were discontinued. Can't remember when they did away with the raised toilet seat flushers.
New bathrooms in one of the bigger stores at the Mall of America have individual stalls of marble, enclosed on 3 sides, with lourvered doors, with brass handles that cover front of stall. Toilets have no flushing handle. When you are through and stand up, a few seconds later, it flushes itself. Have also seen these in large grocery complexes...Progress!

Do you have to press on your abdomin to produce the arking of your urine stream?
in other words does the urine stream always go strait down if you don't touch your abdomine or areas around your crotch?

Yesterday was a bad day for BMs. I prefer to have one per day. Yesterday I had FOUR. The first two were fairly normal, but the last two were caused by gas plus soft shit. I did not produce very much solid material, but a lot of finely divided particles of shit that were blasted all over the walls of the toilet bowl by the gas pressure. Even after the two dumps, I spent the rest of the evening crippled by gas, and later on the were numerous noisy farts. I don't know what I had eaten to give me so much gas.

This is my first entry. I found this forum by accident and it really caught my eye. To pooping girl: It sounds like you would be a first-round pick in pooping. I would like to know how many times(on average) do you poop in a week;and how many flushes does it take to rid your load? I had a most memerable experience in shitting(although it did not happen to me). Well, I was sixteen years old and it was Christmas break, my mom and her friend(a woman) came to visit for the day. Throughout the day, my mom and her friend had some drinks(my mom had a few but the friend had way too many). It was getting very late; the woman needed to leave but her ride did not arrive. My mom asked me to take her friend back to the city(a two hour drive). I had driven long distances before, so it was not a problem but I had to bring some clothing to stay overnight. To get to the point, the woman and I were on the road and halfway to our destination, she started farting(those farts that are loud and smelly) for the next 60 miles!! I was in a bind between letting down my window(it was 15 degrees and getting cooler) or keeping warm and smell the gas this woman was producing. Well, I chose to let the window down to breathe fresh air or I would have passed out. We finally reached her apartment(I had to help her inside) and walked into the living room where she decided to shit on the floor. This woman was large(over 220lbs.)so I did not try to stop her. She pulled down her pants and panties, squatted and then the longest, loudest, and the most foul smelling fart that I have ever witnessed in my life. I had a neighbor that had three head of cattle(a cow can really dump). This woman pooped out five or six meaty turds in a row(each about six inches) then pissed for about a minute. Before finishing her business, she pooped out three more turds, including a fifteen or sixteen incher. She asked me to retrieve a roll of tissue. Man, she had to use the whole roll to wipe her big behind. She finally got her head together and cleaned up the awful mess(the smell also) so I stayed overnight. The next morning, I woke up to go to the bathroom to urinate. As I was urinating, the woman walked in and apologized on what had happened hours ago. She asked me a question about seeing a female piss or shit in person before. I told her no and that she was the first.This happened twelve years ago. Ever since then I have been interested in women using the bathroom(both inside and outside). I have several accurances that I would like to post someday.

Me again. Since there is quite a bit of interest in the subject of the distance acheivable by a female, I have a theory to propose. Suppose the force needed to eject a stream from the bladder is the same for both males and females. Since a stream has to travel through the penis in a male, there is more resistance for that stream to encounter. The result would be the stream doesn't travel far (maybe 5 or 6 ft. with angling). In a female, however, the stream doesn't encounter the same resistance, therefore their stream can travel further (perhaps as much as 10 or 15 ft. assuming they use the method described by Char). Thoughts?

First off, I am a male. O.k., now for my story. I have a friend who, if you can believe this, took a picture of their poop. I a m not really sure why, but I think it was because they thought it was the biggest crap they had ever seen and wanted to save it. Weird, huh?

Celeste, this question has always made me curious and since you mention an outdoor peeing experience, I would like to ask it. Do women wipe when squatting outdoors? Obviously two problems present themselves; where do you get the t.p. and what to do with it afterwards. Just curious.

Monday, December 08, 1997

The incident recounted by T-bone reminds me of a similar experience I had when returning from a trip with a female friend. We had ridden along for many miles since the last exit, and she suddenly said, "When will we be at another exit? I have to pee badly and need to find a bathroom." Not seeing any exits, I responded that it may be a while, and she indicated that she would hold on for now. About 5 miles later, she said, "I can't wait, the pressure is getting unbearable since I'm wearing these tight jeans which compress my bladder. Could you pull off the road and go into the woods with me so I can pee. I don't feel safe going alone."
I found a place to pull over, we got out of the car, hopped over the guardrail, and headed into this wooded area. She pointed out this small clearing where she wanted to do the deed, and immediately unbuttoned and got her jeans down. I've never seen anyone struggle so quickly to get their pants down, but she really had to go badly. She squatted and let go this torrent of piss which spread out and ran down the hill like a small river. Having never witnessed a woman piss outdoors, I remember being very excited, but I didn't want to tell her for fear of embarrassing her. Even though she wasn't embarrassed peeing in front of me, to this day, I still haven't mentioned my interest or excitement in the incident to her. Like t-bone, I don't know if it would be appropriate to bring this up.

Our posts are a little out of synch with each other, my last post was written before your last post was placed...
My usual technique is pretty similar to what you do. But, I keep my legs well apart, too, and use one hand on each side for control. Also, I bend my knees just a little, and then push hard and control angle by tilting my hips. For me, that gets an almost level stream. For whatever reason, I never thought of lifting or pushing in on my abdomen until I read your post. This comes as a real revolution to me, I find if I use all these tricks at once I can loft my stream up and out several feet. Far enough to give my brothers an inferiority complex if they knew about it, in fact. ;)
I'm still working on the tight jeans thing, too. I can clear the bottom of the zipper, but the last few drops have a way of coming back at me.
I still like to wear cut-off shorts made from old jeans, these are easy to work with, pull one leg aside, reach up into it, stretch, and fire away. This can be done with almost nothing visible to anyone nearby, too.
Char, if you don't mind my asking, how big a stream do you get? Mine is probably a quarter inch in diameter, perhaps a bit more. My brother says that I "pee like a race horse" and I told him that *I* was normal, and he was a little, shall we say, "delicate." :) But, I wondered...

Brad's story reminds me of the time I unloaded one of the largest turds I have ever produced. It happened in my usual university library stall and man, was it ever a whopper! - at least a foot long and pretty wide with it. Obviously too good to flush immediately, so after wiping and placing the paper so that it would not cover my shit, I moved into the adjacent stall hoping to hear some reaction. I was not disappointed. A guy came in, hesitated outside the stall and then went to use the urinal. His friend then came in and also took a piss. Just as they were leaving, one of them said "have you seen the size of that shit in there?" The other replied "yeah,it's tremendous, I've never seen anything like it! An elephant must have come in here and taken a dump!" Then one of them said "mine never stay together like that, it always break up into smaller pieces. We better flush it." This was somewhat disappointing to hear as I wanted to see it one more time. As soon as they left, I emerged, hoping that more than one flush would be necessary. However, by some miracle one flush had done the deed, although the skid marks left behind were awesome. I left the bathroom obviously feeling relieved, but also very proud.

well, back to the video shelf again for some 'research' on this female standing and peeing thing. many shots of the ladies just standing with legs spread, without touching themselves and just letting the pee go where it may. nearly all the time the flow just goes straight down - sometimes in a neat stream but more often in kind of a 'spray'. probably due to the lips causing a kind of obstruction. this also causes a lot of wet inner thighs and filled shoes (if she's wearing any shoes). if the ladies reach down and spread their lips, the pee is more likley to come in a single stream but not always. oddly it seems the longer she's waited to go (therefore a 'stronger' stream) the more the pee sprays all over the place even if she's spreading herself. not too good if you happen to be trying to keep your jeans dry. i suppose depending on the 'technique' the woman uses with her hands and/or fingers the pee will take on all manner of direction. from straight down to straight out. some would have no trouble peeing into a mens urinal without getting themselves wet. in fact there are several scenes depicting just that. i seem to enjoy most the girls who can direct their pee 'up' and 'out', as if trying for distance. i guess it's one of those things that's rare to see so it makes it more erotic for me. one in particular i really like (althoug she's not standing) is a girl who is sitting in a chair and with her fingers, somehow makes her pee come out at an angle that makes it raise 5 or 6 inches above her thighs - with about a 4 foot distance as well. speaking of distance - the all time winner in that catagory so far is a girl who squats down, leans back supporting herself with one hand behind her on the ground, apparently does some fancy manipulating to her pussy and pees a stream that goes out in front of her at least 10 - 12 feet. in one scene, shot in a garage, the cameraman takes his spot in front of her figuring he's given her plenty of room being nearly on the opposite side of the garage. NOT! hope he had on his wetsuit! any other ladies out there that have ever tried for distance?
... johnboy

Jodi, I read your post about farts that turn out to be something more. I've never been able to share this with anyone, but I have to admit I do it as well. As a kid, when it happened I'd be so embarrassed in case anyone found out, and I still am. How do you cope? I sometimes carry a spare pair of panties if I think there's going to be a problem, but more often than not, it's the times I least expect it when it happens. It's never a very bad accident, just enough to feel yucky and make me head for the nearest bathroom. I usually use TP to wipe out the inside of my panties and then carry on wearing them for the rest of the day. I don't like doing this, but there's no choice. I've had to throw away too many pairs of panties because of that. Once the stain has dried, it's impossible to get out. I feel really bad about doing it, but looking back on things can be quite funny. I was once making out with a guy and forgot I'd done it in my pants. He could see right up my dress.!
Oh shame!

Hi guys! My boyfriend Tom and I went out last night; I went over to his dorm to meet him, and we ended up meeting outside the building- he was coming from the center of town with some shopping bags. He said he had to use the bathroom, and I agreed to wait outside. Tom came out about 15 minutes later; as we walked across the common, I flirtateously asked him if he had a nice dump. His face blushed and he then asked me "Steph, what's with your obsession with the bathroom?" I could see he was quite embarassed about it, so I immediately backed off and chose other topics of conversation. Some people are very bashful about their toilet habits, my boyfriend being one of them.
Brad, I've been a vegetarian for four years, but I do remember (when I was a kid) McDonalds/Burger King/Wendy's food causing very soft, loose dumps. Moderators, the Fiona Apple video you're thinking of is "Criminal." Peace, Steph

Ok, anyone ever been in this situation? I was downtown at a party on an open parking lot, with a crowd of about 12,000 people. There were only four porta potties for the entire crowd. The line for the men's was about 50 minutes, and the ladies was over 2and one half hours long. Basically these were the only bathrooms because all the other businesses were closed at midnight, the party was at 12:30pm. There were many ladies that resorted to squatting in and around cars and other places. Some of my friends, which were all girls, decided to relieve ourselves on an open wall. After drinking many beers, we really achieved arching distance, while some other ladies cursed us for peeing out in the open. We only saw a few men relieving themselves. It was a bathroom disaster!! One woman got arrested for urinating on a police car.

Baron VonFeces
Just one question:
Why is "fart" considered by some people to be a bad or childish word? I've always thought it was one of the greatest sounding words in the English language, but some people really have a problem with it. I think you're supposed to say something like "gas" instead. Why is that supposed to be more mature?

Sunday, December 07, 1997

Two videos with items of interest, 1. Spice Girls: Spice Up Your Life, A girl on the can appears midway through, It appears to be some on some kind of billboard. 2. Fiona Apple, don't know the name of the video but in a scene where she is undressing, she has wet pants. and to: "regular reader" Nothing of value was cut out. You have the same question we do.

Ok, Char, I tried the lift and shoot method you described all day today. Wow, the range *is* really a lot farther than before. Only one down side, I was getting into this range thing, outside, and pushing pretty hard, got out there an easy six feet, when I left a big, nasty wet one right in my panties! This stuff can be hazardous. :)

The McDonald's "Whopper"--------Recently took a dump worth bragging about. Was in a Starbucks yesterday afternoon, killing time over a mocha when the urge came. Hadn't gone since the previous afternoon (unusual). Finding the men's room out/order, went in the ladies'. Shortly, IT came: felt my port gape and stay open as a massive data stream emerged. Finishing & standing to survey the aftermath, I saw what could have been the largest submarine I've EVER launched; if not, at least in the top 3. Was easily over a foot long and of proud girth as well. Taking care not to obscure it with toilet paper I exited without flushing---I wanted the next occupant to be awed and intimidated. I felt the pride of a job well-done.
The recipe? For dinner the previous night, had two McDonald's new triple-cheesburgers (.99 cent ea special), then nothing else up to then except coffee. Gonna try to reproduce this incident again soon. If successful, think I'll write a letter to McDonalds informing them of this bonus, so perhaps they could use it in their future marketing

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