pooping panties girl

what are the best panties to wear when pooping your panties and what gives the best feeling??????? any advice??? Please tell me more about you pooping in pantyhose experiences, have you ever pooped in spandex shorts? id love to smell your soiled pantyhose after youvehad an accident.ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

as a baseball fan I have wondered what do the players do when the urge to take a shit hits during a gam it must be hard SPECAILLY on the catchers who crouch how keep from shitting

I've posted twice, about three weeks ago. I had not realised there was another Darius who posts from Australia. So this time I've added (Lancs) to my name to avoid any confusion - Lancs being the county where I live in England.

The Jane's: I've read the comments by one of you that there is confusion between two of you with the same name. Why not add something to your names to avoid confusion, i.e. "Jane X" and "Jane Y". Not that I'm suggesting you use exactly my suggestions - think of something more original. I don't think it's the Moderator's responsibility to differentiate for you. The Moderator's responsibility is to check the content of your posts to see that they acceptable for this forum.

wetguy: I love your posts. I agree that we need more contributions from those into pee - and that there is an overbalance towards poo. I love both, as I am into both peeing and pooing in my pants. I reckon I pee my pants as often as I poo them, when I do one or the other. Sometimes I do both in my pants at the same time. I've been doing it since I was 15 and am now in my late 40's. I pooed myself in public possibly at about 18. No-one would have known unless they observed a grapefruit shape in the back of my jeans resulting from the load in my underpants. However, it took me until I was about 25 to dare to pee my pants in public. I was wearing light tan shorts with my briefs under as I walked along the promenade of a south coast seaside resort where I was certain I'd not meet anyone I knew. It was quite crowded there. I planned this and made sure my bladder was full. I then let it go. I saturated the front of my shorts, my briefs acting as a temporary resevoir, which act! ed to spread the pee more over my crotch area as I walked. The pee was cascading out of my shorts down my bare legs and people were staring at me - a grown man of 25 wetting himself! I really enjoyed the experience. I went onto the beach and lay in the sun to dry out - as I had no other clothes with me. My other clothes were in the hotel I was staying at.

An un-named poster: I really loved your story of your 17-year old friend Steve wetting his blue shorts. I could identify with him as I too have always had a weak bladder and need to go to the toilet often. Although I love to pee my pants on purpose, those experiences are in a controlled environment. I am sure I would have gone to pieces like Steve in a similar situation. I used to be very sensitive to being called "weak bladder" by guys who must have had cast iron bladders! I was very moved by the friendship between you and Steve and how you helped him in his distress. You've actually given a good illustration of what a practical, loving and affirming friendship between two guys ought to be like (and this applies to straight men as well as gay). Was this incident recent or is it something from a few years ago? If it is recent and Steve is still embarrassed about it, please try to encourage him to know that quite a number of guys have weak bladders. I remember a few years! ago driving from here to London with a mate of mine. He wanted me to stop at every service station on the M1 motorway, as well as at a toilet before we got to the M1. I thought I was bad, but he was worse. We ended up joking about this - and I am so glad of my mate John, because through him I've learned to joke about my weak bladder. If Steve can do that too, he'll not be so embarrassed at having to use the toilet. So I hope this may be positive for you and Steve - but also for anyone else reading this who may have the same problem.

Best wishes to you all,

Mike of MD
1. Have you pooped or peed in your pants while waiting to use the toliet? no
2. How many time have you saw your parents pooping or pissing ? a few.
3. What do you think of automatic flushing toliets ? I do not get to see what I have done?
4. Have you ever pooped or pissed in your underwear or panties while waiting in line ? no.
5. Have you women ever seen a urinal for men ? yes
6. For you women have you ever used a mens restroom before ? no
7. For you men have you ever used a womens restroom before ? n/a
8. How many times have you pissed or pooped on the seat ? pooped when my rectum was close to the rear edge.
9. How many times have you used a airplane toliet ? many
10.How many times have you used a train toliet ? many
11.Are you afraid of enlongated seats (open end seats)? no.
12.What is your favorite color of enlongated saets (a) white,(b) black? for me any color
13.What is your favorite type of toliet seat (a) round,(b) enlongated,(c) none? mine is round but will use enlongated ? either, elongated preferred
14.Have you women ever pissed in a urinal ? I have.
15.Have you ever pooped or pissed in a japanese toliet (hole in the ground) ? have not been to japan
16.Have you pissed or pooped when there was no toliet around (especially outside) ? pissed only
17.Have you pissed or pooped out side of you house, when you was home or locked out ? no.
18.Have you ever used an outhouse ever or port-a-john ? many times
19.Are you afraid of using the toliet in the dark (especially night) ? when i was little.
20.For you women or men have you pooped or pissed in a toliet with a broken seat or no seat ? yes
21. For you men have you ever saw a women urinal? If so what do you think? n/a

Ring Stretcher
Here's a question---why do turds sometimes get stuck while coming out? Sometimes mine will be coming out and they get stuck, causing me to push as hard as I can to get them out. Even then, they sometimes won't budge for a minute. Size doesn't seem to be the issue.

Another one, for the guys: Is it common for a big log do rub against the prostrate?

No good stories to report--sorry.

To Bryian: Liked your story!

To baseballpoop: Intresting thoughts
To Ring Stretcher: Never noticed turds rubbing against the prostate
To JaLe: Liked your story
To Casey: Never heard of that happening
To Lexie: I liked your story..Do you ever poop your pants?
To Great Scott: Liked your story
To leather pants girl: liked your accident story
To Punk Rock Girl: Just saying Hi back...glad your doing well and back at work.
To Dirtbike Boy: Liked your your hair must be cool with the highlights
To Steve S: Loved your story..sounds like and intresting Game.
To {_DOUGHBOY_}: Liked your story
To Zip: Loved your story..thats cool that you peeked at that guy pooping through the crack. Did you see any skid marks?
To Tim: Liked your story..that sounds like a nice bathroom
To Mike: Thanks
To wetguy: Liked your your parents know you wet your self?
To Gemma: Loved your story..thats nice your b/f cleaned you up
To gay lad lancs:Liked your story..storys about guys pooping is a turn on for me..dang what have you been eating to have a load like that? Its cool..liked hearing about corn in your load. I've watched my self poop in a mirror before and i've pooped outside only one time. I also liked your story about seeing your friend pooping by the
Would like to hear more

I pooped last night several "carrot shaped" logs...thats about it.
well gotta go bye

Welcome back LOUISE!

Hugs and congratulations, darling! It sounds like marriage has't spoiled you at all, you're still the same inveterate pee-peddler you always were...! Chuckle! Oh, to be part of the party, to go with the flow of the day, as it were! Yes, your sister's account was amazingly life-like, and I could really see myself standing by, holding your dress out of the way of the rearward explosions whilst making sure no splashes ended up on my lovely bridesmaid's outfit!

Two rows by the alley wall -- gasp! And a poop in the park too -- I'm speechless! It sounds like it was a collosal day, and I was with you in spirit! Please send my best to Steve -- when he regains consciousness! (14, one by one -- he saw them ALL? He must have been BORN lucky!)

I've not had many adventures here lately, it's midwinter and one tends to stay wrapped up warm. Still, it's so cold it fosters the hovering and straight-backed approach to both functions, and annointing of the bathroom sink too... I did a urinal at college today, in and out unnoticed! Forgot the pen for the Venus symbol, but that poor wall is already so Venus'ed nobody would tell...!

Hugs, dear,


Hi friends! Great to hear again from quite a few of you!

ROBBIE: Hi dear friend! I am sorry to hear you are also lonely and I know very well, I have nothing to complain about, as it’s only for a short while for me. Your last sentence of your nice dump report made me swallow. We are there in our thoughts! I told Sarah on the phone and she said I have to kiss you instead of her, as she is not there, but I told her I would not want to increase your misery, ;-) ! Stupid joke, sorry, we all send you a hug. Sarah already told me a story on the phone, I pass on right away: They are a bit further down south with Sarah’s grandparents. Sarah wanted to put the kids into the bath tub. Josie was weeing into the toilet and she put Loewie on his potty. Loewie started to poop instead of just weeing, so Sarah put Josie in the bath tub and went out to get some toilet paper, which was empty. She was standing in the kitchen, waiting for some paper, when she heard two kids screaming like hell! She ran into the bathroom, but they already came runni! ng out of the bathroom, Josie dripping wet and Loewie with his pants around his knees, which also got a soaking as he was peeing. Luckily they have stone floors around there, as they were both dribbling, Josie with bathwater and Loewie with peepee, plus the rest of his turd also fell out...They were both completely upset and in panic. It turned out that a big lizard had been sitting on the ceiling and when they screamed it fell down, which was a huge shock for the poor sweeties (I guess it was a shock for the lizard as!). Sarah said, the bathroom was in such a mess, with the bathwater making a puddle on the floor, the potty knocked over, and a broken off turd, swimming in the middle of the bathroom, which Loewie must have dropped on the way...I could not stop laughing, when Sarah told me. She said: "I wished you were there"- "Yeah, I would have loved to see that"- "No", came the dry reply: "so you could have cleaned it up...". The kids are refusing to use tho toil! et on their own now. Poor things. They both told me about it on the phone, although in their description it was more like a dragon, which jumped from the ceiling to attack them... Josie was so cute, she offered Sarah also to come with her to the toilet, in case she was afraid. I miss my babies. Luckily they come back at the weekend! I hope Annie will be back soon and you can give her a performance of your brown hole concerto...;-). By the way, how is your diet, my friend? You should not strain so much, think not only of your poor hole, but also your heart! Are you eating enough fruit and bran? Sorry to sound like your mom. LOL!. I guess it’s my daddy instincts, having nothing to do. But look after yourself, please! I have been to McDonalds a couple of times last week and Sarah nearly jumped through the phone when I confessed...So I am a good boy now and eat my vegetables. As a reward I need no straining at all. I just park my bum, let my hole open and the turds are already q! ueueing to jump into the loo...I wish you easy ones like that as well!! Stay around, please. Lots of love from all of us! To you and your women!!!

RIZZO: As I said before, it’s a pity, you are spending the time and efford without getting through nor knowing why! We missed you and will miss your great stories for a while. I liked your pee bomb! Grin. I have a car park story as well, but will share it another time, as I am getting to long. You are right about the toilet: I got my cheek a bit wet, but it was better than a full bathing, giving maybe even the old friend a swim....I managed to pull myself up a bit, as I said, but have to admit, that I got a my legs a bit splashed with some backsplashing pee drops and my bum got a few sprinkles of diarrhoea when I let go. Luckily I booked full service and the nurse cleaned me properly with warm water and a sponge. I know what you mean about the skidmarks. Especially our babies just poop and go (if you lucky they flush...) but they are only little. Sarah hated the tray toilet before, now she is also glad we have got it ( so I can check better). You have got a good aim, if ! you can lay your turds on two pieces of paper, grin...I fire more broadly. I think there are advantages and disadvantages to both systems. The tray toilet is ok for peeing standing as well if you aim into the water. Not so good for throwing up, as I studied in recent month. Although I never threw up into an American toilet. Isn’t there also lots of splashing? I guess the modern European ones are best there. Enough of that! Have a wonderful travel! Hope your family is fine and come back with more great stories! I can’t in any way imagine your post being shouting or anything...strange. Alles Liebe und Gute von uns allen

STEVE AND LOUISE: Great you are back! We missed you around here. Hope you got our wishes. How was the honeymoon? I hope the weather was at least good there and you had some oportunities for lots of fun. Speak to you soon and dear wishes

All the best to all other friends and all the posters. Long time no hear from some, like Buzzy or Richard. Hope all is well!

i drive around dublin all day and all i seem to see are people pissing and pooping as i find this a major turn on i always have to stop and look .today just out side dublin isaw two young ladies if you can call them that having a shit back to back


The Conversion of a Toilet-Shy Choirboy, Part 1

‘The toilet’ nearly stopped me from going to stay at my Grandfather’s. I was always very embarrassed about older people knowing when I relieved myself. I was open with my little brother and my 3 close friends (our ‘Gang of 4‘). My brother and I had our own facilities opposite our bedrooms - toilet, washbasin and shower - shared by friends on sleepovers, and within that group, we didn‘t mind one another seeing us attending to personal matters. When Grandfather visited, he had my bedroom, and I went into my brother’s room. Our parents had decided - probably wisely - that the door lock should not be on for children. They never barged in. As Grandfather used our facilities, I insisted the lock should be on during his stay. We both hated going in after him. He spent most of the time gardening for us, but showed little interest in our studies, church and musical activities. He said I was too bookish. He didn’t buy us things but put substantial monies into our savi! ngs for when we were older (for which we were later grateful). Secretly he was proud of us, and our photos were prominently displayed at home. Pride of place was given to me in my grammar school uniform and also in my surplice and cassock. More recently one of my brother now he was a choirboy appeared.

The invitation came when I was 14 - my young uncle was on leave. I had liked seeing him when younger, and he promised to take me out on his motorbike. My friends and my brother knew that it was the toilet which was putting me off. I dreaded Grandfather and myself seeing each other there. My best friend said ‘You ARE going to your Grandfather’s. I’m not having you missing a holiday just for a few minutes every day‘. (True friends can do that, and if either of us meant business - pardon the pun - the other usually obeyed.) There was no question of ‘holding on’ for 5 days - the diet would include a lot of home-grown vegetables and fruit. I would have been stupid to risk ruining brilliant bowels anyway. I was never constipated. I had other worries, too - my penis had reached its own awkward adolescent stage, weeing in whatever direction it pleased. I was afraid of wetting the fixed seat. The dark outhouse (there was just a gap above the door) meant you couldn't ! see what you were doing and where you were doing it. As I would be sleeping upstairs, a ceramic chamber pot was provided in the bedroom. I had never used one (and didn’t want to). I usually survived the night at home without a wee, unless something woke me up. But ‘better safe than sorry’ - I deliberately had less to drink in evenings at Grandfather’s.

Before leaving home for the sixty mile journey (on 4 ‘buses), I sat with my trousers round my ankles for a bit longer than usual, having a few extra squeezes - then I shouldn’t need to ‘go’ at Grandfather’s until next day. My little brother went for a ‘quick wee’ first, and instead of going back to bed to read, offered to stayed and talk to me, helping to relax me. He and my best friend had agreed together that they would calm me down. (My brother and I never minded following each other - we were not ’smelly’.)

Uncle was a cook in the navy, and made a delicious evening meal which included fresh vegetables, followed by summer pudding. Next morning after homemade cereal with fresh fruit and bran, there was a cooked breakfast, a rarity at home - and lots of tea. I also could help myself to different varieties of apples from their trees. After helping wash up from breakfast and the previous evening's meal, I cleaned my teeth and got washed. Facilities were primitive to my generation who took showers for granted - here, you washed in the kitchen after you had boiled a large kettle which took ages. They made a fresh brew-up with the boiled water I hadn’t used. Uncle related some navy experiences as we sat drinking tea. But I knew I would soon be sitting elsewhere, judging by the signs of impatience in the upper half of my jeans. I glad when Grandfather went to the Post Office for his pension, and then to the bowling club. When he had gone I said, blushing like the tomato! es in their garden, "Uncle, do you mind if I ask you something now Grandfather has gone? Can you excuse me a few minutes? I think I want to sit on the toilet!"

Putting his arm on my shoulder, he said ‘Don’t be embarrassed. You saw me sitting with a bare behind last night.’ (I had gone to wee not knowing he was there.) He went to flush it first and make sure it was clean. While he had gone, I quickly went to the bedroom to get my toilet bag, and some toilet paper I’d brought from home, not fancying using their Daily Mirror (I did sympathise with its politics - in our church youth discussion group we prided ourselves on our social conscience in the dark Thatcher era.) He filled the bucket again for when I had finished and carried it up for me. When he came back he said ‘It’s all yours! Enjoy yourself!‘ I said, ‘Thanks for looking after me!‘

I was about to walk the Walk of Shame to the end of the garden.

(to be continued)

BASEBALLPOOP: You know it’s funny you are asking about sportsmen using the toilet, cause I wondered while watching the world cup (soccer), what somebody would do, who has to pee e.g.. I thought maybe they sweat so much it won’t happen. I got my answer in full closeup on TV though! They showed an American player pissing on the gras next to the playing field. He kneeled on one leg and had the other stretched out. He thougth he wasn’t watched and was fondling around in his underwear and got his penis out on the site of his leg. He then pointed it onto the gras and let go, looking around, pretending he was watching the game. That’s what I call sneaky! This was all shown in full close up. You could see the peeing willie and were the stream hit the gras. How funny. It was clip of the week on TVtotal, a German comedy programm and they showed it at least three nights in a row...grin. I don’t know if the poor American guy knows, that at least half of Germany has seen his tool, while ! he pissed onto the lawn. Giggle. I wonder if they showed it in other countries as well.

ROBBIE: Don’t miss me! I am around. I just felt like talking to myself recently, as I did not get any answers. I am always sad when you disappear for a while, but I am glad, all is reasonable well. I am sorry, you are lonely. I know the feeling. Anyway I tell you a little wee story, but I I love to get one in return, sweetie. Last weekend we went to a party in the countryside. We were outside playing boules. One of the guys just went to a little tree and pissed against it in full view. I somehow do not really fancy him, although he is a nice guy, so I was not too interested. My flatmate also had to pee and went all the way back to the house, where you had to take your shoes off and join the little queue. I did not fancy that. I waited a bit till it got really dark, we could hardly see the balls anymore. Then I went ten meters away from our group, who still tried to play with torches. I squatted behind a tractor and shot my stream into the long grass. My flatmate was dri! ving back and I had quite a few beers resulting in a big urge to pee after an hour. We stopped by the motorway and it was the same situation like TIM described. No toilets, but a fence to prevent you from going into the woods. I used my travelmate this time and had a wonderful, long, satisfying, relieving standing piss also through the fence, into the grass. It was so good! And I did not care who would see me. Hope you are all well! With special love to ANNIE AND MEGHAN und an extra hug and kiss to you. Next time you are a lonely pooper, imagine me rubbing your back and cheering you on in cyberspace...

SARAH S: Hi dearest! Nice to hear from you again. Your hen party sounded like fun!!! I ordered three more sets of travelmates and will spread them among my female friends now. I hope one or two will like them and we can maybe have a pee after a few beers one night, you never know. Hope you will still have time to drop a line now and then. I guess there is lots of work coming up. Did you read about the American football player above. You two would have had a giggle as well! But although he was AfroAmerican he did not fullfil the cliche about the size....Take care dearest! Love from Ina

Where is the sweet CARMELITA and her gang? I miss you!

Special hellos to PRG, I hope you are healing ok.

Love to all

I had a real embarrasing dump in Edinburgh [Scotland] the other day.
Im a coach driver I drive between glasgow and Edinburgh.Well I got stomach cramps and when I reached Edinburgh the public toilets were closed , so I went into mc donalds into the disabled toilet [no im not disabled , but it was the only vacant one] I sat down and let out about five medium sized logs, wiped [standing up as i do] then flushed.To my horror the toilet was blocked for some reason, and the water rose up to the brim of the bowl.I thought the logs were gonna spill all over the floor. I made a quick exit ,but someone was waiting to get into the toilet.The smell was really strong too.Ive never left a mc donalds as fast in my life.Anyone else with an embarassing story?

hi all
T Tim i liked your story of you dumping at that restaurant
To Zip i liked your story of you seeing and hearing guys dump at the airport,wish i could have been there
To Dirtbikeboy id like to hear about your shitting experience
As regards peeing this doesn,t realy interest me as i find pooping far more intersting and exciting,but what ever floats your boat i suspose,To wetguy just go to Blackpool on saturday night and you will see loads of guy,s and girls peeing,once in a carpark this girl flashed her bum at me. i was,nt impressed.
now to my story
This again happened on the camping holiday with Andy, but this time i needed to poop.I had not pooped for 3 days and this was now the fourth day.This was despite eating a lot of baked beans and eggs and bacon. I Think the reasons were AI DIDN,T WANT TO USE THE PORTA POTTIE and B WHEN IM IN STRANGE SURROUNDINGS MY BOWELS SEEM TO CEASE UP.
However today i knew i would have to go at somepoint as after breakfast i was farting smelly farts,but my plan was t o wait until the evening and go in the arcade.Anyway me and andy set off exploring,it was a colder day so we were wearing khaki combats.We were climbing theese hills and my farting was getting worse and i feel a good load nearing my rectum.I said to Andy can we find a toilet.He said what for just whip out your dick and pee there ,i said to him know i need to crap,he said well mate those no toilets for miles as far as i know,can you hold it? I said not for much longer.So he suggested we find somewhere secluded luckiley we didn,t have to walk to far before we came to some trees.I Said right you wait here and ill go behind the tree,s,he said no way mate you seen me poop,so i want to watch,ive never seen another lad poop. i said ok. so i whipped down my combats and boxers and started to poop while andy watched.i farted and it wasnt long before he said hey i ca! n see your crap,its got corn in it ,god mate its massive,and it was about 12inches long,ipooped for about another 3 minutes then i was done.He said hey mate you really had a load up there.I asked him for some tissue than wiped my arse.i then went over to inspect my pile andy was wright as well as the one long log there was about another 8 smaller logs a great pile of shit.Andy said that was cool mate and we carried on exploring.To this day i don,t know why Andy wanted to watch as he is now going steady with a girlfriend.but that was a great holiday with happy memories.
anybody else got stories of teenage pooping experiences id love to hear them i have loads more stories to post
gotta go Gay Lad Lancs

I have not post for a few weeks, I have been busy at work and busy at home. I have had a couple of fine pooping sessions at work. I tell you the latest, from last Thursday. When I went to ladies room both stalls were empty. I picked the nearest one and locked the door. I pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties and sat. I peed shortly and took a deep breath and started to exert. Two pretty hard lumps came out easily. Then texture of poop became softer. I pushed gently and brown rope slid out with crackling sound. I felt it was dangling 4-5 inches out of butt hole when someone rushed in. I stopped my exertions. She dashed in next stall. She was also wearing a skirt, I didn?t hear any sound of zipper. She started peeing rapidly. Very soon after that started plopping. She was peeing and pooping at the same time. Plops came in very quick succession, at times sounds were like double-peeing, so she must have diarrhea or very runny poop. She stopped peeing and pooping almost s imultaneously. All this happened within 30 seconds. Then she sat there silently for a moment. My poop was still dangling between my buttocks. I gave a good push and it grew few inches length and splashed into water. My pooping partner cheered up and started grunting, at first quietly then audible. She let out a loud and wet fart. I knew I was finished, so I rolled a wad of toilet paper and started wiping my butt. When I wiped third time I heard another wet fart from next stall followed by a faint plop. I wiped one more time before flushing. There was quite strong smell of poop in the air, but 80 percent of smell came from next stall. I went to wash my hands. Lady in next stall was still sitting there but she didn?t achieve anything. No plops, no farts, just occasional groans. I left and went back to my business.

Happy pooping to everyone ;)

Once I had to poop and I went to the bathoom and sat down on the toilet. I started to push and I guess I pushed too hard cause I threw up all over my lap. Is that normal? It happens to me every once in a while.Thanks!

Hi my name is Lexie (short for Alexa) and I am 9 years old. This is my first post. I have this bad habit of holding my pee in for along time and its really annoying cuz I wait till the last second and my mommy always gets mad cuz I pee myself all the time. So this one time we were in the car going to mcdonalds for lunch and I felt the need to go pee. I was hungry too so i held my peepee with my hand and pushed it back up and I only had to go a little. So when we got to mcdonalds I was getting a happy meal and my mommy was ordering it and I was sitting at the table by myself. and I felt the need to go pee really bad. I tried to hold my peepee again but i still had to go. i went up to my mommy and i couldn't take my hand away from my peepee or I would go. and i told my mommy that I had to pee real bad and she said to take my hand away and she'd take me there in a second. so i started bouncing up and down and I had my legs crossed but I couldn't hold it in and it came out all o! ver my pants and on the floor. and some guuy had to clean it up with a mop and my mom was mad. i hope you like my story i have a lot more! Lexie

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