Great Scott
My mate's kid sister surprised me a couple years ago. My mate and me had been working hard in the garden at his house. At the end I went to use his bathroom to clean up. While I was stood washing at the basin, his sister, aged 8, came in and said she needed to use the john. I was really only teasing when I said "Go ahead, be my guest !", never expecting her to go. Now I should say that this is a weird bathroom, where the toilet is set back in alcove, just inside the doorway. It means if someone uses it, and you are stood at the basin, you can't really see anything much. Anyway, while my back was to her, and I was looking at her in the mirror above the basin, she stuck her tongue out, and then shocked me when she said "Don't you dare move away from that basin. I'll scream if you dare peep at me round here". I then saw her lift up her short skirt she was wearing until I could see her panties, then she backed up to the toilet and sat down. I could see about three inches of knee! . I saw them jiggling and shuffling, and then her hands appeared pushing down her panties until they rested right on the end of her knees. She must have took them down while seated so I wouldn't see anything ! Anyway, I couldn't help but stare at these panty covered knees in the mirror while she peed up a storm. Then my nose told me what was happening next before my ears did, as she proceeded to doo-doo ! I heard it all flopping in quietly. No farts, but a bit of crackling. Then I saw her hands reach out and wind off paper from the roll where it hung visably on the wall. She wiped while sitting, cos I didn't see anything. But her hands reached out at least 7 or 8 times for paper, so it must have been a real messy dookey. It smelled messy anyway ! Then I saw her hands reach out and pull her panties back up her legs out of sight again, and the same jiggling and shuffling of her knees in reverse. And then I watched as she stood and re-arranged her skirt back down again. She ! turned back and operated the flusher as I half turned to face her. She then looked at me, then to my horror stared at the bulge in my jeans, before smiling and saying "See you enjoyed that then. Must do it again some time !" But she never did. She's 12 now. Boy what I wouldn't give to see her do that all over again now !! I'm 14, nearly 15 by the way.

leather pants girl
To pooping panties girl. MMMMMMMM iam thinking of you right now sitting at your desk smelling oh so nice YESSSSSS would love to wipe your cute little bum he he he.

Today at work i took a really bad poo chronic diarrea no idear why or how i got it, by the end of the day my panties were stained really bad.

On the way home sitting in traffic my stomach cramped and WHAMMMMMMM!!!!!! a full load in my pants i couldnt believe it i was wearing dress pants and pink cotten briefs (its my time of the month)honestly the stink was terrible, both windows down to get air.

when i got home i got out of my car, instantly poo gushed down my legs leaving a trail on the ground i waddeled into my bathroom just as another wave of the runs hit me, i never even bothered trying to get to the toilet i just grunted and let one hell of a farty mess go in my pants.

Punk Rock Girl

I forgot to mention my first week back to work. Well, everyone was very nice. They all pretty much have heard what happened. A couple of my closer friends there have made some jokes about it, but in a good natured way. It really is pretty funny. My best friend at work keeps making like he's going to spank me. I jump every time.

I've been wearing boxers and sweat pants to work. I have not been wearing underwear. It makes it a bit more comfortable. I've taken a couple of dumps and have managed to keep my groaning and moaning to a minimum. I've also been bringing my own toilet paper (the kind with aloe), as the sandpaper we have at work would definitely irritate my ass terribly.

My boss brought me in one of those circular pillows to sit on. He's a nice guy. It's slowly getting better down there. I'm not going horseback riding any time soon, though. How's everyone else doing? Hey, Bryian, Ina, Adrian, Punk Rock Boy, Poopie Panties Girl, Leather Pants Girl, how ya been?

Take care everyone!


Dirtbike Boy
Hey everyone I am new here... I am 16 about 6'1 200lbs. Anyway I have a story about myself to come later, but anyway the other day I went to get my hair cut. And let me tell you the other lady who was cutting hair was about 20 and very hot. Well I was getting my hair cut and had blonde highlights put in... Well I was sitting there I seen her go into the bathroom through the mirror. Well then after about 10 minutes of the other lady cutting my hair I got hard because I realised she was taking a dump. Then she put the die in there and I had to sit for 30min. Well I turned myself around in that chair so I could see the bathroom door instead of through the mirror. Well she never came out while I was sitting there. Though after my hair was died, she washed it and then blow dried it. As she was putting jell in it the lady came out. So I hurried up and went into the bathroom closing the door behind me. WOW man it smelled horrible in there. I mean it smelled bad. Well ! she must have taken a huge dump becuase besides the water being a brownish color, there was about 3 golfballs floating and a whole bunch of skid marks on the bowl. Well I went to sit and shit but there was no tp so I decided to wait. Man was that a mistake anyway I will post that story prob tomorrow. Take Care ya all

Steve S
About 3 years ago a good friend of mine and I went camping for the weekend. He was about 16 then and I was 18. Beside having a bunch of sodas we managed to get our hand on a fair amount of beer to take with us. The first night we were sitting around the campfire having a few beers when I noticed I had already water the bushes a few times and he hadn't even gone yet. I said, man you don't have to take a leak yet? He said he did but he was holding it. He said that some times he still wetts the bed and he found if he tries to hold it before he goes to bed it lessens the chance of it happening. We kept talking about going pee and such and then he told me that he used to wet the bed sometimes on purpose. He would often lay in bed and let a little out until his underwear was really wet. Then he would fall back to sleep and wake up again and do it again. He said he would do it until he thought he might wet his pants all the way and then he would get up. But sometimes he w! ould just go ahead go in his pants. His parents were use to having him wet the bed so they never questioned it. I could tell that he was interested in my curiosity so I asked him if he could wet a little without it showing. He said he would think about it. A few minutes latter he said he just let a little go and I said are you serrous or are you just kidding me. He said no and I just did it again while we were talking. Then he said OK it's your turn. I said how do I know you really did it or your BSing me. He said you do it and then we'll change and you can feel my wet underwear. So I was game and afterwords we changed and each of us had wet about the same. On the last night we had still a lot of beer left so we decided to finish it all. We were both feeling pretty good and the subject came up again. This time he said we'll do it different. Who ever wets their pants so it can be seen is the looser and they have to pee their pants all the way. So we each went an! d pissed and then started the contest. He went first and said that he let a liitle go. So it was my turn. After a liitle while he said he let some more go and So I took the flashlight out and gave him a quick inspection. Still looked dry so I let a little go and in turn he checked to see if he could see a wet spot on me. As time went on we both had to go pee pretty bad and it was making it harder jut to let a little out. He was standing next to thwe camp fire when he said shit! I just let some more out, but I think I let to much out. I thought hey maybe I might get to see him wet his pants all they way. Still I couldn't see anything that looked darker than the dark blue jeans he had on. I could tell that he really had to go, he was moving back and forth in front of the fire and couldn't stand still. I hadn't mached his third wetting yet and had to go really bad, he said hurry up man. So I let a little more dribble out. He grabbed the flashlight and hurried over to! check me out. The problem was that I had to go so bad that I couldn't stop dribbling. He didn't know that, but he kept looking and said hey whats that little dark spot. I said were? And he started to point. Then he was for sure. Just as I couldn't hold it any longer he started to say it's OK you don't have to go all the way. To late, I let go and it came out so fast he almost fell backwards trying to get out of the way. He was yelling be carefull or it will get in your shoes. I managed to gain some control and joined him in pissing in the fire to see if we could put it out. Latter he said that I was the only friend he had that shared the same interest in peeing and to this day it remains our secret. We still share stories about having to hold it at work or at school, but we haven't been alone together since then to do a repeat of that camping trip.

To Punk Rock GIrl: Good to hear from you...hope your doing better..have you gotten your stiches out yet?

To AJ: I like watching it come out my ring hole too

To Ice Cream Man: Liked your story

To punkerboyy: Liked your story..did your g/f have the runs cause of the junk you gave her?

To Unnamed poster: Re dad told you to pee in your pants...i liked your story

To historian: Liked hearing about that movie

To skater boy: I liked your story about the girls watching you poop

To Cloud Liked: your story about you peeing your pants at the comp. cool

To Nick: Liked your what you do

To Unnamed poster about using the garden hose as a lax. I liked your story and it sounded intresting what you did

To Nathan: Liked your story

To frankie:: liked your story..would like to hear more from you

To Pee Cray Z: Liked your story

to 21YearoldMale: Liked your story

Gotta run...gotta go to work bye

to wee willie if i was u id beet the shit into the teacher and stratin my mom out to iv done it sevrel times cause that wasent right that they made u suffer threw and u gotta think of a come back so u wont get teased or go along with it till the kids get bored like me im the class clown i was once dared to poop my pants and everyone laughed and i went along with it then the teacher gave me heak she even pinned me agenst the wall thats when i came back i gave her a good brokin nose ... i say u stick with the come back

I was just at the Oakland Airport and went in to use the restroom. There was a line to use the stalls and urinals and I was lucky to be standing next to the large handicapped stall and noticed that there was about a 3 inch gap between the door and the partition. The toilet was on the far side of the stall and faced one of the side walls, not the door. I glanced in and saw this guy about 18 or so, sitting on the toilet. He had a white t-shirt on, and wore tan-colored boxers and khaki shorts. He was skinny, cute, in a goofy sort of way, and had brown hair. He had his shorts down around his ankles, showing off his skinny legs. He just stared down at the floor while dumping. The restroom was loud, so I couldn't hear any sounds. He started to wipe, and leaned forward while doing so. He wrapped the paper around his right hand and wiped from behind. He stood up and turned around to flush, giving a quick flash of his dick as he turned around. He had a firm butt as I could see while! he had his back to the door and flushed. He pulled up his boxers and shorts all at once and zipped up before he came out.

I went in next and quickly pulled my shorts and underwear down. I pulled up my t-shirt and sat down. The seat was still warm from his body heat. I crapped with a couple of loud farts and some splashing. The restroom was still crowded, so there were still people lined up right outside the stall. I kinda wondered if any of them had looked in and saw me dumping. I pissed for a long time, pointing my dick down into the bowl. I finished up and grabbed some paper to wipe. I did my usual wiping routine which means that I start from the front, spreading my legs and lifting my "equipment" out of the way. I did that a few times, and then wiped a couple of times from behind. Then I stood up and wiped twice while standing. For the last few wipes I use wet paper towels. I finished wiping, then turned to flush. I then pulled up my briefs and my shorts and came out of the stall.

The next guy in line was about 30, wearing jeans and a collared shirt. Good-looking guy, with brown hair and a mustache and average build. He went in and I could hear him undo his belt and unzip his pants. Luckily, the paper towel dispenser is right next to the stall so I could see just as he pulled down his white briefs and sat down. His jeans were already at his knees. He leaned forward and started to dump. Unfortunately, I was all done, so I had to leave before I could see him finish. Great sightings, though!

Interesting story from yesterday: I was on a buisness trip and gave one of my colleagues a lift. After a long day we had dinner in a restaurant a bit outside of the city before a three hour drive home. He is a nice guy, about my age and we had a pleasant chat over a great meal. The portions were huge and although I did not even finish, I felt a need to dump at the end of the meal. My colleague was quicker and excused himself. He was gone for nearly half an hour! I had some coffee, which I drink rarely, but I wanted to be awake for the drive. It increased my need to poop very much though and I hoped he would come back soon, as I was also watching our cases and stuff. After a while he came back a bit red and apoplogised for letting me wait. I was like ‘no worries’ but made my own way to the toilets pretty quickly. I was really feeling a good one coming up and thought I could take my time as well now. I hoped for a clean toilet, as this was an expensive restaurant (company payi! ng, you know...). What I found was better than my wildst dreams! Spotless toilets with little brickwall cubicles and wooden doors. Flowers on the window sill and even shelves with books on the wall! I thougt about the couple here, that likes reading on the toilet so much, TODD AND DIANA. There were dried flowers with essences and some quiet music playing. Excellent! It was like taking a shit in somebody elses living room, LOL! I made myself comfortable and hung my jacket onto the hook on the door and lowered the pants of my suit. I grabbed a book about old planes and announced with a deep fart to the sculptures on the window sill, that I opened my dump. PHEW! It was an excellent one. I crackled and farted and grunted and hummed along to the music, giving my bowls a proper emptying. It was a toilet with a tray again, which I love. Sorry, PPG, I hate to get my bum splashed. I prefer shitting onto the tray, where you can admire your pile afterwards. I even have a good excuse at! the moment, as I have to check for blood, but I have always liked to see it, when I laid a proper one, lol. The disadvantage is the stink though, but this one was a good heathy shit smell, that mixed in decently with the scents from the air freshener, grin. I put the book away after a while, took my glasses off and rested my head on my hand to just enjoy the finals. A glimplsed down to see if my penis was in position and with the last turd a good piss closed the round. I had shivers of pleasure. I whiped and got up and admired my work. Great pile of seven or eight thick long turds, which looked like a big brown octopuss, the way they fell on top of each other. I had to think about the British comedian Ben Elton, while I flushed with a grin, who once said: "Sometimes you look into the loo and see a poo you are particularily proud of and you just think: I must be an anal sculptorer!" LOL. I washed my hands and admired all the stuff they had standing by the basins, like after ! shave, tooth brushes and even pain killers against headaches. I was thinking about complaining to the managers they weren’t offering enema kids or cream against piles, lol, but was afraid, they would get it if I asked...See that’s what I call a good service: A good restaurant, where you are just as well taken care of during eating or during shitting...
No wonder my colleague took so long. Although I rather had the feeling he was constipated as he still let out tiny, stinky farts during the drive back. After two hours we had to stop again at a car par by the motorway. There were no toilets and they had put up a fence to prevent you from going into the woods. As it was dark we just pissed through the chicken wire of the fence. Sorry, but if they don’t put any toilets up...When we drove off, a group of young woman stopped and they got out. Too bad! I would have loved to see what they were about to do...
When I came home, I got a huge shock, as the plane crash from last night wasn’t far away from where we live. I called Sarah and was glad all dear ones are alright! Our thoughts are with all the friends and relatives of the victims. Especially the parents of the over 50 russian children! What terrible news. I don’t want to go off topic too much...Seems like it’s holiday times or something around here, as so many aren’t posting. Hope you are all well!!! Today a special hello to BRYAN, thanks for liking my story!

To Bryian: Liked your story.

8th guy
cloud liked your story. you've read my sotry's right? wow, that sounded like fun you had it all planned out didn't ya? i like peeing my pants, well i gotta go

Cloud - Excellent story, your stories are so hot! Heep up the good work! How old are you? (me-17 and male)I love to pee my pants. I have had several accidents over the years, some recently. I did try pissing the bed, but didnt like it as much as my pants. And I have several favorite peeing pants stories from the old messages, i'll try to pinpoint some for you in my next post. Here's an account of me peeing my pants at home, mainly on purpose except that I hadn't planned on doing it!

Just tonight, I was doing stuff on the computer and I suddenly had to pee real bad. So after a few minutes of fidgeting and grabbing my crotch, I started to squirt into my pants to relieve the pressure. Just small squirts. By the way, I was wearing baggy black winspants, a kind that doesnt show much wetness at all because it has a inner lining that soaks it up. I soon found this out because I had pissed my pants pretty good after a few minutes and all that showed was a golf ball sized wet spot and a streak down my leg. I still had to go real bad (hadnt gone for about 10 hours!) and kept squirting piss into my pants. My right leg felt real wet as that was where the pee was going. Still not much showing, but as I said the right pant leg was soaked on the inside. At this point I moved to the bathroom because I didnt want to get the carpet wet, which has happened a few times. It was a bit uncomfortable walking with my soaked right leg, but I made it to the bathroom without a! nyone seeing me. When I got there I let out a 2 second squirt of piss, my longest so far. Now there was a sizable wet spot, but since the pants are black, you could hardly tell. Plus it was drying fast. After a few seconds I got an incredible urge and just decided to end it right there. I started a squirt and then just kept pissing my pants 'til I was empty. I must have been whizzing for 10 seconds right there. The right side of my pants was absolutely drenched and my socks were also soaked with pee. And there was a large puddle on the floor.

An enjoyable experience that I hadn't even planned on having until I became desperate in my room and didnt want to bother with going to the bathroom. Hope you liked it!

I'll try to post more stories soon. Any advice on wetting pants in public from anyone???


My best childhood friend now has young children, a girl followed by a younger boy. At the time when he would have toilet-trained him, he was away a lot in his work, and his wife had to do most of it. Sometimes he saw his sister and his mother using the toilet, and he got it into his head that boys and men did not sit on the toilet, so why should he?

His father and I have always been very close, and compare notes about our children. He knew that I had taken our two boys in with me, and made sure what when he was at home, his own son saw him sitting on the toilet. When they came to our house to stay, I allowed him to see me, and so did my younger brother (about whom I have written in my posts) when he went to stay with them. My seven-year old son, who now supervises our younger son, the same age as our friend's son, took him in with them. It took some time to break down this attitude, but now he is OK. The problem was not having male role models on a regular basis.

Hi Fellow Toidyteers!!
It is real slow around here. No women!! Annie is in the UK visiting. I had my usual grunt today. I sat there reading a mag and the staining was hard. I pushed forward with all of my might. I felt a steel pole charge out of my arse. It cullompted into the bowl. Then a felt a trump coming on and a loud report was heard from my bum. I looked around and remembering no one was about I resumed my endeavours. A small piece plopped down and I pushed again to see if there was anymore. I was finally finished. No, it wasn't exciting. I sat there wishing the women were here, especially one.
***TIM(AND SARAH): Tim, my dear friend. I will talk to you!! You see all of my women are gone, too,"sob"! My girls are making money for a change. Annie is at the Lake District(UK) with her brood. Annie will be back, soon. I hope Sarah and Josie will return with some toidy stories. Take care and take a good mag to the loo. That will take your mind off of the sorrow! Lots of Love from Robby
****INA: My dear, I miss you! Hope you and your weeing are ok. I won't ask about the other thing. Take care! Lots of Lovexxxx and hugs, Robby
****JANE AND GARY: Glad to hear from you! Love the story about the buddy dump with Carrie and the other girl. Take care!! Love from Robby
****EPHERMAL: Glad to see you are ok. That was a nice dump story. The girls will write soon. Lots of Lovexx from Robby
****KENDAL, LAWN DOGS KID, and ELLEN: My dear nieces and nephew! As you walk about in the Lakes if you see a lady 5'4" with short dark hair and 2 girls in their 20's with long dark hair they may be Annie and her girls. We all miss you here and your experiences. Hope everything is ok!! Lots of Love and hugs from Uncle Robby

Well, I am off for the 4th of July holiday. WELCOME TO ALL NEW POSTERS!!

BIG HI's to: Rizzo, Damsel, Eleanor, Kimmie and Scott, Adele, Carmalita and the gang, Steve and Louise, Todd and Diana, PV, Jeff A, Diva, David(Germany), Adrian, LindaGS, Elena, Cousin, Ellie and Little Lou!!



wee in panties gurl

I just wanted to ask you what kind of pads do you use for when you go wee in your panties? What brand do you use and what style? Do you use the kind that have wings? Have you ever tried the pads especially meant for bladder control problems (poise or serenity)? Let me know, thanks.

for the person that asked i have been in a wheel chair for over a year.

this happend yesterday (monday) well i had to crap but my b/f and sister were out shopping,so i was left alone i went into the bathroom and thought if i just went i could clean my sely up with tp afterwards well they was no tp then i went to the bedroom where we keep the rolls of tp. none left so i went to the living room to fin sum tissues none left so by this time i really had to go so i thought i would try and lift myself onto the toilet but my arms were not strong enough so i fell to the floor which hurt then the i started to poo my pantise were filling up with poop which stunk really bad.then i could not get back in to my chair so i was stuck on the floor with poo in my panties.about 5 minutes later my sister and b/f came home and helped clean my up.
i think i enjoyed pooping my self it was a good tunr on for me as my b/f found out later that nite


Dear Tim, it is not that I haven’t written to you, but the rate of success for my posts must have dropped to about one in four. Possibly it is a problem with my server or my computer, but maybe the moderators have considered me to be a garrulous, shouting, off-topic chap in the UK. One thing is certain though, neither am I in the UK, nor do I live there.
I have not forgotten your warm greetings and that lovely hug from Germany. That brings me to your hilarious story of falling into one of those shallow German toilet bowls. They are shallow because the riser of the S-bend behind the water trap is right in the centre of the bowl and not at the back. The thing is, there is always a shallow puddle on the tray, so if the seat is up and you plonk your bottom on to the bare porcelain, you can end up “hard aground” with a spine-jarring jolt and get wet as well. If you then let go everything, you sit in a mess for sure. When I come across one of those toilets, I place two sheets of tp in the shallow part so that the turd comes to sit on the paper. When flushed, the shit slides forward on its paper sleigh to drop down into the deep part at the front, leaving a reduced amount of skid marks. Sometimes I even get away without leaving any skid marks at all. It spares the tedium of cleaning the bowl with the brush.
It was three days ago, that I had an unusual pee. It must be the brand of coffee I drink in the morning that brings on an intense urge to pee after only an hour or so. I was to meet a chap in front of a ware-house in the basement of a rather shabby block of flats. I was late because of traffic, and the man had gone a minute before I had arrived. There was someone else to come with a lorry, but I thought that he was still about an hour away. I was to call the first man as soon as the other arrived; he’d be around with the keys in a few minutes. I had hoped to go inside and to use the toilet there on arrrival. Now I had to wait sitting in the car another hour or so, until the lorry driver arrived. After about thirty minutes I had to start to conciously squeeze my sphincter tight at ever shorter intervals. No, this would not do if the others would arrive to find me in an advanced stage of the pee-pee dance! I looked around for a café or a restaurant. Nothing. I did not want! to venture out of sight. There were few cars in the parking lot, and few people, but they tended to turn up suddenly and unexpectedly from different directions; and mostly middle-aged women with shopping bags at that! After another few minutes of indecision, an intense spasm, a muderous imperative from my bladder obliged me to move quickly. Pinching my willie shut I felt in my back pocket. Hooray! I still had a dark brownm, plastic doggie-poo-bag! I unzipped my fly after a furtive look around and up at the windows of the building, pulled out my dick and held it into the little bag, and it felt oh so good to let the pent up pee out! The bag grew heavier and heavier as I felt more and more relieved. Finished, I carefully twisted the neck of the bag and tied a thumb knot which I pulled tight, and then gingerly placed the filled bag on the floor of the car. It did not leak a single drop! Judging by the size of the filling, I must have peed only a little more than half a litre. ! It’s the coffee that irritates the bladder. The urge was far greater than the amount of pee would justify. Then with my hands free again, I rearranged my clothing. Now for the disposal of the bag. I got out of the car and walked to the wall opposite the building. As the place was built into a hillside, the next car park was about twenty feet below. And there was a skip half full of rubbish! How convenient! I lobbed the little bag in an arc toward the skip. My aim was not too good. It glanced off the rim and burst, leaving an enormous wet stain, but most of it went inside. A pee bomb!
Well, Tim, I hope that you recover fully. Here’s another manly hug from me! Soon I will be travelling again, and I will possibly come through your area. You may be sure that my thoughts will be with you and your dear family then.

Kendal, if you are still reading, I send you my love and wish you some adventurous wees and poos! My thoughts are with you often.

And to all other dear friends, I wish you easy and pleasurable private moments!

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

hi toilet fans
Thought id just post about the dump i had this afternoon.firstly id been farting since this morning and during eating my lunch i could feel the load nearing my rectum. I waited for my b/f to go to work.then i wnt to the bathroom. for those that are intersted i am wearing red trackies and levis jersey boxers . i took theese of and squated so i could see a good view in the mirror .i didnt have to push and soon my first turd was emerging it was long about 6in and full of corn this was quickly followed by 4 other logs slightly smaller but also full of corn.After that i had the tail then i was done. I wiped standing up about 5 sheets ,then moist wipe then i had to turn around and piss. then i put trackies and boxers back on and went back downstairs.
For anybody who is into pooping guys or girls i reccomend watching yourself in the mirror it is fun and cool.
Id like to hear any guys out there who have deliberately pooped outside or got caught short or so girls whove sen b/f poop
bye for now ill post again soon
gay lad lancs
hi all i hope you liked my first two posts
to skaterboy i liked your story
to hans i liked your story
to ice cream man liked your story

now heres a story that happened when i was a teenager me and my mate Andrew were camping together in woolacoombe north was a hot day and we were both playing football,for those that are intersted we were wearing footie shorts and t shirt.anyway all of a sudden andy farted. he went bright red and said to me he needed to shit. i said the toilet was miles away,as we were on a beach.he said i no and i don,t think i can hold it that long. so i suggested we go to the rocks over there as i he agreed ,but said would i come with him. i said yeagh we got to this big rock and he pulled down his shorts and briefs .i could now see his smnooth bare bum,i have to admit i was a bit shocked at the time as although i had seen him piss i had never seen him shit. anyway he farted quite loudly,then farted again and i could see his arse hole slowly starting to dome out. i i could see this brown turd slowly oozing out and i heard a crackling sound as it c! ame out .it was a pretty good size log and i could see the bits of sweetcorn in it which we had for dinner the day before. it dropped to the floor with a thud. he then said i dont think ive finished and farted again another brown log started to ooze out and then dropped to the floor. he then said what a relief, i thought i was going to crap myself.As you can imagine my heart was racing as i watched him shit. he then took his shorts of and went into the sea to clean his arse then he put his shorts on and we carried on plkaying footie.Andy has also seen me shit as well but thats another story.
anybody else got a story to tell on the beach/or when teenager
bye for now gay lad lancs

Hello everybody! We are back!

I really really enjoyed my wedding day. The rain tried to spoil it but there were a few minutes of dry weather so we did get lots of pictures taken. I wish we could have had a bit of sunshine but it was all right like that. The thing that really matters is that we had a really good day and it is how we live after the wedding day that really counts. Steve liked it. He looked a really gorgeous groom. He enjoyed the day too, and he was very tired after the wedding night. giggle

Well this is the first wee I am going to write about as a married woman. I am sitting here in my jeans and t shirt. Well I am climbing the stairs and unbuttoning my jeans. I am kicking off my shoes as well and I am very slowly unzipping the front of my jeans. They are falling down now and I just kick them off. Well I have a black thong on (Steve bought it for me) and I am hooking my thumbs down the sides and pulling down slowly. It is all right, boys, I am married now but you can still look at my pussy. Well I have taken my thong off and I am hovering over the toilet. My wee is waiting to come out and I let rip. I am sorry if I have not given you a lot of time to get comfy but I need this wee. Whoosh! Well I have got a nice gusher started. SSSSSSSSS.....SSSSSSS It has a nice twist in it guys. Can you see? SSSSSS giggle I have kept it going for nearly a minute I think and now it is slowing down a lot. Trickle trickle trickle trickle. Drip drip drip drip. Trickle. Drip dri! p drip drip. I am wiggling my bum a bit and that has shaken off some drops of wee on my pussy lips. Gimme some tp! Thank you. I have had a couple of wipes with it and thrown it in the water. Flush! Well I hope you enjoyed that wee, because I did!

PUNK ROCK GIRL - Hi. I read your story about your bum getting cut on the glass table. I bet going to the toilet is not too good for you just now. I hope you heal up all right without scars.
Love Louise xx

SARAH S - Hi girl! I liked your story. It was real daring for you to wee like that with the door open at the party. I think I would dare to do it too but I am not sure if my sister would.
Love Louise xx

PV - Hi girl!!! Thank you very much for what you said about the wedding. It really warmed my heart. You would have liked my wedding day and it is like my sister said, I could have used another bridesmaid you know! I had a giggle at what my sister's letter because it is just a really good story of what happened on the morning of the wedding. I didn't need a shit at all until I was in my dress and I soon got this feeling of the liquid shits I often get when I feel nervy. I was a bit nervy that I would get the shits at a really bad time, you know, so I was glad when my bridesmaids helped me lift the dress up. It was just the same as what happened to my friend who got married. I hovered over the toilet and I dropped a lot of liquid shit into it with mum watching it. I do not think I could have managed all alone and I was glad I had my mum, my sister and Jackie to wipe and wash my bum for me when I had finished. I had a good wee as well when I had finished all the diarrhoea. ! It helped wash the diarrhoea off the slopes of the toilet you know. giggle My dress was daring really. My boobs nearly popped out when I was going to the toilet LOL but it was safe enough for me the rest of the time. It showed off my figure well I think. I did not want to be swamped in too big a dress, you know? That is not me really.
I will tell you more about the wedding when I next write a letter. I bet you would have liked my hen night! We all dressed up in school uniforms. My sister just could not stop weeing that night. It was like she needed a wee about every 20 minutes. giggle Oh and it was a real scream when Jackie squatted at the edge of the park and had a shit. I saw her bumhole with the turd sticking out! LOL The wee in the alley with us all in 2 rows by the walls was a hoot as well. Poor Steve did not stand a chance when we got home. He got a bit stressed in his trousers because he saw 13 or 14 women pissing their brains out in the toilet. One at a time taking turns not all at once. giggle



Punk Rock GIrl
Hi, everyone.

Haven't posted for a few days as I'm catching up on a lot of work and sleep. My ass is slowly healing, the last couple of times I've peed or crapped I've actually been able to sit down. I went out and bought some women's boxer shorts, about two sizes bigger than I need. That's helped. I lounged around the house most of the weekend wearing a t-shirt and a thong. It's still uncomfortable wearing shorts or pants. My buns are healing nicely, actually, though they're both riddled with little scabs and still bruised. The itching is gone, anyway. THe big gash with stithes still hurts a lot. I'm just favoring my left cheek. What else can I do.

I've been having my usual huge dumps the last few days, but they haven't been as difficult as the first couple. I'm still sore in the middle there, but the pain has dulled. It still hurts when the shit comes out, though. Last night I sat down on the crapper and squeezed out a foot long load, then peed for about two minutes. It was a major relief, because I'd been holding it all day, dreading the pain. But it wasn't too bad, just achey. It only took one wipe and I was done. I pulled my thong back up, laid on the couch and went back to my movie (DR. STRANGELOVE). THere's a lot of movies I want to see, but I don't know how long my ass can t9olerate those movie seats, even with a pillow.

Well, hope everyone else is well. Take care! Peace!!!


Does anyone else find it interesting to watch your load passing through your ring-piece?
I find it pleasing to relive myself on my back, watching my anus via a mirror...

Just wondered if it was only me!

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