Ice Cream Man
The other day I was on my route(I deliver food)when I pulled up to a house. Just as I was about to get out, I saw a little boy knocking on the door, saying,"open the door. I have to go poo-poo." The door opened just as I was going up the walk way, when my customer and her son(the little boy) saw me. They both greeted me at the porch and started to give their order. The kid said, "Go to the ice cream section", but his mom was looking at food first.
While she was looking, I noticed her son squatting behind her, looking straight ahead. When she finished giving me her order, she said, "Kyle, come tell me what you want." Then she looked at me and asked sarcasticly,"Do you want an 8 year old?" I laughed and he came over to give his order. Let's just say that the air was not fresh while he was picking out his ice cream, and I could see a huge round bulge in his shorts.
When I went to get the stuff off of my truck, I( looked back and saw them both standing in the door way, and she was looking in his pants.I did'nt see him again and she looked annoyed when I gave her the food and took her check. Im no rocket scientist, but I could tell that he had poo-poo'd anyway. I can't wait to go back next time, at the same time, to see if he does it again.

hey! i promised a story so here it is!

well, it all started when my girlfriend, me, and her family being her
(bro., mom and dad)went on a camping trip in upstate ny. Since i like my girlfriend alot, i bought alot of junk food such as chocolate marshmellows and gram crackers! (note-she is not fat at all and neither am i!lol!) So, i gave her everything and she kissed me for being so thoughtful. Then, at about 5:00, she started to notice a slight stomache ache...and then , at about 12:00 , we went to sleep. during the middle of the night/morning , at about 4:00 in the morning, she woke me up and told me she had the runs. then she asked me to go with her to the bathroom becuz she said she was afraid of the dark. so i said ok. as we are walking, she tells me she really feels like shit, and starts to fidget. as we are walking away from camp, she starts to turn red and blush. Then, she starts to walk a few feet and stop, then in place squats and walks another few feet. then after repeating the proscess, she says i gotta go! and runs! as shes running, i look at the dirt ground and noti! ce a big load with watery diahreah surounding it, like a midevil moat around a castle. when i reached the ladies room, i told her i'de wait outside..... after about 5 minutes, i asked her if she was ok...She said in an embaressed,lushes little voice;"Im-----(farts,plops,grunts) ok....i think..." then she grunts really loudly "UGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" and a river of poop and farts flow and plop hardly.,..... after that, she started to moan, and cry....i said its ok...don't worry, and asked reluctantly if i should come in...unfortunatley, she said so i went in half gaging, and hugged her (her panties were pulled up by now, and when we were walking back, she threw up, and pooped in her pants.... it turns out she was lactose intolerant........

Bryian - Well thanks for your response anyway. I certainly believe you, since it is very rare to actually have a sighting of someone peeing their pants in public.

To the unnamed poster with the story about the 17-year-old who wet his pants - Great story! Very well described. Those types of stories are precisely what this board is a little short on nowadays. Thanks!

Larissa - No, I am 17 and have never been told to go in my pants. Granted, I have had a few genuine accidents right up to my present age, but have never been told to go by anyone. My parents are not fans of accidents and the "childish" aspect of them. If told to, I would likely pee my pants, depending on the situation. However, it would take extreme desperation and almost having an accident anyway for me to crap my pants if told it was OK. It's just nopt my thing, i guess.

Any other responses to this question??


To Bryian: Liked your story.

Larissa, I was told when i WAS 10 or 11 "Pee in your pants, it'll dry" because my dad didn't want me going into a bathroom in this park we went to where guys sometimes shit on the floor. I also got tickled til i peed my pants by him once when i was 5 or 6.
Tell me who told you and how old you were when you were told to go in your pants.

To dj pooh:

No. There is not a scene of a woman on the toilet in "A Patch of Blue." What happens is a blind girl is in a park and drinks a bunch of pineapple juice. Finally, she has to go behind a tree to relieve herself, and she keeps saying "Is there anyone there?" Many people are certain that it's implied that she got diarrhea from drinking the pineapple juice, but I still think it's possible she just had to pee. I've honestly never hear anyone of authority say that pineapple juice acts as a laxative.

By the way, does anyone know the season, episode and/or title of the Sex and the city show that deals with Miranda and her boyfriend using the toilet in front of each other?



Anonymous movie guy
This one is to wee willie: Wow sounds like there have been some pretty evil people in your life. I don't know what kind of "mother" would punish her son like that. I think that your teacher sounded like an evil bitch and that sounded pretty evil on her behalf as a person. I would have called the police and done some other things(i cant list the other things, there is no way in hell the moderator would let me post them here). I guarantee she wouldn't have done that with a female student. boys are treated as animals in school and i thought i would try to take your side as what those people did really pissed me off.

I had a really big crap today. It was about 2 really long turds and 6 small ones. Everyone have a happy week!

skater boy
hey whats up the other day i had to poop outside in the woods in front of some hot girls because are hotels water was out. so i went around the hotel the poop and 3 girls were out there talking and watchin. i pooped and whiped and it was real big.The girls just looked at me weird and left but it kida turned me on that they were watching
since we always talk about movies with toilet seens does anyone know a cartoon or video game with a girl on the toilet?

Movie Fan
For dj pooh:

The scene in Patch of Blue involves the blind woman played by Elizabeth Hartmann drinking several bottles of pineapple juice and not realizing what the effect would be. She's apparently never had this drink before and she really loves the taste. Late at night she is alone sitting in the park in front of a tree waiting for her stepfather to come pick her up when she suddently starts squirming as she apparently gets an attack of the runs. She stands up and says "Is anybody there?" Nobody answers, so she goes behind the tree to shit and the camera focuses in on an empty pineapple juice bottle, just in case anyone can't figure out what she's doing. The camera doesn't show her as she is behind the tree. When she's done, she comes back to the front of the tree and sits again. There are no sound effects or anything showing her actually pooping.

The next day, her friend played by Sidney Poitier meets her and offers her some pineapple juice and she gets all upset and refuses. Poitier figures out what's going on and tells her there's a ladies room nearby that she can use if necessary. So she starts drinking a lot of pineapple juice again and when the urge hits her, Poitier leads her to the ladies room and she goes in.

There is absolutely nothing explicit about any of this, but the mere fact that the movie has a reference to a female shitting was way ahead of its time for 1965. I think this may be the earliest mainstream movie to contain a fairly direct female pooping reference. Can anyone remember any other movies from the 60s with direct female poop references?

euro hiker
To Jane2, Hvordan gå de? I don't know much Norwegian but I have visited Oslo on business and have been hiking in Norway. I'm pleased to hear that you liked my outdoor pooping story about Judy on Page 925, even if it was a only dream. Here are two true stories for you.

I was hiking in Norway once near Geiranger Fjord when in the distance I saw a blonde girl who had gone behind some bushes to relieve herself, except she was in front of the bushes from the direction we were approaching. She had just finished and I only caught a glimpse of her pulling her panties up. I don't think she saw me as we were quite a long way away. When we got to where she had been there was no sign of poo or paper so I guess she just did a wee.

On another trip, I was hiking in Montenegro in the former Yugoslavia with a group. The hotel was near a lake and while walking round the lake, I noticed a number of paper tissues and paper towels deposited by the path next to the remains of poo, usually soft or runny. Then I found out why. One evening at the hotel some of us had a local dish, Serbian Proja with natural yoghourt. Something in there must have been some sort of Serbian secret weapon because it turned out to be a rather effective laxative.

The next day, we were out hiking and I was absolutely bursting. I needed to drop my trousers and poo urgently to avoid an accident but I couldn't do that in front of the group I was with. Soon we reached a path junction in the woods and I stopped, studied the map and pointed the compass. The maps weren't very good and I told the group that I wasn't sure of the way. It might be left or right so I suggested they wait a few minutes while I went along one path to check whether it continued in the right direction.

As soon as I was out of sight, I dived into the bushes, dropped my trousers and pants, squatted down and let the watery poo pour out. I couldn't have held it for another minute. Much relieved, I wiped then went back to the group telling them it wasn't that path, it must be the other path (which I knew all along).

Hi everyone!

I posted a couple of times over a year ago but I haven't had a good opportunity since. Plunging Plop Guy may remember me - we exchanged a few thoughts about mutual interests. I have two reasons for posting now.

Firstly, Darius from Melbourne, are you still out there? I haven't had time to read all the posts in the last few months, but of those I have read, your description of the hotel toilet in Beijing, and the Chinese guy in the next stall, and his huge python-like turd, was one of the best posts of all time on this marvellous site. Have you any more experiences like that to share? The only thing that would have made it better would be if he was a buddy of yours, talking to you between grunts, rather than a stranger.

Secondly, I wanted to tell you all about a recent advertisement here in Ireland that a lot of you would have enjoyed. It was for a local newspaper, advertising their celebrity football columnist during the World Cup. It showed a guy sitting on the toilet reading the newspaper, with his jeans down below his knees, and the columnist's head appearing round a shower curtain. I was thrilled when I saw it on an advertising panel on the wall of a building, and thought we're making progress here! I was really disappointed when I read in another newspaper that the Advertising Standards Authority found it in breach of their code - crude, vulgar and offensive and unfit to be shown on the sides of buses! And all it showed was a bit of hairy leg, nothing more. So we can have sex of all kinds on TV and elsewhere, but anything even remotely suggestive of someone having a shit is still trouble. What a pity!

To pooping panties girl. loved your story, i did reply telling about my pantyhose pooping with no undies on but for some strange reason it never showed up on board-- oh well will try again soon.

To Bryian. glad you liked my story about my mom pooping herself.

Had a great poo at wok today ALLMOST never made it, i was farting all the way to the bathroom, barely got my panties down before six (yes six) huge poos splashed into the toiletHOLY--- talk about stink PHEW!!!! wheres the air freshner? fellt much better after (about ten pounds lighter)

I am sitting here at the computer, home alone, about to pee myself. How would you like a description? I have on a pair of white cotton panties with an overnight thickness pad on. Over that I have on old, tight, biker shorts with Kleenex stuffed along the edges of the crotch. Over that I have loose flannel pajama pants. I am wearing a black sports bra, and my hair is pulled back into a ponytail. The chair is soft and cusiony, so I better not leak onto it. Hopefully, I have enough protection. While I am writing this, I am wiggling around in my seat and moving my legs fast. I am browsing other entries, especially the ones about pee accidents, and it is making me want to go more and more. My hand just shot to my crotch, but a dribble of pee came out along with it. Now a shot of pee just came out again, and another! My legs are pressed close together, and I am shoving my hand against my crotch. It hurts, so I am releasing the pressure. A gush of pee just came out! That feels grea! t! It is hot agaisnt my legs, and I feel wet from the inside, but the outside is still dry. Well, here goes! I am taking my hand completely off! My underwear just filled up with pee, the pad is almost soaked through, I cam feel it on my thighs now, it feels so good!!!It is dying down, the pee is slowing to a slow steady flow, and now it is stopped. I am waiting a minute, and now I am pushing against my bladder. A last shot of pee rushes out, and then my bladder is voided. I am feeling the outside of my pants, and only a small, marbled sized spot is there, on the side of my pants. It'll dry. No pee on the chair. Yea! Does anyone love peeing themselves like I do? Please share stories of peeing yourself on purpose or by accident. Has anyone ever purposely wet the bed? What is your favourite pee story on this site? Can I have the name and page number? I am going to go take off the inner layer now, as the pee has started to cool. Please share lots of stories, especially of romanc! e and peeing yourself. Thank - you, I hope you enjoyed peeing with me, love you all, and this site.

To poopants: Liked your story

To KT: Liked your you think that lady pooped her pants cause she got nervous that her trailor came un hitched?

To PunKerBoyy: Would love to hear some of your stories...are they peeing ones or pooping ones?

To Jason: Thanks

To Jenn: Liked your story about using the mens room. Your manager should have let you go to another bathroom

To Tim: Liked your story about being in the hospital

To Unnamed poster about steve. I liked your story about your friend Steve wetting him self in front of the other guys

To anus boy: Liked your story about watching your friend poop

To gay lad lancs: I've watched my self poop in a mirror before its fun and cool.

Today i was at work and it was almost time to go home another 30-45 minutes and i decided to pee and i heard someone come into the room there and then someone walked in on me while i was peeing. I stopped and then i started up again and i was almost done when he walked in on me. This is a single person bathroom.

I like that pic on Monday..she looks hot on the toilet :)
gotta run bye

I started pooping my pants when I was 8 years old. It was on my birthday that I decided to start. I went poop in the morning on the toilet, and I remember saying to myself,this is my first poop at 8 years old(I still do that on my birthday). When I finished, there was no toilet paper, so I called for my mom, but she was upstairs wrapping my presents. So I just pulled up my pants. When I did, I immediatly felt the stain forming on my white underwear. I knew it was bad, so I pulled down my pants to see how bad it was. When I saw, I pulled them back up. This was so naughty that I was enjoying it, so I left my PJ bottoms down and used my hand to smear more poop on my underwear.
Then I pulled up my PJ's and went upstairs to tell my mom, but the door was closed, and she would'nt let me in. I went back down stairs and colored at the table until she came down. The first thing she had to do was flush the toilet(I still never do that), then spray air freshner. She then sat down next to me, so I crawled on her lap. She sniffed a couple of times, then asked me, "Did you have an accident?", and I told her no. So she checked in my underwear to see why I stunk so bad, then she gave me a bath. While I was in the tub, she was rinsing my underwear out in the sink.
The next day I woke up needing to poop, and I heard her downstairs, so I went down and went in the bathroom to pee. I came out and after about 5 minutes, I was ready. I waited until my mom was in the kitchen, and I started to go. When it was first coming out, I did'nt think it would be so fast and so much. I knew I could'nt change my mind anymore, so I kept going. Toward the end, I had to grunt, and that's when my mom came back in the room. I just looked at her and said, "I pooped my pants." She took me upstairs and cleaned me up, and while I was sitting in the tub, she had to put my underwear in the toilet to clean them out.
I hae alot more stories to post, but I'll start there. Also, I was never punished for it.

I have a story to share. Yesterday afternoon my wife and children were gone to visit Grandma. I was outside cleaning the poole and washing the deck when I had a great idea. I was using the garden hose with one of those brast twist nozzles attached. I had been rather constipated and was only able to let out a couple of pebbles on the toilet earlier that morning. I had thought to take dulcolax before bed last night, but I had a better idea. Since no one was home, I moved to the corner of our yard, we have a privacy fence, and proceeded to stick the brass nozzle into my anus with the water on. I felt the water fill my bowels quickly and almost immediately dropped a ton of shit in the grass. I felt so good. I stuck the nozzle back up my ass and filled up again. I managed to hold the water this time for about ten minutes. When I felt the urge to shit again, it went on for about 20 minutes. I felt so much better after my garden hose enema and washed all the shit under the fence! into the wood's edge. If my family saw it, they would think the dog did it. I hope to get a chance to do this again.

1. Have you pooped or peed in your pants while waiting to use the toliet?-Nope
2. How many time have you saw your parents pooping or pissing ?-Not really interested... hope ur not
3. What do you think of automatic flushing toliets ?-crap unless its a urninal
4. Have you ever pooped or pissed in your underwear or panties while waiting in line ?-Nope
5. Have you women ever seen a urinal for men ?-Im a male
6. For you women have you ever used a mens restroom before ?-ehh ive used it...
7. For you men have you ever used a womens restroom before ?-as a little kid
8. How many times have you pissed or pooped on the seat ?-piss on the seat quite frequently. especially when im rushing or tired.
9. How many times have you used a airplane toliet ?-at least twice every flight. pee only.
10.How many times have you used a train toliet ?-see above.
11.Are you afraid of enlongated seats (open end seats)?-nope...
12.What is your favorite color of enlongated saets (a) white,(b) black? mine is white-oh for goodness sake... ok white :)
13.What is your favorite type of toliet seat (a) round,(b) enlongated,(c) none? mine is round but will use enlongated ?-round preferably, enlongated makes you a square. ha-spongebob squarepants! funny...? no...?
14.Have you women ever pissed in a urinal ?-im male
15.Have you ever pooped or pissed in a japanese toliet (hole in the ground) ?-never been in the country
16.Have you pissed or pooped when there was no toliet around (especially outside) ?-pissed outside? of course! thats the 2nd thing that makes you into a real man!
17.Have you pissed or pooped out side of you house, when you was home or locked out ? nope im quite sane... altho if a plant looked a bit unhealthy...
18.Have you ever used an outhouse ever or port-a-john ? yeah in special events like carnivals etc.
19.Are you afraid of using the toliet in the dark (especially night) ?-Well see there was this invention called the 'Lightbulb'.
20.For you women or men have you pooped or pissed in a toliet with a broken seat or no seat ?-i have indeed, broken and absent.
21. For you men have you ever saw a women urinal? If so what do you think?-dirty

My girlfriend recently had to go to the toilet for a bm straight after making love. When she returned she said that when she climaxed 'it got things moving'. Has anyone else here ever had a similar experience?

pooping panties girl

Im sitting at my desk and i can feel some poop coming out, my asshole is getting well sticky!ughhhhh, u can wipe my asshole anyday.

Monday, July 01, 2002

hi everyone ive been following this site for a while now ....just reading enjoying all posts !! i had a lot of pee and poop accidents when i was in school and as i got older!! I like to poop my pants in public and in pivate ! Ita a great reward when someone notices you pooped your pants!! anyway i just want to say hi to everyone here and keep up the good work!! I will post some of my accident memmories soon !! take care Frankie

Sum Dude
Hey, I've been lurking around here for god knows how long (I really mean years). I drop in occasionally but this is my first post. When I came by today, I was captivated by the picture. That girl/woman looks EXACTLY like someone I know IRL (her name is Rachel). I swear, the resemblance is almost uncanny. Anyway, I just thought I'd say that cause I wanted to get it off my chest.

Pee Cray Z
Hi, I had a funny experiance the other day. See, I heard that if you take out the crap inside a diaper that u put it in water it turns to gelatin, well, I decided to try this. So, I bought a package of diapers home. My friend was over(we're both 14) and we decided to play truth or dare. Well, she dared me to try a diaper on, I did, but only if she did. So here we are, going into 8th grade, wearing diapers. I decided to make it a little more extreme, and dared her 2 pee in it, well, we both had to do it, and sleep in the diaper all nite. It was very fun. All of a sudden she was like, 'I'm peeing" and i saw 1 lil drop drip down her leg, then I felt the butt, and it was puffy, I knew she had done it! So, I did it then, but soft mushy poo came out w/my pee. I was really embarressed, and she could smell it. So, she pood too! At the end of the nite, we both went over to the sink and washed eachothers butts 2 get the poop off(there was no mirror) It was fun tho, cuz then we pulled ! bak up the diapers, and slept w/them. In the morning, we peed in them 1 more time, and then cleaned eachother off again. I threw the diapers in my closet, cuz I didn't want my parents/sister to find out what we had done. They're still sitting there, I'll bring them out to the trash when I'm home alone sum time. I must admit tho, that was very fun.....I hope we do it again!

I often pooped in my pants when I was a kid, and got spanked for doing it a lot of times. But, this is about how I wound up with this nickname, which was eventually shortened to just "poo" I guess I was about 8 or 9 years old, and was at another neighborhood kids house. There were several kids there, and we were playing something or the other (I don't remember what) I remember having to poop, but as usual, I was reluctant to stop playing and go use the potty. I farted several times, and each time the pressure abated a little. Finally, as the pressure built again, I farted again. Only this time it wasn't gas. I totally messed in my pants. At first I just stood there, uncertain what I should do. As I said at the beginning, I had pooped in my pants before, but only when I was playing alone at my home, never in front of other kids. Finally, I just resumed playing and pretending nothing had happened. Well, as you can guess, it wasn't long before someone noticed the odor eminating! from my pants. "Who pooped in their pants"?, one of them asked. Soon the smell was traced to me. I denied that I had, but one of the boys felt mt bottom, and said "yes he has". I ran home crying. When I went in, my mom asked me what was wrong, then she smelled the odor. She spanked me across my legs with a switch, and made me go change myself. From then on, all of the kids called me poopants, or sometimes just poo.

I have been a lurker on this forum for years. I have always had an obsession with seeing and dumping in doorless toilet stalls.

This weekend I went to a lake about a hour away from my home town, I went there to swim and meet a friend. I paid for my permit, drove into the west shore of the lake and went into the bathroom to change. While in the bathroom I looked into a room off to the side of shower room (With no doors) There was a guy I would guess 16 or 17, on the first toilet with his legs spread and head looking between his legs. I was so great to see him on the put, he was just small enough to where his hips did not fit the toilet completely, so you could see his cheeks stretched. There were 2 stalls, he was in the first and most open one, And in that stall it had that old style prison toilet with no seat just the bowl shaped as a seat. Fortunatly I had been saving up a dump for a couple of days knowing that I would be at the lake, so I walked past him and entered the second and last stall, pulled down my pants, and sat on the toilet leaned foward and started to poop.

The sinks were right infront of us with mirrors. We could both clearly see ourselves. He was a good looking guy kinda looked like someone you would see on TV. He must have not dumped for days, because I could smell and hear turds dropping into the toilet, I think that he was pinching them off before they could all just slide out. I was a bit constipated and had to bear down a bit to get my shit out. I had some plops and farts and then it just slid out. I was looking at him every chances I could, he was pretty embarrassed. He got up, turned around giving me a good view of this butt, it had a ring on it I think that he was looking at his job. He then strattled the toilet and wiped his butt, flushed and then left. I could not hold out, right after he left I went into his stall and sat on the toilet he had occupied and wiped my butt. I could feel the warmth off the toilet from where his squaring bubble cheeks had been. I took care of some other business on the can and then ! took a shower and left.

Hello everyone, its been quite sometime since i posted. Me and another trucker were driving on Interstate 90 in South Dakota. As we were coming down the road, this lady was pulling a trailer that was an old pickup bed. It had came disconnected and came flying across the freeway almost hitting my truck and the other trucker s truck. It had finally stopped in the median. We say the lady pull over. We decided to stop and see was everything ok.As we crossed the median to see was she ok, She sat in her truck crying. We asked her was she ok, she said said yes and I had just shit my pants. Sure enough as she got out, she had on red jeans with a big brown bulge. So I went back to the truck, got some paer towels so she could clean up. Me and the other guy rolled her trailer back to her truck and hooked it back up for her while she cleaned up. Then she thanked us for about 10 mins straight. then we all carried on where we was going.

To Ring Stretcher: Liked your story

To Steve S: Liked your story...if you knew how to operate your washer and dryer you could have done that and had your pants all cleaned up by the time your family got home. I take it you didn't know how to operate them at that time?

To Ephermal: Liked your story of that homeless guy peeing in public..was he old?

To Pooping On The Radio: Intresting story about what was on the radio

To dave, punk rock boy boy.: 1. I think 20% of people poop their pants on purpose 2. i'd say 2 out of 10 people would poop their pants
3. don't know 4. i'd say that 20 people poop them self atleast 2x a month

To chris: You wear diapers right? How old are you?

To Leather pants girl: Liked your story about your mom pooping her pants when you were a girl

To Mike of MD: 1. No 2. never 3. automatic toilets are cool but then again you can't see any ones load they have left behind 7. Yes..when i was a was an accident 8. several times 9. 7 times 10.never used one before 11. no 12. white 13. b. enlongated 15. no 16. yes 17. yes 18. yes a porto john 19. no 20. no 21. no

I like Sundays pic

I was driving home from work today and there was someone cutting their grass..they were weed wacking and it sorta looked like she(think it was a woman) was sqating... Maybe she was peeing or pooping her self. gotta run bye

I'm new here, and i think this site is awesome, you all seem pretty cool
and im glad that im not the only one eho finds interest on this subject.
I promise to post a story soon, i got tons of em'!

To Bryian: Liked your story.


No, I am not into setting records, this was just a strange attack that I got. I'll be honest with you, it was awful, I just wanted it to end, lol.....

Today at work, the ladies restroom was out of order, and I really needed to empty my bowels. I asked my manager if I could leave the store for approximately 15 minutes to another store in the mall to use the toilet, she told me not to worry about it, and she said to use the men's room. I was in shock, I told her I will be okay until the end of the day. Boy was I wrong, I had 4 extra hours to go until my shift was over, so I told her that I was going to the use the toilet. She came w/ me and kept guard outside the door so no man would walk in. When I walked in, there was somebody allready in the stall. I told him that I needed to use the bathroom, and there was no answer, I took the far end stall, once again laid the seat cover down, pulled down my kahkis, panties, and sat. At first I peed a bit, exreted some gas, and made 4 large plops into the toilet. I waited a little longer knowing I had some more inside of my stomach, and let that out as well. After wiping, ! I washed my hands, and the guy was washing his hands as well. I left as fast as possible because of embarrasment.

Hi,was anybody ever told to go in your pants as a child? This happend to me several times.

Jane (& Gary)
Infantry PFC: My early morning pooping sessions are usually normal with small-to-medium loads. Most of the larger pooping sessions I have occur during the mid-to-late afternoon hours.

Shadowman: Rob is apparently an admirer of people taking a dump. Bob said that he tried to sneak in on Rachel, a co-worker, much the same way he did to me. Rob was also doing what Christine did last year, following guys or conveniently being in the mens room. But Rob has stopped his behavior after the president of the company (who Rob didn't know at the time) summoned him to the office after an encounter in the mens room. It turned out that Rob is the son of a former college classmate of the president. Rob also has a girlfriend.

Ephermal: Hello right back at you!

I had an unusually long bowel movement the other day. I left work early, went home to change and went to the mall with Carrie and Sara, my best friends. We all wore blue denim miniskirts, which we used to wear regularly during our college years when they were farily common, but we were not out of place in the mall. After a while, I had an urge to poop. Carrie and Sara said they would meet me at the food court, and I went to the ladies room in one of the department stories.

I went into a stall, pulled up my short denim skirt and pulled down my light blue (not white!) panties and sat. I quickly pushed out about six large thick pieces of poop. After that, I pushed out six more pieces, but they each came about one to two minutes apart. I flushed the toilet while seated, and I sat for several more minutes while pushing out only a couple pieces of poop before I felt done. After I wiped and flushed a final time, as I was washing my hands I realized I was on the toilet for over 20 minutes. I rushed to the food court, where I was immediately interrogated by Carrie and Sara. They asked if my stomach was acting up again (no), how many times did I flush while seated (once), and if the ladies room stunk (not because of me).

DONNIE: I can definately relate towards your story regarding falling into the loo, lol: I had an operation last year and was in hospital for a while. One night I woke up with an urge to pee. I also noticed though that the other guy in my room was ...ahem, a bit busy... I take it you know what I mean. He was a young man in his early twenties and he had smashed his leg in a motorcycle accident, which made him unable to walk for months in hospital. I guess we all know, there are certain needs that also come once in a while and as he thought I was sleeping, I did not want to embarrass him by calling the nurse in. I checked the side of my bed for a urine bottle, I could discreedly use under my blanket, but had no luck. I decided to wait for a little while and fell asleep again. When I woke up the next time I had an enormous urge to use a toilet. I called the nurse and tried to wait. My roommate was asleep by now and I regreted a bit to have been such a good sport, lol. It took ! about ten minutes and there was no nurse, but I decided that I couldn¹t wait any longer. I tried to slowly get up and hobble carefully to the bathroom. Just before I arrived I got a cramp, feeling a need to poo as well now, and hobbled as quickly as I could. I missed the light switch on my way in and had no time to return. I ripped my pants down and let my bum fall onto the seat as elegant as as it was still possible; only the seat was up and I fell into the bowl. Outch it hurt ! ( I was still sore from my operation...) I tried to get up on my own, but could not manage and had to give up. I just let go, hanging there half in the bowl, half trying to pull myself up, and started to pee and poop. By now the nurse had arrived and had heard my "outch" from the bathroom and came in. I guess I looked quite funny, hanging with my ass in the bowl like little kid trying to use a grown up toilet. The nurse said: " Oh dear, I am sorry..." but had to laugh. She immediately stopped and a! pologized, also explaining there were some emergencies to hold her back. I had to laugh a bit as well, which was quite painful. Luckily it was a relatively quick buisness so she could help me out of my misery pretty soon. When she helped me back to bed, I swore to myself to never forget to put the seat down again. I have to admit, I had been less considerate on occasion, causing the flatmate of a former girlfriend to have a similar accident while going for a sleepy wee at night...So to all ladies and guys, I learned my lesson, lol! I liked your story! By the way this was luckily a German old fashioned toilet with a tray and not one of the American style ones, which saved me from bathing my bum in the toilet water! Since that incident I also have the deepest understanding for my three year old son, who still prefers his potty to the toilet for his big buisness, even with a kids seat on it...although he is coming round to it slowly. Thanks by the way, for making me realise h! ow lucky I am, as in my job I can shit for an hour, if I have to and nobody would say a thing about it, which is the way it should be! I have problems sometimes during conferences though, when I delay a bathroom call myself for reasons of politeness or embarrassment. I agree that your companies policy was outrageous! Best wishes from Tim

Hi to everyone! Is there nobody around, who would like to talk a bit/ answer my recent mails? I am so lonely at the moment, as Sarah has gone to see some relatives with her sister and the kids. So I am all alone in a very quiet house, sob, sob! I miss my gang at home so much and the one around here as well. Take care! Hope you are all fine!

Nice to hear again from Ephermal and Sarah S!

I have a story about a 17 year old guy who wet his pants. I had just got my drivers licence and i was bringing 3 friends to play golf for the day. This guy, Steve, has been a good friend of mine for a long time, i didnt know the others as long and was not as good of friends with them as i was with Steve. Steve is about 5 1/2 feet tall, young looking for his age, and of average build. i had noticed on previous occasions that he needed to use the bathroom frequently, and would often leave a class to go to the toilet. I had never seen him wet himself before, and when the two of us were anywhere together he would always find a toilet when he needed, he knew i would not pass any remarks on his weak bladder.

This one day when we arrived he headed straight for the bathroom, having drank a bottle of coke on the 1.5hour drive. The golf took up on 1.5hours and then we bought ice-creams, as it was a very hot day and headed back to the car. Steve sat in the front with me again, as on the way up to the course, and we headed for home. It was only 20mins into the journey when Steve went quiet that i realised he had not used the loo before we left the golf course. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, and he was sweating and in some distress. All the signs of his desperation were there, he was fidgeting and clasping his legs, and grimacing from time to time. He obvionsly felt embarrassed about going to the toilet again so soon, and had opted to leave it, and hope he could make it home. Not from where i was sitting he wasnt. Another 10mins on, and he was in a bad way. I discreetly asked him did he need me to stop, but in his anxiety that the others wouldnt see him, he signalled ! me to continue driving. By now the others were aware of Steves distress, but said nothing. Steves hand was now firmly planted between his legs on his crotch, and he was holding himself tightly. He had turned red and was near to tears. He changed his hands around and i then saw a coin sized wet spot on the front of his blue shorts. I told him i would pull in at the next possible place, as he was near to bursting, and he nodded desperately. By now the patch had grown, and he was shaking, i was worried i wouldnt be able to stop in time. The end of the motorway was now in sight, and we were onto a country road. Just then, in a panic stricken voice, as i indicated to pull over beside some rough ground, Steve said hurry, im in trouble. As I stopped the car, I looked at Steves shorts, and they were now getting rapidly and visably wet, he had just lost it. He jumped from the car, pee gushing down his tanned and hairless legs, and fumbled with the strings on the waist of his shorts. ! Too late, he couldnt undo them as he was shaking so badly, and he was wet already anyway. He stood helplessly as the pee cascaded down his legs, drenching his shorts. He was now crying and disappeared behind some thick shrubbery. I got out and followed him, where i found him upset and saturated. Here he was, a 17year old boy, almost an adult after peeing himself in front of 3lads, two of which he hardly knew. I helped him compose himself, went back to the car, where the other two lads sat in surprise, and rooted for a pair of football shorts i knew i had. I went back to Steve, and told him to take off his wet clothes, and he could wear the football shorts home. His shorts were stuck to him as were his underpants. He was wearing light blue coloured briefs, the double padded ones, not that they did him much good on this day. He obviously did not wear boxers like the rest of us cos briefs soak up more leakage in the event of an accident, and presumably this was not his first cl! ose shave. We threw his wet clothes away, and i persuaded him to come back to the car, that the other lads wouldnt slag him. The rest of the journey was spent in silence, and it was the last time Steve had anything more to do with the other lads. From then on I was always conscious of Steves needs when we were out, and frequently asked if he needed me to stop, to avoid a repeat performance.

Sunday, June 30, 2002

dj pooh
can someone please tell me if there is a scene of a woman on the toilet in 'a patch of blue' and if so is it any good

Ring Stretcher
Today I had to take a dump but nobody was around. I knew rushing in it was going to be a hard one just by the feel. I quickly removed my blue cotton shorts and sat down. After a tinkle I began pushing to get the turd out. Balls that were bigger than marbles but smaller than gold balls began to drop; they smelled a little strong and were trying to come out two at a time. There was a pause and I went up on my toes and went NNNNNNNG! to get it going again. Nothing happened and I let out a big breath of air from my efforts. My ring felt really stretched opened. During the two minutes or so of nothing budging, I shut my eyes tightly and pushed, dug my fingers into my thighs, shifted around. At last the brown beast began to move, causing me to moan as it rubbed against my stretched ring. My eyes buldged as I could feel each lump as it passed by. NNN UH! I went, giving it one last big push. It dropped heavily in the water below me. I stood up and took a look. On to! p of several balls was a turd that was about 10 inches long, smooth on one side then lumpy on the other. It was in a bizarre, twisting shape and was FAT. It almost scared me to look at its dimensions. When I wiped there was some shit on the toilet paper. It hurt a little to wipe, too. Had that turd been any harder it would have hurt pretty bad.

JENN: I can get pretty bunged up during my period, and sometimes the cramps cause me to want to bear down hard and I have soft stools that are almost like diarrhea. Try Immodium AD for the diarrhea.

The other day I could hear Jared taking a dump around midnight because he let out two audible moans. I knew a big fat one must have been rubbing his prostrate. Lucky men!

That girl on the cover the other day looked like she was passing a big, fat one!

Steve S
To:8th Guy, Really like your story, I know somewhere you probably said how old you are and if you still live at home but I am a relatively new poster so I was currious?
I had an experience simillar but opposite. When I was 12 I thought it would be fun to try to poop my pants on purpose. I new that on this particualr day I would be home alone for several hours so I planned it out. It seemed that I usually did a big dump in the morning, but everyone wasn't going to leave until around 10:00am so I stayed in bed as long as I could and had to hold it until everyone was gone. I didn't think they would ever get out of the house. I had to go poop so bad that I just sat infront of the TV afraid to move or it might come out. Finally Mom & Dad and my little brother left. I was wearing one of my favorite pair of jeans and thought it might be fun to poop in them. I hadn't tried before so I didn't really know what to expect. Once I new for sure they had left I didn't waste anytime getting to the bathroom. I decided it would be best to line my briefs with tp and added a little by my dick just incase I peed a little. I didn't have to pee! at all so I thought I would be safe. I didn't want to have to expalin anything to my parents. I quickly pulled my underwear and pants back up and went over to the sink. We had a big mear in front and one mounted on the side wall so my mom could see real well when she did her hair. I had to go really bad. I had been holding my poop like 2 hours and at one point I thought I was going to poop in my pants before they left. I stood so I could see my pants from the front and from the side. I started to just relax the hold but nothing happened so I pushed a little. I could tell it was going to be big and solid so I pushed harder. I felt it comming out but it was only part way out. It was awesome but it wasn't out far enough to drop in my pants so I pushed as hard as I could I saw my face turn bright red and then I felt the turd push all the way into my underwear. It was the greatest feeling to do it and just to say man you just pooped in your pants, then I noticed a dar! k spot on the front of my jeans and it seemed to still be getting bigger. It was then I realized that I pushed so hard that I peed in my pants and didn't even know I was doing it. I had to hide my pants and underwear until they were dry.

Not really spending much time online these days.
Jane--thanks for the special hello :o)
Here is a peeing story that I witnessed. (I have one of my own but I'm going to save that for next time). Okay, so I was having lunch with 2 of my coworkers who are interntional students (we're all interns at a small nonprofit in DC). We were sitting in this little park on the bench eating and the girls started giggling and speaking in their native tongue. Then one of them said, "That guy is pissing." So I looked over and sure enough, a homeless guy (he had all his stuff around him) had a styrofoam cup at his fly and was peeing into it. Then, he goes over and dumps the contents on the ground next to the trash can (but didn't throw away the cup). Well, it is illegal to urinate in public in DC...anyway, the three of us had a good giggle about that.
Hope all is well with everyone.

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