Katie M
Yesterday my 7 year old sister Leah and me (I'm 11) were going to the park. Our house is on a dead end street and there's a whole lot of trees past the end of it making a little forest. A path runs through those trees from the end of our street that leads to the park, the path is probably 3/4 mile long but it is paved. Leah was allowed to go as long as I went with her. Anyway, while we were walking along that path, Leah said "Katie, I have to poop."

"Do you want to go back home or are you just going to go in the woods here?"

"Actually, I think I'll just have an accident."

This sort of surprised me, but not really. It wasn't the first time Leah has had an accident on purpose. I knew there was no point in talking her out of it so I just waitted while she pooped in her panties. When she was done, she told me that it hurt a little because it came out too quick. Then she asked me if I wanted to see what she'd done, and I said okay. So she pulled off her overalls, and I saw a very big brown bulge on the bottom of her panties. She pulled back up her overalls. I asked her if she needed to go home and change and she told me she'd play at the playground for a while since we were almost there, and then we could go home. So we went to the playground and played for about an hour. Her overalls were loose enough that the bulge didn't show through, so the only way to tell was the smell but nobody asked her about it.

After an hour we went back home. I had to pee and Leah had to get changed, so we went into the bathroom. I pulled down my shorts and panties and sat on the toilet and started to pee, while Leah got undressed to see the damage. After playing for an hour the bulge had pretty much flattened. The poop was solid looking but really sticky. After I got off the toilet she went over to empty her panties into the toilet and flushed. But because it was so sticky, there was still poop on the panties and there was a ton of poop on her butt. It would take forever to wipe, so she just got into the shower and started to clean herself off. While she was in the shower I got back on the toilet because I felt I had to poop a little. I managed to push out two pieces, the first one was about average and the second one was about half that size. I kept sitting on the toilet while Leah was in the shower in case any more needed to come out, but by the time she finished nothing had so I ! wiped, flushed, pulled up my panties and shorts, and washed my hands. Leah dried herself off, and then told me she had to pee so she went over to the toilet before putting her clothes on and peed for about 30 seconds. Then she was done so we went next door into our room and she put on fresh panties. Her overalls were amazingly still clean, so she put those back on. Then she went back to the bathroom to try to clean off the dirty panties with toilet paper as best she could, and then she put them into the laundry.

When I was 14(I'm 19 now) I went on a camping trip with my school for 5days. There were no toliets in the cabins,there was a restroom with a 5 stalls in the lobby. Well I was in a cabin with my best friend Gina and we were very open with our bodily functions. By the 3rd night there I still didn't take a dump yet but I felt one building up inside me so I woke up Gina and told her I needed to use the bathroom. We started walking there and Gina asked me if I needed to poop or just pee and I told her both she said me too. We went in and took 2 stalls next to eachother. I always have gassy poos so as soon as I sat down I peed and let out a little toot. Then I pushed out 3 pretty big logs,I didn't need to strain much they came out easy. Gina was grunting and I heard no plops from her yet. I let out a looong fart and a few more little pebbles then I was done so I wiped and went out to wait for Gina. She was telling me that she was having troble getting her poop out. She said she co! uld feel it but it just wouldnt come out. I just told her to take her time and I would wait for her. Well she took about 15minutes then finally she said UGHHH and then with grunting in her voice she said its coiming out and I could hear it crackling then a huge plop. She said she oh that felt good but I still need to go more. The rest of her dump came right out. The she said oh no theres no toilet paper. So I went into the next stall and got her some she opened her stall door and I went in to hand it to her and I looked in the bowl and WOW she made the biggest dump I've ever seen and boy did it smell!! She wiped we both washed our hands and walked back to our cabins and went back to sleep.

i dont know if anyone elses mall is like this but are mall only has family bathrooms and they are for girls and guys. well one time i was at the mall with 3 girls and another guy. when i really and i mean really needed to pee. I told them and my g/f said she needed to also.Well it ended up everyone had to go. Well i ran to the urinal and started peeing and women were everywhere even old ladies and they were watching me pee it was so wierd but i got to her my g/f take a massive dump

if anyone else lives near a bathroom like this pleese tell me!


To billy

Yes! One time when I was between 11 and 12 I had been a smart alec in music class and had back talked our music teacher. She in return had made me sit on the piano facing the class. About halfway through the 45 minute class I began to feel like I had to go, both ways. As the minutes wore on the feeling became unbearable and I began to squirm and asked to go to the bathroom. She refused to let me go and said if I was a big boy I could hold it for another 20 minutes. I was not yet a big boy and shortly began to release my pee. First my shorts became wet and then as the pressure increased it began to run down my legs and dripped off onto the floor below creating a large puddle. I thought this would be the most embarrassing moment of my life. My classmates were all giggling but my music teacher was ignoring me completely. Then it happened. I lost control of my bowels and pooped my pants in front of the entire class including my first girlfriend. At this point my teacher allo! wed me to leave and clean up but I was told to be back and clean up the mess I had created. I walked gingerly out of the classroom dripping and dropping a few more little poops behind me and listening to the class now laughing outloud while I sobbed and wiped the tears from my cheeks. It was the most humiliating moment of my life and to this day I still have nightmares concerning this event. But the horror wasn't over for when I got home that afternoon......Well that's another story for a later time.

Jane (& Gary)
Hi all. This is the first time I'm posting as Jane & Gary, to distinguish myself from the other Jane, and to take the hint from Robbie, Annie, Meghan & Sarah. I had to talk my husband into using his name as a headliner, and he reluctantly agreed. I mention him so often, anyway. Not all of the stories will involve him.

Last Friday, I went into the office very early in order to meet a deadline. I was in such a rush that I didn't even do my usual morning poop session. It would be a good two hours before most of the other folks would be coming into work. Shortly after I came in my stomach began to ache, as I only had a donut and coffee for breakfast, not a good combination. I headed to the ladies room. On the way, I almost bumped into Rob, half of the summer intern tandem of Rob and Bob, and he startled me so much that I almost pooped on the spot! I said, "Hey, Rob, you're really early today." As I got to the door, I turned around and saw Rob looking toward me as he was about to enter the office, and he quickly looked away as soon as I saw him.

I went into a stall, pulled down my pants and white panties and sat. I quickly pushed out a long thick piece of poop. It was a Kim-like piece. I peed for a bit and had a sudden strange feeling like I wasn't alone. Then I started to push out more long thick pieces of poop, just as big but a little softer, one after the other. Soon the toilet was filled and a strong poop smell emerged, so I flushed the toilet while seated. I continued the solid but volumninous motion, pushing out another 12 pieces or chunks of poop before flushing the toilet while seated again. I pushed out a couple more pieces before I was done. I started wiping and suddenly heard the elevator door open. Though it was not unusual to hear it from the stall, it was louder than usual. Then I heard some noise coming from the men's room, as if someone was rushing into a stall. I finished up and left the ladies room. I noticed that the doors were propped open and pieces of paper stuck to the bottom ! to hold them open, which was not the case when I first entered. I went back to the office and noticed that Rob wasn't around. He came in a few minutes later and said he made the mistake of holding it in before coming to work. He was acting strange all day. It wasn't until later that I was beginning to figure out what happened that morning.

Special hellos to Robbie, Annie, Meghan & Sarah, Carmalita and the gang, Rizzo, Ephermal, Kendal & Lawn Dogs Kid, Althea, and everyone else, including some long-lost friends like Jeff A, Buzzy, Kim & Scott, among others.

billy- ya one time in first grade my teacher wouldnt answer me and i had to pee soooooooo bad and i wet my pants and she had to clean it up hahhaha

Punk Rock Girl
Hello everyone.

Bryian, Kai & Kaze, Shadowman: Thanks for your concern for me and my ass. I'm debating over whether or not I'll go to work today. Maybe a half day. I'm sitting on three pillows as I type this. I'm not quite as embarrassed about this as I would have thought. It's the kind of thing where the idea of it is embarrasing, but when it actually happens, outside the pain, it's not as bad as you might have thought.

I told my boss exactly what happened. He was really sweet about it. I told him to go ahead and tell my co-workers what happened, that way I don't have to repeatedly explain myself.

Over the weekend, my ass went from a bunch of sharp pains, to one big ache. It's starting to sting and itch now, too, as everything heals up. The big cut is horrible though. I have to lean on my left cheek even on these pillows. I finally put on a pair of underpants nd shorts yesterday, and it was okay. By the end of the day, my underpants were dotted with blood, so a lot of the cuts are still being stubborn.

My bout with the runs is over, but that poses another problem. My dumps are usually really big, thick and hard, and the area of my ass where it squeezes out got pretty badly scratched. I felt like such a baby yesterday, sitting on the toilet (leaning forward so my ass wasn't actually touching the seat), and nearly crying as I pushed out a huge load. It finally plopped into the toilet and I sat here catching my breath for several minutes. I wiped carefully and stood up. Then went into my bedroom, took my shorts and underpants off and laid on my stomach and read. My boyfriend certainly doesn't mind all the bonus peeks at my bare ass, and he says it doesn't look bad, just scratchy and bruised. I can live with that for a while.

Well, take care everyone. Sean, I'm glad you're enema experience was a positive one.



Sorry I know i've asked this before, but I really do need to know it, as it's for research.

Firstly, how old are you, and when you go to the toilet do you pull your trousers down to your ankles,shins,knees or thighs?
and for men only, when you wipe yourself, are you a
LEANER : leans to one side to wipe yourself.
STANDER : Stands tp wipe your arse.
LIFTER : Lifts testicles to wipe yourself clean

"Thanks be to God who made us both with an intellect that can grasp the concept of infinity and bowels which make us bend daily to the earth reminding us of our finitude and thus helping us to better understand the infinite." Sonia, you win the prize. You must be the most intellectual writer to post here. What a nice story. Thanks be to you, too! :)


Pee Cray Z
Bryian-under my chair was one of those plastic things.

leather pants girl
To Bryian. Hi hon yeah it kinda sucked big time but i lived to tel the tale love your name do you ever poo in your panties?

To Adrian. do you poo in your undies deliberat or accidently?

At work today i went to the washroom and done a load four big poos very smelly and they left skid marks in the bowel. while doing my big poo another girl came rushing in went into the stall next to me iam sure she barely got her panties down before i heard a lot of splashing her stink came under the partition and i could smell it WOWWWWWWWWWW turn on or what, i looked under the stall and it was gemma a cute (ok f--ing gorgeous)little blonde haired girl shes our receptionist about eighteen i think MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM (ok sorry bout that he he)anyway she wiped just once and flushed then left. While washing her hands i came out and smiled at her and said feel better now, she went bright red and just nodded.

Last week, before finals, me and 2 of my buddies had to go to the library for some research. It took longer than expected, and we all had to hit the washroom. As we opened the door to the gents restroom, the fowl odor of a terrible bowel movement overcame us. We all started laughing, and cracking jokes about the stench....As we walked around a tile wall, there were three toilet stalls, all were without doors. In the center stall, was our buddy Brett's dad, who is a director at the library. He heard us making fun of his stink, but said it was unavoidable...after a Sardine and Onion omelet... Two of us took the outer stalls , and my other buddy took a urinal. Man , it was brutal, 3 of us farting, ploping, and i ran out of toilet tissue, nd had to go up to Mr. _'______, and ask him for some. It was weird to see our buddy's dad's dick, and his shit too. but, we all laughe it off and comlained about the odor....It was fun..

TO TO LEATHER PANTS GIRL, yep , i do, i love that naughty feeling, have you pooped in you thong before?? what happened, pls post the story!?? was it messy, i imagine it was!

Last night, at school, I took another dump. It was a big one. I sat down and started a big fart along with much grunting. I let out wwhat must have been a 12" turd that stunk! I wiped and wiped and wiped for one hot dog. I belched and it all felt great. Before I went to college I thought I would be embarrassed to fart around people I know but now we all fart together!

Mike of MD
To: Bryan the enlongated seats are the ones with part of it at the front cut out

Billy-This story is for you.

Ok, first of all, I am 13. I am short, but all my guy friends tell me I look hot. I have brown hair, and am fairly tan. It was a friday night, and I was going out with this guy I met earlier in the week. When I got in the car, he gave me a box full of chocolates. I ate about 1/2 of them. We went out to eat,(italian) So I ate, I ate a good amount. Then we left, and I thought we were going back to my house. When we were on the other part of town, I asked him where we were going. He said his house, and I asked him if he could take me home instead. He said no, and we both got into an argument. He finally got mad enuff that he pulled over and let me out, and drove off. I called my mom on my cell phone, and she got mad at me for lying to her where I was. I told her I was going over to my best friend Charlotte's house. She was mad, and left to pick me up. About 2 minutes later, I got bad stomach cramps. They got worse and worse, until I had to sit down sometimes to keep them s! upressed. They hurt so bad! About fifteen minutes later, my mom came, and I got in the car. She yelled at me about lying and stuff, and I just got in horrible pain. The cramps were so bad I was sweating, and I had to hunch over I was in so much pain. It was like I was poisoned. She told me to stop faking it and stop acting. She said that wouldn't make me not be punished for lying. When we got home, she got out the stool. The Stool was a stool that I would always sit at for a period of time. The time depended on the seriousness of whatever I did. The longest she's made me sit there was 5 hours. I begged her not to make me sit there, cause I knew I would prolly have to go to the bathroom. She continued to yell at me, and made me sit there. About 5 minutes later, I was in agony, and I doubled over as another cramp hit me. She said I better not have an accident, or she really would treat me like a baby. 10 minutes later, that was too much. I felt my tightened, tense anus quickly! open up, and watery, runny diarrhea fill my panties completely. She smelled it, and some of the watery poop dribbled down the stool. She continued to yell at me, now for being a baby. I was so upset! I hadn't shit myself in years, and it was so gross and so uncomfortable. It was so nasty! And I was so upset, cause my cute jean shorts were ruined that I bought the other day. She then went to her room, got an adult diaper, and made me stand up. I was still in so much pain from those cramps! It felt like only a small percentage of the crap had come out. I was crying, and had shit all over my pretty little bottom. Poop ran down my legs! It feels so terrible to have poop go down your legs. She made me take my shorts off, and she threw them away. You could see the huge stains on my underwear. There were long lines of poop down the sides and backs of my legs. Then she made me take off my underwear! It was all poopy and nasty. There were small goblets of poop in it, and they were s! urrounded by yellowish, brown, mucusy watery diarrhea stains. The chunks stayed in and the liquid ran out. She made me put the diaper on, without even letting me clean myself up! Then she says go ahead, shit in your diaper like a little baby. I said I don't want to, and she said well either shit or don't, but your not getting off of this stool. Still in unendorable pain, I just let it all go. Shit flew into my diaper and encrusted me. I just sat in it, for 4 straight hours. I shit in it the whole damn time. It was hell. My mom thought I was pooping in my diaper on purpose, but I really couldn't help it. I was like a volcano ready to erupt. It was even worse whenever I took a shower. I stepped into the shower stall, and I took my diaper off. Watery, loose poop plopped out of the sides of the diaper, and the water just stayed in it. And the poop on my legs from before was all dried. It turns out my date gave me candied laxatives. Please give me a reply with this. What do you g! uys think of everything?

pooping panties girl
Hi hon, loved your post on your pantyhose accidents. Well i havent pooped for a few days and so im geting real despertae now. Im lying on my stomach on my bed infromt of my lap top writing this, im wearing a black vest top and white hi cut bikini panties, and im gonna try something i hvent tried before, im gonna poop my panties whilst writing this post so i can describe how im feeling as i do it, i can really feel my poop edging its way out of my ring, hang on a sec.....just pulling my panties to the side and inserting a finger in my bum to make sure its coming (typing with one hand iis tough!!),,...yep its coming, ..ughhhh my finger stinks now!!!, ok here goes, ohhh yeah, i dont need to push to hard i can feel it coming, just spreading my legs a bit to give a bit a room, ohhhhhh, yep its coming out, i can feel it pushing against the fabric of my panties, ive got a miroor behind me so i can see a lump forming in the back of my pantie, just pushing a bit harder, ohhhhhh! hhh yeahhhhhhh, i cant believe im filling my panties and sharing this amzing experience with all of you, i can smell the poop in the air now, yep i jst felt my bum and that load is massive, a bit squshy too, im just gonna push a bit harder to get the rest out, uggghhhhhhh, oahhhhhhhhhhhh, thats it its all out, phew, now i better get up and make sure none of it leaks out, just got up and i can feel it , quite heavy and swaying in the seat of my loved that experience hope you enjoyed it too hon, yeah i do poop myself often just love the feeling,please tell me more about your pooping in pantyhose experiences, i love those stories, especially the accidents. TO ALTHEA, have you pooped you pantyhose before, what about you PUNK ROCK GIRL?/

When I was 14 our church started a scout troop, which my friends and I (our ’Gang of Four') joined. We had a several days camping in the summer hols. The toilets were called latrines, and consisted of a tent made with sacking material, with separate ‘cubicles’ (the petition made of sacking), with a large hole dug in each, and 2 toilet seats screwed to some legs which were over the hole. These contraptions didn’t look too secure, and we were advised to go in pairs. You sat on the seat, and everything dropped down into the hole. There was a tin containing paper, and afterwards you covered up all you had ‘done’ with the dug out soil - a trowel was provided. This was probably very hygienic, and there was no smell (and maybe good for growing crops afterwards). The scout troop did not last very long. Most of the boys were too busy with schoolwork and other activities, which provided an excuse for closing it. The arrangements for personal matters already described were ! indicative of poor organisation generally. I doubt they would pass the regulations of the Children’s Act now!

Yes, I do see what you mean, PV, the similarities with my sister and the other Louise who sends posts here. I saw those shouts other posters had sent to the other Louise (not my sister) and I became very confused as well. My sister doesn't like brown stains in her knickers. I'm the same - any brown leaking from my back passage and I'm not happy until I have changed my knickers. It is not something that happens to me a lot - when I shit it is mainly solid, so no stains. Louise's white thong had a small brown stain on it, so when we had cleaned her bottom after she had her shit, she nearly went without knickers at all but we got her to put on another white thong borrowed from me at the last minute. Smile.
Thank you, Rizzo, for reading the story and for being a nice guy.

When it was late on the wedding day and we got Louise out of her wedding dress, she pulled off her thong and stood upright over the toilet to have a huge wee-wee. SPLOOOOOOSH she went in the water. It made us all want to go more, so mum, me and then Jackie weed in the toilet when Louise had got it over with.

I've just had a nice piss in the shower. Dressed only in a white tank-top I crouched down low in the shower and washed the base of the shower with my wee. Yes guys, I hissed and I had a twist in my jet. I hope I am making up for my sister being away still on honeymoon. Smile.

I think my boyfriend might be interested in girls peeing. I had a wee in an alley yesterday afternoon and he stood on the corner. He cannot have seen my female bits when I took my jeans down to have a wee but I am certain he saw my puddle and maybe my jet, but I am not sure. He is a gent like Steve, but I think I rocked his boat because I saw his jeans bulging at the front and he was quiet. I was sorry because he was not talking about it and I think he was feeling guilty for seeing my bottom. Smile. I laughed with him about it and he does not need to worry because I really am not a prude or anything. I'm thinking about sleeping with him quite soon, but I am going to give him a better weeing show first.



Sonia, it sounds as though the experience you had was cathartic to say the least. I'm not surprised though that you were constipated if you hadn't been for a motion for three days.

Last night at Evensong in our church one of the very few references in the Bible to do with elimination made during the course of the first lesson. It was from 1 Samuel 24 verse three where King Saul enters a cave in order to 'relieve' himself. Whether it was for #1 or #2 though wasn't actually specified and was left open to conjecture.

Best wishes to all


Monday, June 24, 2002

your name Greg (from Kansas)
Hey Jenn, please, please, please MORE peeing and pooping stories at the
the nudist colony!!!!!


There's a new commercial on German TV. You can see a boy, probably about eight years old, standing outside the men's room holding his crotch. He looks like he urgently needs a pee and can't hold it any longer. Then he finally gets in, but all the urinals on the wall are mounted as high as his head so they are too high for him to use them. Then a voice says something like "if only everything was as low as our prices" or something. Quite funny.

Has anyone ever been forced to hold their pee as a child by a teacher or parent due to a rule that restricted toilet use or as punishment for misbehavor?

To Tricia: Liked your camp story

To Jenn: Cool story....especially about the nudist colony...never heard of people pooping in the open like

To leather pants girl: Liked hearing about your accident...must have been a bummer

To 8th guy: Liked your story about that peeing old were you then? I've pooped in the bathtub maybe a few years ago and it was on purpouse. Did poop in the tub when i was little too but that was an accident(s). Haven't done it in along time.

To Pee Cray Z: Hey what was under your computer chair? carpet? or one of those plastic thingys? Liked that story too

To Mike of MD: . I like white...the black ones see more dirty and old looking.
1. No...and im not sure what an enlongated seats are
2. white
4.No..not close up but sorta
5. 1 x that i can recall
7. An old camp bathroom...very dirty smelled and toilets were never flushed and it was old..they ended up closing it up
8. Yes

To Sean: I think thats kinda intresting that your mom gave you that ennema. So now have you been pooping every day or what?

To Curious Wiper: Maybe that person wets the Tp or something or uses wipes or goes back later and uses a Bidet?

To Jane : Liked hearing your story about you and your sis. pooping outside

To Brown Love: No i haven't seen that. What channel has that be on? And is this in The USA?

To Ring Stretcher: Liked your story? Is Jared your boyfriend? How old are you two? Liked hearing about those

To Jason: Loved your story....Funny about you mooning the other guys? Did you see their poop and did they see yours? Ever see them poop before?

I haven't had to poop since Saturday(its late on Sunday) now....Did eat alot and just felt bloated like i might need to poop. No real strong urge yet. Gotta run bye

leather pants girl
This happened back when i was fifteen (iam now 21). At that time i hung around with all the cool girls (well we thought we were cool)it was considered UNCOOL if you had to poo at school, oh peeing was fine or changing your pad, but poo and farting was a no no.

Well this one day i needed to poo bad i knew i wouldnt make it home, all day i suffered desperatly holding it in. meanwhile the other girls were all talking about there boyfriends you know what kinda underpants so and so wears how big his er ummm is. Meanwhile i sat in class listening not saying much my poo was slowely inching its way out it felt HUGE like a torpedo.

I was wearing a plaid mini skirt white cotten bikini panties and a white blouse, the bell rung and class was out for the day, i might make it home i thought if i hurry. HAAAAA fat chance my friends had other plans come on lets hit the mall and dragged me with them.

By now i was terrified i was going to poo in my panties in fact i was positive, well i made it to the mall and mentioned i had better pee before going any further. I thought they would just wait outside and i could poo in peace WRONGGGGG my friends followed me in.

I quickly run into a stall pulled my panties down and started peeing and slowely and as quite as i could i let my monster poo drop into the bowel i prayed i wouldnt fart or make a splash sound AAAAHHHHHHHH relief ohhhh that felt sooooo good i did just the one poo smelly yes but no sound and i didnt have to grunt either.

When i finished i just pulled up my panties and flushed i didnt dare use toilet paper my friends would know for sure what i had done, when i came out of the stall the smell driffted out as well sherri (one of the girls held her nose POOOOO you never took a crap did you? i said no must be the from the girl in the next stall, and with that sherri banged on the other stall door and said in a loud voice YOU STINK!!!! and we left laughing.

Mr. Whizz-a-WeeWee
Sunday afternoon I was sitting on the toilet taking a healthy dump and was thinking about the wonderful feeling of letting it all go. The great relief of my full butt emptying into the toilet and the wonderful feeling of the pee just exiting my penis without having to aim. I really love to pee and wonder how many other men out there enjoy the feeling of releasing piss. I just find it so relaxing not having to aim but just letting go. I also find it relaxing to pee in the shower. I have also "buddy pissed" several times and find that to be fun too.

leather pants girl. Thanks for your reply. It's my theory that when most people start farting - and I mean prepoo farts, not the isolated ones we all cut sometimes - it's generally the case that they've already needed to go for a poo for sometime. On the effects of alcohol on farts and motions I've usually found that both wine and beer make me smell quite bad the day after I've had them. I've not had any experience to date of either causing the runs though.

Curios Wiper. It could just be that your colleague is one of those lucky individuals who passes fairly clean motions and only needs to wipe once.

Susan. I was interested to hear about your efforts to help your boyfriend with his constipation. Have you had any experiences of your own you'd like to share?

Joanne & Paul. Had any good motions over the weekend?

Best wishes to all


Last autumn I was giving a retreat on spirituality and social justice for a group of college-aged women at a private location high in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. The location was beautiful –a few adobe cabins with simple kitchens and an ancient chapel filled with exquisite Spanish colonial art. It was early October and the aspens were golden in the sunlight. The facilities, however, simple to say the least. The showers were solar heated and provided water which was only warm enough to prevent shock and the toilet facilities consisted of doorless three-seater outhouses facing the valley below. (This is quite common in New Mexico, where I grew up, and used to be even more so. Population is thin and people like to enjoy the beauty of nature while they answer her call.)

It was, in any case, a busy three days and I had little time to attend to bodily functions. This, as well as what my two younger assistants (I am thirty-two, they are both in their early twenties) call my imperious nature had left me in what was apparently a very irritable mood by the end of the event. It seems my comments both to my assistants and to the students had crossed the line between challenging and offensive. After our charges had left, we sat down for an evaluation session, and Trini and Estrella, (those are the names of my two assistants) tried to confront me, ever so gently, but I would hear none of it, and began attacking them for being more concerned with being nice than with standing up for the truth.

Now I had, in fact, become quite constipated, not having defecated for over three days, which is very unusual for me. And while the food had been simple, it had been quite plentiful and rich in fiber. As we were talking I felt a sudden urge to relieve myself and used it as an excuse to duck out of the meeting. I grabbed a book which I had been reading and headed out towards one of the outhouses, sure that doorless three seaters though they might be, I would at long last enjoy some privacy.

It was a good three minute walk to the outhouses so I had a few minutes to calm down. It was late afternoon and the sun was shining warmly. The aspens were golden and the air clear, with a slight breeze. When I reached the outhouse, I chose the middle hole. I hiked up my dress (I still had on the dark blue dress covered with stars and astrological symbols which I had worn throughout the event) and sat down. I am rather short, and the seat was build high as is the case with may outhouses, so it left my legs dangling made it difficult for me to lean forward but I was glad just to be in position to get some relief. I took a deep breath and a large piece of excrement began to push its way, ever so slowly, out of my very full rectum. It was quite thick and knobly and was just on the edge of hurting, though the anal stimulation was also pleasurable. I found myself grunting and sighing loudly as I opened up my book and began to read.

Just then I heard footsteps down the path. It was my two assistants.

--We thought we might continue our discussion up here. Trini needs to go too and we thought that well…

--You might find it harder to be so arrogant if we talked while you were on the pot.

Suddenly the very slow progress which my excrement was making came to a sudden halt, leaving my anus distended. The grunting and sighing did not, however, stop, but continued involuntarily.

--I ..grhhh.. was kind of …uhnn… hoping for …unh.. some priv …unh… cy.

To make matters worse, my legs kicked out as I pushed, lacking anything to press against, and making me feel like a little child.

--I’m sorry, said Trini, but I need to go really bad.

She pulled her jeans down just below her knees and her bright red panties just above them, and sat down to my right. She sat there silently for a minute, with a look of intense concentration on her face. There was a crackling sound and she began grunting softly. Estrella did the same, letting her baggy pants fall to her ankles and pulling her panties down around her knees. I felt ridiculous with my very beautiful but rather formal dress, which I kept trying to pull down to cover myself, so that only my panties could give any indication that I was defecating rather than just sitting on a long bench with two friends, but the wind kept blowing it up, exposing far more of my anatomy than that of the other women. The most embarrassing thing, however, was my facial expression. I know from seeing myself in the mirror that when I am having a difficult bowel movement my face gets quite contorted and red. It was obvious that I was very constipated. My friends, on the other hand,! appeared to be having only modest difficulty and wore expressions of pleasurable concentration.

--You know, Trini said, I always used to get constipated when I had done something wrong and wouldn’t admit it. Half the time that’s how my mom caught me. I always felt better, though, after I confessed and took my punishment. One time I was constipated for a week after I told a lie that got a friend in trouble. After I told my mom and she spanked me, I spent half an hour in the outhouse relieving myself. My bottom was sore, but I sure felt better.

She looked over at me, still grunting and straining.

--How about it, Sonia, Estrella said. Just admit you’ve been a bitch. I bet it makes you feel better.

It was, in fact, becoming increasingly difficult to keep up my proud façade under these embarrassing circumstances. It is hard to be arrogant when you have a long, thick piece of excrement sticking out of your rectum.

--OK, I said, I guess I have been a bit hard on you.

--Complete confession, Trini said. I think you are so busted you can’t even shit!

I laughed.

--All right. I have been a total bitch, both to you guys and to the students. I apologize.

I turned what was, if that is possible, an even deeper shade of red as I admitted my fault. When I did, the excrement miraculously began moving again, gradually working its way out of me. It took a good twenty minutes, and was still very embarrassed, but it felt better, and I knew that I was only getting what I deserved.

After I had wiped and we were walking back towards the cabins, Estrella said:

--Trini, wasn’t there something about a punishment part in that constipation cure you mentioned.

I flushed red.

--Yes, there is. I think Sonia here is going to clean office bathroom for a few weeks. It will serve as a useful reminder of this little … lesson.

Which it did.

Thanks be to God who made us both with an intellect that can grasp the concept of infinity and bowels which make us bend daily to the earth reminding us of our finitude and thus helping us to better understand the infinite.

Kai In The Sky
PRG: Kaze and I hope you feel better really, really soon! She kind of knows how you feel because she once busted her ass pretty bad at a BMX tournament. But she did take home first place! :) For her sake, I won't go into detail about her injury. hehe

Small post for today. Have any of you ever been to ? This guy has pictures of his dumps and he asks people to rate them. The pictures are pretty damn graphic. I mean, extreme close-up kind of graphic. Kaze saw a thing about the site in a magazine.

One last thing. I rented the Saturday Night Live Best of Chris Farley DVD the other day. They show this one skit where he's portraying Dom DeLuise (sp?) and he laughs really hard and starts peeing his pants. It's really funny because I didn't notice it at first until it started dripping pretty bad.

Until we meet again!


Sunday, June 23, 2002

Tim (and Sarah)
PV: Hi dear! Thanks again for your nice reply. It’ s good to hear you are having fun. Towards your question: We explained to Josie as well, why Loewie needed the circumcision. Of course, she wanted to take a look as soon as we came back from the doctor, but we told her to leave him alone a bit, as he was not 100% fit. She was a real sweety and sat on the sofa next to him, providing him with strokes and kisses. She is very much like that, which can be a little problem sometimes; cause when I am very unwell, I can’ t take it to be touched too much, not even by Sarah or the kids, although I am also a very cuddly person normaly. It always breaks my heart to tell her to leave me alone. Anyway, Loewie liked the attention that afternoon and Josie was a great little nurse, even holding back her curiousity regarding the "new" willie. She inspected it a few days later when they had a bath together and came to the conclusion that it looked more like a ‘big one’ now, lol. She meant, it ! looked more like mine, as she had seen me naked and as I said, I am circumcised as well. She also inspected the new functionality and also gave her thumbs up for it working better then before, after a few starting difficulties...the wee comes out really much easier and he makes a tidier stream. It was neccessary and worth the inconvinience. You can’t in any way compare this to female circumcision. Loewie realised very soon, it’s more convenient, as the pee flows easier and it’s not itching anymore (although of course like all boys he has to scratch it a bit now and then, but that’s another story;-)). Josie has a little friend, who is a muslim and going to be circumcised soon. They invited us to the party and Josie said that she thought it was a very good idea, cause her little brother can also weewee much better since they cut a bit of his willie off, lol! One mustn’t be too easily embarrassed with that little rascal as a daughter...
Thanks for your invitation! It must be a pretty sight to see you wetting the porcelain. I said to Sarah, that you already got the very important "stare into distance" look, which qualifies you as a knowing urinal user ;-). Sarah asked me, what it was like to use the gents and laughed a lot about my describtion (also shaking her head a bit) and told me to write it down for you, as you would probably like it. I hope you might do, but will add it next time though, as my post is getting too long. Take care and love from me, Sarah and the rascals

RIZZO: Glad to see you are ok! We were starting to get a bit worried. It’ s a shame, you have been around and found time to write, but did not make it onto the side! I guess it’s especially irritating not to exactly know, why not. We were dissapointed, as Sarah and me really like to hear from you. Hope you won’t be away for a too long time and this is another nice travel you’ll have. Take care from all of us

ROBBY: Hi dear friend. Nice you are posting again. We think about you and send you lot’s of love to hopefully make you feel better soon. So you thought Robert’s wee was sneeky? Lol. Poor thing, he is such a decent guy, in contrast to Peter and me! I guess he just did not know what else to do, as I described the situation. Sarah quite liked the glimpse she took though, grin. I have done quite a few sneeky pees, I have to admit. One of the first ones I remember, was when I was just about four. Hannah and me were living with our grandparents since a short time and we were taken with all the other kids to the Oktoberfest. We were in one of the huge tents with endless rows of benches and lots of loud, scary adults drinking beer. Most of the other kids were running everywhere, but we were still a bit shy and intimidated. After a while I told Hannah I urgently needed to peepee. I can’t remember, why she did not take me to the toilets. Maybe she was shy to ask. Also our German w! asn’t so good by then. Anyway she sat on a bench and took me standing between her legs. She put the paper tablecloth over our laps and unzipped me and got my willie out. She whispered into my ear to do my peepee. I remember being a bit scared, but also finding it quite a thrill to let go underneath the table while I pretended nothing was happpening above. We dared to join the other kids later and found out they all peed into the grass under the table. I saw a few girls including my sister, squatting between the adult legs and pish away. Nice memory. One thing that is also memorable there, is the men’s toilet. They had this endless half pipe all the guys would piss into. At the end of the pipe the thickest imaginable stream of piss would splatter into the drain, lol. A bit yucky, I know. There are quite a few stories from the Oktoberfest during the following years. But I have to go. Lots of love to you dear ROBBY, SARAH, MEGHAN (thanks for your words!) and great ANNIE from Sa! rah. Josie (who remembers very well the nice men with the two cats and a dog ;-) ), Loewie and me

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