One I was in 5th grade we had to go to a camp.There was a rule that you can't go to the bathroom by yourself.So a girl in my class told me to go with her.The bathrooms at my camp were real nasty.They had bugs all over no one liked to go to the bathroom there.So when we went to the bathroom instead of going in she squatted next to the door and started to pee.She told me not to look but i did anyway.It was a site

jamie lynn
hey hans, thats cool how the toilets work there.

as for me i did a 6 inch doodoo this morning when i woke up.

Suzzy - I was told to go to the bathroom in lots of strange places. Once I was watching a movie in the theater with my mother. (Btw...I am 12 years old and this happened about 6 years ago) I forget what movie it was but about half way through I REALLY had to go. At this point in my life I was still needing my mother to accompany me. She was really into the movie and told me to just go in my pants. So i grunted nd pooped my panties. about 10 minutes later I felt the need to pee and did that too.

About 2 years after that (so I was around 8) I was in the play room with my mom and sister(Sam, 6 at the time 10 now). Our house has a lock on everydoor, most can be locked by pushing a button on either side and in-order to open it you have turn the handle on the same side as you pushed the button. This is good for privacy but has also been used to be sent to out room :-( . Anyway on this perticular day my dad was at the office so we were the only ones home. My dog, a great dane boxer mix, isn't allowed in the playroom since my sis has her dolls there and he would love to chew them. So was scratching at the door and un- known to us one time he must of hit it just right to push the button, effectivly locking us in. Well we didn't know this untill I had to go poopy. My dad wouldn't be home for hours and my mom knew this so she let me poop and pee by the wall and eventurally her and Sam did the same. My dad let us out when he got home.

And as its getting late one last story... this was fairly recent as it was only last summer. My mom and dad were bored of the usual vacation spots and a friend of the families recommended a trip to a "nudist colony". This gave us a chance to be in touch with nature but also I witnessed alot of people going to the bathroom in places most wouldn't. My mom said that we could go where ever we wanted since it was fairly common to do so. My favorite place that I went was I pooped while standing in line for lunch. The woman behind me just stepped over it as if it was nothing. I acturally left 2 piles there as I moved up when I was only half done. I also peed while we were sitting eating.
This post is getting very long so I'll post more about the nudist colony later.

Moderator- is there a limit on post length? My nudist colony stories will be pretty long so should I do it all in one session or would you prefer a series of posts? If series should I do it daily or all in one day and how large should I make them?

This post is about average. Longer posts are not a problem as long as they are not 10% of the page and consist of nothing but shout-outs.

leather pants girl
To Althea. Hi hon did you like pooing in your pantyhose?

TO Zina. Thanks for reminding me about not to poo in a thong (tryed it once WOW big mistake) do you poo your self often?.

To Adrian. I think you must be right, i did need to go quite bad before i got a case of the farts, it was my own fault really waiting that long to go.

This is for pooping panties girl. Last summer while on vacation i decided to go to a rather fancy resturant in town, i put on my black knee lenth skirt white pantyhose with a dark red cherry on the side of the legs maroon coloured lacy panties (Hi cut brief)and a white blouse.

I got to the resturant and ordered a half litre of red wine with my meal, now i love red wine, it however does not like me (as i found out)halfway through my meal i suddenly did one of thoes hot stinky farts you know the kind where the smell seems to cling to you, i stopped eating and held my stomach for a minit then i burped and farted again only this time as i farted i felt hot runny poo fill my pantyhose and panties.

I jumped up and rushed to the ladies washroom thankfully no one else was in there, i ran into the stall not even bothering to lock the stall door i hoisted up my skirt yanked down my pantyhose and panties got my bum over the toilet and let go a stream of hot runny very smelly poo.

I sat on the toilet for a good twenty minits just farting and pooing my heart out. The stall stunk and as people came in to use the toilet i heard several comments like who died or holy f-- something died in here.

well i finally got around to examining my panties and pantyhose they were compleatly covered in poo it had gone down the legs of the pantyhose, my panties couldnt hold the load and had just leaked into my pantyhose OH YUCKKKKKK!!!!!. Anyway i sighed and pulled up my panties and pantyhose UGH!!! it felt sooo cold and wet, i never bothered using toilet paper to wipe my bum, i left the stall not even bothering to flush (no idear why)i paid my bill the waitress gave me a dirty look as she smelt me, and i walked out to my car for a very uncomfortable drive home. by the time i got home my panties and pantyhose were stuck to my bum and i had to stand in my shower to get them off.

8th guy
a few years ago me and my g/f (ex now)had this little game, we called it jeopardy. anyways, the short of it is, we drink a ton of hot chocolate, and just go about our business, playing in a pile of leaves or walking somewere, and try and hold it. whoever pees there pants first is the loser. sadly neither one of us ever lost cause she always freaked out when she was about to pee her pants. i came really really realy close a couple of times and she did too, but we never lost, so i hope at least one person read's this and likes it. i wish we would've lost but, it never happened. has anyone ever pooped in the bathtub? i never have but my ex did when she was about 10. that sounds exciting for some reason. ha ha, okay
-8th guy

Last night i went to eat mexcian food and had a drink...i had to work today i got up this morning and i was farting then on the way to work it hit me...felt some cramping and i knew i needed to get to work ASAP to sit on the toilet cause last nights dinner was on its way out. I didn't eat any thing very spicey. I get to work decided to get started on some work first cause the cramping had subsided and then about 10 after starting work i went to the bathroom. it was all loose. Then i sat for 5-10 minutes pushing all this loose stuff out. Then i go back to work and 10 minutes later i had to poop again..again it was loose. I was farting alot on the toilet and all this loose diahreaha came out. And im like if this keeps up im gonna ask to go home sick. After that last time i was fine and i even ate lunch and haven't had to poop. Does any one find eating mexican food does this to them?

Pee Cray Z
oops! I messed up, and i guess I hit send. N E wayz, on 2 my story. Yesterday I was sitting down at the computer, (home alone.) and i had 2 go pee real badly, but the posts were soo interesting so, I jus sat here. Finally I got up, and practically ran 2 the toilet. Well, my door was locked and I couldn't get 2 the toilet, so I came bak here and sat down. I peed like crazy on my computer seat, and i had a huge puddle under the chair. I cleaned that up, and wiped myself off. But all I could do about the chair was put a towel over it. i just told my parents I went swimming, and that's how it got wet. (lol) Thanks 4 letting me share, bye.

Mike of MD
My favorite type of elongated seats are white, but where i work has both. Sometimes i use the black ones.
? Ladies and Guys which one is your favorite for pooping and pissing on
A. White or B. Black

Mike of MD
1. Have you ever been afraid of enlongated seats?
2. What is your favorite color of enlongated seats? mine is white
3. What is your favorite toliet seat? a. round,b. enlongated
4. Have you ever seen a man pissing in a urinal or toliet?
5. How many times have you pissed or pooped in your underwear or pants?
6. Females what is the worst conditions you ever saw in a restroom or bathroom?
7. Men where was the dirtyiest restroom or bathroom you ever used?
8. When you saw a dirty restroom or bathroom did you use the toliet or urinal?

TO BRYIAN: I'm 16. Yes, I've been feeling okay since mom gave me that enema the other day. I was a apperensive at first about taking my clothes off in front of my mom, but she was gentle and administered the enema slowly coaxing me through it until the end. Since then, I've been eating more fiber to avoid this from happing again.

TO PUNK ROCK GIRL: You're right an enema can be uncomfortable but they do work like you said.

Take Care:


Curious Wiper
I am very curious about something and hope some of you can shed some light. Every morning at work, this young guy goes into the bathroom and takes a messy, gassy dump (I know because I'm frequently next to him). After he drops his load, he takes a big clump of toilet paper and wipes once. He never, ever, wipes more than once. This is an attractive, exceptionally neat and well groomed guy. His clothes are always spotless, he is always clean (except down there). I am wondering what could be possibly going through his mind about wiping. His underwear must be absolutely a horror show. Is this common? I personally never wipe less than six or seven times, and with dumps like his, I'd probably be wiping a dozen times. Is it possible that he has mastered a technique where one wipe does it? If he were a smelly slob, it would be one thing, but this guy is meticulously neat and clean. I've read discussions here about wiping, but I'm wondering what your thoughts are about NO! T wiping enough. Am I overly concerned about this or are most people like my colleague. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Mods: I posted a note a few days back saying I would add a '2' to my name because there is another 'Stan' that posts here. However the '2' doesnt show up (as it wont this time either.......why?

Wanted to respond to an old post from 'Will' on page 842 about his (ex) GF 'Courtney' whom he broke up with cause she pooped her pants all the time. You had a beautiful gf who pooped around you and you dumped her????? Are you nuts??

Here is my story about peeing/pooping outdoor. But before that I will say that I have a new nick. I see there was another Jane here so my nick is now Jane 2. Heres my story: Me and my sister who is 14 y.o.(I am 17 y.o.) and like peeing/pooping outdoor like me was in our garden. We had just peed each our time (hope you understand my english) and now we poo at the same time. That was behind some bushes in our garden. We had the panties and trouses down at our knees and both of us looked each other poop when it cam out of each others ass. Suddenly when we pressed it out our mother came and see us. She asked why we poop in the garden? We said both a little nervous, because we like it. We think that she shall get angry. But she just said, ok, have fun then! Maybe shee like to poo/pee outdoor self. I don't know. But we poop finished, wiped our vagina and asses and go with mother in and felt the whole thing like a story who not really had happened. Jack: can you come with the detai! ls when the womman see you behind the bshes? And I would also like to hear some storys about other girls you have seen peeing/pooping outdoor. Keep writing. euro hiker: I liked you story to. If you have more story about outdoor peeing/pooping I would like to hear them. And I hope everybody understand my english.


Been a long time. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and catch up.

ANONYMOUS CATHOLIC LADY: Sorry, didn't know how else to refer to you. Can you tell some more stories about your bathroom habits? I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to hear more!

PRG: Oooh! That hurts to be laid up like that! Hope you don't suffer too many ill effects.

Rachel's been transferred to another college, for her junior and senior years. Now I have a new teacher. Her name is Mrs. Lee, and she's really good looking. I wonder how she looks on the pot?

Well, that's all for now!


Brown Love
Have any of you seen the new Gamecube Wavebird Wireless Controller commercial. It shows a kid about 13-14 years old on the toilet, grunting like he's constipated. First is showed his face, and he grunted, Then it showed him from the waist up, and he grunted again, and then it showed him in full view, with his pants around his ankles, playing with the wireless controller. You could actually hear a turd splash in the toilet and he sighed in relief. Then it showed him from the back playing Spiderman with the door cracked open. If anyone here has seen this commercial, please post your opinion of it. I personally think it would've been funnier if he had farted, talked, someone walked by, or walked in, if he had the runs, or if he strained even more.

Ring Stretcher
CURIOUS CD: We now have a jet flush toilet, but still, in order to get that log flushed it had to be broken really well with a paint scraper. Other wise it would never have flushed.

ADRIAN: I wouldn't recommend putting off a motion that long, but I had no urge to go until the 12th day. Absolutely none. Usually mine are maybe every other day or once a day. It's always changing. My abdomen was bloated, though.

Today before work I had to go and was expecting a normal movement. What I got was about a 9 or 10-inch misshapen beast that made a suctioning noise as it came out. And boy, was that puppy fat in the middle. I sat down and pissed, then leaned forward with my toes up. I wentt "UUUUUH!" to open my hole up and get it out. I felt it open up and it start to emerge. I reached back and spread my butt cheeks apart to help. "Oh damn, this is a big firm one," I yelled. Immediately Jared rushed in and I got up and showed him. He commented on the weird shape and put some newspapers on the bathroom floor, then held my butt cheeks for me. My log shifted and I strained as my ring expanded wider as more of the log came out. My ring was quivering with effort of accomodating the girth as I moaned out loud. It felt fantastic!! "oh yes!!" I cried as it shot out of me on the floor. The sensation of relief was perfect. Jared patted my wet pussy dry then wiped my ass, though it di! dn't need it. We looked at the turd on the floor for several minutes before tossing it in the toilet. Jared broke it up and flushed.

I saw some closeup shots of elephants shitting on a nature show a few months back. I thought of some of us who pass big ones on this board. The relief and satisfaction of passing a humongous log is amazing.

I have a similar story to the guy who saw the spike hair guy taking a dump. On the floor of my dorm at college, there are three stalls. However, only two have doors on them. Well, one night after I had like 3 burrittos with my other two friends, we all had to take a huge shit. We all went at once and practically ran into the toilet while we were almost all holding our asses. We felt wierd doing that together I think. I was left in the one without the door. I asked why they did this to me (as a joke). We all farted alot and joked around. While I was still shitting, I looked up only to find they were done and watching me laughing. I mooned them with the crap in my butt coming out. We went back and told crapping jokes for about 10 minutes. We also snuck into the ladies room and pretended we were women sitting down on the bowl. I actually farted pretty heavily and we couldn't help but laugh. My friend's girlfriend came in and we heard her talk to her friend and pee. She let out! a fart too. It was a WIIIILD NIGHT!! All in all, it was so wonderful, I could even still smell it.

Meghan(Sarah's S Sister)
Hi Friends!
How is everyone? Dad's(Robby) recent post is on page 924. Sarah sends her hellos. She is missing everyone. She won't post until sometime next week. I am working in the Law School at the University I go to. Isn't that something. Well, yesterday I went on my break and a couple of ladies I know and I walked to the toidy. We went in our stalls and I pulled my trousers down. I eased my butt down on the seat. I heard the other ladies grunting and I had to start my animal sounds, too. I bent forward and a torrent of wee started flowing from me. It sounded like a waterfall. I growled a bit to get the poo moving. It started coming out in Cullompted balls. Plop, plop!! The other womens' poo was dropping at a fast rate, also. I squeezed my ???? again and a big log pushed out and CULLOMPTED into the bowl. I sighed with relief. So did the other women. We all took some tissue and wiped. We all had the same retort when we washed our hands;"God, that was a relief"!!!!
INA: Hi sweetie! I just read the story about your coming out as a standup weer. We all knew you weren't a pervert,LOL! Sarah says hi! I don't know why Dad is so sulky. Sarah and I know we still need his emotional and financial help. We both love you!! Stand up to what you believe in!! Lovexx and hugs, Meghan
PV: Hi sis!! Those were champion poos you did!! I always do one of those each day. Sarah is going to have a hen party when she gets settled in her new digs!! Glad you are ok!! Lovexxx from Meghan
TIM AND SARAH: Hi dear ones! That was a wonderful thing you did for Tim, Sarah! A buddy wee! Can't get better than that! Give our love to Loewie and Josie! We love you,too! Take care!! Lots of Lovexx Meghan
TODD AND DIANA: Hi from your online daughters! When is the wedding? How are the twins? Also that was a big poo you did, Todd!! I know Diana can match you. So can I for that matter,LOL! Love You, both!! Meghan
KENDAL, LAWN DOGS KID, and ELLEN: Hi gang! Just a note to say hi! Hope everything is ok!! Are you in the Lakes now? An outdoor wee or poo would be most satisfactory!! Talk to you, soon!!! Lots of Lovexx Meghan

BIG HELLOS TO: Ephermal-hope you are ok!, Rizzo-hi there!, Steve and Louise-happy honeymoon!!, Eleanor-hi there!, Jane and Gary-welcome back, Carmalita and her family, Damsel-how about that man!!, David, Kimmie and Scott-where are ya?, Diva, Jeff A, LindaGS- hi!, Ellie and Little-why don't you come back!


To Diana: Liked your story about your friend

To elizabeth: Enjoyed your story

To zina: Liked your story

To unnamed poster: re door less stalls at U...liked your story. I know some places for pics but can't post them cause the moderator won't alow it.sorry try a search engine

To Ring Stretcher: Liked your story about the green dump

To leather pants girl: Liked your story..sorry you peed your self

To Usman: Liked your story

To CC: Liked your dream..when you woke up did you have to pee or poop?

To Blink Punk 182: Loved your old are you?

To Bluto: Loved your story about your friend squating and peeing outside..did you ever see her poop?

To Ryann: Liked your story..never had/heard of greenish brown pee...have you had it again? any one know what that could be? maybe a bit of blood mixing in with the pee?
don't know

To Punk rock girl....sorry to hear the bad news about you getting hurt. were you embarassed?

To HANS: Liked your story

Not much else to report on..haven't pooped in a few days.
gotta run bye

Saturday, June 22, 2002

We were at a movie once, I forget what it was but it was a kids movie. we were sitting on the end of the isle and there were some familys sitting towards the middle of my same row. halfway through the movie this boy came running and pushing his way through the isle and when he made it to me, i had my feet stretched out a bit and whe he tried to get through my feet stopped him. I felt something running down my leg, i looked harder, it was kinda dark and the boy was gushing pee in his pants. he stood there for a minute and let it all out, some got on my legs. He said "sorry I peed my pants". I asked if he need a hand in the bathroom and he said ok. I followed him to the toilets. he was soaked, still dripping as we walked into the bathroom. noone was in there so I walked into the stall with him and pulled his shorts down. He was wearing a kinda light blue pair of shorts, the wetness showed real bad. I decided to dry them under the dryer. this worked, the shorts were almost dry,! could barely see the wetness. The boy was probably about 7 or 8. old enough to know he had an accident and felt bad about it. I took his undies and threw them away. i put his shorts back on and he said "it feels weird without undies" I told him its ok, theywere too wet to put back on. Well I decided to pee while I was in there, the boy waited for some reason. I looked back while I was going in the urinal and saw him grabbing his but. He also jumped with his fingers up his but once. I finished and said whats the matter. He said "I gotta poop" I said go back in the stall and go. He started walking and stopped, his but was beginning to bulge and the poop fell down the leg of his shorts and onto the floor. Since he had no undies on nothing stopped it. He looked back at me and said "oops". I took him in the stall pulled his shorts down again and he pooped the rest out. there was only a streak on the inside of his shorts so I didnt clean them. He pulled his pants back up and we w! alked back to the movie. When we got back to the seats, the mother didn't even know he was gone, she did not look over at him once. Bad parents, dont even care about there kids enough to have them go to the bathroom before the show.

curious wiper: sometimes when after like 15 wipes the paper still isnt clean i cant be assed to stand around and waste my life in the toilet so i just leave. i just make sure i get the really dirty parts clean.


Thankyou for you description of the wedding day's morning events, they were every bit as delightful as I could imagine (four of you sharing a bath wee!), and you're all so very, very lucky to share these wonderful moments and that includes caefully cleaing Louise's bottom for her! I do so wish I could have been there, indeed as a bridesmaid too, it would have been one of the most special things I've ever done!

I rather wondered about that other Louise -- but with the back garden in the story, and the nice suit she wore, the mention of thongs, all of those elements are in common with "our" Louise -- so it was an easy mistake to make!

MEGHAN & SARAH -- Hi girls! Doing good ones, I always love to hear of your adventures. Congrats on working at the Law office -- Law is the next building over to my own "headquarters" on campus, and there's a little outdoor loo at the corner of their building that fronts onto the carpark behind my own. That was one of my earliest venues for usig a urinal -- I had it staked out for ages, just sitting in the garden with my books, and in a quiet period during lecture time I packed up and went for a wee -- but went into the gents instead, lifted my little dress and opened my bladder easily into a cute beige wall urinal. I always remember that one!

JENN -- welcome to the board, and I for one look forward to your nudist colony stories. I had no idea they were so open about toileting that you could relieve yourself anywhere: that's a real incentive to "try the life!"

I had quite a poop yesterday -- it was a cold day so I didn't sit down, just bent over and deposited some real depth-charges that KERSPLONKED! into the water, and had a hovering wee as well. Unfortunately my last poo was squishy and my bum got really dirty, so I ended up sitting on a cold seat to get cleaned up properly... This afternoon I had a shower and before I ran the water I simply squatted down in the bath and released my bladder. Nothing spectacular, just a relaxing, easy wee, and it was very, very enjoyable!

All my best,


Hello friends,
I seem to have lost the knack of writing posts that find the approval of the moderators.
So here's another try.
Some days ago my wife and I were on board our boat anchored close to a mile-long sandy beach. It must have been mid morning and not too many people had yet arrived for sun-bathing or swimming. I was pottering around on deck, touching up the varnish of some bright-work, enjoying the peaceful moment, and keeping an eye on the goings-on on the beach from under the brim of my hat. An elderly couple were approaching along the water's edge. He was in khaki shorts and an off white short-sleeved shirt, she wore a pleated dark blue skirt and white sleeveless blouse. Both of them were bare footed, he carried his and her shoes dangling from his fingers, she held up the hem of her skirt on each side to above the knees to keep it from getting wetted by the sea. They soon reached the break-water made up of large boulders at the end of the beach opposite our boat. They stopped, he turned to his companion and handed her the shoes. Then he turned his back on her, walked over to the neare! st boulder of the breakwater and stood there looking down his front, and undid his fly. In a moment I could see the glitter of an arc of pee and a growing dark stain on the sun bleached stone he was peeing against. She stood facing the rest of the beach, on guard, as if daring anyone to risk a look. He shook off, put his clothes back in order and went to her. Now what, were my thoughts. This time it was she who handed him the shoes to hold. While he took up the stance of a stern guardsman, she took the few steps to the breakwater, at the same time putting both her hands under and up her skirt. I saw a flash of pale thighs and her elbows jerk. She turned around and leaned against the flat surface of an inclined boulder, therby pulling up her dress at the back only, and carefully placed her feet apart. Then….nothing. I looked more carefully, and yes, the rocky surface of the boulder visible between her legs went dark. She was peeing standing from under her skirt very discree! tly! Not even her thighs were showing! Soon she righted herself and stepped a pace away from the now wet rock, dropping her skirt at the back as she did so. The she walked to her companion, and standing directly behind him, she quickly put her hands under and up her skirt again, and bending forward slightly at the waist, gave a few jerky movements with her arms. She straightened up, smoothed her skirt, and the two of them proceeded to stroll back the way they had come, right at the water's edge.
She must have been wearing a one-piece body suit with hooks in the gusset of the crotch, one of those pieces of underwear my wife calls a "suit of armour" and would never put on. But it does have its advantages, no panties to pull down or aside. Doing up the hooks or snap buttons or whatever, seems a bit of a hassle if I may say so.

Ok friends, I'll be gone for some time soon. Kendal dear, this hug will have to tide you over for a while! I also send my love to Andrew, Ellen and Eleanor, to Tim and Sarah, Robby and family, Carmalita and her gang, Damsel – good story about Louise's wedding preparations – PV, and Punk Rock Girl, get well soon, and to all the others, who, if I would mention them all, would make this far too long.

ROBBIE: Hello, my dear. Nice to have you posting again. I hope you will cheer up soon. I am sorry, if I got too personal, but I did not forget about Meghan. It's just changes that make us a bit uneasy from time to time. Anyway, I am so glad you got Annie there with you. Hugs to you, great English lady!
Yes, I use my travelmate quite regularly, sometimes just for a standing pee at home into the bowl to keep up the practise, lol. How are your cats? You mentioned to Sarah and Tim you have got two cats. We have got a cat as well. It's a bit bored and needs lots of attention cause the second one died. This means though that I often get disturbed during my poos. When I am alone at home and leave the door open, the cat comes in and wants to play, while I am pooping. She hides behind the shower curtain and waits for me to wiggle some toilet paper. I am always like ", I am busy...", but she looks so disappointed. It's a bit Yesterday I heard some Wagner, while making some sushi and thought about you. We ate a lot and I did a good poo before going to bed. There were some nice firm turds that came out slowly but smooth and felt like I was pooping out something quite likely to the rolls I just prepared. The exit of the last turd was accompanied by a good pe! e and a long shiver and I unwillingly just went "Ahhhh" loudly, I hope nobody heard, giggle. Take a good care, dearest, hug Annie and the girls from me and tell them to hug you back on my behalf. Write me a nice wee story, if your thoughts keep wandering too much (look who is talking...I know) Lots of lovexxx from Ina

MEGHAN: Nice to hear from you again! I like hearing about the big ones you are laying recently,lol. Nice story. Glad you are fine. Any good parties? I went to the CSD yesterday and had two interesting sightings: The first I could not stop laughing about. There was this guy dressed up like a playboy bunny peeing into the bushes. It looked so funny, the way he stood there with the big ears and a little fluffy tail, weeing away into nature...LOL. The second one was a guy whom I saw just from behind, who had hardly anything like pants on. He sat on a low road barrier and just when I looked a quick stream was shooting out from underneath him. It looked to me like it came from his bum, but there was only a wet patch underneath him...Now that's what I call cheeky! Anyway, it was very funny, although I overdosed a bit on naked male backsides from my point of view. Hope all is well. I think I can imagine what's the matter, but as your dad said, it's not the place to talk about it! . Somebody else from the forum found my email on another side and we can talk in private now, which is great and a relieve for me, as I am still not fond of the rules here. But I love so much to hear from some dear people. Hugs and kisses to you and SARAH

PV: I think the sight of you doing a good one at the urinal, would be worth a trip down under...Hope you are fine and having fun!

Warm regards to the usual suspects!

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