leather pants girl
TO pooping panties girl. OHHHHHHHHH boy now youve done it your story got me SOOOOOOOOOO hot baby i fantasised about you all night long. more pantyhose pooping storys to come soon, meanwhile keep pooping and tell me more about you.

To bryian. yeah ok it was kinda childish but funny (we thought) seriously do you know i really have no idear who was in that stall it could have been an eighty year old woman (probably died of fright)for all i know.

To Zina. yeah i have pooed in a thong accidently and once deliberatly, will write a story soon about that.

Today at home i was taking a relaxing bath, i had done a wet fart on the way home from work and my jeans and light blue panties (bikini ones) were laying beside the bath tub. My room mate suddenly came through the front door really fast slamming it as she came in, i heard her run down the stairs to our bathroom she rushed in and stopped as she saw me "GOTTA GO get out the tub NOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!" she yelled before i could even reply i heard her do a fart and she screamed F---- ive done it she farted more you know the kind sounds wet and raspy, she pulled her black dress pants down and took them off then she slowely removed her white lace briefs looking into them as she slid them down her legs.

Much of a mess i asked hopefully (ok i have a cruel streak in me) allready i could smell it, she took them off and sat on the toilet making a face as she realized her poo was squishing all around the seat from her bum. Iam just about done i said take a shower to clean up and CLEAN up the toilet seat i said. For the next few minits as i was drying off all i heard was wet farts and poo filling the bowel of the toilet her smell stunk up the bathroom so i left to finish off in my room.

FOOTNOTE. The reason why i call myself leather pants girl is i have several pairs of them different colours, my friends started calling me that so i kinda just stuck with it, and no i do not poo in my leather pants (too fricking expensive)

pooping panties girl: Have I ever pooped my pantyhose? Never.

Jason: By time I entered college, I used to fart in the school toilet and was not inhibited. I made friends with a girl Stephanie my first day. After lunch, I had to move my bowels. Stephanie kept me company. She had to go also. This school had a long corridor of stalls, 10 of them. Lunch was hot, so our bowels were loosened. We took joining stalls, pulled down our blue jeans and white panties to our ankles. Stephanie released first with a plop and a loud wet fart. At the same time, I released the same thing. There was silence. Stephanie asked if I was finished I told her yes. Stepahnie said she did not think there was anymore for her. So we wiped, pulled up our pants, flushed and left for afternoon class. In college, I used to have gassy bowel movements. The girls in the P.E. department knew my habits.

Lauren: It is nice to have a close camp friend. I was very lonely in camp. So, I had to go to the bathroom by myself or with another older girl or woman from another scout troop.

billy: this is for everyone on the forum? Why do children choose to use a motorcoach (bus) lavatory as soon as they see it and why do they make frequent use of it? I see this happen on charters. My cousin is a driver and takes me to work with him.

BRYIAN: my friend Jessica did poop once on the toilet in front of me. In fact, before she started, on the toilet she asked me if she should sit the regular way (vagina facing towards me) and open her legs a little or sit with her butt facing me. I never thought about that position before, but I stuck with the regular way. I think she pushed out 1 average sized log, I was too much in a blissful trance to notice all the details. I tell ya, if she was closer to my age or vice versa I would of tried to get with her. Maybe when she is 21 and I am 27 (i think) I might try something, but that's a long time. By the way, I was wondering if you are a girl or boy? My gut tells me you're a girl.
EMILY:hmmm your story has a lot of elements. Humor, cruelty, eroticism, pity, all that. I'm not trying to be mean but that is kinda funny how he fed you laxitives. Funny but not funny too. But why did he do it? Didn't he like you? I can't believe your mom would be that insensitive and think you were faking that sort of pain. Poor girl.
DAMSEL: Great story with you talking about your boyfrined probably being turned on by your peeing. I was too! It felt like I was there in that alley. What do you have in store for him?
CIAO fo now!

hey ever1 if you dont know im gemma i am 19 blound hair and blue eyes and i am now in a wheel chair thanks to so prat how ran a red light an crashed into me.anyway i have a story.

this took place a while ago when my boyfriend and me were in my flat watching tv when i really had to take a dump. well i told my b/f this as he needs to lift me on the toilet well he wheeled me in and i pulled down my panties and took of my skirt and he lifted me on to the loo and i started pooing right away but my b/f seemed to like this as he was standing with his back away from me but i told him he could look so he did i his nob went hard streight away in i finished up and i wiped my ass and the my b/f lifted me back to my chair and we looked in the toilet and saw 3 huge turds the my b/f pulled down his jeans and started shitting as well he the flushed and we went back to are film.

i just want to thank ever1 who reads this and a big hello to punk rock girl u sound like u could shit loads

loads of luv


Steve S.
A buddy of mine told me that about 3 or 4 years ago when he was 15 or 16 years old that he was on the phone in his room talking to a girl he had met in school. His mom was fixing dinner and he had been on the phone for over and hour. He had to go pee real bad and was sort of trying to end the conversation so he could go. Finally he told the girl that he had to go and she responded by asking him if he could hold it a little longer. He said OK. They talked a little more and after about 10 minutes he was really starting to hurt. When he told her that he really had to go bad she asked him if he would pee in his underwear and that she also had to go and would do the same. He had never wet his pants on purpose before and wasn't really sure, but the thought of her wetting her panties made him go along with it. He wasn't really for sure how to go about doing it so he streched the phone cord out as far as it would reach into the back corner of his walkin closet. He figured t! hat if the rug should get wet his mom wouldn't notice it there. He told me he got down on his knees and unbuttoned his levis so he could get a good view of his briefs. He really just wanted to wet them just a little and nothing more. Even though he had to go really bad he couldn't get anything to come out at first. Probably because the thought of going in his pants rather than the toilet just wasn't natural. He said after about a minute he decided to give it a little push. Just as he started to dribble a little the urge to go got really bad. A few dribbles turned into a couple of strong squirts as he fought to gain control. Then his mom started yelling through the door that dinner was ready. As he tried to climb back on his feet to yell back as his mom, trying to hold himself with one hand and the phone in the other he started going pee all the way. He said his underwear was soaked and he wet his pants so bad that he puddled on the floor and even his socks were wet! . He told me he thinks his mom never found the wet spot on the carpet. But he was really upset that he had wet his pants.

BROWN LOVE (i think)-Yeah, I saw the commercial with the kid playing the video game while sitting on the toilet. It was pretty funny. Surprising and funny.

I recently saw a movie on HBO that was called something like Under Siege 2 or "SOMETHING" Siege 2. It has to do with an embassy being under attack by the Serbs, or something like that. At the beginning, one of the diplomats gets hit with a bout of diarrhea and goes to take a dump. The camera pans up from his feet all the way to his face, with his shirt tails covering his "privates" The toilet stall is actually like an elevator and it brings the guy under the building where a bunch of guys pull him off the toilet and kidnap him. They show him being pulled along with a mask over his face and his pants at his ankles. Pretty cool stuff.

In both the movie and the commercial I wrote about, I noticed one thing in particular about both guys on the toilet. Neither of them appeared to be wearing any underwear. Just the pants at the ankles. I wonder if underwear is too risque for TV? Did the writer/director say, just have your pants at your ankles, but no underwear? I would think that the majority of us wear something under our pants. I think it would've been cool to see these guys on the can with their pants and some white (or colored) briefs bunched up right at their feet.

the other day my older bother was waiting to go to the bathroom cuz my sister was in there he was yelling at her to hurry and he said he had to poop really bad. well the way are bathroom is i cant really explain it but if the door is open u can see the person going to the bathroom but they cant see you....i love that well my sister took another 5 min. so my brother ran in without closing the door so i decided to watch everything he sat down and let out a 30 second loud smelly wet fart then he exploded with diarrhea then he started saying "ewwww go down, bend you stupid dick, go down. he was talking to his dick cuz it wouldnt bend into the toilet it was sorta funny. he was still pooping while this was going on well right infront of the toilet was the shower so he yelled for me and i came in he told me what was going on even though i knew from spying and he wanted me to open the shower so he could pee in there he really did need to pee it was like 2 minutes long then when he w! as done he said i could stay in watch if i wanted to he had some nasty wet smelly diarrhea. he kept farting so i sprayed a lot of air freshener but the after all the diarrhea and wet stuff he got constipated he startedd grunting a yelling he was turning purple so started rubbing his any other guys rub there balls to help them go?...well it worked! he grunted some more and this 12 inch(not joking) poop came out full of corn, gum that he swollowed, slimy scum it was something i never saw before and my brother said it happens to him all the time and i figured he just crapped a lot i mean 20 minutes of diarrhea and a 12inch stick of poop was all somone could poop at once to me but he said "im almost don all thats left is the water" i didnt no what he meant but he pushed and a stream of watery brown crap flew out of his butt almost like pee but it was thick and had some pebbles of poop. it was amazing but it took him 5 minutes to wipe his red butt hole

8th guy - Yes, please tell your story. The pee lovers on this board (the number is shrinking at an alarming rate) would love to hear it!!

Apparently most of the people on this board never pee, they only poop. I remember when the subject of posts here was pretty evenly split, but now it's not even close. Most of the pee lovers have gone elsewhere because this has turned into a poopers board. If there's still anyone out there who enjoys pee and wants to post a story, I encourage you to go ahead and post it because I'm sure there are still others like me who would really like to hear more of them. Thank you.


Hey all!

I now know what my beautiful new cello teacher, Ms. Lee (mistaken last time, she’s not actually married), looks like on the toilet. I was invited over to her house yesterday to get to know her better. She was dressed nicely, with a button-up white blouse and a nice skirt that was tight over her big ample buns that her surprisingly slim waist flared out into. As we were talking and eating, I realized that Ms. Lee was eating quite a lot of salad. Nothing strange there. But I got to thinking when I saw her stir something that looked like Metamucil into her glass of water. In addition to this, she was drinking green tea. And I wondered “Could this pretty lady be…constipated?”
And if she was, she was very constipated, seeing as how she was trying three methods. As she was finishing up, she excused herself to the bathroom. I sat and sipped my water, and listened for any telltale signs coming from the bathroom, which was just down the hall. I didn’t have to wait long. I could soon hear slight moans from the bathroom. So I got up from the table and walked quietly to the bathroom. As I did, I noticed something: the door was slightly ajar. And I could probably see into the bathroom, and probably see Ms. Lee. I didn’t want to do anything like spying, so I just glanced in to see what I could see. There was Ms. Lee, sitting on the toilet, facing me. Her back was curved in a concave manner, and her blouse was unbuttoned a little. Her eyes were screwed shut, and she was clenching her teeth. Her hands were on her shapely thighs, pressing down. She heaved, with a loud grunt, apparently to no avail, because there was no telltale plop into the toilet. I ste! pped back from the door, because even though I did want to see her, I wanted an invitation first. So I turned-straight into a vase on a stand. Although I caught them before they fell, it made a sound that I was sure Ms. Lee could hear, since she had stopped grunting to catch her breath.
“Jeffery (not really my name, but I’ll use it instead of mine)? Is that you?”
I froze, then stepped back quietly and said, “Yes, I was just admiring your artwork (she had lots of paintings on the wall, besides the vase on the stand).”
“Oh,” she said. Then came the magic words: “Well, can you come for a moment? I need some help.”
I walked up to the door, but didn’t come in, just to make sure that I wasn’t just filling in the details by myself.
“You can come in,” Ms. Lee said genially, although she sounded drained. I pushed the door open. She was still sitting there panting, though she pulled her skirt down a little. “You said you needed my help?” I asked.
“Yes, could you hand me the little blue container from the cabinet, as well as a pair of gloves?” she asked. I obtained both, and gave them to her. “My niece usually helps me with this,” she said, “but she’s not here right now, so I’m going to have to ask you, I hope you’re not too disgusted.”
I shook my head, and she gave me back the gloves. “Put those on,” she said. I did. Then she opened the container and offered it to me. “Dip out a good glob and rub it on the inside of your fingers.”
“What is this?” I asked, sniffing the strange jelly-like substance.
“A mixture of Vaseline, shampoo, and soap,” Ms. Lee said, leaning forward. “Lubricates and stimulates.”
She reached back and spread her butt wide open, motioning for me to go back behind her. “Maximum two fingers at a time, please, because my anus is hurting a lot right now.” So I touched her browneye, now an angry red, with the tip of my finger, then went in till the knuckle. I could feel her clamp down on my finger with a strong grip as I lubed up her interior, as well as her harshly compacted fecal matter, which was rock-hard. She loosened her grip, and I put in my other finger. I heard her gasp.
“Still with me?” I asked.
“Yes, and I feel ready to go,” she said between strained intakes of breath. I pulled out, and she heaved involuntarily. The head of her monster log poked out slightly. She kept pushing with a force, her anus having been stimulated to move by the soap and shampoo. It crackled loudly as it moved, and at first I thought that this would be an easy clean-up for her. I massaged her lower back, and the poop, now about four inches wide eased from her gaping lower cavern. It was the kind that looks like a bunch of little droplets stuck together. Then, it got lighter nearing the end. As it dropped off, it was quickly followed by a load of the “steamy-creamies” (can’t remember who came up with this name, but it fits). It wasn’t diarrhea, but it was very soft, like mashed potatoes. And there was a lot, as well as some ripe farts that exited her butt.
“So that’s…where…the laxatives…went,” Ms. Lee said, the soap and shampoo obviously still working overtime. She filled the toilet halfway with this muddy stuff, then her hole closed. I reached over and flushed, but she wasn’t done. Her stomach growled loudly, and gas escaped from her butt with a loud PHURT. Then, with a zipper fart, her butt reopened, and this time, it was quite watery, like diarrhea, with some chunks in it. After this was done, she was finally finished. She turned and flushed the toilet. Her butt had two wide triangular bands coming from the anus, and as she was rebuttoning her blouse, I got some toilet paper and wiped her.
“Why, thank you,” she said, putting her hands on her knees and raising her butt from the seat so I could get under there easier. As I was doing this, she said, “You know, when I was younger, I used to like to spy on people having a bowel movement too. It was a thrill for me.”
“What do you mean?” I asked, trying to play dumb.
“You were spying on me,” she said, smiling. “It’s okay, I don’t mind. I did the same thing when I was your age.”
So it looks like I’ll be getting more shows from her later on! I can’t wait.

SONIA: Best post ever. It was almost like reading poetry. And I noticed you said that "the anal stimulation was also quite pleasurable." I'll just leave that one open. I love the dash quotation method you used. Was that what John Steinbeck did in "The Grapes of Wrath"? Finally, I won't say anything about the last line, to preserve its beauty. I'll jst say, you've got a way w/ words.

JANE: Looks like someone's got an admirer. ^_^ But "subtlety" doesn't seem to be in this guy's vocab.

That’s all for now, folks!


8th Guy: I like your stories. I wish there were more boyfriends like you. Keep up with your stories.
I have a lot more to post, but I have to go to my swim team practise; more later.

Hey everyone! Kai and I had a funny experience yesterday. We had a family get together at my aunt's house, so we invited our friend Seth just for the hell of it. My aunt made the most awesome mexican food for everyone. We had tacos, nachos, enchiladas, the works! Now for some reason, mexican food doesn't have an effect on Kai and myself. So of course we had no qualms about eating a good amount. After dinner, we left with Seth because he wanted to show his new Mustang to some friends at a BMX track about thirty miles away. We picked up two more friends, then hit the highway. Seth kind of kept fidgiting in the driver's seat, but I thought that he was just uncomfortable. So we were all singing along really loud to Drain You by Nirvana, when Seth suddenly yelled "Oh shit!!" and pulled over REALLY fast. I mean, we all slammed hard against the right side where poor Kai was sitting. We were laughing at first, until we noticed that Seth had jumped out of the car and was running to s! ome trees. Kai got out to see if he was okay. I was going to get out as well, but I took a good guess at what was happening with Seth and thought that maybe having a female see him like that would be embarassing. So we waited for about ten minutes, then saw Kai appear with Seth. They were both laughing when they got back into the car. Seth turned to us and said "Oh my gosh! You guys, I had to take the biggest DUMP known to man and I didn't want to do it in my car." We all started laughing, and were glad that he was okay. He said that he felt fine after his dump so we continued to the BMX track and had a good evening.

Sayonara for now

leather pants girl. I've never soiled myself on purpose but I've had the occasional accident. A particularly memorable one was when I'd just turned 18 and was visiting a theme park. Shortly before the bus journey home I decided to go for a wee. Big mistake! Standing at the urinal I farted (it sometimes happens with guys) and had what's been described on this forum as an 'ambush' motion. It was totally unexpected as I'd been for a good motion earlier that day but I was SO embarrased. A few years ago I had some problems wiping (I think piles might have been the cause) and despite all my best efforts to get clean I always ended up having skidmarks. Happily the problem resolved itself. I've always been interested in women needing to go though and having accidents. It's partly I think because I've had first hand experience of women needing to go (sometimes nearly shitting themselves) and partly because in my part of the world it's popular for some newspapers and magazi! nes to perpetuate the myth that women, although often gorgeous, don't have bodily functions. Anything to explode that myth is good.

Jonny. For your research. I'm under forty. When going for #2 I pull my trousers down to my ankles. Also I always stand to wipe.

Best wishes to all


Wednesday, June 26, 2002

8th guy
hello, first of all i want to tell you all that i have a new friend (that's a girl). anyways, she likes me a lot but, i got her to try holding her pee, wel she decided to hold it all day, and sh did, but then that night she got off of the computer at about 11 (pm) walking to her room very carefuly cause she was about to burst, she put on her pj's, and then went into the bathroom and peed her pants. all the way, she had an accident riight in the bathroom. and i'm kinda playing that game with her now cause she's really doing it. so it's kinda cool. in reply to:

BRYIAN: i was almost 14 and she was almost 17. our birthdays are both in january and we played the game in the fall. i made her pee her pants once when she was about 14, i'll tell if someone reply's and says they want to hear it. otherwise i don't wanna write if no one read's it. so i hope someone wants to hear it.

yeah so this girl (let's call her orange) that peed her pants wants me to pee mine now. i dunno if anyone has any suggestions on what to do or in what way to do it or what i should try and have her do next cause she'll do anything. i'm gonna pee my pants i'm just wanting an idea or two of how to. so yeah i think that's it, happy posting!

8th guy
ps someday "orange" and i may pee our pants together, does anyone else ever think of doing this with the opposite sex???

Im back with another incident to write about. When I was 14, my mom
took my sister and I to an all you can eat buffet. It was'nt long before
I had to poop. While I was going, a kid came in and said, "oh, shit."
I continued what I was doing and eventually he said, "are you almost done", to which I replied,"no." Well, he was obviously panicking, and I heard him say to himself, "Im gonna go in my pants." About 5 minutes later I came out of the stall, and he was sweating bullets. I did'nt flush on purpose, and he went in without even closing the stall, sat over my stinky load, and unleashed. I could see everything while I was washing my hands, and his poop, coupled with mine, gave out an extra stinky smell.
I went back out to the table and told my mom everything that happened. When the kid came out of the bathroom, he had a relieved smile on his face. When we were leaving, we walked past his table and I could here him telling his folks, "I almost had to poop my pants." My mom over heard , too. She said later that she thought I was just trying to gross her out at first, but now she believed me. So, just for good measure, I farted loudly in the car, and it smelled like the dump I just took.

To Wayne: Sounds like a funny AD

To leather pants girl: Liked your story...your friend shouldn't had made fun of any one else pooping...its natural and we all poop

To Sonia: That bathroom sounds there a window in front of the toilets? Liked your story too

To Bill: I loved your story...His parents didn't say any thing?

I haven't pooped since i passed all that loose gassy poop...gotta go bye

Has anyone seen the Australian Unity ad where a guy walks into the toilet and uses the urinal, then a rough punk takes a leak beside him. He glances at the first guy and finishes. The punk then walks past him while he is doing up his flier and the flier catches on him as he yelps in pain.
This afternoon after school I had to poop so I walked into the bathroom, sat on the toilet and let out 3 big turds, wiped 8 times, flushed and sprayed.
MIKE OF MD: I prefer white seats for pooping but for peeing it doesn't matter because I always stand.
RING STRETCHER: Keep up your wonderful stories.

Infantry PFC
Well my 2 week training was much easier than last year. I've got a good army story for all of you who wanted to hear one.
One moring I was in a stall in the barracks taking care of business when another soldier came and and took the stall to my right. In the US Army infantry, we many weapons that are explosive. One of which is called a Claymore mine. In a training exercise any one who operates this mine must yell "Claymore" very loud when setting it off. The Soldier who came in and went into the stall next to me sat down and shouted "CLAYMORE" just before letting out a booming fart. Almost every body in the bathroom including myself started to chuckle loudly. I finished, wiped and flushed. not knowing or wanting to know who said that. There is also a rocket launcher we use where we must say "BACK BLAST AREA ALL CLEAR!" before firing it. Often when sombody farted some of us would say "You for got to check your back blast area!" and enjoy a laugh for a second. I have a few other stories of which might interest some , but i'll share them another time...

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