Last week me and my friend Jenn were at the mall. We went to the food court to get something to eat then Jenn told me she needed to use the bathroom and I did to so we both went to the restrooms. There were 3stalls and none of them were occuppied so we took the first 2 stalls next to eachother. I sat down and started to pee and Jenn peed and let out the longest fart I ever heard!!!! Then she was silent. I just had to pee so I wiped pulled up my pants flushed and washed my hands. Then I was waiting for Jenn. She started to talk to me and I can tell in her voice that she was grunting. Then she let out another fart followed but a bunch of plops. I guess she thought she was finished cause she stood up and I could hear her getting the toliet paper but then she sat back down and a few seconds later I heard a crackling noise and the a HUGE plop. Then she stood up again,wiped and flushed and we left.

Hello and good day to everyone! I have a story to share from last night. Kai and I went out to eat at a cool Italian restaurant with a group of five friends. While waiting for the food to arrive, the three other girls and I excused ourselves to go the restroom. We're all pretty open with this sort of thing, so it's no big deal. I was in the stall with my jeans at my ankles and peeing, when suddenly my best friend Riley stuck her head under the stall and yelled "Waaazup Kaze!!!" I yelped, laughed, jump a bit, and accidently kicked her in the head! She squealed, and laughed really hard in surprise, and accidently whacked her chin on the bottom of the door, which made it fly open while I was zipping up my pants. When the door flew open, it hit Kai's g/f Jamie. We were all laughing hysterically and trying ever so hard to supress it, for we knew that everyone outside could probably hear us. We all had tears in our eyes from the laughter. Finally, we regained our composure and ste! pped out of the restroom. EVERYONE was staring at us. We couldn't help but smile.

Has anyone ever been told by their parents or adults in-harge at time(teachers babysitter and the like) to go to the bathroom in their pants, in a strange place, or in a strange way?

hi, my name is elizabeth and i'm 10 years old. i was in the car with my mom and dad and my brother on the way back from our cabin. it was really hot so i drank lots of water and i had to go to the bathroom. i said "i gotta go pee really bad." my parents said i could go in my pants if i wanted because there was no where to go on the highway. i asked my mom when we would get to a bathroom and she said not for about a half hour so i decided to wet my pants. i let go and i started a flood!! my brother told me i was a human waterfall! well i hope you liked my story

I am taking care of the home of Steve and Louise while they are on their honeymoon. I think they will understand me using the computer. They are married now, and they had a lovely wedding. Steve looked very handsome and Louise looked very lovely and sexy. My boyfriend and I have spoken to them on the phone and they are well and very happy. PV, Ina, Robby and the gang, Rizzo, Adrian, Upstate Dave, Tim and Sarah, Kendal and Eleanor - I thought you would all like to know it went very well. I hope I have a wedding like that if I get married.
On the morning of the wedding day Louise had a bath with me and our mum. We had a laugh weeing standing upright, because we had just got up out of bed and not been to the toilet up until then. Louise was nervous because she wanted everything to go smoothly, and her wee-weeing was less forceful than I have often seen. It took her a very long time to get done. Over two minutes and she was still dribbling weakly.
Mum got out of the bath so Jackie could climb in with us, who pissed standing upright as well. When we got out of the bath after we shaved our female bits, mum asked Louise if she was going to have a shit. Louise paused to think and then shook her head to tell us she didn't think so. Mum had a shit and then so did I. Later when she was in her wedding dress Louise said she needed a shit and she thought it would be messy. With Jackie's help I lifted the dress very carefully so we didn't get it all creased up and that helped mum get Louise's knickers off so she was free to bend over the crapper. Our mum was then ready with toilet paper. Mum saw a softish lump come out and then there was some diarrhoea. It was all over very soon. Our mum watched it all come out and Louise said Steve would have liked to see what happened like mum had and we laughed about it. I heard tinkling and mum said Louise was only having a wee, and just like Jackie I looked so I was sure she did not get! her stockings wet. She really got going and did a nice hissing jet, and I know you guys out there will want to be told the details. Smile. Mum took care wiping and cleaning Louise's bottom, and after I wiped the wee off Louise's female bits, Jackie and I helped out with her bottom too. Oh, I think we were cleaning her for at least 10 minutes. Mum wanted her to have a totally clean ass so she was given a wash back there. I think I would blush if I had three other women looking at my asshole and wiping it. Smile. Louise said she had a friend who went through the same experience on her wedding day and she was more laid back when she knew she had finally cleared her bowel.

There is another Louise who sends posts in, PV, so that was not my sister who had a poo in her knickers. My sister has sometimes pissed in her knickers, I know she is a little bit into that as I am, but not pooing.
You read like a very caring person, and as another bridesmaid you would have seen Louise's look of joy when she was leaving with Steve, so you missed a special moment.



TO JOANNE - I really enjoy reading about you and Paul toileting together. I think it is a very intimate thing to do and the way you help each other with your motions is very caring and loving. If it also gives you both satisfaction well that is a bonus. Please tell me more about Paul's motions. I am interested how you help him with his constipation, I have done that with my partner Steve.

I find that if I lie Steve on his side on the bed and rub his back and his ????, it relieves his cramps. One time he was badly bound up with thick solid motions in his colon. I lay him on a towel on the bed and used vaseline on his anus to lubricate him. I inserted my finger into his rectum and spread the grease around, and I could feel the hard mass inside him. With some coaxing, we managed to ease the stool down his passage, and suddenly it was presenting itself at his swollen opening.

I was afraid that if he sat up to go to the toilet that it would disappear back up his passage. I told him to push down and get rid of it then and there. He was nervous at first, so I got some tissues and held them against his anus and said, come on love, get rid of it, nice big push...

He groaned and said it was cutting him like a knife. I rubbed his ???? and his anus bulged hideously, poor thing, this turd was stretching him open painfully. As it inched it's way out, I took hold of the black monster with the tissues and wiggled it to ease it out of him. He gave an almighty push and about 14 inches of hard dry stool slid out of his rectum. Towards the end of it there was mucus and bright red blood. It had torn him inside. My poor baby. He was distressed but I just comforted him and told him not to worry. He passed 7 or 8 small dry balls after this main log, then I wiped him - there was barely anything to wipe.

I put some hemmorhoid cream inside him afterwards to ease his soreness.

Joanne, do let us have more stories. I am also in the UK.


Punk Rock Girl
To JESSICA: Are you out of your mind!?! Yes, for God's sake tell your parents and go to the doctor!!! A broken, fractured or even bruised tailbone is serious. Just go get it checked out. So the doctor sees your butt, Big deal--everyone has a butt. Don't worry about it, just go and get yourself taken care of. Wouldn't you like to be able to sit on the toilet without being in pain? Get it checked ASAP! Best wishes.

To SEAN: Glad to hear you're empty again. Enemas may not be pleasant, but they usually work!

To MODERATOR: I haven't really noticed what you were talking about. I'll have to keep my eyes open. Being patronized and insulted is bad enough, but being patronized and insulted and not knowing it is even worse!

To BRYIAN: Yeah, Part III is one of the first movies I can recall seeing in which you saw a guy sitting on the toilet and actually heard farting and splashing. Part V has the guy reacting like he's shitting his brains out, but there's no sound effects. What a gip!



I like the girl and the toilet on the masthead. I am reminded of the bathroom toilet, the tile and the radiator at my grandmother's house. I rode a bus past her old house last week. There was a tiny window for air. It was sealed up. The house was remodeled. We moved out of there years ago. Some 30 years ago, I was a 13 y/o pudgy in 8th grade. I stopped there after school before I graduated. I was wearing my green plaid uniform skirt. I had to go after school. I rarely moved my bowels at school. I was inhibited. So, I had to visit the old lady and I would do it there. On the bus, I kept breathing hard to push it back. Before a bite to eat, I told her where I was going. I lifted my uniform skirt and tugged down my white panties. My white half slip was in the brief case. It was too hot to wear. So I took it off at school. I sat on the toilet and evacuated 5 hard pieces of doo-doo. Each was 6 inches. They dropped like boulders into a lake. I farted between the 4th and 5th piece.! I sat and pondered my future in high school when I urinated unexpectedly. After awhile I leaned over and wiped myself thru the front of my legs then flushed.

leather pants girl and pooping panties girl: I always wear my best pantyhose and underwear. Just, I never had an accident. I saw a girl at work bend over and she was wearing boxers. She had a nice shape. She is new about 18 y/o. I would like to bring her home.

Stan: I use pysllium in addtion to my dietary fiber. The results are spectacular. I agree. I have 3 movements, daily.

Anonymous movie guy
TO Jessica: You don't have to worry. I've hurt my tailbone pretty bad in football before. I know it hurts, but there isn't much you can do about it except rub hot ice or something like that to numb it every now and then. But don't worry, it's not serius and it will go away.

P.S. I would love to see britney spears on the toilet! that would be so cool! Same as JLO.

Have a great day!

Poop Fan
Anyone know of any current movies that show girls pooping or farting? Last good one I saw was "Not another teen movie".

What's the best female poop or fart scene anyone has ever seen?

Hi fellow pooplovers!
This is my first post with the 2 in my name (my last post I explained I saw another Stan in the old posts so Id begin adding a 2) This is only my fourth or fifth day hanging out and reading and posting here. I've already spent hours reading old posts and Id like to say hi to Punk Rock Girl and Carmalita....your posts are my favorites. I also enjoyed the posts Ive read so far from RJOGGER and Kathy his wife and am sorry they are no longer with us. Out of all the poop forums I have hung out at, this one is the best Ive seen so far. My only regret is that we arent allowed to give personal info that would enable any of us to meet in the "real" world or even be able to exchange photos by email...oh well. Anyway I hope I am welcome here...I realize Id be more welcome if I were female because the males out number the females here, but its nowhere near as bad here as it is at the other hardcore poop forums I've been to. I assume MOST of the guys here have the sexual fetish abo! ut ladies poop even tho we cant get into it here.
To Scarlet: I enjoy your posts too and to answer a question of yours from the old posts, I wear jockey shorts (never even tried on a pair of boxers) and that stupid hole to pee out of is pretty inconvenient to get open (try a pair on yourself and pretend your a guy getting ready to'll see what I mean). I just unzip my pants and pull one of the legholes aside and take out my penis thru there.


Hi just reading your posts about pantyhose pooping, thats happened to me before too, i always wanted to know how it felt to poop in my pantyhose, and one day i finally decided that i would do it, i put on a pair of white bikini briefs, by the way PANTY POOPING GIRL, LEATHER PANTS GIRL is right, dont wear boxers if you wanna try pooping in pantyhose or a thong, cos it will probably go down your legs, wear what LEATHER PANTS GIRL suggested, anyway, i wore a pair of bikini briefs and slipped on a pair of tan pantyhose, whichi i pulled right up tight, the kind whichi have a reinforced gusset, cos i wanted to make sure nothing came out down my legs and a black skirt, i went to work and sat down at my desk. Then i had the urge, no one was at the office as i get there reeal early. to make sure my poop was coming out, i put my hand under my skirt and poked my finger through my pantyhose and panties into my anus, and sure enough i felt something coming (i know this would have ma! de a skid mark on my white panties, but hey that was nothing compared to what i was about to do!) i got up and slightly bent my legs and started pushing, suddenly i felt my poop slid out and push against the fabric of my panties, ooohhhh that felt good. Suddelnly i heard someone coming into the office and quickly sat down on my chair, as i would have looked odd with my legs slightly apart and a smug look on my face! as i sat down i felt the poop, squash down( that felt good too!), i could feel the smell of squashed poop, filling the air and got up and made my way down the corridor, while i was walking i could feel the load in my panties swaying as i walked, the pantyhose was quite tight and mangaed to keep all th epoop in one place, as i walked i pushed some more and started filling my panties more and more, i hoped that the lump at the back of my skirt wasnt too visible!, i made it to the toilet and went into the cubicle, i slipped down my pantyose and as i expected they we! re solied but tnot too much, and slipped down my panties and ofcourse they were full of soft poop, i took my panties off and threw them in the bin, i pulled up my pantyose ( i know they were soiled but not too badly) and hoped that the reinforced part of the pantyhose would act as my panties. I went back into the office pantyless, and hoped that the skid marks on my pantyhose didnt smell too that felt good!

TO LEATHER PANTS GIRL: loved yout pantyhose pooping experience, pls tell more!
TO PANTY POOPING GIRL: id say go for it!, my advice is, wear pantyhose with a reinforced gusset, for extra support!!! and remember NO THONGS, NO BOXERS, but if you wanna poop straight into your pantyhose then go for it, but rememeber, it will take longer to clean up, and a log may go down your legs!, you may have to cut it out!!

Hello again to all,

I had a really nice poo this morning, you know those ones that just slide out in one nice piece? After breakfast I was getting ready to go out when I got that familiar full feeling down below. So I went into the toilet and got comfortable. I felt it starting to come out and it just slid out, it really felt good and long. It landed with 'sploosh' and a few more smaller pieces came out after. It only took a couple of wipes to clean. If only all my poo's could be like that!

The stall doors have been removed in the bathrooms of my university library. This means that I get to peep on many studs taking their dumps. One time, I walked in on this good-looking blonde dude with short spikey hair who was sitting on the toilet in the handicapped stall. I acted as if I had mistakenly not seen in the stall and right when I caught my first glimpse of him, he let out a huge fart and looked back and me and laughed, saying that it was o.k. and that he couldn't believe that they had taken off the doors, right then he stopped talking and started to grunt and strain and he lifted himself a little off the seat and I could see this huge turd emerging from his ass. I wished him well and left, but not before I heard him grunt and fart again. Does anybody know where I can find pictures of hot dudes taking dumps on the web?

Ring Stretcher

Well, here's a story I never told. I shit green dumps for a week! I had been going to an ice cream parlor that serves this brand of blue ice cream and for several days in a row I ate a few scoops. For about 7 days my shit was green! When I wiped it was really green on the white toilet paper, like green ink.

The other night I got painful cramps and thought I was going to have diarrhea. Instead, I let out a fart that rattled the walls and windows. It smelled like rotton eggs but my ???? pains were gone.

Today after work I went to the mall to look for shoes. I had to take a big dum and quickly went into the nearest restroom. As I finished pissing and began grunting out very pleasurable feeling billiard ball size pieces some gal took the stall next to me. She pissed and then sat there doing nothing. Well, I knew she was listening to me crashing out balls. I wanted to die of embarrassment but at the same time it was a thrill, you know? UH! splash. NNNNNUH! Splash! Each splash was going up inside my stretched hole. oh well. After my hole shot out 6 of these canon balls I moaned and sighed with relief. After wiping and patting my pussy dry I put the paper in the box for maxi pads. I'm sure that girl was wanting to see my production so I didn't disappoint!

Bryian--I'm not sure when I ate the corn, but yea, I can go more that a week without a dump, sometimes almost two. Jared said he was going to give me an enema if I didn't go by the next day. Some of my logs can ge gigantic when I don't go often! I can barely squeeze them out. It's like I'm giving birth, I tell ya! Lots of work, but crashing out large ones feels so good!

ANDRE--Thanks for liking my story!

LOGGER and RUSSEL--glad you like my stories. I'll post more as they come!

Can somebody please tell me if KIM & SCOTT still post on here?

leather pants girl
Today i did something that i have not done in years (since i was twelve any way) While at the mall today i needed to pee suddenly i mean like RIGHT NOW. I rushed to the ladys washrooms and OHHHHH great a line up ofcourse why not?.

I waited in agony i did everything i could to relieve my pain i crossed my legs i held my self (much to the disproval of an old lady)i squirmed i squiggled (is that a word?)but it was no good i suddenly felt the warm wetness trickel down my legs and making a puddel on the floor, i quickly hoisted up my mini skirt and i must have peed a gallon it arched out in front, i felt myself go bright red and i just wanted the floor to open up and swallow me i was sssssssssoooooooooo embarassed.

I heard the sniggers from everyone a little brat (sorry child)said to her mother mom that lady peed her self and laughed then went on to say she should wear diapers like me eh mom. (i wanted to throttel that brat).

anyway i left the washroom feeling very stupid and childish, my panties felt cold and my legs were wet the pee had gone into my shoes making a squelchy sound as i walked, the back of my skirt was dripping wet and i just know everyone knew i had wet my self.

I drove home allmost crying, when i got home my g/f was there ahhhhh good old lacy she just knows what to say and do to comfort me.

I love pooping my pants, but wetting them UGH!!!! no way that felt horrid.

punk rock boy
To Zina,
What a great story. Please relate another one just like it if you have one. If not, make it happen.

skater boy
i was out skating with my friends the other day, and wewere out by a facotry when i had to shit. so i ran to the nerest place alomst pooping in my pants and it was a subway. i got in there just in the nick of time and sat down and let out a ton of poop. I sat there for ahwile letting it out in pain but in the end i was fine so i wiped my butt and left.

punk rock girl: sorry about your butt i hope it gets better and what do u do if u have to shit like that

oh does anyone know a non pornographic site with pics of girls on the toilet thanks c ya for now

I'm posting for the first time so I hope you like my story. Well I am three years removed from high school, and for the most part glad of it. But the highlight of my first year, one of the best highlights over there, was in room 309(not the real number) in my intro. french class. After about two weeks or so, one day before class started I start looking out the windows at other classrooms and the one closest to this room looks different. I can't put my hand on it, I can't see what that room is supposed to be. So I ponder this for a few days and then another day, same situation except I ask this girl who is sitting next to me. I ask is that a changing room or something and she is not sure, but says i think that is the girls' bathroom. I get these jackpot with gold symbols in my eyes at the thought of that. Right on cue some girl goes into a stall and she says yeah it is the girls' room, see someone is on the toilet. I ask where and she says right in front of you there. Finally! my eyes pick up the image and I get stiff in the pants with a vengeance. Luckily she didn't see. So what we got here is my classroom and the windows of the girls' room is somehow a see through material of sorts. the stall is open to my view from the window in the shape of a left bracket like this ] so I can pretty much see a girl take her skirt off see a white or black ass before it sits down, and all that good stuff. Obviously it's not crystal clear so I can't know who it is but it's enough to get me and any guy who likes this stuff off. By the amount of time the girl sits on the toilet I know if she is peeing or pooping and some of the girls don't sit, just hover. Man i tell you it's great. But I was unfortunate in that after freshmen year I never got to be in that room again. I think the window material changed sometime after freshmen year too cuz when I would try to catch a glimpse from my original seat it wasn't very discernable. Or maybe my eyes weren't ! good anymore. It was my happy little secret. Oh and by the way in senior year i was in this room where the view was about the same except for the boys bathroom. This girl noticed that and kinda blew it off.Maybe she found it disturbing, I woulda thought she would be happy and then I would of told her my story to relate!

I like the masthead today (Saturday). It gives a whole new meaning to the expression sometines used in literature, 'doing her toilet' - more usually meant to imply the application of a lady's cosmetics. Here she is obviously sat on the loo and applying her makeup too! Not that there's any reason why she shouldn't toilet in both senses of the word at one ans the same time!

Punk Rock Girl. I was very sorry to hear about your accident with the coffee table and I hope you're soon feeling much better. Going to the loo can't have been very easy or comfortable for the last few days. If your boyfriend decides to invest in a new coffee table I'd encourage him to make sure its a solid wood one - or at least one that doeesn't break easily.

Joanne. Had any good motions just lately? I did another whopper last night with two big thick turds. Also I've had plenty to eat today and, working on the principle that one goes in one end must come out of the other, I think I'll end up doing a big jobbie either tonight or tomorrow.

Best Wishes to all


Mods: I posted a note a few days back saying I would add a '2' to my name because there is another 'Stan' that posts here. However the '2' doesnt show up (as it wont this time either.......why?

Wanted to respond to an old post from 'Will' on page 842 about his (ex) GF 'Courtney' whom he broke up with cause she pooped her pants all the time. You had a beautiful gf who pooped around you and you dumped her????? Are you nuts??

Becca - Welcome back! I was not here when you originally posted, but I have read all of the old posts and was particularly interested in yours. They were great! Hope to hear some new stories soon. By the way, I am 17/m.

elizabeth - Great story, I relally enjoyed it!

Blink Punk 182 - I liked your story, especially the part where you both peed your pants. If you dont mind my asking, how old are you? Anyway, it's always frustrating when you have to go to the bathroom bad and find it to be locked, and for a long time!

To the unnamed person who asked if anyone pees in pools, I answer yes. Obviously, this practice can easily be considered gross by some people, and I can actually be counted among them. When I'm in a pool and suddenly have to pee real bad, I'll usually just let out several squirts so I can make it until I'm done swimming. It feels too awkward for me to just whiz away in the middle of the pool.

When I'm on the beach, though it's a different story. If I'm sitting in a chair or standing/walking on the beach and have to piss, I'll start like most people by fidgeting and crossing my legs discreetly. But when it gets to the point that I just can't stand it anymore, I'll just start peeing in my bathing suit---even if it's dry. A huge wet spot forms and piss drips down. Being 17 and male, when I piss myself like this, I usually get some strange looks from the other people on the beach, but I usually dont care. I find this way to be much easier and just as effective as running down to the ocean to do it, a trip during which I'm usually starting to pee in my bathing suit anyway because I put it off 'til I cant hold it anymore.

I still havent worked up the courage to pee my pants in public if I get into the situation where there's no bathroom nearby and I want a little relief. The other day, I was driving around in a rural area and had to piss so bad I could barely concentrate on driving. I finally found a restaurant and pulled over. I got out of my car and my bladder hurt bad. That is the point at which I would have wanted to start peeing my pants a little to relieve the pressure. However, I managed to walk into the bathroom and pee without incident, except a sore bladder. I hear of people who just pee their pants in public, not to be exhibitionists, but because it's convienent, and wish I could do the same. Any advice?

Thanks for your time.


Sorry to hear about what happened, it sounded terrible. I cringed while reading it. My girlfriend did the same thing about a year ago. We were on summer vacation from school & her parents weren't home and neither were mine at the time. Early in the morning I got a call and all I could understand was that she fell and I needed to come over. It turned out she just woke up and started taking a shower half asleep in a bath/shower and fell backwards hitting the metal thing where the water comes out. She was in serious pain and bleeding. She was also embarrassed about going to a doctor but I told her it was rediculous to be embarrassed about something that could be very serious. Her parents took her to the doctor that night and they took X-Rays and it turned out no bones were broken, but it took over a week before she was completely ok.

I think that your injury will also heal, after all thats what the body is suposed to do. But you really should see a doctor about it. It's better to be safe than sorry. Please keep us informed on how you are doing.

My wife is pretty open about her dumps because she nows I like to see her on the toilet. She likes to sit and read Glamour or something else and go. One time she was flipping the pages of the magazine and I guess one the perfume samples bothered her. She sniffed and then sneezed twice. For some reason I was incredibly turned on. Anyway, she already lets me watch her on the toilet, now I am going to ask her to sneeze while she is going? Anyway, can anyone else relate to the sneezing thing or am I the only screwed up one.

I had another dream last night, it was stranger than the other one I had the night before. I was staying in a large hotel when I realised I had to get something from my room which meant going up the lifts. I walked around and found some lifts and I went in. To my surprise this lift was huge and had toilet cubicles in it. A man was standing near the door, apparently he owned the lift. Anyway the lift started moving but suddenly there were heaps of people and toilets (you know how dreams are weird and things change :) ). A person would come out of a cubicle and someone waiting would take their place. I thought to myself "I must get one that a woman has just used" as there were women and men using them. Then, nearly everyone using the toilets finished and left and the people waiting took their places. I went into a cubicle and found that it was simply a patch of grass with a hole in it and there wasn't much privacy so I decided not to use it and walked away. As I did I saw a yo! ung woman go there and bend over to wee. I regretted leaving but went on my way. Strange strange stuff!

Blink Punk 182
Today was a really embarressing day for me. I was at my girlfriends house and we were watching a movie. About a quarter of the way through it it felt like I had to take a wet shit. I told her Id be right back. I went to the bathroom and tried to open the door. The damn thing was locked!! Her dad was in there and that bastard takes forever! I waddled back to the couch and watched some more of the movie waiting for her dad to get out. Soon enough I started to move around and close my legs. She asked me what was wrong and I told her whatever came to my head first because I was concentrated on not having an accident. Ya know what I told her? My ass was itching!!! How lame was that but she giggled and started to watch the movie again. The funny thing was was she started to sqirm around too. Finally I heard the bathroom door open up. I got up and said Id be right back again. She said she had to do something too. We both got up and headed for the bathroom. Sure enough her little si! s ran in there. My G/F started hopping around and then I could see her pants getting wet. Then her pants got soaked! She let all her pee spray in her panties. She then began to cry so I went over to hold her. Something then began to smell. I looked down at her butt and there was a lump there. I started to laugh but then held it. I then let go of her and noticed something. She was looking at my crotch. It was soaked. I peed myself too. We both laughed only I didnt laugh so long. My mushy wet crap then came out in loud farts. She laughed so I wasnt too embarressed but believe me I was!! We just stood there in front of the bathroom door in our pee soaked and poop filled clothes. Her sister v\came out and laughed but we told her to keep her mouth shut. We went into the bathroom, took our clothes off ( man mine was messy! ) and set them down. Later we had to throw away the underware and panties. ( Thank goodness I wasnt wearing boxers that day! ) We then hopped in the shower and ! bathed each other!

Hi everyone. I have not posted much lately, mainly because not much has happened poopwise, and also because I've been very busy. For the most part, I've been more or less regular, going at least twice a day, and small to medium loads with an occasional large load. The massive pooping sessions I mentioned in my last post were part of the occasional cleansing I seem to go through every month. I'm overdue for such a cleasing cycle.

Last summer we had Christine as our intern. She will not be with us this summer because she got another intern job so she can spend time with her boyfriend. This summer we have two interns, both named Robert. They go by Rob and Bob, respectively.

Yesterday I was having a little problem with gas and had an urge to poop. I went to the ladies room. On the way I passed by Rob and Bob in the hall. As I got to the door to the ladies room, I let go a loud booming fart. It was within earshot of Rob and Bob, but I didn't see their reaction. I went into a stall, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my white panties and sat. I farted loudly, pushed out three large pieces of poop that plopped loudly into the toilet, and farted again. I peed for a minute, farted loudly and suddenly pushed out several large pieces of poop in rapid succession. I farted loudly once more, wiped several times and flushed the toilet. There was only a slight poop smell this time. I managed to fart away my gas problem. I noticed that Rob and Bob were all smiles for the rest of the day.

First time poster here. I love watching girls pee, better that they weren't aware of it because they seem more natural. Pooping, I haven't witnessed, but from the stories I've read here, some days I get turned on, and other days I'm like whatever. My first experience came when i was around 10. I was at a good friend of my mom's house, and I ended up playing with this girl named jessica who i say was about 4 or 5 at the time. Jessica has two sisters and a bro. but they weren't in the house that day, so it was me her and my bro outside playing in the yard. Me and my bro were hitting this soccer ball over a clothesline like a crude form of volleyball and Jessica was standing off to the side watching us. Then without warning, as if she was bored, she decided to drop her pants and underwear and sit on the concrete. My peripheral vision was good back then and when i realized what was coming next i hit that soccer ball over my bro's head at least into the neighbor's house three hou! ses away. while he went to get it, I went over to Jessica and just watched as she peed and the stream soaked the concrete. She was nonchalant about the whole thing, in fact she could see that she had me captivated. So what happened for maybe the next 2-3 months was that whenever i came by i would makes sure i played a little bit with jessica everytime and usually she would pee outside squatting somewhere out of view, kind of just a me and her thing. Paradise! The best was when one day i was chillin with her brother inside on the couch and she comes up to me and whispers in my ear that she has to pee. I subtley walk upstairs with her to the third floor bathroom of the house and she then takes off her pants and spreads her legs while peeing. the stream started off straight then veered left then back to the middle, back to the left and it trickled and was gone. I was so hard it hurt. That was the greatest. But all things have to come to an end. One day there was at least ten o! f us (her sisters included)in the basement of that house, everyone about 10-12yrs old, and we're playing
video games when jessica whispers in my ear again. But this time there is no way that i could have snuck away with her with this crowd around, and she is waiting for me to come, and i am supremely disappointed that i can't and i have to utter those painful words to her "so go pee". So she goes off and I know that I can never get it back again, like the garden of eden closing up. A couple of years later she is at that age where she isn't as bold as she was, so I have to back off like nothing ever happened, and i don't think she even remembers those times, which is probably best. But of course she might remember and just choose not to say anything. She's going to high school now and i am in college and we are still very good friends, and I'm always going to look out for her no matter what. Maybe one day the garden will open back up!

To Sean: Thats good that your feeling old are you? Just curious what age range you are since your mom gave you an ennema.

To Upstate Dave: Liked your old was that girl?

To Jessica: I'd think i would go to the doctor if i was you

To 8th guy: Never seen that another movie with bathroom sceens i'll post at the end.

To Andre: Haven't seen that

To Ben In Iowa.: cool story..liked it

To Donnie M: Liked your story

To dave): Liked that story

I watched a movie last night called Out cold and its about a bunch of guys into snow boarding and they work at this resort on the mountain..The resort gets bought out and the new boss wants changes and they really wanted some of these guys fired But they wanted to give them a chance so they gave them a drug test. Each guy went into the bathroom and peed and filled the cup all the way up. Then this one guy goes in and he poops in the cup. He must have had a 6" log. It was cool and funny. Any one see this?

Then Last night went out to dinner and alot the last few days.Almost immediatly after dinner an urge to poop hit me strong. I wasn't sure how long i was gonna be able to hold. Had a 20 minute drive home w/ a quick stop somewhere. I didn't think id make it home but i did. I had been farting alot. Then i got home ran into my bathroom sat and pushed out this huge log that must have been 12" and 2" thick. It broke in to an 8"er and a 4" er. Wiped alot and flushed
then later on i pooped more and it was long skinny pieces. Wiped alot again.
Well gotta run bye

hi, im a first time poster and i would like to hear about some great desperate pee stories. they seem to fascinate me!

TIM & SARAH -- thanks for your lovely reply. Ah, now I understand about the circumcision. Yes, that's a pretty serious situation and needs to be corrected. I'm just glad he didn't go through any suffering in the process -- and if he's having the same old fun now then that's great! I was wondering -- how did Josie handle the fact her brother's equipment "changed" abruptly? Was she a bit frightened, or curious, or simply eager for him to be okay again? It's pretty wonderful when a brother and sister can grow up this way -- you're doing a great job!

I had a couple of nice wees this evening, the first was just a regular sit down, with my little black skirt flipped up and my panties and nylons rolled down to mid-thigh. I weed silently onto the front of the bowl, then sat back to wipe from the front before rising. The second one was after I'd changed, so I pulled down my leggings and panties and backed over the bowl for a hovering pish, mostly onto the slpe but the last bit trickled into the water. I dried off standing, that time. It's such FUN to releive oneself -- and yes, I've come a long, long way from where I started some years ago. Tim, of course you could watch! Sarah too if she fancies it, or to have a go herself. You could catch me in a miniskirt suit, perhaps, with nylons and nice shoes, standing at a urinal of some sort, staring as if into vast distances as I unconcernedly open my bladder in a thick, rushing stream. Hey, I love the idea too!



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