i woke up this morning with a massive urge to pee so i ran to the bathroom i pulled out my dick and nothing happened but my penis hurt like hell i thought it was going to explode well i think i was straining then i decided to go back to bed and sleep through the pain and wow did it ever hurt when i layed down so i ran to the bathroom and i had greenish brown pee comming out has that ever happened to any1 else??

A new Ben
hey ive ben lurking here for a while, thought id answer a question...
JESSICA- A tailbone break is not really something to be worried about...first of all, just bruising it badly will cause the effects you are feeling, but it couild be broken. either way it doesnt matter, a doctor will just make you rest...there is nothing they can do for a broken tailbone because of the nature of the injury...i mean, have you ever seen an ass cast? hehe oh well, feel better!

This is one of my more memorable pooping experiences. When I was in 6th grade (Im now 21) I went to catholic school. I was sitting in the back of the class and suddenly my stomach started to grumble. I clutched it tight hoping no one would hear me. I started feeling sick, really really sick. I sat through class praying I wouldn't lose control of my bowels. As soon as class was over I sprinted to the girls bathroom and slammed the door to the first stall. I barely pulled my underwear down before everything I'd eaten in the past year exploded into the toilet in one huge volley. I sat there for a good five minutes with chunky diarrhea exploding out of me. I cleaned myself up and went to unlock the door, my stomach churned and I was back on the toilet for another round. After a few more minutes I managed to get to my next class. I was late and I got yelled at but I didn't care because my stomach was hurting sooo bad. As soon as I got home that afternoon I locked myself into t! he upstairs bathroom. I didn't really feel like I had to go but my stomach hurt so bad that I had to try. I sat on the toilet and pushed on my stomach and proceeded to pee out of my butt. One constant stream that lasted a good 20 seconds. There was no form, no chunks, just brown water. A big fart, then another stream. Another fart and an explosion. I managed to get out of the bathroom and layed down to watch tv. I didn't want my mom to know I was sick so I picked at my dinner that night. Within an hour I knew I had to have diarrhea again really bad but I waited until she went to bed. My stomach was in agony! I finally went to the bathroom and spent the next 2 hours exploding, I mean exploding! into the toilet. There was no form to anything, just brown water that kept on coming out of me with such force. I never knew that a person could go that much in one day. I went to bed and woke up fine the next morning. That was the strangest day.

Another memorable pooping story of mine. When I was younger (maybe 13) I would play bingo at the church with my parents. I had eaten a donut that evidentally got things moving along. I knew I had to take a crap really bad. I went into the womans room (which was thrilling because it was clean and 1 stall) and I sat on the toilet. I must have been there for 10 minutes. It was these thin ropes that kept coming. It felt sooo good. I looked into the toilet and it was full to the brim. I flushed 3 times before it all went down. I cleaned myself up and went back to play bingo. I was so excited from the experience that I went back again that night. I sat down on the same toilet and let go a little pee and another small rope followed by a squirt of diarrhea. I went home so excited that I touched myself for a week just thinking about it... come to think of it, it still excites me now.

To Jessica
See a doctor hon...sounds like you may have a minor fracture but where the spinal column is concerned, nothing is minor. Sounds like it could've been much worse. Id take the intiative myself if necessary and get something for the bottom of your tub...either a rubber mat or some of those "peel and stick" things for the bottom of your wont be expensive but will prevent a more serious accident in the future.

ive been reading alot of posts and heard of movies
well rumble in the bronx has a scene where a lady from a supermarket has to use the restroom this is when the building topples and u see her pooping on the toilet
you cant see anything but you could tell

Ben In Iowa: Thanks for your story, hope you will write more about outdoor-pooping later.

Kaitlyn: I read your story/post about outdoor shitting at page 920. I liked your story, it was wery good. I hope you can write som more storys about peeing and shitting behind that bushes with your friends. Im afraid i can't help your friend in the city, but i try. Is it possible that your friend can visit you in the holliday? Try to get her over in the holliday so she can enjoy the feeling of pooping outdoor.
greeting from a girl like you who like outdoor pooping.

Ps: I have not write any story here yet. Maybe it soon comes, but I am norwegian and not so good in english. But i think i soon shell try.

Greeting Jane

pooping panties girl
TO LEATHER PANTS GIRL, so have u pooped in your pantyhose on purpose, pls tell me about it, id love to know all the details!

Hi all
I was just reading the old posts on page 882 and saw another person named Stan on there...I am not the same Stan. I have only been coming here and posting for like the last 4 days ( happy to be here btw ). In order to avoid confusion from this point on I will go by Stan 2.
There seems to be some major competition here when some folks describe their poops as the amount they poop seems highly exagerated. I am very regular myself, poop EVERY morning after my 1st cup of coffee, and have what I consider a very healthy movement which consists of ONE good sized easily passed log. Im sorry but I find these stories of ppl pooping out 5, 7, 10 big logs (in a normal movement) to be frankly unbelievable ( tho its great fantasy material for me when its a woman describing it) I own a (woman) pooping video collection and have seen many women poop on tape and none of them do what is described by some folks on this forum. They are more like me in my movements.

Punk Rock Girl
Hello everyone.

Well. I'm laying here on my stomach typing this into my laptop. My outfit consists of a tank top undershirt and socks. Why am I nude from the waist down you ask? The same reason I haven't posted in a couple of days. I had a little accident.

I was at my boyfriend's house on Tuesday night. We had just finished you-know-what on his couch. As I got up, I tripped over my own feet and fell ass first through his glass coffee table. I got little cuts and scrapes all over my butt, thighs and lower back, but I got one deep gash on my right cheek. Ouch. He took me to the emergency room and I wound up getting stitches. My ass is in extreme pain right now, but it's agonizing to sit down. I haven't even gone back to work yet. On Monday, I hope.

My ass is black and blue and cut to shreds. It hurts to sit, it friggin' hurts to WALK! What a pain in the ass. (Ha-ha)

Anyway, this obviously poses some problems with going to the bathroom. I've been just squatting over the toilet to pee, but that's not a big deal. The antibiotics they gave are giving me diarrhea. I'm eating yogurt which helps a little. My ass is sore all over--including the area where my crap squeezes out. THANK GOD I didn't cut my anus. That really would have sucked. So I'm squatting to pee, squatting to shit, and wiping my ass VERY CAREFULLY, with those antibacterial wet wipes. I haven't had pants on since Tuesday evening before my accident.

I'm sure someday, I'll look back on this and laugh. But for now, I just have to wait until I can sit without shrieking. Actually, I've already had a good laugh with my boyfriend about it. He's staying with me for a few days. He bought me some cotton shorts that are about three sizes too big for me. Even they are uncomfortable, though. I'm much more comfortable with nothing on at all. He's being so nice. He keeps bringing me ice packs.

I'm not used to being laid up like this, especially for something so stupid. I'm counting on getting teased for years about this. I just hope my scars aren't too bad. I've always prided myself on my ass. Maybe this is retribution for something I did.

Anyway. I hope everyone has a better weekend than I will. :(



Stan, I have mentioned phyllium husks and lecithin at least twice but the posts never get posted. Jordan,you are right about boxers letting the poop slide down your legs and creating a mess. Jockey shorts hold the load in. Do tell about those accidents adrian had.

Ring Stretcher. I don't know how you managed to last without going for a good poo for 12 days. How on earth did you do it? No wonder you were backed up and had difficulty passing a motion when the time came. I'd not recommend putting it off that long again.

Sam. Some of the most beautiful women can drop enormous loads. You'd be surprised! It's lond been my theory that for reasons to do with evolution women are generally better at hanging on to #2 whereas men tend, on the whole, to have stronger bladders.

Annie (Robby's cousin). I enjoyed your account of stopping off at the gas station (garage) to use the facilities. It sounds to me as though you'd have wet yourself big time if you'd not gone for that wee!

Joanne. Thanks for the information about your routine and Paul's. I had a feeling that you were a 3 to 5 times a week girl. I was interested to read about Paul's accident but glad that his underpants and tracksuit didn't come to too much harm. It's frustrating when an otherwise perfectly good set of clothes has to be thrown away because they're too badly soiled to be washable. I used to have Liquid Parafin many years ago when I was young (if constipated) and I always found that it was gentle but effective. To be honest I wasn't aware that it was still available but I'm a fairly infrequent visitor to my local chemist so I'm not so well up on these things as might be the case. I was very surprised however that Paul didn't have a major wetting accident at the same time. Usually when I get it up in the morning the first thing I have to do is go to the loo for a good wee and I naturally assume other guys have the same urgent need for #1 upon waking. Glad you enjoyed ! the shower and a good breakfast. I can fully understand why you gave the sausages a miss though!

On Monday evening, straight after my evening meal, I went to the loo and did an enormous poo. I'd say there were 3 biggist logs, each about 9 inches long and 1.5 to 2 inches thick. It all came out very easily and effortlessly without any straining or feeling of desperation beforehand. Yesterday (Tuesday) I went again and managed to drop 2 decent logs, one about 6 inches long and the other about 4, both being good and thick (about 2 inches).

Best wishes to everyone!


TIM and Sarah
PV: Thanks for you compliments and nice thoughts. Yes, I hope that it is the right thing, we are teaching our girl there. I think ,she is very happy with it though. She seems to know where the limits are, but is so satisfied about having the possibility. Sarah and me have noticed that she is far less jealous, when Loewie or me are doing a standing pee somewhere. Maybe I imagine it, but I think I read "I could do that if I wanted to..." in her smile. Your wall-blasters make me smile a bit as well. Hit me, if you think I am a dirty old man (Sarah says she will happily do that for you, lol), but I would love to walk in on you to give my applause...Go ahead and have your fun, you are very right about it. It's great you have come such a way from your shyness to this. Who knows, maybe I meet my wife in the future, when I go to use a pissoir ;-). Sarah says "not yet", but twincked me an eye...She says she admires you though and cheers you on. Yes, Loewie thankfully is all fine. Di! d you mean his circumcision? That was last year and it's really not such a big problem for boys. We just somehow started talking about it, cause Steve gave one of his brilliant descriptions of a pee, I think especially the women liked. I replied that it seems to be more complicated to pee with a foreskin and mentioned that me and my son are circumcised. I was cut as a baby, so I don't remember. Loewie had phimosis, which made it more difficult for him to force the urine out and caused itchy infections, cause the foreskin could not be drawn back enough for cleaning. There was also the danger of it tearing, when we or him would try to pull it back so he could wee better. This would have been really painful. So we had him circumcised. He was a bit sore for a few days, and the first wee took a while cause he was scared, but not like a big operation. I was just sorry for him, cause he walked like a little duck for a few days, but it was more being careful than real pain, I hope.! But now he is all fine with no infections and can easily urinate. Hopefully, things are getting better for you and you are doing well! Love from Sarah and meX
Today it cooled down over here, which makes us all feel better, I think. Love to all our friends. Take care

PPMOM: Hi. How old are your kids? Did you try to talk to them about this habit of doing their buisness in the attic. It will probably have to do with some stress, like moving house, that your kids started having accidents again. I got quite sick at the end of last year, and our daughter sensed our worries and started wetting the bed again, although she is already five and was clean since a long time. We talked about her worries and supported her by waking her for a quick wee in the potty at night and the problem disappeared after a while. I don't know, if we can help somehow, but would be happy to, if you wanted to talk. Best wishes, Tim and Sarah

Hi all my last post did not make it my father has been in hospital so i have been unable to post.
Welcome to all the new posters it is great this forum is growing for all the new postres i am 31 male from South London hence the name i am also a big Clash fan.
Any way back on target i was sorry to read that PRG had problems pleased there sorted keep punking and dumping i posted as to wether you would consider a English gig maybe you missed my or i missed your post/reply.
Yesterday i heard the girl upstairs i'll call her Kate have a dump.
For those who are post such story's i can the upstair maisonette (apartment for our American friends) neighbours dumping noises although it is only females i like hearing.
We share a drive way with one garage Which is ours and they park in front of so at about 3.30pm she drives up an hits the garage door and i
look out of the window hearing the bang, there was no damage but she looked to ba agitaited with a uncomfortable look on her face and in a hurry. I followed her footsteps and she went stright into her bathroom at the top of their stairs directly above mine.
I heard the seat go down and a faint trickle then silience for about 1 min followed by 2 small plops about 30 secs apart. Then another 30 secs
later 4 louder plops one after the other then one very loud plop 10 secs after that then after about onother 20 secs a extremley deep loud ploooonk and a faint audible plop. She must have ben on the throne for just under 3 mins including wiping.
Any way after complaints of us brits posting to long i had better keep it short. I hope this is not too long Happy craps to one and all.
Bye London Calling

yo has anyone ever taken a shit or a piss in a swimming pool before? if so, tell me about it

euro hiker
To Jane, glad to hear you like outdoor peeing and pooping. So do I. Do you fancy coming for a hike some time?

Recently, I was staying in a youth hostel in Northern England. While I was cooking my evening meal in the members' kitchen, a woman of about 30 had just finished cooking and sat down to eat. She served herself a large plateful and left half a pan of rice and half a pan of what looked like curry on the stove. I thought she had left it for a friend or partner but to my surprise after she had finished the first serving, she served herself another large plateful. "That looks nice, what's in it?", I asked. "Just a vegetable curry", she replied. "Brown rice, eh? Plenty of fibre", I said cheekily. "Yes, I need some of that at the moment", she said.

We got chatting and she told me her name was Judy and she was from Yorkshire. She was hiking the Coast to Coast walk, 190 miles across Northern England in 14 days. I invited her to the local pub for a drink. It was about half an hour's walk away by footpath. She drank a pint of Guinness and started to become less inhibited. She told me how she had recently split up with her partner and had gone off hiking alone to seek solitude in the hills. There was a gurgling noise from her stomach and she told me that she had been constipated for a few days, possibly because she hadn't been drinking enough. "Guinness usually helps me go", Judy said. "Would you like another pint?", I asked. "OK then", she replied. She drunk the second pint and after about an hour she made a quick dash to the ladies toilet and was gone for quite a long time. "Any luck?", I asked when she came back, "No, but I was bursting for a wee", she said.

We left the pub about 10:30 p.m. to walk back to the youth hostel, Judy's stomach gurgling as we went. After about 10 minutes, she stopped for a minute and held her stomach. "Are you OK?", I asked. "I'm getting stomach cramps. I'll be glad to get back to the youth hostel", she replied. We walked for a few more minutes and she stopped several more times and held her stomach. "I'm bursting for a poo", she said. "Well, why suffer, we're in a forest?" I said. "Come on, follow me". I shone my torch into the trees and we walked well away from the path. I lifted a large boulder that was half buried in the ground to reveal a hole in the ground. "There, that's what you need", I said.

She told me that she always carried a toilet roll in her rucksack for occasions like this but that didn't help much as we had left our rucksacks back at the youth hostel. I offered her two Kleenex that I had in my pocket. "That won't be enough for what I want to do", she said. "But I can't wait any longer" she said, dropping her jeans and panties and squatting over the hole while I shone the torch so that she could see where she was aiming. A good solid log hissed out followed by a large soft pile then she peed a bit. "That's better but there's more to come", she said and squatted and grunted for several minutes until she was sure that it was all out.

"Now can I have those tissues please?". "No, let me", I said. "Surely you don't want to wipe my poopy backside", she said. "Oh, you DO want to wipe me, well I've never had anyone do that since I was 4", she said. She bent over and I shone my torch at her ample buttocks and gently wiped her clean with the two tissues. I threw the paper into the hole then unzipped my trousers and peed before putting the boulder back in position, leaving no trace and no smell. "I can see that turned you on", she said. She said she thought I was disgusting but admitted that she was also quite aroused. She kept her jeans down and I kept my trousers unzipped.... Then I woke up in the youth hostel dormitory.

Sorry to be so delayed with these responses:

Bryian - Glad you liked the story. And yes, I had posted it before, though it was a long time ago, probably my first ever post. This time, I tried to add a few details and delete the less relevant ones. I was not getting far trying to remember anything else to post, so I just retold an old story!

Adrian - Though I am not a soccer fan, I agree with what you said. I think it's especially true that football players can slowly pee their pants, a little at a time, and not have it show uo too bad. But i'm sure it happens to soccer players too! Thanks for your respnse!


Jessica, by "tailbone" do you mean your coxicks? (i'll be damned if that's the right spelling) It sure as hell hurts... I've never personally bashed mine, but I was in a nightclub and my mate Beverly stood up on a seat and then fell and banged her coxicks on the wood and her legs were completely paralyised for about 20 minutes. She couldn't feel her legs or move them or anything and she was crying for ages.

There's nothing embarrasing about damaging the base of your spine! I'd personally reccomend that you do tell your parents and you go to the doctors and get it X-rayed cos it wouldn't be funny if you've fractured or broken it cos you kinda need your spine to live :-/

All the best whatever you choose to do,


I like to sit back on my bare bum in the bathroom with a bit of newspaper under me and have a mirror in front. I like to take my time and slowly push and watch as a large hard compact log stretches me wide open and slides out crackling as it goes.

I have many stories to tell

If youd like to hear some either email or post.

Hello to you. My name is Hans and I live in Germany. I am a young man of 22 years of age. I am slim and am 1.8M tall. I have short blonde hair and blue eyes. I am actually gay, but I get on well with women. I just have no sexual attraction to them. I am a cook at the hospital in my town. Well, that is a bit about me. I have logged on to this forum many times and love it. I love shitting. I my appartment I have a bathroom with a traditional German toilet. For those unfamiliar with such toilets, they are quite shallow, a bit like having a shelf in the bowl. When you shit it all collects on this shelf feature. When you flush the water sweeps it forward to drop down the tube at the front and then on to the sewage system. When sitting to shit I always piss at the same time. The piss usually goes straight down the tube. I love my toilet very much because I can inspect my turds. I usually do turds of about 200mm to 300mm long and between 25mm and 40mm thick. Because any turd ov! er say 170mm hits the "shelf" before fully exiting my arse, I have to ease myself up off the seat to ensure the turd does not break off unnaturally. They make a great sight laid in my toilet, especially side by side or on top of each other, depending on how great a load I do. Sometimes I just do a loose messy pile. Depends on what I've eaten, I guess. My best friend who often comes to stay overnight has the same interests in his turds too. He is my age (and gay too). We like to sit on my toilet in turns while watching each other. We grunt (is that an English word?) for each other as we push our loads out. We love to both shit in the toilet before we flush it. It is so great to see the turds from both of us on top of each other. Yesterday Friedrich did a massive 350mm long turd and it was 60mm thick! This was on top of a good load I had done! We had to get a piece of wood to push all our combined shit into the tube, as it was too much and far too heavy to flush away as normal! . Friedrich and I both love shitting and pissing in our unterhosen (underpants in English.) We probably both shit and piss in our unterhosen once a week. The unterhosen we both wear is white Calvin Klein briefs or 2(x)ist boxer briefs. It seems these makes are worn worldwide. As we are both the same size, we often swop underwear. It's quite exciting to wear each others, especially knowing we have both shit and pissed in them. Hope this "post" is not too long for publication. Future posts will be more to the point. Sorry, I'm not a user of "inches". We only use metric measurements. I have found out that 1 inch is 25.4mm, which means you'll have to work out our turd sizes, etc, if you cannot comprehend the metric. Sorry about that.

Best wishes to everyone on this forum.

To Jane, yes there are quite a few of us who love going outdoors. I try and go outdoors a couple of times a week, sometimes more in summer, either shiting or peeing. I choose woods when I can as getting well off a path means I can spend as long as I like and can strip off first if I want to without risk of offending anyone. However an added bonus for me is to be watched by someone. I wrote a post a long time back describing one such time when a woman crept up through some bushes and watched me having a shit. She didn't realise I knew she was there. I've seen women peeing in woods a few times but that has usually been in woods next to laybys on French roads. The French seem to be much less inhibited about these things than most people are here in the UK. I can vividly remember one day years ago in the Pyrenees when I saw three different French women peeing. This was in some fairly open woodland next to some spectacular waterfalls - all that rushing water obviously had the usu! al effect on them. I've never been lucky enough to watch a woman shiting. Perhaps you could describe some of your outdoor escapades, so those of us who share your interest can imagine watching you - do you like the idea of someone watching you? I'll try and post again soon with details of some of my outdoor experiences here in South Wales.


Welcome to the board, dear, and you'll get oly the best advice here. First of all, that was an awful accident to happen, and I can entirely understand your embarressment over its nature, but -- and I stress this, BUT -- if you have in fact broken, cracked or displaced your tailbone, you absolutely MUST have it treated, and the longer you wait the worse the problem will become. A broken bone will reset itself but may not do so in the right position. If the bone is pressing forward against your rectum (agonizing!) it will create painful problems when you inevitably need to pass large, solid matter. If the bone resets in that position you will have a long-lived problem, and it will be more complex to correct.

The examination might be embarressing, but if the problem is looked at right now you can be assured of either receiving the propper treatment in timely fashion, or having a serious weight lifted from your mind.

Have a word with your Mom -- it's an accident, she can't hold it against you, for heaven's sake! And make a doctor's appointment as soon as possible. The mere fact you're still in pain days later means the injury was significant -- so have it checked out.

All my best, and I hope you're well soon,


I had an interesting dream last night! I was on a long train ride between capital cities when the train stopped at a small town along the way to pick up people. I had to do a wee so I got up from my seat and made my way to the toilets. I came to a door which had 'Mannos' on it. Assuming it was the gents I opened it to find a small room with a bath and a girl I used to know from school was sitting on the edge, dress hiked up doing a wee. I could hear and see it hissing and splashing into the bath. "Sorry" she said, as if she wasn't meant to be there. Of course it was fine by me! I closed the door to give her some privacy although I couldn't help sneaking a look or two. The door wouldn't shut properly and kept opening so I closed it. Next, I think I was talking to someone when I opened the door again to find about four or five girls in the room standing up, arms linked, weeing into the bath shouting "Feminine power!" or something similar.

Strange dream but one I wouldn't mind having again! :)

Thursay, June 20, 2002

Hi again!
I have been reading a lot of old posts here today and have noticed many complain of constipation. Altho I see many references to enemas and laxatives, I have not seen a single reference to the best natural remedy in the world. I am talking about psyllium husks. Proper use of this will not only get thngs moving, but will give you very bulky, yet easy to pass stools. I highly recommend them. There is however no substitute for a decent amount of fiber in the diet. Ppl who have never eaten much fiber, preffering meat and white flower products to ????, would have to adjust gradually adding more fiber to the diet, as at first they will be gassy and bloated and quite uncomfortable. A firm resolve to better th diet is required here to get passed this stage of discomfort while the body adjusts, but be assured that this is only temporary and the regularity you are rewarded with is worth it.

Hello everybody. I was just curious if anybody knows the name of any movies with girls farting and going to the bathroom. IF so , let me know where I can get them. Just email meas though that enema did the trick. I've never heard of anyone throwing up before because they've been constipated. Still, when you think about the bowels are really just a continuum of the stomach.

To the person who posted about it, I know from personal experience that antibiotics can affect both appetite and bowel movements badly.

PP MOM (ReAnn). Interesting post. Have you ever been to the loo in any unusual places yourself though?

Jessica. If you're still having pain after your fall/accident in the shower I would certainly tell your parents and get checked over by a doctor. It's important not to take risks if in doubt.

leather pants girl. I enjoyed your post enormously. It's not surprising that you filled your pants if you'd been letting off for an hour though. The likelihood is that you needed to go perhaps more badly than you realised before the first fart was out. I can understand your office supervisor realising that you needed to go home though.

Joanne. Thanks for the latest post. I had a feeling that you were probably a 3 to 5 times a week person when it came to having motions. Good story about Paul's accident. I'm glad his clothes weren't too badly damaged though. Years ago I used to have Liquid Parafin sometimes for constipation and it rarely failed to do the job!

Moderator. I appreciate the points you're making. However, I see no reason why posters shouldn't take a pride in where they come from our explain what may be unfamiliar terms to posters from other parts of the world. There is a phrase 'divided by a common language' and it is very true. Anything done to prevent misunderstandings can surely only be good. If a post is genuinely inappropraite, offensive or off topic you have the means to deal with it simply by spiking it.

Regards to everyone


Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone!

I'm going away on holiday so this will be my last post for a while.
I'll miss you all, but know I'll have a good long read when I get home!

STAN, You say you haven't seen any mention of people taking psyllium husks! I do and have mentioned it quite a bit as it has been great for me, and my turds are much easier and yet firmer since I started taking it. I don't know why but it often takes me quite a bit of effort to start my shit, but they feel great coming out, and are a bit bigger than when I was relying on fibre that was bunging me up and giving me small turds that took lots of effort to get done.
The great thing to know is that psyllium husks are not laxatives, they don't irritate the gut, and don't lead to dependency.

PRG, Hope you feel better soon after your accident. The problem with falling or tripping over something is the natural instinct of trying to save ourselves by stretching out hands that may get injured as well. What happened to you has made me wary of glass coffee tables, although I have heard of them being used for someone to watch the action of another person squatting over one and letting go, so to speak!
All best wishes to you.

JESSICA, Hope you get properly checked out and that there's no permanent damage. I once slipped and landed on my coccyx on a rock, but as I was able to get up and continue walking, I assumed I must be all right although I was in pain when walking for a few days.
It gradually eased, but I decided several weeks later to see the doctor who with just a cursory examination told me he didn't think there was any damage other than a sprain or bruise. For a while, I was fine except that after sitting down for a while, I had a lot of pain when I stood up but this only lasted for about 3 seconds.
About a year later after I was completely OK, I had this standing-up pain again very briefly, then about 2 years ago, after I'd done a lot of walking. This time it was quite intense for a few hours, then vanished completely, so it's possible that a nerve can get trapped, I suppose, then completely cure itself. Since then, no problems at all!

FROG DOG, When you said about sitting cross-legged on the toilet I was amazed! I've just tried it and found it difficult to do with my jeans and pants on, and can't recall having ever seen anyone sit that way. I wonder how it would affect being able to shit. It would certainly be impossible to piss at the same time! Anyway, glad you find it comfortable, and that your toilet seat is a good one to sit on cross-legged.

INOMINATE, I look forward to all yout toilet memoirs!
The boxed-in toilet you mentioned reminded me of a friend's house when I was very young. The outhouse had a toilet leading off it which was a long wooden box, but with a flushable ceramic toilet in the centre.
It seems that housing the toilet in a long wooden box was just the custom at one time, but as for the earth closets taking up so much room, perhaps the idea was for extra buckets to be stored under the woodwork in case the first one got full up.

HANS, Very interested to read of you and your friend watching each other shit and examining the turds you both do. German "Washout" toilets are certainly good for that, and I believe they were designed so that people could examine what they'd done, but for me, I'd really miss out on a good loud plop that you get with a conventional old style "Washdown" toilet. Do you find any of that type in Germany, and do you enjoy hearing other guys plopping loudly in to the toilet? I found a website in which a guy had made a survey of different toilets in Europe and found the toilets in Scandinavia to be like the British ones with a long drop to the water trap. He said some people complained of getting their arses splashed when they dropped one. I absolutely love that sensation myself!
A close friend told me he was in Germany and was sitting on a typical German toilet and he was doing a really long turd. As it came out, he felt it pressing on his arse as its size increased on the ledge, until it was making contact with his buttocks! Without going into detail, he found it extremely enjoyable!!
Once, he felt he was missing out on the familiar loud plops and splashes on his arse that he was used to, so one day, rather than let it flop onto the ledge of the toilet, he decided to sit back to front, and let the turd drop into the water down the front waste pipe. For the first time in weeks, he was getting his arse splashed again!
Look forward to hearing more from you.

As for my own shits, another terrific one today. The sound as I dropped one of them was LOUD!! Not because of size, but it was bullet shaped, so after the middle was out of my arse, it just shot out with a lot of force, and drenched my left buttock with the splash!

Best wishes to all of you, and have great toilet experiences!
P. Plop guy

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