Hi this is Sean again. Well, Last night i had the enema but i didn't give it to myself, my mom did. With me trying to be secretive about my problem just made thing's worst as time past. Yesterday afternoon after i posting here, I tried to use the bathroom but still couldn't go. I wasn't feeling good at all and began throwing up from not going to the bathroom for nearly a week. My mom found out i was sick and freaked out and took me to the doctor. He examinined me and told my mom that the nausea i was experiencing was caused from me being constipated severely as he put it and prescribed an enema for her to give to me when we got back home. When the time finally came and mom and i were in the bathroom, I was extremely embarrassed about having to take my pant's and underwear off in front of my mom and lie down on the floor on my side for the enema. But it wasn't as bad as i had thought it would be and the results were unbelievable. I want to thank everyone who responded so quic! kly to my post. BTW, my mom told me this wasn't the first time she had to give me an enema. On the way home from the doctor's office, Mom told me she had given me enemas on several
occasions before when i was little, but i don't have any remembrance of her giving them to me. Anyway, I'm feeling 100% better now and next time i can handle this situation without mom's assistance now that i know how it's done.

Take Care,

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Welcome back Becca. By the way you have a post on page 325. Ring Stretcher great post. Jane there is a lot of posts about peeing and pooping outdoors from both girls and guys. Welcome to Alexa. Sam great post. I only used a girls room once at a company picnic when I was 13 years old. There was abeer vender that had to go real bad and I told him Ill stand gaurd for him while he went. There was a ladies room right behind his stand. He went in used it. Then he came back out and I went in and used it. I got a free beer for watching his stand. I was tall for my age then 5'8". That beer tasted good!

Last night I went to the store and comming back I had an unintentual spotting. I live in a big apartment complex. The section we are in has a big grass courtyard. A lot of the kids come down and play in this area. There were three girls thatr were playing in the courtyard. Two of the girls live in my building and the third lives several buildings away. Two of the girls started to play chase on thier bicycles and the third said wait a moment she had to go to the bathroom.

She ran over where she lives and I thought she was going to run inside but she ran over by some pine shrubs next to her landing and instead of going behind them she stood next to them pulled down her black pants and stood with her legs bent slightly and bent over and peed with her ass way up in the air. Her stream shot back and splashed against the brick wall of the building. She pulled her pants back up and grabed her bike and took off after the others.

PP MOM (ReAnn)
hey! I have 2 children, each three, their names are Dayanna and Austin. They are toilet trained, but when we moved, they started wetting and pooping themselves again. There was an attic on the house, and when i went up there i found that it was inhabited by mice! So i got rid of the mice and put newspapers on the floor. Well, one day Austin went up and thought "Hey look my own potty spot!" I got a surprise when i was greeted by a small poop and a puddle! After that, Dayanna and Austin went potty up there all the time. When they have friends over they use the toilet, but other wise they go in the attic!
PP MOM (ReAnn)

This message is 100% true
I think I broke my tail bone or something, but im too embarrased to tell my parents and have them take me to a doctor about it. A few days ago I was rinsing out a hot oil treatment for my hair, and our shower is a bathtub/shower combination & there are none of those rubber things to keep from slipping. Anyway the bathtub was really slippery from the oil and I lost my balance, slipped and fell backwards, slamming the top half of my crack into the faucet thing. It was the worst pain I've ever experienced in my life. After the initial shock and crying for about 15 minutes I though I was fine, but Its been a few days now and whenever I stand up after sitting for a long time, or go to the bathroom or anything it hurts bad. I know I should tell my parents about stuff that is wrong but because of the nature of this I am embarrassed. Will something like this likely heal on Its own or do I absolutely need a doctor's help? Also I was wondering if anyone else has had a si! milar experience like this, and what did you do?

8th guy
hey, has anyone seen the movie extreme days? well theres a scene were the guys are in their car when it's raining, and the one guy says are you guys cold? just pee your pants it will totally warm you up! and then there's a scene were the guys and a girl are on the bridge and the girl says is there a bathroom up here? and then one of the guys says, just pee over the railing. and it surpised me cause it's supposedly a christian movie, didn't think they would say something like that =) okay thought you guys would want to know.
8th guy
ps i almost crapped my pants playing baseball (it was the runs)

where's Nealy and Cheri? The diarrhea stories are great.PLEASE!!! continue.

Ring Stretcher,
It's nice to hear from you. That 3"x22" superlog must've been a real effort to pass! Congratulations on your successful 'delivery' for the current reigning "Log Queen" of this site! I've always greatly enjoyed your stories. BTW, it has always helped me to pack my butt with vaseline BEFORE I try to take a huge hard log; or maybe you could try some of that liquid parafin (mineral oil) that our British friends use to easily pass their "fat, knobbly jobbies". I don't like to hear that anyone suffers unduly to pass a huge log. The experience should be mainly pleasurable for you! Again, congrats to you for successfully birthing that monster! BTW: Your boyfriend should record these events, like kimmie's scott did.
Which one is the real one?

Was just wacthing MTV'S Road Rules. They had to do a mission wich required them to gain 15 pounds as a group (there is six of them). And you see all of them just eating their stomaches out. They did succeded the mision and when they finished weighing you saw them throwing up. There was even a scene of one of the males in the toilet.

Ring Stretcher
Welcome back where were you ? I love your stories.

Plunging Plop Guy
Liked your story.

I was in high school in my senior year in gym class recently. I proceeded to do laps with everyone else and let out a HUGE fart from my white ass. It was so embarrassing.

This is a post that covers the last few days... I was recently told that I have a heart condition. Nothing serious, but I have to take one big dose of antibiodics before I see and dentist. So I went to the dentist on Thurs night, this was the first time taking the antibiodics for me. Normally antibiodics dont bother my stomach at all. This was a huge dose though and I didn't really think about it. Fri & Sat I felt fine, and I did not have a bm. This isn't very unusual for me. Sunday I had the urge and I sat down on the toilet and had what felt like a normal bm. When I looked in the toilet I saw a looong skinny rope. It went around the toilet twice. It was impressive. I figured it was from the meds and went on about my day. Monday I came home for lunch and found that I had no appetite, which is unusual for me. I forced myself to eat a half a can of spagetti o's and went back to work. I was feeling all bloated and a bit nausious. I got home and went to the bathroom to p! ee. When I undid my pants I found that they were really tight (normally they're a little loose). I felt a little backed up and decided to give myself a small enema to loosen things up. I always take them in my tub, I find it most comfortable. I insirted the nozle, and didn't even inject any water before I had a massive stomach cramp. I didn't even get to stand up to get to the toilet. All the sudden I squatted down and all of this gooey pooh began coming out of me. It was a constant stream like a soft serve ice cream dispenser. I squatted there for a few minutes and when I looked down there was an absolutely massive pile of pooh under me. It was all soft, but not runny, just a big pile of gooh. I stood up hoping to make it to the toilet but when I stood up I had a horrible cramp and suddenly more pooh came out. I squatted down again and for the next half hour I had wave after wave after wave of pooh. I finally was able to stand up and clean myself up. An hour later I went ba! ck into the bathroom and had another small wave. I went on about my night, and about 9 I was starving. I cooked a light dinner and went to bed. The next morning (today) I had indigestion like you wouldn't belive and another tiny wave of pooh before work. I went to work and by noon I was miserable. I came home, sat down on the toilet and nothing happened. I figured it was weird and climbed the stairs to go online. Half way up the urge hit, and it hit hard. I sat on the toilet again and had another huge movement of soft pooh. I had the flush the toilet 3 times so that it wouldnt clog. This is where the story ends so far...

Hey everyone. I just took another huge shit this afternoon. It was 3 turds, soft and thick. Man it was awesome, didn't even need to strain. Here's a story about the last time I think I pooped in my pants. Well I was 12 and I was out playing soccer with friends one day after school. Well all of a sudden I had to take a shit really bad. I wasn't anywhere near a toilet so I thought I wouldn't make it, but somehow I held it till the game was over. Well afterwards the urge wasn't so bad so I figured I could wait till I got home. Big mistake. As I was walking home with my friend Adrian the urge came back and it was so strong that I couldn't hold it no matter how I tried. I farted and next thing I know, my briefs are filled with shit. Good thing I wasn't wearing boxers. Well Adrian noticed the big bulge in my shorts and he was like did you just crap your pants. I said yeah. Well when we got home I went to the bathroom right away and took off my shorts. I saw that it was a big load.! I emptied it in the toilet and tried to clean my briefs but they were too dirty so I threw them away. Then I took a long shower. Adrian was cool about it all. He didn't laugh at me or anything. Besides I'd seen him poop his pants too but that's a story for later.

Leo: Hey, I'm from Middlesex county. It's cool to meet another jersey boy on here.

Andre: Do you have any new stories? Search for pooplovers.

To whoever asked about how far you pull your pants down, I pull them down to my ankles when I take a shit but sometimes at home I just strip naked. I'm 14. And I'm a leaner most times, but sometimes a stander.

leather pants girl
TO pooping panties girl. OHHHHHH yeahhhh i have pooed in pantyhose before lots of times, some deliberate and some accidently.

I was at work one day and i had a leather mini skirt on and white lace pantyhose and white panties, well i had been on the phone for at least an hour dealing with a real ignorant customer and i needed to poo REALLY BAD i was doing thoes little stinky farts one after the other and my stomach ached like OOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!.

It was while i was talking to this idiot )sorry customer)that i suddenly let out a big fart and as i did i felt poo filling my panties and pantyhose, it wasnt really diarrea but that very soft mushy kind, anyway i finally got off the phone and very quickly made my way to the bathroom, i went into a stall took off my leather mini skirt and slowely pulled down my pantyhose and panties YYYYYYUUUCKKKKK!!!!! i was a mess and i stunk really bad.

I stood there for a couple of minits wondering what to do, my bum and rear of my legs was covered in poo, i slowely pulled up my now very cold and smelly panties and pantyhose and walked out in to the office. I told my supervisor i did not feel well and was going home, she nodded i think she knew what i had done.

UMMMM you want some advice? ok i think first of all, dont wear expensive pantyhose get the cheapest ones you can, make sure your wearing briefs or bikini panties NOT BOXERS if you want to just poo in pantyhose go for it but remember it probably will go down your legs.

hope this helps hon let me know if you try it and how it turned out happy pooping to you and everyone on this board.

Ben In Iowa.
To Jordan: Glad to see your back.
To frogdog: I sit and spread my legs.
To Becca: Glad to see you back.
To Nick: Liked your story.
To Jane: I go outside sometimes.
To Alexa: Its nice that you clean up for your younger brothers' and sisters' accidents. They don't know how lucky they are.

I've been having some awful diarrea. Just a minute ago I barely made it to the bathroom to release another wave. Sorry for not posting but I haven't been able to get on and post here. Well heres some stories I have time to post. Well its summer and Ashley is here. Well last week we had some fun. Monday we put on our diapers and started playing video games. Well about an hour later she whispers that she needs to pee now,and I said me too. So we sat together on my floor and let our pee flow into our diapers. Tuesday we put on diapers and went for a bike ride to the park. We found the port-a-pottie and we peed our diapers in there, and threw them away. This was like this until Friday. Friday we decided to poop them. So we locked my door and stood next to each other and pushed are poop into our diapers. Afterswards she took a shower and I took one afterwards.

Yesterday I went to a really wooded part of the park to have a nice poop outdoors. I went pretty far until I found a nice spot next to a tree. I squated down and pushed out 2 big logs and 3 little pieces. I wiped with some toilet paper I had brought with me and left it there. Today I went back to that same spot and I found a girls pair of panties stained with poop and I thought that was a little surprising that they would be where I left my pile.

Well I hope I get to be able to post more often like used to.

More Later.

Donnie M
Ive posted a few times here, and happened to remember a funny story that took place when I was in Germany long ago.
I was in the army and like most guys went out Sat. nite for a few brews and see what chick you might run into.
With my buddies we toured several bars, and before long we all were sorta tipsy feeling no pain.
So then after a while, we all had to take a pee after drinking all that beer. I was sorta fuzzy and had to piss pretty good and started for the restrooms in this one country bar. I saw the signs on the door, "HERREN' AND "DAMEN". My mind not being to sharp reasoned, mmm.. Herren, ya thats the girls bathroom, Daman, the guys. Like " Da-men I reasoned. I went in, and took oout my pecker, bursting at the seams to piss. LIke most all little country bars, it had 4 whitewashed walls with a trough all along the walls leading to a hole in the floor. No toilets, just 4 walls, so you pick one and piss away.
Im pissing on the wall full stream and this chick comes in and drops her jeams. then her panties and started to piss a river in the trough.
I thought it was kinda odd, kinda sexy, but we hadda piss and so what the hell, this is Eruope.
She looked at me kinda funny and as I zipped upand walked out I noticed the next door to the room I was in. A couple guys went in. Wboops, I had mistakenly went and pissed in the ladys bathroom.
Thing is, that both places were identical, with 4 whitewashed walls in lime with a trench along the wall on the floor.
So I guess she didnt mind, and I didnt mind and I guess it wasnt the first time a guy went in the ladies side. Incendently once I did notice a couple turds laying in the trough cut into the floor.
Oh yes, one time I was with some buddies in this bar, called "Flordia Bar" There musta beeen a hundred of those in Germany. It was a dive, and had Dirt floors. The booths were along the walls and the floor in the building was dirt.
I needed to pee pretty soon as well as my friends. I observed my one buddy on my left-he unzips, pulls our his dik and points it to the floor under the table znd just lets go. I thought the joint smelled a little like piss, but then so do a lot of bars around the restrooms.
Needless to say I left, went outside and found a dark place and pissed there and didnt care to back in after eheckin out my shoes. I found out later after the other guys came out, one tried to piss under the table sitting in the booth, and missed, pissed down his pants. What a sight, but then we were kinda tanked so so cares........
Quite some experiemces. not to mention here yet about the sidewalk pissers in France and other places-for a later posting...........

I went into the bathroom the other day with my girl who was already sitting on the toilet. . She was pooping but I didnt know. All of a sudden we are talking and I hear the plops. I become very excited and decide to shit my pants. As she is looking at me she says " are you pooping", I told her yes. I shit my pants that day as I never had and I have lots of experience. She left the room but before she did, she made me stand there in it answering questions and watching her wipe. It was an enormus load and I will remember that and other pooping experiences with her as long as I live.
Dave. Punk rock boy boy.

To Steve S: Hey cool story...loved it

To Ring Stretcher: Loved your story about that huge long had that corn been in there? just said you been constipated for 12 days.

To nick: I liked your you think the little boy was looking at you cause he needed to shit too? or was there another stall in the bathroom?

To the unnamed poster about pooping in the cat litter box..i think its funny :)

To unnamed poster about watching your girl friend go to the story

To Punk Rock Girl: Didn't know friday the 13th had a pooping sceene...speaking of shows/movies that have pooping sceenes i know of some i'll post at the end of this.

To Sam: I liked your story reminds me of something that happened to me when i was 9. I was at this resort and i had to poop and i accidently walked into the ladies room. had to wait for the coast to be clear like yours. I think i once posted about this along time ago.

I've seen some shows/movies latly with pooping sceenes. Well On Comedy central theres alot of bathroom humor. Theres one show on there called Crank Yankers and its a bunch of puppets(sorta like seseme street but for adults) and there was this one black puppet and she picked up her car after having service and soon as she got it back she called them back and said..."There is a turd in my car". I didn't catch the whole thing cause i was telling my friend to watch it if he had it. Any one else see this? That was sunday. The Man show and south park has poop humor sometimes.
I rented Jay and Silent bob strike back and and Jay and Bob got busted for drugs and the officer had a piece of his drugs wraped up and hes like whats this? Jay say i'll show you. i put it in my underwear so i don't get stains. He pulled his pants down and farted. Nothing else was sceene. Any one see this? I liked that part
well gotta run bye

Russell S. (AR)

To Ring Stretcher: I send my greetings to you and Jared, and I really enjoyed reading your latest story. I do admit that you are one of the few girls on this site who go as far as to publish the "dimensions" of your huge BM productions. I just wish that I could find an attractive girl, like yourself, who is able to "deliver" such awesome BMs. I do admit that I prefer a girl who has a full figure, with hips spanning about two feet in width or more, as long as they are shaped properly. I used to date a girl like this, back during 1993, but I was unable to marry her on account of the fact that our religious denominations were not compatible. You see, I am an Episcopalian, and she was a Mormon. Her name was Melissa, by the way, and she was absolutely beautiful. I wish I could see her again, but it looks like that will not happen any time soon.

Anyway, Ring Stretcher, thanks for such a good story, and keep up the good work. I will be waiting for your next story.

Best Regards,

Russell S. (AR)

Hi All,

Sorry I've been incommunicado for a while, busy with this and that, family ills, college, you name it...

STEVE & LOUISE -- congratulations and all wonderful times for the future, I'm so sorry I wasn't here a few days ago when the message would have been before the fact! I truly wish I had been there for you, as a guest at least, if not a Bridesmaid for Louise (I would have been extremely honored to have joined in that esteemed group for you!) And of course the hens' night would have been a riot! (Yes, bucks and hens are the Aussie terms!) A beam with delight for you, and my very next gusher will be in both your honor. I loved the garden wees Louise did with Damsel, and Damsel's fabulous squat for Steve must have been an absolute pulse-pounder for you all -- to display herself in that way, then actually release her water for an appreciative audience, was truly wonderful.

Oh, and Lousie's poo in her knickers in the garden was really wonderful as well, it brought back memories of filling my panties under my jeans, which was something I used to do as a teenager -- not very often, but it was a bit of fun I indulged in a few times. I find myself wondering if it wouldn't be a nice experience to try again, following your lead!

TIM & SARAH -- I smiled a mile wide at your description of the kids playing in the garden, and Josie (that tiger!) doing her standing shot with the boys -- this is exactly what is supposed to happen, I really do believe, and you've served all their needs wonderfully! Lowie is over his little operation okay, then? I confess I missed the post where you mentioned why he needed it -- I find the thought a bit frightening, but if he's fine now and having fun, then all's well.

I've had a few interesting experiences lately -- I've pooed as many as four times in a day! One day my second and third bowel-openings produced 11-inch x 1-inch turds, plus assorted other lengths each time, then the fourth sitting produced a 12-incher as well! Another day I was releasing very narrow poo, but dropped a 15-incher, and an absolutely pencil-thick blast of wee. Another time I built a pile of loose poo right up out of the water! I'm in college again from time to time, and have weed in mens'rooms again a couple of times in quiet periods, real wall-blasters on two occasions.

Greetings to all my friends here, especially Annie & Robbie, Sarah & Meghan, the whole Carmalita Gang, Kendal & Andrew, Kim & scott (where ARE you guys? Please post!) Ina, Rizzo, PRG, and everyone else!

Cheers from Australia,


Hi all!
Its funny how often Brittney Spears name comes up on poop forums. Wonder if she has any idea how many ppl are interested in her poop lol! Tied with Brittney is Jennifer Lopez...must be her generous ass.
I was curious. Since Im new here, I couldnt help noticing how "British" this forum is. Was it started by a Brit? I get a kick out of the British slang term "Jobbie" lol!

No. This is come up before and we have seen quite a bit of misinformation about it floating around. There seems to be some kind of trend toward posters from the UK posting posts that are 2-3+ times the size of the average post. Chances are this is due to more free time, due to age, financial standing etc. Now, you have the good and the bad of any population. The two or three eternal malcontents are also from the UK. They got so bad, geneated so many complaints, and so many people just came up missing when they started riding on them, that whe had to pass the rule stating that "Everyone is different: Find a constructive way of dealing with it beside disparaging them". They don't post much any more but we've been reading their pot shots and gripes both here and on other sites ever since. We created a forum that despite what people who more often than not failed to read them say, is for everybody. If you are allowed to post you should allow the next guy the same courtesy, not set out to pick and choose who the next guy is.The old posts are full of something interesting that they started. Stuff in parenthesis. It may seem like a little thing but it really ammounts to the pinnacle of xenaphobic disrespect and contributes to a sour atmosphere. Pointing out where you are from constantly and defining every othe word makes for terrible reading. There is no rule against it aside for the country codes on the name line, which now simply get misplaced. A metric conversion is not exactly harmful either, however to a reader, having notes put in targeted at them, alegedly to define common words is insulting. This is one of the more complained about items. Read the cause and effect any way you want, but up until this became commonplace, the demographics of the people who post, matched the demographics of all the people who visit exactly. The number of posts was also correlated with the number of people that visited that week. Now, they don't match any more. The number of people posting is dropping also. For the consparicy theorists, only one person has ever been banned from posting and that was for violating nearly every rule constantly for several years straight even after countless warnings. Everyone else is just gone.

I have been very titilated by the number of ppl that post about pooping their pants (I skip the guys stories always...only into stories about female poop).I too get the urge to shit my pants occasionally, tho most of the time I resist the urge and just use the toilet because I hate the cleanup poop is always fairly soft and any underwear I have on will hav to be thrown away. However I do give in now and then. I have been doing this on and off since I was like 8 yrs old. I enjy it immensly when I do it even tho I hate the cleanup afterwards.

Tim and Sarah
ANNIE: Nice to hear from you again. We hope you are all fine. I was sorry to hear about the embarrassing moment for dear Meghan, but am sure it was a good load to get rid off. I guess itĻs one of these situations Ina and PV would rightly demand urinals at the ladies for, so Meghan could have done her buisness in peace, while the otherĻs could do their maybe urgent pees in the meantime. Mind you, from my experience at the menĻs room peace isnĻt always granted either. I am better and back at work. Only one more treatment to go. After that we will hopefully all be going curing in a bath by the sea. I got a prescribed and paid stay and so did Loewie for his asthma, so we will generously take our girls with us ;-). Congratulatiions to Sarah!!! Hey, Robby, what's up? Can we be of any support? We are sad to hear there seems to be something wrong. Sarah sends you a big kiss on the check and a hug from me, if I may...We understand there must be difficult moments. With very best wishe! s from all of us. Love from Sarah and me, also especially to dear Annie

I wrote a post with some replies to our friends which is now on page 920!

ItĻs a big heatwave over here, which is knocking us all out. In the afternoon I could not take the heat in the office anymore and left early, although I have got a lot to catch up with, but I couldnĻt concentrate anyway. We went swimming at a lake with Sarah the kids, Peter and Robert. We lay in the shadow after swimming and Sarah and the kids fell asleep. After a while I noticed Robert looking around. He has got his knee injured and canĻt walk very well amd did not feel like swimming either. I figured he had to pee, but it was too far for him to walk to the toilets, which are miles away and he did not want to go into the water to pee during swimming like everybody else. He looked round for some bushes, but it was far to crowded. Then he checked on us: The kids were asleep and so seemed Sarah. Peter was reading and I tried to work a bit. So he sat a bit next to his blanket and casually let his penis hang out through on of the legs of his trunks and peed carefully into th! e grass, pretending nothing was happening... He looked at us to check and I just smiled and continued reading. He got a bit red that I had noticed. Peter grinned and watched him. Shortly after he finished, Sarah woke up and asked me to come to the water with her again. We went deep inside and swam a few strokes to get warm. Then came the moment when you usually casually swim a bit on one place and let it flow. At this moment Sarah came towards me and gave me a hug. She grinned and said: "You need to do what Robert just did?" I grinned and nodded. We both smiled at each other and weed together. What a lovely moment! I got her confession she took a glimpse at RobertĻs pee and found it "interesting".
I have to go. Very best to all our friends, Tim and Sarah

ROBBIE: Whatís wrong, my dear? I was sad to read Annie is saying you are not well. I think about you four so often and miss you as well. Can I do something to cheer you up? Itís so hot here at the moment. I have some cold water in the bath and sit in it a few times a day to cool down. I have to admit I let my wee flow while in it as well...I just put a bit of rosemary and mint essence in it, so the water is nearly clear. I look between my legs and see the wee coming out and making a yellow cloud in the water. Itís floating away and diluting with the rest. Did you have a pee in the shower in the morning? Please post again soon. I miss you! I hope you arenít sad because your daughter is a grown woman now and does not want your money anymore ;-). Big hug and kisses. Yours Inaxxx

ANNIE: Lovely to hear from you again. I sent a small reply to your last post, but got kicked out. Donít know why. I promise to write a reply tomorrow. Maybe I make it before the site gets changed. I have to go now. Love and hugs and thank, thank you, thank you for always sending me some nice words! Love Inaxxx

Love and promise for replies to all other dear ones!

Tueesday, June 18, 2002


How does everyone "sit" on toilets? I know some like to sit. Some cross their legs. Some hover. I, however, find taking a poop easier if I climb onto the seat and squat. Kind of like a Japanese toilet. Anyone agree?

Steve S
To Bryian: No I didn't see him poop. However we do a lot of things together. We both ride dirt bikes and one time after a long ride we stopped on top of a mountain we had just climbed to rest. We both decided to go pee before we started to ride again. We were satnding next to each other going when he started squirming and stopped peeing. He said a turd had started to come out and he needed to take a dump. My motorcycle has a pack on the back that we carry tools and extra spark plugs and of course TP so I grabbed the TP for him and he went just a few stepps from where we were standing. When he finished he yelled at me to check it out. He was really proud of his large turd laying on the ground

Ring Stretcher

I took the fattest dump this weekend. I hadn't shit in 12 days and knew when I would it would be a whopper! Boy, was it ever! Jared and I were at a cookout Saturday and I felt my bowels stirring after being dormant for 12 days so I whispered in his ear that I had to go REAL bad. NBot wanting to clog someone else's toilet we said our goodbyes and went home, which fortunately was only a 10 minute drive.

I ran into the bathroom and stripped down and sat my gorgeous ass on the potty and began moaning, sweating and grunting out a HUGE LOG that was like adobe. My ring stretched wider and wider as Jared encouraged me to push harder. NNNNNNNNNNUH! NNNNNNNNNUH! UH! O! NNNNN!

It was stuck only an inch out of my quivering extended hole and i looked up at Jared through a haze of sweat and tears. He took out a bottle of Vaseline and reached underneath me and lubed me up. "This is almost too big for anyone to pass so I'm gonna help pull it out," he said.

As I pushed with everything I had he pulled on the monster log. my entire body was trembling with effort as I pushed and pushed! It felt like I was trying to have a baby I tell ya!

We got 10 inches out when I yelled out of frustration "Why can't it just come out!?"

I sighed and leaned back on the toilet as my big boobs rose and fell from me panting from exhaustion. Jared still had his hand between my legs; i released a little piss on his hand but he didn't care. He was getting a thrill watching my ring stretched open( I stood and showed him) to accomodate this monster log.

I leaned forward and went up on my tip toes and grunted so hard and strained so hard as I twisted and turned on the toilet I swear I woke up the dead, haha! At last it started moving and I yelled "It's coming out!" Finally dropped into the toilet upon which I moaned loudly in relief.

"Holy shit! I yelled. "Look at the size of that thing!' I said. We got a tape measure and it was 22 inches long and 3 inches thick! It was medium brown in color, a little lumpy with bits of corn and other food visible in it. The smell asn't too bad. And there was nothing to wipe.

I was still trembling from the effort it took to release it from my bowels. My poor hole was sore and opening and closing for several minutes afterward and my face was red and puffy from my exertion. Jared took a paint scraper and broke it up into pieces before flushing. Then he rubbed some lotion on my sore hole. He had to piss so I held his dick while he went. It was the least a cute girl like myself could do for her man.

nice to have you back Becca

This is a true story about something that happened today in a Hardys.
I had just finished eating and went into the bathroom for a nice sh*t
I noticed a kid in there about 8 years old. I went in the stall and closed the door and started doing my thing when I saw a set of little boy eyes peeking through the crack between the door and the stall.
Well, I was a little taken back, so I said, "can I help you?" He answered "no", and want back into the next stall. I could see him in the mirror through the crack, and instead of closing the door to do his thing, he stood there listening to what I was doing.
Then he turned toward the toilet, unbuttoned his pants, and peed in the toilet. When he was done, he bent his knees a little bit and started straining. My god, I thought. This little dude is pooping his pants. And he was. He walked out of the bathroom, but did'nt make it out the door. I heard him say, "I don't have to go." Then his mom said,"Get back in there." Then he said, "I pooped my pants." The door closed and I was able to finish my sh*t in peace.

I am a 17 years old girl who loves to pee or shit outdoor in the wood, behind some bushes, at a parking place and you name it... It is so good to just sit down there outdors and do what I must do of peeing or shitting. Is there anybody else but me than like it? Girls or boys? Can you write down a story who is about peeing outdoor? I mean a spectaculary story that has happened when you do it outdoors...
Thanks to the boys and girls who write a sutch story.

Ps.If there is somebody that have done it outdors when you just have to and have a spectaculary story about it are you welcome to write it down.

LOUISE AND STEVE: Here is my second try to wish you a wonderful future and a long happy life together!!! Hope to hear from you soon again. Love from Ina

Dear ANNIE: First of all again thanks for your recent thoughts regarding my worries about the standing pees. Well, it happened in the meantime and I came out as a Ďstand up peerí to my flatmate and another friend. It wasnít in any way uneasy and I donít know why I was so afraid. In fact it was the same like my other coming out, where I was also so afraid to get bad reactions and so far it was quite the opposite. So I took that as an inspiration. I just felt I wanted to mention it before it became a too secretive and big issue, I was starting to feel all bad about. I mean, after all I just found a practical way to wee and itís not like I am killing squirrels in the park at night or smear my poo on toilet walls. Ok... I left the wees in the basement unmentioned, fair Cause this is trulely private fun, even I donít feel talking about.
It all started on Saturday , when we were having a big party. Some girls were talking about the world cup (soccer is still regarded a male thing over here) and one guy was complaining about that. He said to another guy:"Letís talk about something, women know nothing peeing standing up" (their last hope, lol, little sexists...) I told them I do not want to disappoint them, but...One guy look at me and ask if I could pee standing? I looked him into the eyes and said very convinced "yes"! It might have been the bravery of a few bottles, but I am so fed up with the guys thinking itís their birth right which makes them superior...Itís really politics over here. Then suddenly his girlfriend said: "Oh yes, we can do that as well" and grinned. That was the end of it and I donít know if he took it as a joke or seriously. In any case I decided itís time to carefully (!) spread the news, cause I am afraid, the boys have to learn that there is nothing superior to them, ! not even in the way they relieve themselves. The next day I told my flatmate about the conversation and she asked if I could really do it without getting wet. It turnd out she heard about the finger method before, but found it too messy and wasnít bothered to practise, but also heard before of cultures where it is commom for women to pee standing. I showed her my last spare travelmate and she found it interesting, so I gave it to her. I donít think she has tried it out yet, but wasnít enstranged by the idea at all. She said, for her it wasnít ever such a big issue, but realised when she came to Germany, that is is such a big topic between the sexes here, like educating boys to sit down. She thought in the beginning, itís less messy and was all for it, but realised that there is much more behind it. It is seen as the last fortress of masculinity. Well, though for them. Itís falling. She said that reactions like showing of with it, like those boys, would annoy her as well. We! talked a bit about it, why it is more of a wish for me than for her, due to childhood experiences, but I never felt like she was enstranged by me. I was so relieved! Somehow I told another friend also about the battle of the sexes discussion. I jokingly said that the guys shouldnít be so sure about being the only ones. She asked if I practised? I told her my way and asked her if she wanted a travelmate as well, as I have to order some to have a spare one? She was like, sure, order a few, some other friends will want one as well and is a good present! How cool. She said, she saw some other products on the internet ( I was suprised and thrilled she looked it up), but those were more like funnels and one use only. She was a bit suprised when I showed her. We joked about ordering many and then selling them in long queues to the ladies at the upcoming street festivals over here. Unfortunaltely you need a bit of practise for the travelmate, otherwise it might be an Th! ere you go, what a freeing experience to again find out, my friends donít think I am a pervert after all. I think this will be the end of confessions for a while though.
Hope you are all fine. Please, donít ask me about the job. I am so sad and frustrated about that. I would have gotten a job on this great project, but they cancelled the film last minute, probably cause some greedy hollywood actors coulnít get enough millions. So not such a good topic at the moment. Congratulations to Sarah though! Itís also nice she isnít going too far away. I think her dad still needs her. And, ROBBY, they still need you. Hopefully until soon. Lots of love and hugs to all of you. InaXXX

PV: Hi dear, I guess the above story might interest you as well. I also think often about you. We would be a great female pee promotion team, demonstrating two differnt methods to shoot out a stream. I even confessed to my friend, that I used a urinal, when I was all alone at work, cause she asked me if you could go to the menís with it. It might take a bit of time, but maybe I will one day get somebody to try out a pissoir with me. Wouldnít that be fun. Wish you could be here, so we could do a proud tinckle together. I also love Timís and Sarahís stories. Wish I have had parents like that. Take care and lots of love to you

CARMELITA: Hello my sweetie! Thank you for your dear words and wonderful story! I am thrilled about the hellos from everybody at the house. I would love to meet your great, unconventional family! Would I have loved to be there when you had your poop in the woods!!! There are no great news from me, but I havenít pooped yet today and I think Iíll go cycling in a minute. So maybe I can write a nice story especially for you tomorrow....weíll see. Hope to hear from you again soon, hot, lovely lady. LOTS OF LOVE and special greetings to all, Ina

Hellos to RIZZO (please write more stories like your wee the other day, it was great!), EPHERMAL, PPG, KIM AND SCOTT (are you still around?, we miss you), PRG and especially dear TIM AMD SARAH ( hope you are fine and coping with the hot weather! What a sweet story from the lake!!!) and everybody else, Ina

Hi Fellow Toidyteers!!
Hope everyone is ok! I want to thank the MODERATOR for his/her clearing up some misconceptions about this forum. Also I agree that this forum is for everyone and no one should bash someone else!! Well, on to the subject at hand.
Annie, Meg and I went bike riding early yesterday morning. The trail is long and curvy. There are some trees along the route. It is a little over 3 miles long. We had stopped for a quick rest. I saw Meg and Annie were looking a bit uncomfortable. Annie motioned to the trees and both of them found a spot that was some distance away from the trail. Meg pulled down her tights and squatted. Annie followed. I had a view from the rear. Wee was jetting out of both of them. Suddenly a long log started inching out of Meghan's bum. She was grunting ferociously. It got Annie to giggling. I guess Meg was in such pain that she didn't join in. I walked over to her and asked if she needed some help. She turned bright red and said "NO"! That thing finally dropped out. It was a whopper!! Both of them took some tissue and wiped themselves. We continued on our ride until I had to stop and wee myself. Annie watched, Meg didn't!!
TODD AND DIANA: Loved the story!! Todd, that was a good poo you did! Also that was a sneeky look you did on Jackie, hehe! How are the twins? Take care! Lovexxx from Robby, Annie, Meghan and Sarah
INA: Hi dearest!! Yes, I have been a bit sad and mopey. There are some issues weighing on me. You forget I got Meg to support. She, however, has found a job at the University so she is employed this summer, Hurray!! Annie has been a dear. If I could speak to you in person we could discuss this, but this is not a therapy forum. Thank you for your hugs, love, and concern. I need them. It must be bloody hot in Berlin!! I could see you virtually wee in the bath and make your water all nice and yellow!! Have you used your travelmate lately? Keep with us. I will try to post more often. Lots of Lovexxxx and Big Hugs to you, my dear, from Robby, Annie, Meghan and Sarah
PV: Hi Gal!!! OOOOOOOO! You must be hitting on the bran lately. Pooing 4 times a day, huh. Those look like major jobbies!! Bucks and hens, huh? Well, I will have to remember that,LOL! Glad you are back in college. Good luck!! Annie and the girls send their love. I think Meg has blasted some urinals at school. She won't tell ME, though! Lots of Lovexxx from Robby, Annie, Meghan, and Sarah
TIM AND SARAH: Hi dear friends!! Tim, it is so good to hear that you are back at work and feeling a tad better. I won't go into detail but yes, I have been feeling very sad and down lately. Annie has been a rock of support. Thank you, Sarah for the sweet kiss. Yes, Tim, you can give me a good hug! We always will support you, Sarah, and your family. Now, that was a nice wee that Robert did at the campsite. A little sneeky!! I loved the water wee you and Sarah did. Sue and I did that many times. It is a wonderful moment!! Sarah, you are a dear!! I will pass on your congrats to my Sarah. She found an apartment in downtown Houston. We will move her in this weekend. She won't start work until late June. She has a new computer so she will be posting separate from us from now on. TIM, I hope you and Loewie will have a restful and curing time at the baths. Maybe some loo stories coming back, hint, hint! SARAH, give our hi and love to Josie and Loewie! We think so much of you! !! Take care! Lots of Lovexxx and Hugs from Robby, Annie, Meghan, and Sarah!

This post is a tad long! Regrets to the Moderator!
HUGS AND LOVE TO: Nieces Kendal and Ellen, Nephew Andrew(Lawn Dogs Kid), Ephermal, Jane and Gary, Steve and Louise, Damsel, Rizzo, Carmalita, Jake, Nu, Pat, Renee, Tesa, Kimmie and Scott, Adele, Eleanor, Jeff A, LindaGS, Elena, David(Berlin), Diva, Bry, Adrian, Ellie and Little Lou and all of the other wonderful posters here!


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