Hi i'm new here. Anyway, i have 2 brothers and 4 sisters, all under the age of 11 (the oldest is ten). As the oldest, i spend endless time taking care of wet panties and dirtied jeans. My 9 year old sister Destiny pees her self all the time. My brother Rian (who's just six) poops his pants daily, so i have to clean him up all the time! It's annoying, but i love them so i survive!

A little story on my wife. We were at a rodeo, sitting in the bleachers across from the main bleachers and the restrooms. She suddenly turns to me and says, "I have to go to the bathroom" I said It's a long way over there, are you going to make it? I thought she had to pee. She said she had to poop, she had a concerned look on her face. The way to the restrooms was to walk behind all the bleachers, and go around the arena. As she left, I said to her jokingly well if I see you standing down there with your hands on your hips I'll know what you are doing.

I watched her walk away. She did look good in her tight but not too tight jeans. She always did. I noticed her walking fast then slow down with a few steps, then stop. She reached back and touched her butt with two fingers, then smelled them. She then took about five quick steps and stopped and stood there for about 30 seconds. She reached back with her whole hand and felt and patted her entire butt, then walked about 25 feet to a hitch rail and leaned on it with her crossed arms. All this is taking place about 50 yards from me. After standing there for several minutes she spred her legs a bit and slightly bent her knees for about 15 seconds,then stood back up. She then reached down between her crotch front and quickly felt herself. I knew what panties she was wearing and could only imagine how full they were. She continued to stand there but turned to look up at me. She saw me looking then pointed to her butt. She then put her hands on her hips as if a signal. I w! as aroused to say the least. She does not know this. Anyway she walks back to the bottom of the bleachers like she has a load in her pants, stops at the bottom. I'm watching. She yells up "I didn't make it! Three times!" Three people look down. It was just starting to soak through her jeans in places. Not bad yet. I came down and we walked to the truck. It was a long walk with not many people, it was clear for anybody to see she had messed her pants and it was staying in her panties. By the time we got to the truck it had soaked through pretty good. She said it was starting to run down her legs. When she got in the truck and sat down it squished up her back and slightly smushed out of her panties. I wish she would do this more often.

Got home today an walked in the house and found the cat that HAD
a perfect litter box record, broke it ! Right in the middle of
the floor. Well, I was a bit peeved and this thought suddenly
over me. I picked up the cat, walked straight to the litter box
put the cat on the floor in front of me, pulled 'em down, and
droped a nice sized solid turd right in the middle of the litter,
said to the cat "there, the favor is returned" , pulled 'em up and walked away. The cat whined complained and circled around what he thought must have been the mother of all turds till I finally
disposed of the litter and put in fresh. He HAD TO GO RIGHT
THEN AND THERE ! Maybe lesson learned maybe not. Time will tell.
Any others ever share the cats facility HEE HEE :-)

pO ne nite as my girl friend were watch TV and thinkin about going to bed to screw she said she had to go to the bathroom. I knew she had to shit as when she had to pee she would say so but shit was I have to use the bathroom. Wewere both horney and I followed her to the toilet and I slipped in just as she closed the door."what are you doing" she asked. 'What does it look like " I replied. I told her to just go like normal and that I wanted to watch. She immeatitly got red and said that that it was not a good time and maybe later as she needed some privacy.But I could tell in her voice that she was not totally serious. "come on get out I gotta go" she anounced I'm not leaving.I rep-lied as I sat on the edge of the tub. As this is going on she has positioned her self on the toilet with her panties around her ancles. Just then a fart came out of her lil hole and she became red as a beet.Not able to wait any longer she hesatatingly loosened here s

NYC Dude mentions about the girls knowing if he was peeping at them through his hole. Well, I had unbelievable luck in that no lady was ever aware that the hole was there. The way the mirror was set up, it totally covered everything. Also, I tweeked the lighting in the bathroom to further camouflage things, the light reflecting off of the mirror into their faces. That made it more difficult for them to see straight, but made my view of them that much nicer. I remember a diva type lady named Cassandra spending a few nights at my condo. Cassandra was a dark chocolate colored 23 year old gal, well built and I mean that. She had nice big thighs, rear end, etc., smelled as sweet as brown sugar. One night she was not feeling well complaining about constipation and stuff, that time of month type shit. As she went into the bathroom and closed the door, I took up my position in the closet and proceeded to remove the towel rack that was suppose to be hanging losely on the door. Now! I new that cassandra always took all of her clothes off and sat on the toilet completely naked! I tried to remove the towel bar but it somehow got some of the caulk on it and it would not budge. At that point, I could hear cassandra starting to grunt a little and I got really excited, hard, and desperate to get that dam thing off so I could get to my peephole. I lost all control, I broke out in a sweat, I pulled, tugged, the whole time the door was shaking. Cassandra said in a straining voice, "Rick what is going on there, what are you doing". I repied "oh baby, I am in the closet trying to find those JIMMY's but dam, I can't. find them, this is wacked". All the sudden, pop, I got it off, glory hal-le-lu-jah. I got it off just in time to see her grimacing and drop a big fat turd out of her pretty ass, kerplop into the toilet. Ahh, I could see and hear her sigh in relief, her thighs relaxed and her ???? expanding after that push of her bowels. She just sat there for anothe! r 10 minutes to recover and to probably give the smell a chance to go away. Ohh, I had the JIMMY's in my pocket the whole time. Won't. take up too much of your time today, see ya.

Bryian--glad you liked my story. I'm 22.

don't you guys ever shit in the woods

Punk Rock Girl
Punk Rock Boy-- Hey you! I live on the opposite coast, New York City! I'm not disgusted by my own shit, I just don't get a kick out of looking at it. It doesn't gross me out or anything. It may seem weird, but I'm not self-conscious about any of my bodily functions. Peeing, shitting, puking--everyone does it, and if people see me or hear me doing it, big deal. BUt the substances these acts create, that's another story. Maybe the same reason a cat overs its shit with the litter. I don't get repulsed, I just prefer not to see it, or have it be seen by others. That shit is MINE!

Sean-- Giving yourself an enema is very easy. Enemas help not only when your constipated, but also if you have diarrhea, or simply to accsionally clean yourself out. Here's what you do. Go to the drug store, into the laxative aisle. Buy one of those FLEET single use enemas. They're usually $1.00 or less. Get the regular kind. The package gives you instructions on how to position yourself, but don't bother with that. Drop your pants and lay don on your stomach. Insert the enema tip into your rectum slowly. Then, with one gradual squeeze, squirt the water in the bottle is as empty as possible. Then lay, just like that, for about ten or fifteen minutes, or until you feel like you can't hold it anymore. Then sit on the toilet and let it rip. It's easy, safe, healthy and quick. Don't be embarrassed. Everyone has bowel problems, and remember--your mother changed you, wiped your ass and probably gave you th occasional enema when you were little. She's the same m! other, so don't be bashful!

Bryian & Adrian-- Thanks for your concern about my ass. It's much better. I had another huge dump over the weekend, but it wasn't as hard or wide. Felt really good, actually. The last little bit was a bit gooey, though, so it required extra wiping, and I was out of paper. I had just gotten out of the shower and didn't feel like showering again, so I walked to the drug store next door and bought some TP. THe kind with aloe was all they had. I got back to my place, dropped my pants and wiped--ooooooo, soft, cool and smooth. I might be switching to this aloe stuff. Makes my ass feel super clean and soft!

Some friends of mine had a FRIDAY THE 13TH marathon over the weekend. Not really a marathon, Parts 3, 4 and 5. My friend has a copy of Part 3 in 3-D, very cool! But what does this have to with pooping you say? Well, both Part 3 and 5 have scenes with a guy taking a shit. And in all of them, the guy DOES NOT WIPE when he's done. In Part 3, one guy hears a noise, and gets up to check it out without wiping, after what sounded like a pretty hefty dump. Another guy doesn't wipe when the outhouse he's in shakes and he leaves to see what's up. In Part 5, a guy has chronic diarrhea after eating Mexican food. He's shitting his brains out in a really nasty outhouse, and his girlfriend starts shaking it. He gets pissed off and pulls his tight leather pants up without wiping what I assume was a pretty messy ass! Gross! I mean, it's happened to me a few times, but when you have the time to do it, DO IT!

Readers of my first post will recall it involved me having to perform with my band for an hour with shit squashed between my buns while I was wearing leather pants, because I'd had the runs right before our set and there was no paper. But I had no time, and ruined a nice pair of underwear in the process! ALWAYS WIPE YOUR ASS! It's worth it in the end..hardy-har-har!

Take care, and peace to everyone!


Hi, Sean

I read your post on how to take a enema. A enema is very to take if you are constipated. I did read that you have never had one I take that your mother never gave you an enema as a kid. Well let me advise you on what to do. Go to the pharmacy and purchase a enema kit consisting of a hot water bottle that comes with a hose, clamp, and several nozzles there is a douche nozzle a larger one and a smaller enema nozzle set up the kit according to instructions on the box, once the kit is set up fill the water bottle with warm soapy water best soap to use is ivory the bottle is 2 quarts hang the bottle high from the shower rod in your bathroom lubricate the enema nozzle (smaller one) insert the nozzle into the rectum get down on your hands and needs (doggie style) open the clamp on the hose and let the water flow into you. Take as much as you can preferably the entire 2 quarts this may feel uncomfortable to you and you may also get stomach cramps that means the enema is wor! king when this occurs shut off the clamp on the hose wait about 5 to 10 minutes and expell the enema on the toilet. While you wait for the enema to work you can still be cramping try and tolerate the cramping once you expell the enema the cramping will subside and you will feel much better. Do another enema using plain tap warm water as a rinse take the 2 quarts again to clean out any soap residue in the colon. I would do this at least 2 times a week. I suggest you do this by yourself you really don't need your mothers help.

So, good luck and post one here and let us know how you did with the enema.

Take care!

Sean: I understand, have that too sometimes. It can be difficult to use an enema yourself. If you want relief fast, and easy you might try a glycerin suppository. They work quickly and are easy to use yourself, and they are more comfortable. You can get the store brand called glycerin suppositories, adult size. Just push one in as far as you can...they you can put your pants back up and do whatever you want while it works. Hold it in as long as you can...until you feel like you really have to go badly...usually about 15-20 min or so. Let me know if you try it buddy. Good luck

Becca Welcome back

To Jay: I liked your story

To punk rock boy: Liked your story..Do you and PRG know each other or something?

To Sean: Go to the drug store and buy an ennema and you insert it up your butt and squeeze all the water out and you hold till you got to poop bad

To Ben: I pull pants down to ankles and im a Leaner.

To Plunging Plop Guy: Nice

To ryann: I liked your story...never had that problem. Where were your parents when you peed in the potted plant?

Nothing new happening..pooped a little

Nick (from Canada)
It was asked how far we pull our pants down when sitting on the can. I pull mine down to my ankles unless I'm in a washroom with a wet floor and then I'll let them down to just below my knees.
When I was in high school, I only pulled my pants down just enough to uncover my ass.
I'm 35 and a leaner.
Hope that answers the question.

I was about 20 years old and me and my friend were at a pretty fancy restaurant. We were waiting for our order and I suddenly had to take a shit. I got up and walked through the door with the sign "RESTROOMS".
All of a sudden I had to go so bad that I rushed to the first door I came to without realizing it was the Ladies Room. It was empty at the time. I got my trousers down and sat on the toilet as quick as I could and the shit started coming out. Only after that initial relief did I look at the wall of the stall and realize that there was a dispener of feminine napkins. I was suddenly scared of being caught and arrested as a pervert and was going to get up and get out NOW without even wiping my ass. Just as I stood up the door opened so I quickly sat down again, my heart beating a mile a minute. Throught the spaces between the door and the jamb I could see a very attractive middle aged woman (kind of reminded me of the movie star Dianne Cannon). She went into the stall next to the one I was in and I was so scared that somehow she would know there was a man next to her and she would start screaming or something. Then suddenly there was this LOUD farting sound from her! stall then those short spurty farts as the turds started coming out of her asshole. The stink was unimaginable. I wanted to stay for the whole thing but I decided I'd better make a run for it while we were the only ones in there. I still was too scared to wipe and was trying to zip up and fix my belt when she let out another LOUD fart and said "Sorry". I did not answer, needles to say. I opened the stall door and as I was walking out of the door another older lady was walking in and gave me a funny look but said nothing. Later back at my table I watched in the direction of the resroom door to see the movie star lady when she came out. When she did come out she passed right next to me as she made her way back to her table. I had never before imagined a beautiful woman farting and shitting and I was thinking that she could never imagine what I had seen and heard.

Todd & Diana
Hey friends on the toilet!

We have a new story to tell. It was on Sunday afternoon. We were invited to a girl's graduation party. By the way her name is Jackie. We were there about 15 minutes when I told Diana that I needed to go to the bathroom. So I went into the house and found the bathrooom. I had locked the door and walked over to the toilet, pulled my pants down to my ankles and sat on her toilet. I noticed that she had a collection of YM magazines. I thought to my self well I have no choice, so picked up one of the magazines and started to read. First I started to pee and then followed by some long farts. I pushed out two good sized logs and realized that it dind't smell very good in there. Then I sprayed some of the wizard spray. After that I flushed the toilet and proceded out of her bathroom. I opened the door and there was Jackie saying that she was waiting to get in for at least 20 minutes. She said I have to take a big dump too. I said have at it and then I walked out of the house. I ! had managed to walk around the house to find the bathroom window. The light was on and Diana was with me. We were right next to the window but could not be seen. We heard Jackie peeing, farting, grunting, droping logs in the toilet and every once in a while we could hear he turn the pages of a magazine. She managed to come outside a half an hour later. Well that's our story and tell us what you think. Lots of Lovexxxx Todd and Diana!

Hi louise, loved your story about pooping in the garden into your panties, i read that you like to wear pantyhose, have you ever tried to poop into your pantyhose, if so, id love to hear about it, i and id love to hear some advice about how i should go about it, if the pantyhose should be thick, or if i should wear opanties underneath or a thong etc, id really appreciate you advice. Keep writing.

pooping panties girl

Have you ever pooped in pantyhose???
If so, id love to hear a story about it. like ZINA, i also wanna try it have you got any advice???(LOUISE/LEATHR PANTS GIRL)

Annie(Robby's Cousin)
Hi Friends!
Well, I am back at least. We went up to Robby's father's home for Daddy's day. Meghan went with us. Sarah has found a position with a big law firm in Houston so she is down there. We are all thrilled. Robby hasn't been himself lately. He will post later, I hope.

A funny thing happened to us on the way up there. We had to stop for gas and Meghan and I went to use the ladies loo. I went first and sat myself down. I urged my wee out and it shot forward. I thought I had weed a gallon. I was soooo relieved. I wiped myself and got up. Meghan then pulled off her trousers and knickers. She sat down and started to push. A loud trump ripped forth. A queue was forming outside the door. Meghan suddenly said;" It is stuck". A piece of poo was hanging out of her arse and she was grunting with all of her might. There was banging on the door. I stuck my head out and said that my cousin was having trouble. Those ladies looked none too pleased. Finally Meghan shoved that monster out. It had to have been 20". It curled up in the bowl. It took three flushes to get it all down. As we walked out the "ladies" gave us a real dirty look. Robby howled when we told him.
**** STEVE AND LOUISE: We know you are on your honeymoon. We also know that the wedding must have been beautiful!! We wish you all of the best!!! Lovexxx Annie and the gang
****INA: Hi sweetheart! Hope you are busy in the designing biz. We are glad your tests came out negative. We miss you! Lots of hugs from Annie and the gang!
**** KENDAL, LAWNDOGS KID, and ELLEN: Hi dear ones! Either you are finishing up your finals, Andrew, or you all are up at the Lakes. Uncle Robby is really sulky. Hope you can cheer him up. We need some loo stories! We miss you! Lots of Lovexxxx and hugs from Aunty Annie,Uncle Robby, Meghan and Sarah!
**** RIZZO: Are you out in the boat weeing artfully over the side or sneaking a peek at another weeing lass thereof,teehee!! Miss you! Lots of Love from Annie and the gang!
****ELEANOR: Hope you are settled in your new home and can see yourself in that black tile when you go to the loo. We won't look, we promise!! Lovexxx from Annie and the gang!
****PV: Hi gal!!! How are things in Aussieland? We can picture that tall redhead hosing down the beach or the men's loo!!! Take care! Lovexx Annie and the gang
****DIVA: We loved your story about the "Fidelio" incident. As you have learned, your fellow singers are not so discreet. Take care!! Lovexx Annie and the gang!
****CARMALITA: HOLA! What a wonderful story!! Enjoyed it to bits. Robby has been moping around the house. Don't know what the trouble is. He does have his regular dumps!! Some are real whoppers!! Take care, sweetheart! Lovexx to all of you from Annie and the gang!


HUGS TO: Tim and Sarah-hope you are ok!!, Todd and Diana- we miss you!, Jeff A- Where are you!, Damsel-hi girl!!, Adele- enjoyed your stories!, Kimmie and Scott- We lost you!!, Ephermal-hi honey! Hope to speak to you,soon!, LindaGS- Hi there!, Adrian-hi!, David(Germany), Jane and Gary-hi, you two!!, Ellie and Little Lou-are you coming back?, and all of the regulars and returning posters!!


Monday, June 17, 2002

In answer to the questions you both ask, you will find the first part of my answer in Post 920. Someone had written anonymously in Post 17 'do u pull ur trousers down 2 ur ankles,shins,knees or thighs ...?' I assumed it wasn't the previous poster, because I didn't think she would have testicles.
When a student, I gave up the ankles for the thighs position, but then in my late 20s, I became 'ankles' again, so I didn't stay 'thighs' when older. This was because I was training my elder son (my wife later attending to our second child, our daughter). Part of his training was to see me on the toilet. Making him pull his trousers down to his ankles (a) taught him how important the daily morning exercise was, equal to teeth-cleaning, and (b) enabled him to empty his bowel completely, because he could fidget about. Rarely does he have to 'go' again during the day. Now aged 7, he is now sharing with me the responsibility of training our 3-year old boy. I am trusting him more and more to do this on his own, and he is very gentle but very firm. The first thing they learned to do for themselves, before the age of 2, was to pull their own trousers down. I would point at the top of their trousers, and say 'Ankles, please.' The verb 'to ankle' was added to our reperto! ire of euphemisms when our youngest - when aged 2 - one day caught hold of his brother's hand one day and said 'I want to ankle, please'.
On wiping, I am obviously a LEANER, not a STANDER. (I open up my sphincter, push the tissue partly in, and wipe. Then I open it up again and withdraw the paper. I am not a LIFTER, my testicles being trapped behind the toilet seat.)
Incidentally, is a PhD going to come out of all this research?

The boxed in toilet I referred to had no lid, but didn't smell. It had a flushing system of a sorts, which we activated with buckets of water, tipped in with some force. I've no idea whether there was a sceptic tank somewhere, or whether it was connected to a main sewer. I never liked to ask anyone. Incidentally, have you seen the toilets or 'netties' at Beamish Museum, near Durham? In the North East, the 't' sound is often replaced by a glottal stop, so it would be pronounced 'ne...y'.

jamie: are you britney spears little sister? because her name is jamie lynn also.

Adrian, Paul and I have a motion whenever we need one. Generally I have between 3 to 5 bowel movements in a 7 day week. These can consist of either one really huge jobbie, or two or three reasonably big turds or a big whopper and some smaller lumps. Of course when I am constipated I might pass a load of big fat balls, great sound effects as you can imagine, lots of "NNN! UH! OH! sounds punctuated by "PLOONK! PLOP! KAPLONK!" noises. Paul usually has a motion every other day but, unusual for a male, he tends to get constipated more than myself and passes big hard jobbies sometimes. Of course, now that he has got over his initial diffidence we toilet together when with each other and I massage his ???? if he is having difficulty doing his motion.

I told you about the accident I had a few weeks ago, Paul has now agreed that I should tell you about one he had a week after mine. Now ironically it was because he had been constipated that it happened.

Paul had been constipated for a couple of days and there was a big hard turd up his back passage. Careful digital examination on my part proved this. Now as he was staying overnight with me I suggested that he take some liquid parafin, which as many others who post here have said is not a drastic laxative which makes the stools loose or causes diarrhea, but lubricates contents of the rectum making a hard stool easier to pass but still solid and formed. Paul took a tablespoonful before we went to bed.

Next morning he felt the need to go but ignored it, deciding to take the rubbish, (trash), down to the bins and pick up the post (mail) from the box in the entrance of the flats, (apartments) I live in. There isnt a lift (elevator) as this is a small block of only 3 floors. I went for a wee wee, and was in ther kitchen dressed only in my bra and panties, both pale blue when the door opened in a hurry and Paul came in looking flustered. I asked what was up and he said, "Ive just done a big accident in my underpants!" I shepherded him into the toilet. Now he was wearing a pair of tracksuit bottoms and under them a pair of black Speedo briefs. I could see a bulge in the seat of the bottoms and when I pulled these down for him the seat of his Speedos was pushed out and down. "I felt I needed a big poo but thought I would hold it in till I came back upstairs but when I bent down to pick up the letters it started to slide out of my bum" Paul blurted. I told him not to be asha! med as I had done one in my knickers the week before as he knew. When I pulled down his briefs I saw that the jobbie had been very lumpy and solid as I guessed it would be and was coated with the oily liquid parafin. It wasnt squashed in any way and part of it was still up his bum and as I pulled his panties away the rest of it slid out of Paul and landed with a dull thud on the bathroom floor, the tension of his spandex briefs having held it back up his rectum. It was a big one alright, a fat knobbly log of about 12 inches long and 2.5 inches fat. "Oh there's more coming down!" Paul gasped. "Quick onto the pan!" I said, gently pushing him there. As he sat he passed a big easy curved jobbie into the toilet bowl with a "FLOOMP!" This one was about 8 inches long, as fat as the first one but smoother and lighter brown. As he was finished I gave him a hug, then when he got off the pan I picked up his first jobbie off the floor and dropped it into the pan with a loud "KUR-SPLOO! MP!" Now all this had made me need a motion myself so I sat on the pan and did my own on top of Paul's, a big fat curved one of about 16 inches Id estimate which was a beacher. One of those very satisfying jobbies which just slides out, but with no sound Im afraid as it was too big and had landed on top of Paul's two turds. I got off the pan and we had a look at our joint efforts. I cleaned the floor where Paul's turd had landed, washed my hands then we both had a shower to clean up. For those interested Paul's black briefs weren't too badly soiled, a round brown mark where he had "touched cloth" and some oily stains from the Liquid Parafin. As these were the pair he had been wearing in bed he was going to change them anyway. Both of us however, cleaned up after our shower, went back to bed as you might guess! Afterwards another shower then several flushes to get rid if the "big jobs" in the toilet pan, then a good breakfast but NOT sausages!

Paul was lucky I suppose that he did a very solid jobbie and his spandex briefs held it back and the softer one behind it. Also his tracksuit bottoms were quite loose they didnt get soiled and he only had to come back upstairs to my flat, not walk about with a load in the seat of his knickers. One thing he has learned, when you have taken liquid parafin and feel the need to go, dont try to hold it in, go to the pan and do it!

The girl on the masthead today (Monday) with her knicks down sitting on the edge of the bath. I am a good bit fatter than her but did this recently as Paul said he wanted to see the jobbie coming out of me as I did it. We half filled the bath with with water and I sat like the girl in the picture as he watched. I did a wee wee first, the amber fluid making a stain in the clear water in the bath then it dispersed. The I felt the jobbie come down. Paul gasped as he saw my ring dome then the turd start to slowly emerge, a nice big fat log, growing in size as I went "NN! UH! until it tapered to an end and dropped into the water in the bath with a far louder "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" than usual. It was a big whopper, a 16 incher as I hadnt been for 2 days and a fat as I normally do. Paul retrieved it from the bath and dropped it into the pan where of course it stuck when we flushed it taking a few flushes to go away. It didnt make a mess in the bath but we did rise it out with some ! bleach in the water afterwards.

Paul and I are totally open about these matters and urination and my periods. As we see it these are all natural functions and nothing "dirty" or to be ashamed off.

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