Quick post to say "Hi!", you guys may or may not remember me. I'm the girl who had the younger sister named Lauren. I originally posted on page 323. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that I've come back to the site and hope to be able to post a story soon.

Oh, BTW I'm 11 now and Lauren is 7.

Oh, and if the mods or someone else would be kind enough to point me to my most recent post (before this one, of course!) I would appreciate it.

Lots of love.


Hi, this is my first time to post. I'm 19, male, and have been a lurker here for over a year. I've been interested with female bathroom habits for several years, although I'm not sure why. I've been lucky enough to overhear and occasionally experience some pretty interesting things over the past couple of years. I've got several stories I'd like to share. Most are short but maybe they'll be interesting. In high school I had several good looking female friends. Some were'nt too shy about their bathroom experiences. One in particular shared almost everything. She was fairly tall brunette who was very attractive and played basketball. One day she told me that she didn't shit for a whole week at basketball camp because the she didn't like the bathrooms. When she got home she headed straight for the bathroom without even saying hi to her parents. Although she did'nt comment on how big it was, I'm sure you can only imagine. I'd like to have been there for that. Several ! other times she talked about shitting and farting around me and when she had to go she would just announce what she had to do to everyone. I think it was around this time that I realized my interest in girl's bathroom habbits.

Well, more later.

punk rock boy
I'm brand new here, and I just want to say that the stories here totally rock and there is nothing better than the pleasure of relieving oneself. I personally love to take big dumps. Whenever I dump its different everytime though.
PRG- I love your posts! We seem to have a lot in common. You remind me of someone I might know. I'm curious to know where you live and your age. I'm almost 19 and I live in Oregon. I'm also curious to know why you find your own feces disgusting, because I look in the bowl everytime I dump to see if there is anything unusual about it. You should check yours at least a few times a week or month just to make sure your feces are healthy.

This is my first time posting and i was wondering how to take an enema? For the past week, I've been having trouble going to the bathroom and i am too embarrassed, to ask my mom to give me an enema. How should i go about doing this without my mom helping? I'm 16 and have never had one before.

one time I had to pee really bad in school and so did my friend and we had been holding it for a long time. So when we finally got to the bathroom we were peeing for t min. nonstop.

To Rex.
Well Im not the only one that lines the bowl with toilet paper. Ive been doing it for years to prevent splashback.
From Michael.

Lined the bowl as usuall with t p got caught out with a second wave, which really soaked my behind....I hate that....Anyone else had a similar exp?

Thanks Jonny

For all of those that missed my questioon, i am doing research on age, heres my question

when you go for a number 2, do you pull your trousers down to your ankles,shins,knees or thighs. Because i beleive as you get older many men become thighs

And my second question is that when you clean yourself, are you a:

LEANBER : leans to one side to wipe bum
LIFTER : Lifts testicles to wipe bum
Stander : Stands to wipe bum

please could you inclue your age aswell

Connie. The best thing would be for you to go and see your doctor. I wouldn't expect there to be anything seriously wrong with you but it's important to get checked out all the same. Whatever's causing the looseness (it could well be a diet or food intolerance problem) your doctor should be able to advise and help you.

wetguy. I expect sports players who need to wee during the course of a match just go ahead and get on with it - as discreetly as possible. My guess is that there were probably several wet pairs of pants though amongst fans watching the England versus Denmark match yesterday as many of the pubs were selling cheap beer and the match wasn't exactly short of excitement!

Punk Rock Girl. Sorry to hear about your soreness and constipation. It must have been a tremendous relief to get that huge motion passed and out of your system.

Shannon. I thought all trains here in the UK had toilets on them. One occasionally sees chatline phone adverts in s0ome magazines which are allegedly about ladies being taken short on the train but I thought in real life toiletless trains were non ex

To Brittany: I liked your story

To New Chick: I liked your story..especially about the part where the lady left so huge logs behind.
To dave: I liked your story
To Bry: I liked your story about your buddy dump..hey how old are you?
To Jason: I liked your story...have you ever seen your friend tim shit?
To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your story as usall...i hate that your ass hurts from pushing/wiping and you can't sit comfy.
To Mia: I liked your story
To Zina: I loved your
To Kai In The Sky: I liked your story
To wetguy: I loved your story...did you ever post that story before? it sounds so familar.
To jim: I liked your you enjoy peeing/pooping your pants? you always are having you ever make it to the toilet?
To Steve S.: I loved your story..did you see your friend poop?
To Mike of MD: I've see pics along time ago of my mother on the toilet but they were turn was embarssing.
To Ryannn: I liked your should have let the twins pee in the sink
To You don't know: I liked your story
To Lewis: I liked your story
To Shy Pleasure Pooper: I liked your story
To Moderator...i think there a page missing..i hit next page to see if theres any new posts and i got an error message
That last post with no name was me..It was for Andre and someone else and i talked about having a 6 inch log
I pooped yesterday it was a bit loose and i even pooped the day before. Well i gotta run bye

I am so happy to have found this forum and am so happy to see so many girls posting here. I love hearing about girls shit.
Ive never been lucky enogh to have a gf whod let me watch her. I work as a janitor at a large university and I clean mostly ladies rooms. Mostly I dont find anything interesting as they are all very good about flushing. I am very friendly with a lot of these ladies and they would never dream how much I love their poop.
I wont bore you with my poop........whod be interested?

Connie. The best thing would be for you to go and see your doctor. I wouldn't expect there to be anything seriously wrong with you but it's important to get checked out all the same. Whatever's causing the looseness (it could well be a diet or food intolerance problem) your doctor should be able to advise and help you.

wetguy. I expect sports players who need to wee during the course of a match just go ahead and get on with it - as discreetly as possible. My guess is that there were probably several wet pairs of pants though amongst fans watching the England versus Denmark match yesterday as many of the pubs were selling cheap beer and the match wasn't exactly short of excitement!

Punk Rock Girl. Sorry to hear about your soreness and constipation. It must have been a tremendous relief to get that huge motion passed and out of your system.

Shannon. I thought all trains here in the UK had toilets on them. One occasionally sees chatline phone adverts in s0ome magazines which are allegedly about ladies being taken short on the train but I thought in real life toiletless trains were non-existent.

Joanne. You'll be interested to hear that I went for an enormous poo after lunch today and lost count of how many turds I passed. It all came out very smoothly though, about the consistency of soft ice cream.

Best wishes to all!


Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Toilet People.

Yesterday I had what I would call a PERFECT shit!
As soon as I got up I felt the need to have one, so as soon as I'd got dressed, I went and sat on the toilet. As usual, I had to do a lot of pushing to get it started and after about 3 minutes, I dropped two tiny turds, then the proper turds started coming. Loud plopping turds that drenched my buttocks with splashed-up water, and the satisfaction of knowing I'd finished without wondering whether I should strain for more, and best of all, no tenderness, itchiness etc, just the normal healthy comfortable sensation in my arse after having done its job!
Nothing on the TP to show what I'd been on for, and yet again, when the toilet paper's clean, my arse feels great. When it takes a while to clean up, I seem to feel uncomfortable for a while after.
Today I was on the public toilet for my daily shit, and when I decideto do it, another guy was on next door. We were both grunting and sighing simultaneous, and unfortunately many of my turds were dropping rather quietly rather than than loud plops. I suspected he might have thought I was making fun of him, but fortunately I did drop at least two loud plops to convince him I really was having a shit!

INOMINATE, I can't ever remember using a wooden box type toilet, although I certainly remember seeing some, and almost suffocating from the stink when I lifted the lid and saw it full of shit and TP.
Surprised the one you used was so high that your legs were dangling!
I sat on one similar in recent years at the "Alternative Technology Centre" near Machynlleth in North Wales, but rather than drop my shit into a pit with no plop or splash, decided to use one of the flush toilets instead!
I look forward to further reminiscences from you, and I too have read a book about privies. A few years ago I had a shit in a public toilet in a recreation ground that had string hanging up with pieces of newspaper cut into squares! I wondered if it would leave print marks on my arse when I'd wiped myself!
You recently mentioned how people sit on the toilet regarding position of trousers etc.
I usually sit with my trousers or jeans and underpants down to just about mid-thigh, for no reason other than habit. On a cold day I suppose I prefer not to let them roll down to my ankles so as not to be cold, but if the floor in a public toilet isn't too clean or dry, I naturally keep them up to my thighs.
Either way I think can look great if anyone can see me on the toilet, and if I'd got really dirty underpants with heavy skidmarks I think it would give me a buzz to know they were on show, and that I didn't care!
One thing I've done and which was quite enjoyable was for me to roll my underpants down only so far as to let the elastic waistband be under my scrotum. Then if I put a length of strong "hard" toilet paper between the waistband and my balls, and move side to side very can be very...pleasnt!
LESLIE, Great advice for having company in the toilet!! Having a conversation punctuated by farts and plops and comments could almost lead to the point where either the guy on the toilet or his friend might suggest opening the toilet door and chat face to face as neither should be inhibited by that stage!
I've heard some great comments when two guys are next door to each other and commenting on each other's plops, and laughed and sounded so sociable about it. To me it sounds a fantastic way of losing inhibitions and becoming closer friends, and I've thought how superfluous the cubicle partitions are when friends are shitting together. Only occasionally have I heard a guy on the toilet having a shit while his friend is within earshot, but usually neither has commented on the sounds from under his arse.

Happy numbers one and two, everyone! P. Plop Guy

Hello! Jordan, I see that you are from NJ too eh? I'm from Morris County! you? Well 5 minutes ago (10:12 am cst) i took a shit. it was huge. it curled up. It probably was from the Indian food i had last night for my birthday! I think i need to take a shit now...

Take Care all of you!


To Ben..Great story it was funny too.
Happy Wiping.

i had some nasty diarrhea today. i was outside swimming with some hott neighbor girls when i started getting nasty cramps. I new it was diarrhea. I tried to wait like an hour...that was a big mistake i ended up running in the house i didnt even shut the door. I pulled down my boxers and had mushy runny watery diarrhea everywhere. My penis always gets in the way of a good poop but today it got covered in diarrhea. I was probably in the bathroom for like an hour and a half. Then the diarrhea finally stoped and i was heading back outside to the pool when i felt a massive need to pee. I mean it just started comming out and i knew i wouldnt make it upstairs to the bathroom so i ran to a potted plant and just started peeing no stopping for 7 minutes( a record time for me)

i have another short story..
do any other guys have the problem of waking up and having a really big need to pee and i cant get my penis to bend so if i stand up it hits the back of the toilet and if i sit down it its the wall and it really hurts no matter what i usually have to go in the shower. wow! girls have it easy that they dont have this problem

PLUNGING POP GUY The discerning readers on this site will have realised that there was something wrong with my arithmetic in my reply to you. I spoke about 4 personal friends with whom I shared intimacy on toilet matters. I should have said 'three'. They were part of the 'gang of four', and I was the 4th member! The other person with whom I could share confidences was of course my younger brother.

Monday, June 17, 2002

I am a first time poster here, so i will tell you about my self: 18 years old, 5 foot 8 inches, blue eyes, medium length blonde hair, and about 120 pounds. I have 2 stories to share with you today and they are both things that have happened to me in teh past.

1. When i was 12 years old, i beileve that it was the day of teh Halloween dance at out school. In 2nd period i went to the bathroom because it felt like i had to do a poop. Well when i dropped my jeans and took off my underwear and checked it i noticed tons of skid marks. I knew that it was diarrhea so i let some more out. Through out the day i was letting loose poop in my underwear. 2 friends were over so i didn't change underwear and the whole dance i let some more poop out. I did dance with a lot of people and i hope that nobody smelled it!!

2. Again when i was 12, i had been having diarrhea. I went to teh bathroom (this time at home) and noticed i had let some out (again the night of teh spring dance) but the diarrhea had flown up to the area where my pee would come out.I took a shower and then I put htem in the washer and when my mom was transferin them to the dryer, she lookin in them (which is rare)and the stain mostly came off but what didn't looked like blood. my mom thought that i started my period, adn she told me to go to teh bathroom adn see. i wanted to see what would happen so i said yes that there was blood on the paper. I really hadn;t started my period, so for about a year i had to pretend that i had my period, and then finally i got it. I dont think that she ever found out.

Has anyone ever had an exprience like that were there mess was mastaking for blood.
Thought i would share those to stories.
More later

~ * Brittany * ~

New Chick
hey howsitgoin im fine. i shit really big, and its really lumpy. im very gassy. i usually clog the toilet on a monthly basis. i think at least... 3 times a month. usually thats how it is. i have got a great story!

i was shopping with my friend, and we were lookin for some clothes to go to my schools dance. then i had to shit. so did my friend. i was noticing that she was wiggling around a lot. so i asked, she said yes. we went into the bathrooms and there were 3 stalls. two were taken. my friend shoved me out of the way and took the stall. the room suddenly smelled like crap. and there was a lot of farts coming from my friends stall and a lot of splashing. she had diahhreah. very very bad diahhreah. one lady came out of the stall next to my friends and ran out as fast as she could and she didnt flush cause she wanted to escape my friends smell i guess.i took the other lady's stall. wow there were 5 really HUGE FREAKING LOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there were really big. i sat down and let my turds slip out of my little brown eye. i had 7 medium little shits. all lumpy and hard. it really hurt pushing them out. i thoought i was gonna die. the other lady in the other stall left re! ally fast to. now that me and my friend had just stunk the bathroom to hell. my friend was still squirtin, i waited 30 more minutes for her until she finished. she had to shit nonstop for 40 minutes!!! i would never be able to do that! we went to my house and she had the squirts again. she spent like an hour in my bathroom. we had to spray that aerosol stuff to cover the diahhreah. another hour and she had to squirt again. this time she only shitted for 20 minutes.

well thats it for now.

As usual I have had another pants pooping incident. It is not daily but often I get the desire to take , hopefully a large crap in my pants. I was at home when the urge overcame me. I went into my bathroom but my friends were outside and I was pretty shaken up about the idea. I asked them to leave and said I was going to shower. As soon as I got in there I couldnt even wait one more second. Being an experienced pants pooper I knew that this was to be a big one and I needed room in my pants. I pulled down my shorts and then pulled the bottom of my underware making room. I looked in the mirror and watched the dump taking face as I let a long smelly turd go. I sat and thought how much fun this would be to do in a public place in front of someone who knew what I was doing and could appreacate it. I am the worlds biggist closet pants pooper and love it. I wish I could go several times a day. Are there many others like me???See you all soon.

hi everyone im a 14yr old girl and i seriously need help. for some reason i am keeping on having watery diarrhea for the past few months if its not diarrhea, its mushy poo. that meant i havent had a healthy and a decent poo for a very long time...... now i poo about 4 times per day and its always diarrhea or mush. i really want to poo very huge piles 2 times daily. if u know how i could do that, please reply back. or if u know what food i could eat....thanx

Jordan, awesome story about your buddy dump. I had a sort of buddy dump with this girl last year that was unexpected. I was visiting a friend for the weekend. He was staying in a dorm that had coed bathrooms, which is really cool but all the stalls had doors so I couldnt really be seen by anyone. But I actually needed to take a dump one day so I go into the bathroom which has male urinals in the back out of view and two stalls side by side. Right ahead of me going into the bathroom is this girl who's like a friend of my friend. I recognized her and she and I both sort of said "hi" shyly. There was no one in the bathroom and she goes for one stall and I go for the other. So she knows its me next to her and she knows what I'm in there for. We both have our shorts around our ankles, I was wearing flip flops and she was wearing running shoes. Its totally quiet and I can't hear anything from her side. So I just try to relax and pretty soon I'm starting to crackle and plop plop pl! op I make some splashing sounds which are definitely audible. Then I wait and I hear her rustle the TP and I start to wipe also. She flushed, then a second later I flushed and we came out at the same time. We were both red-faced a little (I was also a little excited). I have a feeling she didn't do anything. I'll bet she came back later to be alone. I saw her again that weekend.

I had to take a dump one morning during a really boring Philosophy class after having four cups of coffee just to stay awake. So, I proceeded to get and had to go so bad. I had to walk down 15 steps in the lecture hall to get out the door and walk all around the hall to get to the bathroom. I got to a stall and didn't even put down the t.p. It felt GREAT! My shit must have been a ton. I sat there for 20 minutes and didn't care what people think when I come back. Then, I wiped but I ran out of toilet paper. Luckily, another guy walked in and was sitting to take a crap. He was really farting too. I asked him (with much embarrasment) for toilet paper. He gave me about 5 pieces but I needed more. So, I was able to wait longer until he left and had to wait another 25 MINUTES just to get it without asking him. He left after farting his way through his dump. After I left the bathroom, I went back to my class which was over. MY STUFF WAS GONE! I didn't know what to do. So, I went to! my professor's office. I explained I had to make an important phone call. He then explained--"No, that's ok. Your buddy Tim knew you were in the bathroom for a while and said he will give it to you when he sees you later." I was so embarrassed. I asked my friend for toilet paper and he told my proffessor! Well, it's ok. Everyone poops. Now, I even heard Tim fart!

Punk Rock Girl

Well, my bowels are back to "normal" with a vengeance. I took a massive dump last night--my ass is sore this morning. It was huge. Maybe three inches in diameter at its widest (yes I looked) and eight or nine inches long. It looked like a blimp. Man did it hurt! Plus the fact that it got stuck halfway through. No matter how hard I strained it WOULD NOT budge. When I relaxed my ass, I could feel it against my buns. It was so hard it wouldn't break. I pushed and pushed and pushed, it budges a little, then finally forced its way out. I was actually sweating and drained afterwards. I wiped my ass, which was unecessary as it turned out. My asshole was really sore, the way your legs feel after running for a long time. I had trouble sitting comfortably for the rest of the night.

If it happens again tonight, an enema may be in order. We'll see!

Take care all.


Has anyone ever gotton a disease or rash from splashback? I don't like having splashback going up my butt like punk rock girl mentioned-sometimes my anus is open so wide after a big turd has slid out that water can shoot right up my butt. So I put paper in the toilet too.

Kai In The Sky
Hey everyone! I'm new here. My twin sis Kaze (she posts here under the name OutlawStar) introduced me to this site about a year ago, and I've been lurking ever since. I'm especially fond of the stories from Punk Rock Girl, jim, and Andre. This shall be my official first post.

My friend Scott had this huge party at his parent's summer house last Saturday. So my girlfriend Jamie and I went along with Kaze and her g/f Danielle. When we got to the party, the house was freakin packed! After about an hour, I started wandering around looking for Jamie. I found her in the mile long line to the bathroom. She looked pretty desperate. I told her that Scott had a bathroom in the pool house outside. So we went out the back door and headed to the pool house, which was a bit far from the house. Jamie kept stopping and telling me that she didn't think she could make it. She seemed more annoyed than worried. She was walking with quick, short steps, clenching real hard. Finally, she stopped walking and told me that she was starting to poop in her pants. She stood still and bent her knees a bit while she filled her pants with poo. The back of her jeans were getting a huge bulge in them. She stayed like that for about five minutes until she was done. She sighed ! with relief and started walking to the pool house again. I held her hand and gave her a kiss. She had trouble walking with that big load in her pants. When we got to the pool house, she threw her panties away even though they weren't badly stained. Then I helped clean her up and we went back to the party for about an hour.

Til we meet again!

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