Hey, I just stumbled on this site recently. I haven't read many of the posts here, but I've read enough to know what we're talking about! I'm so happy I'm not the only person in the world that enjoys going to the bathroom. I have story for you, and it has a good warning to it too, but first let me tell you something about myself.
I am a seventeen year old girl, around 5'6". Not sure if thats tall or average or short or what, but I'm about the same size as all my friends. I have really long (about the center of my back) jet black, curly hair. I'm really pretty, I think, although currently I am single. I can't stand wearing pants, don't know why, but I always liked skirts and causual dresses a lot more. I feel more free in them, I guess. I totally look, and not without some accuracy I guess, like your prim-and-proper girl. I don't swear, drink, somke or do anything dirty and people get the church girl image. But you should see my friends eyes when I announce I need to use the bathroom and what call of nature needs anwsered. I'm not shy about this kind of thing at all and will openly announce when I need to poop, or even if I have the runs!
Speaking of pooping, I'll bet you're interested about my potty habits. Firstly, my peeing life isn't very exciting. I never counted or averaged my number of pees per day, but it's probably around four or six. Pooping is a little more interesting. I usually have to go four times a day, unless I'm sick of course. My normal routine is once in the morning, once shortly after lunch, once sometime in the evhening and once before bed. My movements are almost always really soft and they usually come out from behind without any trouble at all. They usually stay as one big piece and fill the hole in the bowl. I would say I use around ten squares of TP per session. My favorite dumps are the one's that are really, really soft and come rushing out, but aren't frequent or runny like diarrhea. Speaking of which, my bowels become loose about twice a year and those instances are usually close together and really severe. I am rarely backed up, only once in recent memory, but my mom said w! hen I was a baby I was constipated a lot. She said the doctor kept recommending the same laxative, and my mom didn't know any better so kept giving them to me. He was the doctor, right? I think thats why my movements are so soft, what do you think?
When I wipe, I pull a few squares off the roll and stand up, bent at the knees, and wipe. Then I sit down and repeat the process.
I don't mind pooping or peeing when people are around, and I don't mind using public toilets for any of my functions. And if I have the trots and need to use the bathroom, you can bet I'm gonna use it! And if someone else is in the room and makes a rude remark about me being sick, they are jerks and deserve the sounds and smells! My willingness to relieve myself has kept me from any accidents in my 'grown-up' life saving one. Which I will tell you about, promise. But right now, this post has gotten really, really long and I don't wanna take up too much space. So I'll write it for you sometime soon on another post. Promise!

Hi, im a 18 year old female, slim and attractive, i have a story i would like to share...a few weeks ago me and my girlfriend were at home just relaxing watching tv in our bedroom, when i heard a rumbling sound come from my girlfriends stomach, i asked her if she needed to poop, cos it was quite loud, but hse said she was ok, a few moments later i heard she let out a fart which really smelt, i looked at her and she looked like she was uncomfortable, ive always imagined what it would be like to watch her poop and i must admit i got a bit turned on, by the fact that she looked a bit uncomfortable and started moving around, suddenly she got up and said i need to go poop otherwise i tink im gonna poop my panties, as she got up i grabbed her from behind and said to her that she had to stay in the room and see how long she could hold it, she said NO and tried to get away, but im stronger than her and held her back while i giggled, she was looking really uncomfortable and said to m! e that i should quit fooling about and let her go, she had put her hand up her short skirt and was trying to hold in the poop with her hand, she was telling me to let go, but i kept hold of her, she crossed her legs and suddenly she said i cant hold it any longer, i told her that i wasnt going to let her go, so she said to me that if i have an accident i would also have to poop my panties aswell, i said ok, it was a deal, so she relaxed and her let out a fart, she said im filling my panties with poop, i cant believe im doing this, suddenly the smell filled the room, and i could smell her poop, i turned her around and lifted her skirt, she was wearing white pantyhose and a black thong underneath, ofcourse the thong didnt keep the poop inside and the poop had filled the seart of her tight pantyhose and the lump was clearly visible. i started pushing as well, and took off my jeans and bent over to give my girlfriend a good view, soon, she began to see the lump form in the seat ! of my panties and the heavy load landed in the seat of my panties. we both giggled like girls and as i walked to the bathoom i could feel my load rocking in my panties. i helped my girlfriend take of her pantyhose which were stained brown and peeled of her thong and threw them away.i cleaned her anus with a tissue and she helped me clean up to, afterward we both had a shower together and reflected on the events of what just happened. I wanna ppoop in my pantyhose aswell, what do u think??

I was thinking...what do sports players do when they have to pee during a game or match? Obviously if there's a break in the game, they can go in the locker room. However, what if the urge comes during the game and there is no place to go. I've heards a few accounts of players, high school and up even, just pissing in their uniforms a little at a time. Does anyone here have any stories of yourselves or someone you know peeing themselves at a sports event, whether participating in it or watching it as a spectator? Here's mine, though not great:

When I was 12, I went with my friend (who was 11) on a series of activities that concluded with us attending his brother's baseball game that night. At that time, I was very shy and did not like to admit it when I had to go to the bathroom. Therefore I had not peed all day until the game, while my friend had done so at least twice. By the way, I was wearing a t-shirt and blue athletic shorts. Well, by about halfway through the game I was absolutely desperate to pee, having juswt finished drinking a coke. However, I was too embarrased to say so, especially because my friend's mother was with us. Anyway, my goal was to wait until we got home, but after a few more minutes I was having trouble standing still. I had to be in motion at all times to keep the extreme urge to pee under control, which worked fine when we were playing catch. But when we sat down, it was unbearable so much so that I almost pissed myself right there. So i decided to stand up next to my friend. This d! idnt offer much relief, and after a couple minutes I was starting to wet my pants with brief squirts. At first it didnt show, but it soon caused a baseball size wet spot. I was doing all I could to stop peeing without alerting my friend to my plight. After a 2 second stream of pee came out and dripped to the ground, I decided that I had to do something. I frantically searched for the best place to piss, and decided on a disgusting port-o-potty. I was forced to admit that i had to go to the bathroom, and scampered away, squirting more pee into my shorts all along. I reached the port-o-potty, hurried inside, and finished peeing. I then surveyed the damage and found a huge wet spot stretching from my crotch all the way to the bottom of my shorts on both legs. I was so embarrased I didnt know what to do, so i wound up untucking my shirt and trying to make it stretch, but it only covered half of the spot. But, to my utter relief, neither my friend nor his mother noticed the other! half of the wet spot, so I got away with it. From then on, I was much more careful and more open when I had to pee, since admitting it is better than doing it in your pants like that.

I know this is long, sorry. This was obviously a story of a spectator incident, i'll try to think of one involving a participant in a sport.

I welcome any comments and, of course, similar stories as i mentioned.


i am almost 11 for everybody that keeps asking. i know i am to old to have accidents but i still do and so do some of my friends. like friday i was playing in the park and i had to pee real bad so i did it in my pants, i had on jeans and i sqwatted down trying to hold it and it soaked my but. i had a big round wet spot on my front and my whole but was wet. i hid behind some trees and my friends were all like come out and play. so i did. they didnt even say anything. we played and my pants were almost dry when we walked home. i went home and played nintendo and i forgot that i had my accident, i gues it smeled like pee cause mom smelled it and she told me to come here and she unzipped my pants and saw my wet undies. she spanked my but a few times real hard and told me to go get clean and go to bed. well i gotta go. by

Eric in Chicago
Ben: I'm 43 and I've always let my pants fall to my ankles unless the floor is wet. I'm a leaner.

PRG: Lubing your ass wouldn't soften up hard poop, but it would make passing it less painful and would reduce the likelihood of bleeding.

Steve S.
Hi, Never have posted before. I wanted to tell you about a situation that happened a few weeks ago. A buddy of mine and I were comming back from southern california to where we live in central california. We stopped for gas along the way at one of those little mini marts. As I was filling the tank he went in and bought a pack of smokes. Being 18 now he felt the need to be macho and had gotten into smoking. He stood up by the store and smoked a couple before I finished getting gas. When I was done he jumped in the truck and we headed for home. We should be able to go the rest of the way without stopping. We wern't on the road more than five minutes when he said he really needed to take a shit. I asked him why he didn't go when we were stopped and he said that he didn't really have to go that bad and besides he had been holding it ever since we left L.A. and hated to take a dump in a public toilet. Besides he said that when he smokes it sometimes make the urge worse! than what it really is and it should subside to something more manageable soon. After about 20 minutes I could see him squirm and also hear him breath in short casps. I quized him if he wanted to stop and he said no that he could hold it until we got home. After 20 more minutes I could tell the he was really suffering, his response this time was I think I can hold it until we get home. He didn't sound so confident when he said it. I told him, just let me know if you want me to find a place to stop. We were about 15 minutes from home when he told me he had to go really, really bad. I don't think I have ever had to hold it this bad before he said. By now we were in city traffic and no place to stop. We were both stuck, he having to go and I feeling really upset that my best bud was suffering so bad. About 7 minutes from home he said that he didn't think he could hold it. There was tears in his eyes and the thought of a guy 18 years old going poop in his pants wasn't! the kind of ending to our trip he our I wanted. I enouraged him that he could hold it, just try real hard you can make it I told him. Soon he was sobbing like a little kid and were only about 3 minutes from home when he said I can't hold it. I said don't worry were best friends it's OK. I told him to turn around and kneel on the floor facing the seat that way he wouldn't have to sit on it when it came out. He took of his seat belt and slid to the floor and laid his head on the seat and started crying. I heard a couple of small farts and watched as he squirmed thinking that he had started to go, when his head popped up and he said that he thought he could make it. He said the turd was right there ready to come out and he knew he was going to do it, but some how changing positions allowed him to fart a little with out the turd comming out jut enough to tkake the preasure off so he could make it home. Neither one of us talked about it after we were home. He had left h! is car parked at my place and I noticed before he took off to his pad that there was almost a full pack of smokes in the garbage out near our parking area.

Hello all. I am away right now rehearsing Fidelio and some things are happening with the production (the director and admin) that are very frustrating, but I am trying to be positive and "sing up a storm", as you all said. Leonore is a real b**** of a role for me, but it's great. I just scanned through the messages as I haven't had time to read them in weeks. Punk Rock girl asked if I'm as self conscious about my body functions as I was in school. No I'm not. I'm usually OK with peeing and my period - pooping I still don't like to share.
I had my period here and had bad cramps and was always having to pee, and most people in the show, male and female, knew what was going on and let me leave the room whenever I had to, and the director even excused me for a morning and afternoon to go and lie down because of the cramps. The only thing they didn't know about was the cramp-related diarrhea (yuck) - I wasn't comfortable sharing that.
Tonight the girl I'm staying with for this show, who plays Marzelline, was in the bathroom and started screaming and called my name. I was e-mailing my sweetie and I ran to her thinking she was sick or something, but she told me that she just did a big poop and clogged the toilet. It overflowed and I had to run out to get a plunger for her. She wasn't embarassed at all, and was joking about how her s*** must have been huge, but I would have been mortified. It brought back memories of a musical theatre show I did in college. I had to dump before the show and the toilet overflowed. I had to go tell stage management, and another singer was sent in to help me mop the floor. She said, "Geez, did you take a big dump or what?" and I said "no, it just overflowed, it must have been clogged before." She looked at me like she knew better.
There is another girl staying in the next suite who is pregnant and gets constipated. Sometimes she asks me & my roommate to come in the bathroom with her and keep her company or rub her stomach because her poos are painful. I could never do that!
Driving here alone, I had an interesting pee experience. It was the middle of the night, I had to drink coffee to stay awake but coffee does bad things to my body and I never normally drink it, so I was counteracting its drying effects with lots of water, and having to pee often. I felt the urge only about 30 mins after my last stop, but as I was getting really sleepy, I decided to hold it for a while so that the urge would keep me up. It worked, but after an hour or so, my bladder felt like it was going to burst and I was shifting constantly in my seat bouncing up and down, so I began looking for a place to pull over. There was one signposted 3 miles away and one signposted 21 or something like that. I decided to head for the 21. By the time I got there, I REALLY had to go and was bouncing aroud more and more urgently. To my shock, the bathroom was closed and locked, and there were trucks parked all around, probably because the drivers were sleeping, but I didn't want t! o pee outside in case they were awake and saw me, though I was tempted. I decided to head to the next rest stop, but it too was closed. By this time, I had been holding it for almost 3 hours and I was desperate and had to hold myself while driving as I'd already squirted into my pants. I started looking for a place to pull over but there were no trees anywhere. I didn't have a funnel to use to pee into my coffee cup or water bottle. Finally, I saw a small clump of bushes and I pulled over. It seemed that there were very few cars at that time of night, so, relieved, I took off my pants and panties so as not to wet them further and began peeing. All of a sudden, I saw headlights. I kept peeing and praying that they would leave, but to my shock, I heard loud music, honking horns, whistling, and saw flashing headlights. A car of teenage boys pulled up next to me and was enjoying the sight of my bare parts and huge stream of desperate pee. I pretended not to see them, and when I ! was done, they yelled, whistled and drove off. I didn't really care because I felt so relieved!
Hope everyone's doing well!

When my brother was in head start they had a hallween party and mom told himnot to eat too much candy or he will be sorry, he didn't flush and in the toliet was a pastel pink poo with lovely lime pastel mint colored bits fairly odd, p.s. me and my brother are in our late teen years and my mom still refers to the toliet as the potty, do you think we have issues?

To Andre: I went along w/ Jordan to make the site..we are net buddys

To Inominate: Liked your story..How old are you?

I pooped last night had a 6" hard log and some smaller logs..then this morning i got up and as soon as i got up i had to poop again. This time it was a little bit softer then last night. Had maybe a 5" log
well gotta run, heading to work

there is far too much stuff on this column about shitting. Lets have some more pee comments.

Linda GS
After hearing about the amazing event I'm going to try it.

I can't believe you held out that long? Was it really hard.. any time..did you feel it poke out..or did you feel you wouldn't hold out? Did you go somewhere when you felt the feeling..I mean I don't know about you but when you were doing the must have done in where no one could see you or people must have wondered what you were doing. When you finally gave up..was the urge REALLY strong? Did you try to fight it and that's why you decided to give it up. What was it like when you finally went? Was it all one compacted poop..or was it a flood of poops. When you went home was the urge stil strong. How long did it take for you to finish at home? Also..did you go pee and hold your poop in. Can't see anyone hold pee in for almost a week.

Oh well I'm gonna try it and see how it turns out..I'll keep you guys posted. However I'm a bit concerned seeing as how like Mere poops are big to begin with. well wish me luck.

Hey Kendal and co..where are you guys!??!


Mike of MD
How many of you ladies ever saw your mother on the toliet.Also for you guys
how many of you are afriad of the open end seats. Also do you poop and at the same time you are on the toliet. You ladies make us guys think a lot when we are on the seat and it is wet and sometimes dirty.

i am a 14 year old boy the other week i was babysitting my 3 younger brothers and sisters. joy who is 3, kayla also 3(they are twins) and ryan who is 5. ryan was in the bathroom pooping and one thing about ryan is that no one poops like him he gets diarrhea almost everytime he poops. Well we could all hear him farting and we could hear the poop all liquady falling from his crack to the toilet. Then the twins told me that they had to go to the bathroom also. i had no idea what to do i couldnt send them outside cuz it was almost 10:00. I ran to the bathroom and asked Ryan how soon he would be done. He told me he was having extremely bad cramps and could be in there pooping for about an hour i felt bad for him but i could hear the twins screaming that they had to go. i had no idea what to do. well me and ryan came up with a plan. he stayed on the toilet pooping but he spread his legs apart so that joy could pee between Ryans legs. Joy was peeing like he hadnt gone to the b! athroom in a week and ryan just kept haveing diarrhea . then i remembered about kayla by now she was crying cuz Joy got to pee and she still had to go then i decided that she could just go in the shower then she informed me that she had to poop also. She said she had diarrhea cramps and she does get diarrhea sometimes. So i got out a bucket and told her to go in it she exploded with loud smelly farts and u couldnt tell from the bucket wether she pooped or she peed it was all watery and sticky and slimy

Windows 98 (used to be Windows XP)
Tonight i had the worst case of semi runs
nice and soft and snakey but painful coming out and the worst smelling stuff you could imagine
talk about weird

I like this cover girl. She reminds me of my cousin, Cheryl who came to live with us at age 16. I was 19. We were close and have been ever since. Her first morning at our house we shared the bathroom. She invited me in. She was wearing a top like our friend and pink satin panties below her knees. We started talking about girlhood as she evacuated some huge pieces of doo-doo in rapid succession. The bathroom smelled strong. She grimaced as she squeezed out the last piece. When she wiped between her legs and stood up I saw four huge pieces of dark brown doo-doo about 7 inches in length. She flushed and we shared a bubble bath.

Just woken up from having stayed over at girlfriends house last night to find her mother in a bad mood with my gf and I - we had both been out drinking last night and I must have had something that disagreed with me as I had diarrhoea in the last few bars and when we got back -I was fairly drunk when we did get back and the reason why her mum was so mad was because a certain someone had let mistaken the bidet (which is brand-new and not plumbed in) for the toilet and there was diarrhoea all over it - I think a desperate cow could not have performed much better.

Well, I did the decent thing and let my gf take the blame, although I do think that her mum has suspicions! Oh, and finally, was laying in bed with gf just now in a manner whereby her leg was somehow under my arse - which in turn was quite unfortunate for her as I farted, followed through and fired a bit of diarrhoea over her leg and thigh - she can't complain though as when she was drunk a few weeks ago she puked between my legs as I was dumping on the toilet. Also, we're quite open anyway as my gf had both her arms in plaster for a couple of weeks about a year ago and on several occasions I was called upon to perform intimate toilet duties - it really breaks the ice with someone when you've wiped their arse.

Hope I've not unduly disgusted anyone too much


Went out for a great meal with my friends Jenny and Gemma in Clapham, London the other night, all through the meal I felt quite a strong urge to have a dump, a couple of times I went into the toilets but there was just a single cubicle which was in use both times, so I held on. After eating all three courses and drinking a couple of bottles of wine, we got up and left. We said our goodbyes and caught our separate trains to different parts of the city.
By this stage I was in some discomfort and could feel a large solid turd trying to force its way out. There were no toilets on my platform and the train I got on had no toilets. I lasted just two stops before I had to get off as I was about to explode. Luckily the station was Wimbledon with toilets on the platform. I rushed off and into the toilets. These wern't in a great state at the end of the evening, but my need was great. The toilets were stainless steel with a piece of black rubber attached to act as a seat. All three were filthy but I picked the cleanest and quickly sat down. As soon as my arse touched the rubber ring, it just exploded with large solid turds mixed with a few booming farts. It felt so good. Even though I was sitting in a filthy cubicle with dirty toilets, graffiti on the walls and no locks on the doors, the pleasure outweighed everything.
I eased some more backed up logs out to pass the time until my next connecting train, wiped with the rough British Rail tp and exited the toilets feeling the most comfortable I had for some time.

It's an interesting masthead picture this morning (Thursday). I'm not sure what I think about the lady using a bucket for relief in her kitchen though. Somehow I suspect I might give dining at her house a miss if I was invited!

Punk Rock Girl. I get the point about you not being too keen on other people seeing your 'product' whether it be a bowel movement of the regurgitated contents of your stomach. However, we all have to have bowel movements, whether runny and messy or firm and solid. Also we all throw up occassionally when ill or when we've over indulged in either food or drink. There's no shame in such things though and I'm sure you're output (from either end) is no worse than anyone else's.

Joanne. I enjoyed your delightful story about the big solid accident you had on the May Day Bank Holiday Monday. It sounds as though you were well ready for a good poo, even though you were taken unawares. I've often found that a good meal triggers the need for a bowel motion and the most common time for me to go for a good poo is after my main meal - tea on weekdays and lunch on Sundays. It's certainly the case that the intestines are distended after a large meal and that's really the best time for a motion. Years ago when my Aunt Anne used to stay I usually found that if she went for a motion it was usually after the main meal. Anyhow, I enjoyed your account of filling your Sloggis enormously. On the subject of the England v Nigeria match I bet there were a few skid marks on underpants yesterday morning, especially if large pub breakfasts had been eaten. I watched it and it was certainly exciting. I hope you don't mind me asking but how often do you and Paul g! o for a poo? Are you 'daily' people or do you only go every few days? I'd love to know.

Steve and Louise. Not much happening toilet wise in the Big Brother house at the moment. Rather disappointing from that point of view. Best wishes to you both.

Greetings and best wishes to all regulars - and not so regulars!


You don't know
Hi!!! This is my first time posting here and maybe my last. Well any way think I should start tell you all about my should. I am a male 19 from Australia blonde. And I am an actor and a model but I am only doing modeling to get my career start I can't say any more then that.. Sorry!!!

But anyway today I was home alone and I discided to poop but be really afraid of pooping I turned on the my shower and started to poop the frist one was big and came out with one trouble it felt so good.. and the next was the same.. like a plop plop.. It's felt so good.. then I let of a few gold balls... and then whiped. It felt great. And then I showered!! Well any way thought you may wait to hear about that.. But you didn't then oh!! well!!!!

Happy pooping

My Dad got real mad after I wet my pants using the computer. He took it away for two weeks and said that if I have another accident I will have to wear diapers. I haven't had an accident since, but have had some close calls. I was shooting pool with freind, I had to go but wanted to wait until the game was over. I felt the poop starting to push out so I ran to the bathroom, I made it, but was in there for a while, the poop was rreal soft and mushy. after I was in there for 10 minutes my freind started pounding on the door and said he had to go, I said i still had to go. He banged the door and started cring like a girl. When I got out I saw he had messy poop all over his pants.

I have this one teacher who never lets anyone go to the bathroom. I learned at the begining of the year not to ask. A few times i have wet my tightie whities, but never had a real accident because of him. I would usually go before gym, my next class. The problem was the other kids could see my underwear was wet. One time I was late for gym and had to change and go right to gym without peeing. We played kick ball and I was in the outfeild holding my crotch and dancing. Pee just started comming out. My shorts didn't absorb any pee so they dried fast, but my underwear was soaked. I wore my shorts home so no-one would see my underwear in the locker room.

Well, today a girl in this class had to pee, she asked to go and the teacher said no, She wiggled around for awhile, Then she gasped, She wet her little shorts and ended up sitting in a big puddle for the rest of the class

Hi Ben im 24 years old, I pull my trousers down to my ankles, and to wipe myself i stand.
i do think as you get older you becom thighs, because i remember my dad being tighs.

Hope this helps you


TO LESLIE: I liked your post about people accompanying you to the toilet. I would loved to be in there with you. I would enjoy every bit of it. I wish I could find a women who loves to have company while taking a shit. You should try if you feel comfortable, letting the person watching you clean your butt, that may make them feel even better. I know it would make me feel better if I were to wipe a woman's butt. I would like to read more of your posts, there interesting.

TO LESLIE: I liked your post about people accompanying you to the toilet. I would loved to be in there with you. I would enjoy every bit of it. I wish I could find a women who loves to have company while taking a shit. You should try if you feel comfortable, letting the person watching you clean your butt, that may make them feel even better. I know it would make me feel better if I were to wipe a woman's butt. I would like to read more of your posts, there interesting. One last thing, how does your poop smell, do they like it or complain about it?

leather pants girl
TO JOEANNE nice story hon, i too have done a poo in my panties (knickers) and my g/f doesnt mind one bit. Today at work i was sitting on the toilet doing a poo, it was hard to get out and i was straining and grunting a lot, i guess i forgot to lock the door because suddenly the door opened and a young girl about nineteen or so came in lifted up her skirt and was just about to drop her panties when she turned around and saw me, all she said was UGH!!! you messed your self.

I guess i had a really thick poo stain in my panties at that moment i let a loud fart go and a big poo splashed into the pan, she made a face and held her nose-- then left to go into the next stall.

As you may have gathered by now YESSS iam gay have been for the last two years (sorry guys)anyway thought i would tell you all about my poo ing. i love this site its cool to know theres other girls like me into pooing there panties (knickers)

chocolate delight
i enjoyed your story,,being made to sit on the toilet was not just done in the 50s,,it still goes on today,,I had to do a poo each day,without fail,up till i was about 12 or 13,then after that it was just if i hadnt been for a couple of days.I was taken into the toilet by my mum each morning after gettin dressed but without any knickers on,then i had to sit on the toilet and try to poo,being told to push hard,strain hard etc.If she thought i wasnt trying hard enough i would get smacked.This was for about 30-40 minuits,if i did some that was ok,but i still had to try in the evening for about the same time,if i couldnt go on the morning i had to stay there till i did it that evening,sometimes more than an hour..sometimes i would do it in my knickers,which was less of a crime than not pooing atall.
The no knickers on a morning was so mum could decide what knickers i would wear depending on if i pooed or not,if i hadnt it was usually navy blue school knickers with plastics ones over them in case i had an accident.
My younger sister is made to go every day as i was.

I enjoy going for a poo,i love the feeling of a big log emerging,especially if it takes a lot of effort..
So having read your post and the others like it i was wondering how many of those who enjoy going poo were brought up in the same way and does being forced to poo when you were young have any effect on how you view pooing when you are older.I would welcome anyones comments.
adele 16 yrs

Shy Pleasure Pooper
ASHLEY: I know exactly what you mean about pooping in school. I'm 19, male and anyway when I was in 11 th grade I was in lunch and I had to poop really bad. I went to a bathroom far from the cafiteria where I thought I would be safe to poop in peace. Well, after five minutes of comfort two stupid kids started having a little peep show trough the crack in the stall. I was furious, but said nothing. They kept mocking me and asking who I was. Finally, they left. I hope they didn't get a good enough look at me. I know who it was too. The stupid pipsqueek live just down the street from me. Anyway, you have my sympathy and I hope you don't have to poop in school again. I'm in college now and no one bothers me at all so it's cool. People will mature. Thank God for that. Take care.


Chocolate Delights
As I explained in my earlier post, I had a very strict upbringing as regards toilet training. I remember another incident when I was about seven or eight years old.
I was going through a period of constipation, which had not slipped my mother’s attention. As was the custom I was made to sit on the toilet following the evening meal. Needless to say I couldn’t go. Finally I was sent to bed. Lying in bed I relaxed as I became sleepy and I was aware that my rectum was extremely full. Over the following half hour or so I slowly coaxed the huge turd head so that it opened my anus. I planned to get it moving so that I could then go to the toilet to finish the business. As I lay there I found the feelings very pleasant, a mixture of pain from the huge hard turd stretching my ring, but also a sensation of great pleasure. I savoured the sensations for some time until they subsided. I then called for my mother (we weren’t aloud to leave our beds at night without her permission). She arrived after a few minutes and I explained that I needed the toilet. As she prompted me to leave the bed, I felt an enormous log probably 3 inches in diameter an! d about 10 inches long slip down the leg of my pyjamas and land with a dull thud on the lino flooring. I was so embarrassed, since I didn’t even realise that I had done it. I received a swift smack on my bottom and was made to sit on the toilet for the next ten minutes while my mother cleared up the mess. However I always feel that the punishment was more than justified for by the pleasure of passing that turd.


PLUNGING PLOP GUY: Thanks for your contribution and comments. I am preparing a ‘posting’ about my childhood 'hangups' about pooping away from home, and some of that is hilarious. Watch this site! I had uptight parents. Fortunately, my best friend's parents had less inhibitions on the matter. I should have made it clearer that there were 5 people with whom, from a fairly early age, I had no reservations - my 4 close personal friends, school friends and also fellow-choirboys - our vicar called us ‘the gang of four‘- and also my own brother, 5 years my junior, whom I used to take in with me when he was two years old. My parents allowed me to supervise his toilet training, he learned by watching me. He and I believe that this helped us to bond as brothers as we grew up, and to develop a sibling relationship which many would envy. (See my more recent posting about ‘ankling‘. It was adults I didn’t want to see me.)

A best-seller could be collected of reminiscences of school, including no doubt boarding schools. The problem with the old wooden strips was that they were porous, and could trap germs. At morning break in the grammar school, there was a queue for the urinals (we could have done with clothes-pegs on our noses), and obviously to relieve the situation (as it were!) some boys weed into the WCs where you couldn‘t lift the seats, and many of us were at an age where we couldn’t always control the direction of our flow. Who would want to sit on those things? The cleaners certainly didn’t scrub and disinfect them at the end of each day, if at all. Perhaps we did exaggerate the fear of splinters, and our ‘gang of four’ would have removed them from one another, had the emergency arose. But better safe than sorry. And if infection had set in, what would you say to the doctor (and in my case, worse still, my parents!)

On the rare occasions when we did sit on a grammar school toilet (averaging less than once a year for me) we always ensured that one of our ‘gang of four‘ could be outside to keep away intruders - other boys had that sort of arrangement with friends) we always put pieces of toilet paper on the wood, so it didn’t come into contact with our bottoms. The paper was the old non-absorbent kind, best for toilet seats, though I wouldn’t use it for its official purpose now. (Incidentally, this paper was useful as tracing paper for maps or drawings. Most masters kept a roll in the classroom for that purpose. When one teacher produced a roll in class, one boy laughed. He said ‘Haven‘t you seen a toilet-roll before?' Another lad remarked, ‘He uses his fingers, sir‘.) Screwed on toilet strips nowadays seem to be made of non-porous material in the UK.

Nevertheless, I like the feel of a wooden seat pressed against my bottom! The boxed type at my grandfather’s outhouse, when I eventually plucked up courage to sit on it, really turned me on. It was higher than ours at home, and it seemed funny for a 14-year old boy to be sitting on the toilet with his feet dangling in the air. Aged 9, my little brother was still like that - he had remarked a year or two earlier noticing that my feet touched the ground, that I must now be a ‘big boy‘. When I told him, he laughed for the rest of the school summer holiday. saying he would love to have seen me. The ‘gang of four laughed, too. It was too good a story not to share with the 5 people I was closest to.

A series of books has been published about the privies in different English counties. There were also some two-seaters at adult height, and with a much lower one at the end for small children. When mod-cons were fitted, some were given to museums. (How private some privies really were is a moot point!)

jamie lynn: are you britney spears little sister? because her name is jamie lynn also.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Steve and Louise have a nice day and a fun honeymoon! Kaitlyn welcome and that was a great first post. When I was younger your age I lived in the country and peeing and pooping was quite common outdoors by both genders. Large city parks or deserted buildings or parking garages are spots in the city for your friend. Make sure that she has a friend with her to keep her company and also act as a guard.

Leslie you made some interesting points in your science of who likes or not likes bathroom company. Good descriptive post too. There are times when my wife and I talk during our buddy dumps and other times we just like to be quite and just enjoy the warmth of each other. Catch everyone later. Upstate Dave

Hi first of all I would like to thank everyone who gave me some advice
on pooing my knickers , well I,ve done it so I,m sure you would all like to know all the details well it was yesterday afternoon I had a rummage around in my wardrobe for something to wear I found a skirt suit not pleated though but was longer than my usual skirts
I think I,ve only worn it a couple of times it sort of makes me look older I think my mum gave it to me its a sort of brown colour camel I think so I wore that with a cream blouse and the jacket and an under skirt just to protect the lining don,t think it would have mattered as
the lining is brown I wore stockings as apposed to tights pantyhose as I prefer, I usually wear tights thicker one,s in the winter ooh! I nearly forgot my knicker,s well all Icould find in my drawer were a pair of french knicker,s white with a deep lace {ruffle} around the leg they fitted nicely so I hoped they would do as all my other knicker,s are thongs and other skimpy things anyway now for the dirty deed I went outside in the backyard and sat on the garden lounger and waited until I had the urge to go as I didn,t wan,t to be huffing and puffing like I sometimes do when I,m on the toilet , sure enough I needed to go as it were so I stood up and walked around a little i stood with my feet apart slightly and decided this was it I could feel it coming so I pushed a little it felt a little strange doing it standing up but quite nice, by now there was a sizeable lump forming in my knickers I gently felt the seat of my skirt and could feel it quite lumpy I continued to pu! sh and then it came easier as I finished it off with the usual splattery soft serve something I wished later I had,nt done but the solid poo was ok I was surprised my knicker,s held it all in I waddled back to the house and pulled up my skirt,s and carefully lowered my knicker,s and the poop fell in the toilet making a bit of a mess my knicker,s were quite messy too soon got them clean as they were nylon
and I had a shower well it was enjoyable up until the soft serve so if I do it again I,ll know next time and save the softie for the toilet

panty pooping girl
Hi everyone,

Im a 18 yr old year old female, 5' 9" and 65kgs and would love to try and poop in my pantyhose, does anyone have any suggestions, do you think i should wear panties or a thong?? or a skirt or pants? my poop is normally quite hard so i dont think it will make to much of a mess, hope some one can help.

Saturday, June 15, 2002

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