im a 14 yr old girl and is new to the forum. i live near a farm so i usually get to have outdoor poops :) each day after school my friends and i go in to a local bush area for our daily poo. and its almost the same everyday. i usually let out heaps of mushy poo and my friends all differ from constipation to diarrhea. we wiped with grass.
tips i use when i poo outdoor,
when i am having the runs or if i was sick and needed to use the bushes i'll find a well hidden spot because it will be long and messy. then i usually squat for 5 more minutes after i finish just to make sure no more diarrhea was in me then i wiped with heaps of grass. if i was constipated, i'll use one of my hands and spread one of my cheek and it really helps. when i do that i can poo as much as a cow.

i have a distant friend who lives in the city and wants to enjoy the feeling of pooping outdoors but she cant because as i say, its the city with no bushes at all.
if u know how she could poo like i can outdoors please reply(she cant leave the city even for half a day because she has goto school and tutoring in the weekends.)

piss pool
im sorry if i offended some of you with my past story about the water park. but to be truthful there wasnt any bathrooms for a ways a way and if i would have tried to make it to the toilet to shit i wouldnt have made it and ended up shitting in my bathing suit. so if i offended you i am sorry but i didnt want to shit in my pants because those were the only shorts that i had to swim in so i had to do it in the water. the kids pool has to be drained once a week anyway because of the kids that do there business in the pool a lot of them do it. sorry. i wouldnt have done it in the adult pool i would only pee in the adult pool. please tell me if you pee in the pool because all of us do it sometimes. to the moderator: please let this go through.

keep the stories coming i enjoy them

jim i like your stories. how old are you

I had a nice long post last night with lots of replies, but then I accidently shut the window and lost it. So I'm not going to rewrite it, sorry.

Last night I was watching a Lifetime Movie "15 and Pregnant" and it shows the girl, Tina, in a school toilet stall sitting on the toilet. It showed her underwear showing that she got her period as a relief that she wasn't pregnant. Didn't have any peeing sounds, but she was sitting on a toilet.

Sarah--I'm glad that you are getting over your shyness and that Tim was able to "ignore" your insecuirty. You are very lucky to have him and he is very lucky to have you. I hope that I find someone like him to share my life with :o). Tim, feel better and keep that positive attitude :o)

Hello to everyone.

Punk Rock Girl
To Michael: I've never put toilet paper in the bowl before taking a dump. That's an interesting practice. My ass almost always gets splashed when my loads hit the water, because they're usually big and firm. Occasionally, shit blows out of my ass like a cannon, and I get splashed big time. On more than one occasion, water actually went UP my ass. That's a weird feeling!

Bryian: Words cannot describe how gross that porta-potty was. Yeachh!

Adrian: Yeah, I know accidents happen. But, while I'm not very bashful about being seen on the pot, or someone hearing me taking a dump, I'm not too wild about people seeing my shit. I don't know why. Same thing when I've puked in front of someone. I don't care if they watch me with my head in the toilet, I don't care if they hear me, but I don't want them to see my vomit. I usually flush the toilet before I get up, so I'm not even too thrilled about seeing my own shit. That's the only aspect of it that I'm really sensitive about.

I had my first "normal" dump today. One big load, and two smaller chunks. Only took one wipe (not including the "safety wipe"). Nice and firm. No farting. Splashed water on my cheeks, though!

Someone told me that if you're super constipated, it can help to lube your ass up with k-y jelly or vaseline. Is that true? I've never tried it. I usually go the enema route and deal with the pain!

More later! Peace!


Drew: Cool stories about your shitting experiences in York and London! Wish we could get together for a buddy-dumping session when you come over to England next month, especially if you're anywhere near my age (I'm 23).


To prevent constipation, eat a cucumber, a cantaloupe, or several pieces of watermelon every day. That's what I do, and I've never been constipated.

Grown Woman Dawn
I never expected nice feed back from my 2 storys on here. Sarah/Tim - Am glad I helped. I can identify completely with you on your camping date, even down to that feeling of panic and wanting to get away. For that reason I will say I do not think much of those who spy while others attend to their bodily functions. To be invited to do so, is one thing, but to peep and ogle while a person who is peeing or pooping does not suspect, is something else. Of course I guess there is middle ground too, as the storys here reflect- some people just go ahead and do their business when they know others are, or would be able, to see or hear. That is ok too, it is their choice. SARAH, getting back to you, daddy has been gone many years now, but I appreciate your kind thought. How did you and Tim finally resolve your own situation? You did not say. At the conclusion of your story things were unresolved, but obviously you are open with each other now. I do not think I would have beh! aved for my boyfriend, as I did while on the toilet emptying my bowels the other night, if he wasn't always so nice to me and had not been so attentive beforehand. Ciao. Dawn

Hey all its time to post those stories again.

Heres a quick one about the shit i took the other day. Finally after my favorite cubicle was fixed again, i managed to take a nice dump, in peace too. This time there weren't many girls in there fussing about the smell or singin in the showers. All was empty. Anyways, I pulles down my track pants and me white panties down to the knees place my ass on the seat and spread out the cheeks. ooh did i love the feeling as i felt the first turd emerged slowly out of my ass crackling on its way. this one didn't plop so i figured it must have been a long one. The other two followed almost imediatly and i was loving every moment of it even the smell. I love taking big dumps especially ones that clog the toilet but unfortunatly this one didn't. My other one (that i did last night) did and dad did the dirty work ;). Anyways back to my dump, i began to tug at the toilet tissue and started to wipe my ass. Guess what? it was a clean shit. I have taken the advice of someone who posted o! n this board to spit saliva on the the toilet tissue first before wiping. it helps a lot. Since there wasn't any shit stains, i pulled my pants up and flushed the floaters down the hole. I was grinning for like 5 minutes afterward and all the girls in the residence was staring at me like i've gone mad.

Onto the dump i took last night, this one was a huge one. Must have been about 8 -10 inches in length and 2.5-3 inches in width. My dumb toilet seems to save water and isn't one of those power flushing toilets so i clogged it. Anyway getting to the point, last night we had a BBQ, and mom invited a bunch of her old high school friends over for a huge fest. I ate a lot as usual. Mandy was there too in case any of you are wondering. She stopped posting becuase she doesn't find shitting that interesting although she loves it. Kinda confuses me. Anyway after a weird but great tasting desert, my fanny was starting to open and relax to the point where i needed a toilet. I rushed upstairs to find it had already been used by my sister and a healthy bowel smell was in the air. not really bothered by it, i slipped off my shorts and sat my ass down beginning the exciting journey. To my surprise it lasted about 5 minutes including all the wiping. I just pushed and out came a huge kno! bby turd which became really soft plus one pebble. I looked down and saw part of it sticking out of the water. I wiped three times and flushed watching everything go down, but only the pebble did. I ran outside looking for dad since i didn't want to handle anything dirty. Many knew exactly what i did and had a huge grin on her face, i just gave her the finger. Anyways dad almost died of a heartattack when he saw the size of my product. he's like "what the f*&k?!? Mere how long have you been holding this" I just replied 1 day. Im sure by now the whole world knows about my notorious shits ;)

POOPGIRLHOLDER: I love to hold my poop too. but it is bad for me especially when mine get big after about a day

Punk Rock Girl: EWWW I hate porta poties. I've never pooped in them but the thought of all that crap in there makes me wanna puke. Plus the fact that thousands of people use them in a concert.

Carmalita: mmmm sounds like you had a great show from Nu and a great dump from yourself. I'd love to have a bf just like Jake (so understanding).



To NYC Dude: Thanks for wondering...i was wondering about your peep hole

To Punk Rock Girl: I liked your story again!

To cassie: I liked your story...glad your mom didn't punish you for your accident.

To jamie lynn: Liked your story..still don't belive it about Britney spears but i gues it is possible. There is a website out there where britney bends over and is shooting the poop out of her butt.

To Zip: I liked your story..about Home depot. I Saw that episode of the Man Show on comedy central with the fake turd. Wish they could have show more guys espcially some my age. I knew there was something i had been forgeting to post.

To Jordan: I loved your story. Is your friend intrested in poop like you? Did you see each others poop? :)

To jim: I liked your story

I still haven't pooped yet..last pooped like fri or sat i think and its now wed. Maybe i will have to after dinner?
I like that pic..looks like someone from india(reminds me of co workers..of course never seen them in the bathroom) gotta run bye

I have enjoyed having peopple both m and f accompany me to the toilet for years./ It's now down to a science and I can tell which people are interested in watching and who are not. I give them some advance notice first. Early in a conversation I will say, "I think pretty soon I need to find (or go to) the bathroom." After a little while longer I will say, "I'm gonna have to cut this short and find the can." The ones who either say a lot, or say nothing back, are usually the ones who enjoy watching./ If I'm with another woman someplace she usually just follows me anyway because that's what women do. If it's a guy, then some inviting works better, "Come on in and keep me company, I'm gonna be a while and it would be rude for me to make you wait../ Once inside the door I always comment, "Got here just in time, I wouldn't have wanted to shit my pants." That lets them know what to expect next. Sometimes (rarely) at that point the other person makes an excuse and leaves. For! those who remain, once seated on the throne I like to just keep us talking back and forth./ That way they have to join in and answer me, and I try to wait till they are into the conversation before I let anything come out./ Then, I like to prolong things. I ask questions like, "don't you like to just sit and take your time?" or "Have you ever had to go so bad that once you get your butt where you can go, it actually feels good to hold it in just a bit longer?" Then, "I really do have to go. I feel a big load up inside waiting to drop, but I'm not going to force my shit either, so I hope you don't mind waiting for things to kind of happen naturally." In between these tidbits I intersperse ordinary conversation. The person with me usually buys into this, and will start to tell me about themselves, esp if they are enjoying the conversation./ ...... Just before the main event, I prepare them for what's to come: "Ohh, here comes the first one, it's pretty greasy - plunk! ...! and...there's more where that came from." As my turds work their way out, I leave an interval between each one and talk some more: "This must be the mashed potatoes, or the pork chops," "Mmman that feels good coming out," and so forth. Women companions are usually more reserved, but not always. "Feels like the job is done, now for the paperwork, I will say before wipeing, and make sure to check the TP to see that it is clean. "Gotta have a clean bum (or ass)hole." And I always invite my companion to have a look afterward so they won't have to ask./ Guys pretty much always like to see. "Look at that," I will say, "Hard to imagine that was inside me, huh?" Lots of times I think, this has caused the person with me into immediately needing to have their own shit afterwards. I am glad to stay and keep the conversation going. Often they too will comment as they poo, much as I did nere. One last thing: I really think this is always more enjoyable when outdoors in a priva! te place./ Do we have any other toilet-time blabber mouths on here?

The exact same thing happened to to me and my brother. We have bunk-beds in our room. We are both midly lactose intolerent and that afternoon he drank like a gallon of milk. I was already in deep sleep and he was studyingfor a history test. I dont exactly remeber what I was dreaming of but I remeber that it stunk so bad that I had to sllep in my parents room.

do u pull ur trousers down 2 ur ankles,shins,knees or thighs wen u have a shit? Please inclue ur age, because i think the older u r, then you become thighs.
Unamed p
I usually just strip naked.

Wow!! It has been a long time. Thanks I love your stories too.For me I am usually a stander. I forgot where the website is it I was just surfing the net and I found it. You really made that website. That a pretty awsome.And the question was have you ever pooped in your pants.

hi i fully sympathise with you,i have always suffered constipation..I agree with you about how horrible the effects of laxitives are,i dont use them or have have to take control of your situation..Instead of leaving it for 4 days untill you get cramps,you should force yourself to go poo each day,even if you have to strain hard for a while,believe me its better than the cramps,laxitives or enemas,,this way you can control what you do and when you do it..

good luck,
xx adele xx

ps high to all the other posters,,yes i am still around ,will post more soon..

Hiya, i was just wondering, when you go to the toilet for a BM, do you pull your trousers down to your ankles,shins,knees or thighs? Because im testing to see, if the older that you are, then you become thighs.
Aswell i was wondering which catorgary do you fall in,

Leaner: leans or 'rocks' to one side to clean them selves
Lifter: Lifts testicles to wipe below
Stander: Stands to clean

Please let me know with your age, thanks alot


How far do you pull them down - Ankles? Shins? Knees? Thighs? (Post 917)

My little brother and I were Ďdown to your anklesí boys. I took him in with me, put him on his potty, and myself on the toilet - he is 5 years younger than I am. We assumed that everyone sat with their trousers round their ankles. The other people I had seen, my choirboy friends, were also anklers. After sleepovers at my best friendís, who had very enlightened and open Christian parents, (unlike my own), we would all use the bathroom together - toileting, cleaning teeth, or showering.

When I went to stay at Grandfatherís (Post 917) I learned something new. On my first evening, after the meal, I needed a wee. My young sailor uncle sat there with the door open, to let in the light. I blushed and apologised, but it broke the ice. (You werenít proud in the navy.) He invited me to stay and talk, but I declined (feeling mean about that afterwards) and waited until he came out. But I noticed that he had pulled his trousers down just enough to uncover his bottom. Next day, after my own first Ďsittingí, I felt freer to talk to him about this and other matters. (He was 10 years older than I was.) I think he sensed that I might now agree to go in with him and I did, sitting on the end of the long seat, and talking about all sorts of things. Aged 14, I hadnít seen an adult on the toilet before, and was fascinated by the position of his trousers. I went in subsequent evenings, and on the penultimate morning of my stay, I asked him to come in with me. I! wanted him to show me something that I darenít ask my father: how to Ďgoí without pulling my trousers right down. That could be useful if I had to go at school or anywhere with lockless doors, dirty floor, or weirdoes hanging about. He said that you must be able to wee first, or after, but not during the unloading. Bare your bottom completely and pull your trousers back up as far as possible, and and then clasp your hands, and squeeze. He told me only to do that in emergency - normally at my age I should still drop my trousers down to my ankles to give my muscles complete freedom. I did it the Ďnewí way under his supervision, and my choirboy friends agreed it was good advice, though we still didnít fancy going at grammar school! I didnít want my little brother to do it that way just yet, but decided that he ought to know about it. He always went at home before school, anyway.

My best choirboy friend later taught me to squat on a hiking trip. One morning after our youth hostel breakfast, we Ďheld it iní (with difficulty!), walking to some pre-chosen woods about a mile away. He insisted we wipe our bottoms with dockleaves, the first time for me. He got a twig, made a hole, and squatted over it. I watched closely and then he supervised me. We both covered up everything. He had brought some wet wipes to clean our hands. If I squat, I pull my trousers down to my knees, pushing out my penis forward from underneath my trousers, allowing it to wee without wetting my trousers, socks or shoes. That can be very relaxing and enjoyable - clasp your hands and wow! Seventh heaven - more comes out in that position. After A levels, when youth hostelling in France, we laughed as we put our squatting expertise to good use, and I said he had been a good teacher.

The position of the trousers depends on the situation, but your bottom is the most important part of your body for those few vital minutes each day. Let it tell you where it wants your trousers to be, so that you can move your legs about as necessary.

I have a little time to kill at the moment, so I'm taking the opportunity to post. It'll be the last one I contribute as a single man, and I look forward to posting when Louise is my wife. With a two-week honeymoon to follow the wedding on Friday, don't expect to hear from either of us for a while.

To Carmalita,
I very much enjoyed your latest story, but not quite as much as your mystery spectator in the bushes obviously did <snicker>. Yes, I found it thoroughly entertaining in every respect, and your little latina brillo pad sounds very appealing. Your long pee in particular made me wish I had been in a position to wipe you dry afterwards. Having said that, I've done more than my share of wiping girls pussies after urinating. Read the latest from Louise and her sister to find out what I'm talking about. <snicker>

To Sarah (and Tim),
It doesn't sound as if things are too comfortable for Tim at the moment, and I hope things improve. Apart from suffering from sickness, the diarrhoea will have weakened him further and made things more difficult passing something more solid. It's a good thing that you were around to help him, Sarah, and I am glad he finally found some relief from the blockage.
By the way, I'm not sure if Louise's own netball team is typical in attitude and in how they behave lavatorially, as I can't say I am familiar with any others. All I'm saying is I've enjoyed myself when they have invited (dragged?) me into the mens' (temporarily ladies') changing area. Last Saturday was another such occasion. As one of their number, wearing nothing, gently told me off and tapped me on the back of the head for again looking at the floor and not at them, I was told by their captain that I was to join them in the showers again and I was to wee with them too. Well, when I stood and pointed my penis at the porcelein wall, there was a girl standing each side of me, pussies lifted and aiming their urine streams high. Very memorable, and I enjoyed watching Louise, Jackie and the other girls washing the wall afterwards. I showered with the girls, and that was very pleasant, but as they were all wearing nothing but their wickedest smiles I found it impossible not ! to react in a certain way. Of course that caused much hilarity among them.
I hope Tim regains some more strength and health as soon as possible.
Best Wishes from me and on behalf of Louise.

To PV,
I was very interested in what Louise and her little friends got up to on her 'hen' night before they arrived back home. Even Louise's sister was behaving badly. Damsel - getting drunk and weeing in alleys! What would your mum say? <snicker> Louise's friend from the USA seemed as willing to drop her knickers and urinate as her English sisters did. She seemed more than a little embarrassed about it after she had slept off the alcohol! I don't know if Americans have an equivalent of such a night of alcohol consumption and wild behaviour on a so-called last night of 'freedom'. Must remember to ask her about that if I get the chance.
My own 'stag' night was very quiet by comparison (as an aside, am I correct to think Australians call it a 'bucks' night?). Anyway there was a large number of us in the group, and we did have a few drinks, but nothing excessive. Half way through the evening, two or three of our number had a wee on a wall, but there really wasn't anything else worth mentioning.

I'd just like to thank everyone again who has wished us well for the wedding day and beyond into the future. Cheers!


Hello everybody!

I have just been home to get some stuff I need so I am just making a bit of time to write a letter.

SARAH - Hey it sounded real hard work for poor Tim. It made me sad to read about how having a shit was hurting him like it did. It is like Steve says, I hope the outlook is good for him to get better.
Love Louise xx

LAWN DOGS KID - Hi guy! Well we hope to read a letter from Eleanor soon then. Thank you for writing!
Please get Kendal and Eleanor to think of me on Friday.
Love Louise xxxxx

RIZZO - Hello! It is like I said, I am going to give Steve a lovely wedding day and the best wedding night a man ever had! Can you see my wicked smile?
Love Louise xxxxx

PV - I read Steve's letter and he did not write about my friend from Connecticut asking me if he had been circumcised. You know I have told her about how he has his foreskin. He did not say I asked him to show her he can wee all right with it. Well he was a bit shy about it really but I got her to put her head around the bathroom door when he was having a shower. It was really lucky because he had not been for a wee for a bit, so I pulled his foreskin back a little bit and he had a wee in the shower. It was fair she saw him wasn't it, because the night before, he saw her pull her knickers off and sit down on the toilet having a wee. She never actually saw an 'uncut' man before so she had a good look at him when he was weeing. It was a giggle for us and it made her go a bit red in the cheeks. I do not think Steve will be worried about her saying again that he should be circumcised because she saw he can wee all right.
It was really funny in the middle of the night when we came home after my hen night and after Steve had gone to sleep because I was trying to teach my American friend how to wee standing up. It was funny because she was not very steady on her feet and she tried to wee in the bath, and she got her stream flying all over the bath. giggle I really enjoyed my hen night! It was a wild day and night and my friends have given Steve some merciless teasing but we have really enjoyed it. Hey I hope you think about me on Friday.



Hi Adrian. Who hasnt had an accident in their knickers or panties? Im sure it has happened to most of us at some time, both the high and mighty, Margaret Thatcher when on a speaking tour in Chile, the famous, Suzi Quattro when she was taken short in those famous leather trousers on stage,and of course ordinary mortals such as those who post here.

I had such an accident a few weeks ago. I had gone with Paul to the seaside at the Labour day Holiday at the start of May. We went for a walk after a pub lunch. Now I ought to have gone for a poo in the Ladies in the pub but thought Id hold it in and if needs be use one of the public toilets. Bad move. There were toilets but they were closed as they didnt open all of these facilities until after the Whit holiday, which of course was late this year as it was put on a week to join with the Jubilee. Now I didnt have the squitters or anything like that, but, as happens after you eat, I needed a motion, I read here on an old post its called the "Gastro Colic Reflex" eating food such as lunch makes the faecal mass move in the bowels and often the need to defecate. I started to get desparate and couldnt find anywhere to go behind a wall or in the bushes, lift my skirt, whip down my knicks and do my poo. I also needed a wee wee. I told Paul what was happening and he said, "Oh do! nt worry love, just do it in your knickers, its not going to be a watery one is it?" I knew it would be solid and as I was near a grassy area I stood there with my legs apart under my skirt so the wee wee poured through the gusset of my knickers onto the grass but didnt make a tell-tale pool or dark patch on the ground. Then out came the jobbie. Now luckily it was a firm turd, one of my usual big fat jobbies. I felt it slide out touching against the inside of my bum cheeks. It soon encountered the seat of the pair of pale blue Sloggi Briefs which it pushed away and down. Now as it was hard it didnt squash and nothing came out of my knickers and my knee length demin skirt escaped. Paul was concerned for me but I told him it could have been worse. I walked on with the lump swaying about in the seat of my panties until about a mile too late I found a Ladies Public Toilet which was open. I went into the larger disabled cubicle and carefully lifted my skirt and gingerly stepped ! out of my loaded briefs, (I wasnt wearing tights-pantyhose). In the seat was a fat lumpy brown jobbie folded over. It was about 12 inches long unfolded, and the usual 2.5 inches thick. I sat on the pan to ensure there was no more to come out, there wasnt, but I did do another wee wee. Then I dumped the soiled knickers with their load in the bin provided for used sanitary towels and tampons, then cleaned my bum and fanny (vulva) with some toilet paper which I wetted in the handbasin in the cubicle, (that's why I used the disabled one, these usually are cleaner and have a washbasin), and used some liquid soap. Having been a hard jobbie there wasnt too much mess, if it had been a soft one it would have squashed up and made a real mess and my panties wouldnt have held it all in! Cleaned and dried I washed my hands, dropped my skirt, which had escaped any soiling and came out.

As it was a bit cold to wear no knickers I found a supermarket in the town, bought a new pair of briefs, black ones this time, and went to the Ladies Toilet there and slipped these on and we then went back to the car and drove home. We had a shower together when I got back as I wanted to freshen up.

So not the most horrific of events but not one Id want to repeat too often and certainly not on purpose.

I did a big easy one this morning. Paul and I had gone to the pub to watch the England Vs Nigeria match. At half time I needed a poo and went to the Ladies Toilet. I entered one of the cubicles, took my jeans and panties, pink ones this time, down and sat on the pan. A long tinkling wee wee then I felt the motion come out. A big easy sausage, 14 inches long, 2.5 inches fat, smooth, curved, toffee brown. It was too big to make any sound when it dropped into the pan and was a beacher with the last 4 inches sticking up out of the water. Needless to say it didnt flush away but there are two more cubicles in that Ladies anyway. By the time I had washed my hands the game was due to start again. Later I told Paul what I had done.

He does get constipated sometimes, so do I. Its not a big deal and we help each other as described in my last post if we are bunged up.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

NYC Dude
To Bryian: No, my parents never found out [that I know of] but there were a few times when the girl in the can realized she was being watched. I was always careful to be very quiet when I was looking but my big mistake was telling my buddies about the hole. A few times times, a girl would come into the bathroom and they would make way too much noise [laughing, talking, moving around, etc] and got busted. I was sure it would be the end of the whole deal but somehow it blew over. Once I found soap clogging up the hole - Dont know who did it but I waited a few weeks and poked it out. I forgot - we used to have a lot of parties - many girls + beer = you guessed it. Somehow the word did not get around that the hole was there.

To Rick: I read your posts about the two-way mirror. Nice setup- I always dreamed of doing that but never had the right layout. I happened to read two other posts right near yours from those people who got pissed about your mirror. Whats the big deal? As far as illegal things go I think thats pretty harmless. I once read about some college guys who got busted by the police because they had set up a camera to videotape girls in the can - now thats a different story.
Another guy had passageways in his hotel to spy on people. Just the extremity of that - that guy is not well.

Anyway - gotta run,
marriage ya know,
Happy Pinching, all!

To the guy without a name who wanted to know about the
mother telling her daughter to pretend the bus seat was
a toilet and relieve herself cos someone has thrown up
in the onbaord one...

What a conicidence that I was reading it just last night!

It's by David D and you can find it on the old posts page



I always put loads of tp in the toilet before i have a bm.If I dont my backside always gets soaked with the the plops in the water.Ive been doing this for about 40 years.I would like to hear from others that do this.

Sophia, if your uptight parents took your syringe, just use an empty plastic bottle, like from shampoo. Just make sure it is rinsed out good.

Matt from MD
SOPHIA: I enjoyed reading your stories. I used to be just like you and also pooped about every 4 days. Some advice to you would be to try to push some poo out every day so it will be less of a problem, because I know that big hard poop must really hurt your butthole when you get it out.

joe 1 by Melissa (New York)(565)friend Diane her friend Diane
i will try the rest of my top 5 later

Dan B.
Grown Woman/Dawn -
Absolutely wonderful story, I loved it. I really envy your boyfriend. I wish there were more women like you, who could get over their poop-shyness. Thanks for sharing, and post more, will you? You are a good storyteller.

To the unnamed poster: I liked the story about your brother peeing in a cup.
To Andre: Im not sure if that was from farting...i had in mind pee stains
To Janie S: I don't think its just you...i've eatten Mc Donalds food before and had the runs. I try and advoid that place. i liked your story too..Yeah your uncle did create a ruckus..I don't think i would tell them either.
To Lisa: I liked your story
To Punk Rock Girl: Loved your story...Even though that it sounds like a gross porto pottie
To POOP HOLDER GIRL: I liked your story
To Unnamed poster: Liked your story about having to pee like a race horse and peeing in that cup
To Lyndsey: Awesome story..How was your poop? And are you 2 gonna poop in front of each other?
To Grown Woman: I loved your story about you and your bf and you needing to shit in the middle of bath!
To Reagan: I Liked your story...I took like to have a good shit in a nice clean public bathroom. cool!
To Charlotte: Liked your story about wetting the bed
To Some Guy: Cool story about Papa Roach.
To Sophia: I think a suppository might work insert it up there and every thing comes out solid.
To Unnamed poster: About your good 12" dump..liked your story
To Inominate: I liked your story
To Drew: I liked the story about that guy leaving a skid mark in the toilet
To Plunging Plop Guy: I liked your story
To Chocolate Delights: I liked your story
Well not much new to report on Haven't pooped in maybe 2 days i guess well gotta run bye

Punk Rock Girl

Bryian, glad you liked my story and glad you're back to shitting pretty.

Elena: Wow. What an unpleasant experience. I've had a few accidents in my day, but that was pretty bad. You should be very glad to have found a guy who's so willing to take care of you during situations like that. Hold on to him and screw anyone who can't deal with the fact that you're your own person. THanks for sharing your story. Sounds like it's a painful memory for you and it means a lot that you have the courage to share it with people.

Well, after my bout with diarrhea and bad aim over the weekend, I'm finally getting back to normal. I've had two big dumps since Saturday and they've both been semi-soft. That's pretty unusual for me. Yesterday I had one in the unisex and talked to one of my guy friends who was peeing while I went. After he finished peeing, he washed his hands, then waited for me to finish and talked to me the whole time. He's a sweet guy.

Well, gotta get my ass out the door now. Take care everyone.



Darius, no one could tell what I had done. The new fatagues were waterproof so no wet patch appeared Everyone did joke on the factt that someone had stunk up the insides of the truck with their obnotious farts. I was able to use what little clean spots were left on my boxers to remove most of the explosion from between my cheeks ,but when we finally got back to the base and I removed my pants there was shit caked to my ass. The inside of my pants were brown,but it only added to the camaflage.

pee pool
hi, i posted here a couple of days ago i just wanted to let you guys know that i am changing my name to piss pool

sophia-fix your diet. it might take a while for your crap to come, and maybe im just talking shit, but try-it might just work.

yo plz excuse the piles post-it was a temporary thing, it went away after a while.

Tim (and Sarah)
LOUISE AND STEVE: All the best and warmest wishes for your special day!!! May you share a long, happy, healthy and fulfilled life together.
Thanks for your nice words. That poop on Saturday surely felt like shittting out bricks crosswise, as they say. It was such a relief though and great to have my sweetheart there for some help. (Thanks again my darling...) I was so exhausted with a very sore hole and ????, I couldnít imagine feeling much worse after being raped by a gorilla, lol! Sorry, excuse my bad humour. Anyway enough moaning. I am much fitter this week and really canít complain, as due to healthy food and time to relax, I have done two good, satisfying piles today. The joy of a nice dump without problems is completely underrated in our society. Grin. I mean, itís great, but nobody wants to know...LOL. Like when my boss rang this morning and asked how I was doing, I just came out of the bathroom and felt like saying: "In fact I just had such a great shit..." Sorry, I am getting a bit silly. I had to laugh a lot about you saying that Josie was giving a "running commentary" to the pre school teacher! . I also imagined her doing a "life coverage" as a little reporter..."Dad is doing fine, still dumping a big one, over to Bob with the weather..." lol. Seems like you are a lucky guy, Steve! In fact, Sarah does not think that all netball teams are so open, it was only a joke. Although I have to say from my team sport experiences, at least in the menís changing rooms it was always pretty wild.(I mean stuff like pissing in the showers, not to get any misunderstandings!)..How comes you are the only guy in there, Steve? I would be scared to get into trouble with some other boyfriends, but I take it you know your martial arts ;-). Certainly I canít blame you for showing a reaction. I love your wees with Damsel, Louise. Hope to speak to you soon. Good luck and lots of love from Sarah and me

As I said I am still off work this week but feel much fitter. In fact all my friends and colleagues are joking if my second week off work has anything to do with the football games being in the mornings and at The day before yesterday my friend Peter came over and we watches the game Germany vs. Kamerun. We had lunch beforehand, which consisted of a nice Asian soup with lots of ginger and some cherries after that. For Sarah and me itís like our usual diet, but Peter had his system kickstarted by it...He started holding his ???? during the game and at the beginning of half time, he rushed to the bathroom to give it a proper stinking up. He dumped during the whole break, so I had to wait to go for my pee. He came back at the beginning of the second half with a bit of an embarrassed grin on his face. I rushed to the loo to pee and missed the 1:0 for Germany, of course, lol! Peter laughed when I came back and apologized. I laughed as well and told him poop! a bit quicker, next time he uses my loo during a football (soccer) game...

RIZZO: Hi there. We assume we might maybe have gotten a reply in one of your lost posts and are sad we werenít able to read it then. Anyway, we hope you are fine. I laughed a lot about your dream/ fart story. It reminded me of one of the funniest dreams Iíve ever had. A few years ago I had been on a buisness trip a few hours drive from home. Instead of staying at a hotel, I drove home quite late, cause I wanted to be with my wife and our new born baby. I was quite tired and fell asleep quickly after I fell to bed. I dreamed I was driving again, when suddenly there was a big stink. I tried to check my shoes, if I stepped into something, which was somehow possible in my dream, going full speed on the motorway. Suddenly I noticed this big, odd looking dog on the passenger seat, who seemed to be pooping right in the car there. I was disgusted and confused about the funny noises it made, not only grunting but also sucking during itís poo. I woke up and there was the solutio! n: It wasnít a weird dog, but my baby daughter, who was making the funny noises and causing the stink! Sarah had taken Josie to bed to breast feed her and in the same manner like your sons, she made room for the food that was coming in by pushing out the previous I think it was always very exhausting and lots of concentration to poo and drink at the same time, but that was the way it had to be Very best wishes, dear friend, from Sarah and Tim

PV: I am very glad, nothing has upset you. Nice to hear from you again. No wees on the beach this year? How are you keeping? I would have loved to wash the steel urinal with you, given you would have enjoyed my company and Sarah wouldnít hit me for She sends you a big hug and says she might have joined in as well! I often call Josie my little tiger now. She thought, itís because she likes Ďtiger flakesí (Frosties), lol. The other day they were playing in the garden. It was warm and after a while the pants and shirts disappeared. When they thought, we wouldnít look, our boy and our girl peed their aches next to each other onto the lawn...I think Loewie will be confused, when he grows up and learns that girls "canít" pee standing... Lots of love to you, Sarah and Tim

EPHERMAL: Thank you for your sweet words. Yes, you are right. I would not want to promise to be even half as fine as I am, without my dear Sarah around. I hope and am sure you will find a loving partner for yourself one day. Good to hear you are doing fine. We seem to be really a bad influence on you, but itís nice you are having fun ;-). Just enjoy yourself, dear. Take extra care and a big hug to you from Sarah and me

DAWN: Hi, thanks for your reply. Sarah wants to write to you in the next few days. We are getting too long today. We are still working on finding our way to deal with the topic, but have come a long way already. I started posting on this site last autumn and noticed after while, how important it had become to me. I did not want to have secrets in front of my wife, so I confessed it to her. We wrote some long posts about our thoughts here in January, I think. Through this especially Sarah opened up a lot and we are able to openly talk about a topic now, I never dared to talk about with my wife a lot before. I love being open there and Sarah claims she gains from it as well. Itís very good for our relationship, but I think the time and place had to be right for it. And you are very right. We donít approve of spying on people either. It can always happpen to catch a glimpse, but everybody has got a right for privacy and should not have it invaded without permission.
To me itís a great feeling of intimacy and trust though, when I am so close to somebody not to be embarrassed to use the toilet in front of each other. Itís nice you are experiencing this with your partner. Just a thought without wanting to get too private: I lost my father about 35 years ago, when I was only three, so I hardly knew him. But a part of him is still always with me, of course. Hope you are ok and best wishes from Sarah and Tim

LOVE to INA, ROBBIE AND ANNIE, SARAH AND MEGHAN and all other friends. Best wishes to all

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