I remember the day well.we were outdoors for cheerleading practice.all of the sudden,i had to go to the bathroom. I made a mad dash to the lockeroom and for some reason,the door was locked. i started knocking on the door,nobody answered. it was to late. I just stood their and pooped my pants. i ran home screaming with tears running down my cheeks.when i got home,my mom noticed i had an an accident. she took me up stairs and gave me a hug and told me she loved me.

jamie lynn
britney was backstage having a meet and greet before her she was doing that,she excaused her self to use the restroom. so she went in there and then i went in there to pee. as i peed i could hear sounded like she let out 1 doodoo then peed some. then wipe and flushed.after she got done i went over to the stall she was in. but nothing was in there so it all went down.

jamie lynn

Janie s
I liked your story..Dog poop..Ha Ha...

LYNDSEY: I enjoyed your post. I would like to hear about your date with your hottie and how you farted for him and what happened when you did and any other fart/pooping stories you would like to share.

I don't know if anyone mentioned it already, but there was a funny skit on THE MAN SHOW, that showed the inside of a toilet stall that had a 20 dollar bill sitting in the toilet bowl with fake piss and a fake turd. They wanted to see if the guys who entered the stall would fish out the 20 dollars. It was pretty funny, the hidden camera was from below the bowl to one side, and the other camera was in the ceiling. They showed one guy actually start to pull his penis out to take a leak. I think he actually did urinate into the bowl, but the cmaera angle was from above (I think). I'm thinking that it would be pretty cool to be the guy who has to edit all that film. Especially if someone came in and took a dump. All three guys shown fished out the money.

Today at Home Depot, I was taking a dump in the large handicapped stall with the lock that only sometimes locks. I looked up and saw that the door had slowly opened and a guy was standing there. He was about 30 years old, with dark brown hair, a mustache, glasses, wearing a long-sleeved plaid shirt and khaki pants. He was a good-looking guy with a nice build. He saw me sitting on the toilet with my pants around my ankles and said excuse me. I had my green work-shirt on, with my blue briefs and white jeans way down to the floor. The guy took the next stall and I listened to him pull out the seat cover and place it on the seat. He pulled both his khakis and his white briefs all the way down to the floor. I think he was a runner or bicyclist, because his legs were shaved and muscular-looking. He sat with the bottoms of his feet angled towards each other, kinda on the edge of his outside soles. He only let out a few tiny farts, but I could easily hear the crap crackling out ! of his butt. He dumped for a few minutes, crackling most of the time, and then he took a long steady piss into the bowl. I could tell by the way his feet moved that he wiped from the front. He wiped about 6 or 7 times, then pulled up his briefs, snapping the waistband when the got up, Then he pulled up his pants and tucked his shirt in. We both got to the sink at the same time, and as he looked up at me, he just nodded and gave a small smile. We both washed up and left the restroom. It was pretty cool.

I had a little giggle to myself thinking of your Uncle's reaction to your pile behind the dog house!
But what had you done with the paper towels you used?
Somehow I doubt your Uncle would have thought the dog had learnt how to wipe it's butt if the towels were still near the pile of poop!?!?!?

Hi, I haven't posted here in a while. I'm a 14 male from new jersey, and I have a new story. Well last weekend I was in the mall and I had to take a dump really bad. I had a double whopper at burger king for lunch so maybe thats why. Plus I hadn't been in like 3 days. I wanted to hold it cause I was in a group with this girl I like, but the urge got so strong that I knew I was going to crap my pants if I didn't get to a toilet soon. So anywayz I said I'm going to check out a record store but my friend Mike said he'll come. Well once we started walking off I told him I had to take a dump. Guess what, he did too and he said thanks for giving him a reason to get away from them. So we went to the bathroom and there was no one else in there, so we took stalls next to each other. Well I got my jeans and boxers down fast as I could and my ass exploded a ton of wet loose crap into the toilet. And it kept going for like 30 seconds. Mike was like dude what the f**k did you eat. Well I! heard him fart and strain a bit. And then 3 or 4 loud plops. I sat on the toilet for a bit longer to make sure i got it all out of me. Then I was like oh man you don't how good that feels. Mike said he could tell by the sound of it. So I wiped my ass with a ton of TP, then stood up and admired my dump. It wasn't diarhea but really soft greenish brown turds, too many to count. Well I stayed in the stall and talked to Mike till he was done then we both flushed and washed our hands and went to catch up with our peeps. It was really awesome and it was my first buddy dump since the time with the kid i helped at camp last summer.

Andre : Your stories are really cool. To answer your questions I wipe sitting down most of the time. What about you? And I don't get what you mean by did you ever poop in your poops. And well that story was the last time I had a buddy dump. Have you ever had a buddy dump with someone besides a family member? BTW, me and some online buddies started another site about pooping and I saw you posted there. Please come back soon if you know what I mean. Oh and I saw that scene on the MTV music awards, it was really funny.

Reagan: Cool story. I love using public restrooms too but especially at school. I could care less if I see someone I know unless it's a girl I got a crush on maybe. I mean everyone's gotta do it sometime so why not be open about it.

That's it for now but I'll try to post more often.

hi, the other day me and my friend were in the mall arcade playing games. we played for a while and i kept smelling poop, i didnt know where it came from. i peeked at my friends but when i pretended to tie my shoes and it was bumpy. i said dude you pooped your pants. a kid next to me heard me say that and he told everybody. my friend was so embarased. we ran out and walked home. he said he just couldnt hold it anymore. i told him it was ok cause i do it sometimes to. by

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. I just have time for a short post today. Yesterday I took a walk over to our bank. I always cut through the back and come around the side of the building. There is a sidewalk that goes around this side and there is a wooden picket fence with a gate wich is built around the banks air conditioning system. This spot is in full view of the parking lot. I come around to this spot from the back and there is this male senior standing there pissing to beat the band against the wooden fence. His peee is splashing loudly as its hitting the fence. He had been going for some moments because there was a stream of pee running down the sidewalk and out into the pavement of the parking lot.
He did not see me as I passed by him since he was facing the fence intent on what he was doing. I was not the only one that noiticed him. There was a line inside and all the women young and older were commenting about him and having a good chuckle about it.

This afternoon I had a cup of coffee which made me sit on the toilet and shit as usual. I let out 5 medium sized turds, wiped 11 times, flushed and brushed the bowl. No need to spray as there was no stench this time. As I wiped there was blood on the paper. I don't know why. It always takes heaps of wiping before my anus is decently clean. Does anyone else experience this?

andre- "enough" the new jennifer lopez movie where she attacks her husband.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Joanne. My 'jubilee motion' came out silently but I was glad to get it out orf my system, I can tell you. If I remember rightly it took 2 flushes to go down the pan. Doing it, certainly felt good. I'm sorry to hear about Paul's constipation but it happens to all of us sometimes.
Have you ever had any major accidents or close calls when you've barely made it on time? I'd love to know.

Punk Rock Girl. Accidents happen. You're not the first to make a mess like that. Not many people would be so honest about it though.

Good masthead today. It looks as though the lady is combining a crafty cigarette with her motion!

Best wishes to everyone & special greetings to Robbie & Annie.



Last Saturday I was witnessing great pooping session of my niece. She is 19 years old, very cool and outspoken young woman. We were looking for birthday present for her mother in local shopping centre. We ran from boutique to another boutique. After a while she looked a little bit uneasy. I need to go ladies room, she whispered. I come with you, I need to pee, I said. There were a small cafeteria just around the corner and we headed there, assuming there must be toilet. And there was. It was very poky, just one stall, washbasin and mirror beside the stall. My niece looked me and said grin in her face ?I think that it is better if you go first, I am going to empty both holes?. I entered in stall. If whole restroom was small, so was stall. My knees almost hit the door when I sat down. I peed quickly, wiped and flushed and let my niece came in. When I washed my hands I asked should I go and do her duties in privacy or could I stay there and keep her company. She laughed. Of cou! rse you can stay, if you stand smell of my poop, she answered and giggled again. I heard my niece pulling down her shorts. There was pretty high gap between floor and door. I was able to see her sandals and ankles as she settled down. She tinkled a bit. I noticed that she moved her legs closer each others. She put her foots quite funny position. Her heels were touching each others and there was about 5 inches distance between her big toes, so her foots made like V-letter. While we talked she grunted quietly occasionally. After some 2-3 minutes I heard a plop followed immediately by another, quite a weak plop. My niece sighed fervently. Girl started pushing harder and she let out some louder groans but we kept on chatting all the time. Plops started follow each others within 20-30 seconds interval. Sounds of plops were light, so I assumed they were small, hard lumps. After five plops came a short silence. Of course we talked, but there was no sounds of pooping. Then I heard l! ong, fizzling fart which extended crackling sound. I perceived of mild odour of poop. Girl strained and made some audible groans. She was crooking her toes as she struggled poop out of her ass. Finally I heard a massive splash. It must been real big chunk. She gasped, but it was not over yet. She sat there about 3 minutes more and during this time I heard one sharp plop and three faint ones. Whole sitting lasted about 10 minutes without wiping. She wiped 7-8 times.
Her cheeks were fiery red when she came out. She regret that she was surely boring company for me. ?Not at all, your plops were really vivid?, I answered and we both burst laughing.

Sarah (Tim)
DAWN (GROWN WOMAN): Hi. I just wanted to tell you, I was very touched by your story. Itís great you found a friend at a relatively young age, who talked you out of your shyness. I am more than twenty years older than you were at the time, married with two kids and I had to learn all this from my husband and still am working on overcoming my shyness. But better late than never, I guess. I also felt personally touched because your story reminded me of an experience with my husband before we were married. We also went on a camping trip down south and camped "wild" in the woods by the sea. It was wonderful and romantic, but a thing that really bothered me was that "going to the bathroom" meant doing it in the woods. I was like you also just about able to pee somewhere, but got an awful, growing need to poo. I was especially afraid Tim would see me, although I knew for him itís the most natural thing in the world. One morning I woke up at about half five and sneaked out of the t! ent, trying to find a place to do my buisness. I squatted behind some bushes and peed and tried to push. After a while I felt like things were moving when I heard Tim getting out of the tent as well. I just wished he would not see me, but I wasnít covered that well. He came over, thinking absolutely nothing of it, as he grew up very open and before me always had girlfriends who werenít anything as uptight as me. I squatted frozen in shock, while he came over. He stroke my back, said something sleepy like "you are up early", and dropped his boxers and squatted next to me. He assumed, that as we are sleeping together, itís ok to do that together as well. I was so shocked, desperate and annoyed, I again coud not poop now, I started to shout at him, what he was doing there? I still remember his confused and shocked face. He thought I was joking and laughed unsure and said something like "the same as you". I told him off for not leaving me in peace and asked if he knew no shame. ! I am so sorry for it today and I appreciate how much he must love me for continuing to bother with such a hysteric woman. I pulled my pants up and ran away and went for a long walk on my own. I finally found a quiet spot for relieve. When I came back hours later I found Tim sitting in front of the tent, looking at me so sad and confused saying:" I was worried about you". I was feeling very bad about my behaviour, but had not the strenght to tell him why I was so upset. We apologized to each other, unable to really talk about it. This is a few years back now, but before your story it has not been talked about again. Today we rather laugh about it, but itís worrying in a way how much we upset each other that day over something so silly. Although we very openly started to talk about this topic just recently, also with the help from here, it was a susprising and amazing experience for me over the years that I never managed to repulse my husband. Not by peeing, pooping or even th! rowing up. Itís great you already are so open in front of your partner. I hope everybody can appreciate the relief of feeling at ease with your own body. We were also very sorry to hear about your dad. Take care and best wishes from Tim and me
INA: This story is also especially for you! Because, inspite of being a very clever woman, you donít seem to get you are not awful but a sweetie, peeing, pooping and being however you want to! I know you must think "look who is talking", but I am relaxing and one day youíll laugh about your thoughts, the same way, we laugh about me chasing poor Tim away, when he just wanted to do his buisness next to me...Hugs und kissed from me and the family. Take care

ANNIE, ROBBIE, SARAH AND MEGHAN, PV, RIZZO, STEVE AND LOUISE, EPHERMAL AND ALL OTHER FRIENDS: Hope you are all fine! We had a bit of a stressful week, but this week everything seems to be relaxed and fine. Knock on wood. Tim had treatment and as it was quite warm und humid over here, so he had bad problems with his circulation, which enforced the sickness and runs. He had to take something against the diarrhoea, which blocked his system for the following days. After numberous unsuccesful sittings on the toilet, I gave him some glycerin suppositories on Saturday night. He said he would be alright, but when I checked after a while he was on the loo, face pale from pain, with a rock hard piece of poo, stuck in his hole. I carefully pulled it out with paper and the massaged some harder bits out. They must have hurt very badly. After the hard stuff was out a big soft load was ready to come and I held his hand and stroke his back while he pushed it out. He asked if I wasnít di! sgusted or wanted to leave. I told him to shut up and poop and save his breath for pushing. He finally relaxed and did a good pile, which must have hurt a bit though. He was very exhausted afterwards and even too tired to stay with me for my poop like I offered him (no worries, dear, there will be another time...). I quite liked being with him then, as it was good to see him being finally able to drop his load and find relief. I really start to understand why so many of you enjoy this kind of closeness, although I might still need a bit until I will use a urinal in a menís room, PV, or join a netball team, STEVE and LOUISE or pee from a boat, RIZZO, even on a long distance contest, ROBBIE and ANNIE. We did have a family on boat wee experience the other weekend though! But I leave that story for Tim to tell, who definately wants to post in the next few days. At the moment he showing his incredible ability to sleep in nearly every situation, snoozing away on the sofa, with th! e kids all over him, decorating him with toys, lol. He is tired but much better this week, so we are enjoying his days off together. Lots of love to all of you from Sarah and Tim

Dear Plunging Plop Guy,
Yes,I often hear Hillary plopping.We are close.We don't talk about;he doesn't even know I listen.I'll tell you more stories of him.

Onetime my brother had to pee real bad when we were riding in a car and so he peed ina cup. yick! I have more stories post later.

Hey all you people that have been around this board for awhile, i was wondering what were your top 5 stories on the board. Try to cite the page that its on too.

My dad and my brother have a habit of leaving their underwear on their bed before they go to work or school if they are dirty. And they almost never have skid marks. But they always have this dark spot on their underwear. Could it be a mark from when they farted.

Movie Fan
What movie was that.

DAMN !!! What did you eat!

I liked your story.

Do you wipe sitting down or standing up.
Did you ever poop in your poops.
When was the last time you had a buddy dump.

Janie S
Is it just me or is it that Mcdonalds Food gives you the runs? Well i am 15 years old and staying with my aunt. We went out and had mcdonalds yesterday for dinner. Well it was the only thing i had ate all day because i had went swimming in our pool. So we get home and about an hour or two later my stomache gets this awful pain.. I felt the diareah coming on. My uncle was in the bathroom pooping and of course taking the longest time ever..well so i kept saying cmon i have to pee although really i had to shit and i had to shit bad. To top it off there is this guy who lives with them and hes actually a very good looking guy.. So anyways i had to poop really really bad and my uncle was still in there and would not come out.. So i grabbed a few paper towels and ran out the door. Lukily they have a small builing with a dog and its dog house behind it. So i went behind the building did my business a few unpretty times wiped and went back inside. Nobody said anything in f! act im sure they didnt even know that i had went outside.. Thank God! So today my uncle went out side to scoop up all the dog poop and throw it in the woods and then there he came to my big pile of wet fly infested shit and then came inside and hollared at my aunt because he thought she was feeding the dog other food than dog food and caused a big argument.. I felt bad for her but there was no way in hell i was releasing that ugly truth.. Pretty stupid of him to cause a rukus over dog shit huh? ( well mine) but of course hes a drunken asshole...

I'm Lisa. 5ft 5", slim, blonde, attractive. I am 21 years and live with my friend Jessica. I will write my story in script so mabye it will be easier to follow.

(10am, our flat, Saturday moring. Lisa is awake, Jessica is in bed assleep.)
Jessica: (waking) Morning, Lis'.
Lisa: Morning. How are you feeling?
Jessica: Dead!
Lisa: I'm not surprised, the amount you drank last night!
Jessica: I was only drinking gin and tonics!
(they laugh)
Jessica: Oh, s---, s---!
Lisa: What?
Jessica: I just wet myself!
Lisa: Really?
Jessica: Yes! (she starts crying. Lisa goes and gets some clean sheets.)
Lisa: Don't cry. (Jessica stops crying.)

Does anyone else have any stories like this?

I have just finished wathcing The MTV's Music award. It had this really funny scene where they needed someone to present a award. And the lady was hiding somewhere I think it was New York or something. So Jack Black and this other man went on an airplane to try to find her. And when they reached her house the lady locked herself inside a closet. And the men were all like get out of there you got an award to give out. And they tried a series of stuff to try to get her out. And so there was a vent down the door and the skinny taller man sqautted and just stated farting (they were real too). Andthe lady started to scream. It was really funny until she got a fire thingy and stuck it through the vent. And blew them away. It was really funny. You guys should really watch it.

Punk Rock Girl

Well, I had an extremely embarrassing experience over the weekend. I was at an outdoor concert with some friends. I guess something made me sick, because I really had to shit. I walked to the porta-potties--the only bathrooms available--and waited in line. There were nine or ten, and all were being used by both men and women. Well, when it was finally my turn, I stepped inside, to discover that the seat was encrusted in dried urine and cigarrette ash. Yuck. Well, I was about to shit my pants, so I figured I'd squat over the hole. I pulled my pants and underpants down (no thong during outdoor get-togethers) and tried to position myself. It was really cramped and I couldn't get in the right position, and I finally ended up leaning my elbows against the back of the potty. When I thought I was okay, I let it rip. About a gallon of chunky diarrhea sprayed out of my ass, totally missing the hole and going all over the back of the seat instead. I tried to stop, but ! it was too late, so I moved my ass forward as much as I could and the rest of it went into the hole. A couple of more squirts and I was done. I went to wipe my ass and there was a HUGE amount of shit mashed between my buns. It took forever to wipe and I had used maybe a quarter of the roll by the time I was done. I looked at the mess I had made, thinking hoe grossed out and annoyed I would be if someone else hadn't cleaned such a mess up, but I just didn't see how I could do it. I cleaned my hands off with some of that liquid hand sanitizer and stepped out. I told the next guy in line, "you might want to go in another one, there's a big mess in there", trying to conceal the fact that it was my mess. He went in anyway, and I rushed away. If that wasn't bad enough, later on, I bumped into the same guy. He was with his buddies and yelled over to me, "hey, you're the chick that shit all over the porta-potty!" I smiled to conceal how mortified I was, turned around and w! alked away. From now on, I think I'll sit down no matter how gross the seat is. I can always cover it with paper.

The rest of my weekend was okay, anyway.

Take care all!


Last summer I wanted to see how long I could hold my poop.So whenever I felt the urge to go I clinched my buttcheeks together and did a little dance.This went on for about 5 days. on the 6th day, i was at the mall and the need to go was urgent! So I decided to call it quits.I waddled over to the ladies room just in time. I burst into a stall, yanked down my jeans and panties,and as soon as my butt hit the seat, I pooped A LOT!I ripped some really loud farts and I grunted like you wouldn't believe.After about 30 minutes of straining, I heard an announcement over the intercom that the mall was about to close.So I stopped sometime in the middle of my dump,and held on till I got home.After that I was on the toilet all night.

Hi! This is my first post after having stumbled on this sight by accident. I am a 36 year old male and I have a story I'd like to share that happened a few weeks ago. I was getting off work and felt a slight need for a piss but I can usually "hold it" for quite awhile and, since it only takes about a half hour to get home, I decided to just wait. Earlier in the day, 2 female co-workers asked me for a ride home because of car trouble and naturally I said yes. Afterdriving about 15 minutes or so, I got stopped at a railroad crossing with the train going about 2 miles per hour! We had been sitting at the crossing for almost 20 minutes and the pressure on my bladder was increasing at an alarming rate. One of my female passengers was sitting next to me in the front seat so I couldn't very well grab and squeeze my dick but I knew if I didn't do something, I was going to piss my pants!!! I kept wiggling around in my seat until she asked me what was wrong and I didn't want h! er to know how bad I had to pee so I told her I was just getting restless. After several more minutes of waiting, I was starting to squirt in my jeans and the wet spot in the front was getting bigger. By now, the only way to hold back the flood was to grab my dick and squeeze hard, even though she was watching me. She said "Are you sure you're okay?" well, I was TOTALLY desperate at this point and said,(without really meaning to), "No, I gotta pee like a racehorse!!!" The train was still moving slow and it didn't look like we were going anywhere for a while so she handed me an empty soft drink cup and said, "Here, pee in here. We won't look." Well, needless to say, I was embarrassed as hell but what choice did I have? I told my front seat pasenger to turn the other way as I unzipped my jeans, then I pulled out my dick being careful not to let her see too much and started pissing in the cup, It wasn't long til it was full and my bladder wasn't even half empty so, with! out thinking, I opened the car door and emptied it, leaving my willie completely exposed and still pissing!!! I finally got it under control, tucked my willie bsck in and zipped up but I was SO embarrassed by the entire situation. I decided this was the last time I was going to offer females a ride home!!!

Mike of MD
I have a question for you females awho use the open end type do you ever look between your legs and watch yourself poop or piss

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Toilet Friends!

This week I seem to be alternating between a small shit one day with turds about 3 inches long at most and neither satisfying nor loud, then the next day I make up for it with a really good session that ends up with some really good plops and a load of sausages down the pan!
Perhaps my natural rhythm is after all, to go every other day as I did from being about 10 years old. Looking down the toilet yesterday I was really impressed by the size and number of turds, and enjoyed dropping all of them. Wished I'd been able to show someone my production!

CHOCOLATE DELIGHTS, Sorry to hear about your upbringing and your mother's obsession that you had a BM every day. Apparently, this has happened to other people brought up after the war, and even as far back as Victorian times, people were indoctrinated as to the importance of daily evacuation.
In your own case, I would imagine the emphasis on how vital it was that you performed might lead to straining and problems due to forcing yourself to excrete what wasn't ready to come out.
I can quite understand this making you very fascinated in the subject, as with constipation myself in my early years I became fascinated myself and wanted to know not only the intimate details of other boys' bowel habits, but what was their secret of being able to go without laxatives or lots of attention from their families.

MICK, Thanks for responding to my comment about Hillary on the toilet, I look forward to hearing more about him!
Listening to a close friend who's good-looking and grunts a lot before dropping an enormous plop must be a real thrill for you!
Glad to know you often get the chance to hear him!
Are you the same Mick who asked about people grunting AFTER dropping a turd? I'd say the reason for grunting when the turd's actually come out is like a sigh of relief rather than indicating effort. Also
if you're holding your breath to do one, then drop it with your breath still held; then obviously there's no need to keep pushing so you can let the air out!

GRANT, If you have haemmorhoids and you want relief, see your doctor, or have a quiet word with a chemist, look at the various ointments for sale and apply them, check your diet to avoid constipation, eat fruit, drink water, and sit on comfortable chairs after having a shit if possible.
Also, make notes of your medical history and work out what is the likely cause, does it happen often, are you straining on the toilet etc.
I hope you get relief soon, usually with the right amount of fibre in your diet you shaoud be able to go with no discomfort, and they'll soon be gone or not noticeable.
I just wish that people who've not had them would stop thinking of haemorrhoids as funny. They're not!

MICHAEL, I felt I had to respond to your post about your strong dislike to being splashed when your shit drops in the toilet.
On this matter, you and I couldn't be more different!
Not only do I not mind the sensation of water splashing me up the arse, on my buttocks or anywhere else dangling through the seat, but I positively enjoy it as the best part of a shit!
Anyway, I respect your dislike of it, and I know I'm in a minority as other people have said they dislike the effect, but may I ask if you could tell me what you find most unpleasant about it?
Those who put paper down the toilet first I find are usually concerned about being embarrassed about others hearing the turds drop, or feel that the water splashing up will contaminate one's buttocks, thighs etc with germs.
I'm not trying to tell you you're missing out on something that I and other people really enjoy, but I'm interested in the reason that some people really dislike it, and you obviously dislike it quite a lot!
I won't categorise my reasons why I find it satisfying, and love hearing other guys plopping loudly and (hopefully) getting well-splashed, but it seems to me that people are;indifferent to it, or it rarely occurs depending on the depth of the toilet they use; are totally grossed out by it, or absolutely love it!

DREW, Good to hear from you again, and your recent toilet adventures in England! I've heard several people recommend the toilets at Victoria station in London, but when I went about 3 months ago, they were being repaired so that the number of available cubicles was about 10 and to one side of the general toilet area.
I went in one on a Saturday afternoon when they were quite busy, but with hand driers going I could hear nothing.
I went to and used a few in various art galleries and museums, but every time I was disappointed in the acoustics, or that the toilet pans were just too shalow for any good plops to be heard.
Whereas you said you were just too late to hear those guys on the toilet, I seem to be just too early! I wait until I give up waiting to shit with some company, so I shit with no-one to hear me or shit next door to me, then someone comes in when I've finished and I feel frustrated not having been able to share it!
You compare the British toilets very favourably with the North American ones as regards the acoustics, and yet I just don't seem to be able to find many that really sound good!
That makes me wonder what yours are like, as you've often described some very good mutual sessions that are quite impressively audible in the university toilets. Perhaps the resonance factor of the plops in the toilet is mitigated by a very quite room, and so every sound is magnified compared with the toiletsI have used with all the unwanted noises!
I'm going away myself soon for a while so hope by the time I'm back in July, I might be on that toilet when you decide to go!

INOMINATE, I was interestedto read of your toilet history, and how you were very reluctant to shit anywhereother than at home, then learned how good it was to shit more publicly.
You are perhaps the first on this forum I've heard mention the toilets with two pieces of wood fixed on to form a seat!
I've never found any that had splinters, but I can remember at the age of about 12 using one and finding it uncomfortable to sit on.
As I wasn't fully grown, I probably put all my weight on my feet and leaned forward to avoid the hard wood digging into my thighs.
Being fully grown, I don't mind them and can feel quite comfortable sitting on this type of toilet, but one reservation I have is that where the wood is fixed to the pan may be harbouring germs so I like to think it's disinfected by the cleaner! I tend to think if it looks clean, it probably is.
I'm referring to the metal pans that have these wooden fittings. They always feel quite good to sit on, but the ceramic toilets with wooden "side-seats" are usually wider and therefor not so good.
I recently discovered some metal toilets with these wooden side-seats in a public toilet in Scarborough on the sea-front. Very quiet in there; it would have had great acoustic potential and excellent splashing, but when I went there, there was no-one else using them, but perhaps I'll visit them again sometime!

This morning I only did a few turdlets, so I'm looking forward to a good logging session tomorrow! Lots of loud plopping, and hopefully I'll get my arse well-splashed in the process!
Happy and productive toileting to all! P. Plop Guy

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