Hey everyone... I'm new on the post but i heard about this site from my friend Kelly. Anyways, i have a pretty good story to tell you. Last year, in 8th grade, we had a pretty big pep rally. I ate a lot during lunch and i had 40 minutes to have to sit there and listen to the principal talk about career oppertununities, and after 20 minutes i really felt constipated. I HAD to take a looooooooooong shit but MY ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL WOULDN'T LET ME LEAVE!!!! she said we had to stay during this time. I had to fart but didn't want the hot boy behind me to hear. I held it for as long as i could (15 seconds) and i let out a long, 20 second, silent fart. I never thought it could last that long, but by some miracle it did. Suddenly, i started smelling the foul scent of the breeze i let out of my asshole. It started to reek up the gym and the bleachers behind me. Suddenly, my biggest crush, the hottie behind me, leaned forward and smiled... he asked if i'd let out a fart, but i just smi! led and looked down, my face burning of embarrasment, and denied it. He knew i did and told me i dont have to lie. So i admtted i did. He told me he wanted to see me in the corner of the gym and i followed him as he got up. He told me he got very turned on when smelling the stentch i had released. I smiled at him, not knowing that would be his reaction. He asked me out and gave me his number... we had a date for that saturday night to see a movie... and i promised i'd fart just for him! :-)

Christi: Sorry to hear you are sick. It will pass, eventually. Diarreah is frightening and annoying. In 9th and 10th grade, I had diarreah and it was no fun. Though, I enjoyed sitting on the toilet. A female classmate, Veronica confided to me in the gym locker room that she "went to the bathroom nine times" the previous day. We both felt rotten during gym class. I went home that afternoon and my bowels were loose thru the night. After 3 trips to the bathroom after midnight, I crawled into my parents bed.

Ashley: Your classmates were cruel.

louise: Do not plan to or have an accident in your clothes.

i was just wondering has anyone ever seen another female taking a poop like a family member

Hola mis amigos!

LORI GIRL: Hola bonita! Yes, you're absolutely right, I too have a favorite pair of panties. They're white cotton bikini's with little red cherries on them. I also have some white lilyettes that I love. Thanks for your lovely compliments hon. School has kept me very busy so I've missed a lot here. I can't imagine what the girl in the restroom was muttering. However, she could've been saying anything, most of which wouldn't translate well into english. I've seen many girls in the restroom at the communtiy center where I volunteer. Lots of them have had some pretty severe shits. Too much good food I guess. I'm sorry you were so sick. We've all been very healthy and have missed most of what's been going around. Keep on pooping girl!
INA: I'm so glad you're okay. You're such a sweetheart and I love you. Everyone here at home says hello too.Your outdoor adventure sounded fun. I have to admit I got a bit warm reading it. Too bad people came by and scared you off. Me? I'm just the opposite. I love it when people catch me, which is the basis for today's story. Whenever I'm outdoors I have to pee like crazy. I sure wish you could've been there with us. I can just see you squatting your sweet self down while we watched.
ROBBIE, ANNIE, MEGHAN AND SARAH: Yes it's true that Patsy can fill a toilet. It's funny because she still gets so embarrassed when she does a big one. She likes small poops. But what Patsy really does well is pee! Man she can go and go forever! You're all such a sweet group. I wish we could have you all over for dinner and maybe some "games". We still have our games. Renee is very strict about the baby, and rightfully so, so we do it in the basement, which is a very nice party room anyway, complete with extra bedroom and bathroom.
MEREDITH: I wish I could've been on hand to wipe you. I do a real good job. Interesting world records there! I miss your stories, hope you can make it back to that stall again!
MOVIE FAN: Hey I would love to see Jennifer Lopez taking a nice big shit. Jake loves her ass. I guess most men do. Angie says she has "too much junk in her trunk" but I think her round ass is cute. I guess i should check out this movie even though the subject matter infuriates me!
PV: I was just thinking of how much I miss you. Here's a big kiss and hug from your little brown girl.

I had a great outdoor poop a few days ago. It was so beautiful here and warm. Me, Jake and Nu were out taking a nice walk through a heavily wooded area. It was sooooo beautiful, the trees had rays of sunlight shining through the leaves, throwing yellow spottled patterns on the trails. There was blue sky and the birds were chirping. I was wearing a red and white horizontal striped T shirt, tan bib shorts and a matching pair of hikers. I told Jake and Nu that I was going to look for a place to take a shit because I had mucho dinner in my ???? to get rid of. About 20 yards through the green was a lovely clearing guarded by a few trees and bushes with a winding trail that cut through the center of it. A perfect place for me to take a nice, big, slow, earthy girl shit. My ass felt electric just thinking about it! I pulled the bib straps over my shoulders, pulled the shorts and my purple panties down to my thighs and squatted. First I had to let go about a gallon of hot pee. ! My piss came out so hard and fast it turned the dirt into mud, splattering loud. It seemed like it took forever. Just then I looked up and saw a guy behind a bush watching! He thought he was well hidden, but his white T shirt gave him away.
My piss was shooting out a mile a minute, hot, yellow and feeling sooo good! When my stream finally slowed down I just squatted and dribbled a bit, feeling a hot rush come over me as little drips leaked from my pussy. My vagina is growing back, getting black and silky again. I call it my little latina brillo pad. Anyway, I was just about ready for a big turd to come out when I heard a crackling in the bush behind me. I turned my head quickly and Nu came to join me. She was wearing white shorts and a black sleevless top. Just as she started to undo her shorts I nodded and whispered "We've got company. There's a guy in the bushes over there staring." Nu shrugged without even looking his way (it's one of the things I just love about her!!!) and said "Oh well. He can watch me do a big nasty then." So, Nu squatted near me and immediately let loose a long, twisty turd that I could smell immediately. It plopped between her legs. Very nice. It was about 12 or 14" long, perfectly! smooth and tapered and light brown. She remained squatted because she had more inside of her, but it would take a few minutes to come out. A few seconds passed and then she smiled and said "I can hear it." My first turd crackled and spit pretty good. There were lots of air poofs before it started. She giggled and then said "I can smell it too.Yuck." I grunted, bore down and squeezed out chunk after chunk of heavy turds plopping between my brown thighs. Man what a big pile of shit! Then, a nice long one started crackling and Nu started giggling. She teased me by going "Rrrrnnn! Rnnnn!" because I was pushing so hard. She then jabbed my shoulder, (in mid-turd by the way,) and pointed with her head towards the guy in the bushes, then said in a louder than normal voice for his benefit "Honey-girl, your poop really stinks! It's gross too!" "Shut up!" I giggled, embarrassed over her saying that. My big one finally inched out, cone-shaped and plopped onto the pile. Just then Nu gr! unted hard and said "Uh...ohhhh..." and some soft serve came out, greenish and horrible smelling. Just then, Jake found us and caught Nu right in the middle of her poop. She got really embarrassed because it was runny poop. Jake didn't care, he just enjoyed the view. Needless to say that his appearance scared the poor guy in the bushes who took off quickly. Nu put a hand up over her eyes to block the sun while staring up Jake. She then grunted in a real girlish voice "I'mmmm poopinghhhhhh..." Jake wiped both our asses for us which was very nice. We kept giggling and teasing "Daddy, it's my turn to be wiped!" both of us standing, bent over clutching our thighs. Jake's a good wiper too, he digs in deep, plus he's got big hands. On the way home we told him about the guy in the bushes staring at us. Jake just shrugged and said "So?" as if it were the most normal thing in the world. I guess it is!

My very best to my favorite folks and everyone else, wishing you all good health and happiness. Life is too short not to love one another.


Grown Woman
Actually my name is Dawn. Wow- I see my story about when I was a frightened young girl got posted. It's the first time I ever wrote anything that got posted or printed any place, and definitely the first time on this subject. Maybe I should write for a magazine, ha ha. Well here is another story. Sunday night is bath night at my place. The rest of the week I take quick showers, but on Sunday night I like a nice long hot bath. Usually I am alone, but last weekend because of holiday my boyfriend stayed over. I made some popcorn and we were watching TV when I asked if he would like to join later for my bath. Of course he was all for that, but first I knew I needed to have a bowel movement so I'd be all nice and clean. When the time came I told him to watch TV some more while I get ready, so I went in and started the tub filling and then sat down so the water would mask my pooping noises. I thought I could get this part over quickly but unfortunately could make nothin! g happen, and soon the tub was ready for occupancy. I decided pooping could wait, threw on a robe, went out and got by BF and led him into the bathroom where we proceeded to relax and soak (it is a big tub- I have thought about getting a bigger apt but have remained because of the nice big tub, holds 2 with no problem at all). After about 15 minutess of soaping and rinsing and horseplay in tub I felt my bowels groaning, but couldn't decide what to do. We have been in same room when pooping before, but that was necessity rather than plannned, and I was still a little poop-shy about just putting on a show. However I wanted to be all clean after my nice bath, and not have a poopy hole. Five minutes more and I definitely needed to go, so I asked him to please wait, and got out and toweled off my uppper body and rear end. He asked if I was thru bathing, and I said no, I have to use the toilet, and I sat down. He seemed surprised and tried not to watch, but I could see he r! eally wanted to look, so I tried to put him at ease with conversation, starting by saying sorry, I tried to go earlier but could not. Evidently the hot water has had an effect. He said, does it bother you if I look?- because you are gorgeous sitting there like that. / How sweet! I started clowning, stood up and did a cirtsy, and deliberately tried to strike a cute pose, but just then felt my first big turd trying to start oozing out, causing me to stop goofing off and sit back down. Now more was I seated than splash it went. He chuckled and smiled. After a moment I could tell the next one was going to be a problem. I shut my eyes and strained and pushed. I said, I think I need to eat more fruit or something because this is a problem. The smell of poop filled the air. I opened my eyes and looked at him, he was watching my butt and his eyes were big as saucers but then he quickly looked away. However, toilet being sideways at front of tub, I was seated so he really c! ouldn't see anything. Suddenly he blurted, This is incredible, I love watching you, and he got up from the tub and came over and gave me a big kiss, then got back in the tub. I noticed this definitely had an effect on him if you know what I mean, which in turn had an effect on me-- my poop-shyness, or what was left of it, went away. I decided, what the hell, and bent forward, turning to the right so he could get a view of my anus, and started pushing again. The monster slowly spread my hole and ass cheecks apart until I thought I was going to split, then suddenly out it tumbled, followed by several smaller logs splashing rapidly. Ahhhhhh!, relief! I sat back down and relaxed, and was reaching for the wipe when BF again jumped out of the tub, silently grabbed a handful of wipe, motioned me to bend foward and gently wiped my burning little hole several times. Naturally at this time he had a good view of the big warm turds I'd left behind. When I stood up and turned aroun! d he said, look at that, are you sure it is safe to flush? We laughed and I reached over and flipped the handle and down they all went. And yes, we did get back in the tub, but not for very long I'm afraid. Ciao, Dawn-Marie

Punk Rock Girl
No I haven't shared the story..there isn't much to tell and I don't like talking about it really. It was not much of an accident, but it public..even if no one took still send a flush of red through out my body. It's my fault..I hadn't gone in 3 days and you'd figure that I'd try or something...and the excerise from Cheerleading..I knew it would loosen things up..but I had no idea how soon and to what extreme. I was one of the nice girls, I never picked on anyone or even talked badly about anyone(Unless the deserved it) And I was always at odds with the other cheerleaders. They knew I had to go, so the rushed the portapotties and took they're sweet time.(I knew they weren't even doing anything)I was so desperate I had my hand latched on to my pompi tight as I could..I didn't care WHO was looking. My husband..then my boyfriend. Came over as he saw me all panicstricken. I grabbed on to him and didn't let go..I was losing my battle. He sorta g! uess what was happening but to everyone looked like we were in an ebrace..a very tight one. It hurt so bad..this hard spikey kaka forced my hole open and came out. Fighting made it hurt more but I wasn't going to give up. It came out and touched my bloomers and stopped. I leaned on miguel panting and breathing hard...drentched in sweat. Miguel knew what had he played along. He said "Well if you're that randy..let's go and get down and dirty" People laughed and thought we were going to go and..well you know. He carried me into the stadium..under where the parking lot was..there.. was a bathroom the janitors and other workers there used. I stood guard as I pulled down my bloomers and sat..they were without tsaining cause the poop was so hard and dry. As i sat I got hit with a spasm and out it came ready or not. I just sat there and hung on for dear life. It was very embarrassing and well I wans't as open as i am with my husband now back then. Even though ! we did go to the toilet together as little children. He was very nice to me..and he never spoke of it again..and he even told everyone that we did NOT have sex that night...he didn't want to ruin my reputation.(I would never tell him but..even so..I probably would not have turned him down..well if I hadn't had the accident) Anyway..that was the last and only year I was a cheerleader..somehow next year i got replaced..didn't bother me much...well except Miguel..he'll never admit it but I know he loved sneaking peeks at my bloomers..and well a great deal of the time.. it was planned.[winks] Now that it's been siad let's never speak of it again.

I feel for happened to me many times. However next time if you're comfrtoable with it...have hubby provide a bit of moral support. It helped me..even if we aren't going in each other's presence anymore.

I hope you all are fine and are doing great. And Andrew..if Linda won't post posts just fo you..I's only fair as Kendal seems to do the same for Miguel.[winks


The other day i was at work and i heard nurses talkin about paitences pooping and peeing them selves. Then they were saying about this one guy always having the runs or diahreaha. I thought it was intresting about what i heard. I only over heard them.
Any way i haven't poooped in a few days...last pooped like 3 or 4 days ago guess. I did have an urge the other day at work held it too long and it went away.
guess thats it....did have a pooping dream the other day..not sure if i posted it or not. If not i'll post it next time

I have been a lurker for years and I really enjoy getting a kick out of the stories. I am a 16 male and I love using public restrooms IF they are clean and there is no chance I will see someone I know. I had an interesting experience the other day. I am on antibiotics and they had upset my system a little. Anyway I was bringing my friends home (they live about thirty minutes away) and I went in to visit for a little while. I started to feel the pressure and knew I couldnt go there as it would probably be smelly and loud diarrhea. The intensity was getting worse but I couldn't leave because I was blocked in. You see, my friends dad runs a business out of his home and a customer had arrived while I was there and I couldnt just ask them to move. SO I waited an agonizing twenty minutes before they left. I rushed to my car and started speeding home. But I knew I wasn't going to make it. I decided to stop at a Rest Area along the interstate. Well, it wasn't super clean, and there ! were only 3 stalls. But when you gotta go, you gotta go. The stalls at least had doors and lock but unfortunately the restroom was vacant so no one could hear my explosion. I like to be heard but not seen. ANyway I get into the stall, unbuckle my pants, and plop my ass down on the toilet seat. Immediately my ass explodes with this chunky, extremely watery diarrhea. It went everywhere and I could fell it splashing all over my ass. It felt so good though. It poured out of me for a few minutes. When i was finally done I sat in ecstacy a few moments before I started wiping with the "John Wayne" toilet paper provided. You know the stuff, rough, tuff, and dont take shit off of anybody. So I finally cleaned up my mess and stood up. It was a sick green brown color with a load of TP coloring. I flushed it away and made my way out. ANother guy entered the restroom and I could see him flinch as he encountered my stench. Ah the joys of shitting....

I woke up this morning and I had wet the bed. My roommate Came into the room and asked me what I was doing. I conided the truth in her. I thought she might be mean to me, but when I asked her not to tell anyone, she said 'No problem'. She lifted up the towel she was carrying infront of her, and revealed a wet spot about the size of a CD case on the crotch of her Pyjama shorts. She then lifted the quilt of her bed and revealed a wet spot about the size of an a4 piece of paper. We both giggled. Then we got changed and took a hot bath together and had a chat about recent pee experiences. then she changed both our bed sheets.


I just took my second painfull dump today.This is unusual since I have a BM every 2 to 3 days.My stomach was still hurting after I finished and it smelled like baby poop.Maybe it's because I've been drinking a lot of milk today.Has anyone had pain after having a large bowel movement?By the way,that is a nice masthead pic today 6-9-02.Would love to have a buddy dump on that.FYI

jamie. wherre did you see britney spears shitting?

yo i have piles (or nasty red painful parts on each cheek) and it really hurts when i walk! what should i do?

I logged onto the site a minute ago (maybe 3) and got a sudden severe urge to drop my own log. I decided since I'm home alone I'd do it differently. See what bad influences all of you are on me!!! So, I turned the music up really loud and left the bathroom door open. I sat on the toilet and let out my pee (I almost always pee before pooping) and then the urge to poop went away, but I decided to try anyway. I tore off 6 squares of toilet paper and made a square using 3 2 square sections in the bathtub. I completely removed my jeans and white panties (which had been at my ankles) and squatted in the tub over the paper. Nothing would move so I tried a couple other positions (sitting on the ledge with my butt hanging over the tub, etc, and then decided to try one more time squatting before returning to the toilet to do my business. Finally, one tiny little piece came out. I could definately feel more in there so I pushed really hard and three small (but larger than the ! first dropplet) pieces came out that looked like clumps of the small piece together. Then quickly out came the big log which also looked like lots of little dropplets mashed together. It was no more than 6 inches and about an inch and a half across. But the weird thing was that it was totally flat (about a half inch high) rather than round. There was no small and the poop was 2 shades of brown to dark brown. I picked up the pile by the paper and threw it in the toilet. I wiped and flushed, but the toilet got clogged (it's been fussy lately, I highly doubt that was large enough to clog it) so I used the plunger. Then I washed my hands and came right back to report for duty.

Ashley--you poor thing. You're right, people are definately immature! I can't believe that the teacher said that to you!!! You should have just asked him where he'd prefer you to poop, in the bathroom or in the classroom. I mean really, it's not like you were using it as an excuse to stay out of class or something. I used to poop all the time at lunch in high school and no one ever said anything to me. I would also pee 2-3 times a day at school--generally sometime between 3 and 4 periods (I'd ask my teacher before class started, so generally I'd get back before the bell anyway), during lunch (after 5th) and sometimes during gym (7th) or my junior and senior years. I also did a lot of after school activities and generally went to pee at the end of 7th before my activity. My general rule is go when you have to go. Sorry for the rant, hope you're feeling better and all the teasing blows over.

Meredith--that is kinda funny...I mean, it's college, if you don't shit at the dorm, where do you? And ewwww...Where would one keep 12 feet of poop? WOW!

Outhouse Scott--I think you have a good point that everyone is just a little different. How do you come outright and ask your female friends about their bowel habits? As far as diet, "sapiens" (and most primates) are actually omnivores, eating both meat and "herbs," however the current (American) diet is much too heavy in meats. I think that's more of the issue, too much meat and too little vegetables is not good.

Pee Pool--I've said it before that it's not a great idea to pee in the pool because it upsets the balance of the water. However, pee comes out sterile so it's not a huge deal. Nevertheless, pooping in the pool is a far different issue. Feces are full of disease-transmitting bacteria and the water is a prime medium of tranmission. VERY DANGEROUS. Pools have to close and add extra chlorine and clean the pool out very well using dangerous levels of chemicals to kill all the bacteria. I really would try to discourage this in all circumstances.

Anyway, hellos to all...this is already too long I fear.

I have a favor to request of the visitors here. I was reading through the archives and found a story I tink by TimD about how he was on either a bus or a train and was sitting across from a mother and daughter. Then the daughter had to go to the bathroom so the mother took the the daughter to the bathroom but it was dirty so they returned. The mother told the daughter to pee and to "imagine" she was sitting on a toilet. She did and peed her pants and seat. Later she had to poop and couldn't hold it till the ride was done so reluctintly the mother told her daughter to poop her panties and she did. Now my problem is I can't find it anywhere. I've tried search egines set to search this site but the story is no where to be found. Does anyone know what page its on? Or could someone re-post it please?
Also a question to the moderators and visitors I was think of writing a few fictional stories about going to the bathroom in unusual places or hard to do poops or something of that nature. Is this allowed in the forum as everything seems to be non-fiction? Also if it is allowed what kind of scernarioes to you guys(and girls) wanna hear about?

Some Guy
Hello all. Just wanted to mention that in Papa Roach's video "She Loves Me Not" there is not only a guy peeing in a bathroom that has been torn apart (no ceiling, only two walls), but also there is a shot of a woman squatting to do something. I wish I could give more details on her, but I've only seen it once and it hasn't finished downloading. Later.

To trekkie: Liked your story

To Stacey: I liked your story...did you move you and your friends poop so your parents wouldn't see what you did?

To Ashley: Liked your story

To Punk Rock Girl: Thanks for your concerns..doing better now...been pooping every 2-3 days

To The Phantom Pooper : I liked your story

To UPS driver: I liked your story

To jamie: You really saw Britney spears poop? no way

To the unnamed poster about having no tp...i liked your story

To pee pool: I liked your story...i think it might be unsanitary to pee and poop in a public pool like that

To PeteSkeet: I agree w/ you..nothing like passing a 6" log or more..liked your story too

To Eric in Chicago: i've swallowed things before too...did a button one time. Cool story about that game...never heard of that before

To Plunging Plop Guy: it didn't splash my ass

To INA: i never said any thing about Jeff A....unless im the wrong bryian
Last night i had a dream that i was in a public bathroom which had 3 stalls. In the end one there was some logs of poop in the toilet. I took the 2nd one and before i pooped i remember another guy came in to use the bathroom. He sat down and i got up and i looked over the partion and it was someone i went to school with. All i saw was him in the ****. Then i sat down and pooped. I remember getting up and part of my poop was green. Then in my dream i had recalled eating icing(green). Then i went over and looked at my old classmates poop and it was really big cause he was like 6'1. His poop was really big..maybe 12" log and it looked like a steak cause it had grill marks on it. Then i woke up
gotta run bye

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. To the louise who asked about info on pooping in thier panties buy yourself some inexpensive whit cotton panties. Make them a little larger then what you would normally wear as far as bieng a little baggy but still bieng tight around your thighs. I would wear a skirt so it would not soil it. As far as position that is up to you. Squating or standing does not matter. I hope this is some help.

J.J I am American and I use 7-8 sheets of tp when I wipe on average. Stacey great post on your morning outdoor buddy poop. Grown Women welcome to the forum. You were lucky to have made a good friend in your time of need. As you found out there is nothing shamefull in going outdoors or that there is people that still respect privacy or can understand ones feelings and help them deal with them. Kim my wife had constipation problems too when she was pregnent. There was times when she would not be able to go without having a hard time. Twenty or thirty minutes it would take for her to go. I would try to help by keeping her company or rub her ????. She liked having me there to help. The end results were massive size poops. Louise I enjoyed your cyber pee also! Thank you. Catch everyone later. Upstate Dave

Why do some people grunt after they plop and some before?

Lawn Dogs Kid
EPHERMAL: Kendal says to say hi to you, and that she's gald to see you back again. Same goes for me too !!

RIZZO: No problems. Its great that you remembered my birthday at all ! Ellen says to say thanks for her trump story. She had a bit of trouble reading it, but I was on hand to explain it to her ! Kendal sends a smooth and very big hug to her Uncle !! Love Andrew.

PV: Kendal is mortified that she forgot to include your name in her last post. She says can you ever forgive her ?

ELENA: I hope I haven't done anything to upset Linda ! Now don't do anything that might get you into trouble with your husband ! But if Linda won't post to me, you know I'd be happy to hear from you instead !! Love Andrew.

LINDA GS: Aren't you posting to me anymore ? Well babes, I shall still remember you. And even more so now that I've laid my hands on the tropfest DVD. I have a friend in the village who is older than me. As I'm not old enough to have my own credit card yet, he orders things over the internet for me, and I pay him the cash. After reading where I could get hold of a copy of the Boomerang short film in one of your posts, I got onto my friend, and low and behold, last week, Kendal and I sat down to watch that movie after it arrived at his house. Kendal was crying with laughter at that poor lady ! We let Ellen watch it, on the basis that there was no rude bits. She laughed at the trump ! Kendal and I both pictured you when it got to the scene where she is pulling a face, concentrating hard on making her poop, and then she gasps loudly as it plops in ! Thank you so much Linda for the tip on where to get that movie. And hope you might find time to post to us soon ! Take c! are babe, lots of love from Drew XOSXOS

TO EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO SEE A MOVIE WITH A LOVELY LADY STRAINING TO TAKE AN AUDIBLE DUMP: Get Boomerang, via the tropfest website !! Its only five and a half minutes long, but you will cry with laughter at what the lady has to do, and the reactions of her boyfriend as he listens from outside the bathroom at all the things she is getting up to !!

On the subject of movies, the same friend who gets me my movies gave me a call at the weekend. So on Saturday night, after leaving Eleanor's house after helping her and her family move in, I went round to his place to pick up the tropfest DVD. However, he had been ordering things himself, and knowing my interest in toilet scenes, he sat me down to watch the latest DVD in his collection. It is called "A real Young Girl" and is directed by controvertial Director Catherine Breillat. It was her debut movie filmed in 1976, and just now released on DVD. It is a very revealing look at a young girl's sexual awakening, the young actress being Charlotte Alexandra. The film is in French with English subtitles. It is only available from USA, so English and European readers amongst us, its tough luck unless your DVD player will play US disks ! About 20 odd minutes into the film, the girl, named Alice, begins to comment about life at her school. There is a scene where she leaves her b! ed and tries to tiptoe past her friend Martine. But Martine is wide awake and watches her go by. We then see Alice opening a door which leads into a bathroom. She walks into the toilet cubicle, leaving the toilet door wide open (of course !), and then surprisingly lifts the toilet seat up so that she may sit on the bare toilet rim. She lifts up her night dress, which is barely covering her bum anyway, and bends to sit on the toilet rim, shuffling herself backwards, and once settled, she hugs herself to keep warm. The scene then cuts to her friend Martine who gets out of bed to find out what Alice is up to. When you get back to the toilet scene, Alice is getting up off the toilet, and turns to the side to inspect the marks left on her bottom from sitting on the toilet rim. Then just as Martine comes into the bathroom, Alice shuts and locks the door. Once again we see Alice sitting on the toilet, still the rim. Just a top half shot at this point. Then as her friend Martine whi! spers outside "What are you doing ?", the camera returns to Alice and you see her removing a cigarette from a packet she is carrying before the camera begins to pan down Alice to a view between her legs, where you actually get to see her start weeing !! She lets her wee out in two or three second bursts, then the scene cuts back to Martine who asks what she is doing again while sinking down to sit on the floor and leaning her head against the door to listen. Again the scene cuts back to the view of Alice's wee still coming out of her in short bursts. Then back to Martine listening intently. Then back to a top half shot of Alice as she lights her cigarette and takes a drag, while all the time you can hear her continue to wee. Then back to Martine who continues to listen to the wee. Then after a silence of several seconds, the expression on Martine's face changes, and once again she asks Alice what she is doing now that her wee has stopped. When you see the top half of Alice ! again, she is blowing out smoke. The expression on her face is difficult to interpret. Without the cigarette, you would have said she was definitely concentrating on a shit. But with the cigarette, it is not clear if it is the contents of the cigarette which she is reacting to. Whatever is happening, the continued silence starts to get to Martine, who gets to her feet, and hammers on the door demanding to know what she is doing. Then Martine's voice becomes strained and desperate, and a splattering is heard. The scene cuts to a view from Alice's side of the door, where a large puddle of urine begins to run under the door where Martine is clearly wetting herself.

This is quite the most awsome toilet peeing scene I have ever seen ! I've never seen the movie mentioned on this site, and I squirmed with embarrassment when I realised how turned on I was watching it, even more so when I looked at my friend who just sat there looking at me with a silly grin on his face ! Movie fans looking for outstanding toilet pee/ wetting scenes need look no further. Its called, once again, "A Real Young Girl". My mate says he got it from that place named after a famous rain forest !!

TO ROBBY, ANNIE, SARAH, MEGHAN & JANE AND EVERYONE ELSE: Hope you are all keeping ok. There were no chances for toilet episodes last weekend when Eleanor moved in. Sorry. But give it time.... Love from Andrew xx

TO LOUISE & STEVE & DAMSEL: Hope the wedding goes well. Eleanor says she will post to you when I've finished my exams. She's a considerate girl !!.

DAMSEL and Louise
Steve and Louise are very busy with everything before Friday. Louise is now staying with our mum and me during the next three days so she has her own space to get ready on Friday morning. It will help us to help her if she needs us, and Jackie will be there as well. Steve is at home and having a quiet time with friends calling on him, and I am there now while Louise collects some things.
Last night, Steve went out for drinks with just about all his friends, but they were responsible and did not drink too much.


Last night I was out with Louise and a big crowd of her friends, and we all dressed up in school uniform outfits for a laugh. We all had black mini-skirts, white blouses and striped ties and white socks. My boyfriend and Steve thought we all looked really good dressed in those outfits. My boyfriend could not take his eyes off my legs. Smile.
Through the evening we visited a few pubs and went to a nightclub. Some groups of lads kept coming onto us and thinking they had chances, but no way. We had such a laugh but we did not want some of the attention we got. I weed very often through the evening. Probably I needed to go as much as one other girl whose name I don't know. Once I needed to have a wee before we reached the nightclub and I had five girls standing shielding me from view in a side street. I slipped my white G string down over my hips and to my knees and I was crouched down and getting my feet spaced but some men appeared up the street. I don't know if they knew what I was wanting to do but I stood up and pulled up my G string in a lightening fast move. I don't know if my bottom was seen or not. Smile. I saved the wee until I was in the nightclub and I went to the ladies with Louise and other girls. I shared a cubicle with Louise, and everyone was weeing with the doors open. When I had my wee I looke! d in the other cubicles to see the others pissing in the toilets.
The nice men on this site might enjoy this story. On the way home there were still fourteen of us. We were all drunk and laughing at things we have done. Oh, we were all very bad, and talking about Steve's penis and saving his strength for the wedding night. Louise says he will need his strength. Smile. We were all desperate for a wee, and we used a favourite alley for a toilet. I will never forget it. All fourteen of us lined up along the wall and crouching with our knickers down. Seven one side, seven on the other. Louise and Pia had very powerful gushers. Yes, Rizzo, Louise's wees are like ribbons with twists. I was relaxed because I was drunk and I pissed easily. It was a powerful jet and I power-washed a little spot on the ground. If I had not drunk as much I would have been more nervous because I was with many others. I wished my boyfriend could see us, so I imagined he was there to see me with my G string around my knees,but he hasn't really seen me with my knicke! rs down, at least not yet. Smile. Yes I think I hissed but I was not the only one. When we finished weeing there were so many puddles and wee running in different directions. We were very bad 'schoolgirls'. Smile. We walked a little further just past the park. Louise's best friend, called Jackie, is the other bridesmaid, and she went to crouch by the foot of a large tree. She slipped her G string down but we saw she didn't have another wee-wee. She crapped two big lumps though! I actually saw the lumps come out of her bottom and so did Louise, and it was Louise who said Jackie was shitting. I was feeling drunk but I still blushed! Smile.
Louise speaking.
Hello! I do not think Jackie would shit outside most of the time but she just needed to do it and we had all had a lot to drink. We all had big headaches when we woke up at lunchtime!
Steve had got home already before us in the early hours of the morning and you know I think he thought 14 of us were too much for him. giggle. We got him to come to the bathroom so he could watch every girl take a turn to go in for a wee. I promised him a few treats didn't I? Yeah, so every girl went in and lifted her skirt up, took her knickers off and had a good wee in the toilet while he watched. He wiped Jackie's bottom as well. LOL It was a giggle.
UPSTATE DAVE, ROBBY AND RIZZO - Thank you for saying nice things about my wee on the lawn. I really liked doing that one! Thank you, Annie for writing to me!
I will write another letter when we come back from our honeymoon. Steve will be too weak to write when he comes back. giggle.
Hello, Ina, Ephermal and PV!
Love Louise xx

(This is Damsel)
She is just hyper, isn't she? Smile.
Thank you very much for what you said to me, Annie, Robby, Meghan and Sarah. I have much to thank Steve for because he brought me and my boyfriend together.
And for you, Rizzo, I gave all the details about last night because I knew you would enjoy it. XXXXX



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