Hey everyone!... Im back.

One day I was camping out in the woods with my friends when I was one year younger(15yo.) and had a terrible and painful accident. I'm kinda lactose intolerance and I was really thirsty and had just got done drinking almost a half gallon of chocolate milk cuz I didnt care that if I got the squirts afterwards cuz I was so thirsty.
Well then a little while later my lower stomach was cramping up and I had this incredible urge to take a dump. I could feel the watery diarrhea shit inside me building up and trying to make its way out. Since there were no out houses or bathrooms around in the woods I ran to the nearest sight I could find where there were no people. When I was running I could feel my asshole getting moist and I was trying to hold it in with my butt muscles. Then I found a spot. Then I undid my belt and yanked my pants and panties down really quick. I turned around and squatted quickly and all of a sudden I had felt this sharp jolt of excrutionating pain in my ass. Since I didn't see a one ft. half inch thick stick protruding out of the ground at an angle it went strait up my asshole as I squatted and sat down to take a shit. So now I was sitting in the woods with a stick straight up my ass. I cried a little because of the pain. I couldn't even move it would hurt so bad. And when I looked! down I saw a little blood pouring out of my ass and flowing down the stick. I sat there for a little clutching my stomach and crying a bit. When I tried to sit up it hurt extremely bad cuz of the rough bark on the stick. Then some pee came streaming out of my twat. I thought I was gonna be stuck out here all night with this stick stuck up my ass. Then I tried again and this time really fast and hard and I finally got off the stick which was actually a small log more than a stick. It felt like I had ripped out my whole rectum when I got off. And I let out a little scream. And as soon as I had lifted my ass off the stick a whole bunch of diarrhea mixed with some blood came blasting out of my asshole. Then i fell back wards and my ass came plopping into my own shit. I just sat there in my shit and squirting out the rest of my crap which had probabaly taken a good 15 min. or so. Then after I had finished peeing out of my butthole some more blood started pouring out of my ass. I! was basically having a period out of the wrong hole. After all that stuff I couldn't even walk all day cuz my ass hurt so bad. I even had to try and keep my butt cheeks parted all day cuz it hurt when I didn't do that. It hurt for me to sit down too. So when I got back to our campspot I just layed down in the tent on my side with my knees to my chest to keep my ass cheeks opened and parted so my ass wouldnt hurt. I did that for the rest of the day. And a while after when I was about too fall asleep when I had thought I was going to fart a whole wad of diarrhea came squirting and shooting out of my ass and I wanted to cry because of the stinging pain. I didn't tell my friends or let them know any of this had happened.

Hope ya all liked it.
Good nite.

hi im a cute 13year old girl and lately i've having some serious problems. well now im always constipated and it started last month. i usually go poop about once per 4 days and i have to live with the terrible stomach cramps. it wasnt much of a problem before when i was constipated, i could just get a little syringe, pump it with water and squirt it up my butt about 10 times then poop will flow out of my butt easily. but once my parents found out that i was doing such things with my body and thinks its silly and they hid the syringes and whenever i get constipated they will give me horrible laxatives. after taking laxatives i will always have terrible diarrhea.and 50% of the time i wake up with a HUGE pool of brown water on my bed and my pants will the extremely soiled. as if they were in a bucket of water. i complaint to my parents that laxatives upsets my bowel and i would like enema more. but they said they will never buy me enema sets or anything with injecting water up ! my butt. so now about every 4 days i have to strain really hard to release a couple of hard logs.

does anyone know anything that i could use which can make my poop easier to pass and pass reguarly in an instant?
i serious need help. thanks

wee willie winkie
Hi toileteers although I've been a regular reader of the forum for some time, this is the first time I've ever posted. Has anyone seen the new Jodie Foster movie 'Panic Room'? There's a great scene early on where she gets up in the middle of the night and takes a pee in the bathroom, you can actually hear her peeing. Just thought I'd let you movie/tv toilet scence spotters know.

Steve in Nebraska
Stacey- i loved your that the first time you let let your friend wipe you?

Ashley-i liked your story

Mereidith- interesting facts....i always enjoy your stories too.

Well, i took a senna laxitive on Wednesday night which got me pooping good by thursday night. I ate a whoe tortinos pizza then about an hour later after bathing i felt the urge. First a few goat turds came, then about 3 or 4 golf balls came out....folowed by mushy took alot to wipe up. Then Friday morning, i again had a few mushy turds after i woke up again .lots of wiping....haven't pooped since...felt good to get going again

Can you tell me the title of some movies where there are girls who are sitting on the toilet or/and pooping?
Thanks a lot

Today I took a huge shit so I sat on the toilet, peed, did a loud fart and let out a 12 inch log that floated and was in a U shape followed by a 6 incher. I wiped 6 times, flushed and sprayed. An hour later I discovered I didn't wipe well enough so I went to the toilet, grabbed some toilet paper and wiped the remains.
LOUISE: I recommend buying the cheapest nickers if you wanna crap in them so you can just throw them away afterwoods. I used to shit my pants as well and I found it very difficult getting the stains out so I just so I just chucked them in the bin. You can stand when you do it.
ASHLEY: I wish I was there to poo with you so you wouldn't be the only one getting teased.
J.J: I use about 25 sheets each time I poo.
VANESSA: that experience sounded pretty nasty. Diarrhea makes me appreciate having solid poo.
PUNK ROCK GIRL: I liked your story.

Until I was 14 I was shy about sitting on the toilet away from home, and that task was on my agenda before setting out to school. The toilets in my boys' grammar school weren't very inviting. Seats were 2 strips of wood, one on each side of the bowl - not very hygienic, to say nothing of the risk of splinters! Doors had a slit in the side, no doubt for teachers to peer into to check for improper activity.

My nervousness began to evaporate after staying for a few days at my grandfather's old fashioned house in an English midlands country town. I remember asking where the chain was. There wasn't one - you took a bucket of water in with you and flushed away your personal achievements. It was at the end of the garden, and very dark inside. (If there were no women around, my young uncle, who was a sailor on leave, would sit there with the door open, to let in a bit of light.) There were pieces of torn up 'Daily Mirror' hanging up at the side, but I had wisely taken my own toilet paper from home.

The toilet stretched from wall to wall, solid wood, blocked in at the front, with one hole in (there were at one time two-seaters, or even three, but I imagine these have now gone.) I was still hesitating, but knew that there were little fellows in my back passage which wanted to leave their prison. I wiped the seat with a piece of Daily Mirror, took my toilet paper out of my pocket.

'Here goes!' I said to myself. Slowly I undid my belt, and pulled my trousers down and my underpants, and sat down. The sensation was wonderful beyond imagining. The feeling of my bare young bottom pressing on the wood surround the hole was fantastic. Why had I been so nervous? I sat there for a minute or two, just enjoying the experience, thinking, 'well, if anybody comes, what the hell? I'm doing something right, not something wrong.'

Then I clasped my hands (my normal posture), gave a gentle squeeze, relaxed, and let my bottom do the work it is paid to do. Poop ... poop ... poop. I was able to wee then (unclasping my hands, of course!). That operation wasn't very easy for males at that house, as the toilet seat was fixed.

Then, as they say in the world of work, the job isn't complete until the paper work is done. So I wiped my posterior (I always stay sitting for this), pulled up my trousers and made myself look respectable, and then flushed everything away with the bucket of water.

Each morning I was to look forward to that visit to the plank with the whole in the middle. But the next year, I was disappointed to find that they had a 'proper toilet', with a chain, and a cold plastic black seat like we had at home.

I became less embarrassed about other guys knowing I was pooping, which was as well, when we went shortly afterwards to a scout camp where the facilities were out of this world! More of that some time. There are now some old fashioned toilets in English

Remember me? I haven't been abe to go on here for a few months, and I haven't posted for ages. Diva: I love your posts, please write some more. You are fantastic. Hello to everyone.

Dork: Wow! That was some experience when you had a great load of hot shit that filled your boxers in the back of that army truck. I loved the way how you said you slid in your load into the next guy as the truck went around the bends. It reminds me of my experience in the car. Actually, having read your post earlier this morning I've kept getting erections thinking about it. That's the effect my own accident had on me too. It's now 12.45pm, so before I have my lunch just thought I must post this to you. Must have been difficult trying to clean up as best as you could when you stopped. Did you use the boxer shorts you threw away to help clean up or were they too messy for that? I take it the other guys knew what you'd done, especially as you peed yourself too. What was their reaction? Were you all able to have a good laugh about it later. After all it could have happened just as easily to any of them. I would have loved to have been the guy next to you that you slid into.! This would have been a real turn on for me. I sure bet you felt better when you got back in the truck, even if you did not feel really clean. I love your posts. Do keep them coming.

Plunging Plop Guy: I remember the dump I took in that public toilet in York was a good one; in fact every time I go to York I seem to need a good shit! I think the other stalls were empty, so nobody got to hear me go. The next day I needed to go just as I was finishing up lunch at Pizza Hut. I had noticed a young guy from an adjoining table of Germans head off to the downstairs toilets a few minutes before, so I assumed he was having a dump. I went downstairs to the bathroom and there was only one stall. I could hear him using the toilet paper, so I waited for him to finish. As he came out of the stall, I went straight in and we smiled at each other as we passed. He had left a large skidmark behind and of course, a nice warm seat for me to sit on. The next morning I was having breakfast at the Littlewoods restaurant and was paying no attention to the couple sitting a couple of tables away, until they were joined by their teenage son who came down from the upstairs toilets. H! e must have been up there for at least fifteen minutes taking his morning dump. Naturally, I felt annoyed that I must have arrived a couple of minutes after he had gone up there, and missed out on hearing him drop his load.
I can't think of any real accoustically pleasing toilets in London. To North Americans, all British toilets are accoustically pleasing! Victoria Station is my favourite place for a dump in central London, while in the suburbs I use a variety of shopping centres. I will be making my annual trip next month. I'll try to hit York again, so who knows we may end up taking a dump in adjoining stalls, if we haven't done so already.

Hello friends!

Dear Elena, your posts may be short, few and far between, but they amuse me very much. Your answer to Punk Rock Girl, who was ready to pay $100.- just to see an uppity, sneering cheerleader humiliate herself by crapping her panties, made me laugh heartily! It just goes to show that loveable cheerleaders do exist. Love from Rizzo to you and your family!

Lawn Dogs Kid, sorry to have bungled your birthday date and wishes. My corrections didn’t make it. Keep up your studies, they are important! But if you do have moment of leisure for a toilety post, that would be nice. Love to you from Rizzo

Ellen, dear, here’s another trump story for you! It happened just a few days ago.

It had been a hard day and I was weary by the time my wife and I retired to bed. After reading only a page I put down my book, switched off my bedside light and turned over to sleep. It was some time later when I had a nightmare – I dreamed that our neighbour entered our bedroom through the french windows on his motorbike revving his engine. The terrible noise aroused me from a deep torpor, but feeling paralysed with sleep I couldn’t move. It felt as if I was trying to surface from the deep through heavy syrup, calling out to my wife, my heart pounding, but I must have only uttered something like “Uuuh! Uuuuh! Wuwussat? Wussanose? Wussatayblenoise!”……Then, a bit clearer, “What’s that terrible noise for heavens’ sake!” My wife, who was still reading, stroked my forehead, tried to calm me, “Darling, you are having nightmares again, it’s all right, I just let go a little trump! Listen, here’s another one,” she added with a giggle. And then an enourmously loud noise like the! tearing of a heavy canvas sail, popping stitches and all, rent the silence. “That, a little trump?” I said in total disbelief that my dear wife could be capable of releasing such an enormity of a fart, such a tremendous trump. “No way is that a little trump, that is what I would call a heart-stopping mega-monster-fart! No wonder did I dream that our neighbour was in here revving his bike! Phew!” (For Andrew: the bike in question is a fire-engine red 1989 Honda Dominator).
We had eaten loads of broccoli, fresh from the market, and that was what had fuelled such outrageous trumps. Talk about “The Sounds of Broccoli”, or should I say “Broccoli Blasts”?
Ellen, I hope you like the story and that you will be able to enjoy broccoli in future (grin)! Love to you fron Uncle Rizzo. Give Kendal my love too.

Special hellos to PV, Ina, Jane, Robby, Annie, Sarah S. and Meghan, Tim and Sarah, Jane, Jeff A. (are you still reading?) Upstate Dave, Louise and Damsel and all the fine old and new posters here. Rizzo

Annie(Robby's Cousin)
Hi Everyone!
Just a quick post before we are off to church.

***INA: Hi sweetheart! We are so glad to hear from you. Robby said that he hasn't weed on stage but he has seen ladies wee into plants on stage. Now to you! Wow, that was a big poo you did in the woods. It is hard to find a place that is private enough. When you have to go poo, do it! I am finding that I am more comfortable with my travelmate. The girls aren't yet. Ina, we are all taught that males stand up to wee and girls sit down or squat. Any other way is considered strange. It is good that you don't tell your flat mate about this. If our families had known about Robby's and my toilet adventures when we were young it would have caused a scandal. Most people would think we all are perverts for posting at this site. No, you are not strange. Louise, PV, Kendal, Sarah(Tim's wife) are not strange. Weeing standing up is very natural to us. I don't care what other people think. Robby knows I am slightly barking mad,giggle! DON'T feel self-concious about this. Just don't spr! ead the fact that you do like a good stand-up wee. Now, enought of my sermon. We love you, dear!! Take care and big hugs from all of us!! Annie
***LOUISE: Hi sweetie! Robby wanted me to tell you that he was in cyberland front and center for your backyard wee. He watched closely when you pulled off your black top and thong. He nearly knocked Rizzo over when your wee started to gush forth,giggle! He applauded vigorously when you were through and kissed your hand as did all the other gents. Why isn't Robby here to write this? He is in the loo weeing, pooing and showering. I think he weed in the shower,LOL! Take care. Our love to you, Steve and Damsel. Annie

Have to dash off!! Lots of Lovexxx to our on-line Nieces, Nephew and loads of dear friends!!


do u pull ur trousers down 2 ur ankles,shins,knees or thighs wen u have a shit? Please inclue ur age, because i think the older u r, then you become thighs.

And how do u wipe ur bum,
are you a
LEANER (leans 2 1 side of the loo and wipe)
LIFTER (lifts testicles and wipes bum)
STANDER(stands up and wipes)

Thanks alot

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone,
Just wanted to share with anyone here who'd be interested; today I had a fantastic shit on a public toilet! I heard a young guy sit on the toilet and drop a few good plops so when he flushed and came out, I was next on the seat. It was absolutely brilliant as I felt so conscious of where I was sitting and how it felt, with the feeling of a good load of shit to do, and savouring all the sensations. When I started to shit, it was loud bum-splashing turds really satisfying as they plopped out, and they all sank!
But why is it that as soon as I'd wiped my arse and was ready to leave, two other guys sat on neighbouring toilets and dropped some good shits? Why don't I get company when I'm doing one myself?
It's happened like that more than would be coincidental but at least I had the longest plopping session, and I followed a guy who sounded good!

JACOB G. Sorry you felt so intimidated when that guy was lurking in the toilets. It wouldn't bother me as I like an audience, but the smile he gave you sounded a bit freaky.
Perhaps he wanted to hear guys shitting, but infortunately some men do behave in a suspicious way in toilets, and can put people off, especially if it seems they might want to make sexual suggestions.
Once in my teens I was sitting on a toilet and the partition had a large hole in it ideally placed towards the back so that anyone leaning back could see the next-door guy's bum on the seat, when I suddenly saw this guy's hand sticking through with a note.
I could have told him to "f... off" or read it or just ignored it, but at the time I felt threatened by it and I left.
To me it always seems sinister when someone doesn't say anything, but looks or stares. I had the fright of my life a few years ago when I was in a cubicle and happened to look up and see a face looking at me over the partition. I didn't so much mind being looked at if he was hoping to see a guy on the toilet, and I have on occasion done the same; it was just the lack of any verbal communication, not even an apology for making me jump when I saw him.
It's funny how you described your man in the toilet, as I remember opening the door of a cubicle to come out once, and there was a strange looking older man with funny teeth standing right outside the door and smiling at me!

Good toileting to all, P. Plop Guy

Adrian, Im glad you liked my experiences. That sounds like a nice big easy motion you had, bet it felt good doing it! Did the jobbie make any sound when it dropped into the pan, and did it stay behind when you pulled the flush or go away first time?

I did a nice big easy one something like that this morning. It just slid out with a "floomp!" and being about 14 inches long and 2.5 fat it stuck. It gave me real buzz!

Paul however was constipated until yesterday and did a whopper with some assistance from me. He had told me on Friday that he was constipated and sure enough on Saturday morning he did only did a fat, hard lump the size of a billiard ball despite a lot of straining and my rubbing his ????. It made a loud "KURPLOONK!" when it dropped into the pan and bobbed up and down in the water, a knobbly dark ball. He said he could feel a lot more up there but it wouldnt come out. As we are totally intimate on all personal matters I lubricated my finger and gently inserted it being careful not to hurt him, although he did squirm and go "OH!" as I did so. Sure enough there was a big mass of lumpy hard poo up his back passage. I went to the local pharmacy and bought a tube of KY Jelly, (a personal lubricant to those who dont know). When I came back Paul was still clad only in his navy blue slip briefs. He said he had sat on the pan again and tried to do it but the jobbie was too big a! nd hard to come out and it hurt. I gave him a big cuddle, (we are very touchy feely), and said I had something to help him do it without it hurting too much. Taking off his briefs I got him to lie on the bed on top of a bath towel in case things happened too quickly and spread his buttocks. I could see that his ring was domed and I squeezed a generous potion of the KY jelly onto it and gently inserted it into his rectum, my finger touching the hard knobly end of the big turd. Paul again went "OH! AH! I felt that Joanne, it hurt!" but I told him to hold the jelly in until it had lubricated his anus. We went back to the toilet and he sat on the pan. A few minutes elaspsed while I gently rubbed his ???? then he said, "Oh I can feel it all start to move!" With my encouraging him to "Try hard and do a nice big jobbie for Joanne " He gave a gasp and went "NNN! UH! OH! and soon it saw this dark fat lumpy shape start to come out. I continued to rub and push his ???? as it grew in ! size with Paul going "AH! AH!. I noticed that the start was touching the water as it came to an end and dropped with a "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" he hadnt finished as another fat jobbie followed it with a "KUR-SPLOOSH!" then a soft smooth sausage came out easily and went "Floomp" on top of his other two jobbies. When he got did his pee and then got his breath back I wiped him bum and we had a look. A big fat dark knobbly log of about 14 inches long and 2.5 inches fat lay in the pan with an equally fat one of about 6 inches long next to it, which had a pointed end. The easy sausage was smooth and lighter brown and a lot smellier than the harder jobbies and was also as fat. It was about 8 inches long and curved like a brown banana. Paul was both relieved and turned on after passing his motion to the enjoyment of us both.

After he had got over his intial hesitation as I explained in my first posting Paul has shared toilet functions with me, especially when staying over in my flat. We have found a bigger place and will be moving in together shortly. I would encourage all broadminded couples to share their natural functions, defecation, urination, menstruation, as Paul and I do.

Louise, not my personal scene but if you want to deliberately do a poo in your knickers I suggest you wear a pair of navy blue or bottle green school knickers the type used to play Hockey, Netball, etc as the leg elastics in these big briefs will stop any mess leaking out. If you do this outside wear a longer, loose, pleated skirt. It would look a bit obvious squatting down outside and it wouldn't matter if you do it standing up, which would be more realistic. You will probably find that this is not an enjoyable experience in reality but each to her own and at least you will have got it out of your system in more ways than one!

Chocolate Delights
I have just been reading some old posts relating to childhood constipation and it has reminded me of some experiences I had during my early years. I was born during the early fifties in the England and during this period, regular bowel motions were taken very seriously by some parents. I would normally be forced to sit on the toilet until I had performed (up to half an hour at a time) and then if I hadn’t passed anything I would be scolded and threatened with a laxative. I remember several accidents very clearly. The first incident was when I was about five. I had been constipated for a long period and my mother had decided that I needed a dose of senokot. I remember fighting it, since even then I was aware of its unpredictable results. Normally my aunt would have to restrain me while my mother forced a spoonful of the brown granules into my mouth, hold my nose, finally forcing me to swallow them.
Anyway following one of these incidents, we went on a family picnic. I must have complained of a stomach ach, since my mother took me into a public toilet. However I can clearly remember that I couldn’t do anything. I remember that she took me in several times during the picnic, each time with the same result and with my mother becoming increasingly more impatient. Finally I remember standing beside a bridge where I experienced an overwhelming compulsion to go. At this time, I should point out that young boys typically wore baggy knee length shorts and loose fitting Y fronts made of a kind on cotton mesh. Anyway as my mother start to drag me to the toilet again, I froze as I felt a warm mass tug at my loose pants. This was shortly followed by a brown liquid with the consistency of thick custard which streamed from my trouser leg to the ground. The semi solid stream coiled neatly forming a large cone (similar to the action of an ice cream machine).
I suppose that this was the beginning of a strange fascination with bowel motions. I recall I had lots of incidents of constipation, which were only made worse by my mother’s obsession with them. Finally I learnt that passing a motion was a pleasurable experience and rather than being hassled into the toilet, I would normally find a quiet place where I could slowly savour the feelings as my anus began to open. However I would often leave it too late and have an accident in my pants without even noticing it. This of course resulted in a more severe punishment. But for now I will leave my other experiences to a later posting.

Monday, June 10, 2002

One day in seventh grade I had really bad stomach pains and diarreah. I really needed to go to the bathroom and the teacher wouldn't let me go. I couldn't hold it in any longer so i diarreahed in my brand new jeans and i was wearing a thong and no one was home to get me a change of clothes or pick me up from school so i had to walk around school from 4th period to pm homeroom, which is after 8TH PERIOD! and i smelled and felt horrible!

movie fan
just saw enough wth jennifer lopez and its got a scene with her on the toilet. it doesn't show much but she des pee for a few seconds. please list other movies with women on the toilet especially if they are shitting.

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