i have such severe diahhreah today!i had to stay home from work. ive crapped 12 times in 3 hours. my toilet has so many skid marks on it. i can feel it building up inside me again! pretty soon. every time i sat down shit poured out of my asshole. each time i went it took 20 minutes of non stop shit. i feel so empty right now. uhh oh i have to go right now. well im back and that was my longest shit session on the toilet ever! i just spent half an hour of crapping. i have to eat something now!! this crap is not only painful, watery, messy, and hot. its the worst diahhreah ive ever had!i hope this toilet doesnt back up. i feel so sick. uhh not again! OHH SHIT!!!!!!! i just shit my pants. and im wearing a g-string! now my pants are stained brown along with my fav. pair of panties. damn!! well i gotta clean up. and shit again. i guess i should just attach a bucket to my ass! thats how fast and how much is coming out. well bye!

Hi I,m louise and I,m a 29yo female and have just come across this site on my friends computer so I hope he won,t mind me writing this I have a few question,s I would like to have a go at pooping myself I have not had an accident since I was about 12 and don,t remember much about it apart from getting into trouble with my parents so I was wondering what sort of knicker,s or panties should I wear? and should I wear a skirt?
do I need to squat? or can I stand? please help?

Robby, Annie, Sarah, Meghan, Tim, Sarah, Louise, Steve, PV, Ina, Jane, Kendal, Andrew, Ellen, Eleanor, Malita and gang, and everyone else--I've been trying to keep up with reading, but not much to say. I am home and the trip home and first few weeks have been very uneventful toilet wise. At the pool, the kids would always wait until the last possible second to go to the bathroom. One girl came up to her mom who was talking on the cell phone and said, "Mom I have to go to the bathroom." Mom said, "You're not going here. The bathrooms are dirty. You need to go home. Do you know how to cross the street?" (the kid was like 6). "No," said the kid. "Okay, just a minute and I'll take you." The mom continues to talk on the phone and the kid gets really fidgity and says, "Mom I'm going to pee on myself" Mom ignores her. "Mom I'm starting to pee on myself." So mom finally gets up and says into the phone, "I'm taking ----- home cause I don't want her to use the bathroom h! ere."

I've been working on my standing shower pee, but nothing new to report. Just wanted to drop a note and let everyone know I'm okay, though VERY busy.

Movie Fan: what movie did you see Jennifer Lopez on the on the toilet?

your name will
one day i was trying to hunt and all of the sudden i herd a deer and about the same time iwas going to fart but as it turns out i shit all over my self needless to say the deer run away it seem's that i had the run's myself thank's will

One thing I wonder about people who wet themselves on purpose: What do they do about cleanup? Especially the ones who do not live on their own or with others who share their interests? Especially with bedwetting. I'm 19 and visiting home from college, and couple of days ago, I wet the bed. Not on purpose, and I hadn't drank an extraordinary amount the night before, or anthing like that. No dream where you start going to the bathroom and wake up to find you're actually doing it, or anthing like that. I haven't had a history of bedwetting, either. Anyway, I had to change the sheets, and blanket, and my clothes, and then rinse them so they wouldn't smell, and rub some Wisk on the mattress to get rid of the smell (stain's still there. Any way to get rid of it?) and all without Mom figuring anything out. Had a really close call in which I had to hide the sheet and just hope that I didn't look too nervous and that Mom never went in there. I can accept that there's something about ! the act itself that some people find enjoyable that I will never understand, but I just wonder how it can be any fun if afterwards you have to go through all that every time.

Nealy and Cheri: I loved your stories :) Can u tell me how i get diarrhea easily because im usually constipated and i quite enjoy diarrhea sometimes.

hi everyone im a 14yr girl. i have a pooping story to tell. well yestaday i stayed at my friend cathy's house overnight watching movies and etc. This morning when i was still at her house we both woke up at about 7:00am. i was in here room too. then i jumped out of the bed ready to go to the bathroom for my morning poo then cathy woke up and said 'where are u going' i said to poo. the she said wait. so i waited. she said that her parents had gone to work at 6 and no one's at home. she suggested that we should poo in the bushes at the back of her house and to have a competition to see who can poop the most, so i agreed. we got dressed and went downstairs. i took some toilet paper in her bathroom for wiping. then her 16 yr old sister rushed into the bathroom sat her butt on the toilet and immediatly pushed out a rush of diarrhea. she didnt care that i was in the loo probably because she was desperate. then i quickly walked out of the loo. we were now both walking to the bu shes and i could tell she had to go as much as i do. finally we were in the bush and i said that i really need to poo. she said 'why dont we start?' then we both pulled down out pants and squatted facing each other and we can see each other's privates easily but we dont care since we are really good friends. i immediatly pushed out a really long tan poo. and she was farting like crazy peeing at the same time. i had a long pee too after my first log. after that she kept on pushing out 3-4 extremely long and smelly poos. i kept straining and pushing but nothing would come so i just used one of my hands and spread my ass out and.... i started farting for like 10 seconds nonstop then 5 huge logs made its way out of my hole and it felt sooo good. then we both pushed out a few more large turds. i felt really relaxed because my bowels felt really empty and i finished with a short pee and a huge fart. i used some of the paper that i bought to wipe and i gave some to cathy. we decide d to wipe each other's butts, her's was really smelly and dirty plus she was letting farts out when i was wiping her hole but it was still quite fun. then a lady about 30yrs old came and was amazed and said "teens poo so much these days" (we were squatted over out poops) then we saw that lady squatted behind some other bush and saw her hole letting out a huge log. Just by looking at both of our piles it was obvious that i won but her pile was quite huge too.
overall it was a fun experience.

Hey everyone, I'm new on this site. My name is Ashley
and I go to Jacksonville High School in Jacksonville, . I'm a
hot blond who is small yet gorgeous. On the last two weeks of school,
I was in Chemistry class with Mrs. Sanders and all of the sudden, I
had a huge urge to crap. Because I rarely take craps at school, I
really wanted to hold it in the last 45 minutes of class. But I
couldn't. I asked innocently if I could use the restroom and she
wouldn't let me at first ,but I had go with the embarrassment to tell
the teacher, in front of the class, that it was an emergency. I didn't
care. I was in pain. I did a quick walk down to the girl's toilet,
while holding on my stomach. I walked in that smelly bathroom, opened
the door, pulled down my pants to my ankles. I noticed that I had skid
marks in my new pink underwear. I was annoyed. As soon as my butt
smacked the seat, I heard the BIGGEST FART ever come out of my anus.
It was like an atomic bomb and about 4 mild sized craps fell in the
toilet as well. Eventhough my butt was in a complete mess, I felt a
lot better. Then trouble came, Stephanie walked in and heard
me and started laughing while I was sitting on the toilet. I was so
embarrassed. She started kicking the door and the lock broke off.
Two other girls walked in and were all laughing at me while I was
sitting on the toilet farting, and taking the biggest turd of my life.
I yelled at them and told them to get out and a teacher walked in and
wrote them up. When I wiped my butt 10 minutes later and I stepped out
the teacher told me that he never thought I would take a crap at school.
When I came back to class, a majority of the people were laughing
because they knew I had taken a dump. UGH People are so immature.

Hey all,

nothing much to report about my current poop adventures although i did clog up the toilet again last night. Funny thing was that not much poop came out of me. I guess it was the 2 sheets of toilet paper i used. Oh well i guess i can't poop in my favorite stall :(

To all who were wondering about my last poop during the firealarm, i didn't wipe as you all know. I ended up taking a shower as my panties had huge shit stains on them. As for the toilet, all fingers were pointed at me when the janitor came to unplug the thing. I felt special but at the same time embaressed.

Here's something interesting i found on the topic of most offensive world records.

The longest dump ever verified was produced by an American
who,produced a 'staggering turd' over a period of 2 hr 12
mins which was officially measured at 12 ft 2in. The offender is
banned from 134 washrooms in his state.

Bernard Clemmens of London managed to sustain a fart
for an officially recorded time of 2 mins 42 seconds


Greetz to Carmalita, Jane, Punk Rock Girl, Nu, Duke, Amy (Co-Ed, Infantry PFC

Jason the poop lover
I had a one foot long turd come out today. It was about an inch wide. Brown too.
To Moviefan: I'd like to see J Lo using it. What movie was that?
Nice picture on the top of this screen yesterday and a much nicer one today. I wonder who these people are.

Just saw a news item that said that Americans use way more toilet paper than anyone else in the world. The average tp use per bathroom visit is seven sheets. Since that includes both pee and poo visits, it's hard to figure if that number sounds right or not.

It might be fun to take a little survey here to see if this item is right about Americans being the biggest tp users. To keep it simple, let's limit the survey to tp use after pooping. Can everyone tell us the amount of tp you use for pooping and whether or not you are American? I'll start. I am an American and I use about 30 sheets for each poop.

Punk Rock Girl
To MH- Well, rest assured, I fart when I shit. Not all the time, but more often than not. Usually, I fart once before I start shitting, then I shit everything out, and occasionally the last bit comes out accompanied by another fart. My dumps are usually really solid and big, and I'm usually not very gassy, so the farts are more often than not little ones or silent ones. When I have diarrhea, however, we're in DUMB AND DUMBER territory. Hope that satisfies your curiosity!

Hey, Bryian, my constipated brother! Hope you're feeling better! I've been pretty regular for the past couple of days, one huge load a day. I've got weird guts. My diet is pretty erratic, sometimes I'll eat v????s all week, sometimes I'll eat McDonalds three times a day! It all depends. But I always have those same big, solid dumps, unless I'm sick. I guess I'm lucky! Of course, the odor changes depending on what I eat. McD's causes some major reeking, whereas a bran muffin and salads have next to no smell at all.

Take care of yourself, and each other, as Jerry might say.




hi all. today coming home from school i came close to peeing in my pants, i had to go so bad. but i made it home. i like wetting pants stories. please supply

The Phantom Pooper may have struck Again!!

We've got mystery female in the office who likes leaving her jobbies in the toilet for all the other women to view. The Phantom usually likes leaving solid jobbies w/o wiping (as toilet paper is rarely ever seen along with her poopies.) Judging by what what a couple of the ladies reproted about the movement, it's possible that today's work was done by someone else. The jobbie was rather A-typical for the Phantom.
#1. This time, the person had a bad case of diarrhoea...
#2. The pooper left toilet paper along with her messy leavings...
& #3. Apparently, she also had her period...

Although this has nothin to do with bowel movement...a friend of mine told me this last night. Her family and friends were having a party and she was talking to her b/f and had to pee. He wouldnt let her leave because he was talking to her. While he was talking, she squirmed in her seat and made different faces, due to having to go. He got mad because he thought she was making fun of him. She finally said "f--- this" and jumped up and ran to the can. She said she sighed in releif as it came out. Well, hope that was interesting.

Matt from MD
Are there any girls on this site that enjoy poopimg in their backyard without covering it up? also, any girls that enjoy farting on purpose and smelling it? Please send a reply. Today, my poop was long an soft, when it is usually hard and bumpy. But this time, it just slid right out an didn't even splash! I am also like MH and really like girls who fart while they poop. I find this very enjoyable. I so wish that I could buddy dump with a girl, but sadly I have no one to do it with.

Egg Layer
Hello, I'm new here. I'm really into pooping and farting, and love the feeling of having to take a huge crap. I don't know, but something about the feeling of huge, hard turds bulging inside my butt is erotic. Right now, I'm planning on taking Metamucil to increase the size of my loads. I think I'm going to take Metamucil for several days, and keep holding in my poop so that my load gets bigger. I'll probobly do this for a week or so, so that I'm nice and bloated with poop and turds. Then, I'll take an enema to get it all out. I'll already have to take an enormous crap by the end of it all, and rock-hard poop will already be poking out of my anus. But the enema will make it really difficult, and I'll waddle to the toilet holding my butt. Sitting down, my butt will explode with a torrent of huge logs, explosive gas, and turd mush.

Jim - I liked your story about your trip. How old are you? (I am 17/m)

Cloud- I enjoyed your story about peeing your pants in the public places. Was it easy to do? I'm trying to work up the courage and find the right situation to do the same thing.

I dont have anything real interesting to report today. If anyone's looking for something to write about, I personally enjoy stories of peeing your bathing suits on the beach or having an accident while out with your child, or the child with the parent, or both. Anyway, I hope to post a story next time.


I'm a UPS driver. Yesterday I was driving down the road and saw a clean, taped box lying just on the edge. I stopped, thinking it had possibly fallen off of one of our trucks of one of our competitors' vehicles. There was no label on it, so I tossed it on the shelf in back and went on my way, figuring to look in it later when I had a few minutes. After a while, the inside of my UPS truck started to stink, and I sniffed around (making sure I hadn't stepped in dog poop), and the box I found seemed to be the culprit. Sure enough, upon opening the box, I found a big moist turd inside. It was sick, but at the same time I had to laugh. I tossed it in the garbage behind a Pontiac dealership. True story.

pj: I seen britney spears poo once.

Infantry PFC
Lori girl: I've witnessed girls pooping , but from another room(where I wasn't really watching) or I have gone in the bathroom after they come out and flushed their creation away. I have never been invited into the bathroom to expirience a BM live with all the grunting, farting and plops that happen , not to mention the sweet smell a girl produces from her behind. Lately, I have been looking for ways to fulfill my experience, and I have not made much progress. Do you have any good advice? what should I do?

Well this weekend I'll be going away for my two weeks this year. I'll bet I'll come back with one good army pooping story...bye for now

Hey everybody it's been a long time I have been so busy I haven't had time to post Tyler just turned 4 and Alyssa (my new baby) just turned 2 months I can hardly belive she is that old. Anyway I came back to ask yall a ? Ever since I gave birth to Alyssa I have been soo constipated any of yall out there experienced it? I wasn't constipated after Ty was born. Love to all my old buddies here!

To Punk Rock Girl: I liked your story about your bf coming over in the middle of your dump.

To Infantry PFC: I liked your story

To NYC Dude: I loved your story about drilling the peep holes...Did you parents find out? if so did you get punished? And did any one in your house know you were spying on them?

To jim: I liked your story. Did your mom give you a bath? or did you bathe your self?

Last night right after dinner i had a bit of cramps.I Had bbq chicken. Does any one notice after eating bbq chicken you get cramps? or is it just me. Any way i sat on the toilet pushed out some hard balls. Then i felt like i was done....wanted to get up and get some other things done awhile, knew i'd be back so i got up and wiped and flushed. Then about 10 min later i was back and i was going more. This time it was a bit softer. Sat awhile flushed wiped and went to bed. Then this morning i got up and went to work almost immediatly i felt a slight urge to poop. I waiting till around 10am to poop. It was kinda light brown and orangy color...couldn't see that well cause the restroom had been cleaned a few hours ago. I did noticed that it smelled like dog poop. Usally my poop doesn't smell. I've also felt gasy..afraid to push it out cause it might be poop..gotta go bye

Does anyone know what page teh stories from "poopy girly" are on I lost them?

once i was at home while my brother and his friend were playing stomach cramped and i waddled to the toilet.i quickly pulled down my panties and took a long, agonizing shit.after about 10 minutes i was done.i looked at the toilet paper roll and realized there was no more toilet paper.and my ass felt really i made a run to the other restroom ,with my pants down, to wipe myself.just as i was running across the hall my brother and his friend walk inside and totally saw me with my pants down.

Hello everyone. I found this site a few days ago and was happy to see that other people can be so open about it. I have enjoyed reading everyones stories. I have a story that I will likely never forget. As you women that have been pregnant know, constipation often comes with the trials of pregnancy. Well, a few years ago, I found out just what it feels like. I was about 7 or 8 months pregnant and on a camping trip with my husband (ex now). Well, about 5pm, after a full meal full of greasy fried foods, I had an incredible urge to shit. So, he walked with me down to the campground toilet and waited outside for me. If you have ever been camping, you may know that these toilets arent the most comfortable and have no lights either. I sat down and tried to push the shit out. No luck. I strained and strained til i could feel a big turd start to come out. I pushed and pushed, but it just kept going back in. I was scared to push too hard, cause i was afraid i might go into labor or s omething, but i had to get it out. My husband kept saying are you ok and after ab. 30 mins. i was crying; afraid that it would never come out. I finally decided to stop trying and come back later, but at that point, i couldn't get the turd to go all the way back in. I finally gave up and it was in far enough to go back to the campsite. I was so uncomfortable for the rest of the evening. We went to sleep and sometime in the night I felt the urge again. I was really dreading having to get up with the flashlight and make my way back and try again, but I had to. So, with flashlight in hand, i go into the camp toilet again and get ready for more pushing. To my suprise, it was coming out! It hurt, but i was so relieved for it to make its way out of me. It stretched my asshole wider than ever and finally i heard a big THUNK! on the metal bottom of the potty. I sighed with relief and caught my breath for a minute, thinking of the ordeal that was finally over. I grabbed the flas! hlight and stood up to take a look at this monster. It must have been 6-8 inches long and big around as my forearm.It took a couple of flushes to make it drop down out of the toilet. My ass was sore for a few days, but i felt soooo much better. Well, thanks for sharing your stories, hope you enjoyed mine!


I read your post where at the end you talked about how you didint like being escorted to the toilet to go wee during your exams, and you wanted to know about any kinds of pads you can wear that absorb wee-wee. You should try Serenity or Poise pads. They're meant especially for pee, but they feel like regular maxi pads, maybe just a bit thicker. In some stores, they will be on the same shelf that the maxi pads/tampons are on. In other stores, they will be on the same shelf as adult diapers and other incontinence stuff. Just so you know, 'ultra' absorbancy pads absorb the most pee. By the way, what kind of maxi pads do you currently use? Have you ever used them to pee into? Well, go try the serenity or poise pads, and let me know how it goes.

TO NYC Dude;

Greetings fellow voyour; see post from 3 years ago, page 181, page 182, and page 177. Your hole was ok, but mine was state of the art as you will read. Even though I have moved, I still have that mirror wrapped up in my basement store room. Maybe I will sell it to some other daring voyour. Just a word of warning dude, these peephole stories really piss the board members off, no pun intended. Oh yes, the poop girls: Of all the ladies, Coco was the best followed by Autum. Now Autum was a very well built lady shorter than CoCo but just as thick, with the big thighs, hips, ect.. She was half Indian (India) and half Irish, wow. She always had corn in her poops and they were always light colored. There is nothing like rubbing a ladies ???? while she goes, ahhh, pure bliss. Have not seen any ladies this month, have to save my pennies for vacation late in June. see Ya. Rick.

BRYIAN -- I was I guess 15 or so. I don't know why he told me to flush, I guess he was making a joke or something. All I know is that I was bare-assed on the toilet while he was rummaging around the medicine cabinet! It would be a turn on if some girl walked in on me like that though.

Outhouse Scott
How does anyone really know how certain foods affect people's bowels? I eat a lot of meat, yet I shit at least twice a day. Usually, average sized, fairly solid. I have friends who vegetarian or vegan and when I asked them about their bowels, a couple of them went several times a day, a couple went every couple of days. One person might eat Mexican and have diarrhea. Another person won't. Someone might eat steak and be constipated. Someone else won't. Some people are lactose intolerant. Some aren't. People's bowels are just like their personalities. Everyone's is a little different. I don't think there is such a thing as a "norm" when it comes to shitting. Outside of having constipation or diarrhea all the time, people have different reactions to the same foods.

The human body is weird. Maybe we shouldn't try so hard to understand every little thing.


PS-- If people are supposed to be naturally herbivorous, then why did prehistoric people like neanderthals and austrolipithicus--our ancestors--eat meat? Why, for that matter, do chimpanzees and gorillas--both our close relatives--eat meat? (Note: If your answer is that we did not evolve from cave people and we are not related to apes, I have no interest in what you have to say.)

pee pool
Hi, i have been on this site looking around since january and now i have decided to post. I am 13 almost 14, i will be 14 on july 10. i am 6 foot tall and weigh around 260 pounds, heavy for my age. Because of that i piss and shit around 5 times a day. it gets somewhat hot in upstate new york, thats where i live. and we go swimming a lot. i love the feeling of swimming and peeing in the pool, i do that all the time. i like the feeling of when you pee it gets warm then it turns cold qiuck it turns me on all the time. this one time i was on vacation in lake george new york and we decided to go to a park called great escape, it has a section that is a water park. it has a wave pool and some huge slides and some kid water rides. you can tell that kids pee in the water because it has a sort of yellow color to it. im 14 but i like to go in the kid pools and stuff. this one time i was in the pool called paul bungun (spelling?) i hadn't peed in about 7 hours, i can hold the p! ee quit well i was really hurting for a pee there is like mazes and stuff to go through were the water pours down on you. i was desperate at that point. i figured i might as well just go so i go in one of the mazes and there was a couple of kids in there. i wipped out my willie ( dont know really the words that i can use)and started to piss i felt so good i must have pissed for 3 minutes at least.i didnt want to go in my shorts because my mom asked why my shorts are yellow when she washed them one time. the kids that were about 5 stared at me but i really didn't care. they asked what i was doing like they couldnt see. i said that i was peepeeing and they said oh can i try. sure i said so they pulled down their swim trunks and started to pee. one of them squated and started to poop. i couldnt believe it. but as i thought about it i did have to shit. so i said to the kid mind if i join you he said i dont care. so i pulled down my shorts and did a huge log it must have been! 15 inches long. i farted a couple of times and dropped a couple of squiggley turds. after that i bent over and cleaned my but on a shower nozzle. all along we were the only people in there. felt much better. the whole pool around us was brown and yellow. the other kid was still pooping because i think he was constipated. we tried to make the water turn normal it helped a little but the water still had a brown tint to it. i then went to the wave pool. there i peed about 3 other times and i saw about a 15 year old girl there and she pissed next to me and i could see the water turn yellow and a couple of stinky bubbles appeared. it really turned me on. i dont know why she just let the water turn yellow because when i pee when there is people next to me i ussaully kick to move the yellow water around to make it turn normal. oh shit i got to go i just pissed my pants. please respond with your stories about these things and tell me what you think. please tell me some water park! or pool pee or poop stories

Jacob G in Florida
Uncle Allen: I had a similar experience about two or three years ago. In fact, I posted the experience on this site, but I have no idea which page. To me, this particular incident was creepy and scary. It still gives me goose bumps when I think about it. To set the scenery, it happened where I used to work, which was in an old building constructed in the 1940s. Although the restrooms were clean and well maintained, they had never been remodeled. As such, they were large and spacious with high ceilings, tiled floors and walls, poor lighting, and no ventilation fans (which made it very easy to hear everything). Well, one morning I was in my favorite stall (the last of three) taking a leisurely dump when someone walked in and peed at the urinal. Then, this person took a long time washing his hands, combing his hair, and rustling around doing God only knows what. I am one of those people who usually waits until I am alone before I leave the stall. Finally, I heard him ! open the main door, walk into the little room between the restroom and hall, then open the main door to the hall (I wonder why they do not design restrooms with these little in-between rooms anymore?) I heard both doors shut. Immediately, I got the most overpowering feeling that I was not alone. I finished doing my business and wiped, the whole time listening carefully to see if I heard any noises. I heard nothing, but still had an uneasy feeling someone was watching me. I sat still for about a minute, listening for sounds. Then, I pulled up my pants, flushed the toilet, and paused at the stall door. I was afraid to open it. I looked through the crack into the restroom, but did see anything. I could see in the mirrors above the sinks, which were across from the stalls, but still saw nothing but a reflection of the stalls and urinals. My brain kept telling me caution, caution, caution. Finally, I halfway convinced myself I was alone. I slowly unlocked the stall, p! ushed opened the door, then jumped and almost yelled when I saw a really strange looking guy standing near the first stall. He was holding a paper towel in his hand. He looked me in the eye and slowly smiled. When he did, it looked like he had lots of extra pointed little teeth, which gave him an evil look. I know this sounds crazy, but I am not making it up. He was so damn weird and creepy looking and I had never seen him in the building before. I was so freaked I walked out of the restroom without washing my hands. I never saw him again and hope I never do.

ok, who ever it was that asked how girls pee w/out a penis(u didn't hav a name) i'm curious how u think we pee! But anyways, it's not as easy as how u can, (obviously) u just kinda g2 stand over the toilet, w/panties and shorts off. I personally hav terrible aim, so I don't do it often. usually tho, u cant direct the pee, so it jus lands where it lands. hope i helped! by the way, im 13, jus 2 let ya no.

Darius, Once with the army we were on field manovers and had just eaten and we were told to get in the trucks righ away and leave. I was sitting in the back of the truck near the opening and I had wicked cramps after we had been rtraveling for awaile. I started to let real ripe frts go to releive the pressure. Some one said"man something died indside!" Everyone laughed, but they did not know that that was the least of my worries. As i raised my ass again to release another fart the shit load started to move and there was no stopping it. By the time I sat dowm my boxers were loaded and hot. Every curve we went around i was sliding into the guy next to me. I started to piss at this time and it was endless untill my boots were half filled. Finally we stopped and i got up and looked and my cammy uniform did not show anything at all. I went to the bushes and dropped my pants and took off my boots and empied them and removed my shorts and wiped as best i could and throw them away! . i sure felt better when we got back in the truck.

hey Ya'll-
Not much happenin here. My shit has been up and down. Sometimes I feel like a have to go and all it is is gas. It really pisses me off. I just got off the toilet here about ten minutes ago. It is honestly the best shit I've taken in a bit. I farted a bunch then let out some fairly then, 2 inch tunrds. Then I passed a bunch mnore skinny two inch pieces. It did feel go, however, there is nothing like the feeling of passing a six or seven inch log. Don't ya'll agree? I also had two days of green shit this week. I didn't know what the hell was up that. I guess I had too much bile in my colon or something. I was glad when it went away, it made me sick to look at it. Talk to ya'll later.

Grown Woman
I grew up in South America, sheltered and home-schooled with religious tutors. My father was the manager of a mine for a corporation. He died unexpectedly when I was 14. Mom and my sister (5) and I had to move back to the US and change lifestyles abruptly including attending public schools. I was quite backwards socially. Another kind neighbor family with daughters my age (15 and 13) took me under their wing. Ultimately I was invited to go camping with them that spring. We left on Friday and drove several hours to a primitive spot where, at twilight, they set up tents, one for parents and one for us three girls, and made a campfire and played games. We'd used lavatory facilties at gas stattions enroute, but our destination had no such amenities. Stupidly I asked where the bathroom was. The older daughter said to come with her her sister and they'd show me. I was shocked to be led a short distance in the woods where they both proceeded to lower their drawers and pee. And all the while they continued conversing excitedly as if nothing was happening. I was mortified. I had never used any bathroom except privately, and in our city I had never even realized people might go out of doors like dogs and cats. My face reddened and I started sweating and weakly said I guessed I didn't have to go after all, and we returned to the campsite. We had some hot dogs and pop and pork and beans which only made things worse. At bedtime my age 15 friend said she was going to use the woods again and asked me to come along. This time because it was pitch dark I tried to go too, and I peed okay but that was all. I had to do a No 2 but just froze with embarrasment at the thought of it. At that point my friend said, to my complete mortification and embarrassment, to wait because she had to do a No. 2. NO WAY could I do THAT outside, with others present. Back in our tent and sleeping bag I was very uncomfortable all night and passed quite a bit of gas. In the morning I was just miserable, and snuck out through the woods to the place where a large pile of feces lay with my friends TP. In spite of my inexperience, instinctively I knew what to do, so I took down my pants and bent down. Just as poop was starting out, the brush parted and my friend came thru, smiled at me and said, Morning! I panic'd and tried to pull my pants up, and cover my privates, and I screamed, Please don't look at me!! I was so ashamed!! The result being, part of my poop broke off and went into my clothes. I felt so terrible! I started crying uncontrollably. My friend proceeded to find out what was wrong and comfort me. Through gasps and sobs I told her all. She helped me clean up. We buried my ruined panties, and returned to camp where she gave me a clean pair of hers and asked me to come with her for a walk. She asked her sister who wanted to come along, to please stay with Mom and Dad. We took a completely different trail. After some di stance we came to a fallen tree and she motioned to sit down. She was so sweet about everything. She said she was very sorry for not being more sensitive and she should have known I was unfamilair with outdoor habits, and been more considerate of explaining things and assuring my privacy. She very patiently explained that everyone poops, and not to be ashamed. She said that while it was private, it was not so private that it could not sometimes be shared among friends or people who were comfortable with each other. We talked for almost an hour and I told her about how hard it had been to adjust to all the changes in my life, and when talking about daddy passing away I started to cry again. She hugged me and held me until I stopped. I felt a lot better and we headed up the trail some more. Later in the day we stopped and she said she never did get to have her morning poop, and was going to have it now. She asked me to stay right there and talk some more while she went . This time she sat facing me and said, now first of all, I am completely relaxed because we are friends, and I am as compfortable with you here, as if by myself - first a little pee will come out -then because of the squat position, my shit (that is what she called it) drops -ugh- effortlessly out. (Which it did). She wiped herself and stood up and said, nothing to it, see? Her soothing voice and manner made me comfortable and very close to her. I needed to finish my interrupted BM and told her I would like to try now. I took down my pants and bent down, this time we talked about boys, and teachers, and schoolwork; and to my amazement I emptied out nicely without any embarassment. Well, maybe a little, but I was proud of my rather large 'poopie' that now laid on the ground and pointed it out to her. We laughed and went back to the campsite. From that time on I gradually have become okay with going to the bathroom with friends. Now I am 22 and have a boyfriend, and ev en am finally okay with pooping in his presence, whether it be on the toilet at home or outdoors like last week when we went on a day hike. I often wonder what life would be like for me now, if that time eight years ago, my good friend had ridiculed or teased me instead of being so kind and understanding. I often hear how cruel kids can be to each other during adolescent times and am so thankful it never happened to me. As for my little sister who now is 13, thank God she was young enough that the normal american bathoom customs became second-nature to her and her friends. -I have observed that they share bathroom-time the way all kids her age do.

Eric in Chicago
To the guy who talked about what he would do if there was a dead fly in the toilet: There's a (possibly apocryphal) story about a urinal manufacturer that offered a model with a tiny black ceramic sculpture of a fly attached to the middle. It sold really well because customers found that all the men would try their best to aim at it and hit it and therefore wouldn't get any pee on the floor.

Jim: that was cool how you and your friend peed in your soccer shorts.

Bryian: the shell of a soft-shell crab is made of a protein that resists digestion; it will soften up but not dissolve, so you can see it in your shit if you swallow big enough pieces. I also like seeing corn in my shit. Once when I was in high school I swallowed a few small rubber bands because I wanted to see them come out. The next day I squatted over a tinfoil pan in my bedroom and sure enough, the rubber bands were on the outside of my log.

There was a game some boys used to play where they'd close their eyes, grab a crayon out of the box and eat it, and then try to guess what color it was. They'd look at their shit the next day to see if they were right.

i we arae at the camp last week.And we are alone in the wood me and my on the next morning i feel a urge to poop,so i when to the shithouse i clean the seat and sit on the hole,and a releaf myself after i finish i clean my asshole with some paper lefton the roll after im donne i ear my gf comming and she said i need to poop bad so i raise my pant and let her site on the warm seat ,i just leftSo as soon she sit i ear a loud splash i look at her ,and she said wath a releaf ,the stink an smell star rightawayafter she get done i wipe her asshole and she said its fun to shit in the outside shithouse but we dont see oure jobie.So i lift all the benche and we are there in the hole we see oure poop my was dark brown long log and her was diarreha green cover almost of mine we can see the small vapore comme out becaus of the cold

Im new here,I'm 16 years old, have long blonde hair,stand at 5'8, and slim, and pretty with hazel eyes. And all the guys want me.
Yesterday was a really embarrising day for me. I came home after school and was lying on my bed for about half an hour watching TV. Then for some strange reason the inside of my ass started hurting and contracting. Then I felt my stomach rumbling big time. I was pretty sure it was diarrhea. Then my ass started hurting more. It felt like a sharp rock was up my asshole. So then about ten minutes later I decided to go to the hospital to get a checkup. It was a half block away from my house so I just walked there. As I was walking I felt my ass hurting again and opening and closing. I thought for sure I was gonna shit in my panties. Then I got to the hospital. I told them that my ass was hurting really bad and wanted to find out if I was sick or not. So some young lady escorted me to some small examination room. There she told me to take off my clothes to my underwear and wait for the nurse to come in. I sat down on the wheeled bed for about ten minutes and then the nurse o! pened the door and stepped in. While that time my stomach was rumbling again. And just to my luck it was some old ass ugly lady and she looked at me funny up and down cuz I think she was a lesbian or somethin. Then she told me to pull down my panties and lye stomach down on the bed. She went to a desk and got something that looked like a thermometer then said "I'll have to be taking your temperature rectally hon". I didn't know what to say and regretted coming here. Then from behind I heard the snap of latex gloves getting put on. Then she put her hands between my thighs and spread them wide apart to expose my anus. Then she spread my butt cheeks apart too and I felt a drop of some cold jelly substance contact my sensitive asshole. The nurse told me this was KY jelly for lubrication. I felt her gently probing my anus and spreading it all over. My stomach rumbled really badly again. Then as she put her face close to my ass and parted my butt cheeks with her two fingers to ins! ert the thermometer it happened. Liquid shit exploded out of my fully exposed anus and went all over her face. I was so embarrased I was speachless. She nawed in disgust and because of my accident she dropped the thermometer and since she was about to insert it, it fell into my ass cuz my asshole opened up really big when the diarrhea flew out and it went deep into my rectum. The nurse had to stick her fingers deep into my rectum to pull it out and it hurt and stung alot and just as she was pulling it out about five or six more squirts of diarrhea shot out on to her clothes and face again. And then a couple seconds later I sat up. I felt a litte more liquid crap
squirting out under my white bare butt as I sat there with the examination bed between my legs as if riding a horse or sitting on a motor bike. It was spreading my legs and butt cheeks fully apart and exposing my pink anus. I also started peeing a little out of my erect pussy. I couln't control the hershey's squirts and I surely knew I wouldn't make it to the toilet. And the nurse knew I wouldn't either. So she grabbed a bed pan and placed it on the hard floor. She told me to relieve my bowels in that. So I got up as fast as I could and ran to it trying to hold it in with my hand placed between my crack. Then when I got to it I embarrasingly squatted to the floor placing my ass over the pan. Watery diarrhea came rushing out of my ass and I could see the nurse was watching out of the corner of my eye with my back facing her. It was extremely stinging and burning inside my ass as it was coming out.I kinda wanted to cry. It felt like a huge quantity of sulfuric acid was pou! ring out of my rectum. I was also peeing a little as I was shitting out my guts. The pan was deep enough too hold large amounts like this. It seemed like twenty min. had gone bye when I was finally done. She gave me a roll of tp and I wiped my ass and then got up to my feet to get my panties and jeans back on. Inside the bed pan it looked like a huge amoung of greenish chocolate putting mixed with water. And I was still speachless and embarassed. And the ????? nurse probabaly enjoyed every minute of it. This was really disgusting when the nurse said she looked at my stool on the bed and found a 4 inch pinworm squirming around in it. And said thats probabaly what infected my bowels so badly. She also said if there's one theres probabaly more that could be invading my colon. She said this was really prone to happen again. This was prob. from food poisoning or bad school food or something I figured. Then a while later after the nurse got done examining and questioning me I lef! t the room and stepped out of the hospital wishing I had never come.
On my way home when I was about half way there while I was walking I felt that familiar pressure in my ass again. And thought to myself "aww shit not again." Then I started running home as fast as I could, and squeezing my butt cheeks together to hold it in. Or trying to at least with my butt muscles. Then as I was running I felt a cramp and then I felt my asshole open up again and let a shit load out into my panties.

I hope you all liked that story cuz I have even worse diarrhea and shitting stories yet to come. But for now have a good one.
Cya later.

James. Fybogel is perhaps the best available thing in the UK for keeping your bowels moving and bulking out your motions. I don't have it regularly but as an IBS sufferer I use it from time to time.

Joanne. I enjoyed your post about the enormous motions you and Paul did over the Jubilee weekend. Having been to a barbecue and eaten all the food you did it's not surprising that you both needed a good poo. I had a big one on Monday evening. It must have been a good 10-12 inches long and 2 inches thick and landed in the pan in a circle. I'd love to hear more about your experiences though.

Best wishes to everyone


Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, everyone,

I'm back after a few days away during which I was hot and sweating a lot in the recent fine weather and either due to being dehydrated, or compensating with more water than I needed; have been doing mostly bigger turds that have flopped rather than plopped in the toilet!
Fewer loud plops with turds floating instead of sinking, and one day in the public toilet after I'd finished, I heard one of the two or three young druggies complaining loudly about the stink!
One of the drawbacks about floating turds is the smell as they float there exposed to the air. Anyway, I really must avoid upsetting the drug-users with my stink or they might stop using the toilets and then the place will be overrun by guys thinking they can shit there whenever they want. (That's meant to be ironic.)

JAMES, You asked about the equivalent of Metamucil in the UK.
As far as I know, you can buy Fybogel in sachet form which contains mostly isphagula husk, and which should bulk up the stools.
I usually use Lepicol which is in a drum, and measured out as required.
This contains psyllium husk and does the same job.
Both should be taken with water, and the more water taken, the more effective, although I have often been constipated or had slow shits with a lot of effort probably due to having had insufficient water.
Since taking psyllium husks, whether it's taking a long time to shit a turd or not, my turds are always bigger than they used to be, and often VERY satisfying as I drop them! Good luck!

BRYIAN, Interested to read about your recent efforts on the toilet as you did a loud Kerplonk with lots of splashing! Great to know a guy who appreciates hearing other guys plopping like I do does some impressive turds! Did it soak your arse?

MICK, Your post about your friend who does a lot of loud grunting on the toilet and then drops a loud plop was great to read!
Do you often get the chance to hear him? Do either of you mention his efforts on the toilet? I wonder if when a guy's sitting on the toilet with his thighs apart, it increases the sound of his turd dropping with his legs not muffling the sound as much.

One place I stayed at recently had a bathroom where the toilet was immediately next to the wall by the door, so as near to the door as would be possible. Obviously that would be excellent for anyone listening outside the door, but I suppose the best way to improve the acoustics of a toilet is to minimise any soft furnishings.
When cleaning the bathroom at home I've noticed the diference when having removed things that otherwise absorb sounds.
A bathroom with no carpet, curtains, or too many towels, and which has hard surfaces on the walls will be ideal.
Anyone keen to improve things for enjoying listening to others, assess your toilet/bathroom furnishings!

Happy toileting, P. Plop Guy

MCT (London)
James : I believe Metamucil is available here. It used to be in chemists, but I am not sure about recently. I had to enquire about this a couple of months ago when my mother-in-law from the states was coming to visit us. She takes Metamucil and she wanted to know whether they had it here. I asked several chemists and they said that it wasn't as widley known as it used to be. Recommended equivalants in the UK are Fibregel and Regulan.

Robby, Annie, and Meghan
Hi Fellow Toidyteers!
Sorry for the absence but we all have been dreadfully busy. Sarah is in the Houston area talking to several law firms. We have a lake story. We were on the boat. Annie and I were fishing and the girls were helping themselves to the food,LOL! I had an urge to wee so I unzipped, pulled out the ole willie and let fly over the side. The girls naturally turned away. Annie saw me and dropped her shorts. She pushed her bits out and let her wee fly. We had a contest to see who could wee the farthest. It was touch and go but I won out by a foot, I guess. The girls were finding a way to not know us! They are comfortable at home with our weeing, etc. but out in public they go red and retreat. I asked Annie what my reward was and she poured a bucket of water on me. We had a good time. Happy Toidying to all!!

*** (Annie)- for the person who asked how a female can wee when she has no penis just thrust out the female bits, aim, and fire away. We have several ladies on this forum who wee standing up, including me.
*** KENDAL, LAWNDOGS KID, and ELLEN: Hi there! KENDAL, my that was a HUGE, CULLOMPTED POO you took!!!! We all laughed when we read your account. We could imagine the house rocking with your trump and poo! ELLEN, we hope your Father didn't tell you off too much. I guess it was a little embarrassing for them. ANDREW, we all hope you did well on your exams!! We look forward to stories from home and the Lakes if you travel that way. Please keep in touch. Lots of Lovexxx and hugs from Uncle Robby, Aunty Annie, Meghan (and Sarah).
***DAMSEL: Thank you for you note. We are glad you are opening up and have a nice lad for a boyfriend now. Lovexxx from Robby, Annie, Meghan (and Sarah)
*** RIZZO: Hi, dear friend! Your friend Fred had what my Alan had for awhile. He always got sick on the boat. He overcame it, though. Also, we loved your story of the desperation wee. Robby- I have been caught on a street and had to look fast for a play to water. That is not a good experience. Take care and Lots of Lovexx from Robby, Annie, Meghan (and Sarah)
*** CARMALITA: OLA!! Oh, my dear, Patsy must have rivaled the dumps you have. That was a wonderful story. We are glad you and yours are ok. We love you!! Robby, Annie, Meghan (and Sarah)

WE LOVE AND HOPE TO HEAR FROM: Ina-where are you? hope you are ok, Eleanor- hi, Kimmie and Scott, Tim and Sarah- hope you are ok, Todd and Diana, Steve and Louise-Here comes the bride,smile!, Adele, Jane and Gary, PV- how are things in Aus?, LindaGS-how is South Texas?, Jeff A-hope everything is ok. Ellie and Little Lou-where are you?
HI TO: Adrian, Diva, Mere, and all of the other posters here!


CARMELITA: Hello sweet dear! Nice to see you are back on the site. I missed you!!! I am sorry you got so upset about somebody imitating you. I can understand you very well. I am so glad you decided to stay with us. What would I do without your wonderful stories and words...I was suprised as well to read that comment, as I thought it was strange you were indicating to be sick without telling exactly what was wrong. Glad it all got solved. I miss Rich and Kathy as well. The other day I had a poop in the woods and I thought about you and also about Rjoggerís great stories. I went for a run after work and although I had already pooped at lunch time I felt a slight need for a poop and a stong urge to pee. So for a change I squatted to pee behind some bushes and while I was at it I let some soft, short turds escape as well. I was really enjoying myself watching my stream hitting the ground and unloading. I felt at one with nature and even liked the poop smell that mildley started ! to mix with the smells of the forest. Suddenly I heard voices and a whole group of people passed about fifty feet away from me. I panic, whiped as quick as I could, pulled up, jumped up and cover my poo with loose earth with my foot. I donít know if they noticed me, but it put a sudden end to my otherwise nice squat in the I had to stop again a bit later to try for a better clean as my hole was itching a bit. Brrr.
Thank you for all your care. As I already said to Louise the mammogram turned out to be nothing bad, which was a great relief. I did not mean to worry anybody unneccessarily, I was just scared myself . I hope you are all wonderful and send my love to and lots and lots of hugs to you, my dear Latina babe! XOXOIna

ROBBIE AND ANNIE: Hi dears! Nice to see you seem to be back for at least a tiny while from your numerous travels. How are you doing? I think often about you. The other day I heard about a theatre play where the actors actually pee on stage. Could you do that, Robby? I could not. Just a thougt that interested me. I loved to hear about your piss on the patio. It sounded great. Are you feeling comfortable with your travelmate now, Annie? Do you use it in everyday situations or, as the name indicates, on travels? So you imagine me peeing in the woods here? Well, you are not far off, as a matter of fact. Last weekend I went to a BBQ in the park. I drank quite a bit of beer with lemonade, but did not need to pee for a long time which suprised me, as it usually makes me go quite quickly. When it got dark already I wandered a bit off from our group and found a nice spot at some bushes. I put my mate into place and started peeing an endless strong stream into the bushes. I stil! l feels strange to stand there like a guy and piss a stream forward onto the plants, but itís so comfortable and pleasurable to wee like that. I canít help feeling like I donít behave right though, although itís so much nicer and better. My flatmate had nettleburns on her legs and mosquito bites on her bum cause she obvouisly crawled into the bushes for her pee somewhere. I still donít dare to show her the better way, as I expect her to react strange. I always wanted to be able to pee standing and now I can do it I feel funny about it. What do you think? Anyway it was a long and good pee I had that night. So much love and hugs to all of you, especially to sweet SARAH AND MEGHAN. LoveXXXX from Ina

Love to LOUISE AND STEVE (speak to you soon hopefully. Very good luck for now!!!), TIM AND SARAH, RIZZO and all the others. I wanted to write many more replies or comments, but I am sooo tired I have to go now. Hope everybody is fine. I try tp post again at the WE.

RICHARD: Nice you are back! Did you have some nice wees while on the road? Or saw some. I am looking forward to hear from you again. Love from Ina

BRYAN: Hi! Did you not say you also found another site, the one where JEFF A. was also posting? Would you mind telling me if he is still posting there, or anybody else who knows? I think some of us might be a bit worried, where he is. Thanks!

PV: Hi dear! I often think about you as well. Especially when I see something about the topic on TV, as you like reporting about it. I tell you some things I have seen in my next post. Take good care and feel embraced and thought about by me. Lovexx from Ina.

Hello everybody!

Well I have been taking it easy today. I was just outside on the patio drinking my orange juice and I needed a wee so this is what I did 5 minutes ago. I took off my black tank top and the black bikini thong I had on so I was nude.
I have got a mirror and I have got it set up so I can watch myself. I am squatting in the middle of the lawn and I am thinking about my virtual audience. Are you ready to see this guys? Well I let rip and about a second later whoosh! I am doing a big gusher. It is a big inch wide twisty ribbon of yellow wee, Rizzo. Are you looking? giggle You are a bad man. SSSSSS .... SSSSSSS Can you hear the hissing too? It is quite a big wee, this one. My legs are open wide so you can all see it. Do you like what you see? Oh look it is slowing down now and it is a bit of a messy wee this because it is dribbling out all over my bum. Tut. It is a trickle and a dribble now. Trickle trickle trickle trickle. Dribble drip drip drip. I am finished. Just wiggling my bum to shake the drips off my pussy. I can see where the grass is wet now from my wee. I am getting up now and I am going indoors to get something to wipe myself with.
Well my letter is short but I hope you like it.



Friday, June 07, 2002

Hi all fellow poopsters.First time poster her although have been lurking for quite some time now.Well let's say I've been pretty much in the closet when it came to this fetish of enjoying female BMs over the past years.firstly, as i appreciate when the ladies of this forum describe themselves i think i'll return the same gesture.I'm 24 from England and about 170lbs 5ft11 and i have quite a number of stories to convey to this forum about experiences had and i'll start with this one:One day on my way to work i actually caught my train a bit early and arrived there 15 mins before i should have.I entered the office to find that Gloria who was an attractive black lady hadn't finished at her desk yet and was still finalising a few paper work.This woman was so elegant not to mention good looking and although i had the hots for her i never approached her as she already knew my gfriend so that was a no-no.She was getting ready to log out on her computer, when i made my way towards h! er direction in need to send out a fax,which was located right behind her desk.Upon appproaching the fax machine i noticed a faint smell ,which was quite sharp yet musky at the same time ,almost of faint eggy like composition and immediately thought "YES,she had finally farted ,which is something i've always wanted to experience around her.I didn't hear anything but it was quite obvious she was the culprit as there wasn't anyone else within the vaccinity at the time and we were alone,so i made out the fax machine was broken and started fidgetting around it,inhaling every scent of her gas.I tell you the effect it had on me was quite powerful as this woman was very attractive and also had a good body-lets say she was medium build around 5ft 8 and long black hair which she held in a noose.She also had quite a voluptuous behind which is something i consider my weakness in women,as my gfriend would testify and had a luscious beauty in the facial department as well.This fetish onl! y comes into effect with women i don't know or have just met.Although my gfriend is very attractive,for some reason the desire to watch her do a BM or have her fart around me doesn't really turn me on.Does anyone know why this is?I'm sure if i had just met my gfriend,that's probably what would turn me on the most,as she's very pretty,nice big round arse and she's medium build which are the type of women i usually go for anyway.OK,continuing this story, i sensed Gloria was uneasy with me being around and her face turned an almost pinkish colour which only went as far as to condemn her guilt (as far as i was concerned)and she then took her bag,and said she'd see me the next day.I waited to see which direction she'd take and my feelings were correct.She headed for the disabled toilets which in our establishment was by far the cleanest and Gloria was always adamant on utilising clean toilets.I then took a stroll to the drink machines which you had to pass the disabled toilets to! access and turned the handle to make sure she was in there.I had to make sure as i didn't want to hang around the hallway waiting,or it mau seem strange somehow.I also took a look outside to see she wasn't at the bus stop(which was right outside our office and she always used this bus stop to go home.)Once i was satisfied,i went back to my desk and waited.Now from my desk it's easy to know when someone has just vacated the disabled and i knew this.My mind was racing and heart was beating.I knew she had to tkae a shit and was quite excited about this fact.She already let off some silent stinkers which even now still faintly lingered. It must have been the luch as she's an avid Burger king devotee,with about 3 other ladies who work with us,although they have been known to produce some serious bmS I hadn't yet experienced Gloria's yet,so i guessed getting to work early was a blessing in disguise.She must have been in there for 25 mins which only sealed any doubt in my mind w! hat she was doing.I tried to do some work but couldn't concentrate,and would have loved to even be able to hear,but this wasn't possible anyway as people walked past the area quite regularly,so it way too risky.No on this occasion i'd have to be satisfied with the smell she leaves behind which is actually the biggest turn-on in my case.The thought of a beautiful woman producing such a smell which is naturak by all means has an effect like no other,so when i heard the handles turning, my heart immediately skipped a beat and i waited outside my office door pretending to be on the mobile phone.(we couldn't talk in the office,and from where i was she couldn't see me but i could see the pair of shoes of whomever came out.I HAD to make sure it was her who walked out,so i wasn't inhaling some strange person's BMs instead.My face lit up when it was the sight of her black high heeled shoe so i made my way not too quickly into the direction of the toilet,allowing her enough time to va! cate the double-doors which led to the outside of the building.Iwent in very quickly and locked the door after me.Heaven must have come to earth i thought to myself.I was surrounded by an odour which surprised even me.The smell was so strong, i questioned whether if it was her who'd produced it,but i already knew it was so i just inhaled and felt the urge to pee which i approached the toilet and at the bottom of the toilet bowl was a dark brown streak.i just gazed and thought WOW.I finished peeing,zipped up and flushed ,this time the streak had gone as a result of my pissing on it. I waited for around 3 minutes before i left.Afterwards on my desk i thought about what happened and just smiled to myself hoping that one day it'd happen again.Or maybe i should arrive at work early more often.
I have afew stories about myself and gfriend and if anyone wants to know please say so.ok work to do now and happy defecating all!!

Punk Rock Girl
ELENA-- Have you shared your cheerleader accident story with the forum yet? If not, would you consider doing so? So, were you nice to your fellow students? Like I said, I'm sure many cheerleaders out there are cool people (another cousin of mine is a cheerleader, and I know for a fact that she's nice), but my experiences with them were never very pleasant. Maybe I wouldn't pay $100 to see one of them shitting themselves. Maybe only $50.

Last night my boyfriend came over while I was in the middle of taking a shit. He has a key, but left it at his place. He rang the bell over and over again until finally I jumped up without wiping my ass and let him in. He asked me why my pants weren't pulled all the way up and I told him I was in the middle of a dump (we have no secrets from each other). I went back in the bathroom, sat down and shat out a good deal more. I wiped, flushed and washed my hands. Then we had dinner together. I'm really glad that I'm relatively comfortable with my bowel functions around him. We both have really small apartments and that makes privacy pretty difficult. I can hear him when he shits, so I'm sure he can hear me. I think that we'll be together forever. When you find someone you can shit in front of, you know you've got someone special.



movie fan
just saw enough wth jennifer lopez and its got a scene with her on the toilet. it doesn't show much but she des pee for a few seconds. please list other movies with women on the toilet especially if they are shitting.

Does anyone have any stories about famous female celebrities going poo?

Anonymous movie guy
Today was a normal day until i started playing computer. i was sitting there reading some thing when i leaned forward and a squirt of shit shot into my underwear. I got up and went to the bathroom and let loose a bunch of runny mucus like shit. needless to say i felt BETTER. Happy pooping to everybody!

HEY,i really like to hear about girls farting alot while they are takeing a real big shit could you help me out with this ladies?
Thanks alot! a 15 yo with a bald head i just recently shaved


long time since last post, I was out of country...
hey, i've the most awful experience, I'm constipated!!! since like 10 years ago, i never was, more the contrary...

anyway, I went to the herbal shop and I got this stuff, magnesium carbonate, it's like a white flour... i had the dose the herbal girl told me, and she assured me that the thing does not damage your bowel cultives or cause dependence, just "flushes you out" without diarrhea...

i'm still waiting... anyway, do you in list know what I can expect?? will it be really smooth and painless???


Hey does anyone know how women stand and pee since they don't have a penis?

Buna, I am from Romania and love the site. I will post some stories soon!

Congrats on going vegan! You should see a dramatic change in your poop from a meat or even milk diet.

On the frequency of your poops, humans are supposed to poop 1 4 inch poop 3 times a day. That is what is considered "healthy". So don't worry if you are pooping once a day it is fine. Most people on a meat based diet might poop once every two, three, or even five days which is basically a constant state of constipation. All that food you eat has to go somewhere, and if it's not coming out yer bum it's collecting on the inside of your colon.

Just make sure to include your fiber even switching to wheat bread from "white") and you'll be fine.

Butt Wiper
I am interested in all the postings about how people wipe. I was especially intrigued by the person who said they re-use the same section of tp multiple times. I do this also. You wipe and you have poo on the paper and then you keep wiping with the same paper. It feels like your rubbing the poo back on your ass but it actually is coming off. Feels pretty neat too. You get just as clean but with a lot less paper. Does anyone else do this?

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