Hola mis amigos!

Thank you Meredith and Robby for your support! Hopefully people will know my writing style, and that wasn't it.

MODERATOR: Thank you for deleting that imitator's post and for looking out for me.
MEREDITH: Yeah, girl shit power! Right on. Ooh baby, that was a nice big one you took! I'll bet it was beautiful, just like you sitting there doing your homework. Poor honey, the fire alarm goes off. I've also never had that happen before either.
ROBBY: I'm not gonna leave you hon! You're one of my favorite people and I love talking with you.
JANE: Cool stories hon! I would have loved to have been there to smell that "horse shitting"! I like girl smells and girl poop (unless it's really horrible of course). I really loved the second story though. Your husband Gary sounds like a babe. What a good guy rubbing your ???? for you. Isn't it nice to have someone do that? I always look forward to your stories Jane, you always make me feel so good. Love you.

Catch up time, since it's been so long: Renee actually did one of those big poops with the horrible smell. She really looked gorgeous too! She was sitting there with her legs spread wide, elbows on her knees grunting and pushing, her head down with long blonde tresses hanging down. Her hair is growing back out and I love it. I'd mentioned before that Renee bears a very strong resemblance to Gwyneth Paltrow, so she had her hair cut short like hers, but now it's getting long again.
Patsy took a shit so big it clogged. She was too embarrassed for me to come in and help her out, so I started teasing her outside the door by saying things like "How big is it hon?" "Is it a boy or a girl?" finally, I could hear her in there giggling, then lighting matches to mask the smell. She couldn't do it, so I was finally allowed to go in, since I'm the master at plunging. Jeeeeez what a turd!!! I couldn't begin to describe its size, only to say that it was a monster!
Nu showed us some nude photos she'd had taken a few years ago.Very beautiful. Her eyes, my God! She is such a beautiful girl. She's like an asian goddess. It's hard to believe that I get to watch that beauty take super shits!
Let's see, Angie and Tesa. They've been going through some tough times together. There's been some arguing and Tesa moved out. I think they're on the mend though. Peace negotiations have been underway.
As for me, school and homework has been keeping me very busy. So much reading!!! However, last night at the community center I had to take a monster poop. I was wearing a yellow T top and white capris and white platform Skechers which give me another 2" of height. At the time I was the only one in the restroom. I came in, pulled down my pants and my white hi cut panties and snuggled my little brown bottom on the seat for some serious pooping. I did a nice, juicy pee first, long, wet and yellow. I was sitting more upright when I peed, then leaned forward quite a bit for the pooping. It only took a few seconds before my brown hole opened and crap started squeezing out slowly, plopping into the toilet with lots of noise and smell. They were big chunks too. "Plop...ploop...K-pluuump.." I still had a good two pounds left in me too. I squeezed, pinched, grunted and strained and pushed out a series of fat, chunky turds. There were little bits of corn floating in the water that ! I could see from the view of my somewhat spread legs. Then it came. That signature Carmalita smell. Poopy and stinky! I felt that I'd shitted out a lot of turds, so I stood up to check how full the toilet was before continuing. As I stood, another hunk fell out of my ass and plopped so hard it splashed my thighs. There was a nice pile, so I flushed it. After the sucking sound dissipated, I heard two teenage latinas come in. They were speaking in Spanish, one talking about how bad she had to shit and how she'd been holding during the english class. From the next stall, I could hear her, the rustling of jeans, snapping panties, farting and plopping with heavy, audible "rrrnnn's" in between each plop. She was right, she had to take a big one. Meanwhile, I'm still sitting as a nice, juicy turd slides out of my ass, long and snakelike. I moaned some ecstasy because it just felt so damn good. After I finished I scrubbed my ass, got the mud out, then went to the sink to wash up. On! e girl was fiddling with her hair, and the other one came out of the stall, fanning the air and laughing. Damn she was cute! She had nice boobies held up in a push-up bra and a snug lace top that showed some flat brown belly. Her hair was long and hung down in nice coils of black rope, and she was very pretty. We smiled at each other, knowing we'd taken a serious shit..
When I got home, I told Jake all about it and he got real excited. He wanted me to tell it again, and I put my hands on my hips in defiance and said "Which part?! The one about me, or the other girl?!" "Both! And don't leave anything out." he answered. I just love him!
As a P.S., they've put doors on the stalls there now, so there's no more peeking at people the big mirrors anymore.
Let's see, what else...Nu's still staying with us, it's no hassle. We're a big family anyway. Baby Malita looks just like her daddy now. Jake's been working out a lot, and his body is superfine!!! Patsy let her hair grow out so it's long and shiny with bangs. She looks like a supermodel. Black and beautiful. It's early in the morning here, a work day and I heard Patsy go into the bathroom a few minutes ago. Everything is so quiet here I can hear her turds plopping and her grunting, even through a closed door. She sure poops big ones and just like me, she does a nice big one first thing in the morning. Oh well, I love you all mis amigos!
Special holas to: Steve and Louise (good luck!), Rizzo, Meghan and Sarah S., Jeff A., Honey PV, Duke (hi hon!, Ina and all my special amigos. I still get a lump in my throat thinking of Rich and Kathy smiling down at us from Heaven.


Infantry PFC
About three years back I was living at my best friends house for the summer while there was construction being done on my house. When football season started that summer, he or his stepmom would give me a ride to our double sessions of practice. His step mom was a 29 year old brunette that was a somewhat attractive woman. One morning I was eating at the table when she came back from dropping his father off at work, she ran in the house and straight into the bathroom(which was behind where I was sitting at the table) She didn't even see me so she didn't close the door. I heard a few farts and one large plop. It wasn't long after that she flushed. She came out, and saw me so she closed the door. I had to get ready for practice (which meant brushing my teeth)on my scale the stink was about a 3or a 4 but the turd was still in the toilet. It was also a bit yellow. I didn't say anything when she gave me a ride to work but after that there were many more pooping encounters, which c! ame beacme harder to see when the move to a house down south with 3 bathrooms in it, but I'll save those for another day...

PV: If I recall correctly you recently mentioned ads on Aust TV with men weeing in them. I've spotted a couple more, the first is for Virgin Airlines and it shows a middle aged business man weeing at a urinal. You can sort of hear the wee and then his phone rings. A man, who is Virgin Airline staff, gets the phone and answers for him, the gist of the ad being the staff will 'go that extra mile'.

The second example was in an ad for the Playstation 2 game 'Virtua Fighter 4' which is a strange ad where this guy is completely focused and looking forward as people try and get his attention. One shot shows him at the urinal (wee visible) and another guy pushes him forward. I found it quite amusing.

But I ask, when will we see ad's with reference to woman going to the toilet? It seems it is more acceptable to show a man going, even sitting on the toilet yet I've seen barely any ad's showing women on the loo.

NYC Dude
Greetings! I have been reading this site for several months now. I am a 42 year old male and I knew there had to be a few other guys in the world who were turned on by women shitting but I had no idea that there were so many. Also, I always fantasized that women took some big long turds but I never dreamed of the monsters I have read about here. I have been fascinated by this since I was a young boy - 3 or 4 years old and I often wonder how this starts - a childhood experience or something?
Growing up, my bedroom was off the kitchen next to the only bathroom on the ground floor in my house. When I was around 15 or so, I drilled a tiny peep hole in the adjoining door about a foot off the floor through which I had a good view of the toilet. I was the only boy with two older sisters and two younger sisters. My older sisters friends were all good looking or maybe at that age they all just looked good to me. I saw many pees and dumps in those days. When I first drilled the hole I had waited days for my first victim. Early one morning I was laying in bed half asleep and I could hear my sister who was about 18 at the time on the phone. I heard her say ďI have to go to the bathroom Ė I canít stand it anymore.Ē I jumped out of bed and got into position [laying on the floor]. As she sat down I marveled at how shapely her ass was sitting on the bowl. She sat nearly motionless and I heard no sounds so I imagine it was a nice, smooth, long one that made no sp! lash. There was a pretty ripe smell coming under the door. After only a minute or two, she pulled her feet back and arched her back for a few quick wipes, finished up and flushed. My first real view Ė I was trembling with excitement. More stories to come later.

BTW- Whatever happened to Kim [& Scott]? Her posts were some of my favorites along with Ring Stretcher, Carmalita, Jane, Alana, Meredith and Amy [coed]. Also, I have always been struck by the down-to-earthness of many people here.

Anyway, gotta go-

hi, this day last week sucked. we were on a vacation trip to disney world and we drove there, we were going to the disney park when the car broke down, we were in the middle of nowhere on this road and there were no buildings or trees, just dirt. we started walking to try to get some help. we walked for ever and i had to poop and pee. there was no place to go so i held it. my mom finaly got sombody to pull over and they gave us a ride to this gas station but on the way i blew up, peed my pant real bad and got the seat soaked, my mom didnt see it cause she was int he front seat. my poop was coming to and i couldny stop it. we got to the station and i got out. the poop just gushed into my pants. my mom thanked the lady and she drove away, and my mom saw my pants and yelled at me, she came over and swatted my but real hard and the poop gushed even more. she didnt know i pooped. we went inside and she told me to go and finish peeing, but i didnt have to go anymore. so i went in ! and tried to clean the poop up, i got poop all over my hands and on my clothes, it was so messy, i couldnt clean it, i needed a bath. i washed my hands and came out, mom smelled the poop and got even madder, i told her if the car didnt break down then i would have made it. we got a tow truck and got our car. mom got a rental and we went back to the motel. i got a bath and cleaned up. we left to go back to the park, my friend and his family were already there waiting for us. we went on tons of rides. we went on the movie ones to, like back to the future. i got scared on one of them and peed a little, i had to go anyway. i had on soccer shorts though so no one noticed. my friend had soccer shorts to. when we were walking around i asked him if he peed yet, he said he went in his undys a little. i said me to. i dared him to go all the way while we were walking. he said ok. we were walking by lots of people and he started gushing. it was running down his legs and in his shoes. so! me people saw him going and asked if we needed help, i said no he will be ok. then my friend said you do it. we walked some more, i waited till there werent any people around and then i let it go. i looked down and it was gushing all over, big puddle on the ground, i was still dripping when some lady walked by and she said oh poor baby had an accident, let go to the toilet, i said no im ok. we ran away from her. i looked at my shorts and you couldnt even tell they were wet, it was cool. well thats my trip. by

Lori Girl
Hi everybody! I finally made it back. Iím so sorry for not posting again earlier, but I had an emergency situation happen in my family and I had to leave town for a little while. THEN, I got this awful, terrible...mystery sickness...thatís going around. Some kind of flu I think, but oh, is it horridÖit takes soooo long to recover from, and all during the course of it, it had me so unbelievably sick to my stomach day and night. I wonít go into that because itís just toooooo nasty. I really mean it!

Anyway I want to thank everyone who liked the story I told earlier about poor constipated Sujin. :-) Someone hoped I would have more to tell about herÖI wish I could! But I unfortunately was only at that conference for one day and I donít know anything about that young woman, other than that she really needs to get some more fiber in her diet!! I absolutely love public bathroom sories though, so Iíll at least have some more like that to tell soon I would imagine! I go shopping at the mall almost every weekend and I always make a point out of using a restroom somewhere each timeÖIíve seen and heard some pretty cool stuff. :-) Cool for this forum anyway!! Oh, and in case anybody was wondering why I call myself "Lori Girl..."well its just a silly nickname my friends in junior high gave me; I guess it stuck!!

Infantry PFC: You mentioned you like it when a girl farts while sheís pooping. That made me smile! Cause I am sure youd love being around me when Iíve got to go. I almost always fart when I begin to poop. I get gas from a lot of different foodsÖI think it helps blast my poop out of my ass half the time. ^_^ Yea it always makes the bathroom smell terrible but I donít mind my own smell that much! Uggh that reminds me one day at work when I had such bad gas cramps, I had to go to the bathroom for a minute and just fart. Or my bowels were gonna explode!! At least I felt better after that.

Wapiya, thank you so much for your help about the questions I asked, namely why I had so much mucous in my poop that day. I didnít know what caused it but now I understand...also I sometimes think youíre right, maybe I do have a touch of IBS. It seems to come and goÖitís never consistent that I have diarrhea, like alaways after eating the same kind of food or whatever...some days I just have it. Actually I agree with you, I would much rather have loose bowels than be constipated. I am never constipated and I am thankful for that! After all I did not envy Sujin that day at the conference!!

Okay, I told you last time I would finish my story about what happened to me on the evening of the conference, when I was really REALLY sick. Just thinking about it makes me wince!! I finally got home that day feeling really tired and run-down...and needing to poop again. I dropped my purse on the counter, kicked off my shoes, and went directly to the bathroom. At least it wasnít so runny and messy this time, but my poop was very soft and my stomach ached a lot as I sat there passing my bowels with my thong around my knees. After I finished I wiped myself and then decided to take a shower; I felt so dirty at that point after the days worth of stomach trouble.

By now I was really tired of wearing a tight thong so after my shower I put on my favorite pair of bikinis. Like any girl I have a favorite pair of panties (several actually) that I wear when Iím sick and when itís "that time of the month" favorites are a pair of big, soft cotton bikinis with tropical fruits printed all over them. :-) Yea I knowÖfunny huh!! Anyway I decided to wear those, and they felt so much better especially to my sore ass. I relaxed for a while and ate some dinner. I donít remember what I hadÖa bowl of noodles and toast, I thinkÖbut it really made me sick again!

Not long after eating, I HAD to go to the bathroom again. It was very sudden, too. I was sitting in front of my TV when I suddenly started to feel strange, then a stomach cramp came on really hard, so hard tears came to my eyes. Oh no...not this again! I was thinking. I got up and stumbled toward the bathroom, with my bowels burningÖI had to make sure I didnít spread my legs too far so it was slow goingÖand AGONIZING! Finally I made it. I unbuckled my belt, threw my denim shorts to the floor and raised the toilet lid. I turned my ass, bent over as I grabbed my panty...but as I began to lower my hips, a hot gush of diarrhea lava burst out of my tush and began filling my favorite bikinis!!

I froze in shock and in misery as I totally shit myself. As I began to feel warm liquid running down my thighs, I quickly sat my butt down on the seat (with my panties still on) and let my bowels go. Slluurrrpbbbbpbppp...diarrhea juice gushed into my underwear until it began to ooze around the sides and drop into the toilet. By now I was totally upset and crying because I havenít had an accident like this in years, and it was horrible. Plus these were my favorite panties!

I sat there for awhile in misery and really just made a mess of myself, farting and dropping more diarrhea mush every few minutes. Eventually, as my cramps began to clear up, I realized I was gonna have to take off my panty somehow and clean up! I really wanted to try to save them because theyíre my favorite...well, it was really hard, and I ended up making a mess all over everything, but I managed to get them off, dump most of the wet poop in the toilet and flush. Then I threw the panties in the wastebasket just for the time because, cause I couldnt think of anywhere else to put them!

My tush was totally I mean TOTALLY smeared and smudged with diarrhea. I took the toilet paper completely off the rack and unrolled huge handfuls of it...I had to flush every two wipes because I was using so much paper. My diarrhea was all mucousy again and it took forever to wipe because I was so covered with goo. Finally I was done...and although the smell was horrid, I had to get in the shower again and wash myself a second time.

At least I felt better for the rest of the nightÖthat was really the worst of my bout of sickness, and I hadnít been that ill since. I DID spend about an hour trying to clean my favorite fruit-printed panty but I eventually had to throw them away, they smelled TOO horrible and were stained too badly, even after a run through the washer. I was really sad to have to do that, but at least I have other pairs. Although next time I will be much more careful!! :-)

Thatís all for my story this time. Iím going to the mall this weekend again and hopefully I will have some neat bathroom experiences to tell all of you. Actually, I DO know of one pretty memorable story I can tell. One time I was at the mall...kind of a long time ago and there was a girl in the bathroom with me who was all kinds of sick, I bet you guys would like that story wouldn't you??? I saw her when she came out and she was very pretty and Hispanic, kind of like our own Carmalita! Who I want to say a great big "Hola!" to BTW!! Carmalita I donít think Iíve posted since you came back, but Iím new in town... ^_^ My nameís Lori, and I wanna say I love youíre stories; Iíve read soooo many of them from the old posts and think you are great. And all your friends sound so cool too! I wish you could have been around the day the little Hispanic girl was sharing the public bathroom at the mall with me because she moaned a lot of stuff to herself in Spanish and I sadl! y dont know any Espanol at all. :-) I need to get with it I guess!!

Okay thatís it for me this time. Oh wow, I always write too much I think. Peace all and please be well! Post again soon!!


Russell S. (AR)

This will be my third and final posting for a little while. It involves an accidental diahrrea incident I had in 1999.

As I was driving to Six Flags Over Texas on 07/03/99, and while on a weekend visit to my hometown of Tyler, I had a sudden diahrrea accident in my drawers. It happened as I was making my way through Canton, 45 minutes west of Tyler, at the same time I sneezed. At first, I thought I was just going to pass gas; however, I found out the truth after I sneezed. As soon as it happened, I shouted "OH, SHIT!!", but I could not find a decent service station in Canton. I started to think about turning around and returning to Tyler, but I was afraid that I would miss out on my visit to Six Flags Over Texas.

After driving out onto I-20, which is the primary route between Tyler and Dallas/Ft. Worth, I came upon a rest area and stopped for a cleanup break. I did the best I could to clean up my soiled briefs and jeans, but I knew I was going to be uncomfortable as I walked around the park. Fortunately, nobody seemed to notice my soiled jeans while I was there. Before arriving at Six Flags, I made a visit to Dallas Love Field, the headquarters for Southwest Airlines. You see, I am into commercial aviation and airliners. I stayed out at Love Field for about one hour, before heading on out to Six Flags, and I made further efforts to clean myself up even more.

Although I had a blast at Six Flags, since that was the first time I had been there in 19 years, I still kept a close monitor on my ability to control my bodily functions. As I had said before, nobody seemed to notice my soiled bluejeans, thank the Lord. I was even able to take several rides aboard my most favorite roller coaster, the SHOCK WAVE. I used to like riding the Texas Giant, but it makes me feel as if I had been clobbered. Besides, the Shock Wave pulls more G-forces, up to 5.9 when a rider passes through the double-loop section. For each of you roller coaster fans, I strongly reccommend that you try the Shock Wave, as well as the Titan, if you enjoy 'pulling the Gs'. In fact, those Gs just might help you constipated folks deliver your most difficult BMs. How about that, folks?!

By the way, in case any of you are wondering what 'AR' stands for, it is the abbreviation for the State of Arkansas. You see, I am a current resident of this state, though I do not wish to give my exact location. Besides, folks, I am NOT a fan of former President Bill Clinton. No, I will not go into details about why, but I am glad that he is no longer living in the White House. If you are uncomfortable with this, then that is just tough! I have always been a fan of President George Bush, and his father before him, for good reason. He will help all of us get through this global war on terrorism. He is also a Christian.

Well, folks, that is all for now--that is, until I have another story to tell each of you. As always, everyone take good care, and keep the posts coming. I enjoy most of them.

Best Regards,

Russell S. (AR)

Hey. This is my first post on here so here's a little bit about me. I'm 61 years old, about 6 feet, and I have gray hair. I am married also. A few months ago me and my friend David were working out at the gym. As I was doing squats I bent down and I felt a sharp pain in my butt as I let out a massive diarrhea fart. I got up and set the weights back and excused myself to the restroom. I never had to go until now. Anyway I went into the locker room toilets. There were five stalls and three of them were taken, but the farthest one was open so I had a little more privacy although quite a few people were in there. I went in and locked the door. I dropped my shorts and briefs down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I let out loud farts followed by lumpy drops. It was all watery. The two guys farthest from me left their stalls, and there was someone next to me still in there. He seemed to have the runs too. I could hear it. I let out diarrhea and sat there for 15 minutes. The guy ! next to me left and David came in. He asked me if I was ok. I said yes and he stood in front of the stall waiting for me to finish so we could leave. I then realized why no one used that stall. There was no toilet paper. It was used and scattered with garbage all over the floor of my stall. I asked David to get me toilet paper from another stall. He did and instead of throwing it over the door, he knocked the door open and handed it to me. I said nothing, but I was embarassed. I didn't want my friend seeing me on a toilet with my privates hanging out, my fat butt bare on a seat, and my underwear visible at my feet. I wiped, flushed and got out and washed. I was in there for a half hour. That was the most embarassing toilet scene I was in. I'll try to post another one.

Does anyone here know if Metamucil is available the UK? If it's not, what is its nearest UK equivalent, and is it as effective as Metamucil when taken with the aim of increasing the bulk of your shit?

To Uncle Allen: I liked your story..had a funny ending about why the guy was lingering in the bathroom. I wouldn't have said any thing to him. Maybe someone opened the door for him then walked out.

To Steve in Nebraska: Im a male..hope that doesn't bother you. I know i get the urges on the net sometimes...sometimes im at work when it happenens. I guess when i get an urge online its cause im talking to others intrested in pooping.

To Bry: Liked your how old were you then?? Why did your dad remind you to flush?

To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your sounded like me a few days ago...i was constipated...but i let it come out naturally. It was only 5 take care too

To The Sorcerer: I loved your story..are you a male or female? and how old are you? I wish i knew where that site back. Its cool too that the girls were watching you and wiped you and all.

To D.J: I liked your story..i've seen another teen movie..but i forget what its about

I like tuesdays pic...i haven't pooped in 2 days
gotta run bye

Hello everyone!

Today tuesday I was again severely constipated. I took a warm soap suds enema with an enema bag to be exact 4 quarts I let the water run into my belly, held the enema bag high enough so the water can go in all the way. I repeated this 3 more times. The enema gave me the urge to poop. I do this at least 3 times a week. I have tried laxatives and they don't work like enemas do. I have always got enemas as a kid and I still use them all the time. My girlfriend give me enemas and give them to her in return. Everyone reading this should consider enemas if you cannot poop they make you feel clean inside and much lighter. Pooping without the help of an enema is not thorough enough. I find that you can still be constipated the next day or so. So take my advise use and give yourselves enemas as often as you can. They are healthy and easy to take and use. They are better than oral laxatives. Instead of taking it from the top, you take it from the bottom. Your belly and! colon will thank you for it.

Well its time to go now till next time. Take care and happy enemating.


Hi friends of the Toilet!
I have been busy and to my dismay my last posts were not successful.

Louise, congratulations for that martial arts grade! Then I wish you and Steve lasting happiness!

Carmalita, I wish you all a speedy recovery. Iím glad you are back in style. Yes, I saw Reneeís message. Iím glad that it made her happy. Love to you all over ther from Rizzo.

Damsel, Thanks for your cyber kiss! Then you add another good wee in the bath! I hope you find some agreeable chap soon, there are some around, I know at least two who might be suitable. Hugs, Rizzo

Robby, Annie , Sarah S. and Meghan, those are great stories from you! And thanks for enquiring about my wife, she is ok. Hugs to all of you from Rizzo.

Hi Kendal, little on-line niece! I hope you have had a great time during your prolonged weekend. Iím expecting some really good bathroom stories! My hug for you today is smooooooth! Love to you, to Ellen and to Andrew from Rizzo

The other day we went for a day-sail with family and friends. It was a beautiful day and lunch was served in the cockpit. Grated carrots, diced tomatoes, yellow peppers and cucumbers with different dips were stuffed together with chick peas into pitta bread. We had brought chicken from the charcoal barbecue, and to wash it all down there was chilled white wine. It was in all, a very colourful aand apetizing spread. As we crossed the bar Ė a shallow region at the mouth of the estuary Ė the sea became a bit confused. A fresh breeze let our little ship take the waves with a lively motion, a bit like a mild roller-coaster ride. I was just beginning to really enjoy myself, when my wife pointed out that Fred, normally witty and a joy to have as company, had become quiet and rather pale in the face, in fact he looked decidedly greenish. We decided to turn back. Now the seas came from astern, and the movements of the boat became smoother. But a cargo vessel passed us and diese! l fumes from their smoke stack wafted over our decks, with the immediate result, that Fred was obliged to lean over the rail Ė we just managed to direct him to the lee rail to avoid his lunch from flying back into his face Ė for a good barfing act. The colourful lunch reappered not as it had been swallowed, but pale yellow. Obviously the chick peas were dominant in colouring the up-chuck. We handed Fred some water to rinse his mouth, and that was it, he felt well again!
It is not dangerous to vomit over the side from our boat, there being a bulwark with a cap rail to lean against. Actually it is a very user-friendly boat when it comes to puking, peeing or even pooing over the side!

Yesterday I almost peed my pants. I was working on a boat which was propped up on land, when my morning coffee triggered an urge for a wee. The urge grew by the minute at an alarming rate, and the toilet on this boat could not be used on land. So I climbed down the ladder to the ground and went off in search of a bathroom. I walked to a restaurant which was situated on the first floor of a club house some distance away, the toilets just next to the entrance on the ground floor. The trouble was that I found myself rattling the door handle of the menís, only to find it locked. The ladiesí was locked too. Drat! One would have to go upstairs and ask for the key, which is only for guests, and anyway, the place hadnít opened yet! So I just stood there for a moment, pinching my willie shut hard, and then ran off back in the direction I had come from. I remembered having passed two freight containers on the quay with a gap in between them. I made for this gap, little squirts a! lready jetting into my , luckily black, jeans. I yanked out my willie and let fly between those two big steel boxes with a pale gusher, a rust enhancer of my very own production. It had a good twist in it, like a watery band. Talk about band width! I always smile when the talk is about band width in communications, because my thoughts turn to Louise and her inch-wide twisting ribbon of wee!
Anyway, it felt soooo good. That coffee must have given me IBS, Irritable Bladder Syndrome in this case!

Ciao, eveybody, may you all find pleasant relief! Rizzo

I sent a post over a week ago. For some reason it didn't get on. Goodness knows why. Problem is with Andrew being so busy with exams again, we aren't visiting very often. Never mind. Hope this gets on instead.

KRISTA: You must think I'm terrible taking so long to reply to you ! I did reply in the deleted post. I'm not sure what I said wrong. The reason I haven't written about accidents is because I really haven't had any very much. I was lucky having a Mum and Dad who made sure I got to a toilet as soon as possible after I made my need known. However, I did have an accident in my panties once. I won't repeat the story because Andrew ( my Cousin Lawn Dogs Kid ) told it so well on page 388. So please do read about it there !! Anyway, I look forward to reading more about you and any of your toilet stories. Hope you haven't gone away fed up ! Love from Kendal x

To everybody else, happy toidying !

LINDA GS, UNCLE ROBBY, AUNTY ANNIE, SARAH, MEGHAN, UNCLE RIZZO, JANE: This will have to be so quick. Andrew is beginning to frown ! In my deleted post, I told how I had been for a poo. I made a huge trump, which everyone in the house heard, including my Aunty and Uncle ! I also had the largest piece of poo ever, that made an enormous splash, so much so it wet my bottom completely. Everyone heard it. I heard Ellen laugh downstairs, and my Uncle telling her off. So I know everyone heard it !! Must go. Andrew says thanks for all the birthday greetings !! Love from Kendal xxxxxxxxxx (XOSXOS to you Linda. He might be frowning, but he doesn't ever let me forget that to you !!!)

STEVE & LOUISE: Hope you're not suffering from wedding nerves ! Eleanor wanted you to know that she expects to move into her new home (my old one !) next weekend. Andrew and I are going to help, and looking forward to any opportunity with the shiney tiles on the bathroom wall ! If there are any stories, we'll let you know ! Love from Kendal xx

8th guy
cloud, wow you like peeing your pants that much??? that's cool! that's pretty funny what you and yooour friend did at the store, sometimes i pee my pants but never in public like that. you and your friend are pretty bold. :)
bye ya'll

Hi folks. Here in the UK we are celebrating the Queen's Golden Jubilee, both yesterday and today and I have just had a "Jubilee Jobbie" accompanied by my boyfriend Paul.

We have had a lot of parties in our area and Paul and I went to a barbecue yesterday. Now Im ???? and I eat a lot, Im not into the skinny waif look, but I suppose you would call me Junoesque. Anyway, I really fed my face yesterday, lots of hot dogs, burgers, steak off the barbecue etc, as indeed did Paul. As we are going out again to another party Paul stayed over at my flat.

Now what goes in must come out and this morning I woke up and had the feeling, not urgent but there, of a big poo in my back passage. I woke Paul and said, "I need a motion, come in and watch!" He got up and we both went into the toilet. Mikey, you'd like the way I sat on the pan with my pale blue Sloggi briefs at my knees. Paul had on his black Speedo briefs. I farted a couple of times, dry squeaky and smelly farts, then started my wee wee hissing and tinkling. I felt the poo come down and my sphincter stretch. As I guessed it would be a big jobbie. I gave an "NNN!" and started it on its way. Now it was nice and solid and formed but smooth and slowly oozed out of me under its own steam. Paul was looking between my legs and saw the jobbie as it inched out of me with only a steady pressure to maintain it. It was a "slo-mo" just coming out in its own time, with me gently going AH! . It was a really long turd and as usual fat. I could hear the sound of it coming out, then ! a slight increase in resistance and Paul said, "Its so long its touching the bottom of the pan!" I stood up slightly to finish it and it tapered off and slid out of me into the pan with no sound. I sat down again in case there was more to do but I was finished. Getting back up Paul and looked at my jobbie. It was as usual for me 2.5 inches thick for most of its length, light brown from all the bread rolls I had eaten. I estimate it was 16 inches long! At least 4 inches stuck up out of the water. It was one of those smooth poos. It had curved almost in a semi circle. By now Paul was needing a motion himself so he sat on the pan and buddy dumped his own jobbie on top of mine. Paul's turd was a nice big one too, also 2.5 inches fat, not as long as mine however about 12 inches. Paul had been constipated I knew as we freely discuss these things and his motion was a bit more difficult than mine to pass. I gently rubbed and pushed his ???? as he sat with his black Speedo briefs at! his knees. He couldn't pee as he had an erection but grunted and gasped "UH! NN! OH! as his ring opened. I gently pushed and told him to do a nice big one and saw the knobbly turd slowly come out. His was harder than mine, all lumpy and compacted. It tapered off and with an NN! OH! he did it into the pan where it dropped on top of mine with a sort of "Thud!" He was then able to do his pee. Finished he got up and I saw he had done a 12 incher, a torpedo shaped jobbie with a rounded end. We looked at our combined motions, my big curved smooth poo, Paul's lumpier torpedo, then went back to bed!

I have just got up and had a shower and changed into clean panties, a pink pair today. Paul is fast asleep. Ill have to clear our whoppers out of the pan later on! No doubt a couple of buckets of water and several flushes to get that lot to go away. At least it has made room for all the eating later on today and Im sure we will both do a big poo either tomorrow or the next day.


Tom: I loved your post. Although I've played both cricket and football, I've never had an accident in my underpants on the pitch. I've come close to it, and have been tempted to let it all go into my underpants at times as I love to both poo and/or pee in my underpants on purpose. I suppose it was not wanting to look stupid in front of my team mates that made me 'hold on'! Watching the World Cup at present, I often wonder if any of those guys might pee and/or poo themselves on the pitch. They can hardly walk off to the toilet with all the world looking on! Someone commented to me on England (which team I obviously support as an Englishman) after they conceded a goal to Sweden in the second half, "I bet they're shitting themselves now!" My imagination ran wild at that wondering if any of them might literally have poo in their briefs (or compression shorts) under their football shorts! I loved reading of your sporting 'accidents' Tom, and look forward to many more of your ! accident stories.

Dork: Good to hear from you. I'm glad you can relate to my 'sliding in the mess' as I drove round bends after my massive accident in my boxers in the car. It was all around my balls, and yes, my cock did slide up and down in the front. The whole experience was unexpected and such a turn on! I'd love to hear of one of your 'sliding' experiences. I have been trying to work out for years what it is that gives such pleasure to have messed and/or wet my pants. Other posters on this site may say "Yuk!" as this will be such a 'turn off' for them. I'd really love to know why I enjoy accidents both intentional or genuine (providing the genuine ones are not in an embarrassing situation). Have you or any other posters who actually love the same got any ideas?

gulpreax/Wetguy/Lewis: I love all your wetting stories. I concur with Dork about your wetting yourself in the chair, Lewis. How do you get away with it? Surely the chair and the floor must be soaked unless you use plastic sheeting. Even then it would be difficult to remove this without the pee running off it. I prefer to wet my pants out of doors where the pee can damage nothing or no-one except my underpants and trousers or jeans. As for wetting the bed, it sounds lovely and exciting, but I would not want to try it. I did have a friend who lived on his own. He actually had a plastic mattress cover under the bottom sheet of the bed in his spare bedroom. Sometimes he would sleep in there with the sole purpose of wetting himself - usually after an evening drinking at his local pub, to ensure he really soaked himself. But 'that bed' was specifically for that purpose. He did regularly wash the sheets and clean the plastic cover with a disinfectant preparation. I lost touch w! ith him after he moved and I moved. Do keep your peeing stories coming, I love them. If any of you ever poo your pants, let's know about that too. By the way, it would be useful to know what style of underwear you each wear as the peeing experience in them can vary with style.

I enjoy all the posts on here, because although I love pooing and peeing in my pants, most of the time I do it in the toilet, and some of my posts will report on the turds I drop in the bowl, and special effects such as having corn in my turds. I have read more that one post from Bryian who seems to get a real buzz out of corn in his turds. Well Bryian, so do I.

Happy pooing and peeing to all posters.

Thank you for asking about me, Robby and Annie, I am very well, thank you. Smile. Yes, my wee-wee on the patio was a special moment.
I have been having a really good time for the past four and a half days. I have had eight dates with my new boyfriend, and I like him very much. Steve was very crafty how he did not tell me his best mate broke up with his last girlfriend a while ago. I did not guess it, so when I saw Steve and his best mate I did not have to get all nervous about an introduction. They are out of the same mould, my boyfriend has been nice, kind and considerate, and very good looking too in the Steve way! Thank you very much, Steve! XXXXX
On Friday, PV, I went out with Louise and Steve. I had a few drinks. I had a couple more than I am used to! Smile. Steve and Louise walked home with me and we all used a back alley for a toilet. I remembered my promise to Steve to have him watch me. My sister was watching for people coming by, and in the alley I hiked my white dress and took down my white G string. I was opposite a street lamp, and I was all lit up so he could see me clearly and up close. I did not get quite so flushed in the face when thinking about Steve seeing my female bits because he has seen me with my knickers off a few times by now. He said I have a nice bottom and that made me blush more. I crouched down because my tank was feeling so full and I was getting desperate. I was still spacing my feet and my wee-wee started. It felt very good when it gushed out of me. Steve was crouching to watch me and he heard the hissing from my pussy as well and he said it was a beautiful sound. That made me reall! y blush! Smile. I pressure washed the ground with my piss and I sprayed my shoes and feet a little but it was all right. That wee-wee felt very good and I so enjoyed Steve's mesmerised face. When I dripped and finished I wiggled my bottom a little to shake the drops away.
I hope my boyfriend likes things like this. Smile. Steve got his penis out when I pulled my G string up. He should have had his wee-wee first because he was in a hard state and could only do a weak dribble. Smile. Louise giggled and she nearly wet herself. When Steve finished peeing she dashed in and she crouched down and pulled her G string away from her female bits. Where does she keep all that piss? She had a huge wee-wee and made a bigger puddle than me. At home about 20 minutes later I took off all my clothes and I crouched over the toilet. I had another nice wee-wee and had a shit afterwards. It all came on so suddenly, two small lumps and a larger knobbly lump that I judged at 3 inches wide by 9 inches long. Steve watched and enjoyed my good show. I liked how that large lump felt when I was passing it and my enjoyment was heightened knowing I had a gorgeous man watching it! Then our mum came to the bathroom for a wee-wee before she went to bed. I felt like I was ! a little girl again just for a minute. It was just like it because she got me to bend over so she could wipe my bottom. She then sat and had a wee-wee and Steve enjoyed watching her. I am much more shy than mum or Louise, I really am, but sending posts here helps me work these things out in my head. It really does.
Louise and Steve are working hard to get things ready for the wedding and I am helping out when I can. Tonight Steve is out with his friends, but Louise has been invited to go and so have I because my boyfriend wants me with him. I am praying I do not need to have a pee outside because if I so many men saw me I would be mortified. Tomorrow night Louise is out with her friends and Steve is invited to go with them.
I have not had a wee-wee in front of my boyfriend yet. I don't think I am ready for something like that yet. On Sunday night I pissed in a little alley but he was very nice and waited around the corner so he could not see me. I think he wanted to have a wee as well but he just held it until he had seen me home. He is very nice and I really like him, and I think we are getting on well. He knows I'm a virgin and he respects it. His best friend Steve made me laugh yesterday, as he said to me that some people still hold a silly belief from the middle ages that a virgin's wee is clear and sparkling but a girl who has been with a man has cloudy wee, and he said that they used to believe that virgin's fresh wee and some animal wee had powers to heal. He said I should be on hand ready for action at the hospital. Smile.



Wednesday, June 05, 2002

I like watching girls sit on the toilet and go to the bathroom in front of me. It seems so cute with there panties down to their knees.

Infantry PFC: My girlfriend has no problems at all peeing in front of me, and does poo in front of me if it so happens that I am in there and she cannot wait but as a rule she generally waits for me to leave the bathroom before she has a poo. I suppose on average I witness her poo about once a fortnight. She knows I am "interested" but never has invited me into watch. I have, on a few drunken, ocassions asked to watch and she has let me. But that is rare.

Louise and Damsel
CARMALITA - Hola! Hi girl! Well I wanted you to know we wrote a letter to you yesterday but it went onto page 914. Thank you for all the good luck you are wishing us! Steve really likes your peeing stories so I hope you can have a good piss for him sometime before the wedding!
Love to you and all your family.
Louise xx

DEAR RIZZO - Hi guy! Thank you very much for the congrats about my new grading. It is hard but Steve is turning me into a good arm twister. Hey I will really have to have one last nice wee for you before the wedding. I will try my best to to that next week for you eh? I know what to do, I will get my sister and we will have a standing wee in the bath. That will be a giggle and I bet you would like that!
(This is Damsel) Yes, of course, Rizzo, I'd be happy to join Louise in a special wee. It would be exciting. Thank you ever so much for your fatherly and kind concern for me. I've been very lucky and I am now going out with Steve's best friend. I have not frozen him and scared him away yet (smile) and I think he likes me. I really like him and I hope we stay together. I know it is all so new and we are really just starting to get to know each other, but I have not slept with him yet and he knows I want to take it slowly. He is so like Steve it is incredible! I hope he will want to watch me have a wee-wee some time like Steve does with Louise. I will give you another cyber-kiss for liking my wee in the bath. XXXXX
Louise here.
Well I liked your desperate wee! I imagined your willy weeing away. Well I am happy you associate the word bandwith with my gushers. LOL Yeah it does come out like a ribbon and it is sort of flat like that with the twist! Yeah it is a real good way to describe one of my big wees.
You know I got desperate for a wee twice last night when I was out with the big group of Steve's friends. My sister got desperate once. It got to the crossed fingers on both hands stage and you know I just made it into the ladies in this bar, pulled my black trousers and my knickers down and I just hovered and gave the toilet bowl a really big yellow wash. I bet I did more than 1.2 litres because I pissed for ages. I know my piss was really noisy and I did not even get the stall door shut. Another girl who was in the next stall gave me a real funny look when I came out to wash my hands and check my make up. giggle I bet she thought it was a mega wee! Well I think she saw my wee pissing hard out of me really. How I really washed that bowl. I bet you would have liked to watch that, Rizzo! giggle Well the other time was when we were going home and I was with Steve, my sis's new guy and my sister, and still with 5 of Steve's friends. My sis and me, we needed to have a wee, a! nd we stopped to use an alley we go in a lot. Well my sister was hidden behind me and we squatted with our pants down. You know I thought about weeing standing up but my sister was a bit shy about that with all of them just round the corner so we did it squatting. So we had our wee like that and we both really needed it. I did a nice twisty ribbon, Rizzo! We took a long time doing it and Steve and his best friend just peeked around the corner and you know I bet Steve's best friend saw my gusher because I heard him say a whispered "F***ing hell!" giggle
(Damsel) Yes I think he saw something. Smile. It wasn't me because I was just fastening my trousers again because I didn't wee for as long. My boyfriend might have seen my wee rolling away down the hill but I don't think he really saw me with my trousers down. He must have seen Louise's bottom.
Louise here.
Yeah, it was a really fun night out for us. I liked being with Steve and his friends like that.
Love Louise and Damsel XXXXX

KENDAL - Hi girl! No, well, I am not too nervy about the wedding just yet, you know. I am worried I will get diarrhoea on the morning like happened to one of my friends. She had to get her mum to wipe her bum when she had done it all and I think she got a bit embarrassed about her mum looking at her bare bum.
Well I would not be embarrassed about my mum seeing my bare bum but I hope I do not have to get my mum, my sister or Jackie to wipe it for me because I would prefer not to get the diarrhoea at all. It is the nerves that can make it happen you know.
We are happy about Eleanor. It will be really good to write to her again when she is in her new home.
Hey my wedding is on Friday 14th, so I want you and Eleanor to be thinking of me that day as my cyber bridesmaids eh?
Love Louise xx

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