i was at my granma's house and i need to take a i walk into the bathroom but i found out the toilet was broken.feeling my asshole open up i panicked. i grabbed a small paper bag,pulled down my panties,and crapped in it.when iturned around i saw a big turd on the floor cuz i missed the bag.

What would you do if you see a dead fly in your toilet?

I pee on it.

Hello all! Sorry its been so long. Just wanted to say that I won't be herenearly as often as my mom is home from work often now and my sister is out of school, so I have very little private time online. Sorry about that.

I have been pooping so much lately! The other day, I pooped three times in a day! I usually go once a day or every other day. I don't know what caused it. I just turned vegan, so maybe that has something to do with it. I don't know. Anyway, I've been going lots and doing nice big somewhat hard poop. How refreshing!

the teacher would'nt let me go to the bathroom in the fourth grade. I pooped my pants,in front of 14 other kids. Needless to sey,i balled my eyes out.

Uncle Allen
Hi everyone. I have not posted in a long time. For that, I am sorry. i have been extremely busy and hardly getting on the computer to do more than check mail. Well, I wanted to share a true storythat involved me on this past Sunday. As some of you may remember, I have IBS and because of it, I get some terrible attacks of diarrhea at times. Well, this Sunday morning, I was at a Barnes and Noble book store when I got hit with a major need to have a movement and I figured it would be messy based on the stomach cramping that I started to feel. So I quickly and carefully headed to the men's room and darted to the first of two stalls. As I figured, I had diarrhea and was exploding very loose watery poop while clutching my stomach in pain. Afetr a few minutes, someone entered the other stall and sat down and also pooped some diarrhea, it sounded very soft and a little runny, but not as watery or gassy as I was suffering from. We went back and forth releasing waves of diar rhea. He finished, but seemed to take forever and must have used what sounded like 1000 yards of toilet paper. Anyway, My diarrhea had slowed for the moment, but there was no way I was leaving yet because I felt a stomach ache and knew mpore diarrhea was on the way and I better not leave with that coming. So, I sat back for a minute and rubbed on the parts of my stomach that were hurting. Now, the other guy who left his stall had washed his hands but did not leave yet. I started to feel a bit uneasy as I do not like having starngers hang out when I am in a stall. Well ten minutes passed and this guy did not leave. I was still releasing poop from time to time and was now afraid to leave the stall because this guy was just waiting in the bathroom for me (at least it seemed that way). I really began to worry. Was this guy going to do something to me? I heard him lighty open the door just a tiny crack about three times while I was pooping, but he did not leave. I coul d still hear him in the bathroom. Well, now 15 minutes had passed and he was still waiting in the bathroom while I as sitting on the toilet in a stall. I did not know what to do and I was about to say something, but was not sure what to do or say. Then, I felt a massive stomach cramp come on and I knew I was going to have a final explosion of diarrhea- it was going to be loud gassy and runny. I was now embaressed, but decided to let it all go out and maybe he would get the message that I had the runsd bad and should leave me alone. Well sure enough I had a loud explosion, but now my stomach ache was gone. This other guy still had not left, but I figured I was now done and would leave and face this guy and then know what was up. I took a minute or two to wipe and flush, since I had diarrhea. (By the way all of this time noone else had entered the restroom) When I got out of the stall, he started walking toward me and said hello. He seemed friendly, but I was still un sure. Then he said "You know I just had stomach surgery recently and this door is too heavy for me". Relieved, I said "Oh, would you like me to open it fory you". He said "Yes, would you be so kind please" I said "Sure". He said "Thank YOu and Bless You". Then he left and I washed my hands and left, too. Was I over reacting by being afraid? Does anyone think I should have said something while I was on the toilet to him?
Has anyone ever had an experience like that? Just curious. I am now a bit more hesitant to use public stall tha Iwas before. I still can't figure out how this guy got in to the bathroom because I did not hear anyone come in at the same time as he did. Oh well, that's my story sorry if it was too long or boring

Steve in Nebraska
Bryian- no noone else but my girlfriend helps me with wiping...but thats perfectly ok with me "S". I enjoy watching her poop on the toile. i doubt that she would admit it but i think she likes having me there. Been reading your posts and i have a question: are you male or female? Anyway sounds like you have lots of urges to go when you are chatting on the internet.

Nothing good the past couple days havn't hardly pooped at all since Sunday morning at 5AM when the urge woke me up, but only then there was only about 3-4 dry hard turds.

TO BRYIAN: Thanks for your response. Yeah I'm 22 now. I don't think my parents saw me on the toilet during that road trip but my dad has seen me on the toilet at other times. When I was still living at home, one time he barged in on me when I was totally naked on the toilet because he needed something in the medicine cabinet. I'm like, "dad jeez I'm taking a shit!!" But he rummaged around, couldn't find what he wanted and then just said "don't forget to flush."

Hey, I'm glad that you're back, Carmalita. I love your detailed descriptions!
Infantry PFC-Yes, Svetalana's bathroom is very close to the front door. But lots of apartments in this building have a bathroom near the door to the hall, yet nobody has ever done what she has done. I have never experienced a stink like that! I'll let you know if she does it again. I saw her the other day and thought about her really stinky poo!I'd love to strike up a conversation with her and lead the topic to her bathroom habits, but I don't quite know how to get there...any suggestions from anyone??

Punk Rock Girl

I was badly constipated for the past week or so. The couple of times I went, I could only squeeze out a little bit. I finally gave myself an enema last night. OUCH! A massive load of compacted shit exploded out of my ass. It was loud, too, and made a huge splash. My ass is still sore today, but I'm glad to be empty finally. I was feeling majorly bloated. I didn't even bother wiping, I just jumped right in the shower. Good choice, because watery shit had splashed onto my buns. It feels so good to finally get rid of all that crap. Almost heavenly.

To KATE: I've peed in urinals before. When I used to hang out with my guy friends after school, we'd often pee together in the boys' room. A couple of times to amuse them I'd pee in the urinal. I did it by pulling my pants down/skirt up, bending over and sticking my ass in the urinal. I have a pretty strong stream and it goes straight own, so when I'm bent it goes straight back. They were always impressed, plus got a little glimpse of my butt as a bonus!

Take care all. Bryian, glad you liked my cheerleaders-shitting-their-panties story!!!



Joe B.
To Pooping Boy

Metamucial should do the trick for bigger poops. I prefer the wafers, but any similar product will do. I take maximum dosage for three or four days straight. (two wafers, 3 times a day) I only do this recreationally. If I'm really constipated, an enema is the best way to go. I think taking that much metamucial on top of constipation could be dangerous, and I'd never do that.

I have great results from the metamucial. I usually have fantastic poops for three or four days, starting with the second day I'm on it. I try and hold on till I absolutely have to go. My results are usually 2 to 3 feet long and 1.5 to 3 inches thick!!!!! Please try this and let us know how it works for you. I think you'll be amazed.

Lewis, I hope the chair and floor did not get damaged with your pee. What type of underwear were you wearing when you let goo? Wet ass and balls can feel good Lewis. Darius, I can releate to your slip slidding in your boxers. when you are sitting down and moving about your ass slides in the mess. Was you cock sliding uop and down in the front also?

To Kate: Weren't there any other bathrooms in the church you could use that worked?

To Atlanta Lady: Liked your story..did any guys come in the unisex bathroom while you were there?

To Meredith: Liked your story...I've always been afraid of the fire alarm going off while im in the bathroom. Guess you got to finish and all..did you ever go back later to wipe?

To PeteSkeet: I've put tp up my butt before and wiped midway through...i know what you mean sometimes it feels like you gotta go more. I don't do this often. I liked your story too!

Yesterday after i got offline i went out for a while, you could say on a day trip to another state. Any way we drove about an hour each way. Got to our spot and we got out and stayed for awhile then we left and started heading home. We stopped for dinner on the way home at this nice country restaurant. I ate alot. Its family style and they put all the sides on the table and you can always ask for more. I ate this huge dinner and as soon as we leave the parking lot an urge to poop hit me. Im like don't go any furthere where i can't hold any more. Luckly i was able to hold for an hour. Then i came home and got on here for a bit then the urge got so bad i had to go poop. I had several 6" logs and it was light brown in color wiped 10 times maybe I did notice i had part of a soft shell crab in my poop(ate one the other day) and the skin/leg was undigested in my poop. That was something new i've never seen in my poop before.
I like mondays pic..well gotta run bye

Punk Rock Girl
My husband didn't have to pay a hundred dollars. He got to see a cheerleader have a major solid accident in her bloomers..saddly it was me.

The Sorcerer
Hi, I'm well new to posting,but I've been here for about 3 years I think.Well I'm finally posting.

Bry:I'm just like you.I like letting girls watch me poop or pee.

I have a story too.It was recent,dyuring the track season.We took a trip to the woodland,and surprisingly(doesn't happen often)got alot of freedom around the place.Of course we had to do a few cross countries around the area,but it was nice.I was just walking around when I ran into two girls on the team.Only 7th grade.I just sort of walked with them for awhile.

I all of a sudden got the urge to use the bathroom.I hadn't gone in awhile and had just finished running.That always makes me have to go.I asked where the nearest bathroom was and they said about 2 crosss countries worth away.I didn't have time for that.I wouldn't make it without messing myself.I told them not to follow me I gotta take a dump.
I knew that would only make them want to come more.They were playful and always liked to mess with me and my other friend.

I walked around a little and found a log.I pulled it in front of a group of bushes.First I peed a pretty long stream,then pulled down my pants and boxers and softly sat down.The wood wasn't very rough.It was actually smooth.Lucky I guess.I sat for awhile relazing and felt some gas getting ready to come out and boy did it come with a loud "brrrrrr". I farted like that 6 more times before finally the turd started coming out.My turds are usually long,not too long, and smooth.
I felt the turd slowly slide out then stop.I was going to let this one come out itself.It wasn't too hard.It started growing pretty long with some loud crackles when i heard rustling and giggling behind me.I knew it was the two girls from my track was kind of fun though.So I decided to put on a little show for them.I bent forward a little and spread my legs just a bit so they got a better view.I grunted,even though I didn't have too,and pushed till the turd thudded to the ground.
I scooted my butt far over the log and closer to them.

I could here them talking a bit now(I have good hearing)with a few phrases I would expect from them like "He got a big butt" or "I can see his butthole".I leaned forward and pushed hsrd.I knew that was gonna bring the gas and it did.The same sound too except fast and loud "BRR" "BRR" "BRRR" I did that about 7 times before the next turd came.I(fake)grunted again as this FAT,HARD turd came out.Which is unusual for me.I started grunting for real after a few seconds.The tip was huge then it got twisted and knobbly.There was "crackle" "crackle" going on like crazy,and it grew longer and longer.Fromt he sound of their voices I could tell they were closer than ever.It stunk pretty bad over there by now,and I heard them say so too.This was the most knobby turd I ever made,and it was just for them.I pushed HARD and grunted long,but not loud I never do.The Turd crackled more than ever as it twisted out.It got easier and easier till it barely crackled and got softer and smaller.I ! pushed until it hang from a string.I stood up and shook my butt in their direction till it dropped with out loud "THUD THUD" it bounced.That got giggles out of them.Right there I decided to expose them and say "I know ya'll are abck there".They said darn and came out of the bushes.I said I didn't care just fellow track members.They talked about my dump as I sat back down and started for the last round.

I leaned forward and had my butt hanging over so they could see.I surprised myself with a long fart.The usual "Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" and little puffs of gassy air followed.Like opening a Bottle of Soda.I did this for awhile which made them laugh.I pushed hard and only got more farts.I wanted all this crap out cause a meet was coming up.I pushed hard and grunted and grunted until only the tip of the turd came out. This one seemd harder than the other one."Oh Boy" I said as it sucked back up."It's goin back in" said one of them."I'll spread your cheeks for you!" said the other and grabbed my buttcheaks in both hands and spread them before I could say yes or no.They both got a view of my Dark Anus and giggled.The girl playfully squeezed my cheeks in both hands talking about how big my butt was again.I just laughed as the turd started mvoing."It's coming out!"she said excitedly a this HARD turd pushed out and stopped.She moved the side of her hands so it didn't touch her ca! use this turd was fat.I pushed extremely hard she said she could feel all of the force I was putting on my butt and giggled.The turd slowly slid out with a little crackling and fell.Almost
imediately some loud farts started and I felt my last group of turds start."Your butt stank!!" said one of the girls."It happens when you poop" I said and they laughed.Small Turds started shooting out my butt and she was still holding my cheeks in her hand,squeezing them occasionally.I barely had to push for this stuff.It just came.I started literally shooting out poop in perfect circles."Poop Balls" said one of the girls.That's exactly what they were.My butt started making funny fart noises as poop poured out my ass which made them laugh alot.Most of tehe turds came out easy because she was spreading my cheeks which I could tell she was enjoying.I felt a snake slither out my ass for a long time.It was one of my longest turds ever."Hey it's almost reaching me!"said the girl hodling my butt.It was very long.I had to lift my butt up a little bit so it could finish.It hang by a string and just would not dropp.The girl playfully squished my cheeks together and made thr turd ! drop.I felt one more turd in there.She spread my cheeks and both of them closely looked and saw the turd up in there.I pushed hard as this FAT Turd came out.It spread my hole big time and finally fell with loud "Thud" which initiated a chain of farts which didn't help the smell."you don't got nothin to wipe with!"said one of the girls.But I did.I always carry a pack of tissues in my sweat jacket, cause my nose might run when I run and it's very annoying so I bring them just in case.The girl holding my butt wanted to do it,but the other one siad "You got to hold his butt most of the time,I get to wipe!"The girl reluctantly let go and the other grabbed the tissue and parted my ass.She dug it deep in there and left it there,and closed my butt tight."He has a tail in his butt now" she laughed.The butt was very dirty from all that crap so she enjoyed a few wipes playing around with my butt every now and then.She was finally finsihed and let go of my butt also reluctantly and sm! acked both of my cheeks.I stood up,leaned foward and bent my butt in their direction and let go with a HUGE chain of farts that had been held in and had been bugging me when she wiped. This was a mixture of "Brrrrrr" and coke bottle farts.They both giggles like crazy and both gave their little smacks each cheek.One of them had brought a camera.It was a digital camera.She won't tell me where she has the pictures,but it's up on her personal site for her viewing lol. I made some funny pose and bent down to pick up my pants.She got one last photo of me bent over before I came up and pulled my pants up.

we had more than one encounter like that,but not nearly as big a dump. we call it a Pe-Track Dump.Track Season is over now,but I know they'll be there next year :).

Kate: I read with interest your need to pee at church. I think it's disgusting that a church has all its toilets 'out of order'! What are people supposed to do? I do hope you will complain to the minister or leading lay officials in your church. There are bound to be some who need the toilet during a service. I have come across churches (Anglican in every case) here that have no toilets at all! That's even worse! It is law here that every public meeting place has adequate toilet facilities. How these churches I've come across get away with having NO toilets I don't know. One I had travelled 140 miles to for the wedding of a relative had no toilets when I arrived. I had been to a motorway service toilet about an hour before, but was ready for another pee when I arrived. I did not enjoy the service one bit, as all I was concentrating on was how NOT to pee myself in the service. Thankfully I was able to hold my pee until arriving at the reception venue afterwards.
All the best

do you females sometimes leave your poo in the toiet so others can see it? or do you leave it in there because you forgot to flush?

Hey! I've posted here once or twice before, and I decided to tell everyone some interesting stuff that's happened to me. First of all, this weekend, My family went away on a camping trip and I was staying with my friend, who is sixteen. (I am fifteen and we are both straight females, just to clarify.) The first morning, we woke up fairly early, and put on some old, junky shorts and underwear with old t-shirts. we sat around for a bit and drank about two cups of tea each. Then she drove us about forty-five minutes away to a small strip mall where no one could recognize us. We walked around, browsing thed shops, and competing to see who would have to pee first. Finally my friend ( I'll call her Sunny, her nickname ) couldn't hold her pee any longer, so we chose a small, crowded dollar store and we browsed the ailes together, giggling. By this time, by friend was holding herself and dancing around. Many people were looking at us very strangely. We were in the aisle with the mak! e-up, when my friend suddenly gasped, and a stream of pee shot through her fingers. She pulled her hand away, and pee gushed down her legs, forming a wall of pee between them. She finally managed to stop, and we pretended to look very shocked and sorry, and quickly left. Once we were outside, we colapsed in laughter. The next shop we chose was a K-Mart. We went in there, and browsed for quite a while, until I suddenly fell to the floor in the Barbie aisle, rocking back and forth on my heel. I got up and managed to walk to the aisle with the toy cars, when I felt my panties fill with hot pee. No one saw me pee except for my friend, but people stared at the two of us, both with soaking crotches, laughing our heads off! For the last stop, we went to a public park and strolled along one of the open paths. Suddenly, Sunny said ' I gotta shit real bad. I'm gonna go to a porta-potty.' I smiled at her teasingly, and she recognized the look in my eyes, and started to run, but I caugh! t her and started to tickle. She laughed and laughed, but couldn't get free. Finally, she gasped, and I let hergo, but as we ran, I could see her shorts fill up with soft, mushy poo. We covered the seats of her car with garbage bags, drove to my house, where we cjhanged and threw the old clothes out, and then went to her hoiuse again.

For females who enjoy wetting themselves: If you take a small handtowel and wrap it around your crotch then lay in a bath full of warm water, then pee, it is a wonderful feeling. It feels like you are wetting yourself!
Also, I found a solution to wetting the bed. I love the feeling of wetting my bed, but after about ten minutes, the pee starts to get cold and uncomfertable and smelly, and it's messy to clean up, so I never do it on purpose. Then one day, I came up with this plan: I put a cut open black garbage bag on the bed, then I cover it with a really cheap towel. You can either wash or through out the towel, and the mess is really easy to clean. You still feel like you're wetting the bed, because of the sheets over you and the pillows, ect.

I have end of the year exams approaching, and I hate being escorted into the bathrooms with a chaperone if I have to pee during one of the exams. Does anyone know of any pads or something that I'd be able to wear that would hold a substantial amount of pee without being noticible to others?

Bye, thanx for reading!

What's up everyone, I am new to this site even though I have been reading this site for about 2 years. I'll tell you all a little about my self I am a 21 year old college student (male). And ever since I was a little kid I have always had a fetish about seeing, hearing or smelling the opposite sex go to the bathroom. Peeing is nice but pooping is the best, maybe its because everyone says girls don't poop.
Maybe the reason for my fetish started because the preschool that I went to was coed and had doorless stalls. And was always crowded I always caught a glimpse of people male or female, teacher or child using the restroom. Once I saw one of the lady teachers take a huge dump. And no one seemed to mind. In elementary school obviously the bathrooms were seperated so I didn't see much. In middle school I started becomming intersested in the opposite sex and that is where my fetish really strentghned. In high school my first girlfriend was very lady like and she never used the restroom in front of me. But my second girlfriend didn't mind peeing in front of me. But one lucky night, her parents were out of town, she lived across the street so I snuck over to spend the night with her. Around 3:00 in the morning she woke up and went to the bathroom, I pretended I was asleep and when she went in the bathroom, I snuck over and listened under the door, I could see her feet t! hrough the crack but she couldn't see me. I probably thought she was just peeing AGAIN, but I swear to god I never heard as much poop come out of anyone as I did her, and I smelled it under the door immdeiatlely after I heard her. When she flushed, I ran back to the bed and pretended I was asleep. When she fell asleep I went back to the bathroom and to see if anything was left, the smell was strong and there were a ton of light brown skidmarks in the toilet. My last 3 years in college I have been single but became real close with a friend of the opposite sex, we were so close that we actually went to the bathroom in front of each other, we always peed but never pooped. Even with all of this stuff happening I never have told anyone about my fetish and plan not to tell anyone else, except for you all. Before I leave I have a few questions?

I have read a lot of posts, and a lot of you guys poop a whole bunch how do you do it! my poop is usually only 6 inches long, with a little smell

ANd how come some people's poop never smell but other people can stink up a whole public restroom easily?

And has anyone seen not another teen movie? That movie rules and I think you know why?

Meredith i am curious to hear more about u not wiping like was it noticeable and have you done it more often any other stories also

Taking a dump is usually pleasant experience for me. But there is one exception when I do not enjoy it: when I am having diarrhea. Yesterday (Sunday) I was in our backyard doing some gardening when I felt a strange feeling in my stomach. It was not pain or cramp or anything like that. It was something like slightly burning feeling and I felt also my stomach empty, notwithstanding I have had lunch about hour earlier. Well, I kept on working but then I felt a sudden, heavy pressure inside my bowels. Something was coming out and very fast! I constricted my butt hole and tried keep it inside, whatever it was. I must tighten my ass hole at least two minutes to pass this feeling. My husband was near by me and he looked at me and asked what was wrong. I said that I was close to shit in my panties and he laughed. I walked carefully (because if felt that same mass was swelling in my bowels) towards house. When I was in hall I dashed in bathroom. I dropped my shorts down to my ankles ! and sat on the pan, and not a second too early. Immediately after I was sat down a wave of brown juice burst out of my ass. I pushed a bit and second wave of chocolate liquid came out with a couple of wet farts. At that time I felt there was also something firmer coming out too. Very soon two solid, 3-4 inches logs slid out quickly my well lubricated bowels. All this happened within very short time, and I was totally exhausted. I just sat on the pan and took my breathe. Smell was stunning. I lifted my buttocks and started to wipe. After 5 wipes, paper wad was still all over covered brown stuff and it was enough for me. I kicked off my shorts and stepped into shower and washed my ass thoroughly.

Fortunately I have experiences like this just a few times per year. But it is very common when I have diarrhea, that there is 2-3 waves of liquid shit and rest of load come out firm form. Does anyone else have diarrhea and solid poop at the same sitting?

Today there was not any signs of diarrhea. I was at work and I went in ladies room after lunch break. I was there alone. Nobody was not there and nobody didn?t come in while I crapped. I pushed out smoothly one long log and three smaller turds. But the stuff was quite sticky, I must wipe 6 times.

Monday, June 03, 2002

Cheri, where did u and Nealy empty the buckets when you finished?

I recently found this site, I love it! I've always been interested by poop and pooping! I have one problem though, I WANT TO POOP BIGGER! Some friends have told me that Metamucil will do the trick, while others have said eating more wheat and fiber. Can anyone help?
If you can, please e-mail me at

Today i was sitting in church and about half way through the service, i had to pee very badly. So I got up and snuck out of the service and went down the hallway to the bathrooms. I went into the ladies and all of the stalls were out of order. I figured maybe the mens would have one free so i opened the door and peeked inside, there was nobody there. But, all of the stalls were also out of order. Although the urinals were also out of order i thought i could pee in there and it would drain away. so i did. I walked up and lifted up my skirt alll the way so i was sure it wouldnt get wet. I was wearing no panties but i had on those stockings with the pee hole in the front, so i aranged them so that i could pee. I spread my legs around the urinal and bent my knees forward and bent my body backwards. I held my vagina spread a bit with my fingers. I started to pee, the stream was going into the urinal, i was happy, i wasnt getting wet and i felt alot better. When i was done i washe! d my hands and dried my vagina with a paper towel, i dried my hands and rearanged my skirt and left before someone would come. I went back to the service and went home with my parents after.

Atlanta Lady

It is so hot today. I had another solid motion on the toilet this afternoon. Me and my girlfriends were at a car show. We were all dressed in our summer wear: tiny slip dresses and platform sandals. After we left the show, we walked the sidewalks for about an hour. I found my anus moistened from a coming turd. I could smell the odor of my sweating asshole in the breeze; I had to go to the bathroom! I told my friends I had to do my business; they waited for me at an umbrella table. I went into a restaurant and found a unisex restroom. I locked the door and entered the second stall. I tried to pee first, but nothing came. The toilet was unusually low to the floor. When I pulled up my dress and sat, my knees were as high as my tits. I felt my anus opening up. It was so quiet and peaceful in there, I just closed my eyes and breathed deeply. I found myself getting really turned on and a 4-inch knobby nugget emerged from my body. I touched myself a bit (excuse ! the details) as the stool made it's debut. It plopped lightly. When I wiped, there was no stain. A clean dump. I pulled up my underwear and flushed.

Maybe it was that big breakfast I ate yesterday at the buffet: scrabbled eggs, home fries, sausage links and pancakes smothered in maple syrupy. With the combination of this intense Southern heat, I guess good eatin' and summer weather make for nice, whole, healthy stools. That's all for now.


Carmalita!!! you're back. nice to hear from you. i understand your view on other people posting under names. It did happen to me. Something about my dad stinking up the house or something, that was long time ago though and dad's shit never stink as bad as the females in the house ;) I loved your story with the huge shit coiling round the toilet. Girl shit power!!!!!!!!!! I've been having quite a few big ones myself.

Two days ago i was in a stall at school, preparing for a nice big one. Thing was i had no idea it was going to be BIG. Must have been in that stall for about 15 minutes for my feet died on me. I had no blood circulation in my legs. during all that time i was pushing out a massive log that was taking its own time, and to kill all the time, I was actually doing homework in the stall. I kinda forgot about taking a shit since i was so absorbed in my working util the first log droped into the water with hardly a splash. Then the fire alarm went and i strained for the rest inside which slide out unbelievably fast. It was funny because i've never been in a situation where i was relieving my bowels then the fire alarm goes off. Anyway i hurry out of the stall at the same time managing to glance at my production. It was HUGE!!! THe first log came almost up to the toilet seat from the hole at the bottom and the other softer logs covered up most of the hole at the bottom. Some one ! is gonna freak. At least i got some homework done and a dirty asshole since i didn't wipe :p

Woody: sounds like you had quite an experience. I never had boys accidently catch me pooping before. Would like to.

Corissa: Great poop in the gas station. I guess thats what they are for right. Gas get it?

Duke: hope to hear some more great posts from you and your neighbor.

I gotta go rid my sugar rush right now before i become dangerous



Tom really enjoyed your stories. That poo must have really shown up in those white pants and the buldge must have been emense in the back. keep the stories coming.

Bryian - Thanks for your response!

Mike - Yes I always find it easier to just let it go in my pants when it gets real bad, especially late it night. I'd love to hear some of your stories if you have the time.

gulpreax - Thanks for your response. No, I usually dont wet the bed. I aactually started to try it about a year ago, but I didnt like it and it was a pain to clean up. I enjoy peeing my pants much more, and thats why i dont hesitate to start going in them when i'm at home and dont feel like getting up to go to the bathroom.

Lewis - I liked your story.

Speaking of peeing mp pants, the other day i started to do so while standing at a pick up window at a restaurant waiting for my order. I did need to go pretty bad and just let a little out to see what it would feel like in public. Granted, it was only a couple squirts and i had on dark blue pants, but still, it made a golf ball size wet spot. Nobody noticed however. I'm still working up the courage to not be too embarrased if I have a larger accident in public. Anyone here want to tell a story about peeing their pants in public??


To Just Stumbled Here: I loved your story about your bf. Just tell him your intrested in this stuff now if he's already open about it.

To Bry: I liked your story..thats cool. You must be around my age, how old are you now? 21-22? Im 21. When you were on that road trip did your parents(dad or any male members of your family) see you on the toilet? I think that would be embarssing.

To A big one!: Loved your story about your roomate! That was funny he accidently pooped on you. You should have taken a look at his turds, i would have if someone invited me to.

To Woody: I liked your story

To Steve in Nebraska: I liked your story..its nice that your girlfriend helps you. Does any one else help you wipe?

To Lewis: I liked your stories.

To Fartster: I liked your story..what do you mean you squated on the floor to clean your butt, never heard of doing that

To Plunging Plop Guy: Liked hearing about your dream

any way i pooped yesterday for the 2nd time i 2 days after not pooping for 5 days. I had a 4" log and a 6" log. Then a little bit of soft floaters on top with seeds in them. I wiped like 10 times. I don't know why i've been like this. Im normaly not constipated. I didn't poop yet today. Gotta go

Well, finally the weather is warm and sunny. I've been outside so much I've hardly had time to write. My shit's been pretty wierd lately. When I sit on the toilet, I let out a really big fart and a little turd comes out. Finally some bigger chunks come out. It's been taking me a really long time to shit and my asshole usually hurts like hell afterward. While on the topic of wiping, I have some very interesting habits. For about three years now in the middle of my dump, I take the paper and kinda stick it up my asshole. This usually makes me have to shit more and feels pretty good. Does anyone else do this, I know it sounds pretty wierd.

I've been reading posts lately and it seems that Nealy and Cheri have a lot of bad experiences with getting the shits due to pranks. I've never heard two people with such bad luck. Also, having to shit in a bucket? Good God, that really sucks. I've never had to do that. Hopw your luck is better for ya'll next time.

It's been a while since I last posted, I've been busy working. I liked the surveys that Tina posted, those are some good questions. As I've mentioned before, I'm into watching women poop and fart on the toilet. I prefer to see a women sit on a soft seat. I think the smell of her fart while arouse me immediately. If there are any women who would like to have comapny while on the toilet taking a satisfying dump, just let me know or we can talk about. I wouldn't mind letting a woman watch me take a dump.

Hi Friends!
Hola to the real CARMALITA: We are so glad that your sickness was a false alarm,whew! It is sad that someone had the need to take your name and write terrible things about you and the family. Now, that poo and wee you took for Angie was outstanding. I could just imagine the smell and you straining! The trumps(farts) ripping out of your little body. I'm sure Angie was impressed and revolted,LOL! PLEASE do NOT leave us!!! We need you, my dear! Lots of Lovexxx from Robby, Annie and the girls!
DAMSEL: That was a real nice wee wee you did for Steve, the lucky guy! I could picture you standing there weeing thru your white g-string! You should be proud! Lovexx from Robby, Annie and the girls
STEVE AND LOUISE: Steve, you are a lucky man to have two lovely ladies to watch and love. Well, I can't complain, either! The girls watch the American version of "Big Brother". It seems there isn't much toidy things that go on except the occasional fart and the listening through the door! LOUISE, Annie is trying to start her martial arts again this summer. I hope she can have a good go of it! Take care and we wish you all of the love for the wedding!! Lovexxx Robby, Annie and the girls.
JANE AND GARY: Welcome back!! See, Gary is starting to be one of us,LOL! That was a gallant thing for him to do for you! Rubbing the ???? always helps. It was a marvelous story. Lovexxx from Robby, Annie and the girls.
I've got to run!!!
Hugs to: Rizzo, Ina, Kendal, Lawndogs Kid, Ellen, Eleanor, PV, Adele, Todd and Diana, Jeff A, LindaGS, Elena, Cousin, Adrian, Diva, Ephermal, Tim and Sarah, Josie and Loewie, Kimmie and Scott, David(Germany), Ellie and Little Lou!!

Sunday, June 02, 2002

Just Stumbled Here
Hi I just stumbled onto this site, it popped up on my borfriend's computer as i was signing on to check my email and I was read some posts. Pretty interesting stuff you guys got here. Me, I'm not much of a poop enthusiest (is that spelled right? who cares? u get the point) but my bf said he likes it. At first I thought it was weird but then i thought about it and decided everyone has their own cup of tea so I no longer care. I sometimes catch him listening at the door and I do notice he extends washing his hands or looking at his face in the mirror when I make my entrance to pee or poo. I kinda enjoy that he is so interested in watching me do something so natural, however he seems real shy about it and sometimes embarrassed. I dont want him to feel this way around me, I would love to endulge him, I love him and everything about him. How do I get him to open up about this. Im really more interested in this than he may think but I dont know how to go about telling him with! out making him uncomfortable. Anyway, I gotta go take a fat poop now, I had some chocolate cake and Im lactose intolerant.....u get the picture.

Last week I drove a long way home from work with a rocket turd waiting to come out. I just cant bring myself to going at work, where one of the girls in the office could hear.

Eric in Chicago
Andre: There's actually a technical term for what happened to you back when you were little--encopresis. What happens is that when you hold your poop too long, the part at the end of your colon hardens up and it causes pressure to build up higher in your colon, where the poop is still liquid. The pressure causes the liquid stuff to go around the hard stuff and leak out. It's fairly common.

David: The blue dye they use in snowballs/snowcones/slurpees etc. is unaffected by digestion, so it comes out in your shit. Usually, though, it turns your shit green because the usual brown color of shit is actually a mixture of a lot of yellow with a little bit of dark red. Because you had the runs, it went through you real fast and didn't get a chance to mix with the yellow. Normally you have to consume a *lot* of blue food coloring to shit blue instead of green (though I managed it the first time I deliberately tried to shit in color back when I was 13). Blue Gatorade, blue soda, blue or purple Koolaid will also have the same effect. It's completely harmless, by the way, since it happens because the dye doesn't get absorbed into your body or react with anything. It's also quite fun. Baskin-Robbins used to have real brightly colored drinks whose big appeal to kids was that they'd make you crap the same color as the drinks.

interseted girl
Shawn- r u a guy or girl? u really need 2 learn how 2 speak up in class, that must've been such a mess!

big d
A lot of talk about wiping in the last few posts. I've been here before......get a bidet. I would never have a house without one now that I have had one. When you think about it, wiping your ass is gross. It is easy to get shit on your fingers, and sometmes it takes a long time to get all the fecal matter out of there. My bidet will forcefully blast any poop outta there in about 10 seconds. No matter how much a mess. I just adjust the temperature of the water when I sit down on the john. Then, when I am done (shortly, I don't spend a lot of time on the throne), the water temperature is warm. One wipe of toilet paper to blot off the excess water and I'm done. A roll of toilet paper at my house lasts for months. GET A BIDET!!!!!!

To Nathan,Yes i deliberately spend ages in the bathroom in the morning, so that sometimes my wife has to sometimes come in for a dump.

I'm new to this board. my name is Bryan, but I'll call myself Bry to confuse myself with anyone else named Bryan. I notice a lot of the guys here are into seeing girls or women on the toilet. I'm into the opposite -- having them see me. My interest started 6 years ago, when I was 16. I was on a car trip with my parents and I needed to go to the bathroom really bad, so they stopped at some little rest area and waited for me. When I got into the men's room, there were two doorless stalls, but one of them was being used by this little boy and his sister (or maybe mom?) was there helping him. She didn't look much older than me. (Why didn't she take him into the ladies room? Good question). I said, I have to use the bathroom and she just said, "we're not done yet." Then she moved some of her stuff out of the way to allow me to use the other stall! I really had to go and they just look like they started. So I swallowed my pride and I went into the other stall, dropped my shorts an! d underpants and started to pee into the bowl. She was in the next stall over and couldn't see me, but I'm sure could hear everything. I could see their feet, the kids were dangling. Then I started to move my bowels and made loud plopping noises which were totally embarrassing. (I flushed right away). When they were through, the girl and the kid walked right by me and for a split second she looked right at me and I looked at her and she smiled a bit and they left so at least I could wipe in privacy.

I was totally humiliated at the time. But later I sort of fantasied about it and started getting into the idea of having girls watch me. But girls don't seem to be into that stuff, or else they don't admit it. But I've found ways to have girls or women see me "by accident" and they almost always look! Any other guys get off on this?

A big one!
I was in my dorm last month studying for finals. I had 3 slices of pizza with yoohoo for lunch after eating a HUGE BREAKFAST! I ran to the bathroom holding my ass. But ALL of the 4 stalls were taken! It STUNK TOO! I ran downstairs 2 flights and found a stall. Yet, the door wouldn't lock. So, I stuck a shoe in the door. It stuck. I sat down quickly and farted for almost a minute. I saw a guy sitting next to me and realized it was my roomate taking a dump too! So I called, "Jeremy?" He answered--"Yah? Ricky?" I said "It's me, dude. How was YOUR lunch today?" He answered "It was cool, wanna see?" I said, "No thanks buddy." But he got up and walked into my stall! He wanted to look. I said, "Get out fag". He said, "Come see mine." So, I said, "No, it's gross." I said "Go back and fart away." So, he left after mooning me. But my roomate pooped on my leg by accident. Jeremy said "Oh my God. Dude, I'm soooo sorry. I really didn't mean to shit on you." So, I got up and shit on his fo! ot. It was funny because I farted too! We left each other and wiped.

Infantry PFC
Great stories by all.

Duke- I take it her bathroom must be close to the front door of her appartment. If not she is a real stinker!I'd love to be there too

Nathan- In your story you say she sometimes goes in front of you. Do you mean that she'll pee in front of you, but not poop while you are in the bathroom?

Steve in Nebraska
Gemma-I really enjoyed your story about your pooping accident while chatting to your online friend. I am in a wheelchair too as a result of being born with Spina Bifida. I am 23 years old and have brown hair and eyes. Does your disability always affect your control over your bowels? I have accidents too. Are your big turds from constipation or eating lots of fiber? I take fiber pills and stool softeners but still get constipated all the time. My bowel movements range from dry pebbles to huge knobby clumps depending on when i pooped last. Are you able to indepently use the bathroom or do you require your sister's help? I can climb up on the toilet and clean up usually unless i have a big mess, then my girlfriend helps me.

I have to pee so I have to type fast.
I haven't posted for a while because my parents took my computer away as punishment for my latest accident. On Mother's day we went to my grandmother's house. I had to wear my suit and my sisters had to wear dresses. It was a 2 hour ride to grandma's. Half way there i had to pee. I asked my dad to pull over, but he wouldn't. He said that because i will be 15 soon i sould act like a man and hold it in. I really tried hard to hold it in. My sisters were staring at me as i danced in my seat and held my self. I couldn't hold on anymore, and started to pee. I was sitting between my two older sisters in the back seat. I ended up peeing my suit and wetting both of there dresses. Everyone was mad at me. All my uncles and cousins were at grandma's and they all found out about the accident. My mom punished me by taking away my computer for three months. She shortened my punishment this week because of what happened to my sisters. Stacy ( she's 16) pooped her pants! on the school bus on thursday. I guess she thought she could hold it until she got home. She came home crying with a big bulge in the back of her shorts. My other sister Jen came home from a party Friday with wet pants. My mom decided that since my sisters both had accidents, and it had been almost 3 weeks since my last one, I could have my computer back. She doesn't know about when I was home alone last week. I was playing video games in my underwear. I had to poop but wanted to wait untill the game was over the poop just started coming out. Since I would be home alone all day I just sat in my poop until i got tired of my game. No one found out. I still have to Pee, and my underwear is starting get to wet. oh no I can't hold on. This is so cool I'm peeing as I type this. The pee is pooling around my butt and dripping on the floor. I hope my dad doesn't find out about this.

I have posted here before, but this time would like to anonymously ask for some advice or help. Next weekend we will be starting a week's vacation and taking a cross country (well, 1000-mile at least) motorcycle/camping trip. Is there anything I can take to firm up my poops? Often on hikes or long dusty rides we stop in a secluded spot and relieve ourselves and I always am envious of him. He slowly lays nice thick cable, meanwhile I am going "t-h-h-l-l-o-o-o-p!" and suddenly a bunch of mushy gooey stuff lies below me and I am done. Meanwhile he is still producing these really cool logs. My face even gets red when I make such noises! I'd give anything to be able to drop a few nice solid logs with dignity, and compete with my guy on a more level playing field. My piles are ample, but it would be soooooo nice if they came out like they should instead of like mashed potatoe. The exact same foods go "in" when we eat, but the product that comes "out" the other end when we po! o, is completely different. Help, please?

shawn-stop posting negative stuff bout urself. obviously you dont want to be bullied-so dont bully yourself. think strongly of yourself. sure you make a few screwups from time to time, but that happens to everybody.
and dont be afraid to go to the toilet-everybody has to go. everybody's got a bladder and a rectum etc., so it doesnt make you abnormal.

yo this morning when we got in the car to go to school (and my dad to work) he said he needed to go into the house. i thought he needed to get something and so did my mother. he took quite some time and we thought he couldnt find whatever he was looking for, but when he came back into the car he said "I just took a big jobby!" lol we was makin up jokes bout it in the car.
not much of a story i suppose...

Been quite busy and haven't posted in quite awhile,but have been reading the forum as much as possible-I tried to post a few times but was knocked off I guess cause it was real busy on the web-Hey it's good to hear from your Carmelita-how are you -i hope you will be feeling better soon!as for me i've done a few woods dumps this spring,but so far I haven't had any partners to poop along with-some responses
TP UPSTATE DAVE-Great dump you did the other morning!I,like you am a big biker and I'm 5-10 and about 166-170 and My legs and butt are muscular from all the biking I do too-Girls seem to like my butt too!they say it's my best part!i really enjoy biking out to the woods to poop nd do it often-Sounds like my kind of dump-don't those long ones just fell great-you must have been in heaven pushing that one out!I do long ones a lot but on rare occasions,i have done some 2 footers myself I have done the same kind of thing of letting the poop hang out my anus for a bit and let it come out on it's own and that's when they are the longest for me anyway-Good poop,Dave!
To answer Kelly questions,i'll do the best I can- i love the feeing of first sitting down and letting out the pre-poop gas and letting that 1st turd come out slowly-it's the best!
The long ones fell the best and when they are smooth and get softer at the end-it's a great relief!
I have seen a few folks poop and i really enjoy watching them go-I enjoy seeing women more though-I have enjoyed pooing along with other guys too and seeing their poop come out as i poop along with them-it's kinda fun to do,but when i really want to have fun-give me a pretty lady to buddy poop with!I have had fun with watching guys poop too as long as it doesn't get weird!
I'll occasionally get chills from a great dump,but rarely
i just push to get things started and fart and then let the turds come out slowly on ther own-its the best feeling to do that! I love it! hope that answers your questions,Kelly
well ,i 'm outta here and I hope to hear from some of the old posters on here-it's kinda different with out a lot of the old gang1Well,if i ahve any good woods dump stuff to tell or if i run into a poop buddy,i'll tell you all about it! BYE

To The unnamed poster: Re Brandi, I liked your was funny and that must have been embarssing

To Tina: I liked your story...did any one question why you were gone so long from class?

To wetguy: I liked your story

To Duke: I liked your story

To david: I liked your story

To Shawn: I liked your piss story..did you go right home after that?

To Gemma: I liked your story

To Nathan: Liked your story

To Punk Rock Girl: I liked your story about the geeks sliping mineral oil in the water

To Russell S. (AR) : I liked your story about your peeing accident that happened at the dentist.

To Mr. Person: I liked your story

I just realized that i haven't pooped in 5 days..tomorrow(sat.) would be day 6. I did have a bit of a stomach ache today..probably from not pooping. It hasn't been to bad. I'll probably try and go tonight cause i know theres a huge turd up me. I was thinking of taking something..not sure. I usally don't get constipated atleast not like this
well i gota go bye

Louise and Steve
ROBBY AND ANNIE - Hi!!! Well I bet my sister will not be around for Steve to watch weeing very often because she has a boyfriend now.
Steve speaking.
Yes, quite, somehow I don't think it would be appropriate for me to see quite so much any more. It's not as if I ever pressured her into allowing me to watch her urinate in the first place. In fact, she pretty damn near insisted, and was strongly encouraged by Louise.
Anyway, I'm glad she is happy. It took a while to set up my closest friend with her. He had told me he thought she was an absolute goddess, and I confirmed that she had said things that meant the attraction was mutual. It is a brand new relationship, but it seems to be going well so far, and he has been happier over the last couple of days than I have seen him in years.
Louise here.
Yeah, and she can't stop talking about him.
Steve speaking.
As I suspected, the British 'Big Brother' situation has developed into arguments and bickering. Much of it has been about three of the housemates (including two girls) urinating while in the shower.
Louise here.
Yeah, the guy Alex does not like the weeing in the shower at all and it has been funny to watch the arguing in the highlights programmes. I bet the girls have been standing to wee so it is not just me, my mum and sister and my netball team who do it.
Steve speaking.
The mind boggles. I don't know what he would make of your netball team, Louise. Well, for starters he would call you all 'disgusting for peeing in the shower'. I think if he knew about all of you he would be so shocked that he would have a seizure.
It sounds like the American version is rather quieter...
Annie, if you resume training, don't be put off by how rusty you may feel initially, ok?
Cheers to you both, and thanks for your best wishes.
Louise here.
Yeah, from me too! Hey Annie, you would really like being with us in the men's changing room. We have had a real giggle out of it. Thank you for your congrats!
Love xx Louise and Steve.

CARMALITA - Hi! I really liked your story, all of it really but I really liked your peeing!
Steve speaking.
Yes, it was remarkable. A number of women on the forum seem to aspire to compete with Louise for spectacular urination. Jake is a lucky guy, and I hope you enjoy rinsing the soap the way Louise does!
Your turds were produced in a classic Carmalita fashion. I always enjoy reading your stories - they are always very good! Louise's turds are quite mild smelling - not like yours!
We are delighted you are enjoying your married life, and thanks for what you have said about our upcoming wedding. We have actually been committed for many years, and have always kept the spark of romance going, as we will when we are finally married. Some say we have been like a married couple for a long time, but without complacency than can come from over-familiarity if you see what I mean. Still waters run deep, as they say, and that is true with us, but we also believe in making waves often too! <snicker>
Anyway, it is good to speak to the real you, and not the imposter. Somehow I thought the May 31st post was uncharacteristically short for you. You normally have plenty to tell us, even when you have just dropped into the forum for a quick word. We don't need that kind of nonsense on this forum.
Louise here.
Do not worry about Ina, she is all right, she gave us good news. She had a mammogram but she is all right, she told me about it when she last wrote us a letter.

PV - Hi girl!!! Hey how about this? We do another ad like yours at the 20 foot long wall urinal and we are advertising the little blue or yellow tablets they put in the urinals. You know, we could say the tablets are not working hard with our wee, but they will even make men's stinky wee smell nice! LOL Oh and I bet our netball team would look good on the ad, and you could be on it with us! I bet you would look good in all the gear. Oh yeah, it would help stop the lie that we have to sit to wee. Well, I mean, none of my friends need convincing like that, you know, but some do still need telling. Giggle I am still giggling at that drunk girl who caught me and Steve weeing on the wall that night, and she said "F***ing hell! She's got a cock!"
Steve speaking.
Ha ha, yes indeed. Gave her the shock of her life. Especially when she found she could do it herself - without a cock!
Hi, PV sweetheart. I think Richard of the USA must be busy getting those urinating female statues of Louise and sister ready as we speak. We haven't heard much from him in the last week or so. Quite a thought, actually, but I don't think they could possibly match the real things 'splooshing' away in the bathwater as I had the pleasure of witnessing on Friday afternoon. Remarkable. Shame you couldn't have joined us, actually.
Louise here again.
Yeah, my sister gave Steve a wee show. I have a few more little treats for him that he does not know about yet but I know he will like. Giggle. He liked it on Friday night when my sister had a good wee in the alley for him, and yeah, I nearly did wet myself. It would have pissed straight through my g string and I bet my legs would be wet, but I squatted and pulled my g string to the side. It was a nice piss, and Steve was trying to get his dick back in his trousers after he had his wee. I have had a real giggle for ages about that with my sister. giggle
Oh thank you about my latest test. Yeah, it is hard work but I am really having a lot of fun learning the techniques. You know what it is really making me aware of how people are moving their hands because I watch them now, you know? I know it is a lot more like that at the level Steve and my sister's boyfriend are at!
Hey we have to go now and have a bath before we go out. I want a wee so I will give Steve a little treat watching me do it.
Steve speaking.
We'd better get moving then. Cheers, sweetheart. I think it is likely we will post again next week. We'll certainly try to find the time, despite all of this madness. <snicker>
Love xx Louise and Steve.

Kind Regards to All,

Louise and Steve.

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