If you are wondering what I was talking about, my sister made some special coke and it made me and Nealy have the runs! The toilets at my house are down so we had to use mop buckets instead. Missy said she posted all this, but I think she lied cause I don't see her post anywhere! Nealy still feels pretty sick, but she should post her story about our sickness soon, so keep open.
I'm not going to leave you without a story this time. This one isn't about me though, it is about someone else. I was in the mall once, checking out different things, not really looking for anything special. I was in one shop, looking at some cool clothes when I noticed I needed to poop. I stopped looking at the clothes and headed for the bathrooms. There was a public toilet in the store i was looking in, so I just went there, but both stalls were taken. No big deal, I didn't have the suqirts or anything. Both women in the stalls were pooping, I could hear them push and there was a little smell in the room. Suddenly this other girl, wearing the store's uniform burst in holding her stomach. She was really really pretty. She had aburn hair pulled into a ponytail, tanned skin, strands of her hair were dropped over the front of her face and they made her look great. But I could tell by the expression, her breathing and her tightly closed bum that she was about to make a mess . She was prolly seventeen or eighteen. She was doing the worst poo-poo dance in the world. Hunched over, dancing back and forth on her feet, moaning and cursing under her breath, she was even sweating. Well, the first woman came from her stall and the employee looked at me deaperately. I nodded and she zoomed in the empty stall as the other woman came out of hers. I walked into the other stall and started pushing out soft (my poop is always soft) poop. The other girl was pouring like a waterfall the whole time. She was pooping what sounded like water and farting really loud at the same time. She said sorry for the smell to me, but I said i understand and its ok. I stayed in the bathroom to keep her company and she kept grunting and letting loose wet, runny diarrhea. She said it was like pooping melted choloate, really thick but a liquid. Finally she felt finished and we both left our stalls. I let her wash her hands first, then when she left glanced into her bowl. Even though she flushed, the water was really brown and the sides were covered in liquid diarrhea. I left the store and wandered around for an hour or so then came back to the store and the girl was not working. I went into the bathroom and smelt something really bad in the trashcan. I looked inside and there was a pair of pooped stained panties in there. I knew how my companion must have felt!

Hey everyone. I just came across this site and Im glad I did=) Since Im new I'll give a decription of myself before I post my story. Im 5'5 120lbs and I have long light brown hair and hazel/greenish eyes.

Last weekend I was driving home from the mall and I was stuck in traffic for 20minutes. Well I had to take a dump so I got off at the nearest exit and went into a gas station. I had to get the key from the guy and I did then went into the bathroom. It was so dirty but I really had to go. So I pulled down my jeans and my pink thong and let out a long pee followed by a fart then started pushing. I was in the middle of pushing when all of a sudden the door swung open!!! It was the guy from behind the counter that I had gotten the key from. I guess I had to poop so bad I forgot to lock the door. He just stared at me for a few seconds then he said oh excuse me miss im sorry,Ill lock the door for you. I just told him it was alright and thanks for locking the door and went on with my bussines. I pushed out 3 huge logs and a few little pebbles wiped pulled up my pants and flushed. Then I went to bring the key back to the guy and he smiled at me and told me to have a nice day.

Hello everyone,
I was coming home from the beach yesterday, and after a night of drinking and eating I was in need of a massive dump real soon. I had no choice but to go to a convience store that only had port-a- potties. Actually this potty was very clean. There were three of them side by side. I went into my potty and latched the door and proceded to take down by shorts and underwear. My shorts fell to my ankles and my underwear was at my knees. I peed right away and my BM was taking its time down its path. I was starting to get hot sitting there and straining, trying to get that first knob out and open the flood gates. I could hear someone walking towards the potties, then all of a sudden my door opens wide and the latch falls to the ground. Someone had unscrewed the lock so when she came to open the door it just flew open. I was shocked and so was she, she was a fairly attractive women in her mid thirties, she just staired at me for about 10 seconds then apologized and closed the d! oor. It was embarassing but also exciting to be seen on the toilet by an attractive strange women. She went into the toilet beside me and I could hear her pee, unfortunatly no BM. My BM quickly came out with a loud plop followed by four other loud plops into the murky blue water, I did get some splashback, I quickly wiped then went into the store and got some water, low and behold the lady was in the store with her daughter who was around 15 years old. The mother and daught both saw me and got big smiles on their faces, she obviously told her daughter. I said to the mother sorry for startling you out there and she said don't worry about it we all to the samething.
Happy dumping'

the real Carmalita
Hola mis amigos!
Just for the record, I DID NOT submit this post that appeared on Friday May 31st!

<Sorry I haven't written for a long time. Our computer's been down and Nu and Jake and I have all been very sick. I can't write much more because I feel so sick. More later.>

Somebody was using my name and copying me! I feel very insulted and it leaves me with a very creepy feeling! Jake says that maybe I should just sign off altogether. Whoever you are, answer me in Spanish! si usted desea utilizar mi nombre y escribir como si usted fuera yo, entonces tenga por lo menos la cortesía nunca a hablar como cosas de la opinión del me! Yo nunca digo cosas como "más adelante"! Copy somebody more interesting than me for crying out loud! And do some research. If you're supposed to be me, then tell me the names of my brother and two sisters.
The REAL CARMALITA SAYS: I've been very busy these days what with school and all. It's been fun going out and buying summer clothes not only for myself but for baby malita too. She is getting to be so cute I can't stand it! As for us, we've been up to our usual stuff. Everybody is fine and doing well and nobody is sick in our house.
INA: Oh baby, I haven't had a chance to read in here lately, but somebody mentioned somthing about a mammogram. I hope you're okay!!! What would I do without my Ina in the world?! I want you to be okay and feeling good and happy from now on! I'm sending you the warmest hugs of all and a gentle kiss!!!
RIZZO: I hope you saw Renee's note to you. She still talks about how you remembered her birthday. You're so sweet, I just love you. So do all of us.
STEVE AND LOUISE: I am so happy about your upcoming wedding!!! Two of my most favorite people are getting married. It's a very beautiful thing, and it really makes you feel different afterward. Different in a good, and much better way than before. You kind of feel like one if that makes any sense. The best of everything to you both!
However, since I'm here, I'll tell you all about the other night. Talk about a girl having to take a monster shit, well that was me! We were going to have the group over to play some games and watch a movie and before I knew it, I had to do this real heavy poop. Angie came in with me to talk while I did it. She's feeling pretty lonely without Tesa and felt very close to me. I gave her the usual Carmalita disclaimer warnings about the smell but she didn't care. Has anybody ever taken a dump that felt so good it was like ecstasy? This turd was like a long snake coiled up inside my ???? and when it came out, I was all oohs and ahhhs! I was wearing some purple and yellow board shorts and a white tank top. When I pulled my shorts and panties down Anj was shocked to see that I'd shaved my pussy clean for the summer. Actually Jake wanted me to do it as he watched, so I did. When I sat on the toilet, my butt cheeks spread a little and a puff of fart air came out. Fffffffttttttt! tttttttttttttttttt..........then, a pop and a crackle or two, another poofy sound and then a fat, huge turd started slipping out of my ass. In order, this is what it was like:
CRACKLING: Lots of sick and disgusting noise from my ass, then two or three small poops broke loose and plopped loud. Lots of straining and grunting from this little latina also.
THE PISS: I must have lost a gallon of yellow juice that sprayed in several directions. I scooted back against the toilet tank so Anj could see my bare pussy pulsing out the golden spray. I also did a long fart while I peed which made Anj laugh.
THE TURDS: I had a nice pile of smaller turds and one huge, fat turd coiled up on top. It was really soft, greenish-yellowish with lots of cracks and splits in it. It was really, really fat and came out of my ass really slow. I ate a lot of turkey and gravy last night with corn and mashed potatoes. I think all the potatoes compacted inside my ???? and made a big squishy turd for me to poop out.
THE SMELL: It was really baaaaaaad! Pewy stinky! My turd was so big it didn't even plop. It was already in the water before it was out of my ass. Angie said it made her hot even though she thought she was going to pass out from the stink. She finally started breathing through her mouth, and I was trying to make her laugh so she'd inhale through her nose. Arent' I mean? Oh well! There's a heavy price to pay for watching Carmalita shit her brains out. Man that turd was a big one!!!
THE WIPING: I had lots of goo in my ass and it took 6 good wipes to get it. I finally stopped but there was still a bit of yellowy brown on the paper. Oh well, I decided to just let my panties take the skids. That's what washing machines are for after all.
Later, I accompanied Nu who had yet another famous bout of diarhea. That little honey squirted for a good 15 minutes. She was in misery so after, I laid her out on our bed and put a heating pad on her ???? and brought her some 7 up. She's LI, and ate all the wrong stuff because it tasted good. I'd paddle her bare butt for it, but she'd like that too much! Oh yeah, after my first dump with Anj watching, she came out and said to everybody, "Man did Malita take a big one!"
Anyway, sorry it's taken so long between writing for me, but I have been so busy.
All my love to my favorite people.
Carmalita (the real Carmalita)

I had been not usally like that. I went 5 days with out pooping. I knew i was gonna poop yesterday because my stomach was hurting. An online friend helped me bring on an urge and stuff. Any way...i sat down pushed and boy did it hurt. Then it went kerplonk. There was lots of splashing. All i had were a bunch of hard balls. I only wiped 3 times and flushed.

Hi I'm new to the forum but I ahve been reading for a while. Wetguy, I'm also 17 and yes I do go on purpose after holding it for a while. I also liked reading Shanesoph's story and I have had situations like the one that he described. I will post again later


I'm 17 and wet out of conveinence all the time too. It really is alot easier then getting up ;). Its kinda fun, lol. Never done it in public though, but I wet the bed sometimes, do you ever do that?

Hi everyone!

I'm 20 yrs. old and in college. I finished a class last week at 1:30 and still had not had lunch. But, I had to take a couple of logs. So, I went to the bathroom. Then, I put double amounts of toilet paper on the seat. I sat down and farted pretty loud this time. At the same time, a guy was sitting in the stall next to me and it sounded like he had a big one too! So, I farted and he farted. The next thing I know, not only are his sneakers what I can see next to me--but he squats down on the floor to clean his ass. But, he realized he was not done--and the guy squated down again to pick up with toilet paper. So, when he left, and someone else came in and sat down, I also squatted on the floor to clean my butt. Unfortunately, the person who sat next to me was my professor! Live and learn.

Some Guy
PRG: Awesome story. Though none of the girls I really hated in high school were cheerleaders, I would pay $300 and take a suspension in order to see the girls I hated shit their panties in front of hundreds of people.

When I last posted in April (other than the survery a few weeks ago), I mentioned Gary and I were going on vacation. We did have a very relaxing vacation. I have two stories to share.

We were at a museum. It was not very crowded at the time. I had been building up an urge to poop since lunch, and it was time to relieve myself. I went to the ladies room, went into a stall, lifted my short skirt and pulled down my white panties and sat. Immediately I let go a huge booming fart that made a big stink. Then I pushed out a large thick piece of poop that plopped loudly into the toilet. I paused to pee, and the smell from that one piece of poop was as strong as a bowl full of poop. I proceeded to push out about 10 more large thick pieces of poop, and the poop smell was incredible. I flushed the toilet while seated. As a teenage girl came into the ladies room, she said, "Oh man! It smells like a horse is shitting in here!" I pushed out about 12 more large thick pieces of poop and flushed the toilet while seated, then I was done. I wiped, flushed a final time, and left behind a strong poop smell.

Another day, and I was having stomach problems throughout the day. I went twice to the ladies room to have BMs and did enough to flush the toilet at least once while seated each time, but I never felt done. When we got back to the hotel, I was feeling stomach cramps again and a strong urge to poop. As soon as we got to our room, I rushed to the bathroom, and Gary followed, which was very unusual, since he usually leaves me to do my thing alone. I pulled down my shorts and white panties, and as soon as I sit I let go a massive eruption of soft poop. I moaned as I reached back to pull the lever and flushed the toilet. Gary came to my side and rubbed my stomach as I pushed out another massive wave of soft poop. As soon as the toilet refilled, I flushed it again. Gary continued to rub my stomach, which provided some relief and relaxation. However, I was still pushing out another huge wave of soft poop. Again, as soon as the bowl refilled with water, I refilled it w! ith poop and flushed again. The poop smell was incredible, and Gary asked if I was going to be OK. I said in a while, as I pushed out another tremendous wave of soft poop. I said to Gary that he didn't need to rub my stomach anymore and could leave if the smell was bothering him. He said OK and left and closed the door behind him as I flushed the toilet again. I kept moving my bowels and flushed the toilet twice more before I was done. I felt so much better after that. However, there was a very strong poop smell that lingered into the bedroom. Even after Gary and I went out for the night, as we were getting ready for bed, the bathroom still had a lingering poop smell from the afternoon.

Since we got back, Gary has been offered another position that would be a big promotion from his present position. We would have to move back to my hometown. He has until the end to the month to accept the offer.

Special hellos to Meghan, Sara, Annie & Robbie for thinking about us during our vacation. Special hellos to Kendal and Lawn Dogs Kid, along with Ellen and Eleanor. I hope Carmalita and the gang get well soon. Hello to everyone else here, including the many new posters within the last month.


Hey all you poopers. This is my first post to this excellent site. Early this week I was driving south on the M6 motorway in England when I hit a huge traffic jam approaching Birmingham where the M5 motorway diverges. It's always busy here anyway, but nothing like this. I had passed a service station but did not see a need to stop. Just a mile further on everything was stopped. We stood still for 15 minutes and then moved forward a little, stopped a little. Still in the jam nearly an hour later I was desperate to poo. When I need to go I have to go. I just cannot hold it the same as I once did. We approached a junction for Walsall, and I knew if I could get off the motorway there I could go to a public toilet I know of (as I know that area quite well). I had not planned to stop as I was heading for London. I was in the so-called 'fast lane'. There were so many huge trucks in the other two lanes that it was impossible to get my car between them to the left hand lane and t he slip road for Walsall. Little wet hot farts were exuding from my butt. Suddenly I felt this very soft turd hit the inside of my boxers and it was just forcing its way both up and down my crack - touching the back of my balls as well as pushing up towards my waistband. I knew there was so much more to come. The traffic all stopped again so I grabbed my emergency black plastic bin bag from the side pocket it the door and put it under me to protect the seat (I carry this in case of peeing accidents when I can't stop to use my wide necked 1 litre ex-fabric conditioner bottle, which I also carry, to pee in.) The traffic then moved forward a bit more then stopped again. I then lifted myself off the seat and the rest of the poo just came out and filled my boxers completely. It was just like "thick custard", a term I read someone else used a month or so ago on this site. I was in such a terrible mess, yet also turned on my the feel of it. Fortunately I was going to a friend in Lo ndon who has had accidents himself. In fact we like to buddy dump in our underpants if it works out that we are able to poo at the same time. Later, with the traffic jam far behind, I pulled into a service station and phone my friend on my mobile and told him I'd messed my boxers and that it was also in my trousers, so that he'd be prepared for me to arrive in a mess, and that I'd need to use his shower right away. He asked me if I'd done it on purpose. I said "No, I'm wearing boxers! It's a real accident!" He and I are the same. We normally both wear boxers, but if pooing our pants on purpose we wear briefs as neither of us likes to drop poo on the floor or down our trousers or jeans legs. I had a pee in the bottle at the service station, and another in a layby on a country road after leaving the motorway. My friend lives in quite a rural setting to the north of London. It was amazing driving around the bends on these lesser roads, as my butt actually slid in the custard poo in my pants. I've never experienced such a sensation before. Thankfully I had enough petrol for the journey and did not break down! This meant I did not get out of the car after I pooed myself until I parked on my friends drive. After a shower, and washing all the poo out my boxers, trousers and shirt (the tail of which got stained) my friend put them in his washing machine for a proper wash. He was so glad I phoned, as he was able to delay the meal, which we then ate, talking about my accident. He wanted to know all the details. I've mentioned this site to him - so maybe he'll be posting too sometime.

Just a short post from me, as a subject has been raised that Louise and I have had an eye on over the last few days.

To Adrian,
Thanks for the good wishes for the wedding. Louise and I do appreciate that very much, and we are both looking forward to it. To give ourselves the best chance of enjoying the wedding day to the full, we are planning to take it easy and won't be going out and doing anything to excess beforehand, certainly not for a good two to three days. Moderation is the key.
For a day or two I have been meaning to post again about the lavatorial aspects of both 'Survivor' and 'Big Brother'.
With 'Survivor', you will probably have seen in the live final episode in the studio how Susannah commented on how her 17 hour spell in the log stand might be remembered not just for her time standing on the log! As we know, in the log stand episode we were treated to the sight and sound of her urine stream tinkling in the sea water from beneath the skirt she wore at the time. We saw how it took place during the hours of darkness, but at the time, Louise and I were astonished that it was shown at all. On the night of the live final, Susannah's reference to it raised a few embarrassed titters from the studio audience, but presenter Mark Nicholas was very quick to head her off and stop her elaborating on it any further. I imagine the show's producers were rapped for it when it was broadcast. Can you imagine the meeting afterwards? The gasps of horror?
I thought the result was the right one, with Jonny winning, and the way John and Jonny kept their word to each other and stuck together throughout was very commendable. Their attitude and interaction reminded me of my best man and myself in many ways, so I think probably I'd get on quite well with both of those two.
Moving on now to the subject of 'Big Brother'. Things became a little more lively on the toilet front on Wednesday, as you may know by now. Just before we deal with that, the competitor Alex has made more than one comment in the Diary room about how he had 'not been to the toilet yet' and how he was normally 'a quite regular guy'. Seemed like he was quite concerned that he was no longer producing at the correct time of day. I've never understood that way of thinking, actually. When you want to go, you want to go. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong if you don't conform to this (British at least) idea that you must be strictly 'regular'. I'm probably starting something now! Anyway, I don't think it is anything to be concerned about unless habits change significantly without any proper explanation. In Alex's case, it is obviously the peculiar circumstances of the situation that have affected him, and it is likely he is obsessing about it too much and probably making i! t worse for himself. The sedentary lifestyle forced upon him while he is in the house won't help either. He was saying how, if he doesn't go soon, he might have to ask 'Big Brother' for a suppository and instructions for its use. Well, I don't suppose you take it by mouth, Alex! <snicker>
The other incident was when PJ (I make no comment on the 'name') was in the toilet and Lynne, who seemed to be under the influence of alcohol, walked in on him, accidentally or otherwise. She said she didn't see anything, and from what PJ later said in the Diary room she made sure there was nothing to see by returning for a second and third time, and then when he came out of the toilet she then pressed him to try to discuss the matter with him. He didn't want to know about it, but Lynne wouldn't relent for quite a while. She also confronted Spencer regarding his arrogance and presumptious behaviour, so there could be more trouble ahead...

To PV,
I managed to find a spare hour to post. I'd just like to say I greatly enjoyed how you reported your latest wee against the steel wall in the library. It would have been good to see, but hey, I can't be greedy. I've had quite a few visually spectacular female wees to think about recently. Louise's sister wants to talk about another one, so I'm now going to allow her onto the machine.
I'll try to post again some time in the next couple of weeks, and thanks for your best wishes.
Have a hug from me.

Kind Regards to All,



I have been around this site for a long time now and think it is great. Some of the other posters have given me good ideas for my 'accidents'. I enjoy pooing and peeing almost equally and best of all both together. Mostly what I have are 'accidents' in my underpants but obviously sometime they are not.

My last true accident was at the end of last years cricket season. I play for a local team and this was a key match. I was keeping wicket towards the end of the game, clearly I was in white trousers and was wearing white underpants - Calvin klein briefs - I note that several posters like them. I needed to go and it got worse and worse - I needed a poo and it was getting really bad - I thought I might get by but half through the last but one over I had to leap for a ball and my world emptied into my underpants - it came in one huge medium stiff thrust and sat between my bum and the crutch of my briefs, bouncing as I moved. Despite my fear of being found out it excited me like crazy and all the way through the last over I was trying to disguise my all too obvious pleasure - a problem some of your other posters seem to enjoy! At the end of the match I chucked my gear to another player and said I had to go home. He said just smiled and said he could see why| He can ne! ver have said anything about it because it was never mentioned. I do not suppose I am the only one to get caught in a long game. The walk over the field bought my excitment to a close and just to end a perfect afternoon I peed myself by the car.

Sometimes in the evenings I pee in my pants if I am working late - my work room has a tiled floor so it is perfect. My clothes always go in the wash before I go to bed so it is no problem - I live on my own but a friend is spending more time stopping over now so I am a little restricted.

I once shat in my pants playing football. It was my own fault because I had not been at half time - it was a wet day and I had just stayed on the pitch and pissed in my pants. The poo came out in a hard tackle when I went down and realized that I had dumped. I used that as an excuse to get off the pitch before the end . I emptied my briefs out and got my trousers on before the rest of the team came in the changing room.

I read of one of your posters - poo pants - I think who enjoys piising himself when out for a drink. I tried that and so do I. I always get a good warm feeling as it soaks in and I will wet myself as many times as I need to go.

I have just been looking down as a small fountain has burst through the front of my raining trousers - I watched it slowly subside and the wet stain spread over the front of them. All my bum is wet and it has seeped up the back of my shirt - there is poo pushing againt the cotton of my pants - in fact it is mushy and pushing up the back of my briefs and all around my dick - through the elastic of my legs and down my thighs - its good - more another day.


Robby and Annie
Hi Fellow Toidyteers!
We are back from the lake. We had a marvelous time. The girls are back in the city where Meghan goes to school. Rent has to be paid, you know. As promised we have some replies.

****CARMALITA: HOLA, SENORA!! Glad to see you back but sad that you, Jake, and Nu have been very sick. Could Dr. Robby and Nurse Annie help in any way? Take care, sweetheart! Lots of Lovexxx Robby and Annie
****STEVE LOUISE, and DAMSEL: Hi friends! Annie- I wouldn't be scared in the least of the netball team,giggle! Give me a urinal with loads of girls and I am in a dream world! LOUISE, congrats on your passing the martial arts level tests. I sometimes get the runs when I am nervous. It hasn't happened in some time. Robby- STEVE, I think those pads would not be sufficient for us given the force of our wee. It is interesting that the Aussies look on urination with such ease. It wouldn't happen in the U.S. Looking with anticipation to the wedding!! DAMSEL, hope you are tip top, dear! Take care, Lovexx from Robby and Annie
**** INA: Hi sweetheart! Hope you are ok! We see you pishing in the woods of Berlin. Standing up, of course. We don't have much news at the moment. Take care, Lots of Lovexxx and hugs! Annie and Robby
**** PV: Hi gal! That was a WHOPPER of a log, whew! It must have CULLOMPTED into the bowl,LOL! Glad you liked the travelmate contest. Oh yes, we saw on a cable station last night an advert from Aussieland. It was a singing willie. Robby and I rolled on the floor laughing. We don't wee such things here in the states. Take care of our red-headed firebrand! Lovexxxx from Annie and Robby
****TIM AND SARAH: Hi dears! We are glad you loved our stories and of course we always love hearing from you. Tim, we hope you are better. Sarah, keep inching toward the freedom you want. Loved Josie saying that she needed to poo to the teacher. Children are so honest, aren't they! Take care, Big hugs and lovexx from Robby and Annie
**** TODD AND DIANA: Hi folks! Hope everything is ok! Your cyber-daughters say a big hello to you! We all hope the baby is coming along and that your(DIANA) poos are easy. TODD, we know that you will assist in any way!! Looking to both events! Lots of Lovexx Annie and Robby
****RIZZO: Hi dear friend! We loved your last story! We don't have much to tell at the moment. Hope you are on your boat. We didn't have anything funny happen on our lake trip. Oh well! Hope your wife is tip top! Lots of Lovexxx from Robby and Annie
**** KENDAL, LAWN DOGS KID, and ELLEN: Hi dears! ANDREW, we hope your birthday was a smash. Did you start it off with a big poo? KENDAL and ELLEN, did you do a wee and a poo for the celebration? We wish we could have been there. We also wish we could have given you something proper. Hope things are ok in the Village. Take care!! Lots of Lovexx and big hugs from Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie

This has gotten a bit long so we will leave!

HUGS TO: Eleanor- are you in the new house, yet?, Jane and Gary, Ephermal-have you arrived home, yet?, Kimmie and Scott-are you finished with school?, David(Germany), Adrian, Jeff A-where are you, my friend?, Adele, Samantha, Diva-hope you are singing up a storm., LindaGS, Cousin, Elena, Ellie and Little Lou. Of course, all of the other posters here not mentioned


Thank you very much, Steve, for letting me sit down to start writing. He has gone to change before going out. I'm going with them again, and if I can I am going to wee in an alley so he can watch.
Thank you very much, Upstate Dave, for writing that good story. I don't have any experience of men shitting and my sister's fiancee is the only man I have seen peeing, but I think I would be mesmerised to see a 10 inch by 2 1/2 inch come out. Thanks XXXXX
Yes it was a very big step for me to take, PV, to have a wee in front of Steve, but I had made my mind up to do it. I felt good doing it, and I enjoyed watching Steve watching me, looking at me between my legs while my wee jet squirted out. I had another wee for him today.
I am sitting here in a small white dress and white G string. Louise will be going out in a black dress that is similar to mine and black G string. If we swap dresses some time tonight I could sneak another kiss from Steve. Smile.


I have just had a bath with Louise and Steve, and this is the story.
I am just going into their bathroom because Louise has invited me to have a bath with them. I have not had a wee-wee for around five hours as far as I can remember. I am hoping I will have a go at weeing in the bathwater and giving Steve another chance to watch me. Steve is just pulling his pants down, and I can't help it but I have to have a good look at his sausage. I am unfastening my dress at the neck, and the cups in my dress fall off my breasts. I am feeling a little flushed in the face because like last time, I am showing Steve something I have not shown a man before. He smiles and he says my breasts are very nice like Louise's. Thank you, Steve. Smile. I am slipping my dress down my body and with a wiggle it goes down over my hips and to the floor. I am standing in my white G string and Louise is in her sky blue one Steve bought her a few weeks ago. We counted up to three and we pulled down our G strings together. In the bath I sat next to my sister so she could ! be next to Steve. I have a strong urge to wee, a stronger one than before I climbed in the bath with my knees drawn up. So I can give Steve a nice treat I ask my sister if I can stand and have a wee-wee. She just grins at me and strokes Steve's arm so I smile to and I get up to stand. The room is nice and warm so I am not too cold being wet like this. I have put my hands on my hips, and I feel ready to wee-wee but it won't come out. Steve is looking at my female bits but he closes his eyes because he knows I found it hard to start last time when he watched. Yes, yes, now it is starting to come. I am dribbling weakly and I have wee running down both my legs. Steve is watching now as my wee-wee runs out of my female bits. I try to breathe deeply to relax and it seems to work because my jet becomes much more forceful. Hissing as well, a gusher with a twist. Smile. There is some spray. This is not like when I have a bath with Louise and we have wee-wees in the water just like we! did when we were little girls, it seems such a different experience when a gorgeous man is there too. He seems to be enjoying the show. Smile. My gusher has not lasted for long, and now I am trickling weakly and tinkling. Steve is still enjoying it. Not as much as me though. I knew I wanted to have a bath with Louise and Steve but I am enjoying this new experience very much. I am really savouring it. Louise had a wee just like mine but with a much bigger gusher. Later... we climb out of the bath, Steve is a gent and dries my back for me. Then I blush when Louise hold Steve's penis when he has a wee-wee into the bath. I don't know why I'm blushing about that, I know she does that for him very often. I'm looking forward to doing things like it when at last I have a boyfriend.

Hello as well to all the nice men here. Rizzo, Richard, Mickey, Robby, Jeff A and Andrew



KELLY: Ok, here you go!!

1. What is your favorite part of having a BM; the anticipation, the first inch as it is coming out, the widest part, or the feeling at the very end?
**70% of the time, it's the feeling at the end. Sometimes, it realy is almost orgasmic!

2. What is your favorite type of BM?
-Passing a good, firm log. To discribe it, lets see...
**For me, a good one that's somewhere between 1.5" & just a hair over 2" wide feel best. Anything wider tends to be rather painful.
**It should be >8" long so I can really enjoy the feeling at it emerges.
**My poopies should have a lovely dark brown. The hue of a lovely piece of wooden furnature.
**I find nobbily, firm (but not hard) poops the most asthetically pleasing. (Not the hard nobbily kind you get during a bout of constipation - i.e. visibly composed of lots of little pellets loosely stuck together.)
**I don't like having a great deal of gas during a BM. Having someone hear me isn't the problem.... If I'm expecting a nice dump & all I pass is gas, I feel kinda cheated. Like my time has been wasted...
**Depending on the mood I'm in, I sometimes get off on the odour of a smelly poop. However, most of the time it doesn't affect me one way or the other.
**Having my wipes come up clean when I'm done, especially after a large and enjoyable dump, is always a bonus.

3. What aspect of watching a partner go do you like?
**Unfortunately, I don't have a partner at the moment. But if I do meet a lady who takes pleasure in sharing in this activity, I would enjoy it as she lets me watch the stool slowly come into view and then drop into the bowl with a nice big, SPLOOOOSH!
After that, wiping her bum nice'n clean.

4 Do you ever get the chills at the end of a very big BM?
**Yes. Every once and a while I have a little shiver immediately after an unusually large dump.

5 When doing a large firm log, do you ever try and stop it mid-way and hold it in that position for a few minutes?
**Nope. I enjoy the feeling produced by the poop as it moves.
Deliberately holding a jobbie halfway out or stools that get stuck as they're coming out are nothing but a pain the ass - both literally & figuratively.



Hi STEVE & LOUISE -- hey, what a great idea for an add! We need things like that -- maybe on unlicenced pirate TV stations that direct-broadcast from satelites launched by unaligned nations! Then the women of the world can finally see that they too can stand up and be counted! I can see it now -- a twenty-foot long steel wall urinal, with women standing shoulder to shoulder, weeing for all they're worth! And behind them, long lines more women waiting to do likewise. The camera rises and moves around beside the gal on the end of the line so we can see down the row at all the magnificent streams -- and the pretty blonde looks up from her own gusher and does the add schpiel! Yourself of course, darling! And the rest of the UK netball league could stand in as the "stunt team!"

I'll let you know the instant a she-wee reference comes up in an add here, but so far only the kitty-litter add has been aywhere close...

GIGGLE! The sanitary pads add was a crazy one, that famous statue... it got me thinking about the female garden statues we used to chat about -- how you could take a cement statue and drill it carefully, then install a hose connection and turn on the water so she would be passing a stream, perhaps into an ornamental pool. I still think it would be incredibly cute and very catchy...

Louise, congratulations on the martial arts grading -- you're doing extremely well. I know how much effort and concentration it takes, and you're succeeding spectacularly. It's a great thing you're doing -- keep it up!

Till next time, my friends,


PS: Carmalita -- I hope you're all feeling better real soon -- we miss you guys a LOT and want you to come back to us, safe and sound!

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone,

There's a lot of new names in recent posts, so I hope you all enjoy visiting this Toilet!

I had a good one today, the best this week, as it was slow, deliberate and clean and I felt great afterwards. I've had some of those not-so-easy-to-clean jobs this week which have made me feel a bit uncomfortable for a while after, but today's was also enhanced by reading printouts of posts I've copied. Brilliant reading material!
To sit there on the toilet and try to have a shit that needs a bit of effort and is great when it plops out, while reading of other guys doing the same and hearing others on neighbouring toilets is quite a good substitute for actually having company at the time!

BRYIAN, I too occasionally have toilet dreams. One night this week I dreamt I was on a toilet next door to another guy, when he starts to slide the partition forward so we can both see eachother sitting on the toilet. We start to chat, but as in many other dreams, there's a quick change of scene so that's all that happened.

I saw a programme on TV this week about horrendous hoidays people had experienced. One family reported having been staying at a hotel in Spain, in which their en-suite bathroom had been flooded by the toilet which had collected all the sewage from other toilets in the building. The camera showed the toilet full almost to the top with shit, and the people who'd stayed there described the smell as absolutely vile.
The liquid that had filtered through and flooded the apartment had saturated their clothes and bedclothes which had to cleaned, but the family felt unable to wear clothes that had been so disgustingly soiled.
I suppose the moral of this story is for anyone arranging a package tour holiday to make sure the company checks out the accommodation beforehand and that it will immediately transfer guests to somewhere clean and safe should the toilet become such an unpleasant feature of
their holiday.
Any contact with shit from people you don't know, in a hot country where people might have some gastric or sewage-related illness is best avoided before it happens!

Someone mentioned the "Big Brother" programme on TV, and that one of the male inhabitants was walked in on while sitting on the toilet.
Was that scene shown? In the previous series, there were cameras in the toilet, but no-one was as far as I know filmed on the toilet.
I've seen some of the programme, but as it's got to be the most boring thing I've ever seen on TV, I wouldn't bother to watch any more of it just on the off-chance, so will have to miss out on any future toilet scenes!

I really envy all the people here who describe public toilets wherethey're able to hear good shitting sessions going on.
The toilets I use have potentially good acoustics and I have heard some great sessions, been heard myself, and I love the toilets themselves, but quite often, and especially this week, I've heard the urinals flushing at frequent intervals, lorries outside or nearby with engines running, men who can't seem to piss without whistlingly loudly, (Why??),
people shouting conversations to each other at the urinals or outside, and almost every possible intusive noise imaginable to drown out any plopping sounds I might be making, or want to hear other guys doing.
Of course there must be lots of toilets much quieter, and which have men using them for a shit that can be heard well, but in all the places I've been to in the UK, I can't say I've ever found a really great toilet that gets good use, isn't noisy, is clean, and doesn't attract men who might annoy others who want to use the toilets.
As we've had a few surveys recently about our bowel habits, and which received a good response, can I ask if anyone who likes public shitting can share some of the best toilets they've visited?
I thought I'd found the best one ever when I was visiting Newcastle; a row of about 10 cubicles with metal toilet pans and lots of guys using them, but...a frequently used loud hand drier seemed to be almost continually in use!
Once in Swansea I found an old-fashioned toilet near the shore. three cubicles, and a deep toilet that would have been great to use, but as I sat in there for a whole hour, not one person came in on a hot sunny afternoon in mid-summer!
Guys in the USA who like communal shitting; you are SO fortunate!

Have great times on or at yout toilet, everyone! P. Plop Guy

Saturday, June 01, 2002

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