A friend of mine had this experience: We'll call her Brandi.
She was riding to a party in the middle of nowhere with her brother and his girlfriend. Brandi isn't shy and would occasionally fart to annoy the other passengers in the car. One of the farts was followed by poo. Brandi suspected she had made a really bad mistake, so she immediately excused herself into the woods near the party. Thankful the poo hadn't worn through her shorts, she decided to dispose of her panties, so she threw them further into the woods. End of story, right? No. Later that night, her and a couple of her buddies were sitting around finishing up the last couple of drinks, when in walks the host's dog. In the dog's mouth, Brandi's poo stained panties. Needless to say, she was mortified. Thought you might enjoy!

Looking through the archives, I see a lot of posts about the amount of paper people use to wipe with. There seems to be a lot of variety in how much paper people use. I think a big factor is how much you re-use the same paper. What I do is this. I grab a clump of perhaps 8 to 10 sheets. I wipe with that. Then I fold the paper over to get a clean spot and I wipe again. At this point, there is still brown stuff on the paper, but if it's not too thick and gloppy, I will wipe again using the same section of paper that I just used. I will wipe two or three times with the same section of paper before I fold it again. By reusing the same section of paper two or three times, I end up using a lot less paper than I would otherwise. It sounds gross, but it realls isn't. It sounds like you would be rubbing the poop that's on the paper back onto your body, but it really doesn't seem to work that way. The key thing is that you don't do it on the first wipe -- you do it after! you've gotten the bulk of the stuff off. I can get perfectly clean using a lot less paper than others do. Does anyone else do this?

I'm 13 years old and I am in 8th grade. I am skinny, blonde, and about 5'2". Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was sitting in class and all of a sudden I felt this huge urge in my butt to poop. I knew it was diarrhea because I just had the flu. The teacher saw I was desperate and let me leave class. I ran into the girls' room. There are four stalls, and due to vandalism they don't have doors on them. The three farthest stalls were all taken and I had to get the closest one, which meant I had barely any privacy. I ran into the stall, dropped my short shorts and panties to my ankles, and let out a dozen loud and watery plops into the toilet. I made a huge sigh of relief as I farted a couple of times. The girl next to me was peeing and she flushed the toilet. She walked by and stared at me. She kind of laughed and left the bathroom. That's why I wished doors were on the stalls. The girl in the third stall was wiping herself after a big dump. She left and stared at me also. The g! irl in the far stall was still there. I heard small drops and a sigh of relief coming from her stall. I looked under the wall and i saw black tennis shoes, black jeans, and green panties. Her feet and legs were shaking which meant she was squatting over the seat. I felt more coming out so I strained and more liquid and small drops came out. I heard her start to wipe. She pulled up her jeans and panties and flushed. She too stared at me when she left. I let out some more poop and as she washed her hands she asked, "Are you ok?". I said, " Yeah. I just have the runs." She went , "Oh," and left. I stayed in there for fifteen minutes staring at grafitti and messages on the stall walls while I let out my bowels. The toilet paper was gone. It was scattered all over the floor in front of me. Without pulling my undies and shorts back up, I ran into the next stall and grabbed as much toilet paper as I could. I ran back into my stall without getting caught. I wiped loads of mess all o! ver my butt. I pulled up my shorts and panties and looked in the toilet to see my mess. Let me just say it wasn't pretty. I flushed, washed, and left. When I returned to class,my classmates looked at me weird figuring I just spent 25 minutes in the girls' room.

Shanesoph - I liked your story about the football game, even though I like pee desperation stories better than poop. Yours was good though. Maybe you could describe some of your wet accidents you had up to 16 that you mentioned? By the way, I am 17, male, and concluding my junior year of high school.

I personally consider my pee holding ability to be superior to many people. If I go at 11pm, I can in most cases go until 3pm the next day without peeing again. I have been trying this out the last few days and have certainly been squirming around a little in class toward the end, but I can do it. Ironically, however, usually when i need to pee, it does not take long for it to become a very urgent need.

Another question that I have for anyone, especially around my age (17) is do you sometimes wet your pants at home for convenience. For example, if i'm up at like 11:30 finishing homework and i have to take a piss real bad (happens frequently), it's usually inconvenient to stop what i'm doing to go to the bathroom. After a few minutes, i'm always bouncing and squeezing my dick while trying to work. So sometimes i'll just start whizzing in my pants a little at a time right there as i work. I hate to make too big of a wet spot because I dont want my mom to find out, but sometimes i have to go so bad that i cant help it. Anyway, my 14 yr. old friend says that he also pisses his pants out of convenience at home sometimes so i was wondering if anyone here does the same thing??

By the way, i'm trying to work up the courage to pee my pants in public, not necessarily on purpose completely, but when i'm really desperate instead of constant fidgeting and looking for a bathroom (also happens rather frequently). Obviously, what i'm saying excludes genuine accidents when you weren't planning on whizzing in your pants but couldnt hold it any longer. Any suggestions?

Please respond to any of this if you can. Thanks for your time.


I was out of town for Memorial Day Weekend (USA). I went to Moab UT to do some biking and 4x4ing. I stayed at the Lazy Lizard Hostel. I had a few good shits there. One of the posters mentioned that he dropped some poop when he got up temporarily. This happened to me. I went to take a shit in the bathroom that has 3 showers and 2 toilets. I sometimes flush the toilet after the last piece of shit exits my anus and then I do the "paperwork" and flush again. This is to prevent the clogging of the toilet especially if the toilet is a 1.6 gallon. Back on the shitting, there were some college kids in the baathroom when I was shitting and I would have exited sooner except the "tail" shit. When I flush in between shitting and wiping, I get up to flush. When I was finished, I found a small piece of mashed shit on the seat and some on my butt cheek. It was kind of a mess to wipe. It took me much longer to get out since I had to clean up. By then, everyone was gone.

A question for everyone. I was thinking about the Greatful Dead Concerts that were prevalent during the summer season before Jerry Garcia died back in 1995. I know many people took the summer off to follow them. It was prevalent that people did camping while following the Greatful Dead. Some of you might have gone to the Greatful Dead concerts. Were a lot of people open about bathroom habits ? What are the equivalent concerts to the Greatful Dead these days ? Phish ?

Moved to a new office about 6 mos. ago and it's lousy. It's lousy because you can't hear through the men's room wall all the ladies grunting, farting and exploding. The old office was great for us guys turned on by women shitting. I mean, the walls were paper thin, and the door way into the ladies room was right out in the main hall, so when I saw a pretty run in there, I would stand right out side of the door and pretend to be drinking from the water fountain. If the door happened to open, you could really hear the good stuff. I am an early bird, so early one morning at about 7:30, I saw the very attractive black, Hattian girl about 21 run in there. I took up position outside the door and I could hear her unzip and drop her drawers. Splbbb, blop, kerplunk, bbbvvvvrrr, all sorts of noises. I could hear her sigh and mumble, "errrg". She was in there a really long time, but I was able to hold my position until I saw some one heading in or out the door. When the door opened! , she walked out really fast and did not notice me standing by the water fountain, right by the door. Now those doors had those hydrolic bars on the tops, so they closed ever so slow. It stayed open long enough for me to get a nice wiff of the aroma she left behind. AAhhh, nothin' like it. Of all the ladies I heard in there, the black ladies seemed to explode a lot more. I thought a few of them were missing an organ after they came out, wow. This new building has the women's rooms all the way down a corridor, so no men can even get near the place. They must have had me in mind when they designed it.Reminds me of when I was in college and there was an all women's Grad school class being taught every Sat. morning at 8:00. It was in a small out of the way building on campus and the bathroom was way down the hall around the corner. What I did was pretend to be studying in on of the classrooms across from the ladies bathroom which only had 2 toilets and a paper thin door. You cou! ld hear someone wispering in there. Now a lot of those ladies ages 25-50 came from as far as an hour away, so when they got there, they where ready to go to town stinkin' the place up. One would go in and explode, one after another, but they usually went in in 10 minute intervals. After one came out, I would sneak in there to get a wiff and to see some of the jobbies left behind. I could hear someone coming down the hall, so there was little risk of being caught. Man, I am so lucky. Oh, I am such a stinker.. I purposely clogged up one of the toilets so it would not flush. You want to talk about some monster turds, and most of the ladies where black. Dark brown turds, light turds, corn turds, you name it, they dropped it.
Them were the days, it seems harder and harder to be a voyer nowdays.
Oh yea, Kim, the part black and part Island girl...., she was a big dissapointment. She came to my place twice in the last 2 months and just sat on the toilet and dribbled. I had to put her on waivers and find someone else. Oh well, those the brakes. Rick. P.S. - Don't ask me what my GPA was in school!

Atlanta Lady
Greetings everyone!

I had a really big, healthy dump this afternoon. I was getting ready for work when I felt the urge to unload a fat one. I tried to push the feeling back, but when I went outside it urge got stronger. I felt it coming and ran back into the house. I lifted my summer dress and slid down my lacy panties. I peed for about 10 seconds and then came the ring-widening burden. I had to kick off my sandals and make sure my bare feet were firm on the floor for this one. I had a bit of trouble pushing it out. The more I bore down, the wider the load came. So I sat there for about 5 minutes and let the monster work it’s way out. I found myself giving eye-tightening efforts accompanied by spurts of pee. Finally, it dropped out of me and plopped in the water. Oh, the splash back felt so good. The stool was a SOUL FOOD FLOATER; what we black folks call a “sweet potato” stool. The piece of poop was pinched on the ends, but wide and firm in the middle. I used a soapy rag to ! clean my ass. Then I sprayed my inner thighs and between the cheeks of my butt with body freshener.

Does anyone else out there wash off his or her anal region after taking a dump?


I like to hear stories on poop.It's real funny.I mostly like stories on when people see other people poop.If you could send more stories that I would really appreciate that.Thanks

Hi everyone,
I'm Duke. I used to post here, but I haven't done so in a long time. I think my posts were somewhere back around page 100, or even before. But even though I haven't been posting, I have been a regular reader since the site opened, and have always enjoyed the posts of others who visit this site. I am glad to see that some of the people who were here when this site opened are still posting from time to time, and I am always happy to see new names here and their stories.

I had to write to share a recent experience. I live in an apartment building. My neighbor's name is Svetlana. She is probably in her late 20s. She is pretty, with shiny long brown hair and a nice figure. She is kind of shy but pleasant. We don't really speak much, we just say hello in the morning because we often leave for work around the same time. I live at the end of the hall and have to pass Svetlana's apartment to get to the elevator. The other morning I was leaving for work and I passed her apartment as usual to get to the elevator. As I passed by, I noticed an extremely strong strong poop smell in the hall, something I had never experienced before. I didn't know where it was coming from, but it didn't take a lot of effort to discover the smell coming from Svetlana's apartment. I paused in front of her door to enjoy the thought of Svetlana on the toilet and the scents she produced, imagining exactly what she was doing as she pooped and peed. I could hear the radio ! playing softly in her apartment. Unfortunately, I didn't hear any farting or grunting sounds...but after a few minutes, I heard her pulling on the toilet paper roll, and the toilet flushing. Then I got the elevator and headed off for time I see Svetlana, I'll be thinking of her and her very strong smelling poo...and I enjoyed every second of it. She can stink up our hall anytime! And now each morning, as I pass her apartment, I hope for a repeat performance...

a couple of days ago was at crawfish boil (im from the south) .they had a snowball stand there. i got a bubblegum flavored one. it was all blue. after i ate it, it made my mouth blue. it must have had alot of dye in it. anyway a few hours later i had a little bit of diahrea. when i crapped it came out so blue. it was wierd . it was like the blue tablets were in there but we dont put the tablets in the water. it finally looked normal the next day.its kind of funny now

Okay, so I was in grade 7 - making me 12 - when I suddenly needed to piss. My friend and I would call it a 'situation'. It would usually start after lunch hour. Because I would drink, but was too afraid to use the public bathroom. So the last class of the day is Geography. I need to piss awfully bad, but I'm too shy to ask the teacher to use the bathroom. I was such a loser. So I started kicking my legs slightly, to keep myself from pissing. It really helps. But as I went further in the class, and needed to piss more and more, I had to kick my legs more and more. After a while, they were flailing a mighty storm under my desk. That's when other people in the class started to take notice. On one side my friend and on the other side a classmate named Jenny. Jenny and my friend made eye-contact and chuckled a little. Then Jenny started pointing it out to other classmates. I was already a very shy, fatass, so I just put my greasy head down and turned really bright red. I tried to! do work and ignore everybody, but my legs kept kicking. Other people around me looked shocked, apalled and amused all at once. Now most people in the class noticed, except the one guy I needed to notice (Mr. Byron, the teacher). My flailing legs weren't cutting it anymore. I realized that it was over, it was going to have to come out. Everybody was watching. I stopped my legs. My urethra started upon and that warm liquid filled my pants and chair. It was the ultimate in embarassment. I wanted to kill myself, like all those other times when I noticed nobody loved me. I still knew people were watching, and they must know if my legs stopped, something was wrong. I don't know what came over me, but my next gesture now seems so futile. I pulled my long shirt down over my knees. This didn't help. It just made everything clearer to people. A girl who sat in front of me named Sherry THEN decided to tell the teacher. A little late, eh Sherry? Why are you all laughing at me? Probably! because I pissed myself in grade 7! So Mr. Byron comes to the back of the class (where I'm seated, because I"m shunned and hated). I'm now sitting in a puddle of my own urine, and this guy has the nerve to say "Would you like to go to the bathroom?" I sort-of lift my greasy, beet-red head and grumble 'no'. He goes to the front of the class. Soon the bell rings, and I get the heck out of there as quickly as possible, not talking to anybody. Not even my friends. Even they're laughing at me, because I"m a pathetic pissy-pants.
The end.

i am 19 blound blue eyes and im in a wheelchair due to a car crash and my story happend the other day i was chatting to a friend in a chatroom and i really had to poop but hel it as me and my friend had not talked to each other i a while then the need got wose and as my sister(she lookes after me) was not home to help me i went to the toilet on my i was wheeling towards the toilet it all came out there was loads of it and it filled my white panties to the i went and told my internat friend wot happend and i would be awile as i need to cleen i went back into the toilet and lifted my bum off the chair while i pulled down my panties.there were full off poo and i stunk off poop bad so i had my poop filled panties round my legs so i got loads of toilet paper and picked up the turds one by one there was about 5 big turds.and then i tried to flush the toilet as it stunk be i could not reach from my chair so i just pulled um my panties and jeans and went back to! talking to my friend.

i luv the message board has this happen to any1 i a chair u know please tell me as i feel really stupid


Last night i stayed online late..i got off around midnight or so and i put the tv on and settled for sleep. I was fliping through and i came across Jay Leno and he was talking to people and stuff. To My amazement he was interviewing this girl in her 20's i would say. She said one time that her and her boy friend were on the road and she had to go to the bathroom very very bad. She said she stuck her body out the windown and let go. I don't remember every detail. Im not even sure if she was peeing or pooping. I do know this was in Texas. Did any one see this?
For all i could know this young ladie could be posting on here :)

any way i haven't pooped in several days..last time i went was on Monday and its late thursday.

This morning after my shower, I decided to have a shave. During this time my girlfriend woke up and a few minutes later asked me if I'd nearly finished in the bathroom. I said I was just finishing shaving. In the past she has gone to the toilet while I shave but this time she stayed away. As soon as I left the bathroom and went to the living room, my girlfriend hurried past me in to the bathroom. As per normal I secretly listened at the door and she must of been really desperate as usually I hear her pee before anything else, but today two loud fast plops preceeded her pee. There where 5 or 6 more big plops before i heard the paper be torn for wiping. As per usual, I move away from the bathroom door at this stage. If I had known she was in desperate need I would of extended my stay in the bathroom so she would of have had no choice but to use the toilet in my company.
Do any of you stay in the bathroom longer than necessary so that someone else has to use it while you are in there?

Punk Rock Girl

Let me just say, I'm 100% heterosexual, and, believe it or not, I'm by no means a toilet fetishist, but even I think today's picture (5/29/02) is adorable. That cute little smile just sitting there on the crapper. I just want to give her a big hug!

Anyway--here's a story my cousin told me about something that happened when she was in high school. I do not know whether or not this is true, but it's what she told me.

Apparently, a few girls on the cheerleading squad thought it would be funny to ask a few of the geeks (one of whom is a friend of my cousin) to the prom. They were supposed to pick them all up together at one girls' house. When the guys got there, the girls had already left with their real dates. So the geeks decided to get them back. So, there was a pep rally a few days later and the guys snuck into the girls' locker room where they got ready for their cheering routine and spiked their waters with some sort of mineral oil that causes chronic and uncontrollable diarrhea.

So, they waited a few hours for the girls to come out of the locker room in their cheerleading outfits (and with their water bottles) and followed them at a distance until they were halfway down the hill. They hid in the bushes and watched. The cheerleaders were all drinking the water, and getting ready for their routine, when a couple of them started waling around uncomfortably. Finally about half of them ran to the porta-potties. The other half just looked perplexed. The ones waiting for the others to finish in the porta-potties were clutching their stomachs or holding their asses. One of them apparently could no longer hold it and ran behind some bushes. By the end of it, all but three of the cheerleaders had diarrhea and two of them had shit themselves. All in front of about three hundred students, teachers and parents. All three of the geeks got suspended. My cousin's friend said it was worth it and that it was the least they deserved for being so rotten t! o them all through high school.

Once again, I don't know if this story is true, but it's a nice story anyway. I'm sure there are some nice cheerleaders out there, but my experiences with them were always negative. I'd have paid $100 to see any one of the cheerleaders I went to high school with shit in her panties.



While on a train trip through a few states, I just could not bring myself to use a public bathroom. I must have held it for about three days at least. I din't eat or drink much. When we finally got to our destination I had a nice visit with the bathroom.

My parents were having me meet with a homeopathic specialist (for other reasons) and I got a lecture on how important and natural it was to expel waste.

Then I had to do it all again--on the way back home.

To Shanesoph: I've taken a wicked beer piss while clenching my butt...I liked your story. I've thought about knocking on a strangers door before but i know its not safe. I liked how your roomie peed in a can.. How was your poop hard soft? cool

To It's all about Me: I loved your story

To the unnamed poster: Re Camping w/ church group...i liked your story

To Elaine 2nd post: I liked your story

To Neo: If i were you i think i'd tell your girl friend..she started it

To Ibs lady: I liked your story..did you finish your shopping? or did you just go home?

To the unnamed poster: who i think replied to me. Are you comenting on my post about washing my butt in the sink? I do not live was later at night

well i gotta run bye

Russell S. (AR)

To Trisha: I am pleased to hear that you finally were able to relieve yourself last week, from that gut-wrenching nine-day constipation. The fact that it took you two hours to "deliver" your enormous BM made me feel somewhat sorry for you. I mean, it must have been just like having an 11-pound baby, and, from what I have read, you have yet to be someone's mother. Anyway, if you haven't already, you might still go to your doctor, so that he or she can prescribe some kind of antibiotic for you, since you said you had felt a bit weak and sick after your ordeal with this huge snake of a bowel movement. If you would, please tell me the dimensions of this BM. I am curious as to know what your BM's diameter (or thickness) was, as well as an rough estimate of the length of this monsterous load. I would certainly appreciate your cooperation. I can just imagine what you must have looked like before you were finally able to relieve yourself, complete with a bulging stomach ! and all.

Most of the time, when a young woman delivers a large baby, her hips and bottom increase in size, and this usually makes her look more filled out. I wish this was the same case with girls who deliver a relatively large bowel movement. But then, I suppose it depends on the girl's overall health and metabolism. By the way, Trisha, are you a caucasian (white), like myself, or are you an African American? No, I am not interested in a date, or anything like that, because I may be a little too old for you. As I had said before, in my previous posting, I am a 31-year-old man, and I am attracted to girls with a wide bottom, as long as they are well-shaped and have an attractive face.

Now for another story. This one took place about 22 years ago, when I was only nine years old. And, by the way, this is a story about an embarrassing urinary accident at the dentist's office.

It all started when I was sitting in the dental chair, and waiting for the dentist to come and inspect the work of one of his nurses. I began to feel the pressure build up inside my penis, as it began to swell with the urine. I thought I could just fight it off, but the pressure had begun to become worse! because I had that nasty tooth-cleaning paste in my mouth, I was unable to shout loud enough to the nurse, who was now in a room down the hall. Finally, when she returned to where I was waiting, my urine was ready to explode out of me. When I told the nurse I had to go, she allowed me to get up out of the dental chair. However, as I was getting up out of the chair, I could not help but let go of my pee. Suddenly I was soaking wet with urine; and by the time I got to the bathroom, I was almost done. I was extremely embarrassed, both for myself, the nurse, and my mother--who was NOT AT ALL pleased with the fact that I had an accident in my clothes!

On the way home, my mom scolded me about my accident, and threatened to tell my father about it when we arrived home. Fortunately, my dad had understood and forgave me, although my mom thought I deserved a major punishment. Hey, I couldn't help it, because I was just a youngster!! Besides, everyone has one or more toilet accidents in their lifetime. Today, things have changed, and my folks treat me like the adult I am, at least most of the time. Anyway, folks, I hope you all enjoyed my newest posting here. Take care, everyone, and keep the stories going.

Best Regards,

Russell S. (AR)

IBS lady. I too have a mild form of IBS which can be irritating and inconvenient. Have you ever takem Imodium? I don't know whether it's available in your part of the world (I'm a UK guy) but, if it is, your doctor should be able to advise you on the use of it to treat IBS. If you have IBS anyway it's worth taking what medical advice you can to ease the condition and improve your quality of life.

Tony, you and I are two of a kind and I concur with everything you've said in your latest post. It's quite general for two men or two women to perform in each other's presence and perhaps conduct a conversation at the same time. However, it's much rarer for men and women to go in each other's presence. Like you and Theresa I would personally eschew any activity involving elimination which involved other, extreme agendas. It doesn't interest me and I'd rather leave to people who like that sort of thing.

Michael. You're perfectly normal!

Steve & Louise. I hope the wedding goes well and the preparations leading up to it. Tonight is the last episode of 'Survivor' and I wonder if it will contain any references to elimination. So far 'Big Brother' has been quiet in the bathroom department although I think one of the contestants farted the other day.

Best wishes to all,


Christi, do you like pooping your pants on purpose, i do!!!! please tell more experiences!

i have just relieved myself of constipation. i feel so much better. i now have nothing in my stomach and im pretty hungry. so i am gonna eat and then shit it out tommorrow bye everyone.

Mr. Person
Hey everybody, I've been reading posts here for the past year and a half, but I've never had enough courage or an interesting reason to post, but now I do. First off, I'm a 16 y/o guy with green eyes, an alternative rock band, and a passion for defacation. anyway...on to my story. It all started yesterday morning, I woke up, and my somach was killing me for about 5 minutes, but it eventualy settled down and I didn't really think about it. later that day I had the same problem, but again, my ???? settled and I felt fine. normaly I have a BM a day but I was suprised to find that I had no urge, by the time I was in bed. comes...I wake up around the crack of noon, (I'm allready a graduate and I'm out of a job if you wanted to know why I was home) and I'm feeling tottaly fine. So I go about my day, writing some music and playing RPGs, when suddenly, the urge hits, so I come out of my hovel of solitude to discover that someone was home, and in the bathroom aparently. :( so...I wait in my room...and after awhile the urge passes and I'm back to normal. I went on with my casual lifeless routine for a couple of hours, when sudenly, the urge hits again. so I leave, only to find out that someone else happens to be locked in the W/C. :( So, trying reeeally hard, I manage to submerge the bm once more. I return to my room, a little nervous, when sure enough, an hour later, yet another famliy member in the restroom. By this time, I'm tottaly desprate. I try as hard as I possibly can to hold it, but no luck, it starts to surface, and I start to panic. I was going to run outside but I wouldn't make it if I had. so, my mind racing, I look around my room only to find (Hallelujah!) a sole 'medium-sized' McDonalds cup from earlier, my only hope. I stand up, take down my pants and boxers, but then, before I can aim, it happens, I release, but at the exact moment I do I manage to reach down and hold the cup directly under my self, and I just let flow. at this time I'm feeling tottaly humiliated, cos I've never done anything like that before, and I'm scared that I most certianly got plenty on the floor, when lo and behold, I look down to find that absolutly all of it got into the cup!
(keep in mind this was all in an instant, I had no time to think at all, it was all liquid, and the cup was about a foot under me, thusly, a miracle) so, finnaly I manage to sneak into the bathroom w/ my cup and eleminate what was left. :) well...I guess after not posting for a year and a half, that wasn't a truely remarkable story, but it sure felt like it. anyway...I've gotta go, I'll try to acctualy post from now on, I love you all soooooo sooo sooooo much, esspecialy PRG, lol...a'ight, laters.
yours truely,

Hey everyone, still sick here. No thanks to my sister! I really hate her sometimes!! Me and Nealy (she spent the night last night.) were up almost all night with the runs and she still has them, and she is even sicker than me! Which is odd, because I usually get diarrhea the worst. We went to her house today, because she didn't me to have to sit on the mop buckets anymore (she so nice to me), and on the walk there she actually had to stop and squat behind a bush! We've both had the dropseys all day, I actually just came from the toilet! But Im not gonna tell you guys about last night, Nealy called dibs on it and shes better at stories anyways. So as soon as she feels up to it (poor girls lying in bed with her hand on her stomach moaning. Prolly wont be long now,) she'll tell it as soon as she feels a little better. And if you're curious, we've been thinking of ways to get back at her sister, should we? Nealy just ran off looking pretty sick. Poor thing!

Jason the poop lover
Hi folks. Havent posted in a few days.
Im responding to Kelly's questionaire.
1. I like every part of having a BM. All of it feels good, but the very best part is the biggest part. I also like feeling relieved when it comes out.
2. I like it when my BM is hard and spiky. It feels the best. I also like it when its hard and smooth. The wider and longer it is when its hard, the better. That's why in a few of my earlier posts I asked if anyone knows how I can get it to come out 3 feet long and 4 inches wide without breaking. If you know, can you tell me? Thanks.
3. Well, I don't have a partner and theres only one time I saw anyone else go, but if I could watch, it would be thrilling from beginning to end. I would want to see the facial expressions, I would want to see the doodoo coming out and plop when it comes out, ad I would want to here the noises the doodoo and the person makes while it comes out. I would also like for the person to tell me how it felt when their done. I perfer to watch a female doodoo.
4. I never get the chills, but I do feel very relieved when it comes out. Sometimes my butt still hurts when I'm finished. The pain only lasts about 5 to 15 minutes.
5. It comes out faster when I push, so I don't push. That's how I saver the moment. It also feels wonderful when I push because I like the smoothness or the prickly feeling moving fast through my butt. When it doesn't move, I do hold it for a few minutes. It's nice to have the pressure in my butt and it's nice having something feel heavy in my butt.

On Monday, I threw up a few times and I also had diarrhea. The diarrhea was brown and my stomach hurt a tiny bit. It was watery and poured out quickly. It took 5 minutes to doodoo. It was sort of comforting and I got hard because of it. I wiped about ten times.

Nice picture at the top of this screen today. This is my favorite one. I wonder who she is.

To Christi: How did it feel when you doodooed while you typed? Can you tell me about the experience?

I guess I'm the second Jason to post on this forum because I noticed that there was a Jason who posted before I found this website and He just posted about the Home Deopt. I'm glad I found this website because I always wanted to tell people about my doodoo experiences and hear other peoples experiences. I wish I could meet Stef and Jessica and Christi because they have interesting posts. They love to doodoo just as much as I do.

Donnie C.
Hello everyone!

Don't know if anyone realizes this, but the the anonymous girl who posted about her middle-school accident described an incident which has been widely publicized in America. The girl, a Latina whose name has been published, and her mother demanded that the teacher apologize to her in front of the other students. So far, the teacher has refused, and the school has also failed to make the teacher apologize.

They were even joking about this on right-wing talk radio. This poor child will now have the stigma of being the girl who messed herself in class, and told everybody about it.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all:
Boya week makes a difference in the weather around here. Now it has been nice but humid. Nothing to report on seeing anything new outside here in my area. So I deceided to return a favor lets say to Damsel,Louise, and the other ladies who have given great stories to us others on the forum.
The other morning while I was reading the posts here I could feel the urge building that I needed to take a shit. I finished reading them and posted my own story.(Bear Mnt) I was wearing a tshirt and a old pair of cut off jeans. Upstairs to the bathroom I went.
Now I stand 6'1" tall and I wiegh 160 lbs. I am thin but am very broad shouldered and my legs are well built from years of bike riding and walking. (My wife likes my firm ass from all the bike riding.) I get into the bathroom and unziped the cutoffs(no snap or button long gone) and they drop to the floor. I sit down on the seat and get ready to go.
I reach down between my thighs and push my penis down so that I wont pee between the bowl and seat. Amoment later my anus is opening and this brown tip is poking out. My anus opens wider as more is being pushed out. The diameter is now 2 1/2 inches. This one is smooth surfaced and is firm but not dry type hard. The length has reached 10 inches and is well into the water below. The mornings three cups of coffee now want out of my bladder also. My pee stream shoots out with a gush and splashes against the bowl hard.
My anus is still wide open and six more inches have passed through. The front end of this one is down in the bottom and sliding toward the trap valve. I push down on my penus so my pee stream is now loudly splashing in the water in the bowl. I can now feel my anus starting to close as the shit was tapering down in size. Then my anus closed shut and there was no sound as this one exited. I finished peeing and my bladder was now empty. I grabed the tp and wiped my anus and it only took a couple of wipes and it was clean.
I stood up and looked down. This was a long one. It was well down into the trap and was four inches above the water line. There was a curved bend to it. This one was almost two feet in length! I have not done one like that in a long time. I flushed and the water poped it upward at first and it spun around in circles. Part of it did break off and went down. I had to flush a second time and it spun around again and broke in two and went through the trap and out of sight. Well thats the story and I now feel the urge comming on again so catch everyone later. Upstate Dave

Now its like all of a sudden I starting to have long skinny turds for some reasson is thie a problem. Or if it isnt tell how to get more fat turds.

My story. This is the first and only time I ever had a poop acciden I WAS REALLY SMALL AND MY PARENTS PUT ME IN DAY CARE. aND FOR SOME REASON WHEN i WAS little everytime I would hold in my poop it would come back watery(anyone else experience this). So I le it loose in my pants. And when I got home my mom did not really care because I was little.

anonymouse: At least someone replies to my posts... so have u ever had any experiences w/ a girl?

TIM & SARAH -- Hi there, no you never said anything wrong! I think some of my replies to you went into cyberspace a time or two, and I lost the thread of discussion... I always love your postings!

SARAH & MEGAN -- Love your buddy toidy for birthday at the Kendal Clan! Woo-ee! Classic!

DAMSEL -- Your squat on the patio for Steve was absolutely courageous, you are an inspiration! Some lucky guy is in for the ride of his life, sweetie!

STEVE (& LOUISE) -- not long now, darlings, I know you'll be hyper-busy and much too distracted to post here -- we understand and wish you better than the best in all that's to come!

I had an interesting toilet experience yesterday moring -- I went for my main poo, and passed one of my longest ever. I looked in the bowl and it was just turning over at the very bottom before breaking off, a good 15 inches worth! But it was only a half-inch thick, so the mass was low...

I was up at college today, and had fun watering my favourite old steel wall in the library! Up on the step, jeans down a bit, spread, relax, push -- ahhhhhh! A nice crackly splatter on the wall and into the gutter, she-wee splashing between my feet -- it took me back! I dribbled a bit as always, my trusty tissues were positioned to catch the mess -- nothing to it. I wasn't interrupted and walked out unnoticed. Lucky, I guess!

Cheers to the full membership of the WSPC and all my friends here,


Is everyone aware that Mel B (spice girls) has a bathroom in her house with a "double toilet" - i.e. 2 pans next to each other - when asked why, she has said "well, if you can't have a pee next to your best mate then I don't know what the world is coming to" - (or words to that effect) -

she's down to earth if nothing else!

Hey everyone, I hope your poos and wees have been good recently.

The last time I went for a poo was the other day. I was really desperate so I had to run to the toilet, as soon as I pulled my pants down I pushed just gently and it all came out. It was a good load as well. There must have been about 4 logs all about 6/7 inches approx and all good thickness.

Has anyone else in th UK been watching Big Brother recently? Theres been a couple of toilet mentions. Lynne accidently walked in on PJ while he was sitting on the toilet, she later apologised for it, but he seemed to be bothered by it. Also, Alex has said he is having toilet trouble as he hasn't gone in days (5 days I think). I wonder whats wrong with him?

Leather Pants Girl - Good to see your enjoying pooping yourself. Theres a lot of people on here that do. I hope you continue to share your panty-pooping experiences. Whats the biggest load you've done in your panties so far, and how long do you usually 'walk around' in them?

Louise and Steve
TIM AND SARAH - Hi!!! Oh I bet a lot of guys would be scared off by our netball team. LOL We were a bit wild having wees in the urinal with Steve watching us. Thank you very much for congratulating me on my test. Steve has taught me a bit more than I needed and I am getting faster now too. I am really enjoying myself.
Steve speaking.
Yes, indeed. I was just a few minutes too late to witness Louise's nervous diarrhoea episode. It wouldn't be the first time I've been around when she has had the runs, but when it happens to her it is usually well worth watching.
Tim, you are quite right. I did neglect to say anything about how Louise's netball team were responsible for the front of my jeans being under some strain at the time I was watching them anointing the porcelein with their urine. Of course by then I had already urinated while they watched me, and that was stressful enough, so I'm glad things were done in that order. There was a more visible reaction from me when it was shower time, but you'll understand that is all I can say on the matter! I still say Louise is a bad influence on all those shy, quiet girls. <snicker>
It also seems that while I have Louise talking to her friends about my penis, you have your little girl talking to the pre-school teacher over the telephone about when you 'do poo-poo'. Almost a running commentary in fact. <snicker>
Louise here.
Well that is like when we were shopping on a Suaturday afternoon and a little boy said to his mum about how he wanted to have a wee and then have a big poo. His mum got a bit embarrassed about him saying what he wanted to do and she said he did not need to tell everybody. I bet he just did not get it, because he just said again "well I want a wee and a poo". It was a giggle.
Love from Louise and Steve.

PV - Hi girl. I do not have a lot of news today but last night I had a nice bath with Steve and I had a huge gushing wee into the water when I stood up. It got Steve going, you know?
Steve speaking.
Well you could say that. Ahem.
Anyway, the last time I posted I had intended to comment on what you said about the Stayfree adhesive sanitary pads commercial, but somehow it slipped my mind.
I am not much of an expert on whether pads like those are capable of such high resistance to pressure as well as absorbancy, but I think I am safe from Louise trying the idea out on me when I urinate. In recent years she has switched to tampons, but no doubt if she still used pads, she would be rolling one up and slipping it over my penis.
On your last point, perhaps the Aussie public are meant to think girls only perspire, not urinate. It's amazing that male urination is treated in such an open and indeed humourous way yet female urination is such a taboo subject. Louise's netball team don't seem to think it is.
Louise here.
Yeah, what about this then? You get the makers of urinals making commercials with me and my netball team queueing up to wee in them and it shows us giving them a good yellow wash, you know? We look at the camera and we nod our heads and say "yeah it's good. No splashing! No worries!"
Steve speaking.
Well, that is some proper forward thinking, Louise. Perhaps a little ahead of its time. <snicker>

Kind Regards to our friends here,

Louise and Steve.

Hi, I have come across this site and have been thrilled by the many very explicit posts about defecation.

Im in my twenties, single but have a steady boyfriend. Since childhood I have enjoyed passing large solid jobbies and hearing other people doing them or seeing the turds they have dropped. Im another English poster and like many of the other Brits who post here am into large solid motions. Diarrhea and loose mushy poos turn me right off but I lucky that I dont often suffer from those.

Im a ???? girl weighing in at 15 stones that's 210 pounds to US readers and have a big fat bum (butt), a rounded ????, and large boobs.

Reading back through this Forum there are many men who are turned on by listening to women defecating and even watching them if they will allow them but are too shy to ask for fear of offending the girl. In my case the situation was that I was quite happy for my boyfriend Paul to come in but he was far too shy to ask.

Like others who post here I am not at all inhibited about doing a motion (BM) and over the years have allowed schoolfriends of either gender to watch me and vice versa and, to use a lovely phrase I picked up from here to buddy dump. I had no problem with my sister or my brother watching me and vice versa.

When I met Paul and he came over to my flat I mentioned that I was going to the toilet for a number two. Now I noticed that he seemed to show more than a casual interest in this and at that point was even about to ask him if he wanted to come in with me while I did it, but held back as we had only started to go out with each other. I did however leave the toilet door slight ajar and treated him to the sound effects. As I pass nice big solid jobbies, panbusters as you call them here, he got a first class performance with my trying hard, going "NN! UH! OH!" the first couple of loud "KUPLONK! SPLOONK! sounds as I did some hard balls, then the depth charge "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" as the big jobbie came out. When I came back from the toilet rubbing my ???? and saying, "Oh that's better! I needed that!" I did notice a tell tale bulge in the front of Paul's trousers and that he had gone into the toilet himself after a few minutes. As I had done a big fat 12 inch log it had stuck in! the pan and he saw my motion.

Now sensing that this had turned him on we had a great time that night. However he didnt say anthing and I didnt want to embarass him at that time.

A few weeks later the ideal opportunity arose. I had been a bit constipated after my period and knew that I would have a difficult very large motion to pass. At my flat after lunch I felt the urge to do a poo and said to Paul. "Can you do me a very personal favour? Im a bit constipated and need a motion but it might be a bit difficult to pass, I'd like you to come in with me, hold my hand and rub my ????" His eyes lit up but he also went a deep shade of red. I now know he was trying to hide his being turned on by such things. He agreed and came with me into the toilet. I pulled down my jeans and my black panties and sat on the pan. After doing a wee wee I could feel the big hard mass of poo in my rectum and told Paul to gently rub my ???? then push when I told him. I bore down going "NN! UH! NNN! OH!" PLONK! out came a hard ball. "Push Paul" OH! NNN! UH! AH! KUPLONK! KAPLOONK!" two more eggs came away. "Can I have a look?" Paul asked. Shifting my bum off the pan I let! him look at the fat lumps but said, "That's just the start of it, there's a really big fat jobbie up inside me trying to get out, so keep rubbing my ????!" Paul did so and I felt things start to move. Taking a deep breath I bore down and said, "Now, push gently but firmly on my ????!" As he did so I went "NNN! OH! NNN! AH!" and I could feel the big fat turd start to emerge. This one was no hard ball but a nice big fat log. "EH! NN! UH!" I continued to push it out. It slowly but surely emerged and Paul looked between my legs, (I had my panties down at my knees), and saw it as it grew in size, a lumpy fat jobbie of about 2.5 inches thick. Still pushing it out I continued "NN! UH! AH! till it tapered to an end and fell into the pan with a loud "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!". Both Paul and I gave a gasp, me from exertion and relief, Paul from excitement. I moved my bum to let him see the big fat jobbie, then sat back saying, "I havent finished there's some more on its way" This was a s! mooth easy poo. Formed and solid but a lot less effort to pass than the fat brick preceeded it. It slid out into the pan with a "FLOOMP!" "Ah that's better I exclaimed!" and did another small wee wee. Happy that I was finished I observed that Paul was very aroused and commented. "Looks as if you got as much out of doing that motion as I did?" He blushed but I quickly put him at ease by saying, "Dont worry, I get a buzz from doing a big poo as well" . We had a good look at my motion, some hard balls, then the hard fat knobbly jobbie, about 12 inches long and 2.5 thick and softer smooth curved turd of the same size but shaped like a brown cucumber. "Wow! said Paul, "that's some load!" I smiled and replied "Yes that's about 3 days worth" (I usually go every other day and do a big jobbie of about 12 inches or so solid and formed). I took some toilet paper to wipe my bum but Paul asked, "Can I do that?" I agreed, after all we were intimate in all other ways, but instructed him t! hat a woman has to wipe vulva to anus and NOT the other way to avoid thrush, cystitis etc. He did so delicately and I pulled up my panties. It took several flushes to clear my load from the pan.

Afterwards we had a chat and Paul told me that he had been turned on for many years by defecation especially by girls and women and had listened to his mum and his two older sisters doing their motions when at home. He didn't want to tell me about this interest as once he HAD told a previous girlfriend who had objected and broke off the relationship very badly indeed and he didnt want this to happen again.

Since then we have been going out for 6 months and will get a flat together. We share our toilet activities and Paul himself does some nice big jobbies too. (Ill tell you more about our toilet experiences late).

Hope this interests readers and shows that sometimes the girl has to take the initiative in such matters if the man is interested buy too shy.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

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