Krista-- do you have Cerebral Palsy? Are you often constipated...most people with CP are...just wondering-- JW

Hi, I'm Shane, just finished my soph year in college, male, 20, 6', 155, dark blond, semi-prep, if any of that matters.

I had a few wet accidents as late as age 16, but I never worried about having a messy one. I mean, you can always put that off an hour or more if you have to.

Last September, my roomie and I drove to a football game (we live off campus, about 5 miles from the stadium). I overslept, and he was banging on my bedroom door at 10 AM. The game was regionally telivised, and had a noon kickoff, and we like to get there early with a cooler and some KFC for a little tailgating. So I skipped my morning dump (didn't have to go too bad) and my morning shower (I was going to get sweaty at the game anyway, a high of 85 was predicted), and pulled on a pair of jeans with no undershorts, a tee in our team's red color, and boots, and we loaded the cooler into his car, and drove to KFC, and got to the stadium parking lot at 11:00. Plenty of time for a few beers, some chicken and potato salad, a little Frisbee throwing, and some razzing of fans of the opposing team.

By the time we got into the stadium, my need to shit was noticable, but not urgent. I wasn't about to use the grubby stadium restrooms (other than the urinal troughs), and I felt I could wait till after the game with no problem. Well, as the game progressed, things got worse. I was starting to feel seriously full and bloated, and not only that, we were losing the game. I peed at halftime, and I had to make a conscious effort not to let anything come out of "the back door" as I stood at the trough. Ever try taking a wicked beer piss while clenching your butt?

The second half was worse, we lost the game, and I realised I was in serious trouble! I don't know about others, but when I am desperate for a dump, the backs of my thighs ache badly. Maybe that mass in my intestines is cutting off circulation to my legs, I don't know, but that ache is a sure sign that time's about to run out, and that's what I was feeling as I walked down the stadium concourse.

We got to the car, and of course exiting traffic was gridlocked. We drank another beer while we waited for traffic to thin out. I had been to embarrased to tell Brian (my roomie) about my situation, but now I had no choice. I told him we had to leave, because I needed to get to a bathroom. He laughed, and pointed at the patch of trees 50 yards away where you could see guys running in to pee, but I explained to him that it wasn't just liquids I needed to get rid of. And though I did need to pee again, and badly, I was afraid if I did so over in the trees, I'd crap my jeans. As it was, I could sense a firm turd pressing against my sphincter, with more lined up behind it.

So we got into the car, Brian muttering something about not planning ahead, and we progressed slowly toward the parking lot exit. Sitting down helped for a while, and my need seemed to be a bit less urgent. But the feeling didn't last long. We'd gone maybe a mile, which took 15 minutes crawling along in post-game traffic, and I felt a sudden intense urge, almost a rush, and I felt my sphincter dilate as the tip of that turd pushed its way out and pressed against the inside of my jeans. With great effort, I was able to suck it back in, but now it was only a matter of time. "You OK?" asked Brian -- I must have been breathing heavily for him to have noticed. "I don't think I can make it back home," I replied.

We were now stopped in traffic again, on a two-lane street in a residential neighborhood. I thought about just jumping out of the car and knocking on a door and begging to borrow the bathroom, but that would be crazy. Who in their right mind would let a total stranger barge in under such circumstances? With no warning, I ripped a loud, ripe, and noticably hot fart. How it got around the turd to make its exit, I have no idea.

Meanwhile, I had noticed that Brian had been squeezing his crotch and wiggling his legs for some time. Finally, he grabbed an empty beer bottle, unzipped, and aiming carefully into the narrow neck, filled it. He opened the car door a crack, emptied the bottle onto the pavement, and filled it again. And then a third time, about 36 ounces in all. Watching all this was too much for me. I felt things start to give way, and there would be no stopping it this time.

I looked over at Brian, and said "Sorry, dude." He looked puzzled for a sec, then he heard and smelled the reason for my apology. I lifted one butt-cheek off the car seat a bit, and accompanied by one more loud fart, I did something I hadn't done since I was maybe 3 years old. And I'll guarantee my messy accident exceeded any volume I may have been capable of as a kid by ten times.

It's all about Me
Hey! This is my first time posting, but I've been readding the other posts for the longest time. I finally got up the nerve to tell one of my stories, but before I start, I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm 13 yrs old, and in 7th grade, and I'm a girl.
Ok, every year I go to Girl Scout camp. On our four day/three night hike last year I had a really interesting experiance, to say the least. Anyways, my good friend really had to go poop while we were on the trail. Our leader said ok, just take a buddy, so she took me. She ran for about a minute away from the trail, then immediately grabbed her stomach and squatted. I saw this huge lump in her pants, and you could tell that the poop was starting to seep through. She started crying, and I kept saying, it's ok, it's ok. Then we had to take her pants and panties off(which were very, very messy). Then, we grabbed leaves from the trees and tried to scrape off the poop. We were able to get it all off her pants, but not her panties. So, I had to give her mine, and hike panty-less.

Anonymous movie guy
To Nealy- I really enjoyed your story about your diarrhea incident at mary's house. I really cant blame that kid. If I walked in on a girl having the shits, i probably would have a bulge in the front of my pants to!
to PRG- I usually stick it between my legs when i crap. its just so i dont pee all over the bathroom.
P.S.- I really liked the mast of the black girl straining!
Bye to everybody!

Andy (and Mandy)
I am Andys wife, the lady Andy told about who took a shit while he guarded the door after we had been on a few dates. Like I told him, having a good shit in front of someone I am comfortable with is no problem at all. In high school I had a boyfriend who I buddy dumped with all the time. I thought it was neat to have him sit in my lap and watch as his hole oopened up and our poops flowed into the bowl and intermixed. Doing it that way was ok but I was shy about sitting in his lap though, because I didnt think a rear view of me doing that was very dignified, until one night when I had too much to drink and my inhibition was gone. So one night when his parents were gone we ended up at his house after a movie. I told him I had to take a shit and we headed for the head. He wouldn't let me sit down first, he pushed me away and sat on the toilet rather smug. I had to go bad, and pressure in my butt was reaching the danger level, so I gave in. As soon as my rear end opened u p and I started to push out a long brown one, the fool got all excited and you can guess what a mess it made. For him not me. Anyway Andy and I like each others company, does not matter if it is having a buddy dump outside on a hike or inside. There is a bed and breakfast we go to about three or four times a year, and one of their private bathrooms has two toilets side by side, only a foot apart. Fun. Has anyone else encountered a facility like that? I'd love to hear stories like mine from some other women who like to poop for and with their guys. At the B&B we love to hold hands and whisper about our bm's, and how good it feels as the poop is leaving the chute, and emerging, especially if its a nice thick one, and we always allow the other to have a glimpse, "during and after." Really is good for a marriage, try it!!

hi every one. im pooping right now as i am typing this story. im crapping my panties! how exciting! now my thong is warm and full. well i best clean up after i let out the rest of my load. bye all

Hey everyone--

Sorry I've been absent- first biz travel, then vacation, then recurring problems with our home network- in fact, I don't know if I'll have to start troubleshooting all over again when I sign off this morning so I'll just say hi for now and hopefully get back here tonight or tomorrow night with some time to spend catching up.


I just got back from an 8 day church camp that my friend convinced me to attend with her. I held my poop the WHOLE time because I just can't go in public facilities, especially with other people around.

I still can't believe i was able to hold it that long. I had sooo many close calls. As embarrassing as it is to admit, I went into the stalls a few times just so I could clench my cheeks and change positions without anyone seeing. The hikes were the worst though, probably just because of the physical activity. ughhh. I'm just glad I'm back..

As soon as I opened my front door I felt the poop starting to push against my anus. Before I could even get my panties all the way down it was in the toilet.

There are so many poop stains on my panties from the poop poking out and then retreating. My mom even inquired about them... SOOO embarrassing :(

I feel like I'm the only one who does this while at camp or on trips or anything like that. Is there anyone out there like me?

I was at work today and i had to train a new employee in another area(building). This is Hospital, and a patience comes out and says to a group of people standing around that hes got to urinate and they tell me don't open the door so he can't go out side...any way the door lock got jammed(its a self locking door) and he ran out behind the dumpsters to pee..It was sorta funny. Any way...then later on with my co-worker asked me where the bathrooms were in this particular building. I showed him where to go(this is the unisex bathroom). So he goes and he was gone the longest time..maybe like 10 minutes. I suspect he was pooping but he could have been talking to someone, wondering in the buliding etc.

Last night i was online talking to someone when my stomach started to feel funny. I got crampy all the sudden and i tell this person..Man i gotta poop, and poop bad(hes intrested in poop btw)and im like my stomach doesn't feel good right now. I said i wanted to go to bed afterwards and hes like no, don't go to bed...Go poop and tell me about It so i did that and came back. My poop had a 6" log at the begining and it was kinda hard and after passing the log i got gassy and was farting..pfffrt pffrrt...and all this loose stuff came out. I wiped alot. It was like pure liquid. I went 1 more time last night. I tried this morning incase i wasn't empty all the way, to prevent accidentz. I had eatten alot yesterday at a cook out, thats why i was like that. I think i had too much food with mayonaise in it.

To that unnamed poster: About getting the runs..i got a tip of foods that will give you the runs. Well basicly any thing with mayonaise in it. Like egg salad, tuna salad, chicken salad...potatoe salad, macoroni salad. Try it. I've had the runs after eating these types of foods.

Well i gotta run, my post is getting long enough

Elaine 2nd post
I'm back... Fast forward now, about a doz. years to this Memorial day weekend. I should tell you that after high school I kind of blossomed out, and got over my nerdiness. or at least I think so. I have been hiding out on this site for some time. found it with a search engine and the words 'toilet habits,' and find it incredibly exciting to read some of the posts from people my age. Anyway my story. My boyfriend and I and another couple planned a short trip to the AZ desert where the guys like to look for arrowheads and artifacts and nuggets in the washes. I work an evening job and had to work Sat. so we couldn't leave until Sun. morning, so the other couple left Sat. My usuall habit is, get up around 8 and then before 9, regular as clockwork, a big bulky load drops into my rectum and then I can have a good shit. For this trip I thought I could handle bathroom functions outside with BF around, but I wasn't so sure about the other couple, --I didn't know them very we! ll. We planned to leave 7oclock Sunday, so on Saturday I took measures planned to get my Sunday BM over with early and out of the way beforehand. For breakfast I had 2 instead of 1 big bowls of cereal and a glass of metamucil. I don't use it, but bought a jar just for the occasion. For lunch a big double cheeseburger and lots of fries (instead of just a light snack) , then my usual TV dinner at work plus (extra) a box of wheat crackers and lots of water and coffee all day. I thought for sure that would have me ready to explode when I woke up. But, when the alarm went off at 6 Sunday, I jumped in the shower and sort of forgot about the need to have a BM. I dried off and put on jeans and a bra and t shirt and headed for the kitchen where the coffee was done. As I finished the cup, I noticed it was quarter to 7 and realized with a start, nothing was even rumbling in the old behind yet!! With slight panic I headed for the bathrm , sat on the toilet and and pushed. Nothin! g happened. I rocked from side to side and rubbed my ????. Nothing. Then came the sound of BF's truck pulling up, and I had to abort the mission. Oh well. We left right at 7 and stopped for some fast food and more coffee. By 10 we were at our meeting place where the other 2 camped, but they had already gone out into the wash. We started hiking and pretty soon I had to pee. No big deal- as in the past when BF and I are alone, I just find a place and squat, so that's what I did as he stood and waited.

Another mile or so of walking and, at last, I got that old famiiar feeling. Before very long my excesses of yesterday caught up with me. --It started with just gentle pressure, but within a few minutes felt like a bomb was about to split my arsehole open,-from the inside. "Hey, I have to go to the bathroom again, slow down and I'll catch up in a minute." BF stopped and took off his pack, saying "I need a rest anyway, I'll just wait here." By this time I couldn't wait any longer. (And when I reaaallly have to shit bad, I don't care too much about things that seem important when I don't have to go very bad, such as whether the toilet seat is sparkling clean, or whether anyone else knows I have to do the big stinky No. 2. Know what I mean?)

"Ooookayyy," said I, "but this will not be as quick as before." By that time I'd took down my jeans and was squatting near a small bush. He jumped up and said, "Oh sorry." What the heck, I decided, and I told him to "just stay put, its okay, take a rest." By that time my ass hole was expanding, with a turtle head slowly on its way out. What felt like about 2 inches came out, then it stuck. I tried to pinch it off. All that did was make it go back inside. I didn't want to, but I started making the usual "Nnnngh! Nnnngh! Ummph!" noises, with my eyes shut." "MMph. ugh, oh god, I just can't seem to get this first one started." Then my BF surprised me greatly. Without saying anything he came over to me, and kneeled to my right facing my knees. Placing his weight on his right knee, he extended his left knee out past my ???? and motioned for me to lean forward with my ???? across his upper left leg, which then formed a "stool," no pun intended. When I leaned forwar! d across his leg, he took me in his right arm and hugged me, and held me gently while rubbing my lower back and tailbone with his left arm. After about a minute I was completely relaxed and then mucho poop started to slide effortlessly out of me. I suppose he could see it pumping slowly from my hole, but I didn't care by then. I felt one big fat log coiling as it fell to the ground, followed by two or three more- and then a big wave of soft poop. "Man that felt good, I said" holding my sweetie tightly. (I would recommend this strongly to any couple). "Sorry I am so much trouble. I tried to get this taken care of before you showed up but you were right on time."

"No problem. I got the job done last night, so my turn is coming later" he said. As I was finishing I could feel some poop touching my buttcheek and had to push away from it. "There, I'm done" I said as he released me. "Thanks for the help" and I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek (the real one). I won't repeat his exact words but he was quite surprised about the "huge enourmous pile of shit" I'd made. I had to agree-It looked more like something a big cow would do. No remarks please, I am small. - 5' 3, 115 lb. He even helped me wipe the little bit of poop off my left butt cheek caused by the size of my huge pile. About two hours later I had to poop again. This time I didn't need any help getting rid of it, I just squatted and out came another wave of soft ice cream.

In the afternoon we hooked up with our friends. We made camp Sun. night, had a nice dinner and lots of beer and told stories and played games, and on Mon. morning the four of us headed out again. About 10 the other girl said, "Come with me?, I need to find a bathroom??" We walked until the guys were a respectable distance. She sat on a rock, and thinking she was going to do her business I lowered my jeans and squatted. To my surprise she removed her shoes, then her pants and thong and, naked below the waist, she squatted about 10ft away facing me. I was due for my morning poop again, but this time didn't have to go bad, so hadn't yet released anything when she commenced squatting. She looked at me. "I'm always afraid I'll shit myself or get my clothes wet. It happened --nnnghh -- once," she said, farting loud, and I could see a big brown log dropping." Ploppp. Laughter. I said, "I try to be careful. Nnngh." She looked at me again as I grunted some more and m! y pee ran out on the ground. By this time a big log was on its way out of me. She said, "You have nice thin legs nggggh (pause) (plop) and can squat easily. My thighs are kind of heavy and nnnnnghhhh (pause) (plop-plop), it makes it hard to squat correctly." plop. I suppose that was right, her thighs were thicker than mine, but she still was gorgeous. We both dropped a couple more turds. When we were finished, she covered her pile up with sand so I did the same. Then we walked back to where our BFs were waiting. I don't know anything about her BF, but we seperated again for a couple of hours and mine had a good big shit after our noon snack. Not as much quantity as my first one yesterday, but a really big, thick, hard, polish sausage. I stood next to him with some wipe and couldn't help sneaking a peek as he made it come out from between his reallllly hunky buttcheeks. At the end of the day yesterday, between the four of us we found seven or eight arrowheads, tw! o nuggets, and several small purple medicine bottles. And as a result of the two incredibly fun days with my sweetie, a great evening after we got home to his place, but this forum is not for telling about that!! Well. I hope you liked my two stories, I might have one other one, (from a while back), if you do. Love, Elaine

Hi... I had posted here at some point but not since then... and I believe under a different name... but I have a question, if anyone wouldn't mind answering it... thank you... I'm a really shy guy-fyi.
Well tonight I was at a party with my girlfriend and after swimming in a lake we both went into the bathroom to change, than she proceeded to pee, asking me if I would be grossed out by it, I said not not at all, and it really turned me on... I just would like to know if all of you think I should tell her, if of course she didn't notice... thank you

I Agree with the lady who said that there must be an ENORMOUS amount
of men who secretly enjoy watching women shit. For YEARS I thought I was the only guy with this fantasy, till I read a letter in Penthouse forum about it. Man.... was that a relief to me. There must be a vast amount of women who like to watch their partners shit as well, so lets hear from you.

Infantry PFC
To anonymous posters in school: Having to ask somebody to go to the bathroom sucks doesn't it. In college if you have to go you just get up and leave(that is what I like about it).If you decide to attend college you won't have to worry about somebody ever telling you no. As for in the military, we at times need to ask or notify someone of our need for relief.Most of the time there is no need to ask.

Atlanta lady: good point, but I think landing the girlfriend should come first for me. I agree with you most of the movies have good poop scenes especially Not Another Teen Movie. If you watch it on DVD, and listen to cast and directors comments, all parties felt that they took the scene too far. It also was the actress' debut in a movie...What a way to start your career! by acting out how some people start their day!

I remeber going to the ladies room with my mom when I had to go when I was little. I can't seem to recall if any woman was ever in there peeing or pooping at the time. Does any body recall any adventures in the batroom with their parent of the opposite sex?

To the unnamed poster: Re Accident in middle school..i don't think thats right for your teacher to not let you go to the bathroom and to say that to you.

To Nealy: I liked your should have told her sister not to jump on you cause your stomach hurt

To James: Cool story....and thats cool you like corn in your turds

To i am interested: Thats intresting...never heard of that..i wonder if my dairy queen has one..I wouldn't know cause im a male

To Punk Rock Girl: I liked your story about you going in front of your boy friend... has he ever pooped in front of you?

To anonymouse: I liked your story

To Jason: I liked your accident story at homedepot

To Russell S. (AR) : I liked your story

To Andre: Thought i would tell you..i don't feel comfortable pooping in front of family..What about you?

Last night i was online and i felt really crampy. I had to go to the bathroom. I was in the middle of a chat and i said i was going to bed(but gonna pooop first). i didn't have time to shut this thing down so i ran to the bathroom. It was crampy and a bit loose. Then i decided to get back on since i hadn't shut down and chatted more. Then i had to go again. I did go a little bit this morning...well i gotta run bye

Great stories, How old is your boyfriend ?

Loved your story. How old are you ?

Grant I am 13 too.

You did what!!!! Are you living by yourself.

Unamed poster
Thats to bad. I know that happened to one of my friends in the fourth grade. But I am not going to put him out there because if somebody trips over this website and sees his name they know for sure it will be me. In other words my name is not really Andre.
Nothing new

Ibs lady
This is my first time posting. I have Ibs diarrhea. This means I have had a lot of accidents in my life time. I have diarrhea at least twice a week. Does anyone on here have Ibs? I will tell your about my most recent accident. I went to eat at Taco Bell. Then I decided to go to Wal- Mart for some stuff. I was in the shampoo isle and I started to get these very strong cramps. This means I have 5 min. to find a bathroom. So I started to look for a bathroom I couldn't find it so I asked before I exploded. I get in there . There is a line of about 5 people. That is huge when you really have to go!! I have been in there already for 2 min. and only one lady came out. The other's were having Bm's. It smelled so bad in there. There was about 5 stalls and 2 lady's you can tell had diarrhea from the sounds. Now I am starting to double over in pain. I knew from this point I wouldn't make it. Now its like 7 min. the lady in front of me in line had a diarrhea accident also. I ! thought this will be me in like 2 min. All of a sudden I got these really bad craps and lost it. I had shorts on and I fill them so much that it started dripping down my legs. I was so embarrassed. But there was nothing else I could do. Diarrhea got on the floor. There

Jason, you must have felt such releif when that poo slide out into your shorts. You must have been wearing briefs or all that poo would have slid down your baggy jeans. Thre releif you felt probably overcame the embassasment.

leather pants girl
I recently posted here telling you about me pooping my pants at the mall with my best friend portia, well i realized later on that day i really enjoyed the feeling and wanted to try it again heres what happened.

I decided to poo my pants again, but this time alone. I put on a pair of blue denim short shorts and a white t shirt my panties were white cotten briefs. I walked to the nearby park and fed the ducks at the pond, i soon got that feeling and i knew i would have messy pants very soon. It slowely oozed into my panties i did not need to strain very much i farted about three times and i begun to notice the smell of poo around me. I begun to walk home it was a weird feeling in the back of my shorts (my poo was a hard one)as i walked it was kinda banging against my bum and i noticed i was walking with my legs slightly apart, i finally got home luckily no one was at home i quickly walked upstairs to the bathroom to clean up.

I took off my shorts and looked at my dirty panties i gave them a shake and the big poo dropped into the toilet with a loud splash, i checked my bum and i noticed i had a smear of poo on it plus a bit down my left leg (i guess when i took off my panties)i jumped into the shower and got cleaned up. Yes i really enjoyed the feeling, iam definatly going to do it again.

Anonymouse: i like your story. what happened after ur friend's mum and your boyfriend had the accident? Tell us more of the after details. What happened after your bf messed up his pants?

Some of you may know about the upcoming World Cup, starting in about a week, in Korea/Japan. So anyway, recently there was this pretty big picture in my local newspaper (Singapore), of a male toilet in a South Korea football stadium. Seems when men go in to pee, they can actually look out a window, right at some gorgeous scenery. The particular picture, there was a guy with his back to the picture, and he was looking directly at a lake! wow...wish i could be at World Cup myself. haha The short explanatory columm added also that other cool parts of the toilet included bidets, and even a toilet built into a large football. Talk about football fever!

Good luck to England!

Lastly, no offence, but could we minimise the sudden interest in questionaire? cuz it takes up a lot of space, and not everybody is that keen on it.

JacobG, keep up with ur good work. For the Asian guy at the bookstore, maybe you could have pretended u needed a shit too, and asked him if he was finishing or something, u noe, anything to prolong your stay. Haha

Cheers everybody

Am I strange that I like to see a female have a bm?
Anyone got an answer for me?

Time marches on, and I think Louise and I will not be very active on the forum for the remaining two and a half weeks that remain before the wedding.
I'm not certain if Damsel has mentioned it already, but only the other day I witnessed the full spectacle of Louise's sister urinating on our rear patio. I had a full-frontal view as a full-on yellow gusher sprang from her genitals and blasted a spot for at least a minute. She looked as b eautiful as her near-as-makes-no-difference identical sister, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience from start to finish. She wore a little black number, and I was even invited to pull her knickers down beforehand. I'll just pause a minute while I recover my breath.

To Damsel,
I know I thanked you at the time, sweetheart, but if you are reading, thanks again. I didn't ask you to do it - I don't believe in pressuring people as you well know. In fact I think it is me being pressured by Louise, her friends and now you! <snicker>
I know it took some mental effort for you to psych yourself up and pluck up the courage to urinate in front of me, and I really admire that. Your performance was thrilling, and what nice legs and bum!
Have a hug from me.

To PV,
Indeed, dear lady, I have every intention of keeping my foreskin. When Louise's friend from the USA arrives, I won't let it out of my sight. <snicker>
Oh yes, the medical complications. I believe a minority boys, not only suffering from a 'balooning' foreskin during urination, can be prone to repeated fungal infections and require circumcision for that reason. Thrush is not a problem by any means exclusive to women.
Also, did you read my piece from some time back on the use of the foreskin in urethral construction in that small minority of boys whose urethral exit can be as far back as the base of the penis? An awkward situation for weeing as you can probably imagine, and I'm glad I never had that problem.

Kind Regards to all our regular friends here,


yo kelly, here's my reply to ur questions:

1 What is your favorite part of having a BM; the anticipation, the first inch as it is coming out, the widest part, or the feeling at the very end?
In the middle of the excretion-in fact i barely push usually cos it just slides out.

2 What is your favorite type of BM?
not too soft, not too hard.

3 What aspect of watching a partner go do you like?
i like seeing women with their trousers and underwear down and the look on their faces.

4 Do you ever get the chills at the end of a very big BM?
nope. probably in winter though...

5 When doing a large firm log, do you ever try and stop it mid-way and hold it in that position for a few minutes?
not if its big and firm i dont. i'll try though-i might break a world record!
lol im sitting there after a year with a big load of shit standing stationary...

PRG-i dont tuck my dick in, i just sit as far back as possible so i dont piss on the seat or my shorts.

To the person who asked about foods which gave people "the runs", I find that cooked tomatoes give me the runs (IBS) nowadays. However, I would certainly not advise anyone to eat food which had that effect on them or disagreed with them at all.

Chocolate Delights. I too quite like the idea of a lady needing to go for a good firm motion. However, I'm not sure that a liking for such things is in any way related to obsessive or over fussy early toilet training. I think it's an interest which anyone can have for any reason and quite harmless in itself. Admittedly I have to say that my Aunt Anne very nearly had a major poo accident once when I was quite young and for many years I tended to assume that women called Anne had full rectums. In some cases it was an assumption that proved justified!

Robby, Annie, Sarah & Meghan. There would normally be a Spring Bank Holiday in England on the last Monday in May. However, this year there will be a special Bank Holiday on Monday 3rd June to mark the Queen's Golden Jubilee and the Spring Bank Holiday will follow on Tuesday 4th June. Confusing, I know!

Best wishes to everyone


I have had so much reading to do to catch up with everyone, but I have gone through all the pages since my last wee-wee for Andrew. Thank you, Rizzo, a cyber kiss for you for making such nice comments about it. XXXXX
Thank you, Ina, for your comments on the wees in the garden with Louise. It was wonderful to have such a lovely time with her and wee-wee in several positions. It is hard to choose which I liked the most, but the bottom-in-the-air wee and the crouching down wee felt so nice. I blushed when Steve and that other adonis his best mate who I really fancy came out into the garden. I was nearly caught with nothing on, but I had put both parts of my bikini back on only around two minutes before. Louise was still nude after finishing her wee-wee. We had left no signs to give away that we had been watering the grass with our urine but I think Steve suspected we did, and it made me blush even more than Louise showing Steve's best friend everything she had. She even served them both drinks and she still hadn't put anything on.
You like those straightforward wee-wees on the toilet don't you, Andrew? Smile. I must have another one just like it for you very soon. A cyber hug and kisses. XXXXX
You have captured a great moment on your camcorder, Robby, Annie, Sari amd Megs. I have read the travelmate incident a number of times. Megs, you cannot have blushed more than me if I had been buck naked from the waist down being filmed weeing, travelmate or not. Smile. I am still without a boyfriend but I have hopes that Steve will introduce a nice man to me soon. He is lining some friend up for me and I hope he likes me when I meet him.

Steve has seen me have a wee. I made up my mind very firmly that I was going to treat him. I had one of my little black dresses on, and I asked him if he would come out into their back garden with me. I was blushing a bit, but I did get my words out, which were "Do you want to watch me have a wee?". Louise patted his bottom to make him come with me. He looks smashing in tee-shirt and jeans.
I felt like I was so really in a need of a good wee-wee and I was looking forward to it. He stood there looking as I reached up my dress. I got him to pull down my black g-string and I felt red and flushed in the face because he was seeing my female bits very clearly and up close for the first time. So nervous I felt and my knee trembled when I was stepping out of my underwear. He helped put me at my ease by saying I looked nice, just like Louise. Of course he meant my pussy and my pubic hair styling. Smile. He has glimpsed it before when I have not been careful. I crouched down in a squat and I spread my legs so he could see everything. It was just like a virtual audience but it was different with Steve there.. I nearly cried with frustration because I had a full tank, I had a strong urge but I could not piss a drop out. His voice was soft and soothing. He said I couldn't do it because he was watching and it was all right, and he turned to look another direction. It wa! s so hard to start, but drops of piss came trickling out of my pussy and I felt like I was bursting! "Oh yes" I told him and he looked back. I had a little daydream of my audience of nice men and my wee-wee came out in a gushing jet. I know the phrase is 'pressure washing' that Steve likes to use, and I was doing that to the patio. Smile. All I had on from the waist down was my shoes and my dress was hiked up. My female bits were exposed to a gorgeous man and I liked it. I am 25 years old and proud to still be saving myself for the right man when I meet him but that made me very self conscious weeing in front of Steve. I really can be bad like my sister but it takes me a little more time. Smile. The wee-wee took a long time. I loved the way it felt good and yes, I did hiss and spray! I haven't forgotten all you other boys will wish to know all the details. Smile. He was a wonderful audience and he went for some paper for me use to wipe with. He will be a fantastic husband fo! r Louise and it is just over two weeks until the big day!



Sarah S, Meghan, Annie and Robby
Hi Friends!
We are still at the lake. We have a phone port here so we can do the net. The old folks are out fishing. This is a special post for ANDREW(LAWN DOGS KID). We thought about what we wanted to do for your birthday. Well, here it is!
Meg- I am now in the loo. I am pulling down my knickers(bright red) and am sitting down. I see you peeking in. I roll up my t-shirt. I cross my arms across my ????. My face is full of concentration. I start to wee. The stream is very fast and forceful. Sarah is inviting you in. Is that a smile? I do a big trump that makes you laugh. I drop little balls of poo for a few seconds and then it stops. I ask you to fetch me some tissue. You go a little red and so do I. You hand me a square and I start wiping my female bits. You politely turn away. I am bright red by this time. I pull up my knickers and flush. Sari- I have on dockers and they drop to the floor. I sit down and the wee starts to flow. You sit on the tub rim and watch. I try to poo but there is nothing coming out. I guess I am a little constipated. I am too shy to ask you to rub my ????. You encourage me, though. My wee starts to trickle down and I still can't poo. I give up and start to wipe. I invite you to loo! k. You take a minute and slowly take a peek. You turn a little red, teehee. I pull up my trousers and Meg, you and I walk out arm-in-arm. We hope you enjoy your cyber present. We love our cyber cousin and we add a big hug, too! Also Annie and Robby want to give you a big hug and a manly handshake. Have a HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY!!! Cousins KENDAL and ELLEN; we give you loads of hugs and love, too! Sarah, Meghan, Annie and Robby

We will post some replies when we get back to the city. BIG HUGS TO: Steve, Louise, Damsel, Rizzo, Eleanor, PV, Ephermal, Jane and Gary, Ina, Kimmie and Scott, Todd and Diana, Tim and Sarah, David, LindaGS, Elena, Cousin, Carmalita and family, Jeff A, Diva, Adrian, Ellie and Little Lou.

Rick asks about men who are turned on by girls and women defecating. I have since I was a kid so that's nearly 50 years now.

Like all who post here I enjoy defecation, in my case it has to be passing a solid motion , the longer and fatter the jobbies produced the better. Loose stools and diarrhea are a total turn off for me. Long time users of this site will have read my many posts on the subject.

On Rick's question I mention this as I feel that most of us have an interest in our natural functions when we are young but very many suppress this when we get older owing to parental and societal conditioning. Some of us retain this, hidden of course except if we are very fortunate to have a partner who accepts such interests and is prepared to accommodate them. It is interesting that in the case of two men looking at an attractive woman it would be perfectly acceptable for one to say to the other that he fancied having sexual intercourse, (of most varieties), with her but if he said, "Id like to watch her on the toilet doing a big motion (BM)" he would be considered some kind of nutcase.

As to why it is women defecating rather than men, obviously the fact that it is the opposite gender has a bearing, at least for heterosexual men. As my friend Moira said, its the forbidden fruit. A boy can hear other boys doing a motion in the Boys Toilet at school, even watch them doing so if they dont mind or observe them having a poo outdoors. He can see other boys' turds unflushed in the toilet pans. Perhaps in his family he will observe other male members doing a motion if they are in the bathroom together while one is having a shower or bath and the other needs to do a poo and the bathroom and toilet are combined as they are in many UK houses. However, in very few families will he be allowed to be present when a female member of the family is doing a wee wee or a motion. At best he will only be able to listen from outside the toilet and the sound effects may well be a turn on for him. He will usually only see the turds she has passed if she forgets to pull the flus! h or she does one that is too big to flush away. Toilets at school, public toilets, etc are segregated by gender in the UK and I assume in the USA, there are extremely few unisex public or other communal toilets, though ironically in most homes all family members use the one toilet, irrespective of gender. There is also the factor, disputed by some who post here but which a majority seem to agree, that women and girls tend to pass longer, fatter jobbies than men and boys, which my observations over many years would tend to confirm.

So the "forbidden fruit" aspect does seem to have a bearing.

Im lucky that my wife is only too happy to let me watch her doing her motions and she likewise likes to watch me and this adds to our mutual enjoyment. I dont wish to stray over the Moderator's boundaries so will say that we enjoy a healthy and active sex life together to which buddy dumping etc is an adjunct. I would also stress that we are not into the more extreme (Scat) aspects of toilet matters.

Toilet Inspector
What is the most dirtiest public toilet you've been in? For me The Watford Gap service area on the M1 (U.K) is the worst I've visited. The Gents urinals were filthy, the floor swimming in piss and the smell was disgusting. The smell from the ladies wasn't any better. I know that they were portaloos and are modernising the services but do the have cleaners. It looked as though it hadn't been clean in days.

Gents have you visited the toilets on the seafront at Hasting? They were clean to say the least but to paint them fluroescent green I don't think so. I suppose if you throw up and miss the pan it won't show!!

Tim (and Sarah)
Funny story from Saturday: Sarah was out and I was at home with the kids. They were playing and I withdrew to the loo for a much needed sitting. I took a magazine and sat on the toilet. Soon some short but thick turds emerged and flumped onto the tray. A really good dump. I was happily letting it drop and tinckle into the bowl, when I heard Josie talking to someone in the corridor. I had the door half open, so the kids would not be completely unattended. I did not pay to much attention as I assumed she was talking either to her brother or somebody like the invisible dog that is living with us at the moment...."Papa? Are you in the bathroom?" – "Yes, dear. I am on the toilet?"- "Do you just wee or do you need longer?" "I might need a bit. Why? Do you need the toilet, sweetie?" –"No, just checking...(turning) he is doing a poopoo. It might take a bit longer. Ok!" – "Who are you talking to?" – "The teacher from pre school asks you to call her back. I told her you were busy (if ! only she said" I was really embarrassed but had to laugh. In fact the poor woman was also embarrassed when I called her back, but had to stop herself from laughing as well, when she answered with: "Sorry to disturb you..."

RIZZO:Hi dear friend. As always so many thanks for your nice words. Let me get this straight though, I am not particularily into messy nappies, lol, ;-). We just thought your sons sounded so cute. I have seen quite enough of brown nappies in the past five years and am not particuliarily sorry, the times are more or less over..(also you never know).We laughed about your flying experiences...they must learn that at the secret baby school, to often find an unsuitable moment to let it rip, don’t they? I remember an especially awful one, when we were caught in a traffic jam and Josie let out this nappie blaster with a "hui"! It stank so awful and poor Sarah, who was pregnant with Loewie at the time, nearly threw up in the car. Since then, when somebody has done a really awful stinking job, it’s called a "hui" between Sarah and me. Thank you for always entertaining us with your funny stories, but remember ‘nicht zu feste druecken’, as it causes piles, lol. Aber wir druecken Di! ch fest und senden ganz liebe Gruesse, besonders von Sarah. Love Tim

LOUISE AND STEVE: Wow what a story! Sarah was right, I might have run, if I would have been the only guy in there. Well done Steve. Weren’t you scared of a visible reaction to what you saw? I mean a bunch of girls weeing naked into the urinal is quite a challenge...or is there something wrong with me? Lol. Congratulations on your test, Louise. Stay well and keep the fun up! Love from Sarah and me

LOVE to ROBBIE, ANNIE, SARAH, MEGHAN (loved your travelmate and boat stories, especially well done Annie! big hugs from family to family), our dear INA, EPHERMAL (hope you are feeling well) PV (hope I haven’t said anything wrong?) and everybody else, more later I don’t want to be too long, take care, Tim

your name pete
oh wow what a picture. That girl is really grimacing! Either straining to poop and can't, a big log oozing out or painfull diarroeh! what do people think?

I had a good poop today whilst reading these. I just went on some paper. It was telling me you gotta go! and it flew out ont the paper and was over quite quickly. but it stank and was very mushy but not liquid.

nealy I love your stories. More please and would love to hear Missys!

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

hey does anyone know how to get the runs by eating a certain food? like which foods should i eat to get the runs?

This is pooping accident that happen to me in middle school:
I asked my teacher -- repeatedly -- to let her take a bathroom break.

"Four times I asked the teacher, and she said, 'no.' finally she said if you can't hold it, you should wear Pampers."Then I told pooped in my pants,she got mad.

Eventually, poop in my pants. It was embarrasing having to have call your parents cuz u pooped in ur pants in middle school. Even though I was in bathroom watch,the whole week at school. My parents didnt get mad

1. Try to describe as best as you can the smell, shape, thickness, color, and length of your turds. huge at least 3 or 4 inches wide and long at least a foot a piece. i always have several at once
2. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the least and 10 being the most), how bad does the bathroom smell after you poop? 15

3. Are your poops always thick or long? yeah i got a plunger on Christmas because the old one had broke from over use and i am the only one to ever use it!

4. On average, about how many times you fart a day? depends on what i ate that day. it can range from none to a lot.

5. Have you ever pooped outside either on a road, in a forest, in your backyard, behind your school, in a river/creek etc? yeah we have a wood deck in our back yard atached to the house and when no one's at home i like to sit on top of it and hang mu but over and poop it fives my turds a good four feet to drop from. my dad used to have to pull over on the side of the interstate because i had to pee. in florida where i am from there is a great rest stop on i-10 just past jacksonville going west. there is a nice picnic area that is surrounded by woods and is a half circle that you drive around. i like to stop there on my way home from college because it is a nice place to have an outside wee and poo. i have peed in a river, but i haven't had the opportunity to poop in one yet, but i want to.

TheFreshnaker - I am also 17 and male. I am about 5'6" and 150lbs, considered cute by some girls also. Anyway, I'd be interested in exchanging pee stories with you, since i'm more into that than poop. I have been desperate to pee sooo many times, but sort of like you, I have only had a few accidents in the last few years. All my accidents have been pissing myself, as I have much better control over my poop than pee. But anyways, I'd love to hear some pee stories from you or anyone else, if you have any. Thanks!


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