Hi again. I'm glad you decided to post Cheri. I promise I'll help get Missy to tell her story, but she doesn't like telling it much. Thanks for your compliments The Freshmaker. I'll tell all my diarrhea stories over time. I have some pretty good ones, but not nearly as many as Cheri does! Tell some more girl! Anyway skater boy asked about getting walked in on, that happened to me around Thanksgiving last year. There was a bad stomach flu going around and a bunch of people got it. I did too and it made me throw up once and have the trots for like two days. Well, when I first got sick, I was supposed to go over to a friend's house. Her name was Mary. I felt sick all morning (it was a friday and I was going to her place after school,) and even exploded this runny, messy shit in the toilet once before school. I managed to make it the rest of the day with out incident, until about six in the evening. Me and Mary's family were eating dinner, and her older brother was watching me t he whole time. He has a HUGE crush on me! He said he was having some friends over later. Anyways, we were eating and I started to feel some minor cramps in my ????. They were nothing at first but I knew it meant I would be digesting my food before anyone else! We finished dinner, but my stomach bothered me through the whole meal and by the end I was kinda fidgiety. Me and Mary went up to her room and were watching TV when she noticed I was holding my stomach and rocking back and forth. She asked me if I was alright and I said I didn't know. I said my stomach was in pain and I got sick that morning. She must have guessed what was wrong because she said that there was medicine if I had the runs. I said I would be ok and was about to tell her about what happened that morning when an alarm went of in my intestines. I stopped in mid-sencance and dashed out of her room and into the hall bathroom. I was in such a hurry I didn't shut the door all the way. Well I yanked my jeans and panties down at the same time and plopped my butt over the toilet and let out like an insane amount of watery poop. My stomach grugled really loud and I farted and then this really, really thick stuff started flowing from behind me. It wasn't like completely soild or liquid, it was like inbetween. Well, I stayed on the crapper because my belly still ached and cramped badly on and off and I was waiting for the big load to coma out. All of the sudden the mother of all cramps hit me and at the same time, Mary's brother walked in the bathroom and looked directly at me. I couldn't even try to hold it, I let out a explosively loud fart and like a gallon of runny poop flooded out of me. Then, really mushy poop came out in like three different waves. Andall the time I sat there and shit my brains out, he just stood and stared. I would have yelled, but I felt so weak afterwards that I barely whispered get out. He said he was sorry, but I could tell from the bulge in the front of his pants he really wasn't! After I wiped I stumbled back to Mary's room and fell on the bed. She asked if I was feeling alright. I was really weak because the flu bug had started to take affect. I was shaky and just felt ill, in addition to stomach cramps and frequent attacks of diarrhea. Well, her borther's friends got to the house and they started to come upstairs, but Mary's little sister stopped them. She is only like four, and when she seen them coming upstairs she said that they can't come upstairs because Nealy is up there and she has diarrhea! Everyone laughed and I was SO embarassed! They went downstairs and I rushed to the bathroom again. When I came out, Mary's mom was in Mary's room with a bowl of soup and glass of water for me. I knew it would only make me poop more, but I ate it anyways. After her mom left, Mary told me that there was diarrhea medicine downstairs. Since I just felt sick all around I said the only relief I'm getting right now is "PPPPPPPFFFPPFPPPP LLPPPLPPLLPPPPT .... Ahhhhhhhhhh" so I'd rather keep my diarrhea. The story ALMOST ends there, I had three minor bouts in the night that weren't much more than a bunch of really wet farts. I thought I might actually make it through without messing myself, but when I woke up in the morning I had a severe cramp and urge to sit on the pot. But before I could get up, Mary's little sister came running in and jumped on my stomach asking me if I was feeling better. Of course my stomach couldn't take the sudden pressure and a HUGE, watery, mushy load blasted into my panties. I laid back and moaned in relief as poop gushed out of my butt! Then, when it was all over, she sniffed and jumped off me shouting Nealy pooped her pants. Again, I was very embarassed. Mary's parents were cool about the ruined sheet. Well, thats all. Peace

Today (Friday) I had plenty of gas in my stomach. I popped in ladies room three times at work, just for pee, but every time after peeing I stayed and kept on sitting and ridded gas out of my bowels. Farts were mainly hissing and almost odourless. When I was last time peeing and farting someone rushed in adjacent stall. She just peed hastily, farted once and wiped. After she left I grunted a few times and tried to poop, but nothing happened. Just more of gas loosened.

I had a big poop last night. I sat on the toilet, let out a long fart, and my first log came out about 7 inches long. I sat for 2 minutes and let out 6 smaller turds with farting in between and finally a 5 inch turd. I flushed, sprayed and brushed.
BRYAIN: Yes I do enjoy corn in my turds.
TRISHA: Ilikes your story.
KISS KISS from James AKA No.1 Holly Valance fan.

To TheFreshmaker: I liked your story

To Henry: I liked your story

To Jacob G. in Florida: I liked your stories...maybe that guy was constipated?

To Pat: My poop is usally brown and its firm to soft...I've had a green poop before when i was 16 or so, so it can happen

To Punk Rock Girl: I liked your story about you and your bf making and and you farting

To Andrew: I liked your story

I pooped last night before bed...few turds came out. I was alone so i decided not to use toilet paper, instead i let the water run in the sink and sat on the sink and cleaned my butt that way. Then i used 1 tab of paper to dry off with.
Then there was some movie on last night..forget what it was called(it was on Bravo) Its about priests and students. And this 1 kid was in the bathroom and he was looking over the stalls.

Gotta go bye
To Andre: I liked your story...I usally lock the door...but sometimes if im alone i'll leave it open

Punk Rock Girl

Usually when I tke a dump, I just sit down and go. I don't pull my cheeks apart. I've tried it a few times, but have found that it makes no difference at all for me. Plus, I kind of prefer the way it feels coming out from between my cheeks than having it just fall out with my cheeks spread apart. I don't know why. But as far as making it easier to clean myself afterwards, it doesn't make a difference, as I'm usually pretty clean unless I have diarrhea.

Have you ever noticed on TV or in movies when they show a guy sitting down on the toilet, they never show him adjusting his position or tucking his penis between his legs. He just sits and shits. Don't guys usually tuck it between their legs so they can pee at the same time? My boyfriend does. I know I usually pee when I take a dump. How many guys here do or don't do that?



Leather pants girl
Hi this is my first time posting here, but have been reading the posts for the last two months.

I have allways been interested in other girls pooping there pants, i love seeing the look of desperation on there faces and knowing there doing a load in there panties.

My self i have never had the nerve to do it my self, but two days ago at the mall i was with my best friend portia (pronounced porch- as in the car)shes fifteen (oh btw iam sixteen)i had on my black leather pants and a white blouse.

Well i suddenly needed to poo like NOW i had to hold my bum to stop it coming out, we both raced to the ladies washroom and just as we got to the entrance of the rest room i let a big fart go and pooed my self.

Well i was mortified, i mean iam sixteen and i just messed in my genuine leather pants that my mom bought for me, i begun to smell and i really wanted to cry, but portia came through for me she helped me into a stall (the disabled one since theres room for two persons)she helped take off my pants and i slipped out of my panties, the poo was not diarrea but a soft mushy kind.

I sat on the toilet and grunted out a few more poos (really stinking up the toilet) i peed and farted and then i was done. I left my panties on the floor and portia wiped my bum as best she could. walking home in messy pants felt uncomfortable and i stil smelt but portia got me laughing again and she promised never to tell any one about it.

i am interested
I was recently at a Dairy Queen in Port Charlotte, Florida. There was a very strange type of toilet. It looked like a urinal but with a hose or some other contraption like a hose. I didn't use it and I don't think I would want to. I couldn't figure out how to use it until another woman came in and used it. She pressed the "hose" against her vagina and peed into it. Doesn't look too sanitary to me. Anybody know of any other places that have these "female urinals"?

I thought the questionnaire from Tia was very interesting, so I added a few questions of my own:

1 What is your favorite part of having a BM; the anticipation, the first inch as it is coming out, the widest part, or the feeling at the very end?

2 What is your favorite type of BM?

3 What aspect of watching a partner go do you like?

4 Do you ever get the chills at the end of a very big BM?

5 When doing a large firm log, do you ever try and stop it mid-way and hold it in that position for a few minutes?

Hi everyone, my name is Krista. I've been visiting this site for a while but this is my first post. First of all I'm 13 years old and in he 7th grade. I'm glad I found this place because I've been interested in this kind of thing since I was like 9 years old. One more thing, I use a wheelchair because I was born handicapped.

I plan on using this as a log of my bathroom experiences from as early as I can remember up until now, and after that I will start using it as a journal of my daily experiences. I will try my best to go in chronological order.


Before I start this first entry, which takes place when I was around 4 years old I must explain that I was born 2 months premature and as a result was very small when I was young, I’m still one of the smallest kids in my class. I was also slow to potty train.

When I was younger my Mom always made a weekly trip to the grocery store on Saturday, and took my older sister Laura and me with her. On one particular trip to the grocery store when I was 4 years old I felt the familiar pressure in my stomach that told me I needed to poop.

“Mommy, I need to go poopoo.” I told my mom as she pushed me through the aisles in my stroller.
“Oh Krista, I didn’t bring your booster seat. Try to hold it for a while”

My booster seat was this thing that attached to the toilet to make it like a child’s potty chair. My mom quickly finished up her shopping and we headed home.

We had barely been in the car for 5 minutes when I lost control and filled my pull-up with soft warm poop. I didn’t say anything but pretty soon Laura noticed the smell and complained to my mom. When we got home my mom took me to my room and cleaned me up.


Kendall: I really enjoy ypur stories but I don't think you've ever told of any accidents that you had. I was wondering if you had any stories where you didn't quite make it, couldn't find a toilet, weren't permitted to go, etc.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Punk Rock Girl

I took a dump in front of my boyfriend last night. I was on the train coming home and I really had to crap. It wasn't diarrhea, just an intense urge to go. I made it to my street, sprinted to my apartment building, up the stairs and into my apartment. I dropped my bags, ran to the bathroom, unbuckling my belt and unzipping my pants as I went. I opened the bathroom door and he was in the shower. I couldn't wait. I yelled "I have to shit!" He said, okay. I yanked my pants and thong down, sat on the toilet and dumped about ten pounds of shit. It was solid, but there was A LOT of it. I've been having really big dumos lately. I peed, then wiped. It wasn't messy and only took two wipes. I got up, closed the toilet lid, washed my hands and asked him to flush the toilet when he was done. I told him not to peek.

I heard the shower stop, and a few seconds later I heard the toilet flush. I didn't ask if he looked or not. I said, "Sorry about that, I just couldn't hold it". He said no problem. I've done it before, but never when I was quite that desperate. I didn't have time to decide whether or not I wanted to go in front of him. Turned out to not be a big deal. He's the nicest guy.

Have a nice weekend everyone. I might go hiking, so maybe I'll have a forest or outhouse dump story for y'all an Monday.



yo i know i'm only like 13, but look at skater boy-he wiped sum girl's ass (ur lucky). anyway how would i go about getting a girl 2 watch shitting?

Atlanta Lady
TO INFANTRY PFC: Well, Private First Class, what can I say? Most girls who poop for guys don’t want it to be known. And most guys whom like to watch girls poop don’t want to be found out. It’s shame, though. They hide in shame. It’s not like the whole world has to know, but they can’t be honest with their feelings because they’re afraid of what others will think. There are videos out there with girls that poop; I guess that’s how must guys get into the “watching-girls-go-poo-poo” thing.

Some friends and me rented


3 of them stood out to me:

DUMB & DUMBER: I laughed my ass off at this film. The guy known as “Harry” has mega runs when he visits “Mary”. Then she told him the toilet was broken. Major funny.

SENSELESS: This poop scene could only be heard. The girl named “Tanya” describes how her turd feels as she poops and farts loudly in the stall. I know what Tanya meant when she said, “I felt like I just gave birth. . .somebody smack it’s ass!” And she didn’t watch her hands. Funny as hell.

NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE: probably the most over-the-edge bathroom scene in cinema history to date. It beats Jeff Daniel’s diarrhea attack by a mile. 3 desperate guys wanting to know what exactly goes on in the girls’ locker room watch a dainty girl from an air vent. They get more than they bargained for when the prissy student in lavender begins unloading a serious amount of watery poop. It was disgusting and funny!!!

Just wanted to share my thoughts of these films with everyone.


I was out with my friend one time and her mom had come along. We went to eat at a mexican resturant. The food was soooo good! But very spicy. Well, my friend's mom was driving us to the mall after that and she started to squirm a little. My friend asked if she was ok and she said she really had to take a crap. We could tell she was really straning to keep her butthole shut. She made it to the mall but as we drove into the parking lot and into a space, she suddenly let out this really juicy fart. She grabbed her butt and squeezed. My friend again asked if she was ok. Her mom said she didn't think she would make it to the bathroom. she sat there for a moment and then started to open the car door, she slowly got out of the car. We could see her butt cheeks clenched through her little white shorts. She waddled into the mall slowly. But suddenly a young man ran right into her and she farted sooooo loud and long!!!! she grabbed her butt again but we could all ready see the lump fo! rming in her shorts. It leaked down her leg in a a long corney-brown stream. She started too cry then and my friend helped her to the bath room.

Another time, I was with my boyfriend at the movie and I saw him grab his stomach in the dark. I asked if he was ok and he said he was going to go to the bathroom. Well, he didn't make it that far. cuz as soon as he got up, he had a bug diarreah eplosion in his pants! he obviously couldn't stop and he filled up is undies. A big lump prturded from his butt and suddenly he started to pee too. What a mss he made! We were kicked out.

I have already had two accidents this week, but this is the most it goes. My friends and I went to the pool the girls were supposed to were bikinis. I went to the pool changed in to my bikini. Once we were done at the pool we went tothe changing room. When
I was getting out of the pool I felt a cramp on my side, so, I decided to use the restrooms. When i got there I they were al occupied, so, Ithought I could hold it. Big mistake! Iwent back to the changing room to discover my bra and panties were missing. I decided to were my bikiniin place of my bra and panties. I got on my white pantyhose and white dress. I came out with another but worse cramp than before. My boy friend drove me home (about an 1/2 hour drive.) on the way we hit bump whitch made me lose grip for a second, I felt a bit of warm mushy shit, luckily my bikini bottom caught it (hopefully my boyfrien d didn't notice.) I got home to discover Ithe door was locked. Then I remembered my brother was being taken o wrestling camp and i left mykeys with him. By this time I had to squeeze my but cheeks as hard as I could and really needed to to pee. my boyriend asked if Iwas ok which I thought was nice of him. Wewent around back to check if it was locked. as my boyf! riend was opening the door I felt cramp come down. I couldn't hold it any longer. Iclosed myeyes and felt a rush of shame burn through my head like a wild fire. then it started to come out. the shit started to drip down my legs jus t as the pee started to come. I couldn't beleive it I was soiling and wetting through my new blue bikini and onto my white pantyhose and dress and to make it worse all in front of my boyfriend. He turned around to notice what happened (by this time I was crying.) He said, "don't worry it happens to every one," which i thought was cute of him. So he picked me up hlolding me atthe knees aand back. he carried me in. as h went up the stiars I felt the urge to pee. Icouldn't hold it. So, I went. it got all over him him. Next thing Iknew he was wetting his pants. we got to the bathroom where he and I took off eachothers clothes. my bikini and white panthose, shoes, and dress were ruined. He gave me some of his other clothes to wear. thenhe helped me cle! an the porch. Isaid he could leave which he gave me a kiss and left. ten minutes later me mother walked in to discover what I had done.she had joked before about putting me in diapers but now she just might.

Probobly in diapers soon,

hi everyone! i just gave myself an enema with a water bottle! im waiting for the shit to come out right now! uhh ohh its a coming i gotta go!

Real accident in Home Depot: It was about 1:30 in the afternoon on Tuesday of last week when I found myself in a troublesome situation that ended badly! I was in the Home Depot on an errand after having a big lunch when the pleasantly full feeling turned into a dull ache right at the top of my stomach. I never seem to learn that this is a warning sign of a massive load beginning its downward decent out of me and not cramps from eating too much!
As I was trying to find pieces of wood for a project in the lumber department, I began to feel that familiar pressure on my rectum which signalled my frantic search for the bathroom. I tried to remember where they were having used them in other stores but not this one and remembering their layout can be just different enough to be out of my familiarity. I'm basically a shy person who doesn't like to ask strangers for things like information, help with stuff, etc., so the thought of asking for the bathroom in a desperate voice did NOT appeal to me!
I began to feel my sphincter spreading as my fast pace helped the poop along, allowing the "head" to start it's way out. I tightened my cheeks together but it didn't budge, only staying put for the moment. The next few isles were a blur as I moved on looking left and right at a slower pace. By this time I'd felt the bathroom was hidden on purpose to torture me; this was by far the worst, non-liquid poop emergency I'd ever had, and of course it had to happen in public! Upon reaching the garden department, desperation overcame my fear and I asked in as calm a voice as I could muster where the bathrooms were. The kid in the gardening department said they were all the way across the store back near the lumber department! By now I had to slow my pace even more, moving at a regular walking pace and feeling the almost uncontainable poop pressuring me to let it out immediately. I stopped, clenched, broke into a light sweat pretending to look at kitchen fixtures in the kitchen &a! mp; bath section-how ironic! Poop was now poking at the seat of my underpants-no word of a lie, I was starting to crap my pants and all I could do was force my self to stand still and pretend to be looking at faucets! There was a middle-aged couple at the other end of the isle about fifty feet from me, otherwise I was alone. I decided to make a move towards the toilets (if I could find them) and started to walk out of the isle. My movement seemed to trigger my bowels and I felt myself squatting uncontrollably and a very, very, long turd coiled itself into the seat of my pants! I was instinctively helping it out by pushing along with its motion as it folded and folded again into a thick, clay-like lump about the size of two softballs and bulged my (luckily) baggy jeans. I straightened up and stood still, smelling the poop I'd just done and looked around to find my self alone in the isle, exiting it and the store as fast as I could. When I got into my car, I grimmaced as I sat! on the massive load, feeling it flatten and squish between my balls and up the crack of my ass. The cleanup was not fun, but I was strangely turned on by it all!

Russell S. (AR) To TRISHA: Although you may have already been told, it sounds to me like you need to have someone take you to your local emergency room.
For pain of this magnetude, I would have zero tolerance. I mean, it has been roughly two weeks now, since you were last able to relieve yourself! If you do not get to a hospital right away, and have a surgeon or physician help to relieve you, your life could end shortly! I strongly urge you to get some medical attention immediately! Don't give me an excuse for not having medical insurance, because it is irrelevant in this matter. If you value your life, you must take my advice. We all know that constipation is not an easy thing to live with. I should know, because I have been there myself.

Speaking of constipation, I would like to tell each of you about a time when I was constipated during the spring of 1998. I began to feel the effects as my folks and I were leaving town on an out-of-town trip to my hometown of Tyler, Texas. Anyway, during the many Stops we made on the trip down, I was unable to pass the BM building in my rectum. By the time we arrived in Tyler, I was getting desperate! So, my aunt gave me one of her laxatives, although this did NOT ease the pressure. I went to bed that evening feeling very uncomfortable, and it was not until 2:00 in the morning when I was finally able to pass this painful bowel movement. During the "delivery" process, it took several grunts, and no passings of gas, to finally relieve myself. The end result was a turd that perhaps measured ten inches in length, and 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Yes, I know that this is small, when compared to the sizes of Kim's, ALANA's, Christi's, and so forth. You see, I am not a gi! rl. No, folks, I am now a 31-year-old male, and I do not have a colon or rectum as big as a woman's birth canal!

Anyway, I have not had any problems with constipation since this event during Spring 1998. I admit, though, that I am somewhat envious of the females, who post here, who are able to deliver bowel movements as BIG around as a 10-pound baby's head! It is too bad that Kim lives all the way up in New Jersey, because I would love to watch her "give birth" to one of her giant "logs", as she calls them. that would be intriguing! Unfortunately, I do not have E-Mail, as of the present, although I have my own PC now. Anyway, everyone, keep up the good posts, and I will be checking in every so often, when I have a good story to tell.

Best Regards,

Russell S. (AR)

Another longtime lurker
Male, age around 50. My answers to Tia's questionnaire.

1. Do you enjoy pooping? Absolutely, yes, especially when it's big and firm.
2. what is your favorite position when passing a BM? Sitting directly on the toilet, not on the seat, upright. I often pull my buttocks apart gently with my hands.
3. Do you get stomach aches before you BM? Are they severe? Rarely, and not severe.
4. How many times a day do you poop? Once, usually. Occasionally twice, and sometimes I miss a day at weekends.
5. What was the longest poop you ever did? Not sure, but well over a foot long.
6. Do you find pooping relaxing? Yes.
7. Do you make grunting noises when pushing? Do you yell in pain when it hurts? I don't grunt; normally it doesn't hurt so I don't yell.
8. How often do you get constipated? Sometimes if I've been travelling all day, but it doesn't last long.
9. What was the longest time you were ever constipated for? Four days.
10. After being constipated or just having a difficult poop, and it finally comes out, do you ever yell of relief? No.
11. Do you get stomach aches often when you don't have to BM? If so, are they severe and how long do they last? No.
12. Are you gassy when you poop? Quite often, yes. I fart a lot before I poop so the gas is often gone before I actually poop.
13. Do you look forward to taking a dump? Very much, especially when I think it will be big.
14. What are two signs that you have to go (besides a stomach ache)? I fart a lot and feel pressure behind my anus.
15. Do you ever lie down after taking a loooong dump because you feel week or tired? No.
16. Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping? Not really.
17. Do you like taking as long as necessary on the bowl, or do you get it done as fast as possible? I like taking as long as necessary but sometimes have to be fairly quick.
18. When you are constipated or are having a tough time getting it out, what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself w/o taking a laxative? Suppository or small enema, but I never need this.
19. Has a BM ever hurt so much that you started to cry? No.
20. How often do you have diahrea? Almost never.
21. When on the bowl taking a dump, what do you think is the most comfortable position (i.e. Leaning back, head between your knees, straight up with your hands on the side of the bowl, etc.) Sitting up straight with my buttocks held slightly apart.
22. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? Sometimes.
23. Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help yourself poop? Sometimes.
24. How do you feel about having someone poop with you, like to keep you company? I would like it.
25. How do you feel about someone talking you through constipation, a rough poop, diahrea, etc.? I don't think I would want that.
26. After a long, hard poop, diahrea, constipation, or even when you have the stomach flu/bug, would you enjoy a stomach massage? No.
27. Do your stomach aches continue even after you have pooped? Sometimes slightly for a few minutes if it's been a big one.
28. How often do you get off the bowl, and then realize as you walk away from the bathroom that you weren't done? Has this ever happened to you more than twice in a row (for the same dump)? Sometimes happens that I have to go again within an hour of the first one if I wasn't fully ready the first time. Not twice in a row.

Hey ya'll-
Well, I'm finally not constipated. I really hate being constipated and I took an excellent dump last night. I also took one when I got up this morning, it was kind of getting out everything that didn't come out last night. Sorry for the short post, but nothing exciting has happened recently.

Here's a fresh example of Australia's toilet fascination: a new commercial for Stayfree adhesive sanitary pads was filmed in Brussells, at the famous fountain of the urinating boy (he seems to have a remarkably big whatsit for such a toddler -- the bore was necessary for the fountain, sure, but rather beside the point!). Anyway, three Aussie girl tourists are there at the wishing well area below the fountain and drop something in it by accident, I didn't see what. To get it back they would need to stop the fountain long enough for the water to clear. One of the girls rolls a sanitary pad into a tube and casually slips it over the boy's bronze penis -- stopping the flow at once due to it's remarkable absorbancy, of course!

There seems to be a casual attitude to male urination in this country, but so far we've not seen more than the most abstract reference to female urination in TV adds...


Yeah who in here feels comfortable about pooping in front of family members

JEFF A - Hi guy! I have passed my latest test and I am now 4th kyu. Steve is very pleased and I am too. I was a bit nervy in the afternoon and I had some diarrhoea. I hope you are reading this Jeff because I will be disappointed if you don't. You like girls with diarrhoea so I am writing this little story for you. I will tell it like it is happening now. All right?
I am looking forward to doing the test but I have not really eaten a lot all day. I am just relaxing and waiting for when I will go, but sitting reading a paper I get a feeling I am going to have diarrhoea. Yeah, it feels a bit strong and I know I should go right away. I am going up stairs into the bathroom and I am taking my shoes off and then unbutton my jeans. Oh I am hurrying to get them down. I have got them off and I just threw them out of the room. I am hooking my thumbs down the side of my black thong and I am pulling it down really quick and kicking it off. You caught that well didn't you? Well I am hovering over the toilet. You can get down and look up at my bum from the side if you like but do not get too close because I do not know how much splashing it will make. Well there you are and I have turned a bit so you can see my bumhole better. All right I am pushing a bit now and I have a soft mushy lump coming out of my bum. Look at it stretching longer like tha! t as it is coming out. Do you like that Jeff? Well look at what is coming out now there is a little bit of solid stuff in it but it is a a lot of stinky brown liquid shit. Can you hear it plopping and splashing? I am splashing the inside of the bowl with lots of brown goo. It is trickling out of me. Oh I think I have another little turd wanting to come out so I am pushing a little bit. Oh yeah I have just fired a little lump into all the brown in the toilet. Oh there is a bit of a stink. Hey can you get me some paper, lots of it please? Thank you very much! Ugh oh that feels wet when I wiped my bum. Look at all that stinky stuff on the paper. Ugh! Well I have thrown that away. I can feel a wee coming I am still hovering so I let it go and SSSSSSSSS... I am doing a nice gusher now! Can you see? Do you like it? I am using my right hand to aim my stream and I am trying to wash all the brown off the inside of the toilet. LOL I am better at doing that than when the toilet flushes! because I can use some pressure. LOL I am really washing the bowl, Jeff! Can you see? giggle Oh that is it. I have stopped now. 3 more squares of paper please. Thank you and now I am wiping my pussy. That's it. More paper please, lots! Thank you. I am wiping my ass again and it is still shitty. I have had to wipe with a lot of paper there, look at it. I am flsuhing it all away and I bet I will have to flush again after. Well my bum does not feel very clean really. I think what I will do is just put a skirt on that I was going to wash and not put my knickers on until later so I do not ruin them with a shitty bum. It is just in case I do more diarrhoea you know. I will have a shower before I go to do my test and you can stay and watch that if you like.
Love Louise xx

INA - Hi girl! I am happy your mammogram turned out all right. That is some good news. You know I think I would like it over where you are if you see guys pissing all the time. I would not really mind them seeing me in return you know. It is 3 weeks now to the wedding so I hope we get some nice weather so I can share some more nice wees with my sister. Steve's best friend was very nice about finding me just after the last wee. LOL The next time we saw him he told me he did not recognise me any more with my clothes on.
Oh yeah I will share all the fun on here for you!
Love Louise xx

SARAH, MEGHAN AND ANNIE - Hi! I liked your story about the travelmates and the shorts. LOL I have not had a go with my travelmate for a few days so I will have to do it this weekend. Oh Meghan how can you say you could not find your female bits? LOL No I know it is a lot easier to wee with the travelmate when you do not have any pants on. I had trouble like that when I first got started but I have got better now.
And Robby is not old. He is just distinguished!
Love Louise xx

PV - Hi girl! I bet Steve is a bit scared of going to see our next netball match! No, I think the other girls did like him being there when they pissed at the urinal. It was just really outrageous. giggle I bet you would have liked to be there with us.
I told you in my last letter I would tell you about my last glamour shoot. Well it was outdoors when the weather was warm. I knew I should have had a wee before we set off but I knew I would not feel right until I had done it. So I had my make up checked and I just told my photographer that I was just going for a wee. I do not think she minded it too much and all I did was go near a tree. I did not want to go behind it because I thought I would get my feet dirty and I did not want to put my shoes on. All I had on was my knickers and I pulled them down and then squatted. I was not really a long way away from the crew but I was sort of side on to them. I bet they could see my wee stream gushing out of me but not my pussy as I was doing it. giggle I was given a towel to wipe with. I hope my photographer did not think I was hard work. giggle



To Rick I feel the very same as you Rick. Ilove to see a woman have a bm.I dont know why this excites me.

older guy living in the north of england. keep the stories coming and do tell us about you mate and the parade. did he tell you before hand that he was going to release something? did his face show that he was doing something. did he try to hold it in by putting his hands in back?

TO RICK: I have the same fetish. And with the same kinda twist, my gf doing it, or a family member its not a turn on. But a female that I dont know, the thought is exciting. With me, its like her need to be discreat turns me on, like if she were holding in a solid turd and didnt want anyone to know. And also, the more shy she is, the better, like if she was farting and trying to conceal it.... The reason I think it turns me on, is because I am also shy when needing to go, and hold it in until I get home. I believe this has somthing to do with the reason the thought excites me.

To JacobG:

I think Home Depot stores need to do some repair work to their restrooms. The store at Regency in Jacksonville, Florida has a broken stall door and it's such a busy store that guys do seem to use the doorless dtall out of necessity because the other stalls are occupied. You'd think that a store that claims to be so dedicated to customer service would fix this broken door. I'm a contractor and spend tons of money at that store and they owe me the courtesy of a door on a stall.

the badly constipated girl; I hope you got relief. I felt bad for you. don't ever wait that long again to go.[well duh, i'm sure you would'nt]. A man i know recommended taking a small amount of something like metamucil or something like that on a regular basis to give you a supply of fibre but ask your Doctor about it first. I used to get constipated often when i was a kid,i guess because i used to eat alot of white bread[peanut butter sandwichs and especially cheese sandwiches and the like]. I think drinking alot of water helps also. I wish you to be very well.

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