One of the things I find highly erotic is watching my girlfriend sit on the toilet. I only like to watch and nothing else. Most of all, I wish there was a web site of girls throne sitting. This could be done in good taste. Jenny McCarthy can be seen in "candies" ads in seeral glamour mags with her panties down to her knees sitting on the toilet.

This happened a couple of times at a couple of neigbbors houses.
When I was in grade school, was at the next door neighbors house and girl was my age and her brother who was 4 yrs younger. She took her ltl bro into the bathroom and pulled his pants down and then he sat. There were couple of other people beside us three. We watched him take a dump. I don't remember the details except to watch him wipe his butt and seeing the turds in the john.
I was still in grade school but at a different neighbors house. The youngest boy was about 3 or 4 years old. He went in and took a crap in the bathroom without shutting the door. A few of us watched. Again, don't remember details such as farting, etc.
I was in Jr. High, was at friend's house. He loudly announced that he had to take a shit and then went into the bathroom. He was in there for quite a while. Then he said, "$%^, there is not toilet paper". He came out with his pants down to his ankles and got some TP from the closet and then went back in and finished. It was kind of hilarious.
I was at a friend's house when I was in 5th grade and we were goofing around. I had to use the john and the door was not quite shut all the way. I walked in on his sister while she was crapping. She got pissed ! I would have like to stay and observe :) but wasn't quite welcome :(

To Gerry:
I did not notice that, in modern mens' rooms, the urinal where placed close to a swinging door, enabling an outside viewer (a female), to watch them pee. There might be a few instances, like in busy bars, where it might be so, but I do not think it is deliberate. Beside, and this is a personal impression, I feel that women are, beside the sweeathearts who regularly post here, far less voyeuristic then men...or if not, they are much more afraid of the consequences of being caught if people thought they were too nosy. As far as I am concerned, seeing the shoes of a lady under a partition wall does not disturb me the slightest. On the contrary!

To Sandra: Your stream splits? Is that with the labia separated or in its normal position? Often times the labia interferes with a steady pee stream.

Blake, sorry to hear about your experience, my friend. One thing I've learned since I found out I am Lactose Intolerant is to hold my farts until I'm seated on a toilet. Usually it's just *wind*, but sometimes the "farts" were actually crap. Jodi

Z-man, you say, The ladies room female urinal that hung from the wall. It has a protruding lip over which the woman would stand and lean forward. I've never heard of such a thing. Can any one else report on seeing such facilities? Fundamentally I can't see any reason why they would not be as practical as men's urinals except for the fact that women have come to expect the whizzing privacy of a stall and will not likely give it up. Comments?

To jillian: I posted my peeing-while-standing technique yesterday. Is that similar to your technique? I've never met a woman who had a problem with this method. (Of course, I don't know too many women who will even admit trying it!) I was raised on a small farm so I spent a lot of time outside. I am the only girl in the family, and my brothers never went inside the house to pee, so why should I? Standing up to pee just seemed like the natural thing to do. I guess as a young kid I was too naive to know that women weren't supposed to pee upright. Peeing through the fly on a pair of tight fitting jeans without making a mess is something I've never figured out. Anyone have any suggestions? As I'm sure you know, peeing through the fly on baggy jeans is possible if the fly goes down far enough. Learning to pee in urinals wasn't too difficult. I just had to press in on my abdomen a bit so that the pee would go straight out instead of at a 45 degree angle.

Saturday, December 06, 1997

I remember another crapping experience. When I was in High School, I use to spend the month of July in Northern Indiana at my parents lake. One day, my mom and I went to Ft. Wayne to their big mall. There use to be this nice video arcade which was by a decent bathroom. The kids would hang around the bathroom and goof around and some of them would actually utilize the facilities. One time, I had to take a big shit and I walked in there. There were several boys in there. A few of them were standing around chatting with a couple boys in the stalls who were taking a crap. They were laughing as well. I went into the stall and proceded to do my business. I ripped some good farts and the 2 other boys ripped some mixed in with some plops. We were all laughing. It was enjoyable and fun. When I was finished, I then left and had to meet my Mom to head back to the lake.
Mike, you mentioned about waiting until after school to crap at home, I was like that as well until High School. The grade school I went to did not have doors, the Jr. High I went to had doors but you dared not venture into the bathroom unless you absolutely had to especially if you were an underclassman. When I got to H.S., I went from a public school to private school. The bathrooms at my HS had no doors at the time but most people that went there didn't care like when I went to public schools for JR high & grade school. After a while in HS, I ended up with the same attitude and I crapped when I needed to instead of waiting until I got home. I enjoyed taking many craps in the HS bathroom and would love to do it again but that time is done.

Hi Blake. Before I found out I was LI, and decided to reduce my dairy intake, I passed gas the whole time I was on the toilet, the loudest usually being just before I let out my first piece.
I over-indulged on Thanksgiving, and woke up the next morning with terrible stomach cramps. I went into the bathroom (at home) and immediately let out a couple of waves of diahrrea; there was a lot of farting as well. I sat there for about 20 minutes and let out a couple of more "jobbies" (love that term, Pooping Girl!). My older sister, Briana, had the opposite reaction. She complained (to me) of constipation on Friday afternoon. We went jogging together on Saturday morning, and my sister said she "finally has the urge" to go. We got back to the house and she went into the bathroom (I would have loved to have gone in there, as in the old days, but I resisted the urge). I heard her flush the toilet 3 times before washing her hands and coming out. I had to pee, so I went into the bathroom, permeated by the smell of Briana's crap, and sat down on the warm toilet. Jodi

When I was in grade school in the 40's, I spent a lot of time reading at the public library. The mens bahroom was on one end and it had floor length urinals and the toilets with raised seat. When you sat on them it started the water running and when you rose, it was the flushing mechanism. The ladies room was a the other end of the building and they too had the same toilets, but also female urinal that hung from the wall. It has a protruding lip over which the woman would stand and lean forward. A female classmate said she saw one of the librarians using it. but she didn't have the guts to try it.
Also, when we were young, our parents belieived you should have a bm eveyday and if you didn't, our mother used to give us enemas using the water bottle combination.It was filled with warm water.It had a long use on it with a rectal insert on the end. We had to have a bm before we went to bed. Hate to say this, but this is where you learn to tell little fibs, in order to not have to go thru that every night.
I never heard of using soap for a laxative, but there were (and I suppose still are) glycerine suppositories at the drug store. They were enlosed in foil, were torpedo shaped, and moist. They were easy to insert and did the job quite nicely.
All these posts are bringing back memories.

Nice new site!
To Baron von Feces:
I take about 15 to 20 min to take a dump. I am not shitting all that time. It comes in installments with several minutes intervals in between, there are always at least two installments, and if I don't wait for the second one to come, I end up going again within the hour, which takes on the whole more time than just one visit.
Gas: Usually I fart before the turds start to come out, but sometimes there are pockets of gas stuck behind the turds, and are only released after the turd that entraps it has been pushed out.

hallo, my name is nature pooper. I like shitting in the woods and watch other people (especially women )doing their business in the bushes and in the nature. Unfortuantely I have only small experience in waching other people.

Sorry I haven't posted here in a while, but I have been really busy with school! I haven't had any really notable bowel movements since I last posted. I haven't been able to run as much as I want to because of this cold weather we are having in the Northeast, but I will start again as soon as it gets warm again. I loved reading all of the old posts, guys you are doing a great job of keeping this forum alive, please keep posting. I don't really have time to answer all the questions posed, but if anyone has any specific questions please post again!
Since I know you all are just dying to hear my story, here goes: On thanksgiving, I had to drive home that night (back to school I mean). Well I had a six-hour drive back to school. So I left my house around seven PM, and started my drive home. Around eight o'clock, I started to feel a little bloated, but I just figured it was gas from dinner and I would just deal until I got back to school. Around nine fifteen, I started to have a need to pee, so I began to look for a rest stop. About fifteen minutes later, I found a truck stop and pulled over. I walked in and immediately headed for the bathroom. Let me tell you, this was the biggest bathroom, I've ever seen. I had "little sections" with just about 20 stalls in each one, I went into the section with the fewest amount of people, (hopping to get rid of my gas from before), and sat down. I immediately began to pee, and I must have kept peeing for about a minute and a half, then I decided to give a little push, and a small fart came out. I wiped my vagina, and stood up to pull up my pants, but my stomach still felt a little bloated. So I figured, I might as well sit back down and fart. Well I pushed a five or six times and my farts were slowly getting louder, longer, and hotter, but I didn't really think about it. Now, looking back on it I really should have known, but I gave a seventh push, and this very loose very wet shit, came flying out of my tush, splashing into the water, and splattering up on to my tush. I sat there for about twenty minutes going through wave after wave of this, until I finally thought I was finished. I got up, wiped my tush, and left.
I got back into my car, and drove for about another hour and a half, when I started to get some really bad cramps, not intuition was telling me that I should pull over (especially remembering what had happened earlier) but I just kept driving. About a half-hour later, the cramps were really getting to the point were to avoid an accident, I thought I should pull over. So I started looking for a rest stop. After fifteen more minutes, I still didn't see one, and I really thought I was going to have an accident, but still no rest stop insight. I decided to pull off the road and try to find a clearing in the woods, I pulled over, got out of the car, and walked into the wooded area on the side of the road. I walked about fifty of sixty feet into the woods, when I felt an even bigger cramp coming on, and I realized that I was either going to pull down my jeans and poop here, or I was going to shit in my pants. Just as I reached my hand forward to unbutton my jeans, I lost control, and another wave of this loose poop fell into my panties. I quickly yanked down my pants and panties, but it was just too late, too much damage. I couldn't find anything suitable for wiping, so I just pushed some of the poop out of my panties, and waddled back to my car. I got in and squish, all the loose poop got stuck to my tush. I really tried not to think about it, and I just finished my drive back to school. The first thing I did when I got back was change, and got to the bathroom. I finished pooping, and threw out my dirty cloths. Thank god no one found out about this! I really don't know what made me so sick, but I really was! If anyone has had any accidents like these please post!

I asked about female classroom and bus wetting accidents awhile back, and got some good stories. Any more. Once in junior high, a it was rumored that a girl dared her friend into peeing her pants standing up in the bathroom. It seems that they were standing up, in seperate stalls, and the more domineering one told her friend that she would pee too. Well, she was faking, and the other poor girl really pissed her pants, and her dry friend ran off and left her there in wet pants!!!

Hi guys. Blake, I know how you feel about being so busy with school. I usually pass gas before I start to dump; I also often pass gas when I (only) have to pee.
Mike, re your question about pooping at school [I graduated from high school in 1996] I mentioned a couple of months ago that my school bathrooms had lockable doors, TP, and soap, so I had no problem going when needed. I usually take a shit first thing in the morning, so there wasn't always a need to go during the school day. My younger brother, Eric, who posted on here a couple of times, almost always shits when he gets home from school. Males seem to be more hesitant about shitting at school than females; perhaps because we (girls) have to sit in a stall regardless, so there isn't as much of a "stigma."
Steph mentioned that we peed in front of each other over the Thanksgiving weekend. I don't know if I could bare myself in front of total strangers (some on here posted about deliberately leaving the stall door open while going), but it seems different when going in front of your best friend.
Great picture of the girl on the toilet! Perhaps you could rotate and show a guy seated on the toilet? :) Love always, Alex :)

Has any of you guys noticed this, or is it just me? Many of the newer/renovated mens restrooms, the urinals are in plain view for everyone to see from outside, when the door swings open. Sometimes whole rows of guys can be seen from outside, by any woman waiting near the door. I am embarresed, I use a stall. And also, alot of ladies restrooms, the stalls are right in view when the main door is opened. You can often see womens feet from outside. Both situations are embarrising. Feedback please?

Me again. Yesterday, I had this strong urge to pee while driving home from work. A couple of times, I had to really fight off the urge. When I got home, I immediately headed for the toilet. When I got there and got my clothes out of the way and finally let go, only a small amount came out (it only lasted 5 seconds).It felt as though I had an 8-baller (reference to the long pee you usually have after drinking a lot of alcoholic beverages) coming.

to char,
Do you also pee outside (behind a tree etc) in the standing position? I only pee standing outdoors, then there is no need to aim. My stream splits, so i never go inside the house standing.

Friday, December 05, 1997

Hi guys-
I am sorry it's been so long since I have written in here, but I have been so busy with school! I found some time and decided to check out this site again! Doug, in response to your question, I can tell you than in High School (even after I began to stay away from Dairy products) I always have a strong urge to poop at the end of the day, and so did many of my school friends. I think it's because no one pooped in school unless they were in danger of having an accident. To address some of the questions asked by different people I wipe from front to back. I have a few questions to ask. How many people, who post here, pass a lot of gas while pooping? Do these farts proceed the poop, come during the poop, or after the poop? I have a story from Thanksgiving, I'm sure you would all love, but I don't have time to post it now, I'll try to type them up this weekend.


Baron: if and when (usually) i spend a long time sitting on the toilet, most of the time for me is spent pushing, resting, pushing, etc. Only a few minutes are left to wipe, and make sure everything is still workin right, lol. Grunting, well....i don't do it on purpose, sometimes just natural response, sometimes relief from pain. so thats my story, anyone got another? Oh, by the way...i tried the soap thing again, with the same results, a burning sensation...but oh well...seems to help some
luv ya :)

Char, I'd like some details on your technique too. Are you talking about the urinals that are like a bowl type, mostly on the floor, that you can just straddle, or the vertical kind where you have to aim and shoot it out straight at the wall to hit? I learned to pee standing up as a kid, I'm the only girl in the family and it never occurred to me that there was anything unusual about how I or my brothers peed until I first noticed other girls doing it differently. I sometimes have troubles with tight blue jeans, and would like any tips you could offer. Why anyone would sit on a public toilet just to pee puzzles me, but I usually try to shut the door first in a public facility because I find most girls stare at me when I go.
Today I had the most wonderful BM. I had not gone for a couple days, and was feeling pretty full. I had been passing gas all day, really I was cutting some pretty rosy smelling stuff - and it was getting more plentiful and hotter all the time, too. Still, no feeling that I could turn this into something more solid.
When the heat got unbearable, finally I got on the toilet, and started to push, but was getting nowhere, so I just relaxed for a while. In a couple of minutes, my ???? started to ripple a little all by itself, and I made it a point to relax completely. I got a feeling that I just *had* to bear down, and I did, and after a moment, I felt motion all the way around my gut. For a wonderful, sweaty half minute I pressed out a very long, very firm BM. It broke off four times, leaving four tire skids in the pot, before the spasm passed and I sat there in glorious relief, a wonderful tingly feeling all through my entire abdomen. In the pot were four logs, each about 8 inches long and very dark, all floaters. I still feel wonderful from that dump as I write this. Just wanted to share that experience with you all. BTW, the gas is still coming, it smells really horrible, but at least it is not hot as fire any more.

To Gary & Fluidity, and any interested women, I have no idea know how many many women have any interest in this besides myself, but for women who want to pee standing without making a mess: using either hand, place your index finger on one side and your middle finger on the other side of your vagina and spread it apart. Then lift to get the desired trajectory, and let go. If you don't spread and lift, it might run down your leg! Jeans should be pulled down in front about 3 to 4 inches, skirts are lifted. The easiest are loose shorts and bikini bottoms. If you experience any spraying or lack of distance (I know women who have gone over three feet) try the other method in which instead of one finger on each side, you use your entire hand for better control. Gary asked whether I've been caught in the men's room at the urinal. No way! I would never venture in there during the workday when others are around. If I ever got caught I would never hear the end of it!

To Doug: I can remember that when I was in High School, I would always wait until after school was over to take a dump. I think it was because of my opposition to pooping in school. Although it has been done on occasions, I just don't like to do it. It was like that for me all throughout grade school and high school. I would come home and take such a massive dump. I bet a lot of people were that way. Keep the great posts coming everyone. I've been reading every day, and I'll start writing again soon.

To Gary from Oz:
To answer your question about separate facilities in nudist resorts, I would tell you that this is an area, among many others, where society, regardless where, is somewhat confused about bathroom segregation: I do not quite know why, but bathrooms in all nudist resorts I've been to (Canada, France, Germany) are separate and they all have doors. I have no explanation for why they segregate them, because once one is naked, one does not have much to hide. It is perhaps required by law. As to fitting the stalls with doors, it would appear more natural to me. Interesting question.

Cloged Drains
When I used a drain cleaner it smelled like chlorine bleach. One day we had a cloged drain in our sink, we did not have any drain cleaner so I dumped most of a gallon of chlorine bleach to unclog the sink. After about an hour the sink drain worked perfectly.
Now I wonder if chlorine bleach would unclog a toilet if allowed to act for an hour?
Maybe this post could also fit in the catagory of home repairs.

Hi everybody. Thanks Steph for the happy b-day and Some Guy, I must say that sags do rule! Anyways, after a good b-day and a great thanksgiving, I felt the need for the classically large "day after thanksgiving" dump. It was larger than normal, but not too much. It took about fifteen minutes and was not particularly noisy or smelly. Normally, I take only five to ten minutes. Looking forward to hearing more of your stories. Bye for now.

At the weekend my friend who is twelve was staying with me. We wanted to join a gang who lived near us but we had to pass a test each so we can be members. The dare I had to do was to do a poo in a public place. This was not too bad and that afternoon I waited till I had to go and held it back for as long as I could. When I was almost doing it in my pants I said I had to poo now. We were in the streets near home so they let me go in the entry that led to the back of the houses. I went down a few yards and there was a telephone pole there so after I had looked round to see no one was there looking I dropped my shorts and boxers to just above my knees and bent down. As I was bending down the poo was starting to come out so that was no problem and I just bent a little. I did two thin brown longs about six inches long each whilst they watched me and then pulled up my shorts. I had passed that test okay. Each of the four boys then went over in turn, the leader first and did a pee over my poo. They made me member number 5. Next day my friend was to be made a member and had to do a dare.
He had to drink the pee of all the members of the gang and he said he would. Weall held out as long as we could and that afternoon just a I thought I was going to wet myself the leader went into his house and brought out a big winchester bottle. I got to hold it for him and he did a big wee in it. Then I held it for the other members who all had a wee in it. My friend had to hold it for me whilst I did my pee and this almost filled the bottle. He had to drink the pee that afternoon before he went home and was not allowed to go toilet. First he drank quite a bit but said he could not drink any more and we went off to play Later on he cam back and drunk a bit more and we went off again. He came back for the last time as it was getting dark and managed to finish the rest of it. He said he had to pee real bad and did it standing up at the gate to someones back yard. It ran down the door and on to the step and made a big puddle on the floor. He was also made a member of the gang.
End of story tomorrow.

Thursday, December 04, 1997

Yesterday's update (Tuesday) is being added with todays because of a network failure. There were no posts on Monday.

Gary from Oz
Char: Thanks for the great post. I'd really like to hear how you manage to do it in the urinals. Can you describe them - is there just one or two, or are there a whole line of them? Have you ever "got caught" when using them, and if so, how did you react? Do you also pee standing up when you're outside (behind a tree etc).
The urinals in europe - are they similar to the men's? can you describe them?, or do the ladies and the men in europe share the same facilities - I've heard that in some places they do.
Thanks again for the great post.
While I'm here, has anyone visited the toilets at a nudist resort? I've often wondered whether they have separate facilities, or whether sharing one's intimacy does or doesn't spread as far as natural functions. Do they have doors on the stalls, or even partitions? - really love to know, but not game enough to visit one!!!!
Gary (from Oz)

pooping girl
My trip to the toilet today almost became a big mess. I felt the need on my way home in the car. I let a couple farts out but realized I better not do that anymore. I finally got home and got out of the car and a big urge hit and I thought I was going to fill my underpants with a big load. I had to stop walking and squeeze my fanny cheeks. I decided to make a rush for it and strarted to unbutton and pull my pants and underpants down as I ran for the toilet. I just made it as I started poping as I was getting to the seat. I pushed out a big load of jobbies and gas and my stomach hurt a little after the first wave. I pushed out more jobbies as I grunted as I felt I had about 3lbs more to get out. As I tinkled some more gas blew loudly out of my fanny. I grunted out one mor mushy load and just sat on the toilet and rested for about 5 minutes before I wiped and puled my pants up and flushed. I filled the toilet up pretty good but it all flushed down,thankfully.

Hi guys! I was home for the long Thanksgiving weekend (in the U.S.A.) and got to see a lot of my friends; for those who are interested, Alex and I peed in front of each other (neither of us had to dump while she was over at my house). Lynn, awesome story about your niece. Do you think she waited to *plop* until you came in to deliver your book? :) Kelly/Rebecca, I don't know if I could stuff soap up my butt-interesting stories, though. Joe, happy birthday! I hope you took a nice dump on the day after- please tell us about it! Later all. Peace, Steph

To Gary About the reflectiveness of tiles: Yes, they are very common.
Black is the most reflective colors and these tiles become a real mirror if you drop some water on them. Regards.

Baron VonFeces
I'm amazed by people who claim to have monstrous dumps and stay on the toilet for upwards of half an hour. When I shit its almost always one piece and I rarely take more than five minutes unless sick. Most of the time I can be done in under one minute without rushing. Do some of you actually shit for 30 minutes or are you just kinda hanging out? And what's with the grunting? Do some people just feel more natural when grunting or does it feel better? I have absolutely no interest in hearing a dude grunting in the stall next to me, although I'd be so incredibly turned on if I heard a woman grunting when on the pot.

Do High school and other students often need to shit when they are done with school for the day? The story by Lynn inspired the question. When I was in High school I often shat at the end of the school day. Once I counted the plops; there were 32 of them.
On on other occasion a black guy announced in a crowded hall that he saw me holding my dink while taking a shit agter 7th hour the other day. Kids in High school and Junior High often like to embarrass each other; it's great fun!

Of course we are interested. Please enlighten us with the precise way you accomplish this feat. Thanks,

Wednesday, December 03, 1997

A new shopping centre opened in town today. While I was there visiting, I felt the urge to have a BM. I went in and sat down. I then noticed that the tiles they've put on the floor are very reflective, almost like mirror glass. The petitions between the cubicles are high enough so that you can see the guys in the next cubicle pulling their pants down, sitting on the toilet, wiping themselves and readjusting their clothes. They, in turn, can also see you. Has anyone else come across a floor such as this in a public toilet?

"I've used urinals lots of times when working late at my office (at first, because the men's room is much closer, and now, because I find a urinal to be more convenient).
I do it facing, and it works fine now that I know the posture (nothing extreme). I don't make any kind of mess, and don't even have to undress as much as to sit down. Last year in Europe I discovered French and Italian women do it all the time using urinals in lady's rooms.
If anyone's interested, I'll explain how to do it without making a mess.

Since this forum is discrete and there is keen interest in female toilet habits I will pass on an incident that happened this week when I picked up my niece from school. Kelly is my brother's 12 year old daughter and they live close by. I have had a good relationship with Kelly since she was small and she is familiar to me, however she can be a little cheeky at times.
I collected her from school since her mum was out for a while and Kelly was coming to me for tea, before going home. On the way home she kept patting her stomach, and there was a smell about her which suggested that she needed to sit on a toilet.
As we went into the house I asked her if she was OK and she said yes. I suggested that she might like to go to the bathroom and make herself comfortable while I got the tea ready. She said she was going to hold on till she got home.
She came into the kitchen and started helping with the food. Still occasionally giving her stomach a pat. After 10 mins and more ominous odours she said, I think I will go to the bathroom.
2 mins later she called me, asking me to bring one of her school books since she thought she would be a while. So I found the book in her bag and went in the bathroom ( as I said we have known each other a while and there was no embarrassment about this). There she was in her dark green school uniform, sitting on the toilet legs swinging with her white ankle socks and black shoes. Her pink panties just round her knees and on her face a cheeky grin. Just as I gave her the geography book there was a small fart and a loud poop splashing into the pan. I am sure she got me in there to witness this first hand. I ignored her action and left her to finish.
She emerged 10 mins later saying she really felt a lot better.

Simon & Jamie
Jamie and me were playing outside with some boys of our own age and one of them wanted the toilet real bad and was holding his pants and running about a lot. One of his friends dared him to piss into the petrol tank of this car in the road which had no filler cap. He looked to make sure no one was watching and he pulled down his shorts a little. He bent his knees a little so he was level with the petrol filler and started to piss. At first only a little came, then he started proper and we could see a bright yellow stream go into the tank as we all stood round watching. He really needed to go and stood there for a long time before he had finished. Then his friend dared him back and they swaped places. This boy stood further back and lowered his shorts. Then he pulled his skin back and started to sqirt into the petrol tank. His pee was not so fast, but it went further and took him longer. They dared us to do it but we are to shy to do it with being watched.

How about this for what old bathroom toilets used to look like? When I was going to Jr. High back in the early 70's the toliets were the kind that stayed raised all the time and you turned them on whenever you sat down on them. Has anyone else seen those kind before? As for my bm's as of late somestimes I do a little bit but other times I do long lumpy logs that are a dark brown. And I usually scoot up farther on the seat when I wipe from front to back. I also enjoy hearing other women in the restroom too and I get to alot since I live close to a university campus.(IU) Keep posting everybody! Hello to the other women.

On the subject of soap sticks (this is for Kelly and Rebecca...): I was also curious about this and gave it a try a couple days ago. Generally I take a very satisfying shit immediately after the first cup of coffee in the morning, but hadn't felt the urge that day. After work in the evening, I carved off a little soap stick about the size of the last joint in my little finger. Held it under running water for a minute to get it nice and slippery (you didn't say anything about that, maybe it's the secret ingredient in the procedure...) and then popped it up where the sun doesn't shine. The effect was immediate and very dramatic: there was a slight feeling of irritation (not bad), and after about five minutes, I felt a very strong urge to take a shit RIGHT NOW! Several large and rather soft turds, one of which was decorated by having the still undissolved soap stick attached to one end!

To Kelly,
Have just read your posting on inserting a piece of soap up your bottom and the discomfort you mention. Firstly I would suggest that you use a non scented type of soap. Generally myself I use either green palmolive or a fragrent free ivory soap. As this is the first time you have tried this, It might just be that the lining of your bowel or rectum is sensitive. On some occassions when I use this method I do have a slight stinging or tingling sensation. My eleven year old also complains of this sometimes.
I recommend that you moisten the piece of soap well before insertion and this should help to increase its effectiveness. Although discomfort may be felt, this should not really last for long. On reading your letter, I have just spoken to my sister in law who is a qualified practice nurse and she tells me that this is not dangerous or harmful, and is often used as an aid to toilet train youngsters. Provided that this method is only used to relieve occassional stubborn constipation, then no harmful effects can come of it. However you should not continually use this method for continual constipation, which could be atributed to something more diverse.
You could also try coating the piece of soap in vaseline or KY gel on insertion. It should be gently pushed up into your bottom as far as possible and I would say you should obtain relief within twenty or so minutes.
I posted my initial letter because I have found that swallowing proprietary laxatives take several hours to shift a stubborn bowel, as these have to work their way through the stomach and into the intestine. The insertion of the soap at the business end, for me at least seems to bring instantaneous relief.
Finally I can only suggest to you, that maybe you try it a couple more times and if you still experience discomfort, then try a conventional glycerine suppository. Perhaps you can let me and the readers know how you get on.

Saturday, November 29, 1997

Big Bernie
This is my first entry to this forum, so here goes...

My name is Bernard and I am a very large man. Standing at 6'10", and weighing 400+lbs, I have been known to produce some truly monsterous bowel movements. I don't know whether it's the size of my body or my meals that makes these huge turds, but it's probably both. I always try to use the toilet at work for my daily dump, because the size of the feces always clogs my tiny john at home. At times when I've had to use my own bathroom, we've had to call the plummer, and this annoys my wife to no end. She always tells me to eat less, but I have no intention of doing so. I know she likes how everything about my body is big and I think she secretly likes my enormous dumps. Although she's never said "Y'know honey, I really like your massive dung," she's pretty enthusiatic about proclaiming how big and foul smelling they are sometimes.
The large size of me and my feces goes back as far as I can remember. I find this story pretty humorous. In grade school (I think it was 1st-2nd grade) I had to go really bad. Entering the boy's bathroom (which was for a single occupant) I saw that someone hadn't flushed the toilet. For fear of using a "used" toilet, I wanted to flush it first. I could feel the turd emerging, so I quickly dropped my pants and reached for the handle to flush that sucker. In moving towards the john (in quite a hurry), I tripped over my pants and fell on the floor. To make a long story short, when my turd (which I hoped no one would notice) was discovered by an unlucky soul on the floor of the bathroom, the class was told to put our heads on the desks. The teacher told us that we would stay that way until the culprit incriminated himself. Not wanting to get into trouble, I kept my head on my desk hoping for some kind of devine intervention. Not so. I was soon found out when our teacher took a look at the turd, and decided that since I was by far the biggest kid in class, only I could have produced that wonder of science that lay on the floor. After being interrogated for about 3 seconds, I admitted to the dump, and was repremanded. The teacher (as all teachers must) called my parents, and my mom still chuckles about it to this day. I'll never live that one down. I have always liked being so big, and it's interesting to see what people do when my head looms over the stall doors in public bathrooms. I've heard everything from "I'll be out in a minute!" to "AAAAGH!!!" It's quite funny what some people will do when surprised in an bathroom. Another thing that's pretty funny is seeing what folks will do when a huge fart is exclaimed in such a setting. Some people will pretend not to notice, and others will laugh right out loud... until they smell it.

I'd love to hear responses! Oh, the stories I could tell...

to rebecca:
I tried the peice of soap idea, and it didn't help me out to much. In a round about way it did thou....i put the peice into by bottom, with minor discomfort, and it "tingled" a little bit. After 5 or 10 minutes thou, it started to burn slightly. Although it was only a slight discomfort, it eventually became a regular pain in the tush! It did however made me go, but it was because i wanted it out!!!!!! I'm not sure if it helped in that process either, it still hurt quite a bit. Anyone have any other feedback on this, i'd appreciate it...maybe i'm just a little diferent, or did something wrong?

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