LORI GIRL: Simply amazing story. Hope you get to see more of this Sujin lady.
CHRISTI: What a story! Keep them coming, both the huge-job constipation ones >_< (__O__)and the diarrhea ones *_* (__X__). They are enjoyed by many.
MOIRA: Are you British? You've been gone for quite a while, haven't you? Glad to see you back, with those straining sounds. I have to admit that I don't mind it when Rachel heaves to get her logs moving.
Speaking of which, Rachel gave me a big show yesterday afternoon. She was letting off her usual stinkers. They smell so heavy, like she drops loads in her underwear, except it's just gas. Anyway, so this time we were actually at her house, and she was on a real toilet! (thank you, thank you.) She got onto the toilet after first removing her panties and tiny shorts. Then, she leaned away and blasted a fart between her two taupe cheeks(__/\__). It smelled mildly like eggs. I fanned the air in front of me, and she giggled and sat back down. Then she leaned forward. I got reeeally close up, like about five or six inches away from her round buns, and watched as a huge turd started to emerge(__O__). Her breathing became shorter, and she heaved hard >_< to get this out. I, being the nice guy, offered to rub her stomach, as it helps move things along. She said "thank you" and proceeded to heave again, "UHHHH! MMM!" I massaged her stomach gently with one hand, and she squee! zed my other hand. It was almost a Kodak moment. Then, finally, I saw the turd move as it crackled loudly. She raised her butt off of the seat and put her hands on her knees as I moved my hands to her sides above her hips. "Oooh, keep doing that," Rachel breathed as the thick monster came. By this time it was about as wide around as a soda can, and a foot long, but there was still some left in her. She heaved again, moving her hair out of her face. The poop creaked and unwillingly inched forward, faster and faster. Rachel slowed it down a little so I wouldn't be splashed, while also sitting down and leaning forward. After curling around a little, the poop dropped out into the toilet, and for a moment her hole gaped open before closing up again. "Whoa, that's all, folks," she said. She got up and looked at her creation. There was this huge turd in the toilet, curling around the bowl at least one and a half times. "You really had to go," I said. She smiled her beautiful naught! y schoolgirl smile at me, then cleaned up (an easy thing to do, considering the firmness of that thing), and pulled up her panties and tiny little shorts(\__Y__/). I patted her butt and said, "You probably should give this babe a rest. Try psyllium husk powder or something." She said she would, and we could both see what happened. Sounds like fun to me!


JOEY: Fortunately, I have never been forced to use a filthy toilet. Regardless of how desperate I have been, a much better option has always presented itself. (I hope my luck continues!!!)
The most soiled & filthy toilet I have ever encountered was one in a local train commuter station last year. I posted a message about it a month or so ago, so it should be in the archives.

On the other side of the coin, I have caused a certain amount of mess in a public toilet cubicle. Not much, just a bit...
An exceptionally pleasurable dump I was taking at work gave me a good errection. Lost in the extacy of the moment, I started to take a piss but I didn't realize my hard-on had not subsided enough. So for a good 3 or 4 seconds my pee was arcing out of the toilet and onto the cubicle floor just infront of me!
The 'tinkling' sound snapped me back to reality and I hurridly shoved my penis down into the toilet. I then quickly finished the movement, cleaned up & dashed out of the washroom back to my office!
It's a good thing I was the only one in the Men's at the time...



Outhouse Scott: Interesting about you and your friends having that "buddy dump" together (made me feel kind of envious in a way!), but I'm curious as to whether this was able to come about because all of you happened to feel the urge to shit at the same time or because you all have the ability to go on demand. Personally I don't think I'd find it that easy to make myself shit just like that if I didn't really have to go, but I can only speak for myself on that since I've never asked anyone and no one's ever told me whether or not this applies to them as well.

Some Guy
Punk Girl:
I always heard there were no doors on stalls in high school boys' rooms because a few of the idiotic boys remove the doors for whatever reason and the school just never replaced them.

Interesting that you don't mind. I don't think I would be shy if it wasn't for women and other guys being shy. When in the coed bathrooms, I can count the times I knew a girl was taking a dump on one hand. Girls always found a single bathroom or used an all-girls bathroom to go in. I think it was just expected that you didn't crap in the coed bathroom. So I didn't, generally.

Man, food poisoning sucks.

I read posts on this site all the time, but it's been a while since I left a note myself. By the way, I am a 30 year old male. Anyway, I had one of the best BM's this morning-one of those intensely gratifying poops! I had breakfast alone (my girlfriend is out of town for a few days) and I usually have to do a BM just after I eat. I didn't have to go by the time I had cleaned the kitchen, so I showered first. While I was in the shower I decided to do our soap trick, so I broke off a very small chip and inserted it into my anus while I was all lathered up. When I put it in I could feel the tip of a good sized solid log moving into place. (If you haven't tried the soap chip trick, you really should give it a try). I got out of the shower and dried off, and by the time I was brushing my teeth I really had to go bad. Finally I couldn't wait any longer, so I sat down and decided not to push at all today, and just relax and let it come. I slowly started to open and the first! two inches came out (I think the first inch or two is the best part). At that point it stopped moving, but I was determined to just relax and not push at all. After about a minute or two it slowly started moving again. Then it got to the widest point and I was really tempted to push and enjoy the feeling, but I let it continue without trying. It took about another minute before it was at the half-way point and started to come a little faster. It was so wide and solid that the feeling was incredible when it finally slid the rest of the way out. Afterwards I just sat there for a few minutes and enjoyed the "afterglow". I wish they all could be like that! By the way, I think it was a little over 12 inches long and about 2 1/2 inches wide at the widest point.

I loved your story about listening to the pregnant secratary pooping! Let's hear some more stories from the ladies room at work!

Regarding toilet scenes on TV in Degrassi Junior High in the episode entitled "Coming of Age" there is a scene where a girl gets her period for the first time and stains her skirt. She goes into the girl's bathroom and is desparate because she dosen't have any tampons/pads. A girl comes in that she knows and she is embarrashed and goes into a stall. But the other girl just handles it matter of factly and goes into the stall next door and hands her a pad under the dividing stall wall. As she is doing this you can hear her peeing into the toilet. Then they show her taking some toilet paper and although the camera onluy shows from the waist up you can tell she is wiping by the arm motion. Then she flushes and they cut the scene.

For the person that asked, num ber one is peeing and number two is pooping.

I can't get the masthead pic to download. anyone have any suggestions?

prg- as to the no doors on stalls deal i thought i might at my 2 cents. in all of my school career all of the boys toilets had doors on them as well as the girls. the big thing was that in middle school there was no door leading into the bathroom. each stall had it's won door though that wnt from floor to cealing and locked with a vent at the bottom. i guess this was so that no one would peek in. the boys locker room had doors on the stalls, but no partitions in the shower area whereas the girls had partitions in both.

now for a story, when i was in the sixth grade we had to take the claifornia acheivement test or (cat test). in the middle of the test we were given a 10 minute break to go to the bathroom however that was not long enough as there were massive lines for the girls toilet. because of that the vice principal decided to let the girls use the guys toilet... he promised he would stand gaurd at the door. i would have done it except that i had my period that week. for some reason that man didn't understand when girls told him they couldn't use the guys toilet. he was standing there telling you to hurry up to. it's not like you can speed up pooping and peeing that much.

hellos to all of the wonderful posters on here :)

Hi gang. What poop related stuff have you ever read on the stall walls in public restrooms? I have read in the men's room:

"G?????n I just took the fattest shit."
"My poopie smells like tacos."
"Mike pooped in this toilet on 5/4/02."

Any other stories?

Dave-NY (formerly ND)
As the name suggests, I'm back home in New York after a tough freshman year at college, and I have a fairly interesting story to tell. Upon leaving, I hadn't pooped in maybe 2 days, so it was another 2 before I actually did poop, and it was the usual one, very solid and hurt just a tiny bit, but felt very good coming out. Then what happens to my next poop? You guessed it, runny like clam chowder. Must've been the change in food quality or something, because I had the runs like nobody's business. It feels like my next poop won't be like that, but it's too early to tell for sure.

Feel free to comment

My workweek culminated today when I had a nice pooping session at work. I went to ladies room after our afternoon coffee-break. Both stalls were unoccupied. I entered stall and locked door. I was just finishing my pee when I heard nearing footsteps and talking. There were three ladies, two of them continued walking in their own directions and one came in. She found my stall was occupied so she must took the adjacent stall. At that point I was already doing my crap. Soft and quite thin turd was emerged out of my anus about 2-3 inches. It broke off and plopped in water when lady in neighbour stall was just pulling down her pants. She sat down and peed about minute, first ten seconds quite gushing and then sober. While she was peeing I dropped two small turds into the bowl, but it was just an opening. Main log was searching it?s way out of my bowels. Before I started working with it, I just sat quietly and listened what the lady in adjacent stall will do next. She was quiet too! . A shrill fart broke the short silence. I heard chafing sounds, obviously she adjusted her butt in better position. She moaned softly and farted again. I strained a bit and my butt hole opened and tip of log peeked out. It was soft and smooth, it emerged out with rather audible crackling sound. It was about 5-6 inches long and rest of it (another 5 inches) slid out quite easily and quick even though I didn?t effort at all. FLOOOMP and log was in the bottom of the bowl. I didn?t feel my bowels totally empty yet. I pushed out two 3-4 inches turds more before I was done. Just when my last turd dropped off I heard first plop from next stall. When I started to wipe there came 6-7 more plops one after another. Judging the tone of plops (they were quite light) she was producing small, hard lumps. When I went wash my hands I lingered, because I wanted to find who was my pooping neighbour. She needed to wipe only once before she flushed. I was drying my hands when door opened. Woman! who came out was from our accounting office. I didn?t know her very well, but she was about my age (40). We just nodded and I went back to my duties.

Kendal and Ellen--I think you're right, Julia just wanted the attention. Sammy always got what he wanted because he was younger, so it was her way of being "in control". I don't have a little brother, just a big brother (he's 23). You guys are very lucky to have each other as a "sister". I definately spent a lot of time reading stories to the little kids I babysat for when they were getting potty-trained. It made it easier for them to get used to sitting on the toilet, even if they didn't do anything.

Joseph--I don't like enemas. I used to have to take them when I was a kid and they were awful. My dad used to give them to me when I was so constipated and it all would come out in one big solid painful piece followed by the pure liquid on and off for hours. Not fun, repressed memory ;o) Now I just wait it and and things usually right themselves with time.

Nothing to tell now. I've been a bit constipated and had a painful 2 inch wide by 4.5 inch long compacted poop last night. Nothing else though.

Hi folks,
I've got an old story to share with you all. In December 1999 my cousin David came over for a barbeque to celebrate my 13th birthday. It was a nice night so after dinner we decided to go into the backyard and play some cricket before the sun went down. David was about to bowl to me when I said I have to do a crap. So I dropped my bat, ran inside and sat on the toilet. While I was in there he asked me not to flush it so he could stare at my load I said ok as he was listening to me shit. I then pushed out a long sausage, farted, pushed out about 4 small lumps and another 4 inch turd and finally I felt my last turd was going to be big so I repositioned myself so that my last turd would land on the bowl and make it really messy for Davids pleasure and so I let out a 7 inch log and it did just that. I wiped 6 times, put my pants back on but didn't flush, spray or scrub. I walked out, he walked in and admired my load with a huge skidmark going down the bowl from my last turd ! and he commented on such a nice and strong aroma. He inspected it for 5 minutes and then flushed and we continued playing cricket.

P.S David is not gay. He just has ADHD and back then he did not know about homosexuality. Since then he has reformed and taken good medication. I just didn't want to dissapoint him at all.

Number 2 means poo and Number 1 means pee...

Alana... I'd love to hear the rest of your story!


To pboy: I've noticed that before..especily if its not cotton boxers

To Mike H.: I liked your story especialy about your cousins walkin in the bathroom on you and then pooping in the woods too. Those kids had no right to make fun of you cause every one poops

To Andre: Liked your storie...were you and your cousin alone?

To The pooploving girl: Liked your story...especially the thought of all those toilets out in the open

To Jim: I liked the story of all those girls using the guys room

To Noel: I liked your story

Not much to post on..gotta go bye

Hey all-They still didn't post me as PeteSkeet, I'm not sure what the problem is. Lori Girl--Welcome! I really, really, really, loved your story. I have to say it is one of my favorites that I've read on this site yet and I read everyday.

Infantry PFC--Thank you for serving our country. We need more men like you.

By the way--I could never poop at camp either. I think I'd kill the kids that teased you about pooping. I would have been totally mortified.

To Luc, Bob from NJ, PV and Bryian:

Thanks for your responses! The more I thought about the doorless stalls in boys' rooms, the more I figured it probably had something to do with getting boys ready for the army or "toughening" them so as to be willing to give up their privacy in the real world. I guess that made sense when the draft was in effect, but these days what's the point? I'm sure there are guys who don't care, but it seems pretty unfair to the ones who do. Then again, it's been about five years since I've been in a high school bathroom, boys' or girls', so I don't know how frequent doorless stalls are these days.

Thanks also for your clearing up the confusion about the pressure chamber scene in that movie. I figured it had to be a reduction of pressure--or a vaccuum--that would do that, but didn't think it could happen so quickly. Suspension of disbelief, I guess.



dj pooh
hi everyone im a 19 year old male from england, diarrhea girl asked if anyone had laxative effects after chewing gum well i never used to but lately everytime i chew all day i have diarrhea at night does this happen to anyone else well i gotta go i post back with some of the great stories i got well se ya all later

one day i had constipation then i went bathroom i used k-gel to lubricate my anus then i pushed the anal tube inside me deeply with hot water i waited some time then i sit on the toilete it is easy and funny

Mark B
Hi, toilet friends
Was away in southern Europe recently. In parts of those countries (Greece, Italy, Turkey etc) because of shortage of water you don't put toilet paper down the toilet, but in a bin next to the toilet. There are always notices in bathrooms reminding tourists about this. Well twice I forgot and threw paper down the toilet, and then immediately remembered I was not supposed to do this and fished it out and put it into the bin! Fortunately it wasn't very wet or messy.
No, I haven't felt the need to use my pants as a toilet recently, but (especailly to the recent un-named poster who thought this was an unusual need) lots of us are into this.

Mark B

Outhouse Scott
Well, I shit my pants for the first time in many years. I wasn't drunk, I wasn't sick, I didn't feel like I had to go.

I was on my way to pick my wife up from the train station and take her to dinner and I had to fart. Well, I was alone in the car, what the heck? I let one rip, and liquidy shit sprayed into my underpants. I yelled "Shit!", turned the car around and raced back home. I went upstairs, with diarrhea now running down my legs, took off my pants and threw them in the hamper and carefully took off my underpants and threw them in the trash. I jumped in the shower and washed off, then got dressed and raced back to the train station, where my wife was waiting. I didn't tell her what happened. By the time we got to the restaurant (a grungy, but really good diner) I had to shit again, and went to the bathroom. There were three urinals and two stalls and the stalls didn't have doors. I didn't care. I went in a stall and sat down on the toilet. I crapped out a lot of semi-solid shit and wiped myself. No one came in. I didn't need to go again that night.

I made sure to order something that wouldn't give me diarrhea, but I had diarrhea anyway all the next day. Oh, well.

To PUNK ROCK GIRL: There were never doors on the stalls in any of the boys' rooms from grade school all the way up to high school. I used to be nervous in grade school to poop, but still would if I had to. It wasn't so much that I was worried about being seen, but I was kind of a geek in school, and a favorite target for bullies. I never got beat up, but I did get teased a lot. Being cornered with my pants down on the toilet with a log hanging out of my ass was the last thing I needed! It actually did happen once. I was pooping and these five jerk guys came in and peed, when they saw me on the toilet, they all stood in front of the stall, blocking me in, staring at me and teasing me about the smell. Finally, I flushed, pulled up my pants without wiping and pushed my way past them and walked out. Later, in class, one of the guys announced to everyone that I had pooped, then not wiped my butt or washed my hands. The whole class had a good laugh at that. I'm a bi! g advocate for doors on stalls, especially in grammar and junior high school, when kids are at their worst.

Anyway, bye for now!


Thanks very much, Andrew, for describing your wee in such detail. It was so good as you said so much about moving the jet about in the bowl, and about all the froth. My early morning wee-wees are very frothy if I stand and make the jet splash in the water, much more than other times but there is always the froth no matter what time. I am impressed that you dry your foreskin like Steve does. I so enjoyed reading about it. Smile.
The weather here is very good, and I have been drinking lots of water all day. I am fairly desperate, but not bursting for a wee-wee, and with all the lovely sunshine I feel so tempted to go out into Steve and Louise's back garden and perform another bottom-in-the-air grass watering. I can do that later, and probably I can write about that tomorrow if I can visit. I don't want to crowd Steve and Louise so much, you see.
Very specially for you, Andrew, and I am also allowing any of the other nice men to come and watch as well, like you asked me to do for you I am now going to go and have a straightforward wee-wee in the toilet.
I am wearing a figure hugging white tank top, a very short denim skirt, and the pink thong with white piping. I am in Louise's bathroom, closing the door. Reaching up my skirt on both side I am slipping my thong down over my hips. I'm not taking them off completely but they are now there below my knees. I'm blushing slightly but I am gathering my skirt so it is right up to my waist. You can see my female bits, and I am backing over Louise's crapper so that I can sit down. We are the same, me and Louise, because it is rare for us to sit down to wee. Before I start I am just getting some toilet paper for when I have finished, and if you don't mind I am just savouring how the urge to wee feels before I begin. I hope I don't ruin my thong because my legs are spread apart quite wide so you can see everything. Here goes - letting it With only a second delay I am now wee-weeing. I had a few drips that you heard and then I started doing this gushing jet you see me doin! g now. It feels very nice as well. My jet is shooting out from my female bits as you are seeing and it is washing down the front of the inside of the bowl. The jet started as quite a straight one, but it has just picked up speed and has gained a twist. There is a slight spray on my inner thighs. And there is no need to ask me, yes, I am hissing now. Smile. The gushing stage has not lasted as long as it can sometimes, and my wee-wee is now slowing to a weak dribble. You can see my wee running out of me and you will hear the steady trickling of it in the water. The trickling has lasted above twenty seconds, but it has stopped now with a few drips. Fine, now I am reaching between my legs with my right hand and carefully drying my female bits with the paper, and just dabbing my inner thighs to get rid of any little droplets I sprayed. I am standing up now, and like my sister did with someone I have put my damp toilet paper in your hand. Smile. I can be just as bad as Louise. I a! m pulling my thong back up and I hope you enjoyed my wee-wee. I hope Linda GS will not be too annoyed if I give you a cyber-hug. XXXXX

Thank you for your cyber hug as well, PV. I'd like to go with Louise on Saturday to have a look in this men's locker room the netball team is using. You will have guessed I want to have a go at weeing in this urinal that is there. I hope it is clean because something I don't really care for when I have been at the urinal in the mens facilities at the baths is the puddles of pee where it seems a man has been standing. I avoid it because I am sure I don't want to stand in it and my sister says she thinks the same. She'd stand in Steve's wee but nobody else's.



I like today's masthead picturing a young lady who appears to have gone against a pillar in a stately home or hotel. Maybe it should be classed as a work of art and titled'A counsel of necessity.'

The other day I received a message from my uncle (Aunt Anne's husband) updating me on their news. Amongst other items he told me that they'd been having a bathroom refit which had taken over a fortnight but was almost complete. He was at pains to reassure me that they hadn't been hopping around in distress awaiting completion of the work, as they'd had a small en-suite loo and washbasin facility fitted in the bedroom some time previously! He said it all reminded him of his days at college in the 1950's when a new loo was being dedicated for use and a certain hymn was sung which contained the line 'May here be heard the suppliant's sigh.' Needless to say there weren't many straight faces, which, is what he thinks the authorities had intended!



Sarah and Meghan
Hi friends!
We're back! Sarah- You don't have to call me Dr. Sarah although it does sound nice. Lawyers and barristers aren't called Dr. in the profession. Only in an academic setting. Sarah or Sari will do just fine! We put our Cousin Ellie on a plane back to jolly ole England and our Cousins' Rupert and Simon back to New Jersey. We have to tell this story on Ellie. That girl seems like such a prude. She is horrified when we see each other on the toidy. Well, we were in Galveston, Texas getting a tan. We had gone into the gulf for some water fun. Ellie stopped and said;"Just a minute, I have a leg cramp". She squatted in the water and made the motion of pulling her swimsuit bottoms. WE KNEW, GRIN!! She had this intense expression of concentration on her face. WE KNEW she was taking a BIG dump. She held this position for about 5 minutes. Simon and Rupert started to approach her but Megs held them back. Ellie pulled up her bottoms and ran from the spot. When she reached us Simon sa! id;"How was your shit?" We all burst out laughing. She turned deep red and a smile came on her face. I hope it loosened her up! Rupert got to see me on the toidy which I didn't mind too much. The little boy(19) did turn bright red and stutter a bit!

INA: Hi sweetie! Wow, wish we could have been there to see the guy take that pish. Evidently he was rather gifted. We wonder if you secretly fancied him a bit,giggle! We hope you get that job with the designer!! Please take care and we'll talk soon! Sarah- thanks for the congrats. It means so much! Lots of Lovexx and big hugs! Sarah and Meghan
COUSINS KENDAL, ANDREW, and ELLEN: Thank you for the congratulations! You all are so dear. We know that going back to your former home brought back good memories of the black tile and the toidy adventures. That was a huge poo for you, Kendal!! It had to have cullompted into the bowl,GRIN! Ellen, as you read in our story we have a cousin named Ellen. We call Ellie. She lives in Exeter, Devon. Andrew, have you finished your finals, yet? Our poos got bigger as finals approached. Did yours? We will have another story soon! Take care! Lots of Lovexxx and hugsxx Sarah and Meghan
PV: Hi Gal! It is about time for a WSPC wee!! All of us could have a standup wee and report! We don't remember how far we can wee standing up. It has been so long! Lots of Lovexx to our tall redhead!! Meghan and Sarah

We have to run!! We will post again tomorrow to all the rest of our dear friends including- Steve, Louise, and Damsel, Dear Rizzo, Jane and Gary, Ephermal, Kimmie and Scott, Diva, Todd and Diana, Mere and Mandy, Carmalita, Jake, Renee, Pat, Nu, Tesa, Adrian, LindaGS, Cousin, Elena, Erin, Ellie and Little Lou-we need to talk!!


to pboy

You don't drip more when wearing boxers, it's just that in briefs the drops of urine get mopped up by the cloth, whereas with boxers, it drips down your leg and you notice it. There is alawys a piss stain on my briefs, in my case at the left hand side, but if you hang at the right, it will be on the right hand side. I think most guys' cocks and balls hang at the left, but maybe I'm wrong?

hi guys i saw a person have a accident for the vurry fist time today .i had to go to bordan(millatary bace) to see my brothers graduation for the army i was sitting in the row with the genarels and stuff and my bro was makin faces at me then the sarge naild him but when he was yelling a girl in her mid 20's went white in the face and kind went int a squating position and her green pants went into a dard shade it was leeking on the floor but that wasent it i herd a lil farting then she completly squated and this big lump formd in her pants kept growing and growing so the head sargent left my bro and told her to smartin up and get changed and come back and sit in the audince it was funny i almost laughed {im a prity suportiv person eh}lol yeh well i gtg its past my bed time o ya im a 13 year old mail from oshawa ontareo canada bye

To anonymous

Everyone knows what number 1 and number 2 are. But what about number 3, the one that only males do and which the moderator prefers us not to discuss...

Hey infantry pfc, r u in the military? which branch?

Hi, I am just wondering when I have a shit, why when I wipe, there is blood on the toilet paper. I am 15 years old and visually impaired. I cannot see my shits when I have them, I wish I could. Should I see a doctor? I am not sure as to the amount of blood is on the TP, but I often plug up the toilet, and my dad tells me that the TP is red. Thanks for the answer, love this forum. I can at least visualize what happens to other people on the toilet. I love the sounds and smells of girls shitting. Talk to you all later. Reply with either email, or on forum...

Hi Every one....Just got in from a day at a popular amusment park..Had fun any way...I got up very early this morning and sooon as we pulled out i started feeling an urge to poop and gassy too. I did feel like this a little before we left the house, but it wasn't that bad. I did fart in the car on the way there. I get there and i feel the urge and its not moving any and i was wishing it would come on stronger so i'd feel better. The whole day i felt gassy and bloated. Then after getting there i decided to go try and poop, did push a few logs out. Then i wiped and went and enjoyed my self and had lunch. Then right before we left i started feeling gassy so i decided to go poop again. Pushed a few more logs out. The bathroom was really busy and a few kids were next to me peein and pooing. I flushed and i wiped alot too. After this time i did feel much better. I think im gonna sit on the toilet tonight and try again just to be sure im empty cause im gonna be away all day tomorro! w and i don't want to have to poop.

Punk Rock Girl
RE: Your question regarding the movie and the pressure chamber. Yea, it can happen and yea, it is sick, because it is just a small part of the torture the guy would have been going through. Hyperbaric/decompression/pressure chambers are used to treat divers who have come up too fast, as well as having some medical uses such as using increased pressure to create greater oxygen saturation in the body’s tissues.
In the hands of someone who knows how to best misuse it, it is an extreme tool of torture that attacks all parts of the body together. Place a person in the chamber, build the pressure to 80psi or so and while in it the gut continues to produce gas. Let the pressure off suddenly and the gas expands, normally causing severe uncontrolled evacuation and extreme pain and damage through the entire body. In extreme situations, long periods at the highest pressures that can be tolerated, then a sudden pressure release, I guess what you described could happen. But, ‘sick’ doesn’t begin to describe it.

Lori Girl
You mentioned frequent diarrhea and asked about the mucus. When something, food or microbe, irritates your intestine. mucus, which is always there to protect and lubricate, goes into high production. If the irritation/inflammation get too severe the intestinal lining will begin to slough off, the intestines quit absorbing water and you develop diarrhea. What comes out is a combination of mucus, intestinal lining, water and feces. The extreme sore asshole is probably from the irritating agent and (I think) the digestive enzymes that are always in the intestine.
In regard to your frequent diarrhea, have you considered that you may have a touch of Irritable Bowel Syndrome? You can get a lot of information on it with a Web search. There are a number of good sites as well as many that just want to sell you a miracle cure. I have I.B.S. and have wide swings between extremely loose and extremely constipated stools. I do good at avoiding the extremes and am in the soft to loose range most of the time. That is fine with me. I can change my shorts if I get too loose at the wrong time, constipation at the extreme can mean a trip to the hospital and has caused damage. Be careful what you wish for. The girl in the stall next to you may have been wishing she had your problem.

Number 1 means to urinate, otherwise , do a wee-wee, pee, piss, pish, wizz, slash, tinkle, diddle.

Number 2 means defecate, do a motion, poo, jobbie, crap, shit, dump, stool,etc. These terms often used by parents to children "Do you need a number one or a number two?" instead of either vulgar basic terms or adult terms the child wouldnt understand.

Drips after male urination. I always use a cubicle, pull down my briefs, (I NEVER wear boxers- hate the things!), sit on the pan even if only needing a pee then dry my penis with toilet paper before I pull up my briefs and trousers. Far more comfortable, cleaner, less stains on the front of my briefs, no pissy smells. (I change my briefs every day, sometimes twice a day in hot weather anyway).

Doors on cubicles (stalls) in male toilets at work, school, shops, public toilets etc.In the UK these are the RULE not the exception as it would seem from this Forum over the years to be the case in some part of the USA. British men and boys would not tolerate the absence of a door on the cubicle although most, unlike myself, have no problem pissing at a urinal in view of other men. The only time UK toilets dont have doors,( unless removed by vandalism), is in Prisons, and some lunatic asylums etc. I feel if the doors were removed in a Male Toilet in the UK people would have a Legal Complaint both under UK sex discrimination law and European Human Rights Rules.

PV - Hi girl! Oh yeah, it was a real giggle using the men's room at netball last week. Again this week and a few more weeks too! One of the other girls saw the porcelein wall and she got a wicked grin saying that she always wanted to try pissing against one of those. LOL So she stripped off before she got in the showers and she stood there nude looking at the wall and she used both her hands to aim herself. Well she had her feet a bit apart and I saw her yellow wee running down the porcelein wall. giggle. So it was like, a race to strip and try it. Every girl did it and it was a real giggle. You could get 4 girls standing weeing next to each other and we looked across at each other's streams when we were doing it. Well I know guys don't do that with each other there unless they want to get punched but it is just we are really open about it in the netball team. I stood between Jackie who did a big gusher and our captain who said she needed us to start weeing before she could! . Then she did a good stream. Hey there was a lot of wee running in the gutter and down the drain! I was not really needing to go that much but I got quite a good gusher going for about 30 seconds and then it was a bit weaker, you know but it was a lot of fun. Oh yeah I will keep a place for you when we line up next! I know you would like that! We have to have the most fun now because we have been told that the new ladies showers are all private and partitioned so it may be we will not get to have half as much fun as we have done. Oh well we will have to leave the doors open won't we?
I have my Aikido test next week and I will be really busy then. When I get time I will tell you about how we have tomorrow's wee against the porcelein wall. Oh and then it will be the wedding in no time. Oh yeah, we wish you were there!
Yesterday I had my third and I bet my last glamour shoot. It was outdoors and I had a bit of fun there. Hehe I will tell more when I write my next letter because I have really got to get ready now to go out.
This morning I was in the back garden with my sister and we were just wearing bikinis. We just sat on loungers for a bit, but when we really really wanted to wee we took our bikinis off and we just stood up nude in front of each other and we let rip. It was just really nice pissing big hissing gushers together and well I felt very small when I looked up at the sky. I felt like you did when you had a nude wee in your garden late at night. Oh and then the next time, we got on all fours but face up so we were on the palms of our hands and on our feet you know? It was the arched back crab thing we did when we were at school. Well got in that position and we did big arcs that went a few feet. I bet Steve would have liked to have seen us do it. We had 2 more wees this afternoon and one was another bum in the air wee that we both did and the last one when we just squatted next to each other and wet the grass again.
Then I got a bit embarrassed about a minute after we had finished weeing because Steve came home with his best friend as well and they came out into the back garden. Well my sister had her bikini on again by then but I didn't! Well I tried covering with my arm and my hand but I gave up. giggle. The boys were very nice to me and I went a bit red like my sister does but I thought what the hell and I took my hands away. Tada!!!! LOL I bet I have given them something to giggle about.
The sun has gone in now but if it is a nice night tonight I bet I will enjoy having a nice wee outside. I have to think about what to wear.



Meghan and Sarah
Hi friends!
A few more replies!!

--STEVE, LOUISE, and DAMSEL: Sarah-Thanks for the congrats. I am not finished studying yet. I will have to take the Legal bar exam. It is a killer! Now, Megs and I tried to stand up in the shower and let fly! It was funny. Our cousin Ellie came in and was mortified,LOL! We arched and the streams were strong. I think we are nearly ready for the WSPC!
DAMSEL, how are you with the guys? Just thought we'd ask! I am too busy and Meg is chatting up some guy these days. Also we are looking forward to the wedding! Take care! Lovexx from Sarah and Meghan
--EPHERMAL: Hi sweetie! Nearly done? We read that you are moving back to the dorms next year! Yes, that will be better than one toidy and 5 girls!! Oh yes, thanks for the congrats! You are special! Lovexxx Sarah and Meghan
--RIZZO: Hi dear friend! Meg-Haven't heard from you in some time. Both Sarah and I weed in the gulf of Mexico!! It was relieving to say the least. The people couldn't see us thank god! Are you practicing your flute? A big hug and Lovexxx Meghan and Sarah
--TODD AND DIANA: How are our Mum and Dad? Diana, did you have a big dump when you last posted? How long did you read? Looking forward to the twins!! Lots of Lovexx Meghan and Sarah
--TIM AND SARAH: Hi dear ones!! Tim, we are saddened that you had to continue chemo. The very word gives us chills! Hope you are better. It looks like Josie and Loewie had a good time performing the "Magic Flute". We love it! Sarah, we are going to try the travelmates with our clothes on this time. We will report in!! Lots of Lovexxx from Sarah and Meghan
--MERE: Long time no hear! Glad you are ok! That was a monster dump!! We haven't had one that large in awhile!! Say hello to AMANDA for us!!
Lovexx Meghan and Sarah
--SAMANTHA: Have you played your cello while on the toilet lately? I have to try it soon!! Take care!! Meghan and Sarah
--DIVA: That was a big pee!! We have enjoyed your stories! They sound like Dads! Take care, Lovexx Sarah and Meghan
--ELEANOR: Hi dear! We hope you are getting settled in your new home! We can picture you watching yourself on the black tile!! At least you won't have company!! Lots of Lovexxx Sarah and Meghan

OK! WE ARE THROUGH! OUR LOVE TO ALL ESPECIALLY: Jane and Gary, Carmalita and the gang! LindaGS-Outdoor wees and poos? Great!, David(Berlin), Plunging Plop Guy, Ellie and Little Lou!!


Friday, May 17, 2002

Hey everyone! I have a big thing about going to the bathroom. I love watching or hearing about girls and guys pooping in public restrooms. I really like reading about having to go in a dirty public restroom? You know, a restroom with graffiti all over, stuff on the floor, bad odors, and a huge crowd. If you have been in one of those restrooms, please send me a story about it. It doesn't matter if you are a girl or guy.

Question. Do any other guys notice that when you wear boxers you send to drip more after peeing? When I wear briefs I do not have problems with posturination drippage, but with boxers I tend to get acouple of drops in them. Let me know.

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Toilet People,

MIKE H. I can't remember being teased when seen on the toilet apart from when I was at school at the tender age of 5 and having a shit on one of the small school toilets. Some older boys who were probably juniors and who seemed to be much older came into the toilets and seeing my cubicle door locked, demanded I open it. As soon as I did and they saw me there on the toilet they laughed and jeered, then went out.
I suppose the fact I was so young, and looked vulnerable was what they found amusing, but in some way I regarded them as assertive dominant males who wouldn't allow anyone to see any of them on the toilet.
Years later when I was sitting on a public toilet, I heard the sound of some teenage guys laughing, and it instantly brought back that episode and I imagined them seeing me on the toilet. For some strange reason I felt turned on by it.
If I'm observed on the toilet now, I feel confident that anyone seeing me will think I look good on it, or be disinterested, but wouldn't expect anyone to think it was funny!
As for your experiences when you were 12, I can imagine your embarrassment, but after those girls had seen you on the toilet, and those other girls had seen you squatting and shitting "a big one", they would only be able to embarrass you further if you felt awkward about it. I hope you were able to feel a secret pride in having been seen, or completely not bothered by it, and they too would then have probably thought it was an interesting thing to have seen.

Regarding humiliation, I saw another of those "Jackass TV" programmes on TV last week. This one had two toilet-related features in it, one quite funny and one quite pathetic in my opinion.
A young guy was seen on all fours in a living room attempting to produce some loud farts with his brother and father watching him as they sat on the sofa. Unfortunately, the guy tried too hard, and actually shit onto his pulled-down jeans,amusing those watching. We,theviewers were not allowed to see his arse-crack which was censored the whole time, and when his turd dropped out, that too was censored with a black square.
As the others were helpless with laughter, they called for his mother to come into the room to remove the turd, and she came in with some TP and carried the offending turd out of the room to the toilet, waving it in front of other people and teasing them with it as she took it to the toilet and dropped it in.
The guy on the floor continued to stay in the same position, and others were laughing/being disgusted at what he'd done.
To me, the message implied was that shit is either or both; hilarious or disgusting, and that as a fit, fully grown young man, the guy was a figure of ridicule for his parents and siblings.
All of us here regard shitting as something we enjoy or want to private about or share with others who will admire us or be interested in, but not to make ourselves look ridiculous in front of people who won't appreciate it.
Sorry if I seem to be taking it too seriously, but that's how I felt.
The other sketch in the show was quite funny, and well acted out.
This involved a large guy clutching his stomach as though in pain, and entering a portable toilet where there are people nearby. As soon as he gets inside, you hear all this loud groaning and moaning and lots of loud plopping as though an elephant is having a good clear-out. This goes on about 15 seconds, then the door opens and a very small man comes out. The onlookers look rather bemused but no apparent embarrassment or amazement happens. The logical explanation is that that the big guy shit so much, that when he emerges, his body is half the size it was before!

One more TV programme to mention. On Tuesday at 9PM on Channel 4 it is the last episode of "The Edwardian Countryhouse".
This very interesting social study of the relationship between masters and servants in a large Edwardian house features a very intersting image in the opening credits.
One of the young servants is seen sitting on the toilet showing offa pair of muscular thighs and reading a paper. It's only shown for about 2 seconds, but for those of us who like such a view, it's a good one!

A few weeks ago, I asked whether it's true that in Australia, there are spiders that live in toilets. No-one responded but I got my answer the next day from an australian film on TV.
Someone was asking wherethe "dunny" was and was told to make sure there were no Redback spiders under the toilet seat.
When asked how you knew they were there, the woman replied "By the screams".
What do they do in there? Do they spin cobwebs to catch flies, or have they adapted to a taste for human flesh as bums are placed on toilet seats?
I wonder what other insects or animals lurk in or on toilets, and which can cause harm.

My shits yesterday, (I went twice) were long thin soft and easy to do, and after both of them I felt uncomfortable for a while after.
They also floated for a while before sinking.
Today I had a firm, loudly plopping arse-splashing shit and felt completely comfortable afterwards. When I looked down the pan, the turds were rather small, firm, had sunk and in no way looked like the kind of turds done by a guy who has a good diet, but no prizes for guessing which shit I preferred!

With all the various surveys carried on in the street, or in the form of questionnaires sent to people's houses, I wonder what the reaction by the public to questions about very personal bodily functions would be?
I read recently that a survey conducted at a London railway station showed that 75% of those asked revealed their computer passwords!
The British have a reputation for being private, and yet it seems if asked, many of us will divulge anything!
Perhaps if someone were to stand in the street with a clip-board and conduct a survey into people's bowel habits, there would be a lot of information revealed! Just a thought!

Happy toileting, everyone! P. Plop Guy

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