Mike H.

I'm a twenty three year old guy. This is an interesting forum. I'm no expert on bodily functions, but I've had my share of experiences just like everyone. Here's my two most embarrassing bathroom experiences, which happened within a year of each other.

When I was twelve, I was at my aunt's house for my cousin's birthday. My cousin and I were close, but she mostly had only girl friends, so I was the only boy there. Anyway, I really had to poop, and went into the house to use the basement bathroom. It was actually just a toilet in the laundry room, with nothing seperating it from the rest of the room. There was no door to the laundry room, but there was a door that came in directly from the backyard. Anyway, I pulled my shorts and underwear to my ankles and started pooping. Right in the middle of it, the back yard door opened, and ALL THE GIRLS at the party rushed in. I'd say at least six girls, including my cousin, saw me sitting on the toilet. They all laughed and my cousin said, Oh my God, sorry, sorry, sorry! She rushed the girls into the basement. I was so mortified, I almost ran out the back door. But I wiped, flushed, washed my hands and joined them in the basement. They all said sorry, still giggling ! at me, of course, and I said it was okay. Later my cousin told me they said I was a really good sport about it. That made me feel a little better.

2. Later that same year, I was at summer camp. I loved being in the woods, but didn't get along too well with most of the other kids. So I would take a lot of hikes by myself. So one day, I was hiking, and really had to poop. I walked off the path, and found a little clearing behind some bushes. I pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees and squatted. I pooped a lot, and just as I was about to pull my pants back up, I heard laughing and applause coming from behind me. I whirled around, and there were a group of five or six kids, two of them girls, who had just seen me pooping. They yelled, Good show, and wow, that's big! I pulled my pants up and walked away from them. By dinner time, half the camp had heard about me pooping in the woods. For the rest of camp, the kids called me pooper, and made going to the bathroom a trek. I made sure to only poop in the latrine from then on, but a couple of times, the kids would wait for me to go in and then sneak in! and tease me. I've never been too self-conscious about pooping. We all poop. But that was tough to put up with. I was very glad when camp was over and I could poop in peace.

Anyone else ever have embarrassing experiences while pooping, e.g. being seen, being teased?

Bye for now!

Hey all-
I've made a few posts lately but they listed me as just Pete. I'm pretty shy when it comes to taking shits. I have been ever since I was a little kid. If anyone is around, I get insanely nervous and can hardly go. This would explain my problem I had in eighth grade on that field trip I talked aboutlast week. My habits are usually pretty regular, I go everyday when I get home. However, my habits changed quite a bit after I started smoking cigarettes.I got pretty worried for a while. For a period of around three or four months, I never really savored my dumps. Usually, I'm all about taking a solid shit, I's say its equal to sex. Has anyone else experienced shit problems due to cigarette smoke? Well, that was years ago, now. Talk to ya'll later

Can someone tell me what number one and number two mean? Thanks.

Alana please finish your story.

Low Rider and 8th guy are uc cu like me? I think if you don't slide that foreskin a couple of time s after you finish the last drops escape later. Also if it did not happen to everyone we would not need to wear underwear.

Last week I was at the with my baby cousin in Wamart. He is about a year old. And so I was walking around when I suddenley got the urge to poo. It did not seem thet big of a load so I just held it and let a few pre-poop farts out. And then I spotted spme roses, as I was bending down to get them I let out a humongoes far that I swear lasted for like twenty second and poo just kept rushing out. Luckily for me I was wearing breifs and baggy clothes. And I was just praying for no one to notice. But damn did that shit stink. I walked slowly to te cashier praying people would think that it is my baby cousin. But suprisingly no one did.I got home put my baby cousin on her bed and got myself cleaned up.

Jason the poop lover
I think it was because my mom made me eat green vegetables the night before. And no my poop has never came out red before. Thanks for the reply!!! Do you guys stand up when you poop a=or sit down? Jason???

Hello Lori Girl
Welcome! We really enjoyed your post, especially your attention to detail. Sorry about your own discomfort at the computer conference, but the details and the description of the Thai Girl were wonderful along with your own story that day. Would love to hear more of your true life adventures!

Punk Rock Girl
Answering your question about the "no doors"policy for boys rooms. My middle school had a no doors on the stalls policy too. I think the answer is that as boys approach puberty the powers that be are concerned about boys entering puberty using the stalls for things other than the use intended and they wanted to discourage that. Why they thought that girls weren't similarly inclined reflects a cultural bias typical of the times.

Infantry PFC
Lori Girl- I like to hear stories about women when they fart while pooping. I my self never fart when I poop. I guess it is an Infantry thing(don't ever want to get caught with our pant's down ya know). I want to hear more stories that you've got. I also wish I could truly witness it like some other guys get to who post here. a few posts back I created a stink scale and posted it here. You should rate yourself.

Diva- Your poop stories are very good. you should not be descouraged at all about pooping. You should talk about bc there are not many of us(african americans) who post here. Please tell more stories about the singers you shared dressing rooms with. Remeber, here you are not alone.

Two days ago my friends came over to our room(they live across the hall in the dorms). They both had to go pee in our suite bc one of their suitemates girlfriend's was using their bathroom. My one friend said that there are often times when she is there and she stinks up their bathroom. I wonder what she was doing in there when they came over...
Yesterday I was downstairs getting a coke when their suitemates girlfriend came out of the ladies bathroom there(our dorm suites all have bathrooms but we also have a mens and ladies bathroom in the lower level called the pit). She is a pretty hispanic girl, and she was wearing a hoodie and pajama pants. Since I wasn't crazy enough to go in the ladies room after she was gone to investigate (I think it was Althea who said it was against the law and being a us soldier I stand for the law)I want to try to infer about what she was doing, so all the ladies who post here, if you had to poop very badly knowing it might be a very stinky one (5 on my scale) would oyu have done it in the suite full of guys or whuld you have gone down stairs to the ladies only bathroom?

To Lori Girl
Sorry about your discomfort in your description of your experience at the computer conference, but I loved your story and attention to detail, esp. about the Thai woman. Very exciting to hear about. We would love more sharing of your stories if you have any! Thank You!

diarrhea girl
hi im a 14 year old blonde who likes diarrhea. i dont actually enjoy the feeling of having such nasty poo but it's interesting. i will post some posts late cos im a bit busy. i just wanna ask u ppl if u really get a laxative effect after chewing chewing gum cos it says so on the packet.

the picture on the top looks like the girl had diarrhea on the wall. am i right?


Linda GS
HEE HEE. He just got off afetr reading with a re dface and said, "make sure Elena doesn't read that" and he went to bed. Silly boy, I yelled that's what you get for peeking!! I say you moon him next time or be lots more vocal.. that amke him very red. hee hee.Anyway wtach youself'll give Ellen ideas!!

Okay I was depserate to pee today. After school I practicly ran to the bathroom throwing books, kicking off shoes, and I even stepped out of my pampies and happily yelled "It's peepee time!!!" Up came my skirt and down came my tushie on the seat with a thud and GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSH!! Oh man did that feel better. My shoudlers drooped and my AHHHHH echoed through the house..I'm sure along with my gushing pee. And I'm sure Ellen who came with me was giggling up a storm. I got out of my uniform after that and took a shower. um why Elen stood guard so no silly brothers would get ideas and peek. I did try to go at school but they ahd just cleaned the bathrooms and they reeked of Bleach and I could not even walk in the door without crying. Ow. Anyway I did try to poop but nothing happened..oh well maybe tomorrow. My cousin may write later. He wrote a silly little story.. because i joked about me coming out fo a stall and seeing him and saying go peek over the next stall.. Kendal's! there. he joked about him doign so and saying "Hi" And then.. just then you poop and there's a big kaplunk and a huge wave of water shoots out from the top of the stall soaking him and you sit there soaked going.."um hello" he's making fun. I'd get him. grrr.
Later to everyone..summer is almost here and.. um I gues that means fun in the fun and lots of going potty out doors.


The pooploving girl
One time i was stayin with my friend. She had 3 others staying with her. We ate dinner and we all had to take a crap. She said follow me and she led us to this room and it had four toilets side by side each other with no stalls surrounding them. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.we all sat down and did our thing. The girl sitting next to me had only one turd come out but it was 6 inches long and about 3.5 inches wide. Mine were slender and long. The other girl had diarrhea and was making horrible sounds. The girl on the end was crapping out little inchers but about 20 of them. I examined the girls anus next me. when it was first comin out she got on all fours and stuck her rear end in the air. Her anus was big enough to stick baseballs in. any ways i wiped my vagina and butt good and flushed. i helped the girl with diarrhea make sure she got all of hers off. We each took turns wiping each other's anus and twad. We later laughed about each other's body func! tions and shapes of turds.

Bob from NJ
havent posted in a while

recently I took a laxative
in prep for a colonoscopy
but threw up halfway through(a gallon of slimy
liquid).Dr said if you cant finish it we have to cancel.Anyway the next day the runs started.First solid then more solid turds
then soft stuff,more & more
painful.I took immodium after to stop it.Since then Ive had few BMs.Yesterday I
had a nice one.

Punk Rock Girl:
Yes we would explode if the
air pressure dropped too fast.The victim in this case would have been their a while because vacuum pumps werent efficient back then.Ive seen film (History
Channel I think)of the Luftwaffe doing similar;the victim was exposed to high altitude conditions and died.Our government used this information after the war to protect our pilots and astronauts.Sorry to go off topic but I had to respond.

Jack Guy
Hi. I've been reading lots of posts here and thought i'd share something with you.
It's a long story but I was at a wedding in France (English cousin m. French Girl) and about half way through (French weddings are about 3 hrs long, just the service!) I felt the urge to pee. It wasn't bad at first, but everytime we had to stand up to sing etc. it got worse. Eventually, little squirts came out. there wasn't that long left, so I just struggled.
At the end of the ceremony, I didn't really wanna ask my mum whether there were any toilets around, so I just struggled more.
After about another 1/2 hour, some people started going round the side of the church, so I followed. The trail led to a couple of toilets and there was amassive queue. So I waited and finally I got to the front. just before I went, a few more squirts came out (that sometimes happens to me).
I gotta tell ya, that was one of the times I was most releived to relieve myself EVER!
Post again soon.
Jack Guy


I love filling my pants! And I'm proud! please go into detail about both experiences.!!!!!!


Wow... I didn't know I was into this stuff until I stumbled across, this forum while browsing at the other ones on this site thingy. I all of the sudden got a erection... Anyway I am 20 years old, medium build. Anyway, to my story. Well I am in a coed dorm and all last week the womens bathroom was closed for construction. so instead of them walking to the dorm across the way most of them just used the mens bathroom... Even to shower and shit it was so cool. Anyway, I never knew that girls shit so much, stunk so bad, and took so long... Also the amount of tp and the number of times that they wipe damn. Anyway, I mean some of these girls were in there an hour, it was a give a way when they walked in there with a book that it was going to be a while. I remember one time I was in there of the 12 stalls I think 8 of them were taken up by GIRLS dumping... the bathroom smelled horrible, I sat down to contibute. I waited till almost all the stalls were empty, one 2 left 45 m in later... same girls that were in there when I went in. I went along the stalls and looked in the bowls. WOW. Some of them were clogged up with tp, one of them had like no water in it and diareah all over the sides of the bowl. Some of them had tons and tons of skid marks on them, some of them had a fair amount of shit still floating, one I don't think she even flushed there were 4 huge logs, 2 middium sized and about 10 little balls floating... One of the huge logs was bigger then any I have ever done, it had to hurt her so bad coming out. Of all the stalls 2 of them the toilets were clean, no remints of poop, that could be cuz there was no tp in either of them though... Anyway typing this has gave me the urge to shit... see yas

Bryian, Lori, Ephermal, Infantry PFC, Louise and everyone on here that posted:
Any enema stores did anyone take an enema today?
A enema causes water stools and makes taking a dump easier to come out!

Tell us some enema stories!


To Low Rider: I liked your probably should have asked to go home the first time

To Upstate Dave: That show on PBS sounds about the girls peeing and funny that the boy fell in!

To Punk Rock Girl: The boys room in schools probably don't have doors for several reasons...some boys smoke and they use drugs..they don't want that. My school had several bathrooms an i'd say that out off all the stalls there maybe 2 had no doors. Heard rumors of people using the ones with out doors, never saw it though.

To Lori Girl: I enjoyed reading your story

I like wednesdays pic..looked like she peed against the wall

I posted yesterday about having an urge on the way home..well i ended up holding it for almost 8 hrs. It came on around 3:30pm and i didn't poop till about 11:30 last night. I felt like it was gonna be a huge log. I sat down and the pressure and urge got so tense. I started to push and a log cracked out it was only about 5" and very thick maybe 4" thick and it hurt coming out then after that the rest of the load was soft and mushy. I wiped alot though, sure did feel good to get rid of!
gotta run bye

I don't know what it is, but the month of May seems to be my best period for passing good jobbies. Like last week for example. I passed two interesting jobs. They were both the same in that exactly half of the largest stool was a different consistency & colour than the other half. The first log was divided horizontally - like someone had stuck one log to the end of the other. The next day I then passed one that also had two different halves - except this time it was as if someone cut two different logs lengthwise and stuck the two disparate sides together!

Also, about this time last year I had a unusual BM that still gives me a bit of a warm feeling when I think back to it:
#1. It was a HUGE cow pie - but *not* diarrhoea. There was so much of it that some of it that a good inch of it was out of the water.
#2. From the time I sat down for the poop to when I cleaned up was barely 2 minuets! I was so shocked at the sheer amount of it that I spent more time looking at what I made than it took to make it.
#3. But what really sticks with me is how great I felt the rest of the day! I don't think I could have asked for a better pick-me-up!!


Hi all,

Sensational masthead today -- what a beauty, she looks to have blasted liquid at the base of that wall, whether a backward pee explosion or released her bowels in the street in an emergency is not clear, but it was sure spectacular!

PRG: Hi there -- that horrible experiment you saw in that film was the result of negative pressure -- exposing the victim to vaccuum. It's one of the most terrible ways to die, and for such a result to occur the exposure was agonizingly long. A human body can withstand expose to total vaccuum for a short while (a few secods) without coming to pieces -- remember in 2001, Bowman had to get back aboard Discovery without a helmet for his suit? That was accurate, and done on the technical proviso of NASA... But what that film you mentioned featured was a protracted torture...

On your later question, why do boys' rooms rarely have stall doors?: The reason I've seen actually placcarded on a mens' room wall, is that it discourages "perversion" by removing privacy. Restrooms are a prime hangout for gay sex rendezvous (not meaning to overstep the board etiquette here...) and reducing privacy may combat this. Though how that affects junior schools I have no idea! Perhaps it's a form of boot camp mentality -- toughen up the boys by hardening them to it, and heaven help the sensitive ones who live in misery as a result...

LOUISE -- Hi, sweets! Long time, no chat! Ooooh, you're really enjoying using the mens' room for netball changing, eh?! You're right, how I long to line up with you and hit that wall! I'll be dreaming of it! Please leave an honorary space in your line-up for an Aussie redhead with a decent aim! Your on-all-fours wee in the back garden was a beauty, as well -- I can visualize it, along with a seven-foot arc! Wow! I've not done anything so ambitious, but I did blast a urinal at the university last week, for old times' sake! Yup, June is just around the corner and it'll be wedding bells time before you know it... Hugs Steve (and Damsel, and your Mom!) for me, and I wish I was there on the day!

KENDAL -- Hi to my favorite neice, it's such a long time sice we chatted. I'm absolutely tickled that Eleanor is a close friend now -- my two neices are buddies and get along great, even having the kind of fun we all love so much. You're all doing us proud!

LORI GIRL -- welcome to the board, I hope you stick around for a long time and tell more great stories! Wow, that was some miserable experience you had, but at least you managed to get by without messing yourself, that would be the worst!

Cheers all,


yo lori i liked ur story

Johnny Z.

Johnny Z. here again. Man, I was listening to the AM radio station that I usually listen to, coming home from work today. I heard them announce a rib-eating contest conducted by Dickey's BBQ Pit restaurant! What was exciting to me was that they said that one of the teams of contestants will be the infamous "Dickey's Girls". In case you don't know who they are, they are a group of girls that were assembled to advertise the restaurant. I have not seen them yet, but I am sure that they are all hot. What excites me, is the thought of all those hot women chowing down on something like ribs, which I don't care for. I would love to see the "end product". I would love to hear them and see the expressions on their faces, as well as take a look at what the feces looks like, after comeing out of their sweet-behinds, and smelling the smells of it. Absolute-heaven! Am I sick? I guess that would mean that all of us on this site are, right? As Pico says "fecal fans!" Well, that! 's my two cents for today.

Johnny Z.

Hi all. This is an unexpected post, 'cause I should be at work. David and I were working together alone this morning in a house. The owner was out at work, so being on our own David and myself were happily farting at times. Having dropped a good load of two 8" long thick stiff turds (quite rare for me at present) in the toilet this morning before work, I thought that was it until tomorrow. But disaster struck. The last fart I did was wet with a follow through. As I was unscrewing a low level wall socket, I was in a squatting position when I did it, so though there was not a lot of poo, it spread soaking through my briefs and my light 'sort of beige colour' cotton trousers (a cross between jeans and normal trousers). David heard it and said. "You've pooed yourself Noel, and I can see it" - laughing his head off at the same time. "It's your turn this time", he said. He pooed himself at work some while ago (see Old Posts Page 821). Well, I just had to come home and get changed.! I put on a smock overall (a long coat that comes down almost to the knees for those who don't know what this is). I did not want my neighbours seeing me arrive home in poo stained trousers. I both covered the seat and put a plastic bag between my trousers and the smock as well as I drove home. I got safely in the house stripped down to my briefs which I kept on as I went into the shower. I could feel I was going to poo more urgently and thought I might as well finish the job in my briefs. It was very liquidy - not actually diarrhoea. I enjoyed this hot poo filling my briefs! It was not a big load and it was easy to clean my briefs and my butt in the shower as it was very runny. I think I'm OK now - so am going off to estimate for a job at 1.30 pm (which I was going to anyway) and then rejoin David after that. I just had the time to squeeze in this post, as well as to wash the stain out of my trousers and put them with the briefs and a few other items into the washer before ! going out again. See you.


Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone.

Glad to report I'm shitting just the way I like it again! Firm and controllable without being difficult, so relieved to be back to normal, pleasurable shitting again, although I'm still tending to drop floaters sometimes. They float for about a minute, then decide to sink!

ZIP, Great to hear from you again. That must have been good to have that loud plopping shit with your mate being able to hear you. Interested to hear your appreciation of guys whose thigh muscles look really good on a toilet. I always think the combination of muscle, dark or sun-tanned skin and good thick body hair are features that make a guy on the toilet look great! Have you noticed that if a guy has his jeans and pants down just half way down his thighs, from the front it makes his thighs look more muscular than when his pants are all the way down? I always like to sit on the toilet with my thighs close together or parallel and know that other guys are doing the same.
If someone sits with his legs wide apart, it's difficult to assess how well he covers the toilet with part of the seat showing!
Also if you hover over the toilet, it makes the legs look quite thin as the muscle then hangs down rather than spread out.
That arrangement you mentioned seems quite common in the USA, where the toilet, urinal and sink are all close together.
One thing I still can't quite grasp is; how loud the plops sound if the water traps are shallow. Unless you've used the type that are fairly common in Britain; the older toilets with a long drop and about 6inches depth of water for the turds to plop into, it would be difficult to compare, but perhaps you do get to use these type.
Anyway, you seem to find good ones, whereas any modern toilets I find here often have small water traps that are fairly quiet to use.
Happy shitting and observing!

I see this forum has now passed the 900th stage. It would be great if the 1000th edition could be celebrated in some way. A party perhaps?!!
A guy on the toilet on the masthead?
Any chance that you could share with us some insight into the day-to-day workings of updating and scrutinizing the large input of posts, and how it all started, and whether it has been a greater success then you expected? Congratulations at having reached this stage, and my appreciation and thanks for all the work put into it.

All best wishes to everyone, P. Plop Guy

PPG. If you want to lengthen the drop from the sitter's bum to the water in the toilet pan to improve its "kersploonkability" i.e the sounds made by the turds as they drop into the water, I might have a solution for you. Shops selling devices to help the elderly and disabled, nursing homes, etc, can supply a polystyrene collar which fits over the ordinary toilet seat being held by clamps. This helps those who have difficulty sitting down and getting up. It is easily removable and washable and adds between 6 to 8 inches onto the drop. I have used one in a toilet where the normal sound effects werent very good, only a boring quiet "flump". On doing a nice fat jobbie sitting on this extender seat I was rewarded with an arousing "KUR-SPLOOMP!" Try this and let us all know how you get on. These items are NOT too expensive, last for years and are easily removed if you have visitors who wouldnt appreciate them.

When I was a kid at home the toilet pan there had excellent "kurpsloonkability" . It was a big white pan with a long drop from the wooden seat to the long deep water filled sump at the bottom. Thus anything dropping into it made marvellous toilet sounds. Wee Wees gave a loud tinkle, little hard balls a good PLIP! PLOP! PLONK! or PLOONK! , bigger medium sized turds a KUPLONK! or KERPLOONK! while the really big long fat jobbies done by my aunts and other adult females in the family, women neighbours and visitors made wonderful depth charge like KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP! and KUR-SPLOOSH! sounds to my great satisfaction. The cistern however needed a knack to flush properly so I often saw the big jobbies that had been done by others.

The other great feature of this toilet pan was the fact that it had a pointed front like the bows of a ship. The seat was round but this triangular gap allowed me, and anyone else sitting on it if they wanted I suppose, to look between their legs and see the turd as it came out. I used to do this as a kid, trying to get it all out in as big a jobbie as possible, and seeing it grew in length as I did it before it fell into the pan with a loud KERPLOONK! I suppose this type of pan was designed with the male in mind to allow his penis to safely pee against the pan and not, as can happen in some circumstances, jet urine over the top wetting his underpants and trousers which are down at his knees. I have seen a siliar design in male toilets over the years but not in those meant for females. In those I HAVE seen larger pans, perhaps to deal with sanitary towels and tampons but possibly to accomdate the longer fatter jobbies that many women seem to pass compared to men.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Low Rider
To 8th Guy -- I know exactly what you mean. That's been happening to me too. I go in for a wizz and no matter how much I am careful to get every drop out, a squirt usually appears out of nowhere a few minutes later, usually when I make a sudden move or something like that. I asked some of my friends if that ever happened to them but they said no and I should see a doctor or something but since it happens to you to, maybe its just a normal thing that happens when you get older that no body talks about. I think that's probably it because sometimes I checked after it happened and found out it isn't allways pee that squirts out. You probably know what I'm talking about since we're about the same age. So I wouldn't worry about it too much because I think its probably just a normal thing.

To Diva -- Your story reminds me of when I was in second grade and had an accident. I had to go #2 really bad and didn't want to ask to go in front of the whole class because it was so embarassing so I just tried to hold it hoping it would go away. I remember it was during spelling and we were working and our teacher was talking when all of a sudden I farted silently and felt my pants get warm. I kind of panicked and looked around to see if anybody knew but I dont think they did and when the teacher stoped talking, I went up to her and wispered in her ear, "I pooped my pants." She sent me to the bathroom and I don't remember what happened next but my mom came and said my name in the bathroom and handed me a brown paper bag under the stall with different pants and underwear. I was so embarassed when I went back to the classroom because the pants I had were a different color but no body said anything. Then the same thing happened again. I knew I couldn't ask to go a! gain since I just went so I tried to hold it. Then I felt my pants get warm again and told the teacher. My mom came when I was in the bathroom and just said let's go home. I remember not wanting to sit in the car in the backseat because it felt bad. Then as I was squatting in the bathtub as the water was filling up, I pooped again! I started crying and was so scared because I didn't know what was happening but my mom said it was okay. I guess this was my first experience with diarhea that I can remember. I'm pretty sure it was the last time I had this kind of accident in school too.

Nealy, Please do go in details.......Tell me how old are you & more details......

Upstate Dave
Good morning all:
Everyone I saw on tv last night a good pee scene. PBS is running a new show Frontier House. Three families go to the wilds of Montana and recreate building homes in the year 1883. Everything used in the show was availible in 1883. No modern stuff was allowed. Thy built log cabins,corrals for the cows and other animals.
There were 3 different families involved. A son and father from Boston,a second family from Tennesee. The last family was from California. The Tennesee group seemed to settle in the quickest and adapted pretty well. The son and father from Boston were doing well also but were going slower in what they had to get done. The California family had ups and downs as they settled in but complained the most. This family had to teen daughters 18 and 16 and the scene involved those to girls.
They had not built a privy(outhouse)yet. So The girls are talking about how guys could pee standing but they (the girls) had to squat when they had to pee. The older girl goes we have solved that though because we are always wearing skirts it easier to pee standing with no underwear on. They both are on in front of the camera and they both pick up thier skirts to thier knees and they both start to pee! You can hear the hissing and see the streams comming out from under the bottoms of the skirts and hitting the ground. Both girls are laughing as they are doing this. They finish and both say; See this is easy and walk away laughing.
The family from Tennesee had built an outhouse and the father was telling that he discovered leaves made good toilet paper and he used some wild mint leaves to wipe himself and a side benifit of the mint was that it left a minty smell after use. The young son in this group fell through the hole in the privey and had to be pulled out. He wound up taking a bath after that. The show itself is interesting on how under the conditions how they are copeing with the lifestyles of the homesteaders.

Punk Rock Girl

Hey! Just wondering if you're still as self-conscious about your bodily functions now as you were in school. In grammar school, I really never had a problem going to the bathroom. If I had to go, I just asked if I could and went. But I understand why a person might be hesitant about it. A lot of people consider it a very private thing to do, and aren't wild about the idea of peeing or dumping a load with other people right on the other side of that flimsy stall.

I never understood, however, why there were never doors on the stalls in the boys' rooms. From grammar school all the way up through high school, the boys' room stalls NEVER had doors. If you're wondering why I know this, I had mostly guy friends in school throughout the years, and if we were hanging out after school and they had to pee, I'd usually join them--I even peed in front of them a few times.

Does anyone know why so many boys' rooms don't have doors on the stalls? Do they assume that guys enjoy seeing each other shitting? And why, therefore, do ALL girls' rooms (at least the ones I've been in) have doors? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that, in general, girls are more self-conmscious about their bodily functions, even among each other. Anyone have any insight into this?

Personally, I have no problem peeing in front of a guy (so he catches a glimpse of my butt--everyone has a butt), and, while I prefer to crap alone, I can crap in front a guy (or another woman), but, like I said, I understand why some people don't like to.

Take care everyone!


Yesterday it was quiet day at work. It is not usual. I was chatting with my co-worker in her room when I noticed that one of our secretaries went by some magazine in her hand and entered ladies room. She is pregnant and leaving maternity leave just in a few weeks. Actually I did not see her going in to the ladies room, but my co-worker?s room is located very near it and I heard ladies room door banging very soon after she went by. I chatted with my co-worker about 5 minutes, then I heard phone ringing in my own room and I must run to answer. After the call, which took another 5 minutes, I decided go to pee and of course, I was also curious to check was that secretary still sitting in the toilet. And there she was. Second stall was occupied. It could be anyone, but I heard there was someone browsing a magazine, so I assumed it must be her. I entered in other stall and pulled my jeans and panties down. I let out a long stream of pee. It was 10 am, so it was not yet my ordinar! y pooping time, but I felt a slight motion in my bowels and I decided to continue sitting in toilet for a while and try to poop. There was a silence in next stall. Only thing I heard from next stall was occasionally sounds of turning pages. I started struggling and a piece of poop moved downwards my bowels. I pushed again and it budged closer to my butt hole. Suddenly I heard a loud plop. But it didn?t come from beneath my butt, it came from next stall. I didn?t hear any preparing noises like grunting, farting, crackling sounds or anything else, just a sudden plop. I continued my exertions long and hard, but the result was tiny. I lifted my arse and took a look at bowl. There was a small piece of poop, shaped like a small potato. I felt another ball coming out and I sat down and pushed. This one was a little bit bigger and it dropped in water with sharp plop. I felt there was more farther up in my bowels, but I knew that it need really hard struggling to got them out and it ! was not worth of it, so gave up and reserved rest of the load for afternoon. The pregnant lady was still in next stall. When I started to wipe I heard two farts. She grunted softly first time. She let out a faint fart following subdued sputtering sound and ended up a good splash. After a short silence same repeated: muffled fart, sputtering sound and splash. She put a magazine aside and started to wipe. My poop was hard and firm so I needed to wipe only once. I flushed toilet and went wash my hands. She was still wiping when I left.

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone,

Just feeling really relieved after a good shit that had been waiting for about two hours to get done. I know it's hard for us all to appreciate exactly how everyone else's shit feels while it's waiting to get done; how can physical sensations be precisely defined? Anyway, it seems that even though my turds are not on the big side, I've recently noticed that when I want to go it feels as if they are large and that the bowel feels really full so that when I'm sitting on a chair, there's a gentle pressure inside. Not urgent and not like what I regard as being the "normal" sensations of firm hot sausages inside.(Well, as accurate a description as I can give.)
As for how they feel coming out- absolutely great! They often feel like whoppers even though they're not, and even though it takes a long time and a fair bit of effort to get thing moving, I'm enjoying the best shits I've had for a long time.
However, this is the strange thing- as I continue to push and the turds gradually feel smaller and come out quicker, when should I stop?
It seems if I do too much, then I get the feeling afterwards for about an hour that I've tried too hard, and I feel like I've got piles slightly. No pain, just the feeling that you'd get if you hadn't quite finished and there was a small piece of turd still in there.
It probably sounds a very odd thing to ask, but how do you draw the line between pushing out the shit that needs to get done, and forcing out shit that isn't ready yet? This happens to me sometimes, usually I can happily shit and push hard and feel satisfying firm turds get dropped and I feel absolutely great afterwards.
This leads me to wonder whether I'm overdoing the fibre again, and therefore I'm trying to push out the stuff that's not really ready to get done yet!
Having said all that, my toilet-health is on the whole,(or on the hole!) better now than it's been for years, and my morale is much better as a consequence.
Since sitting here in front of my PC, I'm fine again. It's just a minor discomfort that happens some days for a while, and only ever when I've been doing a lot of smaller turds that don't seem to know when to finish!

TONY, Many thanks for your advice as to how to improve KURSPLOONKABILITY IN THE TOILET! It's something I will look into as I've seen those collars on a frame over a toilet for use by those with disabilities, but I've not seen the ones you describe that actually fit onto the toilet. The fact that they can be easily removed is an important feature, so as to avoid other people being curious as to why I would need one.
From what you've said before, the toilets in Scotland that you grew up using sound ideal for those of us who really enjoy the sound effects of a good drop. I remember reading your account of when you were on the toilet at home when your schoolfriend telephoned, and as your mother was talking to him on the 'phone, he could hear the sounds coming from the bathroom as your turds were plopping into the toilet!
Soaking wet bum-cheeks after a shit must have been inevitable every time, I would think!
Interesting too to read of the elongated toilet seats so that you could lean forward and watch the turds coming out. A useful feature of many American toilet seats that are horse-shoe shaped and thus give more room to a man's penis.

Several guys recently have raised that old problem of how to prevent drips of wee trickling out after pissing. It happens to all of us, and even when you really think you've shaken the last drips off, a certain movement releases a bit more! I really hate it when I feel it squirt out and down to my knee on occasion!
I think I cured the problem for myself about a year ago, to an extent. Getting fed up with the wet sensation whenever I sat down on a chair after a wee, and knowing I was constantly making my underpants yellow and smelly, I resolved to take that bit longer after a wee to shake the drips off for longer. (This could be awkward in a urinal where others standing nearby might assume you're doing something else!)
Just taking that bit more time and rolling my foreskin down a bit seems to have helped quite a lot. When you sit down, the foreskin comes down a bit as a natural reflex so I reasoned by doing that while still in the toilet might help. I still do have involuntary squirts of wee when I don't want them, but not as bad as it was. It's one of those things that we men have to live with!
I think this problem is another case in favour of Tony's recommendation that men sit on the toilet to urinate. Being in a sitting position to start with, the foreskin is already in the relaxed position. Also, you can sit there shaking off the drips without others watching.
It's still very rare that when I'm in a cubicle, someone goes in next door and actually sits on the toilet for a piss, but a lot of men go into a cubicle to stand up and piss.
This means I hear a lot of men using the toilet, but not for the purpose I want them to! Happy shitting and weeing! P. Plop Guy

Hi, to you all!

LORI, that was an awesome story of you and the constipated Thai woman at the computer conference. You said yellow-orange coloured diarrhoea with mucus, and that you get it often.
It doesn’t sound like some bug that you caught, but it sounds very familiar. Have you observed if such attacks occur after you have eaten certain foods?
I hope that you do post again! Cheers from Rizzo

ALANA, an awsome story about you completely filling up another toilet in a restaurant, but only partly emptying your insides! Please continue the story, as there must have been plenty left inside you! Cheers from Rizzo!

SARAH S. Congratulations my dear! Now you can enjoy your pees and poos without worrying about finals and speeches – for a while at least. Wish you the best, love from Rizzo

Hello KENDAL, dear niece from cyber space, thanks for your smooth hug! I would certainly be schocked if it were scratchy! I would go very red in the face, thinking it could be your Uncle Geoff by mistake! But it would probably be your hair brush that would have got caught inbetween us. You know, the one Andrew uses to brush your hair when you are seated on the porcelain throne. Love and smooth hugs from your Uncle Rizzo.

LAWN DOGS KID, good demonstration of your peeing prowess, albeit restricted by the confines of a porcelain bowl! You certainly had an appreciative audience! Cheers to you from Rizzo

The other day I was driving into town by the road wich took me past the marina where my boat is moored. There was hardly any traffic, but a car in front was moving quite slowly. I went into the left lane (we drive on the right over here) to overtake, but blast, the lights at the junction ahead turned yellow, then red, just as if to stop me on purpose! And I knew these to be annoyingly slow lights too! The other car drew level on my right. I squinted at it out of the corner of my eyes, hidden behind sun glasses of the “bug eye” type, so that the occupants could not see that I was staring at them. Four young women were in it. They were talking lively, very animatedly in fact. They were shifting and bouncing around in their car, and the girl in the passenger seat, with blond curls on the top of her head, was repeatedly flinging herself against her back rest and tilting her head back in convulsions of mirth. Then all four of them turned their backs to me so that I could only! see four hairdos in a row. Obviously they were fascinated by something on the side of the car. Curious, I eased my vehicle forward a foot or two, so that I could look past the other windscreen. Aha, so that was it! There was a car parking lot there with trees and low bushes. A man in a dark grey business suit was standing between his car and a tree, just visible between two bushes in the foreground. He stood there in the sunlight, shoulders drawn back, hips thrust forward, and looking down at the splendid glittering arc he was projecting towards the trunk of the tree. His willie was very prominent when he gave a it playful little shake to make the liquid golden arc waggle up and down. The ensuing commotion this caused among the four women let their little Toyota rock on its suspension. Soon the arc of pee subsided to a dribble, then with a squirt, a shake and a squeeze the man stuck out his bottom and drew up the zipper of his fly, oblivious of the rapt audience he had en! tertained.
Cars behind us started honking their horns. The lights had turned green, and I saw to it that I got moving again. The car with the girls eventually started too, but lagged far away behind, its occupants undoubtedly discussing what they had just seen.

That’s all for today folks, good pees and poos to all,

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