Hey everyone. Since I have never posted here before I'll give a short description of myself. Im 19,female,Im 5'5,about 120lbs,long blonde hair and brown eyes. Ok now my story....

The other day I was at work and about to take my lunch break when I realized I had to take a dump. So I went into the bathroom. It has 4stalls and 1 of them was occupied so I took the one next to it so I could maybe hear what the lady in the next stall was doing. As soon as I sat down I let out a long pee while I was peeing I heard the lady in the stall about 5-10log...the plops just kept coming from her stall!!! Well I started pushing and let out a fart it was just a short toot followed by a nice sized log. Meanwhile it was silent in the next stall I was woundering what she was doing then she broke the silence with a long fart and then I heard 2more plops and she wiped and left without me being curious I hurried up with my dump..pushed out 2more logs wipes 2times and flushed and went into her stall. It smelt horrid and it was the biggest load I ever saw!!! It was 2 main huge logs them a whole bunch of little pebbles. Well I'll write more stories later. Bye

your name sara
hi my name is Vierra and im a shapely women

Just wanted to relay a poop story if your interested. Well the one time I was driving back home through the country and I was on this road running next to the river. I had been out the night before with some friends for a curry and a few drinks. We ended up having a few cocktails as well. What a concotion. Well As I was driving down this road my load suddenly fell into place and it was like HUNNNNNNNNNNEY YOU'D BETTER SHIT NOW. I was sweating there was no were to go. I tried frantically to look for a toilet. Finally I was in luck as I came upon a small clearing and a toilet. I literally ran inside and saw two ccucibles one was taken and she was shitting up a storm too. Plenty of moaning. I looked in the other one and my heart sank it was sooo gross. Shit was all over the bowl round the back on the floor and it was pretty full with shit paper (and a few tampons)! and one on the floor too!

Just then a cramp hit me and I knew I had to go so I tried to hover over the toilet. There was no way I was sitting down!!! My butt literally exploded all over the back of the toilet and on the seat. I thought so what it was already very messy! I was shitting my brains out for a good 15 mintues as wave after wave came out. I heard the other woman finish and flush and thought maybe the other toilet was better. As she left I dashed in there and it was nearly as bad but the seat seem cleaned. I plopped my size 16 ass down just as another wave shot out.

I heard another girl come in and she went oh man what died in and oh gross that toilet is so bad. She knocked and said would I be long to which I replied. Oh I think I might be a while and with that another violent wave cascaded into the bowl. She said oh dear are you ok. I said yeh just got the runs. she said she had too and had to go really bad. I told her to just hover over the toilet and go for it. And I don't think she needed anymore encouragement she whipped her panties down and started to shit like crazy.

I was in there another 25 minutes in total (45 in total) and she kept me company with her pooping. we didnt talk much as we were in pain. Finally I was finished (I thought). I wiped flushed for the 4th time and went out. The lady was there at the sink washing her hands. She was 41 and very pretty. I commented what a good poop she'd done. I started to wash my hands when all of a sudden. Cramp! oh no oh my god not again. I dived into the stall and just managed to get my thong dowm before prfffffffffft another hot wave of runny poop came flowing out. I ws in there another 20 mintues with wave after wavwe. Finally feeling a lot lighter I was finished. My ring was sore and my thong hurt so I decided not to wear them anbd put a sheet down in the car just incase.

I have more stories if people would like to hear them. I have an interesting poop story about when I was on a plane and the food was bad and loads of people got the runs with only a couple of toilets! if you want to hear it.

Another time I saw a girl was very desperate in line. there was a big queue for the toilets (in france) and several women were looking a bit quesy and uneasy. Suddenly one of the girls jsut couldn't hold it and held her butt over the sink and exploded. It was so grosss but yet slightlt a turn on. Would anyone ever poop in a sink? The worst toilet I have ever seen was at Glastonury. It was full of poo, paper piss and loads of tampons and pads. the shit was above the rim in a couple. And the smell was bad. I added my load to one of them but then tried to go aldente because it was just gross.

Anyway thats it go to go.

Sunday, May 19, 2002

Punk Rock Girl: I totally enjoyed your story from page 900 where you forgot to wipe. oddly enough, i've had dreams where i simply forgot to wipe, and then went back later.
I've had stomach problems the last two days.. Indigestion, loose bowels.. Sometimes i'd fart and regret it, cause my butt would feel wet after doing so. Since i already felt sick, i didn't feel like leaving my butt dirty (especailly not wet), so i got some wet wipes and cleaned up a bit.

once i went to a bar with a couple of friends....we where playing pool when my friend lorie whispered to be how bad she needed to shit(Since we r all girls we usually talk about are BMs).we had went to a mexican restraunt around 5 and so i figured it had finally kicked in. me and my girl friendsjust snickered at lorie by the way she was complaining,she didnt want to use public bathrooms( she finds them unclean) but she had no choice. About 10 minutes later she came out and she looked like she'd lost 10 pounds!!! i had to use the bathroom and i didnt go in with lorie because i felt i'd give her time to do her busniess. She looked at me with fear in her eyes as i walked in there, to my disbelief, All over the toliet in the first stall ( there where only 2) was covered it runny shit! she'd did a dirty load all on the bowl and had even gotten some on the floor! i looked at her and she said, I told you i had to shit. i laughed hard...we never told the other girls about t! his...we left out there fast and we never went back!

Hey, everyone:
Lauren again. Hello to Johnny Z. So, you're in Dallas, TX, huh? I have family there. My East Indian side, as a matter of fact.
Pico, where are you, honey? Haven't heard from you in a few. I called my boyfriend Bill at work today. I was on the toilet. He knew that I was. He asked me how everything was coming out. I told him to hear for himself. I put the phone close to the toilet water. He heard a couple of audible splashes. He told me that it "sounded like a winner". As do most of my poops. They sound like a winner, look like a winner, and smell like a winner! If we do say so, ourselves. A couple of the turds hurt like heck, but they felt so good. It was a good pain. Just like sex. Better, actually. I wiped only twice. They were all hard and firm. A couple of girls in other stalls overheard the conversation, and could not help giggling. I smelled their crap, though. It did not exactly smell like a winner. It smelled like rotten garbage. At least mine had that cooked cabbage smell! Meredith, love your posts. Your last one was no-exception. Three big ones, huh? Wish I could have joined you! We wou! ld have had some contest, lemme tell you. I once had a turd almost three inches thick. My God, I thought I would have a hernia! Take it easy, everyone,


Jason the poop lover
Hey diarrhea girl: what do you like about diarrhea?
Hey Andre: I sit when I doodoo, but I use to stand. I was a kid then. I would rather stand if I were to use a public bathroom. I sit at home and try to dodge public bathrooms.

Luc and Punk Rock Girl: When I was a young boy, the older stronger guys used to purposely tear the door right off the stall. So, our schools stopped repairing and putting new doors on since they couldnt keep up with the damages. It was rough.....for many years I had to hold shit in not wanting to crap with an audience. No doors gave an auditoreum affect.

To all those that asked for the rest of the camp story. First of all, I am a 15 year old girl, average height, slim and shoulder length brown hair. Cheri is the same age with really long curly brown hair if anyone wanted to know.
Anyway, on the way back to the cabin we seen a few of the girls still in line and there were several puddles of diarrhea on the ground. We went into the cabin and like three girls were in new pants and two were busy putting theirs on. I hadn't ever pooped my pants before, but I felt really sorry for the girls who did, I was about to get my turn though. Well some of the girls were talking about what happened and what to do, but most were lying back trying to rest, thats what I did because I felt weak after my explosions. One girl said that we couldn't go on the ground anymore because we were going to have to clean it up, so we all agreed that if we couldn't hold it long enough for a porta-potty we'd run for the woods. Suddenly this blonde chick swore and jumped out of bed. She ran outside clutching her belly. I looked over at Cheri and she was hunched over a little and I could tell she was getting the urge to go. Two more girls dashed outside and pretty soon another Cheri and two more girls went out to wait in line. I could feel my stomach getting queasy and decided I should get up and go to. So I left the few remaining girls in the cabin and went for the bathrooms. I could hear two girls haveing diarrhea eruptions in the porta-potties and I could tell from the line that all the other girls were going to be in there a while if they got to go. I looked for Cheri but didn't see her so I decided to head for the woods. I squatted in a thick bush and let out a strong wave of really runny diarrhea. I felt finished, but stayed squatted for a while, just in case. I stayed there for like ten minutes, but didn't get anything else out, so I wipped with some leaves and went back to the cabin. On my way I seen a pretty red head running for the woods bent over. Suddenly she stopped running and started crying. She squatted with her white pants still up and I could see a brown stain appear on the butt of her pants. I felt really bad for her and was going to! help her, bt she ran off crying. I went back into the cabin and two girls were wearing different pants, one of the was Cheri. She said she shit herself again and only had two pairs of panties left. I felt really bad for her. Well, I was feeling really woozy, so I laid back and listened to the girls argue. This one was saying how she thought the blue team put something in our food, when suddenly she she said oh shit and ran for the door with liquid poop running down her legs. I closed my eyes and fell asleep for a few hours I think. When I woke up, everyone was asleep and I had the world's worst cramp and I knew I was having severe diarrhea. I ran out of the cabin bent over with both hands holding my butt cheeks closed. I got to the green porta-potties, but both said occupied. I pounded on one, begging the girl in there to hurry up. She said she was almost finished, but right after that she moaned out loud and I heard a ton of mush fall into the toilet. the girl in the other one said all she needed to do was wipe, if I could hold it that long. I said I would try. I started dancing around trying to keep my poop from coming out. I was hopping up and down with both hands holding my butt and I was chanting I gotta go. Then a really bad cramp grabbed me and I hunched over in a lot of pain. I decided the pain wasn't worth it and since almost everyone else had pooed themselves, I let the poop come out. This a wave of mushy diarrhea and liquid diarrhea came out in my panties and I could feel it make a huge bulge in them. The part of it that was almost soild filled my panties so bad it almost completely filled them, fromt and back and the watery part was pouring down my legs. They were covered in this smelly, thick brownish liquid poop and it ran all the way to my socks and soaked them. In the middle of my accident the girl ran out of her stall and seem me shitting myself. She said she was really sorry, but I shouldn't worry about it because everyone ha d already had one accident. I headed for the showers, still in my pooped panties. It was awful, all that mushy shit smashing up against my butt, and my ass was sore. It took me forever to clean myself up and by the time I got back to the cabins, my stomach was starting to feel a little upset again. I went for the porta-potties and suprisingly one was open. I opened the door and gasped. Liquid shit was splattered all over the seat and floor and walls. There was a huge pile of diarrhea in the holding place for the poop and it smelled awful in there. I decided against using it now because my stmoach was feeling better and I heard someone leaving the cabin, so I let her have it. I went back in and laid back down for a few minutes and then the most amazing thing happened. It was like the Ex-lax kicked in on everyone at the same time because like five girls jumped out of bed and went for the door. Before they were out like three more joined them and them Cheri jumped up with me an d the other two girls and we all went to the toilets. I was like one person ahead of Cheri, we were in seperate lines, but I seen her dancing around and needing to go really bad, so I let someone cut in front of me so I could stand beside her. She was really struggling for control and she told me that she was wearing her last pair of panties! I got painful cramps and before I knew it I was doing the poop dance with Cheri. She managed to hold it long enough to move two spaces in line, but was nowhere near the potty. She cried out and I could see a bulge in her pants and they turned green. She fell to her knees and started crying and farting and shitting more and more. I felt really bad for her, so to try to make her feel better, I let diarrhea explode into my panties. Three more girls in the line pooped themselves shortly after then everyone else ran for the woods. Two didn't make it. After that we all sat up in the cabin and talked all night, of course getting up to shit our brains out several times. We decided to just go all over the ground and worry about clean up later. Well, the next morinig the counselors came and much to our suprise weren't mad at all the shit on the ground. they said they found several empty bottles of max strength ex-lax in the trash can in the blue teams cabin and were looking to see if they used it on anyone. Well, to finish the story the red team had diarrhea for like three days before we finally started feeling better and the blue team had to clean up our messes. Thats all, hoped you liked it. If you did and you want to hear I'll tell you about having the splatters in P.E. a few months ago!

Hey diahrrea girl. I too like diahrrea myself, and it is interesting, email me some time we can talk about it. :)

Robby and Annie
Hi all!
As promised we will write some replies. Annie and the girls want to tell all of you about the travelmate wee last night on a separate post. It was FUNNNNY!

***KENDAL, ELLEN, and LAWN DOGS KID: Hi to our dear nieces and nephew! Andrew, we have never heard of a willie being called "Percy". That is a hoot!! Robby will have to name his something!! That was a great show you put on for Damsel, cyberly, and the girls there! Since Robby doesn't have a foreskin then it is easy for him to wipe. I sometimes wipe for him but this is rare. KENDAL, the girls and I let you and ELLEN in on the Travelmate wee last night. You two were standing there laughing and shouting! We will have the story in a few days! Yes, Andrew, the girls let you observe, too! They wanted Robby to shoot some wee through the tube to test it out,LOL! We hope you are through will your terms. We wish we could send you a birthday present, Andrew! We wil have to think of something, cyberly! Take care and Lots of Lovexx and hugs from Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie
***LOUISE, DAMSEL, and STEVE: Hi friends! DAMSEL, that was a wonderful wee you did for Andrew! I hope I was one of the gents you invited. I did get a peek! I saw your wee cascading into the bowl and we all applauded! Thank you, dear! Annie- LOUISE, I could visualize the wee all of the netball team took in the gents urinal! WOW! I would have loved to have been one of the team! We have to get the WSPC team together again! We loved the garden wee with Damsel. We could see the blonds arching forth,LOL! Robby- STEVE, is it vogue for British and European men to not be circumcised? I didn't have any choice. I was 5 years old! Take care and Lovexxx from Robby and Annie
***INA: Hi sweetheart! Hope you got that job with the designer you liked! Also you must have gotten a thrill from that lad in the bushes weeing,teehee! We will report on the travelmate later! Robby-The girls have known "Felicity" for a number of years. Sue was a pal to her as I am now. We are just good friends for now! Take care, my sweet! Lots of Lovexxxx and Hugs from Robby and Annie
***EPHERMAL: Hi dear! Glad you are through! That was a grand thing to do by having a poo and wee in the dark. The daring of it excited you, didn't it! It might take time but you might explore other regions of this toilet world of ours! You said you lived 10 hours from your parents. Have a safe trip back and our best to your family. Please write when you can! Lots of Lovexxxx Annie and Robby
***TIM AND SARAH: Hi dear people!! That was a wonderful story about Josie cozying up and doing her business in your lap, Tim! We hope you are feeling better. It is good for children to learn as many languages as they can. Keep it up! Sarah, you are a dear and we were glad that Peter and Robert were there to help with Josie. Also we are thrilled that Peter is interested in this site! We know the pain and confusion of coping with a person with the big "C". Love you lots and a big hug, too! Annie and Robby
***PV: Hi gal! Annie- we want a lineup for the WSPC. Wall-to-wall! That would be so neat! Hope you are getting some weeing in around Adelaide! Take care, Lots of Lovexxxx Annie and Robby
***RIZZO: Hi dear friend! That was a hoot of a story about the girls laughing and talking about the gent weeing and swinging his willie about!! We know that our girls would do the same thing. There is something about the size that fascinates girls. Oh well, enough of that! Is your boat ready? About "Felicity", Sue and I knew her for a long time. She is a pal! I love her but I was too much of a gentleman to engage in behavior as such! Now, she is an alley weer! She loves going to pubs and weeing in the alley. We didn't try that this time. She is fun-loving. I haven't told her about this site. I am thinking about it! We will see! Hope your wife and family are tip top! Lots of Lovexx from Robby and Annie
***TODD AND DIANA: Hi dear friends! We have changed our reading habits on the loo! I am reading language books. I say the words between grunts . It is a change, I guess! Anne- I read the Wall Street Journal now! We are anticipating the blessed event! Lots of Lovexx and hugs, Annie and Robby
***DIVA: Hope you stay with us! Yes, I told you that many of our friends in the profession do that! Your dressingroom mate must have been rather uncouth as they say. Hope you are singing up a storm.
Lovexxx from Robby and Annie
***ELEANOR: Hi sweetie! How is the new home? We hope you are settled! Kendal is a dear and we know you trust her! Never do anything you don't want to do! We will have a story next time! Take care! Lots of Lovexx from Robby and Annie

SPECIAL HELLOS TO: Jane and Gary, Carmalita and Family-hope you are through with school!!, David, Adrian, Adele-stay with us! Kimmie and Scott, LindaGS- hi gal!, Jeff A-where are ya!, Lancs Lad, Pat, Renee, Nu, Tesa, Mere and Mandy, Elena, Cousin, Gopweller, Amy(coed), Samantha, Ellie and Little Lou! and all of the other wonderful posters here!


Tim and Sarah
SARAH AND MEGHAN: Hi sweeties. Thank you for your good wishes. I am sorry if my words brought back bad memories for you. I have to say that the therapy I am undergoing at the moment is comparetively mild and I just feel really sick for a day or two and then need a few days to recover, so itís bearable. As I already told Rizzo, we try to concentrate on the fun and good times.
So here is a story from the party after my first degree, I hope you will like it as a little graduation present: We had this wild party in a totally crowded pub and I was sitting in a corner on a bench, very cramped in from both sites. For a while I was very happy, cause drinks came coming anyway and my girlfriend at the time was with me and so were some good friends. We had some good fun until after numerous pints I felt like bursting. I tried to get out, but it was very difficult. I tried to crawl under the table to get out, but I just saw a stream shooting out from somewhere as some guy was pissing right there. Yuck! I certainly did not want to go that way. My girlfriend also had to go desperately and we just crawled and climbed over the crowds. With lots of pushing and getting beer spilled over, we made it to the toilets. There was already a queue at the gents, the one at the ladies was totally out of question. In the gents there was a long queue for the stalls, wit! h lots of girls and some unfortunate guys, lol, and a shorter one for the urinals. We thought about finding a place outside, but the journey back through the crowded place wasnít so tempting. Some guys, who couldnít even wait for five minutes starting pissing out of the windows, but soon that fashion stopped, as some girls started rating their tools, as they got good views, lol. I think you catch my drift, it was pretty wild in there. My girlfriend queued up with me for the urinals. I think, most thought, she just stood there, but I knew her skills and knew she was going to use a urinal as well! She was the girl, who taught me about female standing pees. It was our turn and she asked me to cover her bum for her. I took off my shirt (I had a t-shirt underneath) and held it around her hips for cover. She stood in font of the urinal, pulled her jeans to her knees and used her fingers to direct a first rate power stream! She did a very good wee with a little bit of dribbling ! onto her pants, but that night it really did not matter anymore .I was nearly wetting myself while I watched her! The other guyís jaws dropped and the girls in the room, laughed, screamed, yelled and applauded while she peed away. As soon as she finished, I could barely wait for her to pull up, as I was afraid for my wee to start flowing. I got my penis out and started peeing before I was in the right position and hopped in small moves in the right direction while already leaking. Finally I peed! I donít think I have words for the feeling of four pints of lager shooting against the porcelain, but I take it you can imagine....Hope you have had good celebrations and take good care of yourselves. Sarah sends her love and so do I.
ANNIE AND ROBBIE: Love to you too, dear friends! I liked your story about dear Sue and Alan. Sarah gave me a "donít even think about it..." -look, when I read it to her, although she denies that...;-). We would have loved to see you as Papageno, Robbie. I hope your costume was more elaborate than Josieís (a pyjama with ducks, some red indian feathers and a toy chicken in a paper Please continue to look after each other!

PV: Long time no speaking, dear. I hope you got my last reply, I wrote during your holidays. We hope you are fine! I bet you would like to join Louise and her netball team. I would, lol. Oops Sarah read this and I got slapped for it! Are you having fun? And how about the fun with the girls? Or boys? I donít want to be nosy. I just hope you are finding somebody to match such a great lady. Love from me and Sarah

LOUISE AND STEVE: Hi dear friends. Your fun there in the changing rooms sounds really great. Sarah said she could imagine you are having a laugh. Would Steve be less shy, if another guy would pee with him inbetween all the girls? I would volunteer! Lol. Sarah says I would probably run if I wasnít sheltered by cyberspace, lol. Our friends showed us some very nice, tasteful photographs of male nudes, a befriended photographer had taken, also of them. Sarah said I should also have a session with him. Now I am all shy and uptight! LOL! There was also a picture where a guy is peeing. You see him from behind and like a little boy he has pulled his pants below his bottom. Sarah said to me later she liked the picture and you bet I tried my luck peeing like this. She liked what she saw! Grin. We also got a really funny and cute old picture from Peter and Robert, where I am having a wee in the bushes on a walk with Loewie as a baby on my back. He is looking over my shoulder to se! e whatís going on down Wish you well and I am sure you are enjoying yourselves. Love to you two and best wishes to Damsel as well.

EPHERMAL: Hi sweetie! How are you? Thank you for your words. We are sorry your asthma is troubling you so much. Do you know what is causing it? Is it from stress, exercise or an allergic reaction? Sarah says hers got better since she is eating less milk products, which also bettered her digestion. She also says that she had a psychological dependency on her inhaler. When she got pregnant she wanted to avoid it as much as possible without putting herself under pressure. We both started yoga at the time and are still happy with it, also teaching the kids. There are some positions which can also kick start your digestion a bit. I hope you will find a way to better your problems on the toilet. Itís awful when it hurts so much when you poop. Take good care dear. Love from Tim and Sarah

(some very late answers,sorry...)
ANDRE: I would happily let my wife watch me poop. She just does not enjoy it as much as I do like watching her. So no story there, yet. Best wishes Tim and Sarah

ADRIAN: All good wishes to you as well. Thanks for your words. No, it wasnít my Sarah, who wrote about wiping. Hope you are doing ok. Take care

SCOTT: Sarah did not want the kids to know it was her poop, as she was a bit embarrassed. Not necessarily in front of the kids, but our children are only three and five and very chitty chatty and we did not want to spread the news to our friends or relatives that my wife had to relieve herself in the woods during a walk. All the best from Tim and Sarah

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