Lori Girl
Hi everybody! This is my first post here so I want to introduce myself. My name is Lori. I’m female, 24, wavy brown hair and brown eyes. I’m kind of tall, and I have a full, round tush. :-) Anyway I have always been really fascinated by the act of going to the bathroom (I especially enjoy it when I have to make a shit…it makes me feel soooo awesome) of course I love this site. I just found it not long ago and have been reading some of the latest posts here. Now I think I just have to join in! I love all the stories, especially of you other gals with stories of witnessing (or at least hearing) the pooping habits of others in public bathrooms. I have some great stories to tell too…okay well I think I will get started! I know Infantry PFC observed there were lots of stories lately with other gals having diarrhea. Well I have another diarrhea story for you too…well, this one has a little bit of both ends of the spectrum, should we say!

I work at a little computer company here in my town. I actually know a lot about computers so it is an easy job for me. A few weeks ago I was signed up to go attend this conference that was in town…my company is real small so I was the only one going from our company. The conference ended up being real small to. Not many people there at all. Maybe 20 I guess. Well anyway, the day I had to go to the conference, I was real sick to my stomach. All during the night before I had been waking up with diarrhea and cramps, and having to run to my bathroom to poop. I think I used half a roll of TP just overnight. So the morning on the conference I felt really tired and still queasy in my stomach, and I didn’t want to go at all. But I knew my boss would throw a fit if I missed the conference, because he was paying for me to go!! So I took some Immodium AD and went on my way. Well…I guess I made kind of a mistake because I chose to wear a thong panty that day. I love ! thongs so much and I have so many but I didn’t think about my illness. After that day I’ll make certain I never wear another thong when I have a running stomach!

The conference started out okay. It was boring. We kept breaking into small groups based on our jobs and going from room to room, listening to different lecturers on different topics, none of which were really all that interesting I didn’t think. I really spent more time looking around the room and stuff…there were a lot of young people there, around my age I think. Everybody was dressed really casual. (one reason being its really hot here!) One time I was in the same lecture as this one very beautiful young Asian woman…we were all wearing nametags (I hate nametags) and the Asian womans said her name was Sujin…I think she was Indonesian or Thai. Well anyway, she’s the kind of woman who makes a gal jealous. :-) She had that perfect bronze skin and jet black hair, and soooo petite. Sometime I wish I had a body like that! Well, by 11:30, two lectures later, I was starting to think about my ???? instead…it was hurting! I was feeling cramps in my stomach again. I ! kinda sat at my table with my arms in my lap and hunched over a little. I didn’t want to walk out in the middle of the lecture but my stomach was really aching! But I held it till our lunch break which was at noon.

Finally we had a break for lunch, and I went running to the ladies room in a panic!!. It took me a couple minutes to find it at first, during which I thought my butt was gonna explode all over my floral print thong. (it’s victoria’s secret, I love thier floral prints so much.) Finally I found the bathroom and I ran to a stall…there were only three, and I took the middle one. The bathroom was actually really dirty (the conference was being held at this old school downtown) but I didn’t really notice. I was too sick! I frantically yanked on my belt and shoved down my hip-hugger jeans. Then I grabbed my thong and pulled it to my knees. My butt hit the seat and my poor tush exploded....ohhhhhh my god it was so messy. I had the awfulest diarrhea yet. Immediately I had to grab my stomach because it was cramping and I squirted liquid diarrhea out of my butt like a fountain. I started moaning and squinting my eyes. All these long, wet farts sprayed out of my tush as ! I pooped, making a horrible sound and smell. Finally my wave of diarrhea was over, and I felt around behind my back for the flush and flushed it all away. But I still felt soooo sick to my stomach so I stayed sitting down. I pushed my thong to my ankles cause I didnt want to mess it up in case my diarrhea splattered. Already I could feel the spray and goop all over my buns.

Right around then the ladies room door opened up and I heard someone come in. They were walking really fast. I loovvveee listening to other gals going to the bathroom around me...something so fascinating about of course I perked up my ears when the other woman came in. She passed by my stall and went to the one on the end, and I thought I recognized her shoes – they looked like they belonged to the young Thai woman at the conference. She locked her stall door and I heard the soft swish of her jeans coming down. Then a littler swish as she pulled down her panty. I leaned over to my left so I could look under the wall and see if I could catch a gimpse of her feet…I saw her dark blue jeans in a heap around her feet, but she hadn’t pulled her panty down far enough to see. Her feet backed up against the toilet and I heard her sit down.

I think the Thai woman must have had a cold or flu. She coughed, sneezed and blew her nose the entire time she spent on the toilet. I kept hearing the TP rack rattling and jiggling as she grabbed paper again and again to blow her nose in. And she made so much NOISE blowing her nose. She was really congested and the snot sound was so awful. Once she blew so hard it made her sneeze a bunch of times, then she started blowing again! I almost told her to please stop blowing her nose so loud a couple times, but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. Plus I was too sick to my stomach to really talk to her. Another wave of diarrhea finally came while I was sitting next to Sujin listening to her blow her nose. I actually started crying because my stomach hurt so bad and the smell was so awful. I flushed again while the liquid poop was still squirting out of my ass and bent over at my waist, clutching my thong waistband with both hands and just rocking myself a little. I f! elt soooo sick. I farted a little while I sat there but no more diarrhea came out. But my tush felt totally dirty, spattered with my shit and sticky. It was awful. I knew I was gonna spend a long time wiping. I flushed the toilet again.

The Thai woman had been there with me about ten minutes and I hadn’t heard any noise from her (well, besides her disgusting nose blowing). After a minute I heard her gasp for air, as if she’d been holding her breath. Then again. She grunted, then gasped…her feet shuffled...I started to realize that she was constipated. I heard her fart dryly, and sigh softly...then I heard her feet moving around, and I glanced under the stall wall....she was pulling her feet out of her discarded jeans and spreading her legs, and I saw a bright red bikini panty drop around her ankles. There were little wads of wet TP all over the floor around her feet, probably from all that nose blowing. I couldn’t believe she was just throwing them all over the floor!! Then her toilet seat creaked, and I noticed her long black hair dangling down in front of her feet like she was bent over as far as she could go. I heard her start to grunt and gasp again, and this time her legs were shaking. She! was really pushing hard. So here I was, my ass dripping wet with the awfulest liquid poop I’d ever done, and my neighbor was next door unable to get anything to come out. We were quite a pair!

I sat for a minute, excited to hear if Sujin was going to be able to pass her bowels or not. I started to feel queasy again though, and I knew more diarrhea was coming. I hunched over with my arms around my belly and squinted...I had cramps, but no diarrhea yet. Then I heard a loud, LOUD crackling sound from Sujin…it sounded like a HUGE log was starting out of her she was moaning, whimpering in pain, and her feet and panty were still shaking hard. She was up on her toes now. Her poop was still crackling out of her tush when I finally couldn’t cold it anymore and I let go explosive diarrhea into the toilet, almost gasping with the force it left my body. I farted and farted, trying to push everything out of me while I could. Poop was spattering and splashing all over my tush. Finally the wave subsided and I flushed again. This time I felt done but I sat for a little while to make certain. Next door the Thai woman finally dropped her huge log with a SPL! UNK and I heard her breathing heavily with relief…she seemed to sit back on the toilet seat like normal and I heard her tearing off toilet paper again. But she didn’t wipe herself, she just started blowing her snotty nose again, and coughing. Her feet and clothing didn’t move, so maybe she wasn’t done. Poor thing!

I finally decided to clean up and go…my ass was hurting so bad from all the sitting and I knew I was gonna have a red ring on my tush after this. I kept my messy butt planted on the seat while I leaned over and unraveled a big handful of TP. Then I reached behind my back to wipe. I have never been so messy in my life….I had all kinds of mucus and wet poop come off on my TP. It soaked the entire paper the first time so I had to throw it out and tear off more. There was mucus all over my tush and I wiped about 10 or 11 times before I got clean…of course by then my poor butt was hurting SO BAD. I really, really really really wished at that point I hadnt worn a thong. It hurt so much to pull my thong back on. But I tried to ignore it. I looked in the toilet when I was done and it was full of chunky, yellowy-orange poop and mucus. Soooooo awful.

As I flushed one more time and left the stall, I saw Sujin and her bronze-colored legs and red panty still sitting quietly in the next stall. I heard a loud honk of a fart come from her as I washed my hands, and I faintly heard her sigh miserably before blowing her nose again. I felt really sorry for her by then, even though her godawful nose blowing was enough to get on anybody’s nerfves. I went out to lunch and then came back to the conference...I just ate lightly cause I didn’t want diarrhea again. I felt pretty good for the rest of the confernece. I didn’t see the young Thai woman again though. Maybe she felt sick and decided to go home. Actually when the conference was over in the afternoon, I stepped back into the ladies for a moment, half-expecting to still see those tanned legs and firre engine red panty beneath stall #3. :-) But she was gone.

I was sick again with diarrhea that night when I got home and it was a REAL MESS…MUCH MUCH WORSE than my lunchtime poop! But I will save that story for next time, okay? Thanks so much for reading...I like to write a lot and Im sorry this post was so long. But that’s the best part
about this site – all the stories!! I would like to ask, are there are any Asian gals here, have you ever felt so constipated like the woman at my conference? I have had some Asian friends and I do remember one of them told me she often had those kind of "irregularities" with her bowels. Sometimes I think I would prefer that!! I always get the runny bowels and cramps instead! Has anybody else ever had diarrhea like I did? What causes all that mucus to be in your poop? It was so nasty. I get diarrhea a lot but usually not so mucusy.

Nice to meet you all and I will post again soon!

~ Lori

Great site - thought I was weird but now Im much happier

Moira: I loved your description of your morning poo! I would definently have liked to have been there.

Tony: That reminds me, I loved your story also of when you heard that woman doing a poo in the ladies side of the public loo. I wrote a reply after I read it some time ago but I don't think it made it on here (if it did ignore this :) ).

Hey people, I haven’t posted here for such a long time. Been busy with the school work thing to even remember about all my daily poo poo adventures ;).

Anyway now that I have made a little time, I had a great dump today after lunch. It was during class hours and did I thank myself for eating all that food. Wow, 2 large plates of spaghetti, a side dish of salad, 2 apples and a banana to top off. I was so full when I entered class, all I could do was stare at the teacher and listen. I guess the bloated feeling left me eventually as I forgot about it but it turned into an urge for a massive crap. Around 1.45 I got up and left for the bathroom. None of the teachers at my grade level realy care about giving permission to use the bathroom, so I just got up and left. I walked quickly as I could feel my stomach start cramping and my anus begin to open. As I entered the bathroom, I already noticed a small poop smell as for girls had been doing their stuff. At present nobody was in there but the smell was a sign that someone had been. I picked the first stall, it didn’t matter to me as I was in a hurry. It also didn’t occur to me! that my feet were visible to anyone that is walking around in the corridor outside the ladies and for some reason looks in like curious boys ;). Anyways after lowering my skirt and panties down to my knees, I let out a large audible fart. It stunk real bad and echoed loudly in the porcelain bowl. I amazed myself with my own fart for it lasted around 10 seconds and was slow and zipper like. Then feeling the poop trying to emerge, I pushed gently as I really was in no hurry. Slowly it started to descend into the water beneath my bottom along with accompanying crackling and wind-like farts breaking the silence. The first turd plopped silently into the water and almost immediately the second began to emerge, At this time I was bored to death because I normally read during my defecation process so I began writing on the stall wall. I wrote some funny stuff like ‘Meredith has a smelly anus’. The smell really got to me after a while. Looking at my watch I saw it was already 1.55 ! and was like Holy Shit gotta get back before someone thinks I’m actually taking a crap. I guess my bowels wouldn’t let me as I had a third log inching out on its own time. That took another five minutes and by the time I finished wiping and ran back upstairs it was almost 5 past 2. All the guys had weird looks on their faces and my classmate Sarah asked me if I took a dump-loud enough for everyone to hear. I was just like ‘Something like that.’
For those who wanted to know how much crap was in the bowl, they were three long logs each about 10 inches in length. I was surprised that they all fit in the bowl. My sister Mandy does some amazing ones. She is the one responsible for clogging up our industrial strength toilets for she likes to wait 7 days before going. I have no idea where she picked this habit from but I keep telling her its not good. I know when she has gone cause there are skid marks galore plus maybe 2 logs floating in the bowl too and the water level is way too low.

Bye for now, I hope to post more often.

ALANA-waiting two weeks for a bowel movement isn’t very healthy. Don’t you get pains??


I have had two major poos in my underpants. One last Tuesday - described in the post that never made it, and another one today. I won't go into detail here until I know this post sticks first.

Adam: Look forward to hearing more from you. I was in Manchester on Saturday and bought a pack of three white Calvin Klein briefs (fly fronted style). You're right about the room for a good poo in them. My major poo this morning was in a pair of them. I shall poo the other two pairs over the next week, depending on my time available.

Poo Pants: My pants filling experience a week ago was of "thick custard" sort of poo. The briefs I was wearing were a bit tight and it really spread well. Will tell you more about it in my next post.

Matt: Good to hear from you, and to know you've got your new briefs. I loved your story of how you filled a pair and then sat down in your messed briefs. Do take your time about pooing yourself in public. You have to be comfortable about it first. I'd hate to think I might be pressurising you to do so. I would never do that. But I will look forward to hearing all about your first public poo in your briefs whenever it happens, as well as looking forward to more of your stories as and when you can write. I do appreciate that your A-Level revision must take priority at present and I want to wish you every success as you take your A-Levels. By the way, it's interesting to know your dad was offered a POO registration when he got his new car, even if he opted for a PE registation instead.

The anonymous poster: If you think you're the only person in the world who likes to poo their underpants - well you're not. I used to think I was the only one for many years! There are, in fact, several of us on this forum who really love pooing our pants and enjoy it. Let's hear more from you. Are you male or female?

That's it for now. Hope to be in touch again soon, but I do have a very busy week, so it may be after the week-end before I next post.

Regards to all,

It isn't that. Just don't poop and play in it.

Today i was at a Zoo....and i went to the bathroom several times and there were lots of toilets in the one and in another one i went in and there were only 2 stalls and i walk in and i think some kid was in the handicaped stall and in the next stall a lady was in there cleaning...i walked right out..couldn't pee with a lady in there. Then outside the bathroom im waiting for my party and i hear/see some kids come out of the restrooms and several boys came out and then a few girls came out. I heard the girl say to the chaperone that she peed on her self. Any way..then it was along ride home and i felt a slight urge came on and i hoping it wouldn't be that urgent..still holding on till probably after dinner...Its been several days since i last pooped(think it was sat.)
Now my urge is pretty much gone..i think its nervousness not being near a bathroom...any one ever have this?

To Punk Rock Girl: I liked your hospital expericence

To Nick (from Canada): I liked your story

To Zip: I liked your story about your buddy

Well gotta run bye

BB is back from the BB lagoon ready to post up some mah-velous storees.

ALANA - YOU ARE SIMPLY MAHVELOUS (Billy Crystal) How the heck can you eat so much all the time? It would be great if you could finish your story. I have occasionally read your stories. And they have me LOL! Wanted to ask you if you were a bottom heavy or top heavy person (GUYS AND GIRLS ARE EITHER ONE OR THE OTHER) To produce heavy turds it seems that you would be bottom heavy because you would have more power in your thighs and butt to drop the loads better. I know that you might be young but as a reminder (And I eat like a horse too once in a while) that you will pay the price later from eating so much. It must be a sight to see you. You probably intimidate people from your size (I read in one post that you are 6'3" 280+ lbs) WOW!!! what a woman! : ) : ) Please take care of yourself.

KIM: Kimmee, What happened to stories with the big turds. WOW!!!! A bodybuilder. Nobody is messing with you. You have the power of grayskull! Bet oh boy Scott is enjoying the show about now.

AS FOR ME: I am a weightlifting fool. Got a big butt for a guy that can drop big loads (OCCASIONALLY) I am African-American, 5' 10" about 240 lbs (big arms and shoulders) I am mix of the two types of bodies. I am perfectly proportional. Played football in high school. Right now an engineer and IT (networking) professional. I like having big ones if they are not painful (SLIDE OUT NICE AND SMOOTH) I've seen my sister go to the washroom (Number #2) on the side of the road and at a party where this young lady dropped a number two that was just so big it would probably rival Alana's, Ring Stretchers, Kimmee's, and some of the other big posters on the forum. It was unbelievable and she was so embarrased.

I will post later.



Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Just a short post today. Andrew is busy and needs his space. Hi to everybody and especially the suspects, UNCLE RIZZO ( big smooth hug, I hope mine never get stubbly, or you will be shocked !), AUNTY PV, UNCLE ROBBY, AUNTY ANNIE, MEGHAN, DR SARAH, and JANE ( hope you are having a lovely holiday )

EPHERMAL: Thank you so much for your story to Ellen and me. After Ellen read it, she straight away wanted me to go with her to the toilet. Like Julia, she tends to be a while when she needs a poo. Perhaps it is just a company thing. 15 or 20 minutes must seem like a long time to someone who is only 5 years old. And frustrating as well, trying to expel a stubborn poo when you would much rather be playing with your dollies instead ! Love from Kendal x PS, Ellen wants to write to you now !


EPHERMAL: I liked your story. Thanks. I don't have a little brother, only a big one called Andrew. I just had a poo. I pretended to be Julia, and Kendal pretended to be you. She read me a story. My poo took a long time. Bye. Love from Ellen xxx

Right, its Kendal again !

LINDA GS: I hope this post will be small enough to appear in the right date. The Moderator has put my last post on page 899, after your last post, even though mine was written in response to yours. Now make sure you direct cousin to that page. There is an extra special story just for him. Now don't forget yours back to Andrew please !!! Take care my dear friend. Lots of love from Kendal xxxx
PS Andrew says is your tan even darker now, and to becareful, because it will make your untanned bits glare like a bright light !! What is that boy on about ?!! (shaking my head and tutting at him !). Ups, he nearly bit my head off for aiming at the submit button before doing this....... XOSXOS !

MICKEY - Hi guy! I do not have a lot of time to write at all but I wanted to tell you that on Sunday afternoon after I came back with Steve after a drink, I waited until I was desperate for a wee. I had a black tank top on and a short black skirt and I thought I would go in our back garden like my sister did on Friday afternoon. Well I pulled my g string off and I lifted my skirt up and I got down on my knees and elbow and I stuck my bum up in the air. Well I was bursting and while Steve was watching I let rip. I pissed a good gusher a good 6 or 7 feet you know? Our grass did not need watering after that, Mickey. giggle
Love Louise xxxxx

ROBBY AND ANNIE - Hi! Oh yeah, I can not believe how soon June has come so close now. I am really
looking forward to the wedding and thank you for thinking of us.
Love Louise xx

SARAH S AND MEGHAN - Hi girls!!! Well we are pleased at the graduation. Well done! And the weeing in the wastebaskets! giggle I never did that but I have had a few wees in the big plant pot in the office I work in. I stand over it and do it that way. Oh and I am in the office by myself when I do it! giggle I lock the door from the inside first you see.

TIM AND SARAH - Hi!!! Well Tim I hope it all goes well for you with your health. It must have been funny for you when Leowie showed your friends his circumcised willy telling how he was weeing better like that.
Oh and about your weeing a lot joke, Steve must have weed lots when he was a teenage boy to get his willy to grow. giggle Yeah if I was there with you I would have said a few things. My friends in the netball team are interested in seeing Steve have a wee. He came along on Saturday to watch and our captain asked him if he needed a pee. The other girls giggled when she teased him a bit saying she had heard he does not have anything to be ashamed of. We are using the men's changing rooms in the centre because the ladies is being refitted inside, so the team is trying to get him to come in with us so we can watch him wee. He's a bit shy. On Saturday we stood nude in front of the porcelein wall urinal and weed and weed. It was a real hoot. We were really bad girls and Steve did not dare go in with us. giggle

KENDAL - Hi girl! Yeah, you will know the toilet in Eleanor's new house better than she will. Hey I liked Andrew's wee and I bet my sister will too.

LAWN DOGS KID - Hi guy! Thank you for having a nice wee for my sister. I liked it too, and hey you did not miss the bowl did you? giggle Have you seen that advert for the toilet cleaner where there is the blue stream missing the toilet and all over the back of it? It makes me laugh when I see that.
Love Louise xxxxx

INA - Hi girl! I liked your story of seeing the guy having a wee. It is a bit like that time when a guy came through the bushes and had a wee while I could watch him. He did not know I was there and I could see him, so he pulled out his willy and did a big arc which was fun to watch. You know I felt like opening the window and telling him to come back tomorrow because I liked watching. LOL
Hey good luck with your mammogram
Love Louise xx

PV - Hi girl! Our netball team are getting to change and shower in the men's area for the next few weeks and there is a good porcelein wall urinal. We have been lining up and having a good wee in it after the game. You know I thought of you when I was having my wee and I thought how you would have liked being there with us.
Love Louise xx

Hi to Ephermal, Richard, Mickey and other people too.



Infantry PFC
WOW! Lots of diarrhea stories today. What causes all of you ladies to just have diarrhea?
Somebody asked to me to post more army stories. I dont have many I can share about the army that have anything to do with going to the bathroom. At one point I used work as a personell clerk as well as being in the infantry at command HQ. Every day there was a very beautiful sergeant who I would talk to. I think she is about thirty. She's about 5'7", athletic build, and yet another nice amber skined woman in uniform. One day I was on an assignment, when I ran into her. We stopped to chat for a minute about running because she used to work out with me(Infantry has the most physically fit soldiers). I must have caught her at the right time because she had a stack of files and we were right out side the ladies room door. At first she was cool with talking, but after about ten minutes She said she was going to use the ladies room before dropping of the records she was holding. On the way into the bathroom she let out a rather audible and some what smelly fart. I went into th e office that I was taking records. I was only gone about a minute when I returned to the Hall way outside the ladies room ( 30 seconds later) I could hear her in the bathroom. She was still pooping. I waited for her to come out and, when she did she told me that she thought that it was nice of me to wait for her to finish pooping so that we could finish our convo. Thats all I've got for now...

This afternoon I had to take a big dump. I lowered my pants, sat down, peed and let out 2x4 inch thick logs and wiped 9 times. I inspected my load, flushed, sprayed and brushed the bowl.
SIERRA: If you are constipated, try drinking a cup of coffee with full cream milk. I don't know if it will work with you but it makes my bowels very active.

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