Hi everyone! im back with another great poo story! i was eating lunch, and then my stomach started to rumble. i thought i was going to have to take a shit. but i didnt feel like i had to. i eat the rest of my lunch and drive home. on the way home i farted twice. then i felt my ass fill up with shit. i sped home and ran to the toilet. i opened the door and then i was pulling my shorts down and then i farted and let loose a huge load of shit in my thong! im standing there with shit in my thong and more coming out of my anus. boy did i have to go! i take off my thong throw it in the sink. i sit on the pot and release some crap. then i was done. i wiped flushed put on a new thong and hung out the rest of the day. the next day i went to the toilet sat down and pushed. nothing. then i go to a fast sood resturant eat go home and try to poo again. nothing. i go to a store and buy some laxatives. i get the chocolate kind! i eat all of them. i go to the toilet at home. STILL NOTHING!!! ! another 2 hours pass and then i rush to the toilet and crap out 20 gallons of shit! (over-exxageration a little) the toilet was almost full! i wipe flush and almost flood the floor with my crap. the next morning i let out more diahhreah. not a lot though. for some reason everything i eat turns into diahhreah! (well most of what i eat.)well thats all i got for now! i'll get more dont worry all of you! ohh yeah thanks for the compliments on my shitting!

Punk Rock Girl
Hey, everyone!

Two gross stories--one real, one from a movie. Movie first. I was at a friend's house who owns a huge horror movie collection. Lots of foreign and underground stuff. I told him to show me the sickest most disgusting movie he had. He put on this movie called MAN BEHIND THE SUN. It's about the medical experiment camps run by the Japanese in China during WWII, where they used the Chinese as Guinea pigs in sick experiments. In one scene, they put this little skinny guy in a pressure chamber, and turn the pressure up (or down?); first he bloats up like a balloon, and then (this is really gross) his intestines explode out of his ass. It was THE most disgusting thing I've ever seen in a movie. YUCK. Does anyone have any idea if this is what would really happen? Eeewwwww, it makes my skin crawl to think about it.

Story #2: I was waiting for a Fed Ex package the other day before leaving for work, and I desperately had to take a dump. Finally I went in the bathroom, sat on the toilet and crapped my guts out. It was really gooey, and I could feel my ass was a mess. Of course, at that moment, the doorbell rang. I pulled up my underpants and shorts and ran downstairs to get the package. I signed for it and ran back up to my apartment. By the time I got back upstairs, I had totally forgotten that I hadn't wiped my ass. I was running late for work, so I took my shorts and underpants off and pulled a thong out of the underwear drawer. I pulled it all the way up and SQUISH! Oh my God--it was a mess. I slowly pulled it back down and it was covered in mushy shit. Yeach! I ran it under the sink, threw it in the hamper and went to wipe my ass. My buns were practically glued together with sticky shit, and I knew it would take forever to wipe, so I put my regular underpants back o! n, pulled on my jeans and ran out. I should have taken the time to wipe at home because by the time I got to work, my underpants were a mess as well. The punchline is, I forgot to bring the Fed Ex with me, which is what I was waiting for in the first place.

The moral: always make sure to wipe your ass, even when running late.

Hello back again to Bryian! Also hello to Steetwise and Rizzo. Glad you all liked my story!



Punk Rock Girl

I just realized I don't think I ever told this story before. When I was twelve, I was hiking with my brother and I tripped over some roots and broke my ankle and dislocated my knee. For two weeks I was confined to a hospital bed with a cast on my ankle and my knee suspended in the air by a pin that was driven through it. Obviously, I had to shit and pee into a bedpan, which wouldn't have bothered me too much except for one problem. The pain medicine they gave me made me really constipated, and it was really hard shitting in that position to begin with. When I hadn't had a BM in a few days, the nurse told me if I hadn't gone in another few hours, she'd have to give me an enema. I didn't want that, so she put the bedpan under my ass, and I pushed with all my might. Not even a fart! I was starting to feel sick from not going, and she told me an enema wouldn't hurt and would make me feel better. I said okay.

She came back in with the usual red water bag, and white tubing. She smeared some lube on the end of the tube and told me to relax. I tried to, and she pushed the tube up my ass. I felt warm water rush in. It felt weird, but kind of good, too. After the bag was nearly empty, she told me to clench, and pulled the tube out. She placed the bedpan under my ass and told me to wait until the urge to go was intense, then to let it out. I waited a couple of minutes and said, okay, it's coming. She said, relax, honey. I finally managed to unclench my butt cheeks and a massive load of watery shit erupted into the bedpan. I groaned so loud, the people in the hall must have heard me. I was too relieved to be embarrassed, though. The nurse laughed and said, "Doesn't thet feel better." I said yes. I actually started to feel lightheaded! Water kept coming out like a faucet and some pebbles popped out, then I was done. She rolled off some toilet paper and wiped my ass f! or me, then wiped me with a couple of babywipes. Again, I was too zonked out to care.

She told me if I felt more needed to come out, to buzz her and she'd come and help me. But I fell asleep and didn't need to go again for two days. The next time I didn't need an enema.

When I got home, my leg was in a brace for four weeks, which made going to the bathroom a chore, especially since the antibiotics I was on were giving me diarrhea! But I made it through, dammit! Anyone else ever laid up for a while have similar problems?



Johnny Z.
It is I, Johnny Z once again.
I read in the paper recently about how Kato Kaelin, the infamous ex-OJ house guest plans on knocking on random doors and inviting himself to stay w/ the families, who live at the places whose doors that he knocks on for a weekend at a time. My question to you, especially the women on this forum, is how many of you would be excited by this dude staying w/ you? Would you try to watch him use your toilet, or at least listen to him while he uses it, from outside the bathroom door? Just curious. I know I would not want him to stay w/ my girfriend and I . Call me jealous. Although I don't have anything to worry about from him, competition-wise, or anything.


Johnny Z.

Hey great forum.
-Nealy, could you please go into more detail about that night at camp?

Hunny bunny, sweet story

any more about mom?

HEY everyone-

to tell you the truth I havent been able to crap for a few days now evenm though i dont feel funny- that is odd I usually only need to go about 3-4 times per week and i usually do not get constipated. Has anyone else went for a strange amount of time w/out crapping?

Alana-the story is quite vivid- one question... did you notice that your stool had any differnt texture or apperance from the cashews? (like little pieces?) I look forward to hearing the rest.

Hunny Bunny-I share the same question- I too have enjoyed reading Carmalita's stories on the old post- does she still post here?

Well I'll talk later.

So what happened next? I bet the next girl in line got a real rude awakening! It's nice to hear from you and your "adventures in megapooping". It would be nice to hear from the other huge log queens on here, too. I saw a good post from Ring Stretcher the other day, but where is Kim, of kim and scott fame? She was always really ballsy- it made for very good copy. The world awaits.............

Paula and Trixie

Well I don't wear a thong :-) but I still like to clean up properly. Another way if you don't have towlettes with you is to take a small pad of TP, flush the toilet and let the pad get wet from the clean water gushing into the bowl. Then you can use the pad the same way as a towlette. It's very effective and I use it 9 times out of 10 in toilet cubicles to make sure I'm clean. Like you Paula, I also have a wipe sometimes when I've only had a pee, particularly if I've been sweating as I find that causes some staining around the anus as I guess a bit of poop leaks out.

The best way though if somewhere suitable is to forget TP or towlettes altogether and use a removable shower head to spray up onto my butt to really clean myself (see my post a couple of weeks ago), Have you ever tried that? Anyone else?


Nick (from Canada)
It's been awhile since I've posted but a couple things have come up in discussion I'd like to add to. Firstly, like Todd and Diana, I love to read in the john and usually take up to 20-30 minutes depending on how long the job is and how good the book is I'm reading. I keep a book in the bathroom for such things.
Another asked if any guys pee sitting down. I do and have for several years. It started as just first thing in the morning but gradually developed into sitting down to pee most times. It's not only more comfortable but keeps the toilet cleaner longer because there are so misses. And there have been times when I've shit after peeing not knowing when I first sat down that I would have to shit. Whenever I've been drinking alcohol and have reached my fourth or fifth beer, I make it a habit to sit down whenever I need to go because I never know what might happen we I do sit.
There has also been discussion on being bowel and pee shy in public washrooms. This is something I've dealt with when I was much younger. When I first started school, I had problem heading into a stall if I had to shit at school. But after the door was kicked in on me once, I became embarrassed to go at school. For a few years afterward, I would only use the washroom when nobody was in there and be very quick about it.
When I moved in with a friend, we both had to overcome our bowel shyness. Individually, one would wait until they had to shit and then decide to shower right after. The water would be running from the time you sat down on the toilet until you were out of the shower. Whenever I've been uncomfortable when at another person's place, I use the shower defuge. The water running drowns out any noises you may make and usually rids the room of any odour. When I've gone on trips where I've had to share a hotel room with others, I usually make my trip to the toilet when everything is sound alseep or when nobody is in the room.
When I'm camping, I have no shyness. I simply head into an available stall and pull my pants down and go. I guess I'm not shy because I know I will probably never see most of these people again. And with friends, if I'm comfortable around them, I have no problem using the washroom whenever I need. Those friends are just as open around me. We still close the door but we don't worry if noises escape. In public situations, we'll take adjoining stalls to relieve our ourselves. That's what I call true friendship--when there is no tension over when a person needs to go and who is around at the time.

To all:
Does anyone know what an enema is?? Anyone have enema stories to tell?
Has anyone ever gotten an enema at one time or another? If so tell us about it.
If you have enema stories, I hope they are genuine. I'll tell you some enema stories next time.


I catch some of my more prodigious turds as they slide out on my toilet paper covered hand so I can admire my work. I like to look at the thick long ones and sometimes I squish them a little to see what they look like inside. I like feeling the heavy weight of the turd in my hand.


please finish that story how long were you on the can for at home? you really can poop id love to watch!

To Streetwise: I liked your story

To jim: I liked your camp!

To Darren: I liked what you posted about what that guy said

Been pretty busy the last few days.....a busy week a head..not much to post on...later

BRYIAN-Glad you liked the story. Home Depot restrooms tend to be fairly clean, so I usually pay them a visit when I'm there. They are also great places to hear guys crapping. I've seen alot of goodlooking construction workers and sales guys come in to drop a load. It's a plus if they take the stall adjacent to mine and I can see their feet as they dump.

PLUNGING PLOP GUY-Thanks for liking my story. I've been lucky to be able to see a couple of friends as they crap. Mostly, when I was in college, roomate-type situations. I prefer to see a slim guy crapping instead of a beefier guy. Most recently, my buddy Tony and I have seen each other on the can. I saw him when he ran out of toilet paper at my house and I had to go into the bathroom to bring him some. He actually has very strong leg and thigh muscles and looks great on the toilet. He saw me when we stopped at a fast food restaurant early in the morning and I said I had to use the restroom. He said "me too" and followed me into the toilet, thinking it had stalls. It was a room with a sink, toilet, and a urinal. We both had to go pretty bad. so he went to the urinal and I sat down on the toilet. He had his back to me, but he could hear the crackling, farting, and loud plopping. And the room started to smell. He just went to the sink and started to wash his hands. I start! ed up a conversation with him about our destination, so he turned around and started to talk to me. I grabbed some paper and started folding it. I was able to get one wipe (from behind) in before he left. Since the room can't be locked as you leave, it was unlocked and someone walked in as I was pulling up my underwear. He walked back out, though.

hi, i just want to say that, the other day i got into the car to go somewhwre after i had gone to the bathroom to take a pee, and i squirted a little after i sat down, i must not have gotten it all out. has this happened to anyone else? and a month or so ago i squirted a little while i was sitting at the computer, kinda weird. didn't go past my underwear though. either time. so that's good, bye
ps i'm not tellin how old i am i'm just a mid-teen

to Sue-Anne cool i should try the finger thing see if it works for me and my loads in the tp r vurry heavvy and big but most of the time i heep my underwhere om and sit on the toilet and let it rip have u ever did that did u like it was it hard to clean when i do that it saves me from twisting my arm cause i forget my arm is there and lean back and i usilt sit on my load in my pants cause it feels nice well im going to try the tp thing agen buy guys

SARAH AND MEGHAN: Did I already congratulate, Sarah? Impressive achievement at a young age! I am sure your mom was somehow with you. Good luck for the future. I had an interview with a designer, I always, always wanted to work with. Still fingers crossed. I also have a breast screening (mammography) tomorrow. Bit scared. I am sure you'll understand. To the topic: I had an interesting sighting at lunch time a few days ago. I was sitting on a bench in the park, when a young men went behind some bushes to pee, about thirty feet away from me. I had the full view as he was facing me, probably as either way, he would have faced someone. I decided that if he was rude enough to just piss in front of me, I'll also be rude and watch without shame. He was quite attractive so I enjoyed what I saw. He openened his belt and got his willie out. Not huge but decent size, so I could still see enough from my position, lol. He started pissing a good steam into the grass. Nice view. After he fi! nished, he shook it off (grin) and closed his pants. He seemed a tiny bit embarrassed afterwards, but not really and I thought that's his problem, as there would have been toilets. Your basket wees were a riot!! Hope to hear more adventures soon. Hope to speak to you soon. Lots of love to youXXXX

ROBBIE AND ANNIE: hey, I would love to see the picture, Annie! I am happy for you, Robbie, you had a nice time away. Make sure, you are not to descriptive about things in front of your girls. As much as they'll understand rationally, your life also continues, emotionally it might be hard to hear about somebody who isn't their mom. Nice story though! I have to run. More later Love and hugsxxxx

RIZZO: Thank you for your nice words. I want to answer in more detail in the next few days. I laughed a lot about the cute thing your son said. He is a grown man now, isn't he? Hope you are well and so is your family. Lovex from Ina nealy
PLease post about your other two accidents!!!

Hi Alana. I always love your posts.Please lets hear the rest of the story like before you were able to leave the restroom were you able to flush your BM? FYI.

Hello. Taking a break from learning music to post. Robby, you are so right about singers not caring who they go in front of. A while back I had to share a dressing room with another singer and she walked around naked, burped, farted, pooped and peed without caring. She would laugh like a maniac every time she farted and yell "Did you smell THAT?" If she had to go the bathroom, she'd announce "Gotta go to the can and take a BIG dump." This to someone she really didn't know (me.) Then she'd sit there with the door open and talk to me. She would also announce her bathroom trips and fart when the company went out for drinks. When I was in college we toured in Europe with the Magic Flute, and one morning, we were all waiting in the bus for the guy who played Monostatos. When he finally came, he gave a big sigh and said "Sorry guys, but I gotta tell ya, there's nothing like a good sleep and then a nice dump in the morning."
You were a Papageno? That's funny because Flute is one of my favorites, too. I made my professional debut as your sidekick Papagena, I have played First Lady, and now Pamina is my bread and butter role (I first played her on the tour to Europe.) I would gladly play Papagena or First Lady in a major house. I just love that opera!
I know what the little kids here mean about not wanting anyone to know when they have to go. It was the same with me until I was maybe 13 years old or so. I would hold it no matter what, even if I knew I was about to pee my pants, and even if I knew there was a bathroom I could use if I just asked. I think I held it so much that I made it harder for me to hold it now, because my endurance then amazes me! I only once asked a teacher to leave the room until I was in high school. That time I was seven or eight years old and I had come from performing at a piano competition and was late for school. While I'd been playing, I had had to poo, but I held it, and when I was sitting at my desk, I felt the urge again. I struggled against it but after a while I felt like I was going to do it in my pants. Our teacher used to assign us work to do at our desks and she'd move around the room and check on people. I finally got the nerve up to ask her to go to the bathroom, but she was al! ways busy, and I could feel it coming out. Finally, I asked and she said yes. While I was sitting on the toilet, the 2.30 recess bell rang. Had I realized it was that close to break, I would have waited, and the only reason I think she let me go so close to the bell was that she must have known I was desperate because I never asked to go. However, while I was finishing, some girls from my class came into the bathroom and started chanting in English accents, "At half past two Diva went to the loo and did a big poo." I was so embarassed, I sat there all recess and never asked to go to the bathroom or pooed at school for years.
For those of you who like pooping scenes in movies, there's one in "The New Guy", out now (I only saw such a movie because it was a double feature with Spiderman.) The "New Guy" is trying to be a badass and videotapes his principal taking a big dump for the whole school to see. You can hear it fall. I thought it was gross but I'm sure there are some peole here who will love it!

Jason the poop lover
Hello all. To Alana: please finish your story. Its very interesting. I love hearing about big turds. Can you tell me what you did to make it that big? Id like to try it some time. I bet it felt real good.

To Christi: So you really had a 6 inch wide turd, huh? How bad did it hurt? How long did you hold it to make it that wide?

To Hunny Bunny: Where did you get your nickname from? In high school, I had a classmate named Michelle who said that when she holds her pee till she has to pee bad, her stomach hurts. I sort of had a change in my pressure too I guess because I havent eaten any stake in a very long time. Steak makes me have nice bowel movements. It could be your diet or it could be nature that made your movements change since 2-3 years ago. I dont know what made our movements change and Im only guessing.

To Andre: to answer yor questions:
I only been constipated once in my life. Nice experience.
It took me about 2 and a half hours to finish when I was constipated.
I stare at the wall or think or pray when I doodoo. I like to enjoy the experience fully and I cant holding a book or thinking about the storyline.
Im only guessing but I think poop floats because of its weight.
I never took a dump infront of anyone. If I ever do, it would only be infront of the opposite sex and I guess it would be an interesting experience.
How did your poop come out light brown and green? Theres been a time when mine almost did that, but there were a few time when mine came out light brown and dark brown. Beets me how it does that. Its rare for mine to come out brown and even more rare for mine to come out red. Did yours ever come out red? Mine only comes out red when its bloody. I wonder how blood gets in it.

One time I had to doodoo and I thought it would be hard, but the first one was sort of hard and the second one came out as diarrhea. I dont know why. One time I recieved a new bag of cheese twisters and it was the big bag. I ate just about the whole bag in fifteen minutes without realizing it till I looked at the bag. A few minutes later, I had diarrhea. My stomach didnt hurt much and it was watery and it came out quickly because there wasnt much that came out. One time I held a male cousin of mine who at the time was a baby. That was 8 years ago. While his mother was talking to my mother, I felt warmth on my front side and it felt good. I thought it might be him peeing, but I didnt move. When it was time for us to go, we found that he did pee. I was wearing light pants at the time and it looked like I peed on myself, but that was his pee. There was no one outside to see it. Whoopie!!!!!!
Well, folks, when I think of another story to post, Ill post it. Before I go, I want to ask, does anyone know how I can make my doodoo become 3 feet long and 3 inches wide? I saw a few posts from others that said theres was that big. One of Christis turds was 6 inches wide. I dont know how thats possible and I want to know. I always wanted to know how that would feel and I thank anyone who tells me how to make it that big. And I bet the 6 inch wide turd hurt Christi. Babies arent even that wide. Also, why does everyones stomach hurt when they throw up? Can someone tell me that? Mine feels like a roller coaster or the ocean in a hurricane when I throw up instead of hurting and I wonder why thats the case when everyone elses hurts. Why is it that your stomachs hurt when you throw up? Well, so long for now and happy pooping. I know that Christi and Jessica will certainly enjoy pooping. Stef, Andrea, and Alana will too. So do I. Oh and another thing, If any famous person ! finds this site, it would be funny to see them post a story. Ok, goodbye for now.

Hi, everyone! Lots of good stories recently; keep 'em comin'!

Alana! Finish your story, PLEASE! I ALWAYS LOVE your stories!

Lawn Dogs Kid
DAMSEL (& LINDA GS): You're in luck ! We've all arrived home from school and none of us had been to the toilet before coming here to see if our posts had made it, and to read everyone elses. So, after reading your post, I've had a special wee, just for you (well, not quite, Kendal and Ellen were there, and Linda GS cyberly !!). Right, so I undid the belt on my trousers, and let them drop to my ankles, and then pulled my undies (boring grey Linda, sorry) down to my ankles as well. This is an arrangement I made with Kendal a long while ago. On the basis that a girl has to take everything down to go, I agreed I would do the same when being watched by Kendal. I still stand up to wee though ! Ok, so I point Percy at the porcelin, and after a second or two of concentration, we finally get the show on the road ! And Wooahh, this one is a stormer ! Froth is surfacing like mad ! Now for the games. I'm moving my willie round in a circular motion, rather like using the domest! os cleaner, all round the inside of the bowl. Then quick sideways movements (which make Ellen laugh) as the sounds alternate from splashing on the bowl, to full blown sploshing in the water and froth. Imagine a changer over every half second ! Last drops coming out I think. Yep. A couple of final bursts to finish off. Then I shake it up and down to get rid of the last drops, and move the skin back and forth a couple of times to squeeze out for sure the very last drops. Then I grab one sheet of paper, and dab the end of my willie dry. (I hate the wet feeling on the end of my dick inside the briefs !) So there you go ! Now as for you, I'm simple and conventional ! No, I don't need to see the wee coming out ! I just love to see how the pulled up, short skirt, sits happily on the hips, while panties are pulled down to whatever position the lady concerned feels comfortable having them in. I then just anticipate the sounds. I love them all, whether hisses or whistles, tinkles! , dribbles, or full on jet propulsions !! Every girl I've seen does it differently from each other. And although their appearance is pretty similar while sitting there, the noises often change, especially plops !! Kendal has a routine for the toilet. More often than not, she has on a dress or skirt. And when she sits, she lifts it right up in the air. If it is a dress rather than a skirt, you can see all of her ???? ! Now the way she sits tells me if I'm going to witness a wee, or both functions. She has a habit of sitting just on the edge of the seat with her panties right up her legs, between her legs and the toilet seat. This means wee. Sitting further back, with panties pulled further down, but still between legs and seat ( an old habit to keep legs warm on a cold seat !) means poo as well. So, some time my dear, a lovely conventional wee would do me fine !! Take care, love from Andrew x

LINDA GS: Hope you enjoyed the wee ! Ellen is thrilled to pieces that you are going to let her go with you sometime ! So she straight away has taken you for a good poo ! For some reason, she doesn't want to write today "You do it" she tells me ! So, Linda, she pulled down her pampies to the edge of her knees ( pretty pink ones ! ) and pulled herself up onto the toidy seat. Then she leaned forward with her elbows on her knees, and her head cupped in her hands, balancing (precariously I thought) on the edge of the seat. Her wee whizzed against the front of the bowl, and made a faint dribble when she got to the end. She then held her breath and began the effort to poo. Two pants later, and then sitting up and holding onto the seat either side of her legs, there came a bit of a crackle, followed by four plops of assorted sizes and sounds ! It was all over quite quickly for Ellen !! She says its your turn now !! Enjoyed the tushie soaking poop story ! Was that with m! e there ? Or is that another story ?! Kendal says to tell you that in her post, straight after mine, she is going to write about her visit just now direct to your Cousin !! Should be good. Take care Babe, and happy sun worshipping (its cold, wet and windy here !) Love from Drew xxx XOSXOS

RIZZO, ROBBY, ANNIE, SARAH & MEGHAN: Good stories all. Poor girls, fancy scaring the poop out of them (heheh !) And congratulations to Dr. Sarah. I hope you have the most wonderful wee and poo to celebrate ! Love from Andrew xxxxxx

I havent posted for a while but have been watching this site.

Now someone asked if any women made more noise in the toilet when doing a motion if there was someone else in the next cubicle, (stall). I have always tended to do this since I was a kid and still do. Even if the motion is quite easy, (solid and formed but smooth not lumpy), and would just slide out under its own steam I will go "OO! NN! UH!" as it comes out, and hope it will make a nice loud "KUR-SPLOONK! or a "Cullumpton" for their and my enjoyment when it drops into the pan. I know many people are turned on by hearing a woman trying hard when doing a big solid poo and I am happy to oblige them. My husband George certainly is, as is our long time friend Tony and as was my young brother. Of course when I am a bit constipated which happens at period time for me as for many women, then I DONT have to act out the straining sounds, those "OO! OO! and "NNN! UH!" sounds are quite genuine.

For those who like toilet sounds I did a lovely motion this morning with George present before he went out. (I am working from home today). Just after breakfast at 7.00am I felt the need. I had been constipated for the last three days so I knew it would be a big motion. I farted a couple of times and George gave me a knowing look, then we went to the toilet. I was still in my nightwear as I wasnt going out, I will shower later and get changed, so I hitched up my nightdress, a pink knee length one with little roses in a pattern, then pulled down my white cotton Sloggi Maxi Briefs and sat on the pan. Without needing to be asked George gently rubbed my ???? with a gentle circular action. I farted again a couple of times then started to do a long wee wee with a loud hiss and tinkle. This trickled to an end then I felt the turds start to move in my back passage. OO! AH! "PLOP! PLONK!" PLUNK!" Three hard lumpy balls came away about the size of hens eggs. They floated in the w! ater of the pan beneath my fat bum. Another loud fart issued from my back passage then I felt another jobbie come down. "OO! OO! NN! KUPLONK! This turd was bigger, a fat knobbly ball. George remarked, "You sure are constipated, is it all going to come out in hard balls?" I replied that I hoped not as I could feel that there was still a big load up there. A few moments passed and I sat there and did another short wee wee. George sounded disappointed as he said, "I suppose that's all you can do for the moment, you'll have to finish it later when you need again" I asked him to stay with me for a few minutes more and rub my ???? as I knew I had a lot more to do. Of course he agreed. I farted again then felt things start to move. "OO! OO! NN! UH! I bore down. My ring dilated and I felt the fat turd come out. I hoped it woudnt just be another ball but a longer jobbie this time. It was knobbly like the previous turds but this jobbie was going to be a nice big one. "YES! YES! I ga! sped as I pushed it put with George now pushing my ???? with a gentle pressure. I felt it grow in length and looking down between my legs I could see the fat mid brown log, all knobbly and compacted, pointing down towards the water in the bottom of the pan. "OO! AH! NNN!" It still came out and George encouraged me as he likes to do, "That's it Moira, do a nice big jobbie, that's a clever girl!" I felt it taper then it shot into the pan with a resounding "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" I gave an AH! then another equally thick and hard but shorter jobbie came out "KER-SPLOONK!". The log jam now being cleared I felt a movement and out slid smoother, softer but still solid and formed poos, three long fat sausages in quick succession with very little effort on my part, "SPLOOSH! SPLOONK! PLOOMP!" I gave a long sigh of relief, AH! then a long fart, another short wee wee and I was finished. George wiped my bum as he always does, (yes he DID sniff his fingers!) and I pulled up my knickers. We b! oth had a look at the huge load I had passed. 4 hard lumpy balls, two fat knobbly jobbies, the larger about 10 inches long the smaller 5 inches, both the usual 2.5 inches thick . These jobbies floated. The smooth sausages were equally thick the longest 12 inches, the others about 6 inches and 4 inches long and all were curved and had sunk to the bottom of the pan. I felt a lot better for doing that lot and George was well turned on! It took 5 flushes to get the lot to go away and there are long brown skid marks in the bottom of the toilet pan which I will clean off with bleach and the toilet brush when I do the cleaning before my shower in a few minutes time. The smell of a healthy poo filled the air of the bathroom and I will open the windows to air the the toilet after I have had my shower. The smell of a good solid motion has never bothered George or myself.

I bet CC and PPG would have loved to have been present in our bathroom this morning!

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone.

It's back to constipated shits for me again. No idea why. The only problem is that I've got slight piles again so it's definitely not how it should be. Not to worry, just a temporary glitch and looking forward to good healthy, relaxed and firm shits again in a few days!

SUPER POOPER, Wow! What fascinating toilets you described in Zambia!
I'd love to sit on one of them with a guy using the next one, especially with the toilet seats actually TOUCHING as you say!
It's like a fantasy I posted some time ago with toilets touching, but I didn't expect to hear about such arrangements in real life!
Anyone else found similar anywhere?

RIZZO, Thanks for the tip about letting the shit land on a length of TP held across the toilet while sitting on the seat.
Is that your own idea? Amazing as I actually did do this once some years ago! I didn't find it too satisfactory though. I usually use strong TP and held it in place by my thighs as I sat there, but as my shit built up, it tore the TP and it sort of fell in the toilet but nothing like it would if dropping straight in normally.
I had hoped for the same results you referred to, but didn't find it worth repeating but I appreciate your thoughtfulness in suggesting it!
I did do experiments at times. I once placed a piece of glass from an old picture frame across the toilet with the idea of seeing how it felt to have the shit pile up under and into my crack as I sat there on the seat, but realised that the gap was too small with my buttocks touching the glass and I felt it was going to break with the pressure I was already exerting on it.
I did sometimes enjoy the heightened drop by unscrewing the seat bolts and jacking the seat up with blocks of wood front and back on the pan, and positioning a large mirror to one side, and a lamp to shine so I could watch my turds drop and the water splashing up.
Great in theory, and good to watch, but what a hassle setting it all up and returning things to normal afterwards!
To have a greater drop and be able to watch it geting shit, I'd like that set-up described by someone in a toilet where he was able to see through a hole in the partition, a young guy on a disabled toilet which had the seat raised enough to be able to allow the viewer to watch the turds hanging out and dropping!
Anyway, I don't seem to bother with experimenting now. As long as I get the opportunity of sitting on a toilet with a long drop and good ploppability and splash potential( which is most of the time) I'm happy to sit on in the usual way and confident of enjoying all the effects!

Well, I'm just about to get something to eat, and make sure I get enough fluid if that's what I'm lacking. I'm eating enough fibre so it isn't that. Perhaps my gut is ultra-sensitive to slight change in diet, or that the warmer weather dehydrates it quicker.
Until next time, Good health to everyone, P. Plop Guy

Monday, May 13, 2002

Jim--I'm very worried about you, sweetie. I know that you don't like having accidents because you seem very upset when you do and you hide them from your mom. If you want to stop having accidents, here is some advice to try. Don't be afraid to tell someone you need to go. Everyone has to go and you know that; you would be "strange" if you didn't have to go. Try not to have accidents "on purpose" because this will train your body to think it is okay to go in your pants and you know it's not. Try to go to the toilet (or an approrpiate spot) as soon as you feel the urge to go, even if it means stopping something fun and coming back to it. Talk to your friends who have accidents and see how they feel about it. They seem embarassed, too. Support each other to try to stop. Finally, if you are doing everything you can to prevent accidents and it doesn't work, then talk to your mom (or dad, or school nurse or babysitter or another adult that you trust). Be upfront and mat! ure about it. Tell her that you are doing everything you can to prevent accidents and it doesn't help, tell her that you really don't want to upset her by having accidents, but you really cannot prevent it and ask her help. You may need to go see the doctor just to make sure there is nothing physically wrong with you. Hang in there, and if you want to stop the accidents, I know you can and you will get lots of support here and if you are mature and honest, from your friends and family. Take care.

Tim (and Sarah)--I'm sorry you're not doing so well again. Remember, will power is the strongest medicine. To quote Bill Cosby, "Kids say the darndest things." If Josie ever comes up with that cure to asthma for her brother, let me know what it is. FYI Annie and Robby--I've been fine since Sat.

Meghan--I'm hanging in. 2 more to go--will start the take-home when I'm done writing this. I'm not looking forward to living on campus next year, but at least having a "public" (group/hall...whatever you want to call it) bathroom will prevent issues like last night. I had to wait nearly 15 minutes to go pee and I was just in pain. It was well after midnight too.

Kendal--Thank you :o) You are such a sweetie. Your adventures always make me smile. I know it will be hard to go back to your old house, but I think it will be nice too because you won't have to pass it on the street nostolgically (that means thinking about a memory and feeling happy and sad at the same time, wishing you could go back to it in a way) and wonder what is going on inside now.
Here is a story for you and Ellen. When I was in high school, I used to babysit a lot. I was babysitting for "Julia" and "Sammy." Julia was Ellen's age and she did not like to go to the bathroom by herself, especially to poop. She would go to pee by herself, but if she had to poop (she would go about an hour after dinner nearly every time I was there) so insisted that I come in with her. This was hard cause Sammy was 2 and running all over the place. Julia would always make up the most wonderful stories while she was sitting there. She never had any trumps or splashes though. She always took a long time, too, 20 or 30 minutes. I would bring Sammy's books in and sit him on my lap and read to the kids. One time, Sammy when was getting potty trained, he decided that he wanted to go to the bathroom, but Julia was already on the toilet. So, I helped him out of his pants and diaper and sat him on his little potty. It was really cute the two of them sitting there. ! He only peed though which was lucky for me cause it was easier to clean up. That story reminded me of you because like you, Julia did not like to go to the bathroom by herself even though she was perfectly able to.

Take care, everyone. Hellos to Ina, PV, Sarah, Louise, Steve, Andrew, Todd and Diana and everyone else.

Sue-Anne. Interesting post. I wouldn't advise handling your motions though as they come out unless your hands are well protected by gloves or plenty of tp. I trust that you wash them thoroughly afterwards. How often you go for a motion?

Annie. It sounds as though you had a wonderful time in Bath, answering the call of nature - with lots of laughter and good humour too. Keep up the good work!

Hi Dough Boy yes my loads in the tp are often very heavy and long. often i have to strech down till my hand hits the water. may 10nchs and quite think. and it feels soooooo good coming out. i also practise the trick when consipated of putting a finger in my butt and pushing the front wall( near my vagina)this gets me moving instantanoiouslyt

Punk Rock Girl's story reminded me of something. A few years ago I was on a plane and we spent a lot of time delayed after boarding but before takeoff. There was a 40-something woman about two rows ahead of me who got up and headed back to the bathroom. She was gone for maybe 2 or 3 minutes, then came back and took her seat. After a few minutes, there was an announcement that we'd be late again. After awhile she said something to the woman she was traveling with, then got up and headed for the can again, this time with a book in her hands. She didn't seem to mind advertising to the whole plane full of passengers that she was going to take a dump. I thought it was pretty funny. She was gone for quite awhile, then came back, smiling, and took her seat. Then we took off.


I would love to hear more of that story :)

I was chatting to a girl online about outdoor pooping. We both agreed we enjoy a good outdoor poop!

Hi Nealy. Welcome to the forum.I liked your post.Please could you give some more details like how bad the porta potties looked after all that pooping?Also how did you all find out about the exlax?Thank you.Bye. Signed FYI.

hello i got back from camp this weekend it was fun, the first day we got down there, i had to poop and pee and i was able to make it to th toilet, it was gross, i didnt want to sit down so i just peed in it. i just held my poop thinking i could go in the woods later but we had to start our activitys. first one was the rope bridge we had to walk across this tiny rope to the other side. i was the fourth person in line to go across, i tried to hold the poop in with my hand on my but. it started poking out. then it was my turn to cross, i had to use both hands to climb across. the poop was slowly coming out with every step, then it rushed out real quick halfway across. everyone was looking and they saw it. my leader met me on the other side and wispered in my ear ,did you have an accident, and i said yes. he took me to the leaders toilet in the cabin and got my clothes, he let me clean up then we went back to the activitys. all the other kids didnt know what happened, i just t! old them i got a little sick. the last day we were hiking home from a long hike all day, i had to pee and we were almost back, we were walking down the stone steps, very steep him, i really had to go now. there was no place to get off and go, we were on the hill, i was wearing black biker shorts and i started going, it was like i didnt have any pants on, it just gushed out and ran straight down my legs to the ground, looked like a stream. the kids behind me saw me splattering all over the place and started yelling hes peeing his pants. the leader made his way back to me and looked at me but he couldnt tell i went cause i had biker shorts on, they dont show when you are wet. he just said let someone know when you have to go next time. but i hate telling people i have to go. that was the only two accidents i had. when we got back home, my mom said i could go to the movies with my friend, we saw spiderman, it was awesome. i didnt know the movie was so long, it was like 2 hours. i really had to pee after it was over, i jumped up out of my seat and tried to fight through the lines leaving the theater. i was holding it with both hands, right when i got to the bathroom, i ran in and all the toilets were full, i started going in my pants. i turned around and pretended to wash my hands and the pee just ran down my legs, i started running out of the bathroom and ran outside, my friend was waiting for me and i was still running and he ran after me and said why are we running, i stopped and looked at him, then i noticed he wet his pants to. his but was soaked, i guess he went in the seat. i was soaked all down the front, he saw my pants and said is that why you were runinng, i said yeah. we ran home and up to my room, mom didnt see us, we changed real quick i gave him some of my clothes, then he went home. tell more later, bye

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