Hunny Bunny
Hey everyone,
I am a 16 year old girl. I am 5'8" about 110 pounds. I have a question and two stories. The question is that I have very little "building" of pressure when I have to poop. I find that everyother day I can go poop but I feel no pressure. If I don't go everyother day on the third day at about 10 AM(you can set your watch by it)I will get very intense stomach pains. Then if I poop , which is the only way the pain will stop, I will get the pain agin 1-2 hours later for 15 minutes then I'm fine. I have no pain while pooping or anything. This has it advantages as I can pick a time which is most convient on the second day if Im busy or something but I want to know if I should get this checked out or if I should just live with it? By the way I have been like this for 2-3 years and it seems the more stress the worse it is.

Now for my first accident story. I live in a devolpment with my mom and sister(2 years older) since my dad died in '99. One day I forget why I had to go to the mall which is about 1 1/2 hours away. My mom was gonna drive me but to save time told me to meet her at the front of our development. Now you have to understand that everyday my mom would come home and go straight to the bathroom. She would pee and poop then walk the dog. I walked the dog before I left so that wasn't a problem but neither of us thought about my mother. She didn't gte a chance to go since she never went to the house. This was reminded to us 1/4 of the way there (about 25 minutes from home). She was fartinmg like mad(we are very open about passing gas but most other bathroom habits are restricted from convosations) as the traffic was getting heavy. Within 5 minutes we were in standstill which we later found out was caused by a accident of a differnt nature. She kept farting saying she really had to! go to the bathroom. She farted another time and said "Oh no, That was not only a fart."
"Mom, did you just do what I think you just did?"
"Only a little bit honey but Im gonna add alot to it if I don't get to a toilet FAST!" For the next 5 minutes my mom was in agony. "Honey, im sorry I just can't hold it any more."
"It's ok mom. It happens to everyone and your in pain so just let it out."
Mom did just that. She lifted herself up and a huge bulge grew in her pants.
We still went to the mall and my mom even pissed her panties when she pulled over cause it was too messy to pull down her panties.

My second story isn't really a accident story just a strange bathroom story. My mom, sister, and I were on "vacation" driving across south east europe. I put vaction in quotes because it was a horrid trip. We were driving along and we all needed to go to the bathroom. We looked and we looked for about 45 minutes by now we were all desperate but we finally found a bathroom. The place was terrible, puddles of piss on the ground, toilet paper thrown all of the place piles of shit in the sinks and we weren't brave enough to look in the stalls. We would of left but we were too deperete. What we decided to do is take off our panties and pants(we are open about nudiety in my family)lean against the wall and just go. My mom did it fine as did my sister but I just couldn't do it. I ended up squating in the middle and doing my buissiness their.

One last thing..I read through some of the Archives and I found some awsome posts from Silke and Carmilatia(sorry if I'm not spelling that correct). Do they still post here? If Carmiltia still does what exactly is the relationships in that group? I was reading their posts and each time I thought I understood them they said something that didn't fit. Like I thought Carmiltia was married to Jake but then I read that Jake and Patty had a baby. So can you please outline the relationships in the house?

Hey all, i havn't posted in a while but here is a shout:

Nealy- i woudl love to hear more about the camp story!!

Well here is my story

The other night i had a HUGE dinner and mid way thru the night i felt the urge to have a doo doo!! so i got up and slowly walked to teh bathroom (i love the feeling of almost having an accident) all teh way there i was letting out gas poos (which i am not sure if i told u but i call farts- gas poos) i decided i woudl have a little fun and just let it out in my panties cuz i thought that it would just be a log that wasn't too hard but not too soft. so i pushed and out came this log that was not hard at all but it was not diarrhea. it felt soo good to poo poo in my panties, i decided to just leave my poo poo in my underwear and go back to sleep cuz my sheets are black and i did that once before with the same sheets. so i got back in bed and squished the poo poo all around and went to sleep. when i got up i discovered that i had let out a few gas poos during the night and also some diarrhea had come out also. i got up took a shower, through away the panties and went! to school. i decided to do it again sometime. but now i have to go take a doo doo cuz i have been letting out gas poos the whoel time while writing this!! please reply is u liek the story!!

buh bey

I know a guy who actually says "PUSH!" and "COME ON!" and "OH PLEASE COME OUT!!" when he's trying to poo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was the first day of school, and I was wearing really tight short shorts, witch are in fashion a my school. I was talking to friends, while getting changed for gym when all of a sudden I really had to go. I thought I could hold it, so I puld my shorts over my thong, and went for gym class. We were doing gymnastics, which I am good at, then all of a sudden, while my crush was holding my legs in the air (my ass towords him) it all rushed out. Mushy, sitcky shit flowed through my thong. My crush was so disgusted he dropped me on my ass. I started pissing, and i was still thong was ruined, as was my rep. Does anyone else have any pissing or shitting in pants stories?

Paula....for Trixie
take it from me...ive never pooped a thong, bikini, or and underwear.......(unless im sick...but even then i can prevent it)

WIPE.......thats the key....not just paper, but with baby wipes..or douche towlettes. Always wipe at least 2 times with paper (maybe more depending on the BM)..and finish up with the towelettes. When the last towelette should come out of you anus as clean as when it wen in. do the same when u pee...

another hint......when u pee, always do a quick wipe of your anus with a towelette, wether u pooped or not. especially on a hot day. It will keep you clean and fresh, and it wont ruin your thongs.

do it!!!


Nealy, that was one of the best stories I've ever read on this forum. That night must have been awful! I bet all you bonded during that! Please finish the story, and go into as much detail as you want!

Hi everybody,if you want to take a real good shit try some cashews.
I was with my friend felicia at the mall a few days ago and we went to this nut and candy store in the mall, they had cashews on sale which I love so I bought five pounds of them.It cost a little more than thirty bucks,but what the heck you only live once,I was munching on them for two days and realized I ate five pounds of cashews in two days. today I got up went out and had breakfeast at IHOP,when I finished my coffee,I felt a terible cramp and could feel a good bm comming on.Felicia was with me and the resturant was really crouded so I told her to go pay the bill and wait for me by the entrance so we could let some other people have the booth we were occupying.With that I bolted for the ladiesroom.Of course just my luck there was a line and believe me,my bowels were in the process of moving big time,as I hadn't taken a good shit in two weeks!there were four women ahead of me and now three behind me waiting in line.The line moved quickly and I finally got my turn in th! e stall aginst the wall.there were three stalls in the washroom.I went in and quickly pulled down my slacks and cotton white undies to just above my knees,sat down and my large ample thighs smothered the toilet stool as these were not the big comercial type usually in large resturants.I pushed hard as I clasped my hands together and rested my arms across my thighs.With that I felt an enormously long thick shit snake begin to coil into the bowl soaking up the water as it coiled it's way around the cool porcelin bowl beneth me.A large fart snapped out of my anus followed by a long crackling cresendo of fartting as air escaped along the side of the long thick snake.I pushed for what seemed like eons and finally had to pinch the huge snake free as it would no longer coil and was uncomfortable to push any more.So I raised my behind a bit to look into the bowl and indeed the monster had to be three inches thick and a good three and a half feet long,coiled around the bowl four time! s!I immediately flushed and the water evacuated but only the tail of the beast broke off and went down.At this time I felt another cramp and poot ffftttpppp...rrrruuuupppp...I farted and huge banana turds began to fall on top of the snake one after another phoot...phoot fffftttthhhpppp...serious bowel moving was in progress,and as always comments began as the smell of fresh hot creamy rich excrement began to fill the nostrils of all the ladies in the vicinity. I opened my legs to check on progress and saw that the color was a golden tan really creamy and I knew I had to cut it short and finish this load at home so I took a wad of toilet paper and packed it into the crack of my but for the ride home pulled up my panties and slacks and bolted out of the stall and the resturant like a bank robber as all the girls in line looked at me with these disgusting sneers.I'll finish the rest of this story if you all want me to.Let me know everyone.ALANA

Meghan and Sarah--Good to hear from you! I'm sure you must be very involved on campus, so I wonder if this has ever happened to you.

Today I had gone out for Chinese food with a friend for lunch. When I got back I had a board meeting (there are 5 of us on board) for a club I've just been elected to board for, so it was our first meeting. About ten minutes into the meeting, I started getting stomach ache. The meeting wouldn't take long, I knew, about an hour, so I tried to ignore it and focus on the meeting. Soon I got a strong urge to poop, but again I ignored it because I was actively participating in the discussion (with only 5 of's a small group and we all need to be very involved). Finally after about 15 more minutes I realized I couldn't make it any longer, so I said "excuse me for a minute" and bolted out of the room across a huge lounge to the nearest bathroom. I barely undid my jeans, locked the stall and pulled down my underwear when my stomach just exploded. It wasn't diareah but very soft falling-apart poop of a normal brown color. When I looked, there was a huge log folded over 3 times in the drain hole. I didn't even feel that come out cause everything just shot out in one blow. My stomach felt a little better, but not totally, so I sat for a couple minutes. However, I did not have to go anymore, so I started what I thought would be the horrid task of wiping. It only took five or six wipes to get all clean, but it wasn't as bad as expected. I flushed and thanks to university toilet technology it all went down. I washed my hands and returned to the meeting without anyone commenting, just joined right back in the conversation.
I'm usually very good at holding it in until a reasonable time and usually don't get the urge to poop unless I'm in a calm, low-key environment (like when I get home and start homework). I just hated running out of a meeting like that. I don't know if it was the Chinese food or what. I've never been affected like that before...just strange.
Back to studying.

Linda GS
Hi all, happy Mother's Day. Me, Lynda and Kendal decided, (well I decided Lynda and Kendal are a couple of silly babies.. so what can they decide anyway)to make Elena breakfast. Very hard to do especially when you have two babies (One who breaks out into crazy laughter every now and again and scares you)to watch over. My cousin woke up and I told him what we were trying to do. he helped.. actually he did 95% of everything. He's a great cook.. we'd love to see him take on Iron Chef one day. Heh anyway.. getting back to why I came here.

Lawn Dogs Kid
Tee hee. Happy you enjoyed it. Tell Ellen yes can come and yes I'd love to keep her company.

Okay now to what happened to me last time I wrote. I wa sin my swimsuit,the sun feels so nice I spend most of my free time outside by the pool or walking the beach. Anyway, I power walked to the potty.(Anyone ever ntoice that people who power walk look like they have to poop really really bad? hee hee)Yanked down my swimsuit bottom down and sat. I sighed as I peed. My cousin pooped his head in and asked why there was sand on the desk and keybaord. Oops, had been on the beach digging. I said I was sorry as I grunted with my hands digging into the seat. he looked at me and said "Oh'll chew you out later." Then with a wink he left and said he'd be keeping an eye out for Drew. Silly boy. Anyway....OW..this poop I did felt dry hard and jagged. I really had to work to get it out. I'm sure everyone in the hous heard me. Then suddenly little Lynda's head poped into the room and I hear my cousin's voice speaking for her saying "Hurry up we need to go too" oddly enoug! h Lynda was cracking up..silly baby..silly cousin. but it made me laugh and out came KAPLUNK. My tushie was soaked, but oh man did I feel ever so good.. I sat and did a few more poops that plopped and didn't hurt coming out. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh MUCH better. Anyway...

Hee hee I sorta like seeing him blush too, he deserves it after the silly things he does to me. I say do one for him. Hee hee

I watched Dr. Dolittle2 yesterday and I thought it was cute and funny when he was in the bathroom when the bear archie had to go. heh. never see that in other mvoies. Later.

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Toilet People,

Today's shit was much easier and quicker than yesterday's which was, in turn, only very slightly easier than the one the day before which I described!
The one yesterday was another marathon session on the toilet with much effort needed to get started, and the rest of the day I felt slightly haemorrhoidal, but fortunately, not enough to spoil my day.
I must have done the right thing diet-wise, though, as today's shit was much less difficult, but much less dramatic!

ZIP, Good to read of your latest encounter in a public toilet, and that you were able to see a certain amount of that guy's activities as he had his shit. Good also to know you don't mind seeing or hearing "skinny" guys on the toilet!
Once when I took a risk of looking over a partition when a guy was on the next toilet, I noticed that his buttocks didn't look very rounded or muscular as he sat there, but his thighs appeared to be of average build. It wasn't until he came out and I recognised him as someone I knew, and had often thought how thin he was!
It's this strange thing again about the body that when someone's on the toilet he can look bigger or smaller than we expect them to look!
I suppose that adds to the fascination of wanting to see other guys on the toilet, as we wonder what they're going to look like.
Both my friend who enjoys his "bog sessions", and myself have often said about someone; "I wonder what he looks like on the toilet!"

Best wishes to everyone. P. Plop Guy

Super Pooper
Hello again!

Its about a week since I first posted about me and my girlfriend Gemma's experiences in Africa (I notice Gem's posted about her forest escapade after me...haha)

I promised to tell you about a funny public toilet in Africa well here goes.

On our tour we stopped at this village in Zambia and there was a sign pointing to a one roomed zinc roof building saying "toilet" so we went to investigate. Inside there was the funniest thing I have ever seen - two toilets right next to each other, almost merged into one! They shared the same cistern but the seats were touching as well! We had a laugh and I suggested me and gemma go together. So we sat down next to each other and pooped out a reasonable load right next to each other - we were like touching each other! I have no idea if people unrelated to each other go together or not! It was quite arousing anyway! And there was no lock on the door....



Hello fans of the Toilet!

Dear TIM, I did not dare to ask in my last post, if your not being well had anything to do with the cancer you had. I hope that your chemo-therapy now is part of a planned treatment program. Anyway you sound optimistic and in good spirits, which I find most impostant! Your stories about Loewie showing his "new" willie to visitors and explaining that he could now pee better made me laugh! Children are so lovely and innocent when it comes to anything to do with the region below the belly button.
I remember our baby son in nappies going all red in the face. When asked if he was pooing, he answered, 'Not yet. Still farting!' We cracked up laughing! Just like Josie trying out her English by asking if some-one had had a good poo! If your brother is often with you, see to it that he speaks English, even if he wants to learn German. It will make life easier in future for Josie and Loewie to be able to speak an extra language. Do not listen to those who say that it is "too early" for them to learn. It is easiest to learn a second or even a third language at their tender ages! I speak from personal experience.
I did not know the expression of "calling Joerg" for throwing up. It sounds like the real thing. Like "calling O'Rourke" I suppose.
I do not want to make this too long, so that the moderators will tuck it into the old posts somewhere. Keep your spirits up! Give my love to Sarah, and here's a big hug for you, dear Tim, from Rizzo

ELLEN dear, good for you to be able to read so well. You have already made good progress since you visit here! And thanks for liking my trump story. Please do not ever mention anything from here when your parents are within earshot! It's all secret! Exciting, isn't it?
Hugs from Uncle Rizzo.

PUNK ROCK GIRL, yes, I agree, some airplane toilets are something for contortionists. I hate to use them for a #2, but there are things that just have to be done! Boat toilets can also be extremely cramped. Mine isn't. Although only 30 inches wide – sitting on the potty you can grab a handhold on each side of you – it is possible to stretch one's legs as far as they can go.
Cheers to you from Rizzo.

KENDAL, dear cyber niece! It is very exciting to hear that Eleanor's parents are intending to buy your old home! You will probably see Eleanor's family move in with mixed feelings, but it is comforting to know that the new owners will be people you like. I just marvel at the twists and turns of fate! The black tiled bathroom which had gained a certain fame in the past, will undoubtedly continue to do so in future! As I have said before, good stories are in the offing! Cheer up! (Just in case you are in need of cuddles) Here's my Sunday Hug for you! Love from Rizzo

Hello SUE-ANNE, it is funny that you mention holding on to your jobbies to make them come out in one piece and to enhance the pleasure of feeling them come out. When I was about 10 years old, I did something similarly odd. I did not touch my jobbies though, but would sometimes do the following: I would tear off a length of tp – it was of the tough kind - long enough to reach from one side of the bowl to the other. Then I would lift the seat and carefully stretch the tp across the bowl a bit behind centre, then lower the seat again, so that it pinched the tp firmly in place. Then I would sit down and push out my turds so that they would hit the tp. I would check the alignment of hole to paper with a mirror (usually my mother's hand mirror she used to check her hairdo with). This method gave a slight "back pressure" until the tp eventually broke to release the whole pent-up load in one big splash into the water way down at the bottom of the bowl. I found this to be very i! nteresting and pleasurable at the time. Weird, hugh?

PLUNGING PLOP GUY, how about trying what I just wrote above in order to increase the splash effect? It needs tough tp though, and a deep drop type of toilet bowl.

TRENT, I liked your pee desperation story, especially the end!

CHRISTI, you sound like a record breaking shitter. Wow! Love your posts!

MEGHAN dear, I laughed when I read about your and Sari's party wee in the office waste baskets, and then trying to dodge the questions about your wees. Hugs to you and Sari, if she has time to listen because she seems sooooo busy at the moment (when not weeing into waste baskets, that is).

ROBBY, I get the feeling that your toilet episode with Felicity in London was just the tip of the iceberg. You must have had some great times! Cheers from Rizzo.

Robby and Annie
Hi Fellow Toidyteers!!
The girls and their cousins are in Houston. The house is quiet!! Annie's Mum is still here. My father left to go to his sister's home. Saturday was wonderful. My daughter is now; Dr.Sarah S.,Juris Doctorate!! Her little speech was well done. When she thanked her late Mum the hankys came out, including hers. Annie's twins and her oldest daughter Ellie were here! We all had to have a big wee afterwards! I'm sure the girls have a story!! I am finished! Now to the main subject.

Annie- Since this is Mum's day in the U.S. I thought I would write the story. This is a story from the past. Robby and I were still in school in the town of Bath,U.K. This was near the end of the term. We were walking home and saw several of our friends taking a squat in the bushes. I hushed Robby and we crept up behind them. All of them were weeing but one and she was pushing out a cullompted poo!! I said in a loud voice;"What is this rubbish"!!! The girls screamed and turned around. Wee went everywhere. The girl who was pooing pushed so hard her log shot out of her bum. Robby stood there laughing his head off. To quiet the rebellion I lowered my knickers and squatted. The girls all turned red but looked on riveted! I pushed my wee out but couldn't poo. Robby took out his willy and pished a good stream. The girls really started giggling then. I stood up and we all walked home together. They talked about Robby for weeks. I don't have the foggiest idea why,LOL!
**DEAR PV: Hi Gal!! SORRY!!! When we think of the sunshine state we think of Florida! We are sorry you didn't get to wee on the beach! We are glad you are ok! Lots of Lovexxx from Annie and Robby
**DEAR KENDAL, LAWNDOGS KID, and ELLEN: Hi dear nieces and nephew! The story above is for you!! KENDAL, is Rachel getting more used to being seen? It seems that she wouldn't even leave the door open in the past. We really enjoyed the story!! ELLEN: Thank you for your little note to us! Those were good poos and wees you did. Also you did the right thing to apologize to Eleanor. ANDREW, you are indeed taking care of those girls!! You are a wonderful lad! Only a couple of weeks till you are 17!! Take care, Lots of Lovexxxx and hugs!! Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie
**DEAR DIVA: Hi dear! You will find that some singers and others in our profession don't care where they wee or poo and whom they do it in front of!! We really enjoyed your stories! That director might have been watching you out of the corner of his eye! Good luck!! and Lots of Lovexx Robby and Annie
**DEAR TODD AND DIANA: Hi dears! We think that Meghan posted a reply to you the last time. I might be wrong. We still read on the loo! Diana, did you have a nice long poo? Annie- when I was pregnant It took loads of time to poo!! We are so thrilled and proud of you! Lots of Love and hugs! Robby and Annie
**DEAR TIM AND SARAH: Hi sweeties! What a wonderful thing you did for Sarah. The "Magic Flute". Papageno was one of my favourite roles! Loewie and Josie sound like they had a grand time. I am proud that Josie wants to try my profession amongst others!! Tim, we are sorry you are having to go through chemo. We will be thinking about you. Sarah, we are here to support you! Remember, take things slowly! Lots of Lovexxx from Robby and Annie
**DEAR INA: We couldn't forget about you, sweetheart!! Have you gone to see your Mum? Annie- I saw a picture in a mag that showed girls standing at the urinals using the travelmate!! I said;"Thats how its done"! We love you!!! Hugsxxxx from Annie and Robby
**DEAR RIZZO: Hi dear friend! We loved the story you told Ellen! We are thinking strongly about doing some sailing in the U.K this summer! We'll see. Robby- at the graduation I got so desperate to wee that I probably would have grabbed a travelmate and aimed it at the ole willy! Darn, I virtually ran to the loo!! So did everyone else!!! There was a long queue at the door. Several gents were weeing around the corner on the grass. I joined them!! I didn't see any women, though! Take care!! Lots of Lovexxx from Robby and Annie

OUR LOVE TO ALL ESPECIALLY: Steve and Louise- It is nearly June and the wedding!!, Damsel- hope you are chilling out!, Ephermal-sorry your asthma is kicking up but glad you are nearly finished!, LindaGS- how is south Texas?, Carmalita, Jake, Pat, Renee, Nu, Tesa-we miss you!!, Jane and Gary- how are you?, Eleanor-we are thrilled your Dad is buying Kendal's old home!!, Kimmie and Scott- are you busy? We miss you!, Elena, Cousin, Adele- are you ok?, David-come back!, Ellie and Little Lou-we need violins!!



Sunday, May 12, 2002

I was new in college and lived in a women’s dormitory not far from school. I still had to adjust to a lot of things including food and even drinking water. One time I woke up, took my shower, ate my breakfast. Earlier, I sat on the toilet but couldn’t move my bowels. I put on my bra and a white panty .I wore a fairly tight jeans and a shirt. When I was in class, I had stomach cramps. Judging that I could hold it until the class will be dismissed, I took it for granted. But a few minutes later the cramps got worse.I figured out that I was having diarrhea.I had to leave the class and went to the comfort room. As I reached the stall, I lost control. Diarrhea gushed out into my panties. I took my panty down and finished pooping in the toilet bowl. After doing my business, I wore my panty again and went back to the dormitory to clean up. That afternoon I went to class again. I got cramps and farted after class. Unluckily it was a wet fart. It stained my floral panty but it was n! ot enough to be noticed.

I always had diarrhea, my second accident was during my sophomore year. I was wearing a bikini panty and a butt-hugging jeans.It was so thin that you could see through it. I had diarrhea again and as I reached the dormitory poop went out into my bikini panty with a squishing sound. I surveyed the damage at the toilet. My panties were soaked with mushy,brown, liquid poop. I had to leave it on the waste basket.

A week after, I had my third accident. I wore a Capri pants and a flesh thong. I just bought a set of three thongs. One was white, the other light blue and flesh. I had diarrhea again. I tried to hold on but it just came out into my new thong. It stained the thong and my pants since the thong could not hold the poop. Later that afternoon, I changed to my light blue thong. As I removed it during evening it had brown, poop skidmarks.

I always have poop skidmarks when I wear thongs. Sometimes they may be big and sometimes just a scratch.And same thing happens if I wear a full cut panty. It has always a stain. DOES THIS MEAN THAT I HAVE A POOR HYGEIN OR IM JUST ACCIDENT PRONE?? I NEED YOUR HELP AND SUGGESTIONS.

hey. my name is sierra and im 14 yrs old. ive been reading this site for a few weeks i guess now but i decided to post something 2day since im bored. i pooped twice today wihich is usually rare. this morning i woke up with the urge to and i sat on the toilet. ilet out a few farts and tried pushing but i was a little constipated. im usually not but for the past week my poop has been different. i usually go atleast very other day and its usually easy to get out and a medium amount and more on the hard but healthy side. recently ive been having a stomach ache and i wont have the urge to poop for a few days then ill sit on the toilet and have to push for a really long time and a little hard amount will come out. then later that day or the next day or shortly after the constipated one ill go and it will be really soft almost like diarreah and warm and smelly. does anyone have any idea why this would happen? well ne way after i pooped this morning when i was kind of constipated la! ter today after i ate lunch i felt the urge again. i sat on the toilet and it came out warm and sticky and smelly again.
ne way i gtg for now but if u know what wud make it change from what it normaly is let me know

to Sue-Anne yes i have did the tp in the hand thing manny time the thing that supprises me is how heavvy my load is do u have heavvy and big loads if u do how heavvy and how big

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all:
First some replies to qustions. To the person who askes about peeing in various places Ive peed in the backyard, and in the sink. (i had a broken ankle and crutches made the stairs diffacult to go up to the bathroom. Ben welcome and those were great early stories you had with your friends. Christi you seem to be not so nervous about posting keep enjoying your movements! Scarlet that was a good story involving the Hanson singer peeing. Louise looks like you were at the right spot at the right time for the parking lot spoting. We have alot of malls with big parking lots and that happens quit often. You will see puddles with tissues or a pile with tissues too.

Well on Friday I went for a walk. Th weather was nice and sunny but very windy. I had to go down to the post office so I always walk down through the alleys. There is sometimes alot of remodling debris thrown out in the trash. Some one had thrown out a toilet and sink from redoing a bathroom. Someone had used the old toilet becuase there was pee and poop in it. Someone was desperate but how convienant! Catch everyone later. Upstate Dave.

Shitting in the woods.

One of the best shitting experiences I have had was taking a dump in the forest. The smell of the forest air and the quiet mood gave me a sudden urge to crap that I could resist. I held as long as I could, and then dropped by levis and shorts and dumped the longest turd ever on the forest floor. It felt so natural.

I think I must be the only person alive who, on occasion, deliberately poops my underpants. After reading several posts you all talk about how you were crying afterwards or cleaned it up ASAP. I've gone in hundreds of strange places, and its kind of arousing. Sure, I'd hate to go in the middle of a street or whatever, but sometimes I just crap my pants for the heck of it. I dunno why, but I think very few others join me in this 'fetish'.

UNCLE RIZZO, AUNTY ANNIE, UNCLE ROBBY, DR SARAH & MEGHAN & AUNTY PV: Just to send hugs and kisses to you all. Fancy creeping up on those poor girls. Good job it was you two who saw them, and not some undesirables !! Lots of love from Kendal xx

This posting lark is getting very confusing. Our posts have appeared on different pages. But Eleanor's which was posted between Andrew's post and mine didn't get on. Must have been something she said. Better fill people in. She told the story about how Ellen came into the bathroom while she was weeing. Although everyone thought she had done it on purpose, she hadn't. It really was accidental. I hadn't arrived home then, so I can't tell much more. But Eleanor was laughing when she told me how Andrew tried to get Ellen out of the bathroom by flapping his arm around furiously, out of his bedroom door. He didn't look at all. And Eleanor is very happy about that ! He will definitely be able to listen to her on the toilet with the door open a bit so he can hear better, because she can trust him !

LINDA GS: O.k my dear ! Now make sure you are positioned in a suitable place to see everything that happens when your Cousin reads that which follows !! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

COUSIN: A story just for my favourite on line Cousin ! I got home from school today. Unusually, I didn't need to rush off to the toilet straight away, so I waited a while so I could read the latest posts on the site. After a while, it became time to go, and this time Ellen and Andrew stayed in his room while he wrote his post. So I had the bathroom all to myself. Or so I thought ! Anyway, I pulled up my school skirt, and lowered my pampies about half way down my legs, and settled onto the toidy seat. Then I made sure that my skirt was well clear, holding it up so it was almost inside out around the waistband. Then concentrating, I began my wee, which trickled gently and tunefully into the water below. I sighed as I listened to it, content and happy on the toidy. Now, as the last few drops dripped away, I realized that this poo wasn't going to come out of me quite as easily as normal. So I got myself comfortable, and then wrapped my arms across the top of my ????. The! skirt material was held firmly between my arms, and I gently pressed on myself, and kind of rubbed my arms down my ????, as if to encourage my poo to descend. Having held my breath for long enough, I let it out in a quiet and breathy pant errrrraaaahhhhh. No vocals. Just breath ! My ???? rumbled, and with an almost identical quiet noise, ffffffffff, that trump heralded the start of my poo. I really don't know why, but as my poo emerged with plenty of pushing effort, my heart suddenly missed a beat, and with that missed beat, it began to beat hard, as if it had to make up for the missed one. I wondered why it beat so hard, and then the thought came into my head that perhaps this was telepathy. I felt like you were here. My breathing became really quite heavy, and as my poo began to move of its own accord, the most enormous excitement filled me to brimming ! The first piece filed its way into the water below, and entered with a gentle, almost inaudible flip. The second and! third peices followed with gentle flop sounds, but as the fourth and final piece made its way down, I tired so hard to hang onto it. Hang onto it as long as possible to savour the excitement I felt. I had stopped breathing now, which seemed to accentuate my heart beat, thump thump thump in my head, and just when I thought I would faint with the lack of breath and the excitement, that last piece plopped in, with a wonderful small splash back sound. And my breath finally burst out of me in huge pant BBBAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. Even though there was no poo left in me, I had to sit for almost a minute more to catch my breath, before concentrating on the final necessities that would enable me to re-dress myself, and go to Andrew's room to be able to tell you all about this. Hope you enjoyed the story. That really felt like the most exciting poo I've ever had. But, then it was very close to my previous most exciting poos, you know, the ones I had when at my old school, and the car! etaker was there able to listen, and perfectly able to see me if he had only looked in my direction !! Oh well, excitement over ! Time you went to see how your babies are getting on !! Lots of love from Kendal xxx

LINDA GS: Is he still alive ? Because I nearly wasn't !! Loved your poop story ! And Ellen wants to hear about when you take her to the toidy with you ! Take care, and lots of love to my dearest on-line sister xxxxxxx ( I'm not bothering with the XOSXOS from Drewy babes. He'll have done his own to you. Ups, I've just done it anyway ! Oh well ..... )
PS: Now I've written one to your Cousin, I think you'd better do one to mine. Then I'll watch him carefully while he reads yours !!!!

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