Wow great forum. I have a good camp story for you all. I was at this all girls camp and all the girls there were divided up into like four teams and given a color. I was in the red team and met this girl named Cheri and we became pretty good friends. Anyways, the red team and the blue team became real big enemies, we even almost had a fist fight. But anyways, before the final event, which is where each team goes off into their own cabin in the woods and there is a big treasure hunt. The team that lost the game before the last one had to cook dinner for the other teams before we all went to our cabins. Well, it turns out that the blue team put like lots of Ex-lax in the red team's drinks. After dinner we all went to our cabins, had a chat together and went to sleep. I was wearing a light pink night dress and white panties and bra. Cheri was wearing a light blue pair of PJs and a white tee-shirt. I fell asleep pretty quick because I was tired, but Cheri woke me up about two ho urs later and told me everyone in the entire cabin was sick and that her stomach was starting to hurt. I could tell she was worried about being sick too, so I got out of bed and walked to the two porta-potties we had. The were both in heavy use cause I could hear two girls farting loud wet ones then shitting out loads of mushy poop. There was a LONG line for each of the toilets and all the girls were holding the ???? and moaning and some were even crying. I heard Cheri groan and she put her hand on her belly. I asked if she was gonna be alright, she said she would but she wanted to get in line. By this time, my stomach had started to hurt too so I got in line beside her. About seven minutes later, one of the girls came out of the porta-potty and the next one ran in and we all heard her have diarrhea. Cheri said that everyone had really bad diarrhea except me. I shook my head and said that I had it too and that there was something wrong with our food probably. By now, Chei r was starting to double over with the urge to go and my stomach hurt really bad. Almost all the girls in front of us were, there were about 12 of us plus me and Cheri for a total of 14 girls outside porta-potties doing a poo-poo dance. Suddenly, one girl a few places in line ahead of me and Cheri said screw this, stepped to the side, pulled down her pants and panties and let a wet fart and about a gallon of brown water from her butt. She let out a sigh of relief and kept squirting out liquid poop. About three other girls followed her lead and droped their drawers and pooped all over the ground. The rest of us said we would never do that and tried to hold it, but my stomach was grumbling loud and really aching and Cheri was doubled over and I knew she would never make it. Suddenly, a girl cried out and a dark brown stain formed on her pants and spread down her legs. Cheri looked at me desperately and said that was going to be her in about five minutes. The girls that were in the bathroom first came back out and got back in line while the girl who had the accident headed to the showers. I knew I wasn't going to make it and told Cheri I was going to go to the woods and poop. She said she couldn't force herself to do that and stayed in line. I ran into a clump of trees and got my panties down just in time. I farted loudly and wet shit poured from my ass. I cramped and poured out diarrhea for about five minutes and I still felt full! I started going again, this time a pure liquid. After I was finished, I heard something and Cheri appeared. She looked very relieved, she wasn't holding her ???? anymore, but she was wearing different pants. She told me she lost control just after I left, but felt better for now. I showed her my puddle and said i felt better too. Well, to make a long story short, when i got back to the cabin, five girls were wearing different pants. We all had real bad diarrhea all night, espically poor Cheri. She messed every single pair of panties she had with her. Every single girl had at least one accident, I had two. One because I just couldn't hold it and one because Cheri had an accident and was crying so to make her feel better I exploded diarrhea into my panties. If anyone is interested ill go into more deatail about that night.

Hey there, guys and girls!

Been a long time, but everything's cool now. The best thing is that I have a good poop story to share. I had just been at a party where I had waaaaay too much pizza (never doing that again -_-) So anyway, my stomach was pretty much gone, what with all the rumbling and everything. I decided to give it some help. So, with a magazine in hand, I headed off for the nearest bathroom, farting out a bunch of SBD butt-burners. As soon as I got my shorts and thong down and sat, my cheeks and anus parted and I let loose a torrent of burning mashed potato-like diarrhea. It cascaded loudly into the bowl with wet farts accompanying it. Then a sharp pain like lightning coursed through my stomach. I doubled over, moaned, and let out some more mushy gushy fiery poop. My anus was on fire, my stomach was churning, and I was still going. I must have put out at least ten pounds of soft crap. It was not really enjoyable. Finally, I was done-for now, because later when I got home, I would be i! n the bathroom for about three hours afterward.

Christi: How exactly do you find diarrhea fun? Exactly chemically-induced diarrhea. I guess you're more open-minded than me.

That's all for now! ^_^


Hey guys,
A few days since I've posted but nothing really exciting happening lately. I had a late lunch today. I warmed up some pastries and they took ages to cook so I eventually took them out despite not being 100% cooked. Afterwoods I was playing the ps2 and I had to rush to the toilet and so I sat down and let out 2 big waves of diarrhea. I wiped six times, flushed, sprayed and scrubbed because I made the longest skid mark on the bowl. It was obviously the unproperly cooked lunch that caused the diarrhea.

Low Rider
Hi to Lewis and Jim. You guys sound like your the youngest ones here so we have something in common then. Thanks for sharing your experienses. I have a question for you. Do you ever get embarassed about telling people that you have to go to the bathroom? Because I sometimes do. Here's what happened to me one time. I was riding in the car coming back from my uncle's house and I had to go really bad! and thought I could hold it and I didn't want to get embarrassed and tell my dad I had to go. Since it was dark no one could see me holding it. After we got off the expressway I knew there wouldn't be a place to stop anymore so I started doing the scissors thing to try and help. When we were only a few miles
from home we hit some bumps and I felt a few squirts came out and when I felt my pants theyywere wet! I was still trying to hold it was it just leaked out. But then we got home and I ran inside and nobody every knew except me. So that's one of my stories. Another one happened in second grade but I'll tell that one a different time.

I know what you mean about the boxers thing Lewis. It seems like every day more of my friends at school start wearing boxers. I mentioned it to my mom one time but she was like "You don't want to really wear those" and she wouldn't buy them. No one actually has ever made fun of me but I know what there all thinking. So finally I couldn't stand it anymore and bought some myself. I've been keeping it a secret because I usually can do my own wash, but I think she knows now but hasn't said anything yet. The funny thing is, even though I have some boxers I'm embarassed about other guys seeing me in them. I guess because I'm afraid they might mention it to my mom or something and then she might give me a hard time.

Oh I have one more question. Have you ever tried to perpously make one of your friends wet their pants. I had some friends over and one said he had to wizz so we held him down and started tickeling him but it didn't work and he managed to keep holding it for a long time so finally after about 10 minutes we just gave up and let him go. Did you guys ever try this and did it work? Let me know.

Outhouse Scott
Hey there!!!

Been a while since I posted, and I'm afraid not much very interesting has happened. I was away for the weekend a few weeks ago with some college friends, both male and female. We were staying at this cabin upstate. When we were in college, it was sort of customary for all of us to pee together. If we were at a party and one of us had to pee, we'd go to the rest of the group and say, come pee with me! So, this weekend, someone said that we had never shit in front of one another. So we decided to do it. When no one wanted to go first, I did. I apologized ahead of time for any odor or noise, and pulled my pants and boxers down and sat. I had to go, so it didn't require much work. Luckily for me it was pretty quiet and wasn't too stinky. I wiped, then was about to flush, when one of my guy friends said, don't we get to see it? I said, I guess and let everyone look. I flushed and each of us (four guys and three women) took a shit in front of the group. And every! one but one of the women let us all see their shit. It was quite an interesting experience, and made us all feel closer somehow. When you're comfortable enough around a group of people to shit in front of all of them at once, you know they're good friends.

Take care!


I've been enjoying reading some of the interesting pee stories on here. Thanks to the people who posted them. Robby, I'm glad the Rossini went well, and thanks for your encouragement. Yeah, I hope I'll get to sing it some day. I won a competition a couple of years ago with the aria so there's hope. And I feel blessed just to be able to sing and get paid for it. I'm not in a big rush to sing everything before I'm out of my 20's, I have my whole life to go, right? Right now, I am working on a new role which I will be performing in a couple of weeks ( Leonore in Fidelio - VERY exciting. Wonder if there'll be any bathroom escapades there?) Rizzo, thanks for your encouragement. I love you, too!
Robby, it's funny that you mentioned that soprano coming into the bathroom when you were there. Something similar happened to me when I was doing Abduction last month. We'd just got a break and I was heading to the bathroom for a much-needed pee. The ladies' bathroom had only one stall, and the mens' was a toilet & sink with a locking door, so if someone was in there, no-one could go in, while in the ladies', you could line up inside the door. As I was walking to the ladies' room, the director (male) ran ahead of me and tried the mens' bathroom door, but it was locked, so he turned around, saw me coming and asked me to stand outside guard the ladies' room while he went in because he had to go really bad (he bent over and grabbed his crotch as if to emphasize this.) I had to go really bad too, but I said OK. As I stood outside, I started to do the pee dance. Suddenly, he stuck his head out and said, "Sorry, if you have to go so bad why don't you come in while I wash m! y hands." I was so urgent, I did just that. I am sure he heard my pee hissing whie he washed his hands. He was gone by the time I came out of the stall. I think the whole thing was some kind of come-on because the rest of the run, he was very flirtatious towards me.

While I think of Abduction, I DO have a pooping story that I normally wouldn't share with anyone, but since some people are interested, why not. The opera started at 8, but I'd usually get there around 5.30 or 6 for wigs, make up, costuming and warm up time. I would try to eat something light beforehand. This particular day, I was running late & didn't have time to make anything at the place where I was staying, so I got some Chinese take out soup with noodles and some vegetables. I've noticed that that type of food usually makes me poop, but I didn't think of it then. I ate the food at the theatre at around 6, then went about my preparations. By about 7 o'clock, I had to poop, and was hoping it would go away because I hate to poop if I can't shower. The urge passed once I began warming up, and didn't come back until about 10 minutes before my entrance. Then, it was desperate and I certainly didn't want to go on stage worrying about it, so I decided to go. That's whe! n I realized there was no TP in the bathroom in my dressing room because I'd used it all at the last performance to wipe up a huge spilled mess in the hallway and to remove my make up as I'd forgotten my cotton pads. I had to run to the bathroom which was shared by the
chorus & dancers. Of course, they were in there and very surprised to see me in their dressing room. I could almost feel it coming out, so I had to run into the bathroom anyway. I knew they had been paged to be downstairs and so I waited for them to go as I didn't want to poop when they were there. Luckily, they left soon, and I got on with it, but the poop suddenly decided not to move. I rubbed my stomach and pushed and out it came. I was frantically hurrying to try and clean up as much as I could because I was paged to backstage while I was still on the toilet. I literally had to run backstage and then try to gather my breath quickly with everyone wondering where I was. I don't think I got clean enough because I could smell the faint odor of poop for the rest of the night. I hope that my co-stars couldn't! That's probably one of the few pooping stories y'all will ever hear from me!

Johnny Z.
I live in Dallas, TX. I was driving home from work, today. I heard the host of the talk show I was listening to (I'll call him George) talk about his newborn daughter, named Summer's, bowel movements. He was talking about how he could not believe that he was talking about this subject. What is so wrong w/ that? I agree w/ you,
Coprologist, I wish more people would. It is one of the most exciting things in the world that I could think of. Like when my woman Jennifer unloads in our bathroom. She never turns on the fan. I can smell her delicious-aroma, whenever it is one of the ones that actually has a smell to it. Because not all of them do, as most of you know. I remember the time that we went to restaurant and she had a T-bone steak and eggs. I was excited,"down-below", immediately! You know what I mean. How could such a hot chick, who is 5' 11", blonde, w/ light blue eyes, and bronzed-skin eat something like that? I could not wait for her to dump it out. I was hoping that I would be there to witness it. Outside of the door, of course. She is far too shy/prudish, to let me see her do her thing. So, Pete, there you go. I am, definitely, turned on by women's digestive systems! She will at least talk about it with me, though. She will do everything but allow me to watch. She will answer when I a! sk her how everything came out, etc.


Johnny Z.

1) Why would anyone pay that much money to watch a pretty lady shit?
Well, look at it this way, for a single guy, it is really no more to spend than if he had a wife or girlfriend. I mean, she would most likely ask something of you in return for her putting on a show for you, so it equals out. 2) How can a suppository work that fast? It does and not only did it work fast, it worked too long. CoCo only stayed 1 hr. not realizing that the urge to poop would come back later. When I called her back a few days later to see how she was, she was not a happy camper. She had the runs for a while and it interfered with her visits to see other clients later that night. Most of these gals start working at about 10:00 and finish at about 2:00 - 3:00 in the morning. 3) Is it better to see a woman poop through the peep hole or interactively. I have to admit, I prefer the reach out and touch her method, working with her, rubbing her ???? to get that log out and ahh, the aroma. Of course with most of these babes, it was more like mush than logs. 4) Good! news on the rates, they have come down significantly due to the recession, it's a livin'.. shout out!!
I hope to see Kim tonight and she is looking forward to a good dump.
See ya. Rick. P.S. - Co Co was not done with me yet, more on that later.

More questiobs
How often do you get constipated?
How long does it take to finish taking a constipated dump?
Do you like reading while you are popoing?
Why do poop float?
Have you ever took a dump in front of someone with a different sex?
What can make your poop stink.

I just finished taking a dump. Medium turd light brown and green.

Hey people,
although i've been visiting here for over a year this is my first post so i'll just tell you a bit about myself. i'm 18 years old and am a student, i'm about 5'10" and am pretty attractive although i have to admit that while i'm not fat i have grown a little 'tubby'. A few days ago i was staying at a friends house, there were a few of us round as we were having a girls night in with a couple of vids, pizza and a few of bottles of wine. Because we had the house to our self we were all just lounging about in knickers and baggy t-shirts. i had been needing a poop all night but by about 11ish i realised i had to go to the toilet straight away. when i reached the bathroom to my horror someone was already waiting to use it. after a few minutes the bathroom was vacated and my friend went in. After a minute or so i was joined in the landing by another of my friendsand we started chatting although i was really desperate by this point and was visibly squirming. i banged on the bat! hroom door pleading my friend to hurry up but it was no good, suddenly i just couldn't hold it any longer and i completely filled my knickers. My friend's just started laughing at me, i think they didn't know whether to be amused or disgusted! I finally got into the bathroom and cleared myself up and spent the rest of the night feeling really embaressed. Luckily my friends haven't told anyone so you guys are the first to know about my embarassing accident!

lots of love

euro hiker
French automatic toilettes out of action.

The 'Sanisette' is the trade name of a French coin-operated public toilet that provides an innovative solution to the age-old problem of keeping public toilets clean. It is an oval concrete structure containing a single toilet with machinery that tips the bowl backwards and washes it after each person uses it (there is no seat). There is a weight sensor on the floor that makes sure the user has left before this happens!

These Sanisettes are common in Paris and other towns and cities in France. There are also some in London and other places in the UK plus a few in the US (San Francisco I think).

All the Sanisettes in France seem to be out of use at the moment, or they were a few weeks ago last time I was there. The problem is the new Euro currency. They used to cost 2 French Francs but now the French Franc has been abolished, they cost 30 Euro Cents (about 27 US Cents). There are stickers by the coin slots with the new price in Euros but it seems that converting the coin mechanisms will take a little longer. Meanwhile, if you want to 'Euro-nate' (or do something else) in a Sanisette in France, you are out of luck! I have seen some worried-looking tourists in Paris standing by a Sanisette working out that 'hors service' means 'out of service'!

To Jason the poop lover: I've peed in the sink and in my backyard before...i liked your church story

To Scarlet: I liked your story..and the 1 about the Hanson's brothers peeing off of roof..where did you here that at? cool!

To Pete: I liked your story...i know how that its its like you go away and sometimes you can't poop(especialy if it was a school function).

To pboy: I liked your story.

To Ben: Liked your story...did you ever play truth or dare where you went to the bathroom for her?

To Donnie M: Thanks for replying..i see now about the boy and the dog

To Lewis: Liked your story

To Pete: Liked the story about the forigen exchange come he used towels to wipe and not toilet paper and why did he leave such a mess...was he shy about pooping or something,is that why he didn't want to go to the party with you?

To John: Liked your story..i used to be shy too pooping in public

To Lion-mane: I've gone maybe 4-5 days with out pooping...i'd say 5 the max cause one time i was at a school function overnight place and i didn't shit the whole time and i've maybe pooped 3-4 times in one day when i had diahreah..i usally am lucky if i poop once a day

To Louise: I liked your story about that guy shitting in the open like old do you think he was?

To Punk Rock Girl: Just wanted to say hi back...and i liked your story about you having to poop on the airplane

To Zip: I liked your story about that salesmen pooping at day i will have to try pooping there

I haven't pooped since like wednesday night when i had to poop suddenly and couldn't hold...any way i went to bed last night(didn't eat dinner..had a late lunch) i start dozing off then i woke up and my stomach felt really funny and tingly like it was asleep or big lunch i had was probably digesting and i thought i might have to poop...then fianlly i got back to sleep and when i woke up in the morning i felt ok.Has any one felt this way before? Well i gotta run. bye

Hi, I'm a 19 yr old male college freshman (exams next week, ugh). I'm in Atlanta, and live at home, bout 5 miles from the college I go to.

I've sorta been into pee for a long time, like to hold it as long as I can, like to pee in strange places, sometimes it's a real emergency. I had accidents in high school a couple of times, once on the school bus when I was 15, and once in my football unie after practice when I was 16 and I couldn't get the knot out of the drawstring on my pants in time. I also like to wet my pants on purpose once in a while, in private of course, but I thought I was through with accidents until last week.

I was at a bud's house across town drinking a few beers and watching a baseball game on TV. It was time for me to go, and I should have peed before I left, but like I say, I like to hold it, and I was sure I could make it home. That was a mistake cause the traffic was awful. I needed three hands, one to steer with, one to shift gears with, and one to squeeze myself with. I needed to pee so bad by legs were shaking. Plus, I was almost out of gas, the warning light had come on the day before, and I'd driven another 30 miles.

The engine sputtered, and I knew I was out of gas. Thank God, I was right in front of a Quik Stop, so I turned in and coasted up to the pumps. As I got out, I squirted a little pee into my jeans. I ran inside, and threw $10 on the counter for gas, and asked to use the restroom. The guy said we don't have public restrooms. Oh, #@$%!

I ran back outside with my hand in my pocket, squeezing. I started pumping gas, but their tank must have been way low, cause it took forever. I was doing the pee dance out there in public at a busy corner. I still had my hand in my pocket, squeezing you know what (I never wear underwear with jeans, so at least I could get a good grip, LOL), and I started squirting again and the inside of my pocket was getting soaked. I loooked down as I squirmed around, and it was starting to show on the outside of my jeans. To hell with this, I thought, and I hung up the pump nozzle even though I only got $6.25 worth of gas, and I got back into the car.

For some reason, sitting down helped me control it a while, but 10 minutes later, stopped at a light, I felt a rush and a contraction and I knew I was going to lose it. I was less than two miles from home by then, but it was too late. So there I was, the cool college dude, wetting my pants. I gave up, relaxed, and hssssssssssssssssssssssss I soaked my jeans. God, it felt so good. I guess I let about half of it out, soaking my croch, my butt, the bottom of my tee shirt, and the car seat (vinyl, fortunately).

I finally got home, and was glad to see there were no other cars in the driveway or garage. I ran in the kitchen door, the pee pressure building again, and ran up the steps. Suddenly, my little brother (15) opened his bedroom door and stepped into the hall. He took one look at me and said "holy @#$%, what happened?" I told him I got stuck in traffic and couldn't hold it. He followed me into the bathroom, and I decided I might as well put on a show for him. My jeans were already wet almost to my knees. I leaned back against the tile wall, and relaxed again. Fountains of hot pee poured down both my legs, and ran out the cuffs, over my Nikes, and a lake began spreading across the tile floor.

My brother's eyes were out on stalks. I was about to tell him I'd kill him if he told anyone about what happened. Then I realized I didn't need to worry. A small wet spot, maybe 2 inches across, appeared on the crotch of his khaki shorts. He looked at me, and blushed. Then I could see him relax, and the wet spot spread rapidly, and pee started flowing down his bare legs, onto his hiking boots and white socks. "Feels good, huh?" he asked. It sure did.

Hey everyone, long time no see. I don't have much time, so I'll just outline the basic events of my last poop session w/ Rachel. She wsa wearing a pink t-shirt and tiny pink shorts to match. She had a pretty big load to drop. She unveiled her big round butt and immediately pushed out a huge long log, with loud crackling. "Oh, this is big," she said as the smooth snake came out. It was three inches thick and about eighteen inches long! It must have been filling her intestines.

CHRISTI: Hey! Welcome to the community. Where are you from? Feel free to post any poop stories or pee stories. I know I'd love it!
Glad you like having diarrhea, or that could have been a bad situation.

ALTHEA: Let's hear some more about those British girls w/ big bowel movements! Your stories are always great to hear.

Well, to everyone else, have a good day and happy evacuating!

Someone asked why gay bars have toilets for women. I would imagaine that it's probably a planning/building code requirement to provide toilets for both sexes in a public building.

Shy Pleasure Pooper (SPP)
Christi: Hello. I can really relate to your story! That was great! It is the strangest thing about taking a poop. I really enjoy it too, and I thought I was like really weird or something. You know, sometimes I take a laxative for no reason other than that I feel like having diahhreah because it feels good. I find it very attractive for a female to talk about this. Anyway, I'm 19 years old, blond hair, blue eyes, 6' 1" and very thin. Please tell me about yourself. As always, until next time, have fun on the toilet!

Hey its me again! i just took the nicest firmest longest log i have ever seen! i just woke up and had the urge to have a BM. so i went to the toilet and pulled down my shorts and thong and then immediatly i started to crap. at first it was coming out slowly, then i pushed and grunted a little and then i farted a really wet one then the first log broke off. it wasnt to big. then i farted about 3 times. the farts were really long and juicy too! then my asshole opened up really wide and this 6 inch wide log ( im just guessing though but thats how it looked. )started inching its way out of my anus. it was coming out slowly like my last one and i couldnt push it out cause it hurt when i tried to push. so i just sat there with this wide log 1/3 out of my anus and then it started to feel tingly and it moved a little more. it felt so good when it started to move again! then i put my head between my legs to see what my crap looked like so far, well when i put my head down the shit mo ved farther and faster so i kept my head down and the poo was moving slow but faster than before. in 5 minutes the shit was no longer a log it was a snake! i still had this foot long snake sticking out from my butt. and it was wide as hell! i thought it would break off cause it was way to heavy. but it just stayed there.then i pushed REALLY REALLY HARD! then i farted this really big, long, pleasurable fart! by then i was almost having an orgasm! that fart wasnt juicy like the others and it hurt my butt. but luckily the snake slithering its way from my rectum fell into the toilet bowl with a plop. i THOUGHT i was done so i wiped flushed and got dressed and put on my make-up and did my hair and you know girly-stuff! so i went out for breakfast and when i got to the resturant (im not going to say the name though) i ordered a platter of bacon, scrambled eggs, and toast with a side order of bacon. i was almost done with my meal but then my stomach started to hurt a bit. and when i farted ( i like to fart in public places to see peoples faces) my anus burned. i thought it wasnt anything but soon it would be something! so i finished my breakfast and left. i went to the closest mall and was walking around when i felt that burning fart sensation again then i felt a little sick. i thought it would pass after a few more farts cause i thought it was only gas. but i was in a clothing store. and i had the big urge to poo again. so i ask the lady where the restrooms where and she told me outside the store to my left. well the left part of those directions was correct but i didnt know how far left she was talking about! i keep walking but faster now. my ass felt like it was going to leak. i started to run and i found the bathroom and ran inside. DAMN the stalls were all taken! i asked if the two people in there were gonna be done soon and one said yes but the other lady said no. so i wait for a minute and run into the stall when ine of the ladies walks out. on! ce i sat down on that porcelain throne of beauty my ass rumbled and i farted but after the fart i had this large wave of diahhreah! then i farted a lot between the waves. the lady next to me gagged on my sweet smell. i realesed more waves. these waves werent only watery but they were also chunky and had poo mixed into it. the person said "are you okay? i hope your ass doesnt explode all over the floor!" then she giggled a little. i didnt think it was funny. i had already let out 6 smoothe waves of "the runs" and i didnt think i could producae all of that crap! then i farted 3 times, spewed out 5 more waves. and these waves were long and hurtful. they would hit the water below my butt with a continuous splashing noise. like when you pee but louder and harder. the lady left and i was in the bathroom alone. good thing she left to. this bathroom was a disaster area! so i let more waves out. i had a lot in my ass if you asked me. i farted more times (about 25 times!) and let out what was left of my diahhreah. thyen i wiped. it took me the whole rool to get all the shit that backfired from the toilet water and onto my ass cheeks. so i left with a sore butt and a clean anus. or so i thought. i flushed walked out and i think i clogged the toilet or something like that cause it wouldnt all go down. i went home and spewed out more waves then i ate lunch went to the toilet to relieve myself from diahhreah. then i went out with my friends to a beach party. well iu still had the runs, and i went anyway cause i could just crap in the ocean or in the sand and not cause plumbing problems. so im having a good time in my thong bikini and no top (one of the partiers pulled it off of me) then i had to shit again. so i head for the dunes so i could crap. but a really hot guy gets in my way but i try to talk him out of talking to me right then. he just wouldnt let me go then al of a sudden i couldnt hold it anymore, then my ass opened and i pooed in my thong bikini!! it went everywhere! all over the floor and the people and even the guy i was talking to so i run away and go into the dunes. i crap some more (a lot more!) and take off my thong bikini and run to my car (completly naked! how exciting) and hop in and drive home. i almost shit in the car but i got home and ran to the toilet. i spewed out greasy crap totally nude and happily went to sleep with a sore butthole. i wake up the next morning and went to the shitter and sat down had a monster pee, and then i shit for about 5 minutes and luckily it was a regular crap and not diahhreah.
This story happened last week starting on saturday morning where i shit the longest turd in history bye i'll post again real soon!

Hi all,

Haven't had much time to get to the board lately -- so sorry!

ANNIE & ROBBY -- American beaches? Um, the "Sunshine State" in Australia is Queensland! I didn't get to swim on the trip, but I did visit Stradbroke Island, which was gorgeous! My exploits were confined to open bathroom adventures, nothing overt or wild, just a few casual, and very satisfying pishes while chatting. I never thought I could do that, so things are looking up!

Movie sightings: "Independence Day" -- Will Smith takes a noisy morning pee with the door open, calling to his girlfriend about what's happening in the street outside. You don't see anything but you hear him thunk a wooden toilet seat up (you'd know that sound anywhere, right?!) followed by an unabashed, noisy, in-the-water bladder-emptying.

There's a little-known and totally delightful Canadian comedy called "Northern Extreme," also kown as "Buried on Sunday," in which a crippled Russian missile submarine drifts into the harbour a tiny Atlantic-coast fishing village, on an island that has just decided to cecede from the union of Canada: it is subsequently bought by the islanders to be their strategic deterrent! In one scene at the Parliament building in Ottawa, the Prime Minister of Canada, played by Louis del Grande, is at the end of a hard day of diplomacy when the umpteenth phonecall is passed to him. He says: "If that's the Premier of Nova Scotia again, tell him I'm takin' a dump! A loooong and pleasant one!"

Best wishes to all my friends here, all my best,


SCARLET: Darn shame your friend won't let you watch him pee. If that was me, heck I'D let you hold it for me as I peed !!
A few years ago,
my wife had a bad dose of the runs and I must admit that I'd a huge erection watching her on the throne. Has any other men or women the problem of their partners getting more prudish as they get older ? My wife used to be happy to let me watch her as she peed or pooped. Now, she always locks the bathroom door.
LION MANE : I have noticed my wife's poops are smellier when she has her period

Yo To You All I've changed my handel from London Lad to London Calling
in honour of the clash so there you go PRG.
TO PUNK ROCK GIRL loved the story when you had to force your fudge on the plane their toilets are so disgusting i had a leak on a plane flying to Kenya not only did it stink but it was really noisy i guess it let in more of the engine roar.Hey how about a gig in London the cartoon club in Croydon or somwhere i think you play my sort of music.
To Ben welcome i think telling the truth is expected here so keep enjoying the stories you'll get plenty of them so where are you from?
Great debut stories.
TO CHRISTI Welcome dont be nervouse we all know how it feels to post for the first time relax it gets easier i'm glad you posted and i hope you are too i too was apprehensive but now i love posting here.By the way impressive log stats sounds like you dump pretty big How old are you? I Loved the time you heard a noisy smelly crap from another lady if you dont mind me asking do you make loud noises youself when doing your huge load as you put it. Please do continue and welcome to the forum i'll look forward to reading you again.
TO WHO EVER IT WAS THAT PUT A DISGUSTED POSTER STRAIGHT i cant remember who it was but well done to you who questioned the person who critisised people who like poop details, why are they here if it's so disgusting.
Well i'm failing getting over a Chest Infection, so that will do me for now ,BYE to you all i shall return if your un-lucky ha ha !
Love, resect, and great sausage squeezing to one an all. London Calling

Hi Friends!
I just have time for a story and a few short replies! Sari is still at school writing her graduation speech!
Sarah and I were at yet another party(this is getting old)! It was held in a large house. We had fun dancing and visiting. Sari said she had to wee. I had to have a go, too! We ran to all of the toidy's in the place but all of them were occupied. We were getting desperate!! We ran into this office/Den and saw two wastebaskets. Before I could say a word Sari had ripped down her trousers and sat on the basket. I did the same. You could hear our wee splatter in there. Well, as luck would have it two couples came in and saw us. They burst out laughing and ran out of the room. We got up and went back to the party. The rest of the night was spent dodging people's questions on how big of a wee we did!! It was rather embarrassing. Well, when you gotta go!!

INA: Hi sweetheart! We will try the travelmates with our jeans on next week. We will give you a report! Hope your Mum is practicing with hers. We enjoyed your story about weeing in the gents room. We have never ventured in there! Now, I do like mine large but as we have told you and PV, we have also tried the other "forbidden" fruits. Lots of Lovexxx and hugs! Meghan
KENDAL, LAWNDOGS KID, ELLEN, and ELEANOR: Hi there! That alert system is a great thing!! Your Dad's/Uncle's reply had me in stitches. Do you know that our Dad goes bright red when he sees us in the toidy? ELLEN: you are not a chatterbox, are you? KENDAL: it seems you did a Meghan trump when you had your delayed poo!! I am proud! ANDREW seemed giddy as well! ELEANOR: We are glad you might live in Kendal's old home! Sari will be here next week! Take care! Lots of Lovexxxx and big hugs to all of you! Cousin Meghan

I have to go! My LOVE to all of you especially: Rizzo, PV, Steve, Louise, and Damsel. Jane and Gary, Ephermal-hang in there sweetie!, Tim and Sarah, Todd and Diana, Diva, Carmalita, Jake, Renee, Pat, Nu, Tesa., Kimmie and Scott, LindaGS, Elena, Cousin, Adele, Plunging Plop Guy, Gopweller, Samantha, David(German), Ellie and Little Lou!


Todd & Diana
To Punk Rock Girl,
We loved your story about you sitting on the toilet in the airplane bathroom. As for us, we can't take a dump without reading a magazine or a newspaper. It is really hard for us. We usually sit on the loo for at least 20 minutes. And we usually have bathroom time together. We have two toilets side by side in our bathroom. Plus we both like it when we hear about females who read on the toilet. Before I met Diana, I thought reading on the toilet was just a "guy thing". We also like it when females fart while they poop. Again I thought only guys farted while they pooped. Will you go and take a dump at somebody's house? I talked to a lot of girls and they said that they have no problem going and dumping in another bathroom that is no there own. But guys it is different. If they are at a girl's house they won't do it, because of respect for the girl. We have no problem with that, if we have to we go and do it. Hope to hear from you soon. Lots of Lovexxxx Todd and Diana

Annie and Robby,
We are doing just fine. We are counting the days until the babies are born. And in June we will be legally married. How are you two? We haven't heard from Sari and Meg in a long time, we sure do miss them. We just LOVE your family so much. Well keep in touch, but I (Diana) have to go and take a huge long dump so I got my magazine and I am off the the loo. Lots of Lovexxxxxxxx Todd and Diana

UNCLE RIZZO: Thank you for my trump story. It was very good. I didn't need much help to read it. I can read very well. It made me laugh a lot. Next time I do a trump, I will flap my dress. Then I will be like the man shaking his trump down his trousers. Lots of love from Ellen x

UNCLE ROBBY, AUNTY ANNIE, MEGHAN, SARAH: Kendal is out. So I let Andrew watch. I had a wee and two poos. They plopped. Andrew liked that. Lots of love from Ellen xxxx

LINDA GS: Andrew says thank you very much for taking him to the toilet with you. Can I come with you next time as well ? He says he has something else to ask, but it is not for little ears. I hate it when he does that. He says he will write to you himself. And I have to write this, XOSXOS. Lots of love from Ellen x PS Next time I need a poo, I will take you with me.

Saturday, May 11, 2002

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