Did anyone ever doodoo or pee in their back yard or driveway?
Did anyone ever pee in the sink?
Jason the poop lover.
This is to Marcus: You really had a 3 foot long turd? How did you get it to be so long? Can you tell me? I bet it was a nice poop. I would think so too. I wish I could have one that long and 3 inches thick.
To Scarlet: Interesting answers to my questions. Thank you for responding. I hope you liked my stories and questions.
One time when I was 6 years old I was in church and had to doodoo. I put toilet paper on the seat because I thought it was dirty. It came out slowly. I was sitting there waiting for it to move and it kept moving slowly so I pushed. I continued to push and it moved faster. It feels so good when I push because it feels smoother. I also like how it feels moving through my intestines when I push to mane it move faster. I pushed slightly. It moved as I pushed and it finally came out. I had to push all of the turds out and I felt that I had to anyway because I was in church. They felt so good coming out. They were brown. I pushed out 6 of them and I was scared that I would overflow the toilet because the hole in the toilet was small and I didnt want to overflow the church toilet. I didnt. It barely went down.

Hello all!

On Monday, Ashley came over to visit for a couple of hours. After about 45 minutes, he asked to use the bathroom. So, he went and this time he didn't turn the sink on (see my old posts on him...)I was in the den, lying on the couch and I could hear him peeing. Sounded like a good strong stream. He didn't flush or wash his hands. Then, about fifteen minutes later, he said he knew he shouldn't have drank so much and went to pee again. This time I didn't listen, as I had to take the dog out. Again, he didn't flush. Since I had been playing with the dog, I went to wash my hands. I looked in the toilet, and I could see his bright yellow pee. A little while later, he went to the bathroom a THIRD time. This time, he flushed and washed his hands. So, within two hours, I got to listen to a hot guy pee 3 times and this time, I even got to see what he did, though he didn't let me watch. :)

ON CELEBRITIES--I just downloaded a Hanson interview from Audiogalaxy called Taylor Peeing interview. In it, Taylor Hanson talks about the time he was only 17 and too young to go to bars and clubs, but one let him go in ONLY if he didn't drink alcohol and he stayed in one certain room. Well after two hours, he really had to pee. However, the bathroom was downstairs, where he wasn't allowed to go. So, since he was so desperate, he stepped out onto the roof. It over looked an alley, and part of the roof was lower and close to the alley. As Taylor started peeing on the roof, he saw Isaac in the alley. Isaac climbed up on the roof and kept Taylor company as he peed. The DJ doing the interview asked if he peed on Isaac, but he said no, but it might have been funny if Isaac were an enemy but you just don't do that to your brother! lol


Hey all-
While on the topic of not taking a shit for days upon days, I've got a personal story. I went on a school trip in the eighth grade and did not shit for five days. I thought that I would and I tried, but I just couldn't/ I don't know, I just blame it on being very bowel shy. I even made sure I got up before everyone else did in the hotel room to shit before showering. Again, I couldn't do it. Even though I had a blast on the trip, I made myself physically ill cuz I didn't shit. The last day of the trip I had to walk around Arlington Cemetary all day in tight dress pants. I thought I'd die. When I finally arrived back home late that night, I thought I was going to explode. I farted so loud I thought my ass was going to explode. I took a series of four of five major dums in the next few days to get five days worth of shit out of my system. It is something I never wish to repeat.

Last night i had eatten dinner and i got back online and i was chating with some friends who like poop andi was sitting there and i felt gassy suddenly and then suddenly an urge came on. Then i felt a cramp come on and i told them be right back cause i had to poop. Then the urge was soooo bad i didn't have a chance to close the chat screen! It was either poop my self(i did feel like that day i pooped my pants) or let someone find out im intrested i this stuff. Then i ran to the nearest bathroom(next room over) and sat down and all this liquid and loose shit poored out my ass. I pooped in 2 minutes the i wiped quickly and came back and closed my windows out and went away and i went upstairs to see if i needed to poop more...pooped a bit more out and i wiped and flushed and got back online. I think yesterday i had too much food wiht mayo in it...lot of mayo salads yesterday. Well gotta run bye

Anybody ever get the piss knocked out of them? When I was a freshman in highschool I did playing football. I was coming across the middle chasing down the tailback when the guard caught me from the side. Knocked me out for a min. or two. When I came to I knew I had pissed myself. Lucky for me it was rainy and wet out so my pants were already wet. When we went in I changed as quick as I could and hit my pissy jock. My best friend was in the locker next to mine and saw it, but never said anything to anyone else. I always made sure I peed before going out to practice from then on. Would like to hear if anyone else has had something like this happen.

Hi everyone,
This is my first post here, but I've been reading through the older ones & love to hear the stories...hope that they are true! Definately interested in hearing more from the girls, particularly Cindy,~Scarlet~!,Amy, & Lauren. I have plenty of stories, but this first time I'll share two short ones from when I was a kid:
When I was in fourth grade (I guess 8 or so) I was playing truth or dare with my friend Gabriella. We were "showing" eachother our privates & kissing a little. Then she dared me to watch her go to the bathroom. I thought that she was going to pee, but I got to see her take a pretty big dump (for a 9 yo girl) She wasn't even embarrassed, & we both looked at it before she flushed. Ever since that experience, I have always wanted to see/hear girls poop, so I love these stories.
One other time I was playing with my sister & two girls. All were older than me and thy all 3 went into the bathroom & wouldn't let e in, so I sat out in front of the door and listened. Theycame out giggling and took meinto the stinky bathroom where Shannon (probably 9 or 10 then) had pooped out a thin "snake" that curved around the toilet 3 times! I had no idea such a small girl could shit so much!
Anyway - I'll post some more recent stuff later.
Keep 'em coming girls...literally!

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, again!

Yesterday, I had my shit mid-morning, and thought I hadn't done much but felt relieved, and so when I stood up, I saw I'd only done about half the quantity I usually do. Not long ago, that would have worried me as I would have anticipated a slowing down of the bowel, and sluggish constipated shits for a few days.
I assumed I'd either have another one later in the day, or that I'd make up for it today.
So it was, that this morning, as soon as I'd got up and dressed, I could feel the sensations of a good load to do, and so got on the toilet for a real marathon effort. I must have been on for at least 25 minutes, with it taking me at least 10 minutes to get the first turd out! Lots of grunting and pushing until I felt it "engaged" with further pushing, alternating with contracting until the squelching sounds as it started to get done, and then at last, a bum-splashing Cullompton as it plopped in the toilet.
The next one took a bit less effort until it gently slid out and kerplopped, and the rest of the turds got progressively quicker, easier and smaller until I'd done it all.
No idea why it was so slow and hard to do, but I'm eating more fruit today, and more water to try to help things along.
At least I wasn't pushed for time in my long session this morning, but it wouldn't be very convenient if all my shits took so long to get started, even if it was a labour of love!

MARK V. I too would love to see videos of guys on toilets. Someone posted here and said he'd found a site, but the rules prevent us from being specific about website addresses. We can refer to search engine categories, however, so hopefully we'll be able to find such sites either by chance, or a hint as to where they are.
Some search engines have thousands of toilet references, but it must be out there somewhere!

DREW, the toilet you referred to near the museum I know very well!
It's even possible we used it the same day! How ironic if we did, and had no idea of our mutual interest and identity.
I was in there one day when I heard the voice of a young American guy coming into the toilets, thanking an older guy who'd just shown him where they were, when this young guy went into the cubicle on my left, sat down and had a really loud quick plopping session. I called out to him that it sounded like a good one, and he laughed and replied it was and that he'd been loking for the toilets for about 10 minutes.I said the splashes are good and he laughed again.
We met at the sinks and he seemed very friendly and mentioned the washing arrangements in American toilets and he went out.
I'd like to have chatted to him some more, but I also wanted to sit where he's just been, and that's what I did.
Well, it probably wasn't you,and that was about a year ago anyway, but please tell me all about your shit in there, and what you thought about it, and the toilets you found in London, and what you heard.
I was in London recently, and never found any good acoustically pleasing toilets, and I'm always wondering where they all are!
Next time you visit England, and especially Yorkshire, perhaps we may be sitting in adjacent cubicles, although we might have been already!

COPROLOGIST, Yes, I agree that nothing is taboo now except toilet matters.As for a faecal awareness day, there was a day recently designated as Bowel Cancer Awareness Day. Rather depressing, but it's a step towards mentioning the unmentionable.
I suppose we can all make some contibution to "publicising" our interests, but apart from writing on toilet walls, it's through the internet that we can best refer to it.
Sites such as this must be read by a lot of people, and it still attracts newcomers who are glad to share with us.

JOHN, That was very good advice you gave to Toilet Shy Guy, and I was very interested in how you built up confidence yourself. That must have been great when you finally shit for the first time on a public toilet! Were you soon proud of the sounds you were heard making?
The first time I had a shit in a public toilet I was 16. It was at a bus station toilet, and all the 6 cubicles were occupied, and I remember feeling rather nervous and awkward when eventually the door of of one of the cubicles opened and a young guy came out with the usual serious look that most men seem to have when confronting someone when they leave a cubicle! I even apologised to him as I felt I'd somehow invaded his privacy!
It never bothered me being heard on the toilet, but I did feel embarrassed about being seen waiting to use one, not because I wanted a shit, but that men might think I was there for other stuff.
I've not used toilets in Dewsbury, but have been to Leeds on occasion. One I used to like was in Lewis's department store on or near The Headrow. this had cubicle doors like saloon doors, and I found it really exciting to know either I might be seen on the toilet, or that I might look over the door at someone as he's dropping some impressive plops! That toilet has been totally revamped now, but it was one I took my biker friend to when we met up for the day in Leeds, hoping to see each other on the toilet until we found it had been "privatised".
We found another somewhere in a shopping precinct, where he used a toilet and when there was no-one else around, I looked under the door as he sat there shitting. He didn'd do much, and came out without flushing, and I enjoyed having one sitting on the warm seat from his well-muscled arse with his torpedoes under me as I dropped some bum-splashers! A satisfying day!

Happy toileting, P. Plop Guy

Tim and Sarah
To our friends: Thank you for the good wishes! I am feeling much better. I had a chemo therapy, which knocked me out a bit. You know lots of phone calls to my friend Joerg..(German expression for throwing up). I already worked again this week though and was just a bit too busy to post. The family is fine.

SARAH AND MEGHAN: Congratulations, Sarah, well done! I bet you are happy now. Good luck for the future. I bet you will make an excellent career. Your mom would be so proud, no doubt! And I am sure Robbie is. Meghan, donít be sad and enjoy student life for a bit more, while Sarah will discover that working isnít much better and envy you after a while ;-). We hope she will not have to go too far away from you. I hope youíll have good celebrations. Iíll post a story for you about a wild student party next time, I hope youíll like it. Weíll miss you, come back soon. Until then, lovexxx from Sarah and me

RIZZO: Hello, dear friend. We hope you are ok. Hopefully you saw our last reply, as we usually land in the older posts, being too long and chatty, lol. Hope to hear some more of your lovely stories soon. Yes, Poo the! Wasnít this a lovely suprise for me? Amazing. Our Josie loves telling other kids, what ípooí means, showing off her English, lol. In fact it was one of the first English words she learnt from my brother, who knows a bit of German, but speaks English with the kids a bit. He used to ask her: "Did you do a nice poo?", when she sat on the potty. As it was one of the first sentences she learnt, she asked many people, who spoke English, whom she met...we had good laughs, although Sarah was always a bit red. Take very good care! Did you order the travelmate for your wife? Hugsxxx from Sarah and me

ANNIE AND ROBBIE: Hi sweethearts! We hope you will be back soon. I bet you are happy and proud of Sarah.
I know what you mean about the squatting over the hole...At one time Loewie needed to poop in such a place. He was of course far too scared to poop over the hole. I took lots of toilet paper and laid it on the floor and told him to poop onto it. He did very well and even managed to weewee foward into the squat toilet. Clever boy! I dumped his doings into the toilet afterwards...maybe itís an idea for urgent situations...On other occasions I just held him or Josie over the toilet, but I donít think Annie will do that for you, Robbie, lol. I know what you mean, about my Sarah being careful not to do things, she does not like. As enchanted and happy as I was about her last post, I am still worried she might do stuff for me, she might not really like and I donít want that. She assured me that was not the case and she was having fun, but when I saw how upset she was about the stuff that Diva wrote concerning dignity, I was not too sure. We hope you had a good time away. On S! aturday evevning we did a short and slightly altered version of "The Magic Flute" for Sarah with the kids. (My way of saying thanks) We used play back, though. Loewie was the snake and Josie played Pappageno. I was the prince, of course, lol. In our version Pappageno actually kills the snake and the fighting scene was more elaborate...Josie loved it and is planning a career in your field now, Robbie, next to being a vet and working with aunt Hannah in Africa and of course being a mom and becoming a doctor to cure my ???? and Loewieís asthma... . She will at least need the energy from somebody of your family, I guess. New biological discoveries as well: Dead snakes can still fart and giggle...Sarah taught them the "pa pa pa pappageno" bits and they changed it to "aa aa" while Josie pooped and Loewie watched her...Reminded us of somebody...I take it you know, "aa" is German for doodoo...Lots of lovexxx from all of us.

LOUISE AND STEVE: Thank you for your nice words. The advice about the peeing on the shoes to avoid pregnancy is a bit late for us, I guess, lol. I just remember, my grandfather told us, that you have to pee into new leather boots for the leather to go soft. Yes, Loewie understood why he had to have the circumcision: Shortly after it was done we had some friends over. We talked about it and suddenly Loewie got up, pulled his training pants down and proudly showed his willie to all, stretching out his belly and everything underneath, lol! Of course he got, lots of "Oh, poor sweetie. Did it hurt?" He just nodded and said: " But good for peepee.." I am all red, cause I DID NOT mean to indicate, "I was hung like a horse". How enbarrassing, lol! I personally think my penis is just in proportion to the rest of my body as I am quite tall. Sarah just says, especially my feet...haha, very funny, dear! Watching a horse taking a piss, you definately know where the expression is c! oming from! In German itís "like a brewery horse" instead of "race horse", you know, the big, bulky horses that used to pull the waggons...I like that expression even more as I associate the big urge you got after a few pints with the word brewery... lol. Poor Steve, lol, I would be embarrassed if I was the subject of discussion for a netball team...You have got my understanding, friend. Mind you if the netball team is returning the favour, I would think about it, if I were you. Mind you, we had a dinner the other day. Robert told this joke, where a girl and her grandfather are walking on a nudist beach and she asks why he has so big hands, feet etc. and he replies cause I worked, walked so much in my life. She then says: "And you peed a lot as well?" We laughed and Sarah stroke my head and said, now she knew why I like peeing that much. She said:"You can stop now..." This led to a bit of a discussion about sizes and I think Sarah had a good laugh, being the only woman with! three guys. I guess Louise would have loved to throw some comments in...Lots of love to you two! Take care

INA, EPHERMAL AND ALL THE OTHERS WE HAVE NOT REPLIED TO, YET: Iíll write soon. Itís getting too long and I am tired. Speak to you next time, promise...Take care, all!

Quick post before tea. I gather Ellen, Andrew and Eleanor have posted before me. That is a lot of posts from one computer !

EPHERMAL: You said such nice things about me and my friends. Well, we are the honoured ones to have had Eleanor come into our lives. Love from Kendal x

LINDA GS: Ooohhhh !! So you skipped off with Andrew in hand did you ?! Well, thats good. I'll have to ask you to take him more often if you agree that readily. We can't have him starved of his toilet viewings can we ?!! I think Andrew must be right. I am turning into a naughty girl. Thats because I was hugely delighted to find out that Cousin had blushed. Serves him right for peeking on a girl having an early morning visit ! Its rather good having crushes on other people's cousins isn't it (looking at Linda !). Did he really say those words about the princess and all ? Well now, if he could say such nice things when I had written to London Lad, how much more would he have blushed if I had written that especially for him ?!! Thing is, while I was sitting waiting for nature to happen, I'm sure I thought about my on-line Cousin. I know I thought about my on-line sister. I always do when I'm in the toilet on my own ! Must dash, it will soon be time for tea !! XOSXOS! from he who is loved ! (under pain of death if I forgot !) And love to my blushing Cousin, and Elena and Kendal and Lynda. They will soon be one like my brother Thomas won't they ? Loads of hugs and kisses, Kendal xxxxxxxxxxxx

UNCLE RIZZO, AUNTY PV, UNCLE ROBBY, AUNTY ANNIE, SARAH & MEGHAN: Andrew tells me that he said I've been staying with Charlotte and her sisters. Well, we did have one or two toilet adventures. Rachel, Charlotte's next sister sat on the toilet and had a poo with the door open while Charlotte and I sat in her bedroom opposite. Her Baby sister wanted me to go with her on her own. She took about five minutes to poo ! And then when she had finished, she said it was my turn ! I told her I might not be able to poo, but I would certainly have a wee for her. However, despite the fact that it was morning time, I surprised myself by being able to squeeze out a small poo on demand so to speak !! Happy toidying ! Lots of love from Kendal xxxxxx
PS: I think you asked how big our village is. Well I think it is over 1,000 people now.

STEVE & LOUISE: Its a celebratory tea ! Eleanor's Mum and Dad are going to buy my old house. Now how weird will that be for me, going back to my old house, but it belonging to Eleanor's family instead of mine ! Never mind, it will mean that Andrew and I will once again be able to peep at each other using the reflection in the tiles on the wall, while Eleanor will keep the door shut at all times !! Take care and lots of love from Kendal xx

Ellen wants to say a word or two.


I saw Eleanor on the toilet. I did not mean to. It was a mistake. She gave me a kiss and a hug because I said sorry. Then Andrew gave me one too and said he was sorry he told me off. He thought I did it on purpose but I didn't. Now Kendal has given me a kiss and a hug as well, and helped me with my spellings. Lots of love from Ellen xxxxx

Been an interesting week. So Wed and Thurs I was pooping like there's not tomorrow. I couldn't figure it out because I would be going 3-4 full (for me...which is small compared to most of you) loads each of the two days. I didn't eat more than usual (if anything, less cause it's finals and I just don't have time). It was really strange. I went once yesterday afternoon and then today, about 1 am Saturday into Sunday, I just got an urge to go and it was sitting at my hole and just wouldn't come out so I had to help it out with my finger (*ewww*). It wasn't big or anything, just stubborn. So, I felt my finger up to see if there was more and it was all gooey and stuck to my finger several times, but nothing more solid. I don't even thing I got all that goo stuff out, but I want to go to bed and if it didn't want to budge, at this point I"m not making it. It was just really weird...Oh, while I was sitting on the toilet, before giving up trying to get it out on its own, my! leg cramped up really bad. Has that happened to anyone? It was painful.

Pete--that's gross! Not to mention really rude...your poor dad.

Lion--post some stories. The longest I ever went without shitting was about a month when I was a kid. Read old posts. I had a lot of problems with constipation when I was younger and that's why I'm here. I'm very aware of what goes on with my body and am curious as to what is normal and how to keep it that way. In a way, this is a very good support group for me. I can't exactly whine to my friends "I'm so constipated today" or announce "I had the most wonderful shit today" because while I'm so aware of it because of my childhood problems, no one else cares. Except here. I don't know the most I've shit in one day, probably when I was sick, but I can't think of a specific example. This week had some frequent shitting going on. As far as my period goes, it really depends. I'm not a "regular" shitter, so it's hard to tell what's just my "normal" changes and what is tied to my cycle. One thing that you might be interested to know is that when using internal protec! tion (I use a reusable natural gum rubber cup which is wonderful and much healthier than bleached toxin-filled tampons) it is very hard to shit because all that area is connected and the expansion of the vagina constricts the bowels or something. However, the during the first few days of my period I have to pee a lot more than usual.

Louise, Annie and Robby--I started the walk for hunger about 9:45 and finshed at about 4:30. The longest without a set of portapotties was 3.5 miles. In general they were 2 miles apart. Also, it was all through residential neighborhoods--no woods!--so it would be not so nice to stop so sorry, not squatting in Boston/Cambridge/Newton/Brookline. I tried going into a drug store once but they didn't have a bathroom and told me to go across the street (very busy main street) to a donut place. I held on for the next mile and could not fully empty, so I had to stop again at the next set. Oh, well.

Hi there Rizzo :o) How are you?

Someone asked about women sitting down to pee without feeling the need for a motion and then having to have one. Yes, that happens to me sometimes. It's a matter of just stopping for a minute or just relaxing down there.

One more quick note: Again, horrid asthma attack today. Better now. Lots of meds...for some reason the meds make me pee so much. I had to go 4 times in one hour and desperately. Like I said, I'm usually very good at holding it but I couldn't even finish what I was doing, I had to get up and leave to pee in the middle, despite having just gone 15 minutes prior. Anyone know why steroids do this?

Take care everyone. Hugs to all, I can't possibly list individually cause I really do need to go to bed.

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