Hey y'all im new and im a little nervous about saying this kinda stuff to people but i'll try! Well on Saturday I had some monster diahhreah! it burned so bad. my sister slipped laxative into my morning coffee. but i liked spewing out that warm greasy crap. it felt so good! usually when i shit its at least i guess 7-9 inches long and 4 inches wide. and its sticky and messy. i go at least 4 times a week. my loads are so huge! i once clogged a public toilet at the park cause i ate way to much the day before. i love having BM's though so i go whenever i feel the urge to poo. no matter where i am. sometimes when im in the public stalls i hear other ladies come in and have BM's. it almost arouses me. one time i heard the loudest fart ever in a public bathroom! and a few splashes and then some grunts and strains. then when she left she started to walk really fast cause she only didnt make a lot of noises but also made the worst smell ever! when another girl walked in i got nervous! cause i thought that she'd think i made the smell. she coughed and asked if i did that. well i was also having a BM at the time so part of it was me, but i said no then i accidently let out a fart and she left.quickly! i love having BM's and i hope to make a lot more, and ill post again really soon! bye every one

Donnie M
To Bryian- and others...
About the boy and dog pooping in the store that one hot sat. nite. Yes, the boy had to poop and his folks would not listen to him. His dog was running around farting garlic like onion sour farts that were real stong and I think the boy felt he had to go now too.
The dog left a pile of shit up in the asile between the washing machines and dryers. There was a smaller log laying there too, probably the boy's
His folks hitailed it out the door once the order was writen up, they hadda know the dog shit, and the boy was ripe too.\
My salesman came back to the desk non-plussed by the whole thing and rang up his order.. Im like, what the hell is going on, whats that smell? He explained what happened, and Im like yelling, well, do something!! So he gets paper towels and picks it up and tossed it out into the alley behind the store..Yuk.
Then he got a big nosebleed. Hmmm wonder if the smell got to him?

There were more occasions where customers came in to poop using the store bathoom, some made it some didnt, and some left a big mess in the toilet for someone else to clean.
We put a out of order on the back stockroom entrance for the toilet and took it down off and on. It discouraged those habitual poopers that thought this was a public restroom.
Ya there were times we had some chicks dancing the pee pee dance and squeezing butts, we would them make it to the bathroom.
I had a older woman make a puddle at the desk, and one saleman said, "whats that at your feet"? She was all indignant and says, "what do you mean, I didnt do that!"
Ya animals in a store dont kinda make a good mix as they like to explore and find a place to leave a mark, or some cases a present.
Well thats it for now...if you want more.. lemme know..

yo i remember one time a year or 2 ago the drains were blocked up and messed up every time the toilet was flushed, so my dad had 2 shit in a bag!!
we were like, how the f??k did u do that?

To tibkid boy: I liked your story..where were your parents and the girls parents when she was pooping?

To Pat: I don't think Jackass has any thing on the show about women pooping..most of the people on there are guys doing crazy stunds and stuff

To Marcus: I liked your story...i can't help you with your question..i do not know the answer

To jamie: I liked your story

To Matt: I liked your story

To Moderator...sorry about posting a story twice because i thought it didn't make it and i couldn't figure out why..sorry again

I liked that pic on Wednesday!

Last night i went to bed and i knew probably today i would need to poop because i hadn't pooped since sunday night. I was in bed and i started feeling gassy and stuff then i felt some turds up my butt and they were not moving so i went to the bathroom and pushed them out and i sat a bit too and got more out. Just that things weren't moving to much(urge didn't get stronger). Then i wiped alot and flushed and went to bed. When i was done i felt alot better..gotta run bye

Noel,It's good to see you are back and posting. You sure get people to talk. I was draining a vein aka pissing the other night and I let a fart go as we men do as a means of showing the piss is ending and it is a feeling of total releif.When the fart exited I could feel my cheeks sliding back and forth. I lowered my pants and jockeys and found a dark brown wet spot in the middlwe. I had let a wet fart go, I guess that is why some men sit to pwee. I raised my briefs and figured that since they were alredy dirty I might as well finish the job and feel total releif and I relaxed and it all slid out and rested under my balls. Man did I feel good

I'm Glad you all liked my story. I have one from I few years ago. ( i'm 14 now, i was 12 then) I was home sick from school and playing nintendo. My freind Randy came over to drop off my homework. he played nitendo with me. I had to poop, but was having too much fun to stop. I wasn't paying attention and the poop just started coming out. I ran to the bathroom but it was too late. I yelled to Randy that he had to leave because I needed to take a bath. I never found out if he knew about the accident. I wasn't embarrassed long because a week later We were playing nintendo and he started holding himself and stood up to dance. He kept playing untill he frooze and wet his pants.

My mom never found out about me wetting my pants the second time last week, She still won't buy me boxer shorts because i always mess my underwear, and breifs are cheaper.

A couple of years ago I knew this girl who was friends with my sister, she was 17 years old, about 5'7", blond hair, slim and very attractive. Ever since I knew her I guessed that she had some kind of weak stomach or IBS as she was always getting stomach aches and bouts of diarreah. She was quite shy about it and I found that kind of sexy. One day she came to the house to see my sister, who at the time was out, so I welcomed her in and got her a drink. She exclaimed that she was hungry and had had no lunch so I warmed up a bowl of tomato soup for her to eat, she really was hungry as she gulped in down in a matter of minutes with several slices of bread. After that we were watching TV and chatting and being sat on the sofa next to her I realised that her stomach was starting to rumble, I tried to pretend that I hadn't noticed but it was hard not to considering how loud it sounded. After a minute or two it appeared that she was uncomfortable as she was fidgeting around and cla! sping her arms over her stomach. I asked her if she was ok and she replied "yes, but I've got a bit of a belly ache". She was starting to blush and within a few seconds a nasty odour had filled the air. By that time I had got a massive erection and felt equally as embarrassed as she did. I was about to get up and leave the room but realised that it was impossible considering the huge bulge in my trousers. Before I could say anything else she had made a dash for the downstairs toilet. I heard the door slam and slowly creeped over to listen to what all the fuss was about, she was straining like mad and farting constantly. i couldn't take much more so I headed up to the upstairs toilet to relieve my tension, LOL. I kind of feel weird about this strange turn on and have never told anyone until this day. Any other guys or girls here have this experience?

Hey everyone-
Well I've decided to write again. I do have an interesting poop story, but its not about me. Once my family had a foregin exchange student, we'll cann him Matt. Matt was French and seemed to have some very strange bowel habits. The Night he came to the USA we noticed that he took a fairly large dump in my bedroom toilet. After that day, we never noticed him shit again. Now obviously, we weren't waiting for him to go, it just seemed strange that sharing close quarters with the kid, cuz he was never in the bathroom for more than 30 seconds. Boy did that kid f????n eat. We'd take him to McDonalds and he'd eat a 20 piece chicken Mcnuggets and a large fry. He also ate 4 croissants every morning for breakfast. After about wo weeks, we noticed that Matt was not feeling well. He was always in a bad mood (not a shock, afterall, he's French). We were both invited to my best friend's house to spend the night one Saturday evening. Matt refused to come. I went ahead and wen t, it was nice to get away from him for a change. Anyhoo, my paretns went to pa party that night and Matt was left with my housekeeper who is in her 70's. As soon as mom and dad left, Matt ran to the downstairs bathroom and let loose. I guess he shitted all over the toilet, all over the flor, and in the toilet. This was at least 10 days worth of shit. On top of all that, the motherf????r used the handtowels that my deceased grandmother made to wipe his ass. My father had to clean the mess up when he got home. I'm glad I didn't have to see it. The rest of the time he was with us he didn't say much. I guess he was ashamed. I thought I'd share this story, hoped everyone enjoyed it. By the way, I'm still anxious to hear if anyone else is turned on my women's digestive systems.

Mark V
I have been off the site for a while. Can anyone recommend recently released videos with guys siting on the toilet?


The gay bars I go to (male) have a women's rest room. I think the reason is to accomodate the opposite sex and also, maybe at one time the bar may have been straight.

To Toilet Shy Guy

There was a time when I couldn't use public toilets. I think that this stemmed from school days when other boys would try to look at you on the toilet. This stayed with me and I always felt too exposed to use a public toilet - there was no way I could take a shit.

However, the time came when I had to tackle this fear. I chose a toilet in Dewsbury near where I live in the UK and decided to try for a shit. I entered the toilet and in a way hoped that there was no one else there. Fortunately I was on my own and chose a cubicle. You had to put a coin in the slot to open the door - I did this and entered. The toilets were nice a clean which helped things along.

So now to try for a shit. Jeans and briefs down (usually blue in those days!) and onto the toilet. I did feel very very exposed but pushed down and very quickly had a shit. Too far off to remember much about it but I felt quite elated - at last I could shit in a public toilet!

Wiped, briefs up, jeans up, flushed and it was done.

Still felt a little nervous about things so kept returning to the same toilet for more shits to build up my confidence. Finally got to the stage where I could comfortably use the toilet with other guys around.

I now have no problem having shits in public toilets - as long as they are clean, still don't like dirty ones.

So, Toilet Shy Guy, try it like I did - choose a quiet toilet and try for a shit. If it seems too busy just make out that you just needed to wash your hands for some reason and return another time when it may be quieter.

Try it and let us know how it goes.

i have lurked on this site for a while but only now I have found the cajones to post anything.

I am a 21 year old male and consider myself reasonably attractive- 5'11"
170 lbs shoulder-length brown/blonde hair and blue eyes.

I am amazed with the openness of those who post on this site-especially females (most girls where I come from dont talk about their bodily functions so frankly or descriptively, in fact many of them pretend that they dont even need to poop!I always thought that strange- "what? you girls are able to convert all of your bodily wastes into urine?" I would think.

I have a few things In mind that I will post soon but I dont have time now because I need to go and take finals.

-heres some food for thought... how long has anyone went w/out pooping? How many times did you poop in one day?
-for the ladies- do your bowel movements differ when youre on your period?

Talk later

To Sue-Anne
Yeah, i've tried that. works well. it leaves an awesome feeling especially if you get a really long warm one. how long are your's normally? sue-anne, what other things have you tried??

Do any women here actually make more noise than necessary when on the toilet, hoping that some one in the next room or cubicle will hear them?

I saw an amazing thing on Saturday. I was in my car in a parking lot, getting ready to leave, when I noticed a man getting out of his car across from me. I thought nothing of it. While his car door was still opened he looked around furtively. Then he undid his pants and pulled them down. I assumed he was a flasher and I decided to enjoy the show. Then he squatted and proceeded to shit!! I could see the turds coming from behind his genitals. Then he stood up with his pants down to his ankles and rummaged around in his car. He brought out a tissue and wiped his bottom. He threw the tissue on the floor, pulled up hia pants, got in the car and drove off, leaving behind quite a giant heap of shit. Quite extraordinary!

Punk Rock Girl
To TODD and DIANA: Hey! I guess I'd say I read on the crapper at least a couple of times a week. If it seems like it's going to be a quick dump, I don't bother. But if It seems like it's going to take more than a couple of minutes, I pick up one of my mags or a book and enjoy the private time. I don't usually sit for much longer than it takes to crap, though. How about you guys?

To LONDON LAD: I think "London Calling" is a cool name. I'd say go for it.

And now...

I was in FLA for my Grandmother's birthday this past weekend. Good time, nothing too exciting bathroom-wise during my visit. But on the plane ride home, I had quite a dump. I was desperately late for my plane (a car crashed into the toll booth plaza that led to the airport and we had to find an alternate route). I had had to take a dump since I left the hotel, but figured I'd have time at the airport. Nope! By the time I got on the plane almost three hours had passed and I was desperate. I could feel a load poking out of my ass. Finally, the seat belt sign went of and I made my way to the restroom. You need to be an expert in yoga to fit in one of these things. I pulled down my pants and underpants (no thong that day) and sat on the toilet. I was surprised at how much work it was to get it out. I had felt constipated, but figured it would fall right out at this point. It inched it's way out, a rock solid log, then finally shot out of my ass like a bullet wit! h a loud fart. Then, it was immediately followed by what felt like a gallon of diarrhea, which gushed out like a faucet. A few more squirts and a few wet farts and it was over. I peed, and went about wiping my ass, which took about six wipes. I don't usually look at my dumps, but happened to glance in before I flushed. It was quite a massive amount of shit. I was pretty impressed with myself for being able to hold it in that long. I flushed, washed my hands and went back to my seat. I felt much better after that.

Special Hellos to Ina, Bryian and everyone else!



New Musician

Great post, hope to hear more pant filling stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well my last letter went on page 894 and it being there makes it look earlier than a lot of the letters I answered. I hope nobody misses it.

EPHERMAL - Hi girl! I liked reading about your Walk for Hunger. How long did it take you to do that 20 miles? Did the needing to pee slow you down a bit because I know I do not like to move too quick if I need a wee. I am thinking about how long it would take me. I bet it would take me about 5 and a half hours because I timed it when I walked 4 miles and if I slowed down a bit then a bit of time would be added on. You must have been drinking a lot to need a pee about every 45 minutes if you were walking at the same speed as I would, but then I do not know if you would be quicker or slower. I do not think I have had a numb bladder ever, but I have had the urge so strong that it has been a bit painful like when I had to give Steve the fingers crossed on both hands signal so that we could get out of the taxi cab for me to go and have a really really really desperate wee.
Love Louise xx

Tony: British girls always have huge bowel movements. When I was eight, my English cousin, Pat who was 29 had Sunday dinner with us at our uncle's house. I was cuddled on her abdomen and was listening to her digestive sounds. She belched and broke wind a few times. I thought it was funny and giggled. She said, "I have to jobbie, Love. Come keep me company." I went with her to this huge bathroom down the hall. I sat on a wooden chair. Pat lifted her huge skirt, white slip and pulled down her simple pink cotton panties. She released five pieces of doo-doo six inches long. They were thick in diameter. On each release, they splashed like torpedoes and I heard these muffled air puff farts. On the last, she said, "Oh love, that was a big one!" It was then followed by a loud 5 sec. buzzing fart. She then said, "I thought that was another piece of jobbie." I sat on this chair and we talked about things, even our bowel movements. I told her how I hated diarreah. It frightened me. She! then reached for paper and wiped herself good with three small wads. When she stood up I saw what she evacuated. Pat always wore nice underwear. When she visited us, she always washed her white, pink, light blue and yellow panties and slips and let them air dry overnight in the bathroom. I liked the big oversized panties, so I could pull away the leg openings to squat or stand to urinate.

I see a sale on panties this week. I will stock up.

Bryian: glad you liked my story. Plunging Plop Guy: thanks for the welcome back. Yes, I did spend a month in Britain last summer and will be returning there again this summer. I took a good dump in the public toilets in York that you mentioned once, the one's near Jorvick. Every time I go to York, I end up having a monster dump! The 24 inch one at the university a few weeks ago was caused by regular doses of Metamucil, or Fibogel as it's known in Britain. Took a lot of dumps in the London area in various shopping centres and stations such as Victoria. I heard a few good plopping sounds and farts, but nothing that memorable to stick in my mind. Hope to have some good experiences this year. I'll try to recall some more university stories to write about.

At the Home Depot today, I was taking a dump in a stall when another guy came in and took the stall next to mine. I like to watch their feet as they prepare to sit down. This guy was wearing white sneakers and socks, and his bare legs showed that he had shorts on as well. Curly blond hair on his legs. He faced the toilet while he put the cover in place, then turned around, fumbled with his belt, and pulled his shorts and underwear down to the floor. He was wearing khaki shorts and white briefs or boxerbriefs with a grey waistband. He started crapping as soon as he sat down. There wasn't any farting, just alot of crackling and plopping. For each little dumping session, he would lift his left heel and his foot would shake a tiny bit. He crapped for just a minute, then I heard him pulling alot of paper off the roll to wipe. I could see his hand below the partition as he pulled the paper down from the dispenser. He appeared to lean forward while wiping. He wiped about 8 times, a! nd then stood after his last wipe, turned to the right, and flushed. His crap wasn't too strong-smelling. He pulled up his shorts and underwear, adjusted himself, and buckled up. I left my stall righjt after he did and saw that he was the cute blond sales guy from the "tool corral". He has very short hair, almost shaved, and a serious look on his face all the time. He's also very skinny. Nice "semi-sighting"!

Annie and Robby
Hi all!
Well, I guess our post didn't make it in for some reason. We think it was Robby's story about his lady friend. It might have been a bit risque and off subject. We are going to use a more compact version.

Robby- Here is a story from my London trip. During the recording sessions we naturally had a toidy break. I went into a stall, pulled down my trousers, and started weeing. I bent forward and pushed. A solid mass started coming out of my bum. I heard the stall door next to me close. I looked and saw sneakers and paid no attention. My mass crept out and part of it plopped(Cullompted) into the bowl. My mate on the other side let out this loud trump. "He" sighed. I knew that voice. It was my soprano friend. I said "Felicity"(Not her real name). She said;"Robby I needed to go so bad I ran in here". I was turning bright red. She has always been a bit on the wild side. She grunted and a piece broke into the bowl. I, meanwhile, had dropped the rest of my monster and wiped up. My friend cullompted another piece and weed. She wiped up and came out of the stall. She said;"Blimey, that is a relief"! I laughed and we exited the loo arm-in-arm. We did get some odd looks. We had a gran! d time together in London. That is another story and off subject.

DEAR INA: My Dear, we are sorry we didn't respond!! We are glad you are ok! Annie- I will try my travelmate again! Talk to you, soon! Lots of Love and big hugs! Annie and Robby
DEAR KENDAL, ANDREW, and ELLEN: Hi dears, ANDREW, That is a good thing for you two that the alarm system was put in. We are glad you escaped in the knick of time. We laughed at your father's reaction. It is the same reaction our parents gave us. We wish we had had an alarm system when we were growing up. KENDAL, that was indeed a big trump and poo you made. We know it made Andrew ever so happy, teehee! We are glad you have a cousin like Andrew to comfort you. ELLEN, we are glad you didn't fall in the toidy, dear! Take care and Lots of Lovexxxx and Hugs from Aunty Annie and Uncle Robby
DEAR DIVA: Robby- just keep focused and have a positive attitude and you will do the Rossini and many other things in the future. Keep with us! Lovexx Robby and Annie
DEAR EPHERMAL: Hi sweetheart! Just two more weeks!! That is great! That walk you made was outstanding! We pictured squatting people all over Cambridge!! We guess they had enough porta-toilets. We know the Boston/Cambridge area well! Take care and good luck! Lots of Lovexxx and hugs from Annie and Robby
DEAR STEVE, LOUISE, and DAMSEL: Hi there! No big toidy news to report. Annie did have a massive wee in the shower this morning. I wasn't a witness to that, though. She gave me the details. She will write about that later. Damsel, I would be honoured to be a cyber uncle to you but you don't have to call me that. Robby will do nicely. Well, take care and Lots of Lovexxx from Robby and Annie.
DEAR RIZZO: Hi dear friend! What a wonderful story to dear Ellen. It was one of your usual fine essays. I just got back from London and had a great time. I will have more stories from there. It seems that Londoners don't care where they wee or poo! That is something else! Our Lovexx to you and your wife! Robby and Annie

SPECIAL HELLOS TO: DAVID- please stay with us dear friend!, Eleanor- hi sweetheart!, PV- where are the weeing on the American beaches stories?,LOL, Kimmie and Scott- hi there, Jane and Gary- Hi folks, Sweet Carmalita, Jake, Pat, Renee, Nu, Tesa, Jeff A, Adrian, Tim and Sarah-hi dear friends, Todd and Diana- how are you two?, LindaGS- glad you had a good time, Elena, Cousin, Gopweller, Plunging Plop Guy, Ellie and Little Lou- Where are you!! and the other new and old posters!


Why are people so reticent in discussing toilet matters? In the last 20 years many taboo subjects are now widely discussed in the media, whether newspapers or TV. For example masturbation, cock-sucking and anal sex are widely mentioned, topics that a few years ago were regarded as not existing, and totally unmentionable. Yet shitting is something that we all do every day, and probably gives more pleasure to more human beings than sex ever does, yet the subject cannot be mentioned except by those of us who read this page.Only small children are allowed to get away with talking about their toilet activities, the topic is taboo often even between husband and wife. Think what a wonderful time the National Enquirer would have if it could discuss how much TP celebrity XX uses, or that celebrity YY was constipated last week, but is now going three times per day! The stars' bowel habits are just as interesting as their sex lives. What can those of us who like talking about the topic! do? I suggest that we promote a FECAL AWARENESS WEEK.Any suggestions about how we might promote increased discussion of the topic?

Hi everyone!

It seems that my answers to the posts of some of you have gone down the toilet and not reappeared here. It happens.

DAMSEL, I am still savouring that fantastic wee of yours in the sink! You do seem to me to be a perfectionist! I am already looking forward to your next performance! Great stuff! Hugs from Rizzo

DONNIE M. I enjoyed your story about the boy and the dog shit in the store next to the electric appliances! I have a related story from the past involving a dog. It is rather long though, so I will post it separately some time in the future, in order not to occupy to much space here.

GEMMA, that was a cool story of you having to go in a public garden! Yes, little dark brown or black plastic bags are very useful. Here in Europe little plastic bags can be obtained at dispensers in parks. They are supposed to be used to gather up the poo your dog leaves. Because of the dog, I always carry some of these in my back pocket and in the car. They are also water tight and can easily fit one and a half litres of pee, and leave enough plastic "neck" to tie a knot!

Hi INA dear, good to read from you again! I see that you are well on the way to perfection when it comes to using the travelmate. Wearing trousers, you can have a wee anywhere any time (when no-one is looking) without having to expose your bottom to the elements. That must add to quality of life! Believe me, I would hate to have to lower my pants outdoors every time I would need to pee! So you enjoy your special blend of teas? I do as well, in the afternoon, but in the mornings I prefer coffee, even if it developes a need to pee a lot at the most inopportune moments. Keep your spirits up! Love to you from Rizzo.

And to SARAH and TIM, that poo of yours by the lake, Sarah, was a good one. That your children thought it was a bearís deed made me laugh! Poo the Bear, eh? I hope that Tim is well again, love to both of you from Rizzo

DIVA, after having read your posts about the desperate needs for a wee a singer is prone to, I see concert performances with different eyes. Your posts make me respect the singers more. Heroes of voice and bladder! Donít misunderstand me, I am trying to be serious.
It was some weeks ago when I saw Carmina Burana, with orchestra, choir, solists, and a childrenís choir. Some of the kiddies became rather restless towards the end, and, knowing what you told us, I felt quite sorry for them. But the performance was superb all the same!
Please keep posting, do not let yourself be put off by anyone! You are one of my favourites! Cheers from Rizzo

DESPERATE, I have seen discarded water bottles partly full of yellow liquid at parking lots. It certainly looks as if they were used for an emergency pee in the car. (I didnít go as far as to examine the contents!) An empty bottle in the car could save you from extreme desperation and the need to pee in public. But we would be the poorer, because I, for one, enjoy your stories!

LAWN DOGS KID, hi! Good to read from you again. What a bathroom session with Kendal! Your description of your dad going all red in the face when he walked in on Kendal on the toilet, after her having released a row of urgent plops and hisses was hoot! Now that you have an early-warning beeper in the house, you can fearlessly enjoy more of those clandestine bathroom activities that are on topic here, but certainly off topic outside your bathroom doors! As for Ellen being a chatter-box, I hope my trump story for her has not made things worse!
Have a good time, give Kendal and Ellen my love, and to Eleanor too, when you see her next! (Snicker; it seems she has set her sights on you) Hugs from Rizzo.

Special hellos to EPHEMERAL, ROBBY, ANNIE, SARAH S. (best wishes for the finals) and MEGHAN, to PV (any more Audacious Pees?), JEFF A. (long time, eh?) CARMALITA and family, AUSTIN (are you still reading?), yes, and to GRUNTLY BOGWELL, JANE, PUNK ROCK GIRL and all the other lovely posters old and new I failed to mention, from Rizzo.

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, everyone,

Another perfect shit on my favourite toilet today! I had all the pleasurable sensations that you will all know about by now, and came out of there feeling so good I wanted to shake hands with everyone I met! Perhaps when we meet happy-looking people, it's because they've just had a really great BM!
These days, I hardly need to use TP either, there's just nothing to wipe. To those who are amazed at people hardly using any TP, I used to think they must get really dirty as I could never get clean. I can honestly say; it is possible!

I saw "The Edwardian House" on Channel4 last night. The opening credits with that brief image of the young servant sitting on the toilet is great, but I tried to view it on their website but that scene is,unfortunately missing.

Someone recently posted here about hearing a guy drop a loud plop in a toilet and the listener pretended to be the janitor and told anyone in the toilets not to flush.
That's something I've thoughtabout doing, so I can inspect what they've done, but then I'd need to look like an official when I entered the cubicle afterthe guy's come out, and don't know if I'd have the nerve to keep up the pretence!
I'd like to tell someone who uses my own toilet at home not to flush on the pretext the cistern's just been repaired, but haven't had that opportunity yet with someone whose shit I want to examine and who doesn't know I'd like to see it!

PAT, Almost all of the people performing on "Jackass TV" are men, so that's why it's always men in toilet situations.
This site restores the balance, but I keep hoping to see a guy on the masthead here one day as he sits on the toilet, but therewould have to be a change of policy for that to happen.

Happy toileting, P.Plop Guy

In answer to the question about men sitting down to pee, I have ALWAYS preferred doing that when there is no urinal present. Sitting down is much more comfortable and neater. When you stand up to do it, it is very hard to aim sometimes (particularly if you're a little hard) and getting pee on the seat or even on the floor is very common. It's also impossible to pee standing in the dark. Anyone know why more men don't pee sitting down?

Tony. I liked your account of your Aunt Judith's big motions. It sounds to me as though she really enjoyed a good motion and would save it up until she was well ready or even overdue for a visit to the toilet. Her big jobbies must really have taken a lot of shifting!

your name Sue-Anne. Hi! It's great to have someone from Australia here and I enjoyed your post. I would NOT recommend using your hands to make sure your motions came out all in one piece though - unless you were wearing disposable gloves! I hope you don't mind me asking a few questions, though:

How often do you go for a motion?

Also, do you tend to do big panfuls when you go?

Have you ever been taken short and ended up having an accident or a close call

I'd love to know.

Best wishes


Thursday, May 9, 2002

There are too many folks that did this today to mention all of them by name, but in the future, please pay closer attention to the date stamps. If you didn't post before the date last date advertised, up to maybe 1-2:00 in the morning the next day sometimes, your post does not go with that day. If you are outside North America please consult your local priest, rabbi, shaman or cult leader to find out what day it is. And finally, extremely long shout-outs, that are actually on subject, go in the first avaliable free space that day where ever that may fall.

Lawn Dogs Kid
There hasn't been an update since Ellen posted yesterday afternoon. So hopefully her post will make it, or mine won't make much sense !

ANNIE & ROBBY & SARAH & MEGHAN: Enjoyed the story about "Felicity" ! And that alarm system has brought tremendous joy to Kendal and I !! Kendal is at Charlotte's, no doubt enjoying plenty of toidy occasions with her and her three younger sisters. I remember Kendal telling on here the story of when she first stayed at Charlotte's, and her Dad coming into the toilet to find out what all the noise was, and being very embarrassed to find Kendal sitting on it. I'm not sure that she didn't plop a poo in while he was there as well !! What is it about Kendal and other people's Dads walking in on her ?!! Love from Andrew.

RIZZO: We nearly had a problem with Ellen and her chatter ! Today on the news, they did a slot on a new museum display, I forget where, but probably London. It is a kind of gross-out thing especially for children, and was introduced by the newsreader in such terms like "Well, we all know how children are embarrassingly interested in bodily functions. A new science centre has opened a display just about bodily functions. Children can learn about such functions...", and then pictures were shown of children learning about snot, and burping and farting, and why some things smell !! It showed someone using a pump which showed what happens when you drink a fizzy drink. By pumping the pump, the drink was fed through a straw into the mouth of a model man, and you could see it going down into his stomach, and then after a while, the gas came back, and he made a large belch !! They didn't go onto show if he farted or not !! Nor did they talk about wee and poo. But from what s! ome of the interviewed children had to say about it, they were all topics covered in some way !! Now Ellen seeing this went on to say "That man might be like Uncle Rizzo's friend". My Mum said, "Who's Uncle Rizzo". Ellen went red, so I had to nip in with "He is a friend of Eleanor's, sort of", and then I told the story. I didn't have to say that Eleanor had told us it, nor lie about you being Eleanor's friend. I just had to hide the truth a bit !! Mum simply said, "Hmmmmm......funny name !". Take care my friend, love Andrew.

EPHERMAL: Thanks for your kind words. It is all still quite unbelieveable. We are looking after Eleanor well. And as for her brother Michael, well he might be a couple of years younger than me, but he and I are actually getting on very well. Surprising, when I've noticed how much attention he is paying to Kendal ! I don't think she has noticed yet, and will be mortified that I've said something here !! Eleanor and I are sort of seeing one another. But there is absolutely no way that I will ever pressure her. If I ever get to see her, it will be by invite only !

LINDA GS: Your post and my last post hit the site on the same day, so I won't go over old ground ! Ellen said thank you for me in her post. But I'll say thanks once again for skipping off with me in hand to the toidy ! Now babe, the bit I wouldn't say in front of Ellen was, how much of your proud tan did I get to see ?! Because I'm assuming that I wouldn't get to see the untanned bits while you went, for fear of your Cousin as much as anything else !! But also to protect the modesty of my most special on-line cousin, of course. So, please come back soon. I want to hear a blow by blow, or should it be plop by plop account of our toidy adventure together ?! Take care. Kendal will write soon, especially when she hears you've been on !! Lots of love from Drew xxx XOSXOS
PS, you must have seen Kendal's post asking about Boomerang on my behalf. So what are you saying, I can get to see the scene on the tropfest DVD ?

STEVE & LOUISE: Kendal was quite overjoyed at being seen on the toilet by someone who shouldn't see. She actually spoke about those occasions with the school caretaker again. Honestly, she is getting very naughty ! But the alarm system is excellent, although there hasn't been another opportunity to put it to the test yet ! Thanks for your kind words. Eleanor and I had a wonderful conversation about her worries. She knows she will never be pressured, no matter how our relationship might develop in the future. What I said to her was that I will say nothing more, nor make anything of any occasion when we are together, and she needs to go to the toilet. I said it will be by invitation only, just like it is with Kendal. Even now, Kendal and I see each other on the toilet only when we ask each other to come with us. Its that respect thing ! Eleanor was very impressed ! She said, "I know, I can invite you to listen outside when I go". So I said, that would be fine with! me !!! Eleanor should be here in a while. Her Mum and Dad are visiting to re-negotiate the price on the house based on their survey. Still looks good though. I poked fun at Eleanor actually, about the house. Because what I forgot to say about our conversation was that she said if no one else is in the house (my house) and she needed to go, she would leave the door open a bit so that I could hear the sounds better ! That much trust in me, given what that poor girl went through, made me... well almost tearfully proud and honoured. However, I said what about her new house (potentially) with its shiny tiles on the wall giving a good reflection ? She smiled and said "that door will be shut with a chair wedged firmly under the handle" !! Steve and Louise, we will look after her. But you know that already. I hope we can manipulate the situation to enable Eleanor to write tomorrow. But we'll have to see. Take care, and love to Damsel !
PS: Eleanor has just arrived. I'll see what I can do !

Louise is right, Ina, about it being exciting to have a wee-wee in a urinal. I'd like to try using one that is the kind that are in rows against walls. They do look fun. So far I have tried one that is really the lower part of one wall in the men's toilets at the local baths. My sister, her friend, our mum and Steve have been with me when I have been sneaking in. When we go, we all stand wee-weeing at this wall which is some kind of metal. There is a different stink to men's piss. I agree with you there. Even Steve agrees that my wee, Louise's and others smells differently. Did I say I have tried one of Louise's travelmate things? I had a try when I had a bath. The trouble is I have no boyfriend to have swordfights with. I wish Steve would fix me up with my date. Could you answer a question I have for you, that's if you don't mind? Many women on the site have gone and bought travelmates and obviously you know one of those is my sister. Do you mind me asking what made you tur! n to the travelmate and where you first heard of them? Thank you.

It is very nice of you, Robby, to be my cyber uncle. I've missed having a real uncle and I was too little to remember much of my dad. We do feel so cheated sometimes, Annie.

I did not realise Eleanor is just 13, Andrew. Eleanor, I know how you feel to meet a fantastic guy and he is out of reach. It sucks, doesn't it? Andrew, I am holding a desperate wee-wee as I sit here. I am going out tonight with Louise and Steve. I've got a small white dress on with a white thong under it. I'm fidgeting because I need to go. What do you like most, looking at the wee jet or the hissing and other noises? I think Steve likes the noises as much as seeing a girl wee-weeing actually, but I wondered if all guys who like girls pissing like the same things about it. Do you really like my wees that much? Great! But I think you need a girl who is about 17 like you, Andrew, I know I must sound a bit old for you but XXXXX anyway. Smile.
Could you write all the detail about when you have a wee-wee? I want to know what you do in detail, so tell me if you shake it etc. I apologise if I am being scary and asking you to do special things for me.

Oh it is true that there are many more fish in the sea, Sarah and Meghan, but what do you do if you scare them all away? No, Steve says he knows someone who he is positive I will like. I hope my future boyfriend (if I do like him) will allow me to watch him having a wee-wee like Steve does. I am looking forward to this evening, because I am hoping Steve will have a wee in the shower before we go out. I am always mesmerised by it. Louise is very generous for letting me watch him, and I get a kick out of it.

I will soon have another wee-wee in the sink if my last one rocked your boat, Rizzo. You see I really can be as bad as Louise. Smile.

Thanks for your comments about my wee in the sink, PV. Yes, I have tried very hard to be very graphic because I think there is no point if the people who wish to know all the details don't get them.


I hope you will like this, Rizzo. I am also dedicating this wee-wee also to Andrew, Upstate Dave, Mickey, Richard, Scott, Robby, Jeff A and Tim. PV, I have read how you like wee-weeing in the garden so you will know something of how I am feeling.
I am really desperate for this wee now, and I need to hurry up and tell you what I am wearing before I have an accident sitting here. I have a small white dress on that is almost backless but has just two very thin straps across the back. My breasts are cupped by the dress and it ties around the back of my neck. I do not think I am in as much danger of popping out of this dress as with the other one I had on 2 weeks ago. I did not pop out of that dress that night but I had to adjust it a few times during the evening. This dress is short and I am crossing my legs. I have no shoes on and now I am going to go for my wee.
The weather is very nice so I am outside the back door of Steve and Louise's house in the garden. Most of their back garden has a lot of sun but nobody can see in it so I am totally private here. My cyber audience is assembling and waiting for me to start. I am putting a mirror down on the grass so I can watch myself. I am standing in the middle of the lawn which is very green and cut short, and I am reaching under my dress to pull down my thong. I am easing it down my thighs and getting out of it. Now I am holding my thong in my hand now and lifting my dress up. I am blushing a bit because all of you can see between my legs. I am crouching down now and I can see my pussy in the mirror. The sun is on me from the front and you can see my pussy without any shadows interfering. I am really desperate now and I have to let it go. Without delay I get a forceful yellow jet of wee-wee gushing out of me. I saw in the mirror how my pussy lips were parted so much by it. There is a ! twist on the stream and it is spreading slightly in what I think Steve calls a sheet. My wee-wee is watering the grass and the only real noise is the hissing of my pussy. Smile. You are all only about five or six feet away so you are able to see absolutely the whole thing. I hope you are all getting this because I think my golden jet looks good squirting out. I can't tell you how good this feels but I have gone "uh uh" a couple of times when I have been breathing. I love playing 'hold it' and then wee-weeing like this because of how good the pissing feels. It is a long piss and I can see all the drops in the grass there. My wee is not stopping but it has gone to a weak dribble that I saw and felt trickle around my female bits and run off my bottom. Dripping, I am dribbling as well again now. I have been dribbling for a while now, and it is stopping at last. You guys must have guessed what comes next because you have all gone behind me as I have wiggled my bare bottom to shak! e some of the drops off. Louise warned me about what you were all like. Smile. I have a bunch of toilet paper in my left hand and I am wiping my female bits. You will want all the details, and my sister told me there was a question about girls reaching between their legs or around the side and underneath to wipe. I do it the same as Louise does, I look down at my female bits and wipe it from the front. I am picking up the mirror and walking back into the house still without my thong on. I will remember to put it back on before I go out, don't you worry. Smile. I hope you enjoyed the show. XXXXX



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