tibkid boy
once when i was a really young kid (about five or so) i was at the beach and i was playing around with a cute brown-haired girl about my age. we were swimming in the water and having fun, you know, kid stuff. then suddenly she says "i have to go to the bathroom." so she gets out of the water and goes up to where the sand starts to angle up into the dunes. she stands right in front of me with her back facing me and pulls her bathing suit off. then she leans forward and pushes out this big, hard, dark poop. i sat watching the whole time, not believing i was actually seeing a girl go poop. she thought nothing of it and just kept pooping. that was an interesting day.

I am a guy who sits down to pee at home or in any situation where I can't go in a urinal. For some reason I have a thing about standing and pissing into a bowl of water so when I am at home I always sit down to pee and usually let out some farts while doing so. I also have a pee bottle that I keep under my bed that's designed for peeing into. It's called the Little John and I bought it at a pilots shop. By the way I am an 18 year old male from TX.

I've heard a lot of talk here about the "Jackass" TV show. It seems the show gets into a lot of poop issues, but they always involve men.

Can someone tell me if the "Jackass" show has ever referenced a woman pooping or shown a woman having to poop?

For that matter, are there any other TV shows that have shown a woman having to poop?


Just had a Wonderful Poop!! I could feel it building inside of me, so when it wouldn't stay inside any longer, I ran for the toilet. Sat down, and it immediatley started coming out!! One continuos log, had to be at least 3 feet long!! And it coiled around on itself 4 times!! Light brown in color, and very soft, but held its shape!
Simply Amazing!!

Question: In the movie, "Chasing Amy," the girl takes two guys to a lesbian bar. While in there, the one guy notices it is a les bar, since they are the only two guys there. The other guy is absolutley clueless, because he's falling in love with the chick that brought them. Anyway, later on in the scene, the guy and girl are playing darts outside of the bathrooms. In the background, there are two doors, one for women and one for men. Why does a les bar need a mens room, if there are no men??!! Can anyone explain this??

Thank you,

ALLEN--I've gone for five days when I was at camp and none of us girls wanted to admit we pooped...we were immature preteens then...

DONNIE--Thanks for your understanding. Yeah, our store did the same thing yours did. We put up a big red sign saying Out of Order and left it. My boss said the lady came back asking for the bathroom (I didn't hear her) and my boss said "No Its out of order." The lady insisted, but my bos just kept telling her it didn't work and there was nothing she could do. So she left. After she left, my boss said the lady smelled like she had pooped her pants. So, maybe you're right. Maybe she will learn to go at home. She hasn't ask again lately...

ANDRE--Yeah, I would have guessed you were around 16 or 17. But its hard to guess by writing. You have some 13 year olds that write better than college students. People in my college English class make grammar mistakes that I quit doing in 4th grade.

JASON THE POOP LOVER-- To answer your questions:
I have never wet my bed. I have never pooped in my bed. I've never seen anyone of the opposite sex pee or poop, except my friend Mickey. He's very open about peeing in front of me. I don't have a brother, so I've never seen that. I don't make much noise while pooping. Mainly just the splash into the toilet, but sometimes I fart. I don't push very hard usually, but sometimes I get constipated and have to. I've never had pains from it and I breathe normally. My poop has been green, but rarely and NEVER red. Its usually light brown. As for getting hard...I'm female so I wouldn't know anything about guys getting hard...:) How's that for answers?

LEWIS--That was kinda mean for your mom to punish you for having an accident. As if you weren't already embarrassed enough. How old are you? And next time you're in your room and have to pee, go out your window. I think my friend Mickey has before.

MARK--Hello, fellow v????e! lol I doubt being a vegetarian has anything to do with soft poop. I'm also a vegetarian, and I get constipated often. Maybe it is the coffee...I've heard that can make you "go". As my little sister always says, "You need more cheese!" lol Her solution to anybody with soft poop...

NOEL---Hey! Welcome back! I was glad to see you here again. As for what you said about alcohol--I agree. It makes me pee a lot. One night at a party at my friend Mara's house, my other friend Mandy was so drunk she was staying in the only bathroom getting sick constantly. I thought I would bust! But I got lucky and her boyfriend saw my need and pulled her away from the toilet just in time. Then it happened three more times before the night was over. I was struggling!

Well, I gotta go. This week is finals week and I have my first test in a few minutes. Later!

had an old school friend to stay for the last few days and have had a great time. I had a few days off from work and we enjoyed ourselves walking around London. The flat over the shop is small and only has one bedroom but at least its a double bed. My friend and I are old school poopers. We used to enjoy farting competitions going home from school and then one day he went too far and messed his briefs.

your name Sue-Anne
Hi im, 21yo blond 5'10" slim buld from Australia. Hey cool site. love todays picture of the girl who just filled the bowl. Hey has anyone tried supporting their turds in tp with their hand as they come out. It stops them breaking off and it creates really long ones.

this is to stef and jessica:
both of you are the most interesting on this website. please write as many as you can. hey jessica, you must be in heaven when you doodoo. do you love to doodoo? I do to.

I had a satisying dump last was like one big log about 8" and firm and the end was kind of soft and musy and it even had corn in it all through thr log

i like mon. pic..nice load!

To CD: u really had a 9.5" long, 1.5" wide turd? How good did that feel? How long did it take to push that out?

Hi I like the pic that girl has really done a nice load! a very sexy girl unloading a big serving of poop

Well i wanted to tell a story of relief today. I was on the train and felt the need for a poo but decided to wait till I got home so I could watchj myself in the mirror. All the way home the poo was itching to come out and a need to pee was developing.

I finally got home and the phone went! ahhhh I weas chatting to my friend and I could feel this hot poo start to come out. Only a small amount but it was hot and squidgy. I finshed on the phone and wanted to pee first and then watch my poop but my poop was having none of it it wanted out now. So I quickly sat down and got my mirror and watched as a load of hot soft serve style poop unloaded into the toilet. I peed as well and the relief was immense. It was a very hot and smelly poo indeed and took quite a bit of wiping. It stinks in there at the moment!!

I saw a clogged up toilet at work the other week. there was a load of brown water nearly all the way to the top! someone had either clogged it with a big log or died on the toilet!

To REX: I liked your story when you were 12 and saw that woman poop

To the unnamed poster: Re the 4 y.o boy peeing in the grocery store. I liked your story and did he actully pee in to the freezer? intresting story too

To DONNIE M.: I liked your story...did the dog actully shit in the store and the kid shit is pants??

To Andre: Loved your story

To pussycat: Liked your story

I had posted a story yesterday...didn't make it don't know was clean...the last post was from like over the weekeend.

I had posted to say that the other night before bed right after dinner i pooped and i had a 8" log with a bit of corn in it and the end was a bit mushy and soft. That was sunday and its now Tuesday morning and i haven't had to poop since.
gotta go bye

To the unnamed poster about sears: Loved your story...sounds cool that you did that. How did you manage to speak up like that and tell him not to flush cause there were problems with the toilets and you really wanted to see his

To {_DOUGHBOY_} : Liked your story

To Gemma: Liked your story about you pooping in the woods and your bf right there with you

To James: I liked your story

To Cloud: I liked your story

To Tony: I liked your story about your aunt needing to poop!

Pete Skeet
Hey all, I'm new to the list. I've been reading for a few months and never wished to write. NowI feel like it. There is shomething about shit that I like. I don't know what it is. I really like to watch women shit. However, I cannot even fathom the thought of someone watching me shit. I am a very bowel shy man and I always have been. I think I like women's poop becasue I've always had a weird obsession with women's digestive systems. Is anyoneone else in my boat. Talk to you later.
Pete Skeet

Hugs to Meghan and Sarah! I'm almost done, about 2 weeks left to go. ConGRADulations, Sari :o)
Tim--I hope you feel better. I'm sure Sarah is a great nurse. Sarah--loved the bear family story. Kids are adorable!
Hugs to Steve and Louise, Annie and Robby, PV and everyone else cause I'm in a rush and don't have time to list everyone.
Kendal--it's really funny how things work out sometimes. I'm glad something is finally working out better than expected for once. Eleanor--Don't worry about your shyness. I'd be shy too if I were in your position. Kendal, Kristy, Charlotte, Ellen and Andrew will be great friend for you and will not make you do something you do not want. And I think Michael will learn a lot about how to treat his sister from Andrew.
Noel--It's great that you are like a big brother to your son, but please don't forget to be "Dad" too. He needs that more than he needs you to be his brother. I see this with my aunt who tries to act like a big sister to my cousins and they have issues cause they really need a mother, not a sister. Please don't take this the wrong way, I know it's not phrased as tactfully as it should be--it's late, I'm tired and have a lot of studying to do, so it's a "say it as it is" night.

So quick stories: Yesterday I walked the Walk for Hunger through Boston, Brookline, Newton and Cambridge MA. 20 miles total. It was a loooooong walk and I'm feeling it between the sore muscles and the blisters. I think I peed about 5 times in the "Handy House"s they had set up approx. every 2 miles. Most were pretty clean and none had a pile of shit in them. Only 1 did not have any toilet paper, but I predicted this and brought tissues with me, so I was okay. Anyway, by the time I hit the port-a-potty I had usually been holding it for about a mile (I was drinking like crazy--generally filling my bottle every 2 miles at the stops) and I have REALLY good bladder control. I never got to a point where I was going to lose it or had to squirt (I was wearing a guys bathing suit anyway so I don't think it would have mattered.) Anyway, every time I finally made it to a cluster I was lucky in that there was always one open (there was always a wait when I got out for some ! reason) but then I ran into the problem of a "numb" bladder...I was holding it so long and had to go so bad that it wouldn't start. It was painful but I took my time and tried to get as empty as possible. Only once (the first time) was I not able to completely empty. Anyway, I didn't see anyone caught short or using the side of the road or anything.

This morning I slept in a bit and lounged in bed studying before finally getting up for an uneventful pee. I did, however, realize that in addition to sore muscles and blisters, I acquired some nice chaffing between my thighs all the way through my butt crack from sweat etc yesterday. Ow! I came back to my room and checked my email. I had barely begun that when I got a strong sudden urge to take a shit (This is Monday...the last time I had a shit was Sat. late at night (like 1 am going onto Sunday). I ran to the bathroom, and sat down spreading my butt cheeks (ouch...). I felt the poop emerging and it hurt really bad, but it was soft. It moved Reeeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyy slowly even with pushing. Finally, I looked and saw an enormous turd of 2 shades of brown with corn in it (from Saturday lunch) about 3 inches by 8 inches! No wonder it hurt! I tried to flush but it jammed so I pulled it up and mashed it with my hand then flushed 2 more times until it was all g! one. It was soft too and messy to clean up. Even though I thought I wiped completely, I got a mark in my underwear :( The strange thing is I felt another urge around 7 but only a few nuggets came out.

Study time, hugs to all and stay well.

Ring Stretcher
Hi everybody! Remember me? Is Carmalita, Scot & Kim and Jasta still around?

I've been super busy with work(big promotion)and haven't had any time to post. However, the other day I did push out a big fat 18-inch-long log as I watched in the mirror.

I was watching The Real World(Chicago) and they showed this one girl pissing with the camera on her face. She made a little grimace as she started. The door was open and she was talking to a roomate.

On Frontier Land(PBS) they showed two teen girls squatting with their dresses on to piss. They said it was easier than taking off all that clothing.


Hi all
Punk Rock Girl I was the one enquiring about your taste in punk i'm sorry it wasn't surposed to be anon i thought my name was posted.
What would you think to me changing my name from london lad to london calling
Iv'e just got back from Hastings (63 miles from london) on a camping trip and had a 1 torpedo dump upon getting home it was about 1ft long 7 inches thick and was very hard so it didn't break easily but i did get it down eventually. Yeah i know this is tame but the only thing thats happened recently hopefuly next time i'll have a better story.
Takecare Londonlad

As for toilet scenes in TV shows, in the channel ten drama the secret life of us in the opening sequence of last nights episode Evan walked into the bathroom and took an audible piss while Alex was having a shower, She asked him what he was doing and he said `daah', then he finished and alex called out `flush the toilet' as he left without washing his hands either so she flushed it for him when she stepped out of the shower.

Hi Everyone. I havenít been around lately as Iím in the middle of revising for my A-Levels! Noel its great that youíre back form your trip as I love your posts and think you make great contributions to this forum. I think Iíll have to try that trick of lying down and watching the poo slide into my boxers. I bought some briefs last weekend and decided to try them out during the week. I waited until my parents were out then I just let a good solid log slide out into the briefs. I then sat down with the briefs still on and it was fantastic having all the poo squashed inside my undies. I still havenít plucked up the courage to poo myself in public though. Iíve seen quite a few POO registrations around. In fact my dad was offered a POO registration when he got his car but he went for PE instead (so there are PE and POO registrations)!



Poo Pants:
Your post was so fantastic. It was such a turn on to read of your experience when estimating for some work that you wet yourself in short bursts while sitting in that confined space and then squatting outside to do a huge amount of custard-like poo in your briefs to such an extent it spread down the legs of your trousers. I've done such custard poos myself in a squatting position. The feel of such a spread of lovely warm poo is beyond description - especially if I've wet myself as well. Certainly to be treasured as you say. The last time I did such a custard poo away from the house was in March. I was working at a school. David, my younger 22-year old colleague (who has worked with me since he was 17 - more about him and his accident on Old Posts Page 821), was off sick that day, otherwise I could not have done what I am going to tell you. Having finished the job, I went for a pee. I felt that a dynamic soft poo was imminent as I kept doing little soft silent and smelly ! farts. I covered our van seat and got in to drive home. I was tempted to lift myself off the seat and let nature take its course there in the school car park. I thought, if I do that, the headmaster may think of another job and come rushing out, glad that he's caught me. That would be terrible if I was in dirty pants - as not only is he the headmaster, but is a close friend of mine. So I drove off and parked in a side street for a few minutes. I lifted myself up off the seat, and being desperate by then, the poo literally flowed out like pouring custard from a jug. I was wearing an old pair of Top Man close fit boxer briefs. They rapidly filled spreading up to the waistband as well as into the legs and out into my trouser legs. I then lowered myself into the poo and drove home. It was an exhilarating drive. I was squirting pee into my pants as I drove. Like you, I'm glad I did not break down! When I cleaned up in the shower, I could not believe how much poo I'd done as I dro! pped my trousers and underwear. Just the sight of what I'd done made the cleaning up enjoyable.

Regarding my two friends who poo their pants, we have had pooing sessions together. With one it had to be out of doors in secluded woodland as neither of our homes was an option. We took care that we did not get too messed up. We seemed to do pretty firm turds - so our underwear was not all that dirty. We always took spare briefs to change into anyway. That was 15-20 years ago, when we were about 25-30 years old. We lived close then, but now with 400 miles between us buddy dumping in our pants is just not an option. We keep in touch now and again. We always competed to see which of us could do the biggest load in our briefs. The other friend who lives in the London area is not so keen to do it in his pants these days. He loves watching me fill mine, and loves to wash my dirty underwear for me. When we first knew each other we'd both fill our pants together. Although I enjoy filling my pants on my own, and it's great and enjoyable - it does add that further dimension of "! mutual enjoyment" in sharing something, with a friend, which we both love doing so much. And if one cannot poo for some reason, the experience of just the other pooing himself is still mutually enjoyable. I would have have loved to have been helping you prepare the estimates for that work when you filled your pants with custard poo recently. It was such a turn on reading about it. It would have been an even greater turn on to have been there. I look forward to hearing much, much more from you.

I'm looking forward to hearing that you've got those briefs and that you've filled them. Every time I get new briefs, I have to put them on and poo in them at the earliest opportunity. I always feel they are not ready for wear until they've been pooed in and given their first wash.

Mark B:
I agree. It's often when reading these posts, if I've not pooed that day I get the urge to poo. If the timing is right I will then go to the bathroom and fill my pants. Thanks for sharing your recent experience. Regarding time cleaning up. It can be frustrating if you've got to get organised to go out to work, or for some other reason. At other times I enjoy the cleaning up when I'm under no pressure at the end of the day, such as I've just mentioned in my post to Poo Pants. I really like to enjoy the whole experience.

That's it for today. Look forward to hearing more exciting experiences from you all - particularly those who love to poop in their pants.


Tuesday, May 07, 2002

CINDY: Thanks for your reply. I am 30 years old and have been interested in pooping ever since I was 8 years old. Watching a woman poop is very exciting for me and I don't mind returning the favor. One of my earliest memories was when I was 12 I cam across a woman in her 30's pooping in the woods. I was amazed watching the thick long turd slowly ooze from her anus and drop to the forest floor. Two smaller soft turds followed, creating a nice pile. She wiped with some tissue and left. I walked over to the pile and examined it. It was a rich brown color and had a mild odor. I was very pleased with myself for having discovered the truth that women do indeed poop very big ones and have been fascinated with it ever since. Knowing you are into it to is encouraging and gives me and others hope. As an aside, I think that women who are comfortable about poop also are open about sex, may be comforable with their bodies, and can relax and enjoy intimacy more than some women who are so concerned with how they look/smell that they worry more about what their partner may be thinking than just concentrating on their feelings and enjoying it. If a man really loves you he is concentrating on the interaction and not so much on how much cellulite you have. Anyway, that is just my opinion.

It is I, Lauren, again. I had a five minute lunch the other day (5-3-02). It consisted of broccoli and cheese (???!), mashed potatoes and gravy (???!), and fried chicken strips, which I make myself, in the deep-fryer. I then excused my friend Karen, and high tailed it to the ladies room. It was casual Friday, therefore, I had jeans on. I went to closest stall, pulled my jeans and black panties down to my ankles, and let loose. The first log took almost a minute and a half to get out. It felt as if my rectum was about to split open. It was what I would call a real "rectum-splitter!" It finally dropped w/ a splash that was barely audible. Because most of it was already in the water, I am sure. The grunting and straining that I did , in getting this thing out, was far from inaudible, though. I did not really feel as if I had to go all morning. Yet, soon after I had eaten my wonderful lunch, here I was! After this one was out of me, I pushed out about 10 more, ! total. A couple of them were about four inchers, four three inchers, and the rest of them were less than an inch in length. This bm smelled like old meatloaf. I haven't eaten meatloaf in weeks, but that is how it smelled. I finally finished with an intestinal cramp, that paved the way for some mushy-stuff. As Diane, fron NY, would say. Where have you been, lately, girl? I wiped about 7 times (the lucky number!), flushed, and the whole mess went down (thank God!) I went to the sink, washed, and clocked in from lunch, with about 20 minutes to spare.
Diva:as a fellow woman, and as a fellow multiracial-person, I would like to address the comment that you made to Masked Bastard. Last time I checked, this was the type of forum that people came to to talk about their bowel movements. That is the primary topic of discussion, here. If you don't want to post yours ,and want to criticize others who want you to, what are you doing here? I am not embarassed, at all about discussing this subject. I am considered by a lot of people to resemble Ashley Judd. Even so, that does not make me shy about pooping. Not in the least. I think that you need to lighten up, girl. Relax and have some fun. You will feel a lot better, I promise.
Pico: how you doing, honey? So, Denise and you had some of the simultaneous action going, huh? That is always fun. Maybe You, Bill, Denise, and I could get together sometime? We could have a foursome. Sounds like fun! I am sure you would agree, right?

Take care ,everyone,


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