Hi yall, I'm 20 years old. Brown hair, big butt, slim waist and nice smile. This is my first time posting so I will talk about my latest poop.

First, are those pictures at the top of the page with the girls pooping real? Or are the altered pics? Where can I see more pics like these?

Today after I got home from work, I really needed to poo. This was my third day and I knew my poop was going to be really thick. At the clothing store where I work, I was letting out SBDs in the aisles and I felt sorry for the customers that smelled it.

Well anyway, I hurried to my bathroom, took off all my clothes (cause I was going to shower right after) and sat down onto the toilet. I let out a long bubbly fart and peed for about 15 seconds. I pushed and I felt the large poo sliding towards my hole and into the toilet. It was really thick but it felt really good coming out. Hissing farts moved across the turd helping it to come out quicker. The poopy smell filled the bathroom and the thick turd broke off and splashed into the toilet. The rest of my poop slid out very easy, with each one being mighty thick. More gas escaped and the last fart was really long (around 6 seconds!!!) and stinky. I wiped and looked into the toilet to find a 8-10 inch turd floating in the water with smaller turds about 4 inches around it.

I flushed and hopped in the shower. The bathroom smelled horrible, but since it's my poop, it doesn't bother me.

What's the average length/girth of your poops ladies. No males respond! Females only.

Mine is 6-8 inches. 2-3 inches thick.

what do your diet consist of?

I like the cover girl. Dark skirt and white bra is something I would wear. She dropped a load like I would.

Jason: Diarreah is a way of flushing out toxins. My most memorable bout was in an airport. I was about 6. See my earliest posts. But, I had many frightening late nights on the toilet. One late Sunday night after midnight in sixth grade, I had diarreah. I rolled around in bed trying to get comfort from the cramps. I raced down the hall to the bathroom. I pulled up my nightshirt and lowered my white panties to my ankles. It was relief and pain. Liquid doo-doo gushed out of my stomach into the toilet. The more I breathed, the more it was like Niagara Falls. This lasted for two hours. Everytime I wiped and flushed, more would evacuate. I was so scared. I went back to sleep in my parents bed. My father kept petting my half tender body. But, I kept running back to the toilet. It subsided and I went to sleep so I could go to school in the morning.
I have seen my male cousins use the toilet. They were awesome. I even saw them get hard. My noises vary when I have a bowel movement. Years ago, my stomach used to explode. My doo-doo crackles and I fart between the 4th to 6th piece of doo-doo. My stomach hurts sometimes, not much. My doo-doo is green if I eat leafy green vegetables or red if I eat peppers. Brown if I eat reguarly with protein.

CoCo Po Po, part 2

CoCo arived at my tiny condo at 10:00 sharp as I had requested when I inlisted her call services the day before. Wow, there she was, all 5,10 of one beautiful amazon dressed in an all black leather one piece mini skirt, no panties at that! I thaught to my self, "dam, I wish I had mony to pay for the whole evening with this honey". I was in the process of moving, so I was short cash that week, most of these ladies only take cash you know. We went in the back where I gave her the fee, and where she laid down the ground rules letting me know she was married, ah darn. She then told me to wait while she went into the small bathroom to insert the suppository up her booty. She then opened the door and invited me in the bathroom where she proceeded to take everything off and I mean everything, because I like to see the ladies do it on the toilet naked. She sat on the toilet in a normal manner with her legs very tight together, ut oh, she was getting nervous and uncomfortable. I sat on a small foot stool at the base of the toilet where I could be at eye level with her waist. I immediately began rubbing those nice silky smooth large thighs and hips, and but, as she looked down at me shaking some, and she said, so you really get a thrill out of this, and I said yep! after a few minutes, CoCo seemed to become more relaxed with me as she began to let out some dry farts. I put my face down below to get a wiff, as the farts became more wet and smelly. She started to squirm on the potty a little and I rubbed her ???? more and more, until all the sudden... flopp, bbbbllll, uhh, CoCo unleashed a wash of very runny stuff, her thighs and ???? vibrating the whole time. Amazingly enough, she really did not smell very bad, she just made a lot of noise with that large rump of hers. Repeat the noises above for about another 30 minutes or so. Oh yea, the moderator will not let me go into to much deatial her of what exactly went down, so I leave it to your immagina tion. CoCo got up off the pot, spread her big rear checkes apart, and wiped with globs of wet toilet paper that the placed in a plastic bag for me. I looked in the toilet and saw a liquid of light brown soups and about 6 peices of 4 inch by 3 inch very soft turds, no corn in these though. A lot of mucus was mixed in the whole pot of brown soup, most likely caused by the suppository. CoCo seemed more at ease and relaxed as she got dressed to leave. we kissed on the cheeks and she said she would like to get back together again. Although this was an ausome pooping pleaser, CoCo would come back to haunt me later. Until nect time.

I was in the grocery store today and a little boy (maybe 4) was opening and closing all the freezer case doors which got my attention. About the same time I looked over at him, his mother appeared and asked him, "What's wrong?" And after a brief pause, "Do you need to go potty?"
By the time he had nodded his head "Yes" to the question, he had already done the deed. His mother was saying, "Come on, then, I'll take you to find the potty," but he had become a virtual fountain. The freezer door in front of him was wet and there was a growing puddle under his feet.
His mom was really embarassed and she went to the meat counter to ask a store employee for a roll of paper towels. As I walked into the next aisle, I saw her wiping up the mess and heard her telling another employee that he might want to bring a mop and some disinfectant. The kid didn't seem to have been phased by any of it; he just stood there watching his mom clean up.

I thought Id write this story, having to do with poopin I thought was really funny, but not at the time.
Some years ago I was managing a retail store that sold large appliances and tv an son on.
It was a hot gastly saturday nite, the temp musta been about 95 in the store, sticky and miserable. Time was about 8:00 with only an hour to go before closing.
In comes this young married couple with a boy about 10 yrs old or thereabouts. They are looking at washing machines and dryers. The boy goes outside leaving his parents and comes back in, and his dog followed him in the door. Lanky floppy sloppys pooch, typical mix of some kinda dog.He was just roaming around the store sniffing and exploring,the boy trying to keep tabs on him while the parents conferred with a salesman by the washing machines.
I was on the way out the door (they were propped open because it was so hot) to get some air, we had no air conditioner as it was broken.
I smelled a fart, one of these sneaky deadly smelly ones where the fumes traveled about the front of the store. By the front door I head the boy say, I gotta go bathroom, bad. Mother said," wait, we are almost done here and going home."
So I paid little attention to them and started back in the door.
Oh my God, I got a whiff of something most deadly like shit, garlic, beer, onions and whatever. It burned my eyes as I walked in the door.
I repaired to the back of the store by the desk and resister and said to another fellow salesman, "do you smell that?"
He said, "what" and walked thru the store just as I did.
"Whew!! What the hell died here".
The salesman waiting on the couple started back to the store with a sales order, I said to him, "who in the hell shit up front?".
(His name was John). John said, " Ya I know,". Walking back up to the front of the store I smelled this terrible gas attack of some kind, I came back "what is that?"
By this time the customers had left with the boy and dog.

John said matter of factly,"Oh they shit". Me-"WHO OR WHAT SHIT, WHERE?"
John:Oh they shit up by the washers and dryers. ME: "WHERE, WHERE, WHERE AT?"
Just then I noticed a big pile of soft runny dog doo doo and about 5 feet away a 7" log of shit laying on the floor.
John: " Ya, the boy shit his pants and the dog shit next on the floor."
Well, I said, "clean it up, geez! How can you stand it?"
So with that, John and the other buy got papertowewls and wiped it up and tossed it out into the alley behind the store.
This was so bad, if anyone had ever smelled a garlic shit mixed to dog doo doo you got an idea how bad this was.
Well finally we got cleaned up, and next day the store was aired out and air conditioner working. We all had a good laugh about it.
I told the guys, no more dogs in the store and if a customer got to go potty, show em where its at.
Evidently the boy crapped in his pants, the dog choose to pick the store for a spot to unload some really bad shit...
Thought Id pass this along for a few laughs as it still funny to even today.
Anyone else ever run into something like this?
Donnie M

Sarah loved your story about you dumping in the park. Why did you not tell your kids it was your dump? Anyway Cindy,I am just like you. Ihave always wanted to watch my girlfriends take a dump but they would not let me. In case you are want to know I am 23. Does any one ever see how long they can hold a bm? I think I am goimg to see how long I can hold it. I normally go every morning after breakfast. I love reading the post here so catch everyone later.

I can totaly relate to you my mom would never and I mean never buy me boxers. She says she does not want me trying to be gangster. I remember the first time I came into middle school and had to change in front of the guys! OOh my god!!! It was so embaressing I almost started to cry.

The longest I ever remember holding my poop is about four days.

How old are you now?

I was just watching The Real World and it shows Annesa peeing, it was pretty cool. And I was wathcing real world road rules challenge one male and one female was sick with diareah.

There is three types of smells I know. Garbage (The one that smells like you are taking the garbage) Rotten egg (the one that smells like rotten eggs). And the plain (The ones that is hardly noticeble). Could you guy tell me what kind of farts they have been having lately. Yeah and I have been having farts that smell like the Plain one. Can anyone tell me how to get stinky farts.

My story
Yesturday my dad hired some people to get to clean our septic tank. Just my luck I did not poop for over three days. I think it was because I ate too much plagtin ( it is like banana but you can cook it and fry it, Ive been eating it for a week staight). My mom said that we should close all the windows becauseit was gonna stink. Just me and my dad was wathcing a movie and then he farted.He started to make faces and I knew he neede to poop. And I said oh no not now, you dont have to poop now do you? And he was like yeah but we cant now because of the cleaning. So I told him to poop in the toilet but just dont flush it. There was only one bathroom availible since my mom was using the other one. So he went in I could here him taking off his close and put the seat down and then sit down. He then let out a PPPPPPTTTTTT and then some crackling sounds.And then let out a sigh then by this time I got hard. And when I get hard I had an urge to poop.Then a wave of splatter that las! tted I swear like a minute nothing but spspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspsp.
Then he started to wipe by this time I was dying then I hear the sink turning on and then off. Hethen unlocked the door and left. When I entered the bathroom there was nothing but loose and stringy stool.(He had the runs I stiped and sat on the bowl. It came out nice and easy with absolutly no gas two big and fat 8" Ifelt ten pounds later. And by the time Iwas done I could hardly breath.

lewis- how old r u? sorry that your mom yelled at you i know how you feel

New Musician
You guys are gonna laugh at this story

I was in school yesterday, bored off my ass and i felt something churn in my stomach. I stood up quickly and asked to go to the bathroom, but the bathrroms were disgusting so i came back and called my mom and told her the situation. She came and picked me up, and I went home and jumped on the toilet. About a gallon of wet mushy poop came out. and I peed for an hour!!!!! lol, anyway, and then i went back

The end

any girl who poop there pants, got stories?

To D: I liked your prom story

To DONNIE M: I liked your story

To Mike: I've seen that one aired on Jackass before

To poopy girly: Liked your story

To Lewis: I liked your story..that reminds me off Jimmy's stories

To Amy (Co-ed): I liked your story

To Noel: I liked your story..that sounds intresting

To Poo Pants: I liked your story

Yesterday I was at a bar and the mens room there is always crowded and dirty. I had a few drinks and my stomach ached. It wouldn't stop so I knew it was potty time for me. I ran right into the mens room and all four of the stalls were taken. I had the closest one next to the urinals so I lacked my privacy. There was toilet paper and cigarette butts all over the floor and the odor was bad. Grafitti was all over the walls. If I had a farther one I could release my bowels away from the crowds. Everyone in there was standing near the stalls and urinals talking to each other and having a cigarette. I ran through a group of people into the stall, closed it, and dropped down my jeans and panties. I tried to keep my bowels silent but instead I let out two loud nasty farts followed by diarrhea that dropped into the toilet. One guy said,"Oh my God" and another guy said,"Is he alright?". Someone peeing in the urinal next to me said,"Are you Okay?" I said," Yeah I'm fine." People kept t! alking. Some left. I heard the mens room door open and someone ran up to my stall and knocked. I thought he was some pervert so I said,"Occupied freak." He apologized and I heard a loud fart and an," Oh man how embarassing." Someone else went," Oh my God he shit his pants." A few guys laughed at him and left. The guy next to me flushed and left so he ran in and pulled down his jeans and underwear and let out some nasty diarrhea. The other two guys in the stalls left and maybe five guys were in there. We both kept releasing our bowels and I admit I liked listening to another guy go poop next to me. I wiped flushed and exited the stall. I went across to the sinks to wash my hands and he yelled," Hey my stall doesn't have toilet paper. Can you get me some?" I got some out of my stall. He said," I cant bend down too well let me unlock the door. He did that and I went in and handed it to him. I saw his underwear at his ankles with a big brown stain on them. I saw his butt cheeks ! on the toilet seat as he let out more diarrhea. I even more liked watching a guy going poop. I gave him more toilet paper and shut the door. I waited outside the stall as he finished. he flushed, washed, and we both left. We became good friends. It's weird. Having a bad toilet experience in the boys' room gave me a friendship.

I saw and heard a guy having a BM the other day and it was such a thrill. I was sitting in the end of two stalls in the Sears men's room having a quiet dump myself when I saw this guy about 40ish walk in and go into the first stall. He was dressed in a suit and tie. Good looking, he appeared to be in need of a dump badly. He pulled down his pants and sat down. He made a low grunt and sighed. I couldn't heard anything hit the water. I wiped and left my stall, unflushed. I walked toward the door and stood in the alcove where I could not be seen quietly. I heard this guy groan loudly and give a hard push. It sounded like a brick hit the water. I then bumped the door, disguised my voice as if to sound like the janitor, and said, "gentlemen when you are finished using the commodes, please do not flush, we have a problem that the toilets are overflowing, I epeat, please don't flush the commode". I walked outside the men's room, lingered quietly looking at a sale ad and waited ! for the guy to come out. It was only about three minutes until he did. I walked back into the men's room and went into the stall where he shat. I always carry rubber disposable gloves for the purpose of close turd examination. He had done quite a jobbie, about three and a half inches around and well over a foot long. The relief he must have felt. He only did one large log, but it was very firm, actually hard, still warm from his bowels as was the seat where he had sat. It didn't seem to smell much and was quite dry. It was quite a big turd for the small framed guy who produced it. My guess is that he had been constipated for days. I would love to be able to produce such a turd. I was rather excited and relieved myself once again. Has anyone else ever had such an experience?

hi guys i havent been posting in a wile cause i havent wenmt to bafroom alot this week . the ether day it was like 1.00 am and i had the bigest earge to crap now i knew it was gonna b big cause i havent went fer a hole week so i decided to hold it fer as long as i could then it started to slowly come out into my pants to i clenched my cheeks to gether and sat now i have a big habbit of pooping my pants so i raised my but off my chair and pushed hard as i could i started peeing and a load of crap shot out really faist it filld my pants up alot so i decided to sit back down it smushed into my legs but and on my balls it felt soo goood so but half hour later i went to washroom and pulled down my pants i bent over and whe i dd that i big load of soft poop and diareh shoot out onto the toilet and the floor i was soo messy it took a hour to clean. im still watin fer a nether load to come bye people

jhon crapper
hey allen do no hold yoru poop. let it drop an feel good afterword eat fiber and you will be a happy capper

Todd & Diana
To Andrea,
Welcome to the forum. We loved your story. We like stories that envolve females who fart while they poop. We have a question for you. Do you read while you take a dump. We can't go and take a dump without reading something, it is really hard for us. Please let us know and talk to you later. Lots of Lovexxxx Todd and Diana

To Punk Rock Girl,
Hey thanks for the reply, I think your right, almost everyone has a little library by the toilet. How often do you read on the toilet? Please let us know, Lots of Lovexxxx Todd and Diana

Iggy go pooing

I wonder if I can ask women posters if they ever sit down to pee not realising they need a shit but when they are peeing and relax they realise they need a shit and it comes out.

I'm a guy and I pee standing up so I only drop my pants to shit.

Are there any guys on here who sit down to pee? If you do do you sometimes shit when you pee without knowing you had to shit before you sat down?

Hi did a few posts here once before - just a reply to the guy asking about skid marks. I do not think that many people think too much about them. i am a gentlemens outfitter and deal with younger men mostly below 35 and most of them have good jobs and have a lot of disposable income. I find that the bulk of them have skid and pee stains in their underpants - as the ady goes on the pants are more heavily stained. I find that the bulk of the Europeans wear briefs, usually white in colour and most of the usual y front style, predominately ck,s. Amwericans wear mostly boxers. I have noticed in the postings that Adam and Poo Pants - I wonder whAT HIS REAL NAME IS - SEEM TO WEAR THEIR SHIRTS IN THEIR BRIEFS - WELL SO DO ABOUT 25% OF MY CLIENTS. oNCE OR TWICE i HAVE HAd clients who have been wearing pants that were still damp - honestly.

Noel - I do not think I should like to lay on my back and poo. I enjoy a pant poop now and again but I like to share the experience with a friend. Like Noel - i find poo tales a turn on and I think that some of the tales on this site are super.

I have a lot of tales if you are interested but Now
el, Adam, Poo pants, matt and Mark B - keep them coming

hi my name is Gemma my b/f posted a few days ago (he called himself super pooper), haha i'll have to remember to call him that in front of his mates :)

this is such an awesome forum! i love having a poo especially in front of someone who loves me and loves to see me doing one. fortunately for me my b/f (his real name is rob by the way) feels exactly the same as me about body functions so we have a lot of fun 2gether

the other day we were out walking in this park, it was a weekend and there were quite a lot of people about. i suddenly needed to pee and couldnt hold it so we went to some trees just off the path. there were no places where we werent going to be seen so i pulled my panties down and lifted my skirt up and started to release, directing the stream towards the trees, boy it felt good. then i needed to poo, i knew it was coming, it often does just after i pee. rob said shucks there's people around but they don't know us and who cares, you need to go! i took my panties off and rob held them while i proceeded to push out two solid logs with him stood in front of me. just then a lady of about 30 walked past and her eyes nearly popped out of her head, she couldnt have chosen a better moment! there was i my backside into the trees with a turd half out of my anus, rob facing me me while holding my light blue panties! she muttered something like 'oops' and i let exhaled loudly for ! sound effects as the log hit the ground. rob then wiped me and picked up my turd with some paper (we always carry toilet paper and a plastic bag with us) and put the whole lot in a small black bag, depositing it in the nearest litter bin.

we dont like to leave litter around - and surely fresh turds are litter!

we later went into a restaurant near the park and i went to the restroom to wash my hands and who should be there but the same lady! she said 'hi, you again!' and i smiled and said 'yeah, in more suitable surroundings this time, pity i was too late!' she smirked and said 'hey, ones got to do what ones go to do i guess'. we chatted while we washed our hands and then she went out.

interesting how people seem embarrased about seeing others pooping but ease up quickly

i gotta go, will be back!


This evening I was reading the television magazine and I suddeny had the urge to poop, so I went in, sat down and let out a 5 inch log and about 4 small pieces. I peed and wiped my bum 10 times, flushed and sprayed but I did not have to use the brush this time because the bowl was clean anyway. It's the start of a new school week tommorrow so I must guys. From James.

allen: one time when i was 10 years old i held it for 3 weeks! no joke!!

Hi this is my first time posting here. I have a good poop story. Once when i was in 3rd grade me and my friend were playing for a while. All of the suddenly i had an urge to poo. I held it for about an hour. Soon I couldn't hold it anymore and the poop came uncontrollably out of my pants. It felt good, but I didn't want my friend to see it. I ran home and sat on the toilet for a while.

I haven't had a good turd in the pants for a while, personally I prefer standing and shitting in my underpants. Boxers aren't as good.

Dan B.
Hail once again movie fans. I have another female bodily function scene to call to your attention.

This one involves neither pooping nor peeing but rather farting.

The movie is "A Knight's Tale," a fairly recent one which I had never seen till yesterday. The titular knight has a cadre of assistants and buddies who help him, one of whom is a very cute woman (I didn't catch her name, real or in the movie). She is somewhat of a tomboy and not very ladylike (she is a blacksmith) and fits in well with the other three guys who are bawdy and uncouth as all getout.

Well, at the very very end of the film, AFTER the credits finish, there is a tacked on bit of film. It shows these four people, including the girl, sitting in a tavern. They are brought a mug of ale and then they proceed to each rip enormous farts (not unlike the famous scene from Blazing Saddles). The girl is third and she lets a huge one. They each congratulate each other on their work, and the last guy lets out a really squeeky, pathetic one and they laugh at him.

The farts are obviously sound drops, and are a little too fakey to even sound real, but it's still funny and sexy seeing this hot chick raise one cheek up and let it go. Too bad the movie itself sucks...I recommend just fast forwarding to the fart scene, you won't miss anything. Enjoy!

Oh my god I was just wathcing kingdom come. And they had a scene of a man pooping on the toilet(Idont know his name but he was on Family Matters better known as "The steve Urcle.). It was so funny he had his legs open reading a magazine. And there was another scene where you can hear the pastor grunting and while he was preaching he kept farting. I recomened you go buy iy or Rent it now remeber the title is KINGDOM COME.
By for now!!!!

Hi, everyone!

Amy: I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your story about your HUGE shit that you took your time with and SAVORED (good word!)! I wish I could have seen it... proof that it was awesome is that it wouldn't flush! I picture it kind of like the full load done by the dark-haired girl in tonight's (Sunday) excellent masthead picture. That's quite the load there- I can't even see any water in the toilet! I'd say there's a good chance THAT one is a toilet clogger, too!

Hey all-I'm new to the list, but I've been reading this stuff for a while now. I think its pretty interesting. I am a very bowel shy man. Its difficult to go if anyone is around. I've been like this since childhood. anyone have any advice?

there was a girl who used to post here named GOLDGIRL

anyone know what happened to her

Linda GS
Hi everyone. Happy Cinqo de Mayo. Been playing in the sun on my time of from school work and such and now I'm offical tan...dark tanned. My cousin made a comment one time when I was getting ready to take a shower. I was getting out of my swimsuit when he called Elena over and pointed at me. He showed her my tanlines and said that it looked like I still made my swimsuit on. Silly boy.

Great to here you and Eleanor found each other. I'd like to find you and afew others but for safety reasons I won't..that and the people in charge here have rules about not posting here to find people and I respect them so I won't Sides it more fun if it's a surprise.[wink] Oh Kendal don't try to pressure Drew okay. We both know it has nothing to do with Eleanor not going in front of him. Remember that it's HIS choice..and you have to respect that, I do and it's cause I love him. I know you do too so LET HIM BE!![laughs] Sorry. Anyway speaking of people who seem to have crushses on cousins!![looks at Kendal] My cousin is very bright red now thnak you very much. Your last post was a little too well written. The one where you sat on the toidy to pee but also pooped? Yup that's the one. He red it and got off the computer blushing. He said it was like going to the bathroom and walking in on her as she sat down and being frozen from panic and watching the whole thing.Hee hee! actually he used" my little princess sitting a top her throne holding court" to describe this. I had a huge laugh when he said that. I didn't tell Elena mind you. Got a bit of a problem as she seems to be shying away from letting anyone see her again. feel sorta bad but there's nothing I can do.

Actually off the record(or on)people here write so well that it does seem that you're actually watching them on the potty. I have to admit it leaves me to wonder how seeing my favorites Punk Rock Girl(who I admire so much),Mindy,Jim,Gruntly, and Fat Woman(I hate calling her that I really do it seems so disrespectful. But either way reason I'd want to see her go is cause she seems to have a much harder time than me and if ANYONE needed a hand to squeeze or major moral suport why on the toidy it's her)go would be like.Yes Kendal you too, but getting us both together would be such a riot. I can very vocal, ESPECIALLY when having a MAJOR poop. You'd crack up so much you'd probably poop in your pampies(so please go first)or not be able to go.9If you were sitting in the stall next to me) And yes SARAH & MEGHAN, though I doubt we'd fit in one stall and think of the havoc we'd do to the plumbing ater we were done.[laughs]And yes Drew even you, but when it come to MY! take a while cause it be a bit embarrassing and I'd probably be less vocal.(Don't worry i got a story for you next time okay) Since I'm running out of space I'll save stuff for next time and mention this here thing.My cousin has Tropfest 2002 on DVD. He ordered it a while back as he loves Indy films and shorts. I told him about Boomerang and he said i think i have that one.So we chacked and there it was..whith a lot of other funny shorts.He told me to tell you guys you can buy a video with all 16 finalists and scenes from the fest on the tropfest website. Ain't it cool? Gah..I have to go "Nature" is calling me away so later.(grabs Drew by the hand and runs off)


Anne (housewife)
Allen, I can hold my poop for 2-3 days normally but sometimes longer if it's the "wrong time of the month" and I'm a bit constipated. Normally I have a really good dump 2 or 3 times a week and when I go I've gotta go!

Mark B I agree a turd feels great sliding out of your hole and resting against your bum. Feeling it emerge and then having it hit your balls and become logged in your hole is a good feeling also. I like to wiggle until i feel the load move under my balls and the rest slides out of the hole. You might try using Psyllium and Lecithin which are natural ingrediants found in any health fouood store. They could help solidify your poop. Noel your description of your watching your turds emerge from your ass and feeling them piling up under it is eneough to make me want to by some boxers and try that my self. I did have a pair of boxers that I found in a laundermat that I used to pee in and wounder about the person who wore them and how he would pee and poo in them.

G'day Everyone,

It's been a few weeks since I've posted. I'm from Melbourne Australia. About half an hour ago I was sitting in the office chair, I let out a medium fart and I suddenly had the urge to poop. I walked to the toilet, pulled my pants down to my ankles, I sat down and all this shit rushed out in soft lumps. I wiped 13 times until it was perfectly clean, not to mention the first wipe made the tp very muddy. I then flushed, sprayed with air freshener to get rid of the foul smell and scrubbed the bowl with the brush. My trips to the loo are always quick when I shit. I felt so relaxed afterwoods though. The reason I had to go is because I had a cup of coffee and that always acts like a laxative on me. Does this effect anyone else?
ANDREA: Welcome to this website. I have finally found someone my age. I loved your story. Please keep it up.
TOILET SHY GUY: Your not alone mate. I have always been hesitant to poop in public as well because I never like to give away clues that I have done one.
ALLEN: I can hold a poop in forever but I try not to because I am aware of constipation.
AMY(CO ED): I liked your story.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone,

To start with, I'll just say that today I had yet another shit in the public toilet straight after a young good-looking guy in tight jeans had just been on. I heard the sound of his belt buckle crashing on the floor as he sat on the toilet, and a long wait until a loud thudding plop landed in the toilet, and he let out an appreciative sigh.
I then took his place on the toilet and had a great shit myself, and wished I'd had the nerve to look over the partition while he'd been on and I was next door, but didn't want to take the risk. If only I could have seen what he'd dropped though!

MIKE, thanks for the info about "Jackass", but I posted exactly the same recently about the guy with sutures inserted in his buttocks!
I really feasted my eyes on the sight of his well-muscled buttocks, and imagining him sitting on the toilet!
I've not seen the stilt-walker having a shit, but liked the last week's programme with the guy sitting on the toilet on wheels, and another guy squatting at the side of the road.
Like I said before, it really spoils it when those censoring tiles obscure the view. Glad you appreciate it the same way I do!

TOILET SHY GUY, Interested to read that you also like listening to guys on toilets as I do, but that you feel very embarrassed about being heard yourself. Other people have have had the same problem and it's been discussed here before, and I remember several people encouraging a guy to get used to it gradually by having a shit in a public toilet where no-one would know him, and keep going at intervals until he felt confident that he was making the same sounds as other guys.
In that particular case, he felt he was missing out on communal shiting at high school, or wanting to be able to shit with his mates around and chatting and enjoying the sociability of using a toilet with friends laughing and joking and perhaps commenting on the sounds of his plops.
I can understand you not wanting to be heard by people you know, or family members if you feel inhibited, but try to go to toilets where you're completely unknown, so that if you do feel embarrassed when you come out, you can leave the toilet and no-one will care.
The fact you enjoy hearing other guys on the toilet plopping away, must impress upon you how relaxed and confident they must be not to be ashamed of what they're doing, whereas you could be feeling ashamed of what you may sound like, or it might be that you feel conscious of how exciting and masculine you sound, and that is what concerns you; that you might turn people on rather than off.
Just a theory, so let's know how you get on in trying to get over this, as you're missing out on something here. Basically, you enjoy the sounds of others, but feel you're not up to it yourself so can't share in and identify with other men in the toilet.
I wish you well. I love being heard by others, and often wait until I know I'm going to be heard. It might be some competive streak, but read some of the old posts that have accounts of guys in neighbouring toilets shitting as though each is responding to the other as they alternate their plops!

I heard a really fascinating fart from a youngish guy on the toilet this morning. It went on several seconds and started off as a dry rasping fart, gradually changing pitch, dynamics and volume, then sounding like it was coming out of two arseholes at once, then getting louder again. I wondered what all this was leading up to, then he decided that was all there was, and he came out! Great overture though!
Last week I was walking home and felt I needed to get to the toilet for a shit, then as soon as I got in, I let off a LOT of farts, then realised that was all I needed! I think a lot of guys must get on a toilet, fart, and then realise that's all, but the sound of a really good reverberating fart on a metal toilet is a brilliant sound!

So, enjoy all the sounds your bum makes, everyone! P. Plop Guy

ELLEN, my dear, todays post is just for you. I have another trump story. It may be too difficult for you to read, so ask Kendal or Andrew for help.
It happened at a cocktail party. These are parties the Ďoldsí sometimes have. Drinks and snacks are prepared for the guests. The ladies want to look nice and cannot decide what to wear. The guests who turn up too early are a nuisance, because the lady of the house is usually still in a fluster, trying to put on her make-up. Soon more guests arrive, and receive a glass with some drink in it. Some drinks are strong. They make the people tipsy. When the living room, the dining room and the entrance hall or the garden are full of people, they talk loudly. Because there is much noise, everybody has to raise their voice to make themselves heard above the din. It soon sounds like a shouting match. There are loud hellos at the door to greet latecomers, yackety-yack about cars, football, children, school, and whose marriage is about to break up. In short, it is mostly gossip. There comes a moment when the first guests leave, which causes others to want to leave too. Maybe they ar! e too shy to go for a wee in an unfamiliar toilet, and want to do it at home.
Anyway, the noise at this party quietened down after most of the guests had left. Except for a fat man in a dark blue suit in a corner, who was talking to two women, one with brown short hair and enormous glasses, wearing a grey silky dress, the other, blonde, with shoulder length hair, wearing a bright red dress with a short flaired skirt, and another small dark looking man. The talker was talking about golf. He was bouncing around showing how he held the invisible putting iron, showing with his pudgy hands how the putting green sloped, pointed to the fire-place, where the imaginary hole was, and bent over for his winning putt. At first it sounded like the tearing of cloth. Eyes darted to the trousers stretched tightly across the manís big bottom. Were those dark blue pants just about to split wide open in a big textile grin? Would white, blue or horribly green underpants show? No, but the sound changed to a rich rippling trump, ending in what sounded like fat bum chee! ks clapping together loudly! The fat man straightened up quickly. The woman in grey put her hand to her mouth and tittered. You could see her grinning through her fingers. The other one made an ĎOí with her mouth and went a bright pink which did not match the red of her dress. Then silence. The man who let out the trump said: ĎAh, that feels much better!í Then, noticing his horrified audience, he added: ĎOh, but of course! I have forgotten something. Please excuse me!í And then he lifted his right foot a little way off the floor. With his right hand he took hold of his dark blue trouser-leg, and shook it solemnly; as if he were shaking out his car-keys, which might have escaped through a hole in his pocket. He was acting, of course, pretending to shake his smelly trump out of his pants! Realising that, everybody began to stagger around in convulsions of laughter, and the embarassing moment passed!

Dear Ellen, I hope you liked the story. Uncle Rizzo sends you his love.
And to Kendal and to Andrew, I send my love too!

I was at work a couple of weeks ago. We had been out for lunch. I dropped my fellow workmates off close to the office, then found a parking spot. I found one close by, and headed back to the office. Part way back, I had some gas that I had to pass, but alas, I followed through. It was only a small amount, but enough to get into the undies. I headed towards the nearest bathroom, entered the cubicle, dropped my drawers to discover a very loose bm in the undies. I pushed out what was remaining of the bm, cleaned up the undies as best I could, and put a couple of layers of toilet paper in the undies. I used about half a roll, as I had to wipe the undies several times, and my butt crack was pretty disgusting. Thankfully, the bm did not get past my undies to my work trousers. headed back to my car, as I had a spare pair of briefs in the trunk. I put them into a plastic bag, and walked back to the office again, where I headed to another bathroom, and changed into the clean briefs.! I put the soiled briefs into the bag, and walked back to my desk. I told no one, not even my wife that night.

Some of my posts have not been going on recently - do not know why. Have had two follow through wet farts this week and done damage to underpants. Will see if this sticks before I post again.
Mark b - I love your easy attitude to pooing - keep posting.


ANNIE AND ROBBIE: What do you mean, where am I? I never got a reply on my last post from YOU, lol. Never mind. I hope you had a good time in London, Robby. I first thought you were going to Cleveland, but must have mixed something up there. I think Annie should get her travelmate out and do a revenge pee on you, sweetie. I am afraid I would have, so maybe you were better off, I wasnít your victim ;-). How are you getting along with it, Annie? I am eager to hear about it. I havenít heard from my mom about any more progress and leave it to her, if she wants to tell me. I miss you also. Hope you are back soon. Lots and lots of lovexxx and hugs

SARAH AND MEGHAN: Hi sweeties. Congratulaitions, Sarah! Iíll miss you as well. Come back soon, please. I saw bits of a film about English barristers the other day. Would be nice to imagine you doing a wee in full outfit with the wig and so on, lol.
I did my first urinal on Friday! I was last at work and after wandering around, checking everybody was gone I went into the gents and peed into a urinal with my travelmate. Good fun but I was so nervous of getting caught, I could not really enjoy it fully, lol. I would like to try again though, sometime. Would be great to have someone to share the fun with, though. The smell at the gents was definately odd. Male pee smells different to female. Thanks for sharing your adventures on the patio with me! I hope you will feel comfortable enough soon, to use it with pants on, cause from my point of view, this is when the real fun starts. When you can just stand there fully dressed and just let an arc rip wherever you feel like it. Hope you will have fun on your parties! So you like them big, do you? I donít, but fun to look at. Take very good care! Lovexxxx Ina

RICHARD/US: Hi dear, I hope you did let some good ones rip in Germany. You know, what I meant, what Madonna said is that the pee disolves the chalk from the water, that collects in your shower. I thought it was called limestone, but was obviously wrong. Thatís what I meant by, "itís a good excuse" More later. Hugs from Ina

RIZZO: Hi dear, hope you are fine. I love tea as well as peeing! Always get my fav English brand...Itís a great combination, like beer and pees. The Paulaner dunkel is one of my favourites, by the way. When I weed in the stall after I took my pants of, I aimed with my finger, not using my tool. I donít have to take my pants of for that, you know. I thought it was great you showed your niece the internet site! I also think the travelmate would be a nice suprise present for your wife. I would love it if I could join you next time on the boat,weeing into the sea! I donít know, if you read about me, giving my mom one. She would have never ordered it herself, but I think she had fun trying it. She sounded like it though. I miss your stories. I hope you will have time for one soon! Love from Ina

STEVE AND LOUISE: Hi to you and your sister DAMSEL. Lovely stories! I thougth about you, as a friend of mine started Karate and talks a lot about it. Watching you two doing a sword fight must be a pretty sight. I get quite good with the tool free method as well now. I found out itís easier for me with two fingers from both hands. Itís nice fun. The travelmate is better for outside pees for me though, as I donít like skirts and dresses. Hope you are fine. Lovexx from Ina

TIM AND SARAH: Wonderful and very sweet story, Sarah. You are such a sweetie. Tim, get well soon, please! Love and hugs

PV: Nice to have you back and good to her you had fun! Looking forward to some possible stories

CARMALITA: Missing you, sweetie! Say hello soon!

JEFF A.: Are you ok? Long time no hear. Miss you as well.

JaLe: I really like your stories. Please tell us more!

Love to Kim and Scott, Ephermal, David (so sorry about you and Niki!), Renee, Patsy, Nu and all the others. Take care!

Lawn Dogs Kid
Kendal posted on friday, but it doesn't look as though it made it on to the site. Never mind, it was probably too off topic.

DAMSEL: I think Kendal would probably have said that Eleanor asked me out, and I agreed, but just on a good friends basis. I shall be 17 at the end of this month, and Eleanor is only 13, so we have a little age problem really. But she is very sweet. However, I'll never forget the lady who I met on this site, the one who so magnificently describes her wees. I really do enjoy your posts, and I'm glad Steve has found someone else for you. Love Andrew x

STEVE & LOUISE: Kendal and I between us are making sure that Eleanor gets to hear about your messages. Things are looking good for her family buying Kendal's old house, subject to one or two conditions relating to mortgages and surveys etc. If so, then I suspect Eleanor will become a regular poster, because she will be living less than 10 minutes walk away, and I'm sure she'll be here often. Oh, and just in case you are wondering, I shall be an absolute gentleman with her. Kendal's post that didn't get on said about Eleanor being worried that I would expect to see her on the toilet. I think I've put her mind at rest. She smiled and told me I could listen outside. She's not shy about the noises, just being seen. And seeing as the biggest thrill for me about toilet experiences is the anticipation of the noises, and what they will sound like, I think she realises that she is in total control of what happens, and that I will never ever pressure her. Take care !

LINDA GS: Eleanor may be about in my life now, but you are still my very special cyber cousin. I'll always have my hair brush in hand for you, just whenever you want. And I shall also continue to wear hideous coloured pampies just so Kendal can tell you what colour they are in her stories to you !! Take care babe, lots of love from Andrew x

RIZZO, PV, ROBBY, ANNIE, SARAH, MEGHAN, JANE, and everyone else who cares: We have just had a security system installed at our house. What happens is that if someone opens one of the doors into the house, a beep-beep sound is made, so anyone in the house knows that someone has come in. Now you can just imagine what a God-send that is to Kendal and I. It means that we can enjoy our toilet adventures even if Mum and Dad are home, provided they are outside. Because if they come in, we get a warning now which enables the watcher to escape undetected !! We put it to the test this morning. For some reason Kendal hadn't had her usual tea-time poo on Saturday. So by now, mid-Sunday morning, she was well ready. But we both knew that Mum and Dad were planning on doing some gardening. Eventually, they went out, and before we both went upstairs, I checked carefully that they hadn't left either door open, so the beep-beep would work upon any opening. Then the both of us rushed upst! airs. There wasn't time for me to wee first. Kendal was too desperate. Very desperate ! She was lifting her dress up as she got to the top of the stairs, and her pampies were already down around her knees as she reached and lifted the toilet lid with such force it fair clattered against the cystern tank ! Then she turned and plonked herself heavily onto the toilet seat and gasped AHHHHHH as a huge un-Kendal like trump exited her bottom followed in a fraction of a second by CULLOMPTON..PLOP..plop.....plop.....wwssssssSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH(plop)SSSSHHHHHH(plop)SHHH(Plop)SSSHHHHsssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh, tinkle tinkle tinkle....................plop ! Kendal hardly ever makes audible gasps. Perhaps the odd quiet little pant if she is struggling with a poo. But after the first gasp of thankfulness that she had made it to the toilet without an accident, she panted audible AHHHHHHs. Firstly at the end of the initial four plops. And then again as her wee started, and again at t! he end of each plop in the middle of her wee. But not at the final plop, which came around 10 seconds after the last drops of wee were heard. I looked at Kendal when the last plop was not followed by a gasp of delight. She was sitting there grinning from ear to ear at the expression on my face, my jaw wide open in surprise etc. But we both took a sharp intake of breath when beep-beep, someone had come in the house !! I kissed Kendal, and left the bathroom quickly, pulling the door closed behind me, but not fully shut, so it wouldn't make a noise. And then I crept into my bedroom. There were soft steps upstairs, but before I could say anything in warning as my Dad passed my bedroom door, the bathroom door was opened, and then "Oh my goodness ! Kendal, I'm so sorry !!". This was followed by a Kendal giggle. I could just tell from that alone that she was enjoying my Dad's embarrassment ! I heard her say, "never mind Uncle Geoff. Its not your fault, I should have locked the do! or" and then to compound my Dad's embarrassment, her last word was followed by another quite audible plop ! My Dad walked past my door with the reddest face I've seen him wearing since... well, the last time he walked in on Kendal sitting on the toilet !!!

Kendal and I cuddled when she came out of the bathroom. We were both pleased that the experiment had worked so well. No one will ever catch us in the toilet together with that security system in place. The only problem really is that one of us will be exposed to a possible bathroom visitation from who ever has come in. But judging by kendal's reactions, she doesn't care about that one jot !! She even told me so ! And she says I'm a naughty boy !!

Oh, and the reason Ellen is written about here is that she was visiting her Granny on her Mum's side. So Kendal had this opportunity by ourselves, with out constant chatter, and questions !!

Gotta rush. Love from Andrew xxxxx.

Sunday, May 05, 2002

Adrian. My Aunt Judith did some whoppers I can tell you! She was also a prodigious pre motion farter.

As a kid I would often have the pleasure of listening to then seeing her toilet performances. She was a ???? woman with long reg hair. I knew from the frank way she spoke of such matters that she didnt have a motion every day, but her normal pattern was 2 or 3 good motions a week, big fat well formed jobbies, often so long and fat that they stuck in the toilet pan and needed a few buckets of water to be thrown down to shift them, so to my great pleasure I often saw Judy's Jobbies.

When Judy was visiting our home or I was over seeing her and my cousins at her home Id know when she needed a motion. Usually after lunch on the day of the big event she would start to fart or "pump" as she more politely put it. Now like many boys do I used to have a look up her skirt when playing on the floor and saw what colour of knickers she had on, normally big cotton interlock briefs with elastic through the leg bands and waist, usually plain white knickers but sometimes pale blue, or pink, or primrose yellow. Anyway, Judy would start to fart quietly into her knicks, "PHUT! PUFF!" and the smell of a solid motion would waft through her skirt. After a few of these she would pat her nicely rounded ???? and say, "Im off to the toilet for a big motion" Now if I could Id wait till she had entered the toilet and then go to my listening post nearby in the hallway. Id hear her hitch up her skirt an pull her knickers down then sit on the pan. Now she would issue some loud f! arts as sitting on the pan and with her knicks down I imagine her fat bum cheeks would be apart. Her wee wee would hiss and tinkle then Id hear her grunt, "NN! UH! PLONK! PLUNK! PLOONK! some small hard balls would come out then Id hear her take a deep breath and bear down. Here came the big jobbies I knew, NN! UH! OO! AH!" KUR-SPLOONK! AH! NN! KER-SPOOL0LOOMP! AH!" as she did two big jobbies. Now often however instead of these sounds there would be a sustained NN! AH! and if I listened carefully Id hear the crackling as she was doing a really long fat turd. This would seem to go on for ages then Id hear "AH!" and there would be a "FLOOMP!" as it slid into the pan. Now such big jobbies often stuck in the pan and when she had finished, wiped her fat bum, pulled up her knickers and come out of the toilet I would see the long fat brown turd lying in the bottom of ther pan although she had pulled the flush. This would be a real whopper, 14 inches long and 2.5 inches thick, knobbl! y to begin with then smoother, and, unless she had been taking Iron Tablets as in my previous posting, a mid brown colour and a few inches at the pointed end would stick up out of the water. Now Im sure she enjoyed doing these lovely big poos as the look on her face afterwards was as much of pride and enjoyment as of relief.

I didnt see it myself, but my cousin told me that on one occasion Judy DID do a big poo in her knickers when she needed a motion while out shopping and didnt make it home to the toilet. It made a huge bulge in the seat of the white knickers she had on at the time, luckily it was a formed stool as she usually did and the elastic in the leg openings of her briefs kept it all in so she didnt mess her legs or her skirt.

INA - Hi girl! Well it is a while since we have talked. Yeah I know a bit about how your friend feels. Once I got started with my martial arts I have got really into them.
Well I am happy you have liked our stories.
LOL When me and Steve have our 'swordfights' it is more a giggle than anything. Hehe last one we had last week I got so giggly when I hit Steve's stream with mine I accidentally pulled my travelmate away and I just splooshed my wee in the bathwater. I tried to put it back but it was too late really and Steve won the fight.
Oh yeah using fingers of both hands to splay your lips so you can stand to wee tool-free is a good way! I am happy you found that out. It is a good way for girls to try if they have trouble using just one hand you know. The trouble with that is you need to get your clothes and handbag and all that stuff out of the way so you do not need to take one of your hands away from between your legs. If you wear a skirt or dress or you need to hold something else clear it can be difficult and you need to be sure you will be all right that way before you start weeing. I bet you have found that out as well.
Using a urinal is exciting isn't it? When I go in the men's it always makes my heart go thump.
Love Louise xx

LAWN DOGS KID - Hi guy! Well you know I wish you had the chance to see my sister. I mean how you have treated Eleanor so well about going to the toilet you are a proven gentleman. You know some girl is going to be really lucky to get you. Yeah I know why it could be your different age to Eleanor would make it hard work. You know the 4 years would not be a lot if you were Steve's age or in your twenties even but when you are just teenagers 4 years is a lot. I hope Eleanor understands. Hey you know, if Eleanor would be happy with you listening to her from outside when she is on the toilet that is all right isn't it?
Hey I giggled at the story about the security system and Kendal getting caught on the toilet.
Love Louise xxxxx

UPSTATE DAVE - Hi guy! Well I am happy you have liked my stories. Oh yeah, I hope Richard's statues work properly. It would not be right if it made me and my sis look like we just do little trickles would it?
I liked what you said about that scene in the film. My statue should do that, you know! Hey there could be beams that catch people walking past my statue and then the statue could wee and give them a good soaking! LOL I know I am being silly but why not?
Well I hope I can make you smile a little bit now because I have decided I am going to have this wee for you. I have picked out a pair of white bikini briefs and I am wearing them low, so when I am sitting here I know that if you look down the back then you can see down my bum. I have no bra on and I hope that does not distract you too much. Well I am walking up the stairs to the bathroom. If you are following me it may be you will like what you see. I am already hooking my thumbs down the side of my bikini briefs and pulling them down. I am kicking them off now. I do not know where they landed, I think they went back down the stairs. I think you would like me to use the bucket so I will. I have put the bucket down in the middle of the bathroom floor and my mirrors are in the right place too so I can see. I am squatting over the bucket so if you like you can watch me from the front or from the back. You will be safe to watch me from the front if you like. I will not be s! quirting my wee in your eye! From the back you can see my bum and if you get a bit low you can see my pussy very well. Well, here it comes! I did a little trickle then but now sssssssss I am doing a nice yellow gusher for you. Whoosh I am not just hissing but my wee is making a big noise down the side of the bucket as well. My sister said it was a hollow noise when she had her wee and yeah it is a bit hollow. Are you watching? I am really washing the side of the bucket, Dave! My gusher is still hissing sssssss .... ssssssss and is squirting out of my pussy and twisting. After that it is sort of spreading out a bit into a bit of a yellow rainstorm isn't it? I am dripping into the wee in the bottom of the bucket as well as doing my gusher. Ssssss drip drip ssssssss Well my wee is starting slowing down now, can you see? I am trickling and you can hear it in the bottom of the bucket because I have a lot of wee in it. Trickle trickle trickle drip drip trickle trickle trickle. Gi! ggle can you get me some tp please? Thank you. Trickle trickle. I am just dripping a bit now and well that is it. It has stopped and you can see those little drops hanging on my pussy. I am wiping them off now wiping from back to front. Here is the tp please throw it in the toilet. Oh did I put the wet bit on your palm? Oh sorry! giggle Please poar my wee away for me as well. Thank you!
I hoped you liked that Dave!
Love Louise xxxxx

PV - Hi girl!Hey, you *know* I have had to leave turds for others to see. giggle Do you remember when it was after a game of netball and I really needed a shit and a wee? The other girls in the showers told me not to block the toilet up and another girl wanted to use the toilet as well so because I was first to use it she watched me have my wee and when I was shitting too! So she got to see the log I left behind. It was a bit exciting and a cheap thrill really. Oh what about when I blocked the toilet in the nightclub and the other girl we were with went in the toilets after me and she came back saying how somebody had blocked one of the bogs up. giggle
I liked reading about my sis's sink wee. She gets on the sink a bit different to me then. I just sort of ease my left bum cheek on the sink and slide across so my pussy is aimed into the sink.
Hey I am pleased you had a nice time, and what a good thing to be able to do, have a wee with the door wide open! You are doing really well! Well I am happy for you if you have had an adventure or something a bit more maybe? I know you were trying to tell me something and I think I know the kind of thing you mean. So it is good if you have had a great time like that isn't it and confirmed your preference? I am a bit curious too!
I bet you would have liked to have been with us on Saturday when we had a drink. I was just with Steve and I think we saw about 6 other girls weeing in alleys and places like it. Steve got to see 2 pussies squirting big gushers and the girls giggled at him. You know I think they put on a show! Well when we were going home I went for a wee in an alley as well, and I lifted my little blue dress and pulled down my blue thong. I thought I would give Steve a real good show. I gave him my bag and my thong to hold and I stood with my knees a little bit bent. He watched my from the front while I splayed and lifted my pussy so I weed a big gusher about 6 feet in front of me. I bet you would have liked to see it. Steve said he wished he had his camera I looked that gorgeous! Well that was a nice thing for him to say and well I could not wait to get him home to do you know what!



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