Wow! Lots of good posts today! First I just wanted to tell you guys about a dream I had last night. I dreamed I was at college (supposedly mine, but looked nothing like it) and I had to pee REALLY bad. There were 3 bathrooms--male, female and unisex. The unisex had two urinals, one large and higher up and the other small and close to the floor. I chose that bathroom. I left my skirt down and stood in front of the small urinal and just started peeing. Now, i've never really used a urinal, and I can't control my aim standing up. However, in the dream I had the perfect aim. before I knew it, men were coming out of the ladies' room and women out of the mens'. I peed for what seems like forever--a thick, strong yellow stream. Then I woke up. First thing i did was check my bed. dry. I've never wet my bed in my life, but lately I've been having these VERY realistic dreams about peeing. I'm afraid I'm going to wake up wet one day. I hope not....

DONNIE M--You said its rude and cruel for a business not to let customers use their private restroom. What about my situation a while back? I'm not sure if you read it, but in the store where I work, we have an employees only bathroom that we usually let customers use. However, this one old lady came in EVERY DAY before she went to work and always either had diarrhea and splashed it everywhere leaving the bathroom too messy for anyone else to use, or she was constipated and stopped up the toilet so bad it took over a day to fix it. Then NOBODY could use the bathroom--employee or customer. We knew this lady was coming straight from home, stooped in long enough to mess up our bathroom, then went straight to work. She could have easily gone at home or her work, where she wouldn't inconvenience others. In this case, what would you have done? We stopped letting customers use our bathroom. (Unless a little kid came in and was desperate, or some other emergency.) Any ! suggestions? Should we just deny the one lady the restroom? Or all customers? Or should we just straight up tell her the truth--that she's ruining our restroom? Your thoughts are appreciated.

LURKER MAN--I can beat your record! I'm 19, and to this day, i don't ever remember pooping in a public toilet. I am a little shy about it, but mostly, I've just never had the urge.

ANDRE--I've read so many posts with so little time, its hard to remember who posted what. But it seems like you had some pretty good posts. :) That's cool that you and your dad are open about pooping. My mom doesn't mind if I'm in the room while she is. She's never minded. My dad will talk about it, but I've never watched. And like you with your mom, I wouldn't really want to. I guess b/c I don't remember ever seeing my dad in less than boxers and I prefer to keep it that the way, how old are you? I'm 19.

TINY--I liked your story. The only experience I have with diapers is with changing babies when I used to babysit. I've never worn one since I was around 2.

JIM--Does your school have those air hand driers? You could dry your wet pants under one of those if it happens again. Or you could line your underwear with toilet paper or paper towels to soak up pee in case you have another accident. Also, if you pooped your pants with the toilet paper lining them, you could easily dump the poop and paper into the toilet with a trace of what happened. Then you could get rid of it all away from home so your mom would never know! Try it and let me know what happens!

JASON THE POOP LOVER--Loved your stories from kindergarten and first grade.

Also, hellos to: NOEL (where are you? I miss you!), MATT (hope to hear from you soon!), ADAM, POO PANTS and all the other great posters out there!


TONY: I think you're short changing your era, but I guess you would have a better idea than I would. Most of what I have read seems to emphasize that the technology & especially medical/hygiene knowledge around WWI vs. WWII were worlds apart.
You may not have had the latest modern conveniences growing up, however I would think you had it much better off than average child born, say, 30 or 40 years earlier - near the beginning of the century.

It's too bad there aren't many centiginarians on the Web. I'd like to get their slant on this subject.

Hey PV, what country was that Foxtel Comedy Channel show on? It sounded pretty kool!

To LOUISE: Good day to ya! Sounds like all is wonderful with you and Steve. Yes, It would be a fascinating thing to see you, Jill, and Richard's wife all having a massive wee together! What a visual!

I really enjoy the sights and sounds of a powerful wee, especially coming from a woman.

Hey, if you are looking for new ideas, maybe give this a go... we have vacationed several times at a well known clothing optional resort in Jamaica.Aside from it's appeal to nudists, it also claims that "anything goes" for the most part. From what we have seen and experienced, that is the absolute truth!

One of the fun pool/spaside activities that have taken place there is pissing contests. The way the booze flows around that party place, bladders are constantly filling, and in great need of relief.

The women, in order to be visualized, and in order to gain the best "distance" , bend over, and pee shooting straight back. If you lean forward, and grab your ankles, the stream shoots back, and is easily measured for distance. The furthest wins prizes, usually in the form of liquor bottles.

This is very interesting to watch. Some of the women can really shoot a good distance. Of course, it takes a strong , powerful bladder to do so, but from the sound of your abilities, and of course, Jill's, this should not be a problem at all!

Maybe give that a shot for something new. You will need a bit more room behind you than what a bathtub can offer. An ideal spot for this kind of thing is a locker room shower type place, or of course, now that spring has arrived, the great outdoors!

See if that is something you can master, Louise. Of course, it takes a very full bladder to achieve the best distances - again, not a problem for you! Have fun, and let me know how that feels- I'm sure Steve will enjoy it- the visuals are tremendous! happy weeing! Mickey

Somebody asked my age (I am 40) and what is my native language. I told last time that I don?t speak English as my native language. It may be enough information, but I can tell that I am from Europe.

Last weekend I was a bit constipated. It started on Friday, I pooped (at work) only one about 3 inches long log and it was hard. Saturday was also exiguous, the result of 15 minutes struggling was just a small lump of shit. Sunday went on without having a shit. I didn?t even feel any urge to crap. But on Monday gates of my bowels opened. I felt growing urge to poo already in morning, but it was very busy forenoon at the work and I ignored the urge. Same rush and same growing urge lasted whole day until afternoon, just after our coffee break, I decided to go because I knew I can not resist it much more longer. Ladies room was empty, so I whizzed in stall and lifted up my skirt and tugged down knickers. I sat down and as my butt hit the pan I started pushing right away. Thick but rather soft turd emerged out of my hole. I continued pushing and turd came more out. I heard a muffled fart middle of my pooping, the turd broke off and plopped in water. At that time smell was al! ready remarkable. I kept on struggling and I felt more stinking stuff coming out. Texture of poo became softer and softer, finally it was almost mushy. All happened very fast (less than two minutes) and there was steady splashing underneath my butt. Before I wiped I looked down in the bowl and I saw huge amount of shit. Certainly there was 3 days load of shit! And stink was infernal. I wiped completely and flush. For a while it looked like I managed clog toilet, but then I heard a slurping sound and my shit mountain disappeared in drain pipes leaving behind wide brown streak in the bottom of the pan. I washed my hands and I was just leaving when one of my co-workers came in. Fortunately she went other stall, but I was sure that the reek of my poop was hovering all around both stalls. I heard my co-worker starting to pee and I went back to my office.

Does anyone else noticed that poop stinks more than normally after being constipated 2-3 days?

Hi to all you poopers out there.
To CHARLIE R Loved your story you lucky bloke i've never known a woman who is so open about her bodily functions to the extent i can watch or her going into details talking about itapart from jill or wehatever i recalled her (see old posts) If you dont mind me asking how long did it take her and if she's so open does she know your posting here and will she? All the best to the 2 of you.
TO PUNKROCK GIRL I'm a big punk fan mostly the sex pistols,the clash ,the stranglers, undertones' and adam and the ants so you can probably tell i'm a bit older than you. Do you like old punk i cant remember if i've asked you before. Any way back to shitting i like your stories have you ever needed a shit during a gig or whatever there called these days.
To VI Great outhouse story i hope non of those spiders were venomous.
TO ELEANOR I'm so pleased you got every thing sorted with your brother and that you met Kendal she seems like a special young lady oh and could you get her to give old London Lad a post if she remembers me.
TO SUPERPOOPER I think you done the same trip as me in reverse i started
in Zimbabwe,Zambia,Botswana, Namibia,then Capetown was the game park Arusha or Okovanga Delta or what? your right the wildlife is spectacular
iv'e now done 2 safaries what company did you go with (in a non advertising way moderators)if you your intereted, in the old posts there are some of my travell stories mostly Africa.Another one below.
OK in Cape Town there's a lodge called Ashanti Lodge cool place (do you know it superpooper)well where the bar is as you enter and leave there are 2 toilets whilst wipping my ring after a rare african solid dump i heard someone go into the cubicle next to mine i heard a cough so i knew it was a female, having heard her drop her undies i heard a good but not to big a piss hiss then a FLOOMP -PLONK -PLOP i heard several light splashes and small plops all in all it was about 15 turds in 3.5 mins it took her about 1.5 mins to wipe so i flushed and left beating her to the 1 and only sink as she came out i could not beleive my luck she was about20-22 years old shoulder length natural blond hair, a lovovely thin figur but a big well shaped arse she was wearing a green serong and bikini tops.As her stall was next to the wall where the kitchen was on the other side you couldn,t hear well from that cubicle but the other one was not so bad being futher from the kitchen wall so I do! nt know if she heard me flush and exit as it was a noisy kitchen so she might of thought i had just arrived to wash my hands.Anyway her name was Sharon we talked not about what she had just done and that was it.
I later found out that these 2 toilets were not uni-sex as i thought but for woman only there was no entrance door to the 2 cubicle areas just an alcove.
I hope you enjoyed my story bye for now London Lad.

Sarah (for Tim)
This is a suprise post for my sweet husband, who is unfortunately not well again, at the moment, but will hopefully recover very soon.
Here is our story, which I asked Tim not to post. Not because I was so embarrassed, as you thought, my dear, but cause I wanted you to take a break, so I could give you this suprise: Sunday we went out with the kids into the woods. We walked a bit and took a rest at a nice spot by the lake. The kids were playing and we were sitting in the sun watching them while cuddling. We just had a big Sunday lunch and I felt awfully full as I had not done a motion in a couple of days and felt the need growing. Tim sat on big fallen tree and I sat between his legs. He suddenly gave me this big hug from behind, squeezing my ????, whispering into my ear, how much he loved me. I did an uncontrolled, big fart, I was terribly embarrassed about. Tim laughed like mad and asked if I that meant: "I love you too" ? I had to laugh as well, which caused more gas to come out. Tim cuddled even closer, cause he liked it, especially feeling the vibration. I said to himI would love him like mad, but! if he would not let go of my ????, I would poop my pants. You can imagine his grin... Then he gave me this look full of care and told me to just go and relieve myself, he would not try to watch and would watch out for others. I asked him if he would like to watch though. He said:"Oh, come on, Sarah, you know I do!" So I climbed behind the fallen tree, on which he sat and took a look what the kids were doing. They were in their own world, playing. I took my coat of and laid it over the tree and started to unbotton. I laughed and said: "I hope you wonít regret it." I pulled my jeans and pants down and squatted giving Tim a good view of my back. I felt a bit uneasy for a moment, but then I though: I need to do this poop badly, my sweety loves to watch, where is my problem? I took a deep breath and pushed and to my suprise I felt my load moving with big force towards the exit and coming out with no hassle. I just emptied out quickly and did a big wee into the grass. The poop ! did not even feel sooo big coming out, but when I looked on the ground there was this HUGE pile of poo. I was suprised where it came from. It was just one soft really long piece that had curled to a round pyramid. I was astonished and even a bit proud. I have to laugh about it myself! Tim starred in awe and just said: "Wow!" I told him I need a tissue and he asked if he could wipe me. I was happy I did not have to get my hands dirty and agreed and he did a very good job, which showed he had qualified through yearís of practise, cleaning the bums of our babies.Lol. I got up and pulled my pants back up and felt ten pounds lighter. We saw the kids running towards us, so Tim quickly sat down on the tree, putting my coat over his lap, as he had a visible reaction...I looked around, but could not find anything to cover my poo with so I just climbed over the tree again hoping they would not notice. Tim had put the wipes into a plastic bag to throw away later. The kids climbed onto ! the tree and wanted to have drinks and a cuddle. Tim fleed, as he was embarrassed and afraid thay could notice and disappeared behind some bushes for a pee. He was worried later, but I asured him, they had not noticed a thing. They discovered my pile though and Loewie was convinced a big bear had done it. LOL! This started a game, so we had to play bear family for the rest of the afternoon. I donít know if the little bears knew, that it was indeed their mama bear, who had done the big poo, but strangely enough I donít even care. So papa bear, get well soon and we can trot around the woods again. We love you! Love to all our friends here from Sarah (and Tim). One of us will reply in the next few days, promise!

Hello everybody!
Well my sister has finished her letter and now it is me. I have to go out soon so I can not make this a long letter.

ELEANOR - Hi girl! Oh yes, we are well and we hope you are too. It was lovely of you to write such a nice letter to us. Yes, our wedding preparations are going well, thank you. Hey it would be very good if I could have 2 cyber bridesmaids so yeah, you and Kendal get the jobs!
Hey I know how bad it is when you get diarrhoea that will not go away. If you get it you need to drink to be sure you do not get dehydrated because it takes a lot of water out of you you know. Sometimes I get diarrhoea when I am feeling really nervy and I am a bit afraid I will get it again just before I go for my next martial arts test in 3 weeks. I really really really want to avoid it on my wedding day, because I do not want to have it once I have my wedding dress on and have to get my sister and Jackie to wipe my bum for me. I have a friend who told me she got nervy runs and had to get her mum to wipe her bum and check it was clean.
I know, if you have had a really good shit with diarrhoea you can take 2 days or a bit longer to need another shit at all.
You know we are very happy Kendal and her friends are looking after you so well. Hey if you want to stay in the toilets all alone I bet they will not put any pressure on you, you know? It is like your brother now knows, it is up to you to choose isn't it?
Hey please write another letter any time! Steve asked me to say hello to you for him. He is very busy this week with work and he is helping me train for my martial arts test so I hope you will understand he does not have much free time.
Lotsoflove Louise xx

RICHARD/USA - Hi guy! Hey if my sister wants 2 statues, I want another statue too. Could you do one of me weeing squatting with my legs wide apart as well? I know I do a lot of standing but I do like squatting too. I think you should do one of my mum too!

PV - Hi girl! Did you have a nice trip away?
I remember another poster who said they had seen that film with the girl wrapping up her log and putting it in her handbag so she could take it away. You know if I blocked a toilet I would just leave the log in there. giggle I would not pick it out and take it home with me. Oh no! LOL



Mike B.
Hi everyone. You all talk so casually about this stuff, it's kind of funny. But most other people would say "ew!" or "gross!" if I mentioned anything involving my bowels, which is understandable. I can tolerate reading your stories, though.
But anyway, I had an accident last year. Even though I'm not fat, I went on a diet (I was shooting for getting a six-pack). So, I began starving myself and hadn't eaten for about a day and a half. While leaving the school cafeteria for a small meal(i'm in college), I coughed and released some crap into my underwear. I immediately panicked. The shit was really watery and I thought it would run down my leg and people would notice. I slowly shuffled back to my dorm, saying hi to a a couple of acquaintences on the way (they had no idea). When I reached my dorm I quickly undressed. There was absolutely no smell to my shit (if you could call it that). It was basically brown water and my underwear had absorbed the bulk of it. I immediately threw the soiled briefs and pants in the trash and changed the trash. I got a long shower. I think starving myself somehow screwed up my system, and I will never attempt dieting like this again!

Mike (20 yrs. old)

I took a good dump today. I pulled down my jeans and boxers and sat on the toilet. My anus expanded and a large firm turd slid slowly down. It was smoothe and felt really good coming out. It dropped into the bowel without a splash. I peed or about 10 seconds and then wiped twice. It was very satisfying.

I wish I could get my girlfriend into it. I have told her about this site but she hasn't visited it yet. If she could just realize so many other people enjoy it, maybe she wouldn't feel as self-conscious.

To: Adam, Poo Pants, Dork, Mark B and Matt.

At last I'm back home and able to get back on to this site. I make this a collective post to you all this time. I've been thinking of you all (except Matt) while away these last two and a bit weeks. It was great on my return to find a post from Matt to myself, Adam, etc (page 879). Welcome to you Matt. It is good that you are another guy, who like the rest of us enjoys a good dump in our underpants. Living in Cheshire you live even closer to me than Adam or Poo Pants.

I took today off to catch up on all sorts of things - including a visit to the supermarket for food, etc. I began with breakfast, standing to eat my cereal in the Boxer Briefs and old T-shirt I had slept in last night. I could feel a BM become increasingly urgent. Having finished off with a cup of tea, I went to the bathroom to shave and shower. Before I started my shave I stood with my legs tightly together. Although my boxer briefs had close fit legs, I did not want any poo to escape and drop to the floor. I then pushed out the whole load out. It was quite firm but sticky. It was a huge load. It just felt so great. I was thinking as I stood there in my filled underpants of your words Matt, that I read last evening, "Why do we enjoy a good poo in our pants so much - I can't think of any reason." I've asked the same question for years - and I can't think of a reason. But I enjoy the experience so much. Initially, because of insecurities during my school days, it was a "c! omfort" thing. This is explained on Page 804. Also, I put details of an amazing genuine accident I had in my boxers in Marks & Spencer in Manchester in my very first post on Page 802. If you wonder (with mention there of my family) how old I am, I am now 45. Still pretty good looking and 5'7" tall, with brown eyes and dark brown hair. I've not lost any of it, though it is beginning to grey. Back to this morning. After I had enjoyed shaving with my underpants loaded with lovely warm poo, I tipped it into the toilet. It was such a huge load that I was so surprised it flushed away first time. Pulling my underpants up, I went into the shower to have a great long pee in them before cleaning up and getting on with my normal shower. A fantastic start to the day.

Your Dad sounds just fantastic, Poo Pants. I wish I could have had that sort of relationship with my Dad. We were just never close (and how I so wish that we could have been). Not that I had any desire for him to share in my pants pooing activities, but it would have been nice to have the normal closeness I so yearned. It would have been great to have had some good loving hugs from him. I'm not being critical of him (nor would I ever be). He was a good father. I just think he did not know how to relate - and I believe that was part of his upbringing. We spent a week with Mum and Dad at their home (in the south of England) early one August. I really felt that for the first time ever that Dad and myself were beginning to get close. Two weeks later he died of a heart attack. I was devastated by this. I've certainly done my best to be close with my two boys (especially after my wife died some years ago now). I feel that with them I have more like an older brother / younger b! rother relationship. Amazingly, I tend to relate amazingly well with guys in their late teens and twenties in the same way. However, I have never shared my pants pooing interests with my sons or anyone else at all, apart from this site and a couple of male friends of about my own age whom I discovered were into filling their underpants.

Well, my "pants dumping" friends, I must go for now. I've got lots to share about my time away - though it was not an opportune time to mess myself. I'll share more on that later. We have a good friend in Scarlet. That was some good advice she gave you Matt. Hope you've managed to get those briefs. Actually, you don't have to wear briefs all the time. I have more boxers than briefs, so tend to switch between styles regularly - but if I'm planning to mess myself out of doors, briefs are a must. If my bowels are upset I always wear briefs in case of a genuine accident. Bryian suggested boxer briefs. These are fine for indoor accidents. A good type will have close fitting legs (such as the Calvin Klein ones) which keep the poo in, but looser poo can leak out. Anyway, please keep your stories coming. I can't wait to hear more from all of you. I'll have many more stories both from the present and from my past experiences.

All the best,


Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
Hey, fellow fecal fans:
Lauren, if I did not already have a girfriend, who is into pooping, and, likewise, if your boyfriend was not into it, I would say that we were compatible! Thanks for the compliment,
girl. However, I don't plan on getting that thing published. @ least, not any time soon. Your man Bill, what a lucky dude! And to think that that was one of the conditions of the two of you getting together (him being able to watch you on the can)! Lucky, lucky, lucky! Speaking of lucky, Denise and I shared the toilet this morning. She sat in my lap, this time. We both had what felt like tree trunks up our butts. They both came out w/ minimal effort. We wiped each others butts, and it only took two-each. We ate almost the same things over the past couple of days. So, I guess that that helped. A lot of fried-chicken and leftover Chicken Helper (Fettucini Alfredo). Special hello to Lauren, and Roger (Angela's bf in Texas).



when i was in the US in a hotel outside of boston i had a dream in which i kept going for a piss. when i woke up in the morning i was so desperate that my bladder ached-i peed for quite some time.

any other experiences?

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi. Everyone.

I was just about to watch a programme on TV called "The Edwardian House" last night. I switched on just in time to see the opening credits that included for a few seconds, the sight of a young guy sitting on the toilet reading a paper! He was one of the servants of the house, I'd think, and he looked really good showing off his thigh muscles as he sat there! I think it was one of the old style toilet seats that has a wide edge to the seat with a straight outside rim; one that would require very large thighs to completely cover it!
He probably felt less self-conscious sitting there reading rather than look as though he's engrossed in the job he's trying to do!
One thing about guys reading on the toilet, it usually indicates to anyone hearing tham turning the pages at intervals, that they're not in any hurry, and so the shit is likely to be firm, slow and controlled.

Today's effort on the public toilet for me resulted in the most brilliant splashes! Not very loud, not at all big, but my left buttock felt like I got a pint of water splashed up when I dropped one!Brilliant

I've never been interested in the idea of tattoos, and anyone might soon regret having one done and the pain and expense of having one removed. Seeing guys on "Jackass TV" wearing thongs and showing off their muscly buttocks, I thought how anyone who wants to, and is uninhibited enough could get someone to use an ordinary biro to write or draw something on their "toilet muscle".
As it would easily wash out, no long term embarrassment would result.
How about such as the outline of a toilet seat on the backside, or a few words indicating what drops from the centre, or instructions to others on how he uses the toilet?
It turned me on the other day sitting on a public toilet thinking someone might look over the partition as I sat there, so as I had a pen in my pocket, I took it out and wrote the words TOILET and MUSCLE on my thighs. Yes, I know it might sound weird, and I did wash it off when I got home, but if anyone had seen it, they'd have thought there's a guy who's proud of what he does and how he looks on the bog! It looked quite realistic as a tattoo as well!
Different from writing on walls! Good toileting to all, P. Plop Guy

Not posted for a while for not a lot to report.

Did wet my pants the other evening whilst out having a drink in a very busy and dark pub. I once read here about a guy who did that and I thought it would be fun. It was good - dark trousers a bit shiny but not to much other outward damage. There was a bit of a pool under the seat but it hardly noticed in this pub. My mate has had accidents in the past but I never let on and he never noticed. I was only damp by bedtime so I kept the pants on in bed - by the morning there was a lovely warm pee smell in the bed as I pulled back the clothes.

Matt - Noel and Poo Pants - where are you all.

I remember reading about you, Eleanor, and what a coincidence it is that you are now living in the same place as Kendal and Andrew. During the time you had all those problems, Steve and Louise were very supportive toward you. I wouldn't expect anything else of them. Oh well, I don't think I'm going to get Andrew then. Sigh. I've scared another nice one away. I hope you do start something with him because he is very nice.

Absolutely, Rizzo, I'm going to have another wee-wee for you right now. I've had the urge for about three hours so far and I feel my tank is full enough. All of Louise's spectators can come and have a look at me as well. I arrived in my jeans, white Tee shirt and my denim jacket. Louise earlier let me know that my black thong back was very visible above my jeans when I sat down and I showed some bottom too. It rocks Steve's boat to see Louise like that. Maybe it is a detail you would like to know about how I've been dressed today. Sitting here now I am down to just my black thong (black because I want to be bad just like my older sister). I have permission to have a wee-wee in Louise's sink, and that is precisely what I am going to do. She told me you have a particular thing for girls slinging a leg up and over a sink and weeing in it. I hope I do it right, just the way you like it. I am in their bathroom and I am waiting for my audience to assemble so I can begin. You a! re at the front, Rizzo, and right now I am slowly slipping my thong down over my hips. It is down my legs to my knees now and I am blushing a little because my breasts and female bits are exposed. My pussy is freshly shaven this morning with only the small blonde tuft remaining above it just like my sister. My urge to go is stronger now than earlier, and with care I have perched my bottom on the sink pedestal. It's cold! Turning to my left I have raised my left leg and I have allowed my downstretched right leg to reach the floor again. I think I am in the correct position now to have my wee-wee and I know you can all see. I have just savoured the full feeling in my bladder for a few seconds more because I like holding it, and now I am wee-weeing. My jet is squirting forcefully out of me with hissing. Smile. The curved sink basin is spraying my wee-wee onto my left leg and I know what Louise meant about the spraying now. If it was like the kitchen sink it would not spray back! like it does. This is a constant jet, and it is twisting and hissing with a loud volume. I think you will all like this, you guys. I will need to give this sink a good clean when I have finished, I can see little droplets of piss landing on the rim in front of me. Suddenly my jet has dropped to a dribble and some wee-wee is just running out of my female bits and wet the rim of the sink where my bottom is sitting. I've got off the sink now and after giving a quick blast in the sink with the cold water I am going to hit the shower to wash my female bits, my bottom and my legs. I look forward to your comments on how good my latest show was. XXXXX

I avidly read your story about your exploits when you were 25, Steve. I know who you mean by 'M', and yes she is very attractive and has a nice hourglass figure. She liked seeing you have your wee-wee - I read your posting from months back. I'd like to have heard what she said about your penis. Smile.

I am sure I will get over my shyness, Annie and Robby, but it will be a long battle. You can't just switch it off when you want and I regretted turning away from Steve as I crouched down for my wee -wee. He still saw my bottom but I should have let him see the rest as well. Smile. I am blushing to think of what I said to Steve when he was having his wee that night. Among other things I said Louise was a lucky so-and-so to be ****ing a fantastic man with a big 'un. I also told him "Now shake it". Louise and Jackie have not stopped reminding me about that and I keep blushing. I was not the only one to say things to Steve. Louise and Jackie said much more than me. It did rock my boat when I watched him. I am fascinated with how he gets rid of the drops when he has finished by pressing his foreskin forwards as well as shaking it. Louise says she wipes his penis with paper when they go for a wee-wee at the same time I think it is annoying if I need a wee and I have nothing to! wipe with, and it is much easier for men. Robby, if you would like me to address you as uncle Robby, fine

About your formal garden, Richard. I would be very flattered by someone creating a statue of me. Please make sure I am smiling. As an alternative, I would like another statue a little further along the walkway, that is if I am not asking too much of you. If I stand with my legs about two to three feet apart and bend over at the waist, I could be pushing my female bits downwards with my right hand so that I squirt a wee-wee jet backwards. All statues to be life size please. Smile.



Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Hey guys! I am enjoying good regularity, three bowel movements in one day. Just yesterday, I was at work. In the morning, I had to go just after 9:00. I went in to the women's room, took off my brown plaid skirt, pulled down my brown panty hose and my white Hanes and hitched my white slip around my waist. I released a two thick waves of doo-doo and I urinated. Shortly after, I wiped good then fixed my underwear. When I looked between my legs, I saw my liquid movement almost standing up in the water before I flushed.

Today, I had to go at 4:00. The urge was so great. I ate hambuger, salad and broccoli for lunch. I was wearing the same clothes, just a change of underwear. I was settled on the bowl. When a 9 y/o girl entered the stall next to me. She had the cutest white sox with red giraffes. I released two soft, chunky loads of fiber. I saw everything I ate when I looked between my legs. When I made a watery fart, I felt it up my spine. Her white panties were at her ankles. She huffed and puffed and moaned, "Oh" before 3 three thick pieces of doo-doo hit the water like boulders. On top of that she broke wind. We sat quietly for less than 10 minutes. I wiped myself and I heard her do the same. I saw her twist her feet. I flushed and washed my hands. She then did the same and came out wearing a seersucker school uniform skirt.

I've been pretty busy lately and haven't posted in awhile but here's another story of a near pee accident while on a lng car trip with my brother. We had been traveling for about 2 hours and I was dying for a piss. I kept grabbing at my willie to ease the urge but the need just got stronger and I finally told Mike, "I hate to bring this up but I have to pee really bad." Mike started acting a little uncomfortable as well and said, "Yeah, me too. And I don't know how much longer can hold it. It looks like we're going to have to make an emergency pee stop." The only problem was that we were traveling along a highway in a rural area with nothing but farm land for miles so there was no place to stop and take a piss without being seen by passing motorists. We finally came to an out of the way picnic area a good distance from the road with plenty of trees and foliage and, since it was mid October and seemed pretty deserted, we decided this was as good a place as any By this ! time we were about to burst so we parked the car and headed for the nearest clump of bushes. Standing next to each other, we unzipped, whipped out our willies, aimed for the bushes and let out a strong steady stream. It felt SOOO good to get rid of the pressure on our bladders that we started fooling around. I held my willie straight out to see how far I could pee and Mike started doing a little target practice. While we were standing there enjoying the most satisfying piss of our lives, I heard a twig snap and saw two young women in their 20's several feet away, jogging in our direction! I muttered to Mike, "Oh, hell! Where did THEY come from?" We were hoping to finish up before the actually noticed us but no such luck. There were we... 2 guys in our early 30's, standing there with our willies hanging out, pissing like a couple of racehorses! We tried to shield our dicks at least partially with our hand and don't know if we succeeded but we couldn't do a thing abou! t the streams that shot out in front of us. One of the women said to her friend, "Look at those guys over there taking a squirt out here in broad daylight. Couldn't they at least find a bathroom?" Her companion remarked that maybe we couldn't wait that long and they kept on jogging. We finaly finished, shook off the last couple of drops, tucked our willies back in and headed for the car. It wasn't until we stopped at a gas station to fill up an hour later and I was standing in line to pay that I realized I forgot to zip up. I had been wondering why everybody was staring at me and saw that my fly was gaping open as wide as a shark's mouth!! In my haste to remedy the situation, I tugged at my zipper too hard and it broke!! Since this was only a day trip, we didn't have any other clothes with us so I was forced to spend the rest of the day with a broken zipper. It was really embarrassing because all day long people were telling me, "Hey, your fly's open!" or "Your zippe! r's down!" I even heard a couple of people say that I was trying to be sexy because I didn't bother to zip up my fly! Needless to say, it was the most embarrassing day of my life!! Have any of you other guys been forced to get through the day with a wide open fly? Tell me your story!

ANONGUY--What that other guy did was really rude! Since you peed in the stall, you clearly didn't want anybody watching. Jumping up to look over the stall wall was really immature and obnoxious. I probably would have said something, but sometimes you can't get through to dumbasses like that...

THE UNKNOWN POSTER--About a man being a sissy for not wanting other guys to see his penis--I see nothing wrong with that. I can look at it from both sides though. Maybe it seems sissy to some ppl, as they think guys shouldn't care about what other guys think. But, you being a straight guy, I can see why you wouldn't want other guys staring. That would be uncomfortable, I think. But, as I always say, whatever floats your boat!


To feline: Id say that was normal cause sometimes i go every day then other times i go every 2-3 days like you and thats when i have a big load!

To Anonymous: I liked the story about your desparate cousins needing a bathroom in china and getting in free...Bummer it cost money to get in

To Lauren: Cool story about falling asleep on the toilet and your boyfriend waking you up by wiping you..that must have felt good

To Vi: I enjoyed your has a surprising end to it for me...for sure i thought that guy was gonna drop you home and leave and that would be it. Cool that he watched you poop and did you ever see him poop?

To Amy (Co-ed): I liked your should have left you logs there for Emily and Todd to see

To jim: I liked your story

Adrian, I was surprised by your comment that when you wipe, you don't feel you have to get the paper clean. I have always kept wiping until there was no more brown on the paper, and I thought most everyone did this. Are there other people here who don't feel the tp has to be totally clean when you wipe? In other words, does anyone here stop wiping when there is still brown on the paper?

For Annon Guy
I read you post about some lurkers in a bathroom in a store hanging around. I probably would be very pissed off if this happened to me, and I would for sure go out and notify someone to call the store manager. While you might observe someone taking a pee or crap while you are there, some person in the restormm not using it has no business there.I would make sure I told the store manager-even now, days or weeks later. If those dudes were in there then, they will be in there again. Next time it might be a 5 yr old kid who might get molested by some creeps. Reporting it might save someone a lot of trouble, and keep those weirdos outr of there. Do it. Nothing might ever happen, but if it does you will never get over it for not doing your duty to report it.
Being a retail store manager for many years, I let many customers use our private employee restroom, as many stores dont have a public one.
Ive had girls and guys come to me in distress needing to go (mostly pee) and I always let them use it.
One time in a store, this company kept out all customers from the restooms, saying instead, ' just go over to McDonalds across the way". It was rude and cruel and many a time you would have a customers kid dancing and running across the road.
This one day I had a young man come to me about 13 needing to pee real bad, he was holding his crotch. I had to ASK the manager of this store if he could use the restoom in an emergency. I had to wait till he got off the phone and like 5 minutes later, the boy said ,"never mind" and had wet his pants.
So many stores wont let you use a restoom, so where you do have access when you shop, and you want to keep it-report any lurkers and lookers that hang around having no purpose there. Thats whatyou should do.

Donnie M

Hey, everyone:
Lauren here again. Vi: I can relate to your story. One of the conditions of my boyfriend Bill being with me, is that he would be allowed to watch me poop. Of course, I had no objections. I have just never had any of the guys I have dated ask me for that. He was the first one. It is a decision that I am more than comfortable with! Our relationship would be missing a lot, if it did not have this crucial element.
Today @ work, I went into the stall, accompanied by my friend Cathy in the adjoining one. She is Hispanic, just in case any of you cared. She thought that I was, too, @ first. I had to set her straight, on my bi-racial heritage, therefore. I pulled down my black slacks, and cream-colored panties. My butt absolutely exploded! I am talking about some hot, sticky, heavy crap! It felt so good, when it came out. Similar to sex. I looked in the toilet, after this explosion. It looked like a bunch of lumps of clay. She then proceeded to unload. She grunted and strained for about 20 seconds I then heard a mighty "plop!" She then peed a little, and started to wipe. We were talking about our boyfriends, while this was going on. I let out a few soft turds, after the initial explosion. It took me about 10 wipes to get clean! It was a toffee-brown color. Did not smell as bad as I thought it would, though. I then flushed. She flushed after I did. Although, she finished ! before I. We then washed our hands and left the bathroom. I felt refreshed, and I am sure that she did, as well. We were ready to face the rest of the work day, let me tell you! Hope all of you enjoyed it. Especially you, Pico!

take care,


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