This story's "The Two Holer." (I previously told overcoming poop-shyness with my boyfriend, Gary). We used to go fishing at this spot on the river. We'd park near a cow pasture and walk down to the river. The farmhouse was abandoned and the cattle were herded from the next farm up which still was occupied. Actually I think they herded themselves. One day of poor fishing, it started to rain softly and we decided to head home. As we passed the old farmhouse and barn we dedided to seek shelter there until the rain quit. We went inside the old barn and sat on a bench. By this time we had become open about bathroom habits. While we were still at the river I'd felt my rectum filling up with the big dinner and lunch of yesterday, and the pressure continued to mount as we headed back, so after a few minutes of small talk I announced, "I've gotta take a shit." My boyfriend said he though he could go also, and as I got up to lookfor a place we could squat and leave our cal ling cards, I looked out the big double door and there stood an outhouse. "Let's check it out," I said, and we made a dash for it. What a sight. The door was missing, everything was dusty with many spider and cobwebs, but otherwise it was a two-holer in good shape, with lots of room inside. I took a rag out of my jacket and wiped everything down. Everyhting important, anyway, which was the two "seats" and seat area. "After You," said my friend. I hung my jacket and blouse on a nail. (It was not all that cold out, and the blouse came nearly to my knees, so I didnt want to get poop or pee on it); he hung his jacket on another nail, I undid my belt and slid my jeans to my ankles,then pulled down my panties and sat my nice bare bottom on the wooden hole. Seated there in with just a bra above, and my buns on the seat felt a little chilly and kind of rough, like I might get slivers in my buttocks, even though it didn't look that way. By this time my BF was also seated a nd the rain was stopping and it was very quiet. Gary began straining. He was visibly having a hard time and the cords in his neck and forehead were showing. To make him relax I said, "Hey, take it easy, this isn't the Boston Marathon - just be calm. I'm gonna hold onto my load until you are okay." He said,"Do you have to go bad? Don't wait for me if you are uncomfortable." I answered,"When I get uncomfortable I'll forget all about you, but for now I can keep it inside - it feels like its gonna be a nice big one when the time comes, though." Pretty soon he got a pleased look on his face and I heard a shpluffffing sound and then a plopping noise as his turds landed below. He looke at me and said, "Okay, I did my part, now it's your turn - bombs away, sweetie." Bu this time the pressure behind my little pink rectal-hole had grown to epic proportions, and all I needed to do was relax, and again the familiar 'shplufff' was heard coming from me as a long, bloated chunk slid out my poop chute. It really slid easily out, and "splopp"-ed below, and with no effort at all I ejected several more big long fat ones. My rectum tingled when the poop flow ceased. Then both of us evacuated our bladders. There was hardly any odor because of the open air and missing door. Gary said, " Do you have anything to wipe with?" Hmm. In our haste we had forgotten that! I stood up and reached for the rag used to wipe things down and tore some pieces off the corner for each of us. Gary laughed and pointed at my butt as I stood; I looked around and saw where a bit of sweat had picked up more dust from the seat and I had a grey "ring" around my butt. But when he stood up, he had one too. We wiped best as we could, dressed, went to the car and drove off to my apt where we had a nice hot shower together, and took care of other business including putting getting our grungy and skidmarked undies into the washing machine during the interim. Oh by the way, the outhou se hadn't been used for years, so our two nice fresh piles of feces really stood out. His was only a couple of frankfurters, but mine was a double keelbasa and a couple of little pigs.

I did a whole #2 in the shower this morning. I'd been really needing to go for a while so I got in and sat on the shower floor, lifted up one cheek and let it slide out. What a beast it was! A few lumps at the beginning but smooth and firm the rest of the length. Must have been about 12" long and 1" thick.



Lurker Man
It is I again, Lurker Man! With a relevation about my early toilet habits. I never minded peeing in public (we had "trough" urinals at elementary school for a long time...) but...I was so shy about taking a dump...well, the first time I ever dumped in a public toilet was when I was 15! Honest! I wonder if anyone can beat that record?

Ok, I know you have some questions about that so here goes:
1. I crapped before school and also after supper at home.
2. Maybe through always bringing my own lunch, I never had diarrhea in school!
3. And....I guess I was good at holding it in!

Now before the lectures start...I did get over that! Luckily, since my luck of never getting diarhea in public ran out a while back! So now I just go in a public bathrooms whenever I feel the urge, emergency or not.

I dont know any foods that will make you poop but I know some drinks like cofee, or beer but I would not advise you to drink beer if you are under age.

Feline there is nothing wrong with shitting with two or three days at all.

yeah, that happened to me too.

Amen. If I were you Iwould have cursed him out. I would have been what the f**k you lookinging at.

loved your story

pretty cool story about you letting loose some shit when that woman was right by you.

No!! Iwas just asking you a question. Do you like my posts?

Hi, This is my first post here. I'm a lurker on this site for quite a while (+/- 2 y.). Im a male, 13years, from the Netherlands. Last week I was at a friend. He has 3 sisters, the youngest is already 5 y. old, but she still wears diapers, cuz she pees in bed every night. So I was there, and grabbed 2 diapers when i waz leaving.(Not that I am a Adult Baby or somethin) Next day, Sunday, I whore a diaper whole day. It's very cool, cuz when U gotta go, you just go. Wherever u are. 2 days later I had very bad diarrhea. So I whore the other diaper, and I played with my PlayStation. And all of sudden I got bad cramps, but I kept on playing. Then I meddes the whole diaper, It poured out of the legs! And man did it stink! I put the messed diapers in a bag, and trew them away (In a garbage can 3 streets away, ofcourse) Noone ever found out. Does somebody has experience with diapers here? Keep writing everyone!


i was at school today and i had to pee real bad and i asked the teacher and she said ok, i ran down the hall and into the bathroom and right before i could get my zipper down it came out, i had a wet spot by the time i got it down and i peed the rest in the toilet. i untucked my shirt and it didnt cover it up, i didnt know what to do so i just sat in the toilet for a while, then another kid from class came to look for me and asked if i was ok and i said sorta, i opened the stall and he saw my wet pants and laughed at me, then he said he was gonna tell the teacher. i said no dont and he ran out of the bathroom, i ran after him and we got to class i walked in and everyone laughed at me, i didnt have a choice i had to go back. they all started caling me peepee boy. oh well. the old peepee boy, timmy was yelling it to, he peed his pants at recess one time and everyone found out and called him pee pee boy for a while, they will stop after a week until someone else does it. by

Jason the poop lover. In high school, I had a classmate named June. She told another classmate that one time when she was sleep, she dreamed that she was pissing, and when she woke up, she saw that she pissed on the kitchen table.
I went to a Lutheran High school, so we went to the auditorium on Tuesdays and Thursdays for what they called chapel. It was sort of a church like event. There was another classmate, named Clarence, that got sick during chapel, and he went to the side of the auditorium and started throwing up and didn't stop throwing up until chapel was over and everyone was in class. The throw up was orange and watery and ran down the concrete floor to the front of the auditorium. We could hear it hit the floor as it came out, but he didn't make any sound. He threw up in semiquick intervals. The whole time he threw up, many schoolmates went "yuck!" out loud.
Does anyones stomach hurt when you throw up? How does your throw up taste? How does it look? Do you throw up in intervals? Is it watery? What color is it? How does it smell?
When I was in kindergarten, I had to doodoo and was too scared to ask to go to the bathroom because school was new to me. I doodooed in my pants. I was the doodoo kid in kindergarten. It was always brown and I hoped that no one would smell it. I don't think anyone ever did. I only doodooed when we were doing classwork. It only moved when I pushed. I wanted to but made no noise when I pushed. It took a lot of pushes to get each turd out. I pushed and pushed and as I pushed, it got bigger and bigger. It was hard but not that hard. It was very arousing because theres no way to describe how good it felt coming out. As it came out, I leaned to the side more and more. It was so relaxing. It was the biggest thrill to go in my pants instead of the toilet. Thats what made it better. They were big. Sometimes one came out and sometimes two of three. One time four came out and I was very aroused because that was a very big amount for me. One time I was talking to the teacher about m! y work as I was shitting and another time I had already shit and I had to sit on my shit, which flattened, or I sat down wierd. No one ever knew that I was the doodoo kid in kindergarten, not even the teacher. I walked home with it in my pants everytime I did that. The walk took 20 minutes. When I got home, I went strait to the bathroom and let the turds drop into the toilet. I did not wipe and I flushed and did not wash my hands. I was home alone. No one ever knew.
In the first grade, I was the pee kid. I guess it was because I would forget to go at home or I had something to drink or I just had to go again. I was scared to ask to go to the bathroom because I thought the teacher would get tired of me asking and I didn't want to ask infront of everybody. I just went in my pants. It felt like bugs or something slowly going down my legs. There were times that it only went down one leg. It was more than one drop at a time that went down my legs and sometimes it went slowly and sometimes fast. It filled my undies. It felt very good because it was so warm. It was very arousing and comforting. A puddle was around my shoes when I was done and the teacher found out everytime. She got mad and had me stand in the corner. It seemed like it was daily. The principal saw me in the corner a lot and she got mad seeing me there all the time.
Those were wonderful moments for me. I love to use the bathroom. Theres nothing like it. It feels arousingly good.
Jessica, if your reading this, I think you would agree, and I hope to see many stories from you. I wish we could talk about our bathroom trips one on one.

I almost had the most thrilling moment of my life. See I told you guys already that my dad is a taxi driver. And his stomach is really weak if he drinks the slighted ounce of milk you can tell that he is going to get diareah or if he eats a hamburger (the greece). I just came home from school and then I decided to call him over his cell phone. To ask him how he is doing you know. The first time i called him he picked up the phone and then I did not hear nothing but people talking. So I hung up the phone and called him again like five minutes later and this what happen. He picked up the phone and said ,"hello". And then I said "Where were you I've called you like five minutes ago and you picked up the phone but you did not say anything." and he says "Yeah Iwas in the toilet" And then I said,"you have diareah". And he was like yup, And I was so disapoited because me and my dad are so close we can talk about poop and fart and all of that stuff. But when you talk about that with him tooooooooo much that is when he gets mad. When he comes the first thing he do is strip off his hole clothes and take a dump. He does not mind me talking too him while he take is afternoon shit. But my mom on the other hand... Its just too nasty for me because too see a beautiful women poop is just plain nasty. Because women are usually pretty and stuff. But I would not mind listening to one though.

I had this strange dream last night that i went to the movies with a family member and then they got up and 2 minutes later i got up cause i had to go to the bathroom and i walk to the bathroom and theres a few open toilets, just in the open like that and a few that had low partions/stalls and you could look over and see the person on the toilet. I saw a boy about 7 years old sitting on the toilet. I think in the dream i was gonna pee...when i woke up i had to pee really bad and it was clear(drank alot before bed).I was suprised i didn't pee my self cause my bladder was so full.

Charlie R.
Hi! This is my first post on this site. It's pretty wacky. I like it. My friends and I always talk and joke about our body functions, so this is right up my alley. So here's a story that happened to me a couple of years ago. This is how I first met my girlfriend. I'm a junior in college, and some friends of mine (two other guys and two girls) and I live in an off campus house. One morning, after a party, I had just gotten out of the shower and was brushing my teeth. There was a knock on the door and a gorgeous girl (who I had seen at the party but didn't know) poked her head in and asked if she could use the bathroom. I said sure, and asked if she wanted me to leave. She said it didn't bother her if I stayed, so I stayed. She came in and shut the door. She was wearing a cute nightshirt, pink socks and (as I'd soon find out) light blue underpants. She pulled her underpants down to her knees and sat on the toilet. I heard her pee, but tried not to stare and went! back to my teeth. Then I heard FART...PLOP...PLOP...FART...PLOP. I couldn't believe she was taking a shit with me in the bathroom. She grabbed the air freshener from the toilet tank, sprayed it and said, "Sorry!" I kept brushing my teeth, trying not to look, but not being able to help myself. She rolled off some paper, wiped herself once and flushed the toilet. She stood and pulled up her underpants and came to the sink and washed her hands. Then she brushed her teeth, while I started shaving. After brushing her teeth, she asked, "Are you done in the shower?" I said yes, and she asked if I minded if she showered. Again, I said should I leave and she said that's okay. She took off her socks, nightshirt and underpants, got in the shower and turned on the water. I finished shaving and left before she was done. I went to one of the girls I live with and asked who the girl in the bathroom was. She told me her name, and that she didn't have a boyfriend. Apparently,! she'd been thinking about setting us up because she was interested in me! A week later, I asked her on a date, and we've been together ever since. We've taken taken quite a few dumps in front of each other over the last two years. I'm quite a lucky guy!

I've got some other stories, and I'll post again. Bye!

Super Pooper
What a fantastic forum! An excellent entertainment resource! I have always enjoyed the pooping experience from when I was very young (I'm 25 - male). I've got a few stories to tell, but this is my best.
I went on a tour of Africa with my girlfriend Gemma last year. It was a budget tour and we latched onto a cheap safari overland outfit in South Africa and travelled through Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. There were 12 of us in the group. The wildlife was amazing, and so, surprisingly, were the ablution facilities in most places!
The first night we were in the middle of nowhere and we had set up camp in the bush when a girl called Sarah asked "where's the toilets". Our guide (Rolf) laughed and told her it was the second tree on the left. She looked shocked and quite upset, she had obviously thought that there would be 'proper' facilities! Gemma felt sorry for her and asked if she wanted to go with her as she needed to go as well. So she did. Rolf said the rules of the park were that feces must be buried at least 1/2m deep otherwise wild animals dig it up! And toilet paper should be burnt. Now I have to say that both Gemma and I aren't at all squeamish about our body functions and often observe and interact with each other with pleasure in the bathroom (and the bedroom too!)...
Gemma later told me that she had never seen someone so terrified! Poor thing! I didn't need to go that evening to my disappointment but the next day we camped in similar surroundings and I had worked myself up to a good poop. Gemma also needed to go again (she poops more than me on average, is this common for females?) so we grabbed a spade and some matches and off we went into the bush. I dug a hole and Gemma unloaded about 9" of poop and what seemed like a gallon of pee into it while I watched with pleasure. Her butt is a perfect shape and she specialises in the most exquisite crackling sounds when expelling her loads! I then followed with a decent load and we wiped for each other before filling the hole in. Setting fire to the toilet paper proved another matter as her poop was slightly wet and didn't burn properly! We later learned from conversations with our newly made friends (most were couples) that some others had had the same idea. One day the conversation in the! truck turned from wildlife to wild life and the subject of relieving oneself came up. One of the single guys, Gary, suggested that we have a communal poop at the next stop - after all it would save on the digging! Everyone agreed including Rolf and Sarah, who was becoming less reserved by the hour!
We stopped under a huge tree and camped for the evening. We had agreed that we all wait until everyone felt that they had a reasonable load to deposit - and at sunset decided to go for it (Gemma was bursting by this time but wanted to wait and join the fun!). Gary drew a ring in the sand and said everyone should poop in the ring then we bury the whole lot in one go. Gemma went firstand dropped a massive load (everyone commenting on her wonderful posterior!), then one by one, including Sarah, we unloaded varying quantities of liquid and solid waste into the circle. The size of the finished product was immense! About 1/2 a cubic metre of poop surrounded by a huge ring of wet sand where the pee had soaked in! All of us took turns at digging a huge hole. The poop was too much for one spade load so it had to be divided into 3!
That night Gemma needed to pee badly and there were noises outside the tent! (We heard lions on 2 occasions!) I went with her outside and told her just get it done quickly as near to the tent as possible! Seeing her peeing I needed to go too, and the sound of pee hitting the sound were enough to wake up almost the whole group who had a good laugh at us from in their tents!

The wildlife experience was awesome (romantic too, sleeping in a tent with your girlfriend and the sounds of nature around was too much to resist what comes naturally...thats another story though and probably not suitable for this forum!).

In the next few days I'll post a hilarious story about an experience in some public toilets in Africa...

Happy pooping, hope you all enjoyed my excerpts!

Hello everybody!

I did not really get up to much fun when I was away, but my hotel room was good. I had a bath and I stood up and had a big wee in the water. I liked all the sounds that seemed a bit different to our own bath at home. There was a shower as well so I had a standing wee just when I was having a shower. I wished Steve was there with me too so he could have enjoyed it too.

ANNIE AND ROBBY- Hi!!! Oh yeah, Jacke and me, we gave Steve a really good show that night. Jackie got a bit embarrassed the very first time she got desperate for a wee and did it in front of Steve because she only really thought about it when she was weeing with her legs apart and she realised she was showing Steve her pussy LOL but now she thinks it is daring and exciting to let him see her having a wee and I like him having a treat with us both together. My sister should have shown him too, he would have really liked that. Oh yeah, Robby, I bet you would have liked to see us too.
When I got home from being away I just wanted to get in a relaxing bath with Steve and when we were still running the water, Steve said he wanted a wee, so when we were undressed I got hold of his willy, pulled his forekin back a bit and I aimed him when he did it in the bathwater. I enjoyed watching his stream squirting out of the end as well as looking in the mirror. Then I let Steve stand behind me so he could aim my pussy with his fingers, and I had a nice big wee in the water as well. It looked good in the mirror! I had been drinking water and a bit later I had another wee that made a lot of noise in the bathwater.
Love Louise xx

KENDAL - Hi girl! I am really surprised about Eleanor turning up there. I am really pleased she is all right and Steve will be pleased too. We have been thinking about her, so can you tell her that please? Well I hope she writes a letter soon. When I share a stall with my friends we are not as shy of looking but it is like Eleanor said, it is for her to choose isn't it, you know?
Love Louise xx

MICKEY - Hi guy! I do not know if your wife or I would win a contest, because I do really big twisty fan shaped gushers when I wee. So it may be your wife, Richard/USA's wife and me have to just be the queens and we cannot tell who is the better all the time.
I will have to have a wee for you soon, but I need to think of some different ways to do it.
Love Louise xxxxx

TIM AND SARAH - Hi! Thank you for telling me what your wedding day was like. You know I bet I will be a bit nervy on the morning and need at least one good wee before the ceremony. I am afraid of getting diarrhoea as well because I get that when I get nervy. I have a friend who was a virgin on her wedding day and she got very excited and nervy about the night as well as everything else about the day, so she had a lot of diarrhoea in the morning. The bridesmaids had to help her with her dress when she did her liquid shit, and her mum checked her bum was clean after. We had a giggle about it and I hope I do not have the same trouble. Steve is a gorgeous man and I do not want to let him down by shitting myself and making my dress brown at the back. LOL
Well I am happy your Loewie is all right after he was cicumcised. I bet he will be happy with how his willy is and he will get used to weeing without his foreskin. He will know why he has had it done won't he, because I bet you talk to your kids.
Well I am still giggling at Josie telling what Sarah said about your willy being big like the horse's. LOL You know you made me remember when my mum and my friend Jackie saw Steve having a wee and they looked at his willy, they said he is hung like a horse. giggle It is not easy to make Steve blush a bit but they did!
Oh I bet you did love the sight of Sarah weeing her stream forward. LOL did you clean your shoes later? giggle I read that young ladies a few hundred years ago sometimes used to wee in their shoes or their man's shoes because they thought if they did that they would not get pregnant.
Love Louise xxxxx

Plunging Plop Guy: Jackass is cool! You get Tony Hawk, the god to all skaters on it. and although the antics on the show as guys peeing on people and getting the shit beaten out of them, little kids watch the show and parents would get really pissed off at kids seeing certain body parts. Punk Rock Girl's objection to censorship is brought up once again and supported.

Hi all,

Back again a few days ago, this is my first chance to hit the boards. I've not read through the last month's worth of posts (that'll be a major undertaking!) but wanted to share something outrageous with you right away.

One day on my trip I found myself watching Foxtel's Comedy Channel, and they certainly show some risque' material at times -- especially for a regular weekday morning. The piece in question was simply a short film, I didn't catch the title, from a producer named Susan Drago, and staring Sara Aubrey and Tom Long. Here goes:

A girl is dropping by her boyfriend's appartment as they are going out for the afternoon. When she arrives she needs to use the toilet and goes into his bathroom with clear desperation. We see the pretty actress hike her skirt and drop her paties, and sit down urgently. She delivers a ripping fart, then we see a close up on her face. She grimaces for a short while, then we hear a major sploosh.

The whole thing was quite graphic, though not much was seen. She wiped, stood and fixed her clothes, then flushed. But -- and here is where the story unfolds -- the turd won't go away. We see it several times in the bowl, not very big but clearly tough...

She flushes several times -- no luck. Then, seeing a bucket, she fills it, dumps it down, flushes again ... still no luck. Her boyfriend can hear all this and is asking if she's okay. She never lets on what's happening, and at last, too embarressed to leave her produce in his toilet, takes paper and reaches into the bowl, pulls out her turd, wraps it up in more and puts it in her handbag! She takes it for a walk with them, and her boyfriend is none the wiser...

Now the plot thickens: in the street her bag is snatched! The pair are suitably shocked, and though the young lady protests that it's a pointless exercise (for reasons of her own, which we know only too well), her boyfriend insists she report the theft to the Police. Soon we see her trying to itemize the contents at the local Police station, and can guess what she's leaving out...

Around this time the bag snatcher sits down under a tree in the park to examine his catch, and the first thing he brings out is a peculiar white-wrapped bundle. He realizes what it is after a moment, and with a grunt of: "That's disgusting!" he leaves the bag and stalks off.

Soon after, our hero and heroine are strolling through the park when they spot the bag and go to retrieve it, the girl somewhat hesitantly. "What a stroke of luck," the boy says as he picks it up and hands it to her. "Anything missing?" She gingerly opens it, discovers only one thing missing, and with a relieved smile says "no!"

She slings the bag over her shoulder and they walk away arm in arm ... and our point of view tilts down to close in on her sandled feet ... where a partially-unwrapped, rich brown turn is stuck to the bottom of her left shoe...

It was strange to see such a topic out of the blue, and a crazy departure from usual comedy. I know folks here would have loved it!


Hi everybody. I don't have very long. I'm at Kendal's house taking a chance to post here while I can. We don't have access to the internet at home now. My Mum and Dad are downstairs discussing prices for Kendal's old house with Andrew's Mum and Dad. Andrew is outside kicking a ball about with my brother Michael ( worst luck !! ).

ANNIE: It was lovely of you to post a special message to me. Thanks. And I hope Robby is enjoying his trip to London, and that you enjoy your trip to see your children. We'll speak again. Love from Eleanor.

STEVE & LOUISE: I'm very happy to be able to speak to you guys again. It is just so totally unbelieveable to have met Kendal and Andrew ( and Ellen tonight ). Like Kendal said in her post, of all the schools I could have gone to, I find myself at Kendal's. And if Mum and Dad decide to buy Kendal's old house, the astonishing coincidences will just be complete. To see for myself that bathroom with the shiny black tiles where Andrew and Kendal used to watch each other's reflections on the toilet .... I'll just make sure the door is closed when I need to go !! I hope you two are both well, and that preparations for your wedding are just fine. By the way, if you need a cyber bridesmaid, I'm your girl ! Love from Eleanor xx

Today is Tuesday. I'm much better now, but since Saturday night, I've had the most terrible case of the runs, which is why I couldn't see Kendal on Sunday, nor could my family come to see the house yesterday. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling very uncomfortable in my stomach. As I lay awake for about half an hour, I realised that I really needed to go to the toilet. So I hopped out of bed, and made my way to the bathroom. I shut and locked the door, pulled down my knickers, and sat and relaxed to see what would happen. Nothing did for a minute or two, except for a wee. Then I felt a trump coming on, and it made quite a noise. Then I could feel poo moving, and one splashed into the water. Then I suddenly felt a cramp, which caused another big fart, and then a lot of mushy poo came out of my bum. Then that was it. I had runny, watery poo gushing from my bum for at least the next half hour, with lots of loud farting. About half way through it, I saw the handle o! n the bathroom door go down, but because I locked the door, no one could get in. My Mum asked me if I was ok. I told her I was. I didn't actually feel ill. But by Sunday morning, I felt very sick, and all through Sunday, and most of Monday, I spent virtually all my time sat on the toilet with a sick bucket on my knee ! I'm now much better. If anything, I'm struggling to poo at all !

Kendal has been so good to me. The first couple of days at school she came in the toilet with me, but didn't look. Then I decided that I was depriving her of the chance to spend toilet time with Kirsty and Charlotte, so we agreed to tell them about my toilet shyness. Now I go on my own, while the three of them share a cubicle together again. Problem is that I'm finished long before they are ! Kendal told me about what they all did on Sunday, everyone watching each other on the toilet. Part of me was glad that I wasn't well enough to be there. But then another part of me wished I could get over it. They so enjoy themselves, its quite unbelieveable ! Despite my shyness, and not wanting to join in, Kendal, Kirsty and Charlotte have become about the best friends that a girl could ever wish for. They just respect my feelings completely. I really didn't want to leave Lincoln. But I'm now so happy that Dad got his new job. And my brother Michael has made a couple of friends a! lready as well. And best of all, he hasn't tried to show them me sitting on the toilet at all !!!

Hope everybody is keeping well, especially Rizzo and Kim and Scott, and anyone else who remembers me. So long as Andrew doesn't mind, I'll post here whenever I visit Kendal. And Damsel, I know Kendal didn't say who, but its me after Andrew !! Sorry Linda GS !!

Hope to post again soon. Lots of love from Eleanor

TONY, I really enjoyed your descritpiton of that well built lady in the blue dress releasing 8 noise plops in the adjacent cubicle!

RODGER, what an absolute corker of a story of being trapped in the ladies' toilet and being "condemned" to witness such a glorious dump! You certainly made my day! I hope that you will post again; about Margie, hopefully? Cheers to you from Rizzo!

Hello dear KENDAL, what wonderful news! It's a small world, isn't it! Now I understand why you were bursting to tell your secret! It is a great thing that at this time you actually meet a new/old friend! You know, when I read your account of you of being introduced to the new girl Eleanor, I myself needed that sky blue hanky. I feel so happy for you! The only draw-back is, as you said, that the four of you do not fit into one cubicle! But that is surely a minor inconvenience! Your descritption of your first toilet session together with Eleanor lets me realise that there are to be great stories coming this way! And thanks for letting me give you a hug when on the porcelain throne! Today I'll give you a stubbly hug, because I have been working on my boat, getting it ready for the season. Give my love to Andrew and Ellen, and to Eleanor too! Your Uncle Rizzo.

Feline, yes, a shit every 2 to 3 days is still within the bounds of normality! No need to worry. As long as you feel well, all is ok.

DAMSEL, dear, good to read that my sentiments have not put you off planning another of those deliciously outrageous wees for me! Love to you from Rizzo

Feline, how often you have a Bowel Movement depends on so many factors. Even Doctors hesitate to say what is "normal" these days. This was not always the case however. In Victorian times, even up till the 1970s in the UK anyway, it was considered "normal" for a person to have at least one motion every day. The spurious concept of "inner cleanliness" was the vogue, and lots of patent medicines, mostly powerful purgatives, were sold on the idea of needing a purge if this daily motion was not produced. Constipation was blamed for all sorts of illnesses, even madness and was looked upon as an illness in itself NOT merely a symptom. Misery was inflicted on many kids I knew as I grew up in the 1950s and 60s as they were give a weekly dose of "opening medicine" that is a purgative EVEN IF THEY DIDNT NEED IT, causing them to suffer diarrhea and even sometimes having dreadful accidents in their knickers or underpants when they couldnt hold these loose stools in. Thankfully my Mum nev! er inflicted such nasty medicines on me nor did she use them herself, prefering to let the bowels sort themselves which usually happened. If I missed a day or two as a kid this didnt bother her as long as I passed a nice big jobbie without a lot of discomfort when I did have a motion. Nowadays, with the exception of some health food fans, opinion is that we have a bowel movement when we need one. Some people have a motion two or three times a day, some only have one a week but both are healthy in their own way. A lot depends on what is eaten, how much, what they drink, whether the person is active or sedentary, wherether they are nervous and highly strung or passive. Any medical conditions and medicines taken can affect the frequency, solidity, size and colour of the stools. Some medicines while not deliberately designed as laxatives will cause diarrhea, antibiotics being the most guilty of this nasty side effect as they upset the normal bacteria in the bowel. Other medicine! s can cause constipation, sedatives and pain killers containing codeine being a case in point. Iron tablets and tonics make the motions black. I remember as a kid one of my aunts who was on Iron Tablets did a huge motion in our toilet when visiting. I saw it afterwards as it was a nice big fat jobbie which stuck in the pan. It was jet black and did it smell of the Iron Sulphide produced in her bowels by bacterial and chemical action. This Aunt, Judith, could fart up a storm at the best of times, and she usually did some big panbusters anyway, sometimes even "beachers" where the end stuck up out of the water in the pan! Her big black turd that I saw was like that, hence the strong smell.

There is a lot of nonsense about so called "constipation". This is NOT failing to have a motion every day. Some people only have one or two motions a week but pass a large easy formed stool, when they do have a BM. Others can go every day but strain to pass some small hard balls and lumps. The former person is NOT constipated, (the word comes from Latin and means crammed together or compressed- a very good description of a truly constipated motion, all hard and lumpy). The latter person would be truly constipated.

So, Feline, as long as your motions arent too difficult and painful to pass or you dont have other symptoms, or conversely too frequent and loose or watery, what you do and feel comfortable doing is "normal" for you.

CD, it was a lot more recent than those days that some people werent that clean. I was brought up in a home where personal hygiene was paramount. All of us, Mum, Dad and myself had a full wash or a bath on alternate days, and changed our knickers every day. In those days however this was an exception for many people . Washing machines, now commonplace, were the preserve of the rich, and most people didnt have showers, some indeed in my part of Glasgow still had outside toilets shared with other families. Now as people didnt wash as often as now and often men and boys especially, wore the same underpants for many days even a full week and didnt dry their penis after peeing there was a horrid pissy smell from some folks. I suppose if this was commonplace it wasnt as noticable as it would be in these more personal hygiene conscious days.

As you say however, we did have flush toilets, running water, and if we didnt have washing machines there was always the laundrette or the municipal wash-house called the "Steamy" in Glasgow. On could even wash the clothes in a large sink at home. We did this when I was kid until we got an old twin tub washing machine. I can remember halping my Mum doing the washing and wringing it out with an old hand ringer then hanging it on the washing line in the back garden to dry.

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