Hey, Shadowman here. Another poop session with Rachel. It was out by the courts again, after she wasted me three games out of five. She was wearing a nice pink low-cut T-shirt, which looked good on her shapely, slim torso, and a pair of white spandex shorts that didn't cover much. Anyway, she said that she had to "take out the trash," and she wanted me to come. So I did. The first thing I noticed, was that she was farting. A lot. So I was slightly apprehensive, but I came along anyway. She knelt this time, instead of squatting, with her legs far apart and leaned far forward. Pulling her shorts and thong down to mid-thigh level baring her beauteous butt (__Y__), she said, "Come closer, you can't see from way back there." So I did, falling for her little joke. She immediately started pushing, which let out a loud, angry sounding fart into my face. It was very healthy, not that I would be after breathing it in. "Whew, I'm surprised that my eyebrows didn't get burned off by that! ," I said. "Yep, that little stinker's a chili-cheese, broccoli induced one," Rachel said. "Oh-and mushroom/sausage pizza." Then she spread open (__*__) and her anus opened up like a flowerbud (__o__). A thick, about four and a half inches thick, log started to emerge from her cutely domed anus. "Oooh, here it comes," Rachel said in anticipation. Crackle, crackle, went the log as it smoothly slid out of her rectal cavern, ending at about seven or eight inches long. "More where that came from," Rachel said, with a hiss escaping from her buns. She rubbed her stomach, then spread her cheeks again (__*__). Then she opened up again (__o__) and started a coiling, three-inch-thick log from her bowels. "Mm-hm, that's what I'm talking about," Rachel said with a sigh. It curled around her earlier one, breaking off at about a foot long, leaving the end in (__u__). Then she popped out the end, closing up (__*__). "Ahhh, that was good," Rachel said. "Okay, time for my prize for winning: ! you have to wipe me. Thoroughly." Well, I think we both won, judging from the prize. Using the moist towelettes she gave me, I wiped from bottom to top, then gave her a little swirl around the netherhole, that she liked. Then she pulled up her thong and shorts (\__Y__/) and we went to get some ice cream.

LAUREN: Just had to say something. I noticed that you said you enjoyed the feeling of your "hot, sticky, heavy crap," even to liken it to the feeling of having sex. I'm glad you can have such a great time letting out the messy, mushy stuff too. It'd be pretty cool to see you sitting there, sighing happily as you explode into the bowl. Caucasian and East Indian, huh? Sounds like a nice combo.

Later, people!


i was wondering if any of you guys on your prom before going went out to dinner and then when you got there had to shit? did you go or wait? was thier anyone else going too? i was also wondering where billy and kevin l. are does anyone know? i really enjoyed thier post. i'll be waiting to hear the responses. please tell me the stories. bye for now.

HI everyone,
This is my first post,i think this site is so cool.

Incase anyone would like to know i am 18 5'5" 130 lbs with green eyes and dark brown hair,small busted with a chuby bubble butt.

I was brought up in a all female household,my mom and two sisters of which i am the youngest and we were all taught that our bodily function are nothing to be ashamed or embaresed about and for me being on the potty going poop while one of my sisters was in the bathroom was quite a normal thing for me growing up,sometimes one of us would be on the pot and one taking a shower and the other at the mirror doing her makeup or hair,sometimes even my mom (we only had one bathroom)

I never relized until i started dating that some guys think that females don't smell when they poop,i thought that was just so strange,here is what i mean.

I had been going with this guy for around three months when we finaly slept together one night at his house when his parents were out of town,and in the middle of the night i awoke to the feeling of needing a bm and since i hadn't gone in a cuple of days i knew it would be a good one.

My bf woke up as i was geting out of bed and asked where i was going and i told him i had to go to the bathroom and he said that he said he would go with me (we had peed infront of each other a few times in the past)but i told him i would like a little privacy since i had to the said cool and went back to sleep so i went into his bathroom,i went naked since the bathroom is in his room and had a real good healthy poop that smelled up the bathroom kind of bad and when i got back my bf aksed me if everything was ok and i said yes but you don't want to go in there right now because i stunk it up and he thought i was fooling and said girls don't do that when they shit and he actualy thought that we didn't so i told him to check it out and he saw that i wasn't foolin and said wow i never knew girls could do that and he asked if my farts were that bad(how embaresing)and i told him yup sometimes.

I was thought i would pass this on.

Well once I was at a swimming pool club and I had to go to the bathroom. It wasnt well kept and little kids peed all over the restroom floors. Of course when I went to bathroom, I was barefoot. The little kids peed on the floor and many people walked into the bathroom barefooted. I had to go bad so barefoot still, I walk across the floor and step in a large puddle. It was sticky but no big deal. Just to get them back I actually took a shit right on the floor. A little boy didnt mind the pee but when his foot almost landed in the shit, he ran away. Actually, another boy grossly walked up to the pile and actually squished it between his toes lol. It was disgusting but the kid went to shower to wash off. These bathrooms were defintely not well kept, its a shame.

Once I stepped barefoot in a puddle of piss when my friend and I went to a bathroom at a pool club. Sticky! Luckily we washed off the pee in the pool.

Haven't posted in a while, just thought I'd put in something for anyone to comment on. Lately I've had alot of real solid poo, some of which actually hurt bad to get out. And I've also noticed that lately, when I have to poop, I really have to go, and usually I can wait about 5-10 minutes before it starts coming out no matter how hard I work at holding it in. Anyone ever have problems with that, where a harder or thicker poo that you could normally hold in starts coming out at a bad time?

Also, on the topic of the pic that's been up the last couple days, she looks either really angry or really constipated. Anyone have any other thoughts on that?


To Althea: I liked your story

To Desperate: Liked your story

To Vi: Loved your story

To Tiny: I liked your story

To Charlie R.: I liked your story

I pooped last was alot of hard balls cause i hadn't been in like 3 days..gotta run bye

In response to Andrew from Maryland's question about are black women's poops different from white woman's. I have seen several escorts of different races over the years poop, and most of the black women had medium to light colored, soft turds, with medium smell. One well built half Indian (India)and half white woman named Autum used to have light colored dumps and corn in her poo as well. Some of the white ladies had runny stools as well. I must admit, I had trouble finding an escort to preform for me, a lot of them hung up when I told them what I wanted. Persistance paid off and I landed my first girl about 4 years ago. Now I was still in my condo then, about to go to settlement in about a week. I got tired of peeping and I wanted to try the interactive approach to seeing women poop, no risk of litigation as well. I found a young 23 year old lady named Coco from Brazil,5 foot 10, 160lbs., well built, big hips, nice smooth skin, tight rear end, thighs to die for. she charged $250 an hr., a lot but well worth every penny to see her poop. You will have to wait until the next post for a play by play of Coco's poops. Have to keep it short or the moderator gets mad. catch ya on the rebound.

Tiny: Similar situations have occured with me. One time, when I was about 13, I went to my friends houise for a sleepover. She had two one - year old sisters, twins, so she had access to dipers. We used to have contests to see who could hold their pee in the longest: We'd both pee in the bathroom, then drink 3 glasses of water and the contest would begin. Since the contest could often end messily (usually with one or both of us losing control), we would usually either play outside in the woods, or camp out in her backyard in a tent for the night. (Once we woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning, both of us dying to pee. We lay in the tent for so long trying to hold it that when we got outside, we couldn't take our hands of our crotches because we had to go so bad. We danced there on the grass for a while, and then my friend started to go. The sight of her pee running down her legs caused me to go to. Anyway, this one time, it was raining, and getting close to night, so we had to stay inside. We smuggled two dipers downstairs to the playroom, put them on, and started to play nintendo. Finally, we were both to the point where we needed to hold our crotches so bad that we couldn't use the controls. After a while, the urge went away, so we got another game out and continued to play. Finally, the urge hit me standing up, and I sat down with my heel into my crothch, but the diper stopped the pressure. I started to pee uncontrollably, so I ran to sit down on my bech towel, and enjoyed the hot pee overflowing my diper, running down my legs and warming my crotch. My friend held hers for five minutes more, but then suddenly grabbed her crotch, came to my becah towel, where I was lying, and saddled me. Her pee flowed through her pants and onto my already soaked pants. Even though I am not gay, it felt really good. We threw the dipers in the garbage of one of our neighbours, rinsed the clothes in the sink, and hung them to dry in the closet. More stories abou! t me and her later. Bye!

Hi everyone:
Yesterday I could not poop, So I took a 4 quart enema, and felt better.
Had an accident before expelling the enema and made a real mess. I have a enema bag, which I use often when I cannot poop. My girlfriend gives me enemas too and I give them to her. Does anyone on this forum take enemas? My advise is when you are constipated take 1 or several enemas their good for you even if you have cramps from it, the feeling pays off in the end. (literally speaking). So thats it for now! Till the next time I will post more constipation and enema stories. Take Care!

SARAH: Wiping until I don't see anything is what I usually do but I'd be lieing if i said I did that 100% of the time.
-If I'm about to take a shower I might just clean up there instead.
-I usually have my movements in the afternoon but occasionally I'll have to do a jobbie before I go to work. So if I'm in a REALLY late, like about to miss my bus or train, I might just do and 'adequate' job and finish off at work.
-After an espcially messy movement, the kind where you just keep wiping & wiping & wiping without being able get clean to your satisfaction, I sometimes just say, "Screw this!", and simply make a second attempt later in the afternoon.

For a while, I have been "lurking" here on this board for a while giving a few comments here and there. Got an interesting story today.

I was at school this morning working on my Master's Thesis'. When I finished for today, I needed to take a good dump. I went to the men's room on the main floor in the library. Two of the three toilets were occupied. I took the last stall. About a minute after I sat down, a good fart ripped out of my asshole and then the logs started to come out with some good sound. I haven't had a good dump like that in a while. I always enjoy a good dump in the public restroom at school (college).

Now comments on the postings. Charlie R. I enjoyed your post the most on how you met your g-friend. I envy you :) I was married once and never enjoyed the pleasure of sharing the bathroom with my ex-wife. If I get married again, accompanying each other while dumping would be a requirement. I guess this type of sharing is kind of rare between married couples. I talked with a friend of mine and also my cousin separately and both of them don't want their wives in the bathroom while they take a dump.

For Super Pooper, I also enjoyed your posting as well. I also enjoyed everyone elses postings as well.

For today's pic. I kind of like it with the front shot of the gal on the can. The facial expression shows that she doesn't look happy though.

Well, enjoy :)

i got back from scouts, i thought it would never end, i had to poop so bad. after scouts was over mom stood around talking and to people and i just had to go, i walked down the hall pretending to look at stuff and it just came out, it was real mushy and a little leaked out of my undies and ran down my leg, i had jeans on so it didnt show up. then mom decided to go, we walked out to the car, i could barely walk cause it kept rolling down my legs. when we got to the car i got in back and sat down and it squished all over my but, i put my hand under my but and it was getting wet now. it smelled real bad, mom had the windows down cause it was nice out, i guess she didnt smell it. we got home and when i got out of the car i touched my but again and it was soaked with poop, it soaked through and my but was wet now. i walked behind mom and she opened the door and said lets go, i ran past her real fast and upstairs, i looked back as i was turning the corner and she was looking at me! , i think she saw my accident. i knew i was in trouble. i went in my room and she never came up. i felt real bad that she knew and didnt come to spank me yet. so i went downstairs and she was reading a book. i walked up to her and told her about my accident and she said im glad you told me instead of trying to hide it. she helped me clean up and tucked me in for bed, this was weird cause mom never did this before. maybe if i tell her when i have accidents she wont be so mad all the time. cause when i got home from school today she spanked my but real hard, she saw a wet spot on my pants. i just let a little out on the way home not much, i didnt think she would notice but she has been checking, when i walked in she came to me and said lift your shirt up, and she saw the wet spot. then she said turn around and she puched on my but to see if i pooped. i hope she keeps doing this cause most of the time they are real accidents and not on purpose. my 11th birthday is coming up soo! n, i cant wait, we are going to six flags, i will probably have a story about it, i also have webelos camp coming up, this is my last camp as a cub scout, then i will be in boy scouts. by

LOUISE: I rang Eleanor tonight and told her what you had said. She is thrilled to bits, just the same as I am, to become a cyber bridesmaid ! I have to wonder whether I deserve it or not though. I have been letting the side down recently, by not practicing my stand-up wees ! I still have the odd one in the shower or something, but somehow, and especially when I'm having a wee while Andrew is watching me, I just prefer to sit and whizz ! I suppose it's because we are so relaxed together. If I sit and wee, and especially if I'm trying to poo, he quite often will sit cross legged in front of me, rest his arms on my knees, and then rest his chin on his arms while he looks up at me with those piercing blue eyes of his. It makes me feel very special !! Love from Kendal xx

UNCLE RIZZO & AUNTY ANNIE: So kind of you both to remember the significance of April 30th. It was so ironic that I should be walking around my old house helping to show Eleanor and her family around. I was absolutely fine at that time. But in the middle of the night, I suddenly had this terrible sense of loneliness, and I cried my eyes out. I crept into Andrew's bed with him, and as usual, he soon had me feeling a whole lot better. The poor boy, around half an hour after I joined him, Ellen woke up and so she had to get in with him as well. It was quite a squash for all three of us. Then after a while longer when Ellen decided she needed a wee, so I got out to go with her, he made a long and lingering sigh and stretched himself wide over his whole bed, having been forced to scrunch up in the middle between me and Ellen !! I'll continue the story with Sarah & Meghan & Uncle Robby. Lots of love from Kendal xx

UNCLE ROBBY, SARAH & MEGHAN: Ellen and I crept into the bathroom, where she proceeded to lift her night shirt and dragged her bottom up onto the toidy seat ( she wasn't wearing pampies ). She really was quite tired, so I found myself kneeling in front of her and holding on to her above her hips to make sure she didn't fall off the toidy, or worse, fall in it !! Her eyes drooped 3 or 4 times and then opened again before she finally mustered enough energy to concentrate on the job in hand, and she began a very sprinkly tinkle which lasted only a short while. I left her sitting there for a while longer to make sure she had really finished, and then lifted her off and wiped her, and carried her back to our room. Then I went back with Andrew and we talked in whispers for at least two hours until I felt happy enough to go back to my bed. Even then, I got in with Ellen, still wanting company and someone to cuddle. Lots of love from Kendal xxx

LONDON LAD: Just as I heard the birds beginning to sing, at the very first signs of light, I realised that I was going to have to visit the toidy myself. I managed to creep out of bed without desturbing Ellen. I only actually went for a wee. I lifted my night dress and downed my white pampies and settled on the toilet seat. My wee softly whistled as it ran down the inside of the bowl. As it tailed off, I had this funny feeling in my ???? which made me want to stay and see if I could poo. I didn't want to strain at all, so I just sat and listened to the blackbird singing outside. Eventually, I could feel enough to know that If I gave my ???? a bit of a squeeze, I would be able to poo. So I wrapped my arms around myself, with my night dress draped over the top of them and took a deep breath, and pushed a bit. Sure enough, I could feel my poo begin to emerge, and as I continued to hold my breath and push more, it inched out of my bottom bit by bit until it dropped into th! e water below with a reasonable plop. I waited at least another five minutes, but my ???? eventually told me that I didn't need to poo anymore, so I wiped myself, flushed the toidy, and went back to my bed, content, and feeling much better. Hope you liked the story !! Love from Kendal x

LINDA GS: Right my dear on-line sister. What am I to do ? Eleanor finally plucked up the courage to ask Andrew out at school today. He said he'd be delighted, but that they should think of each other as friends rather than boyfriend and girlfriend just yet. She's a patient girl, and decided that this gave her a chance to weave her charms !! However, on the phone tonight, she was getting worried. It was so hard to talk to her, because I wasn't sure how much Aunty and Uncle could hear of what I was saying to her. But basically, it suddenly crossed her mind that Andrew had probably said what he did to her because he would really prefer a girlfriend who would let him watch her on the toilet, which clearly Eleanor doesn't want to do. So she thinks he won't say that she is his girlfriend until she lets him. Now she really doesn't know him very well if she thinks that ! I told her she should talk to him about it. I also told her that he'll get plenty of toilet watching from ! his cousin and his little sister, and no doubt from his cyber cousins !! So my dear, how about it ? Are you up to a cyber toilet visit for your on-line cousin Andrew ?!!! Lots of love from Kendal xx
PS: Would it help if he sends an XOSXOS with a cherry on top ?!!

AUNTY PV: Long time, no speak. Hope you are keeping well. I suppose it must be Autumn in Australia. Oh well, that will provide plenty of lovely crinkly leaves to rustle around under a stand up wee !! Lots of love from Kendal x

ELLIE & LITTLE LOU: Whatever happened to you two ??

I'm having a reminice now about old friends.

KATE: from Hertfordshire. The one who would get Andrew to hold her while she had a wee over a bridge. The lovely girl who introduced Andrew and I to the wonderful bonding of sit on knees wees. The one who had wonderful exploding poos. And the girl who thought nothing about squatting and weeing with a load of blokes while coming home from football matches !! Where have you gone ?!

Come to think of it, LINDA GS (again), where have you gone ?!!!!

Sarah S and Meghan
Hi Everyone!!!
Sarah S- Its one week until I GRADUATE!! 7 years of sweat and torture will be over!! To all the fellow students including Amy(co-ed), Ephermal, Meredith, Kimmie and Scott, Mandy and all of the others! Take a deep breath!!! Dad and Annie will post probably on Monday. Now to the subject at hand.

Sarah S- We got all dressed up and went to a social function on campus. There was food and drink and we indulged. Late in the evening I had to have a big wee. I went to the toidy but there was a line or queque at the door. I was getting desparate. I ran out the door with Meghan at my heels. We ran to the backyard and found a tall tree. I lifted my short dress, pulled down my panties(bright blue) and squatted. Meghan squatted next to me. We weed two strong streams. Three girls and two guys joined us and we lined up like a chorus line. One of the girls had to poo and she kept moaning. This is funny; I could see Meg's face and she was turning all red!! Also she pointed and this guy had a willie that made her eyes bug out,LOL! It defied description!! Well, enough of that! We wiped and went back in. Meghan couldn't get that guy out of her mind and she tried to chat him up the rest of the night!!!

TODD AND DIANA: Oh My!! We are so thrilled!! Meghan yelled to me when she saw your post. We would be honoured to be the twin's honourary cyber Godparents!! It will be so neat!! Also you can be our cyber parents. Dad has enough trouble with us,LOL! We read basically the same things in the loo. I, law stuff and Meghan; magazines! We are glad you are doing so well!! Take care!! Lots of Lovexxxxxxxxx and very big hugs!! (Daughters) Sarah S and Meghan

COUSINS KENDAL, LAWN DOGS KID and ELLEN: WOW! Kendal, What a cool thing to happen!! Sari just cried sheets when she read that Eleanor had found you! I did too for that matter! Dad is in England and we wanted for him to drop us off in Devon. We know that you and Andrew will be wonderful friends to her. Also the fact that she may be living in your old house is simply amazing!! Your toidy story was neat! Andrew is a smooth guy. He could be a diplomat some day. The way he sorted out and pleased all of you women,LOL! How big is your village? Andrew, you are being chased,you know!! We have given up! Meghan- I did a terrific trump this morning. You could have heard it around the block! Sari, of course, close the door! We won't be back until the 13th because Sarah is graduating from law school on the 11th!! Andrew, we know your birthday is coming up this month!! Kendal, Andrew and Ellen, we cyberly held your hand on the April 30th. We know the feeling of losing a parent. Ellen,! you keep those two in line!! Take care!! Lots of Lovexxxx and hugs from Cousins Meghan and Sari

STEVE AND LOUISE: Hi friends! Well, Damsel isn't the only one who would be going red in the presence of Steve,LOL! We have been using the travelmates occasionally to practice. At your wedding maybe we could keep the cyber guestbook!! Glad you both are ok!! Lots of Lovexxx Meghan and Sari!

DAMSEL: Hi gal! Don't lament about Andrew! We have tried, too! There are many more fish in the sea!! We loved your story to Rizzo!! We are still not nervy enough to let others into our toilet! We understand. Dad would be honoured to be a cyber uncle to you but like Andrew you won't have to call him Uncle Robby. You are too old for that! Lots of Lovexxx Sari and Meghan

ELEANOR: Hi dear!! It is so wonderful to see you in the mist of caring and dear people! We would be honoured for you to be our cyber cousin if you wish. With Kendal and her friends around you will be well protected when you poo and wee!! Please stay with us! Lots of Lovexx from Sari and Meghan

PV: Hi sweetie! How was Florida? We read your story about Comedy Central but we want some "Aussie weeing on American beaches" adventures!!! The tall red-head firehose!! Keep us informed!! Lots of Lovexxx Meghan and Sari

TIM AND SARAH: What a sweet story you wrote to Tim. We are sorry he is sick, again. Tell him we are thinking of him! We have pooed in the woods before. It seems that poos are bigger in the outdoors! We don't know why that is? We are glad that Loewie and Josie are doing fine! A big hug and Lovexxx from Sari and Meghan

INA, RIZZO, EPHERMAL, ADELE, CARMALITA, JANE AND GARY and DAVID. We will speak to you in a separate post tomorrow. This one is getting a bit long! We love you all!


Hi Again!!
We have to finish our replies. Our other post got a tad long! We have to go back tomorrow. We have a party to go to! We will report on that soon!
INA: Hi sweetheart! We miss you. We got out our travelmates, got naked and used them on the patio. No, no one could see us! We got the tube in the right place and our wee cascaded out onto the cement. We hope the reason for your absence is a job! Please write! Lots of Lovexxxx and Hugs from Meghan and Sarah
RIZZO: Hi, dear advisor and friend! We have really enjoyed your stories! The story about the serenading the stallmate was a killer!! Sarah- I graduate in a week! It seems like a dream! I am one of two speakers who will welcome the graduates and guests. I told Meghan I know I will get a case of diarrhoea! I don't have stage fright it is just I get really nervy, as Louise says! Megs will be there with the TP just in case. Meghan- I will try to play the cello on the loo in the near future! That should be a real experience. Lots of Lovexxx to you and your wife! Lots of Love and a hugxxx from Meghan and Sarah
EPHERMAL: Hi gal!! It is nearly the end!! We hope it is for you! We got up yesterday and Sarah was reading her notes on the toidy. I came in and she let out this big trump(fart) and then weed a bit. I laughed. Then I did my special(mega-trumps and a nice dump). Sarah always turns up her nose. Do your housemates do big dumps and you all titter about,LOL? We hope your asthma is better. Take care and chill out! Lovexxx from Sarah and Meghan
SAMANTHA: Hi! Meghan- I have never the cello on the toidy. I told Rizzo I will try. I am 5'8" so I think I can do it. We'll see. Glad you are with us! Take care, Lovexx Meghan and Sarah
CARMALITA: WHERE ARE YOU?!!!!!! We miss you and your wonderful stories!! Please come back give us the dump of the week,LOL! We lovexxxx you and Jake!! Sarah and Meghan
DAVID: Hi there! We have missed you. We are sorry that you split with Niki. We know there is heartbreak there! Please stay with us! Dad and Annie will want to speak to you later! Take care! Lovexxx from Meghan and Sarah
JANE: Hi girl! Loved the last story. It does seem you have big poos when you are in the office toidy. Give our best to Gary!! Lovexx from Sarah and Meghan
KIMMIE AND SCOTT: Hi friends! Hey, where are ya!! We guess you both are studying hard! We miss the mega dump stories!! Above all we miss you! Lovexx Sarah and Meghan
LINDAGS: Hi there! HELP! Eleanor is after Andrew! Head her off at the pass,LOL! Hope you and your family are ok! Are your poos easy? We read that you were having problems! Lovexx from Meghan and Sarah

Well, we have to run! We will try to post after the 13th.


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