how often do you need to shit?
i shit like once every 2 or 3 days
is that normal???

I heard that in Mainland China, you have to pay money in order to get into a public toilet. Well, last year my cousins, 12 and 9, went on a trip to China with their parents. All was well until the third day or so, where both kids started having a little diarrhea, but they dismissed it. What with the different water and food and all that, it was'nt surprising. However, their diarrhea was fairly under control (ie: They could hold it until they got to the Hotel.) until the second to last day of the trip, where they went to some Ming Dynasty palace in Central China. Partway through the tour, the 12-year old, ( I'll call her Nancy) clutched her stomach and crouched over. She whispered to her mom in a tone of desperation: "I'm having some really bad diarrhea. I need to use a bathroom." So her mom (Not my Aunt) found one for her. For one, it was filthy, and second, the "price of admission" was 5 Renminbi, or something like 50 cents. Unfortunately, mom did'nt have her purs! e, and poor nancy groaned: "I have to go NOW!" Luckily, the old man "guarding" the entrance saw her clutching her stomach and let her in free of charge. Lucky, because if she had stayed out for one more second she would have had really dirty shorts. and also because her 9-year old brother (I'll call him Nate) also had an attack of diarrhea at the same time and went into the same bathroom, where the old man was probably shocked at having two desperate diarrhea-stricken kids as "customers" but he nicely let Nate in as well. nevertheless, despite "free" bathroom services, the last two days were a nightmare for Nancy and Nate as they took turns heading for the toilet in the hotel room. Not a nice way to remember a vacation by.

Hey, everyone:
It is I, again. The half White/half East-Indian chick. I have been told that I look like Ashley Judd. Remember me, now? Hey, Punk Rock Girl, I have been in your situation, before. The thing was though, that, unlike your guy, my guy Bill actually woke me up by wiping me, and I loved it! I got up, flushed, and he carried me back to the bed. We had some wild sex after that, lemme tell you. Bill is White, by the way, just in case any of you cared.
The other day I was @ work. I had just finished peeing, when I heard the door open. I heard the person walk over and get into the stall that was after the one right next to me. I heard her peeing like a racehorse, for about a minute and a half. I then heard her inhale. She forcefully-exhaled, about five seconds later. I heard a couple of loud splashes. She gasped, audibly. She then started grunting and straining, and I heard a bunch of loose-sounding stools hitting the water. Sounded like the infamous banana turds, to me! She peed a little more. She then shouted out "Oh, Jesus!", and another wave came out. She then sighed, w/ relief. I guess she was thanking the Lord that everything came out okay. I am a Christian, by the way. Man, did she make the place reek! She then reached for the toilet paper. I heard her wipe about seven times. I wondered if she even considered the toilet clogging. I don't think that any of us @ this company have to worry about that.! These pots are equipped w/ industrial-strength turbo flushes. I don't think they ever get clogged. Not unless the person is trying to clog it, on purpose, of course. By that time, I decided to wipe my pee hole, pull up my pants, and meet her @ the sinks. Sure-enough, I heard the turbo flush, and she then exited her stall. It was Dana, who was one of our new customer-service reps. She is a cute-blond, who looks like she is very-active. I think that she goes to tanning-salons, as well. I, on the other hand, do not need to. I have a natural wheat-colored complexion. I guess I can thank my East-Indian side for giving tinting my otherwise-Caucasian complexion just right.
Hope all of you enjoyed the above. Special hello to Pico. You lucky-devil! Your woman has come around, in a big-way. It is about time! I loved your poem, by the way. You need to get it published, boy.

Take care, everyone,


i was in this soccer game and i REALY had to go
~ i peed in my pants!
(im kinda new to this)
my friend said it smells like salmon!!

Was at work I work in retail and had to go to the bathroom so I went in there and peed in a stall but some guy at the urinal kept jumping up to look at me and I know he saw my penis and me peeing and all that. I didn't say anything and left the bathroom. Any advice on if I should have said anything to him or not? His friend was also with him in the bathroom. It embarrassed me and kind of made me angry because I wasn't looking for an audience. Any advice or comment would be appreciated.

Hi it's me again... haven't posted in a while, but i've taken plenty of craps since my last post. I really enjoyed Mina's story about pooping in the shower, that must have been very enjoyable.
PUNK ROCK GIRL - Although I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore fettish person, i enjoy taking a dump, and find it really enjoyable to poop without wiping my ass. It's been quite a while since i crapped my pants, but i've been thinking about doing it just for fun. My main problem is that it smells alot worse when you poop your pants, as opposed to when you poop in the toilet. Taking a dump standing up is another thing that i like; i've never tried it in the shower though.. i wouldn't want to clog up the drain, suppose i should try it some time though. I poop standing up on occasion, it's nice to be able to do all my business without sitting down, just stand with my back to the toilet and let it fall out.
Generally, i don't wipe, but sometimes, i like to wipe my butt in wierd ways. Sometimes, i'll take one piece of paper and wipe my butt over and over with the one piece, without folding it. Also, just wiping once, starting sitting down, but standing up while wiping the rest of the way.
Peace out.

Wow, neat site... Let's call this contribution, "Overcoming poop shyness." Several years ago I was dating a guy and we made plans for the next day to go swimming at a lake near my apartment. It was during a ghastly sjmmer hot spell and he said he would come by at 9 in the morning to get me. We both worked an afternoon shift and 9 is a little early for me but I said ok. So I set the alarm for 7 and got all ready and so forth but try as I might, I couldn't take my morning shit. There just wasn't anything there. So he shows up at 9, and off we go. I'd made a lunch which we ate about 11 and at 1130 my guts were in terrible shape. The place we went was not a public beach, but it was not completely private, There were no bathroom facilities, no trees or big bushes, and to make it worse there were a few other people nearby. Finally I asked if we could go back to my place, (12 mi.), because I needed to use the bathroom. Unfortunately I made the excuse that it was because of drinking too much pop and eating too much watermelon and my friend said, "well, just swim out a ways and pee in the water, nobody will know." I thought about doing that, and just taking my shit instead, but was wearing a one-piece and decided there is no way I could fake what I was doing. Up to then I was very poop-shy and didn't even want to admit that I did such things, so I tried to be demure and said, "I'm afraid that won't work," thinking he would get the idea. Instead he wanted to argue, though he was polite, saying, "aw, come on, nobody will know," and so forth, but he just didn't get it. Finally I just had to come out and tell him "damn it, I have to do more than just pee- and if I don't get out of here pretty soon we both will be sorry." He got this surprised and kind of hurt look and jumped up and gathered up our cooler and towels and said, "Oh, I'm sorry, let's go." As he was driving me home it was kind of quiet and he blurted out, "I apologize for being s uch a dope, but it's kind of hard for me to even imagine that pretty girls like you have to do stuff like that." More silence. I could tell the poor guy was feeling pretty awkward so finally I said, "well, we do, but I'm a little shy about it." No answer. "That's hard for me to believe - you aren't shy about anything else," he finally said. About that time we were in front of my apt. I said, "Well I guess its now or never, come on inside and I will heat up some coffee." In we went, and I headed for the kitchen. "Don't let me keep you," he said. It was true I had to shit pretty bad, but I wanted to see this thru, so I said, "This was fresh at 9 and it only takes a minute to heat it in the microwave." I poured us each a cup and took a deep breath and said, "Now follow me" and led him into the bathroom. I had him sit down on a hamper. I removed my suit, sat on the toilet, took a sip of coffee and said "Now let's both just relax and get used to this. We've been fr! iends for long enough and I think it's something we both need to deal with." I relaxed for a moment and unloaded. A big long greasy turd slipped out, "splash" and I started to wet. I made some small talk about what a good time I'd had with him at the lake, and then out came more turds, "splash, splash splat" and fortunately a healthy poop smell instead of the bad odor that sometimes happens. I knew I was done, but I sat some more and grunted softly and squeezed mhy ???? as we talked, and after a few minutes our conversation was very relaxed and casual. We finished our coffee, and I reached for the TP and wiped. He said, "Can I have proof you weren't faking?" and we both laughed. I stood up and let him have a look before flushing. "Wow...." (pause). "Let's go back to the lake," I said, "We have at least two good hours before time to go to work." He agreed, and that's what we did. After that, we routinely accompanied each other to the bathroom -- an offered cup of coffee being the sign that bathroom companionship was wanted. We dated almost a year, and finally broke up, and I dated others before getting married to a different guy but after that, my original poop-shyness was gone and my "pooping visits" with my bf's and husbands have been very rewarding. Anybody else find these sessions to bring out honesty and uninhibited conversation with your S/O's besides me?

Punk Rock Girl

Why thank you! I like writing, and it's always easiest for me to write what I know about. I've been peeing and shitting my entire life, so that's a subject I'm an expert on! As for reading while taking a dump, I think most people have a mini library of one sort or another next to the toilet. I keep mine stocked with various magazines and a couple of books. Mostly horror movie magazines like Fangoria and Psychotronic, and mostly anthology books with short stories. I think I have NIght Shift by Stephen King in there now. He writes some great stuff about characters taking a shit. Well, I'll keep my eye open for your posts and keep on writing mine!


That unisex has a latch where the lock must have used to be, but the bar or whatever you call it is gone. I figured I would be quick so didn't really worry. If I had to take a dump, I might have found a more private bathroom. Maybe next time I'll test my wits in take a dump in there. I'll let you know!



Bill: Any cereal high in fiber will guarantee you a massive shit. Also, try to eat some Papaya . . .you will definitely shit your brains out. I know I did.

That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard! A man is a sissy for not wanting others to see his tool?? What the hells wrong with you! Excuse me I am not homosexual and do not want no other male seeing that. Nor the other way around. I will continue to either use a stall or stand close to the urinal!

To Punk Rock Girl: Just wanted to say hi back

To BILL: I find that carrots make you shit big time

To Zip: I liked your story..this coin operated bathroom so is there one toilet or many? and if so is it doorless?

gotta run

TO PEEPING TOM: Exactly. People these days harken back to those medeavel, Elizabethan & Victorian days. The 'simpler' times...
The trouble is that they're remembering Hollywood's sanitized version of those eras. They forget that conveniences like toilet paper, indoor plumbing & personal hygene in general are primarily recent concerns. When you walked down some city street of a Western nation as late as a century ago, you had to keep your wits about you.
-In addition to the thousands of tonnes of horse shit, rivers of horse urine depositied daily on the streets, people simply dumped their crap out the door or window. If you were unlucky, you might even get a shower with the contents of someone's chamber pot if they didn't shout a warning first.
-Plagues & diseases regularly swept through cities & villages.
-Cholera, diarrohea and many other water borne diseases insured that infant mortality was very high & those that got into adulthood only lived into their 40's.
-Washing your hands for *ANY* reason, other than when they became inconvenintly dirty, only became an expectation only just after the 1st World War.
-If you went into a hospital in the early part of last century, your chances of coming out healthier was 50/50 at best. Remember... The Germ theory of disease was new back then. When the influenza pandemic of 1917 - 1918 swept the world, the best people could do was wear cloth masks & whitewash walls. (Well, why not?)

On the bright side:
-You didn't have to worry about skid marks and urine stains in your panties or underware - since those clothes didn't exist. (I believe those garments came into common use sometime about 100 years ago.)
-You could REALLY admire any good jobbies you made and share it with others (whether they wanted to see it or not) since most people didn't have flush toilets.
-I'm sure people weren't as uptight about seeing a stranger taking a crap or shitting infront of others.
-If you accidentally soiled your clothes a wee bit, most people probably didn't care (as long as it didn't look too bad.)

People lived in a dirty, smelly, rat infested, disease ridden world in those times. In comparison, inhabitants of Western cities these days live in almost sterile conditions.

SHadowman loved the post. Would any women or guys like to contribute good female fart stories. If the ladies would tell what food makes them gassy and Nad where and what the farts sounded like. if you can remeber!

Amy (Co-ed)
Hi everybody! It has been so long since I posted:-( As is my usual excuse, I have been so busy with school. Final exams are coming up and that has forced me into alot of studying. I do have a new poop experience to share! Last Thursday, I was over at my girlfriend Emily's apartment studying for an upcoming test. A guy from one of our classes, Todd, was also over studying with us. It had been several days since I had to shit, so I had plenty stored up. I could tell before I went over to Emily's that I would probably need a poop before much longer. Sure enough, after about 2 hours of studying, I had developed a big need for a dump. I was struggling to concentrate as I passed some silent farts into the room. While my farts were not audible, they were far from un-smellable. I felt bad that I was farting under my two friends noses. I put my hi-liter down and asked Emily if I could use her restroom. She said sure. I felt obligated to tell Emily and Todd upfront that I would probably be in the restroom for a while, that it was me that was farting. They both laughed, Todd told me to hurry up and go, because he was feeling the need too. I walked over to Emily's restroom and closed the door. I usually try to take big shits, like the one I was about to do, at my dorm restroom, or some public restroom on campus or at the mall, or even at home but not a friends house. Oh well, you gotta go, you gotta go! I lowered my shorts and panties to my ankles and sat down, with my legs wide open. I instantly noticed that Emily's restroom was one that did not hide your sounds, everything echoed loudly, and I was sure that Emily and Todd would soon discover just how big of a shit I had to take. I leaned forward and concentrated on my dump. I farted again, this one was not silent as it echoed loudly into the bowl. I could hear my asshole begin to crackle open as my first log begin to squeeze out. I closed my eyes as it filled my hole and stretche d it wide open. After a few seconds it dropped into the water with a loud splash. I blasted two more loud farts and dropped about 15 little balls with loud splashes each time. I was wondering what Emily and Todd could hear. Another fart came out of my butt. It was long and smelly. Finally a big log began to ease out. I spread my legs a little wider and pushed with a grunt. Slowly it crept from my asshole, snaking its way into the toilet. This was a big one. It broke off about 10 inches long and was still hanging from my butt. I pushed again and forced the last 5 inches out. I still did not feel done. I sat for a few minutes and passed several small farts. Finally I felt another log begin to push against my hole. I leaned forward and tried to squeeze it out with a big push. I was not very successful as it still barely moved. I waited for a few more minutes and pushed again, this time I heard my hole crackle a little as my turd began to slide out. I let it do! its own thing and was amazed at the sight when it fell out. It was about 8 inches long and 2 inches thick. I had just taken a huge dump! Unfortunely for Todd who needed to go next, I also stunk the place up. It took three flushes for my load to go down, and another flush to get rid of the paper. I had spent about 25 minutes in the restroom and when I opened the door, Todd and Emily greeted me with applause. I was embarassed but did feel much better. Todd ended up only taking about 5 minutes. Emily probably will think twice before hosting another study group!

Talk to you all again soon!!!!


What's up everybody, long time since I posted, but I do have a very interesting story to share. I was at the mall yesterday, when the urge hit me to take a dump. I was in a large department store at the time and soon found my way to the restroom. Wedged into the restroom door was a janitor cart, obviously indicating the restroom was being cleaned. I walked in anyway and to my surprise I found a rather attractive female janitor sweeping and cleaning. I started to leave but she said that it was okay, the restroom was still open. I said okay and thanked her, still curious as to why she was there and much more curious as to why she was willing to let strange men use the restroom around her. Nevertheless, I had to go so I headed over to one of the 6 stalls that this restroom had and locked the door. If she wanted a show I was going to give her one. I lowered my jeans and underwear to my ankles and had a seat. I soon ripped a fart, which I am certain my female friend he! ard. To my further surprise she began sweeping in front of my stall and in the stalls around mine. I grunted a little and pushed out my first turd which hit the water with a splash. I had alot of shitting to do and ended up dropping about
8 - 10 turds over the next 20 minutes. I could hear several other guys come in, all pissed in stalls because the janitor was still there! I finally wiped and flushed and exited the stall to wash my hands. Yep, she was still there. I left a few good skid marks for her, hope she enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed her!!!

nice story shadowman..i liked the descriptions lol

hi, me and tony went to the park after school, mom said i could spend the night again and tonys mom was cool with it, so wwe went to the park and played till dark and we both had to go, i had to pee real bad and he had to do both. i said just go in your pants, your mom doesnt care and he said no i cant do it on purpose. i said by the time we get home your going to have an accident anyway. he said whatever and we started walking home. i had to go pretty bad so i just let it out while we were walking, some people walked by me while i was going and they asked if i needed some help and tony looked at me and saw i peed. he said you peed your pants, and i said i realy had to go. he said his mom isnt going to like this, messing your pants everytime you come over, i said i will tellher it was an accident. we were one block from home when tony started running, i ran behind him, i though we were racing and i saw pee dripping down from his shorts, looked like a sprinkler turned on, it ! was dripping all over. he stopped and bent over. i said see you had an accident. we got to his house and his mom didnt see us this time, we got to his room and started to change whe his mom came up, i had my pants off but still had my undies on. tony was naked. she saw my yellow undies and said did you have an accident. i said a litle. she said take them off. so i took of my undies. it was weird being naked in front of my friend and his mom. she grabbed my shorts too and went to wash them. tony got lucky, he already hid his wet clothes. he put on undies and pj's and gave me some boxers to put on. we played video games a long time. and tony kept sticking his fingers in his but. then he got up and ran out of the room. he came back and sat down. he smelled like poop. we played some more and then his mom told us to go to bed. he got up before i did and i saw brown stain in his pj's, looked like there was still a big load of poop in there, it was smashed. he got in bed and i said! dude arnt you going to change your pants. he said oh i forgot, how did you know, i said i saw his but. he snuck out in the hallway and i heard his mom taking to him, she caut him. he came back after a long time and had no clothes on at all. he got in his closet and put some differant pj's on. i woke up in the middle of the night and had to pee but i just held it and went back to sleep. but when i woke up i felt weird, i got up and i was soaked. i wet the sleeping bag. good thing i was wearing boxers cause they dont look wet. i rolled up my sleeping bag and it soaked through on the floor, there was a big wet spot on his rug. i looked around and saw some toys, so i coved it up with toys. he is going to kill me when he finds the puddle. i got dressed and went home,tony was still asleep whe i left. well gotta go i will tell more storys later.

Sunday, April 28, 2002

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