Hi everyone! I'm a black male cellist, who's been hiding in the shadows, but once I saw that another cellist had just joined the site, I jumped to my computer. I saw that someone had asked if white women poop differently than black women. I don't think that poop physical features have anything to do with ethnicity. It depends on what they ate. Speaking of black women pooping, I have a story for you. It involves my cello teacher Rachel, and I. Rachel's a black 21-year-old amazing cellist, with dark brownish-black hair. Her body is amazing, with big boobs and a butt that booty shorts were made for! Anyway, we have a good friend relationship, not just a student-teacher one. So much so that we're even comfortable going in front of each other, like when we were playing basketball the other day. (I'm a big b-ball fan, as well as cello, putting those T-Spoon and MJ posters next to my Jackie DuPre and Pablo Casals ones.) We had a good game, and afterward, she said, "Woo, my stomach' s getting pretty restless, I gotta take a large dump." I didn't, but I did have to piss, so we looked around for a port-a-potty or something, but none were in sight. So Rachel decided to use a bush. We walked around to a secluded grove, and Rachel immediately yanked down her sweats and thong, revealing a perfectly shaped, big round butt. (__Y__). She immediately let off a loud nasty stinker. "Good view?" she asked. "Yeah," I said, mesmerized. "Make sure no one comes by here," she said. "Okay, I'll keep watch for you," I said as she put out a machine-gun barrage of popper farts, which also smelled rank. Rachel used her hands to hold her cheeks apart, so she wouldn't get poop on her butt. Her anus (__*__) was surprisingly pink, against her mahogany round butt. Her log got started slowly, but it started coming as her anus opened (__o__). It was dark brown and thick, about three inches thick. "Oooh, this is a good one," she said, relaxing. It looked pretty firm, as it didn't bre ak when it extended to more than half a foot long. "Do you always have big ones like this?" I asked. "Yep, like they're up to my neck," Rachel joked. Then she concentrated, pushing it out, until it was a foot long, and it broke off. "Uhhhhhh," Rachel heaved. I cringed at the size of this next log, or rather loaf, as it reminded me of a baguette. This was a lot thicker (__O__), but of a different consistency, as it was easier to pass. It crackled as it slid out, easily escaping from between her ham rounds. Finally, it dropped down. A third, looking much like the second (__O__), came easily too. "And I still have more," Rachel said, laughing. Her fourth was her next, crackling as it came. It was a thick one, like a cucumber. "D--n, girl, what did you eat?" I asked. "Foot-long subs do a number on me," Rachel said. "Not just that, but pizza and chili." I'm very glad that she had this dump, because it would be scary to think about what would have happened if she hadn't with all t hat stuff in her system. Opening out again, (__o__) her anus expelled a fifth log! This one was like the fourth, yet knobbier than the others were. "I think I'm done," she said. "Wait…" (__o__) A sixth log curled down from her buns, thin and snakelike. Then she closed up again (__*__) and let go of her cheeks, which went back to normal (__Y__). As she faced the other way and wiped, I pissed over her giant mule-like load, then shook off the last few drops and zipped back up. Rachel then turned around. "Did you just go?" she asked, feigning annoyance. "I missed it. Oh well, I'll let this one slide." Kinda like she let those logs slide. Hope you liked my ASCII illustrations.


MISSISSIPPI: It was great to find someone nearer my age on the site. I don't understand how a bathroom can be locked if no one else is in the house. I'm sorry you finished up having a poo and wee accident as a result of the bathroom being locked, and you being locked in the house. Love from Kendal.

I won't be long with this as it's quite late on Sunday, so I shall be at school tomorrow. Kirsty and Charlotte have spent the day with me, but Eleanor didn't make it. Her Dad rang to let us know. He finished up having a long conversation with my Uncle about my old house. Twice we thought it was nearly sold, but each time it fell through. The last time because some surveyor said it needed some work doing on it. So Aunty and Uncle took it off the market while they decided what to do. Eleanor's Dad had been lamenting about the lack of property that he can afford. They are renting a house in town at the moment. It turns out that Eleanor's Dad is a bit of a handy man, and because the house will now be sold for less due to the work required, my Uncle managed to get him interested ! This is becoming so unbelieveable. Eleanor could well be living in my old house in our village soon !! Anyway, Eleanor was sick which was why she didn't come visiting. But she will be coming with ! her family tomorrow night to view the house, so long as she is well enough. Her Dad let her speak to me on the phone, and she said she got the terrible runs !! I wonder if I can get her to write about that here ?!

I'm so pleased the moderator allowed my story posted on Friday. I thought it hadn't been posted, but Andrew managed to find it in the middle of some previous posts on page 886. It sort of appeared out of the blue !! That's just in case anyone here is wondering how I now know Eleanor who used to post here about her nasty brother. Catch up on page 886 !!

Andrew's Mum is a lot better now, and decided to go out for a drive with Andrew's Dad this afternoon. That meant that Andrew, Ellen and I were left alone together with Charlotte and Kirsty. And didn't we make the most of that, I can tell you !! We all crowded into the bathroom together and had a huge toilet fest !! Of course, Ellen had to be first as usual ! Then Andrew dropped his trousers and undies ( bright lemon, LINDA GS !!!!! ) and proceeded to pee such a gusher that the froth from it seemed to rise half way up the toilet bowl ! Then Charlotte had her turn adding to the froth. But it was Kirsty, who has the most noisy wees that sound like you're running a bath, who managed to increase the froth even further ! Finally, when I took my turn, I fear I was a grave disappointment. I just did my usual whispery wee down the front of the toilet bowl as I perched on the edge of the toilet seat. Kirsty complained that my wee had made the froth go away instead of increasin! g it. As we all peered into the toilet, I'm sure she was right, but Andrew eased my deflated ego by awarding me the prize for looking the cutest sitting on the toilet ! That made Ellen complain, so he quickly made her an equal first with me !! That boy is just too smooth !

Anyway, Andrew is snoring in his bed. I must go to bed myself now. Love to everyone from Kendal xxxxxxxx ( especially my Aunties and Uncles and dear cousins, and my special on-line sister !! Andrew might be snoring, but he managed to whisper in his sleep to add a special XOSXOS message to you Linda !! ).

Now I'm for it. Ellen has just come in !! She needs a wee, and she wants to post a story. I'll have to let her or she might tell Aunty and Uncle that I was in here with Andrew after bed time !


I have just been for a wee wee with Kendal. I dripped on the seat when I got off the toilet. I had to wipe it off after I wiped myself. I'm sitting on Kendal's knee. She is helping me with my spellings. Andrew is fast asleep. He doesn't know I'm here. Ha, Ha, he missed my wee wee. I'm going back to bed. Night-Night. Love from Ellen xxxxxx


Me back again. Phew, I think I've got away with that one ! Don't get me wrong. Andrew and I don't let Ellen get away with everything she wants. But at this time of night, better giving in to her than her making a fuss and alerting Aunty and Uncle !! I'm gone ! xxxxxxxxxx

PLUNGING PLOP GUY-Thanks for the kind words. Most of the stories I have involve the same toilets. Most of these are recent experiences, but I do occasionally include older ones. I used to post under a couple different names, but it was still the same toilets (sometimes). I live in California and I used to travel to different parts of the state and when possible, I would look for the toilets with no doors, partitions high off the floor, partitions with large holes in them, doors with broken locks, etc... I've changed jobs and don't travel as much anymore.

I'm so glad I found this site so I can share my experiences with like-minded folk!

Masked Bastard
Diva: Are you African-American? If so, do you any pooping stories to tell?
Punk Rock Girl: You are totally awesome. So down to earth and on the toilet.
Scarlet: I enjoy your tales of the toilet too. Happy pooping, dear lady!!!
Renee: When did you discover this “listening enjoyment” of pooping?

Hi Friends!
I am totally alone. Robby is at this moment on a plane to London. He is recording Rossini's "Stabat Mater" with the English Chamber Orchestra and Chorus. I will be flying to New Jersey to see Mum and my twins. You will have to get on without us,LOL! I have just enough time for some replies.

DEAR KENDAL, LAWN DOGS KID, and ELLEN: Hello dears! OOOOOOHHHH! What a wonderful suprise you had, KENDAL!! I needed a hanky when I read your post. Very few of us have had the opportunity to meet each other and this is a God-sent thing! I am so glad that Eleanor is with you. You can be a wonderful guide to her in the toidy! I hope she can be brought into our on-line family if she wishes to. We need another niece! Now ANDREW, did I hear right that you have a new admirer? A nice lad like you should be able to get the lasses,teehee! ELLEN- We hope you are ok, dear! KENDAL AND ANDREW, we will all be with you in spirit on the 30th as you remember your father and Uncle. Uncle Robby threatened to take a train over to Devon but he will be too busy! Take care and we will talk, soon! Lots of Lovexxxx and hugs from Aunty Annie and Uncle Robby

DEAR ELEANOR: Hi sweetheart! I am so glad you found Kendal. She is our on-line niece and such a dear. You can be sure that your poos and wees will be private if you wish it. Also, we welcome you into our family. We will support you! Take care!! Hugs and lovexx from Annie( and Robby)

DEAR TIM AND SARAH: Hi dear friends!! Thank you for your kind words! You are such darlings!! Robby says he has short legs so it is hard for him to squat over a hole to poo. He is afraid he will fall into it,LOL! As I said he sounds like a wounded cow when he sings on the loo! His poo just plop plop plops!! You probably would have sounded better,Tim! Sarah, take this watching a day at a time. Don't try to force yourself to do things you don't want to. The cat seems like a cute thing! We think so much of you!!! Hugs and Lovexxxxxx from Annie(and Robby).

DEAR TODD AND DIANA: Hi sweeties! Wow! Sari and Megs will be in a roaring tizzy when they find out about your gracious suggestion. I know they will consent readily! They will be home this weekend and will respond. We all read on the loo, now! I read a mag and Robby, the newspaper. Can't wait for those twins!!!! Lots of Lovexxxxx and hugs, Annie and(Robby)

DEAR INA: WHERE ARE YOU!!!!! Hope you are OK!!! Lots of Lovexxx and Hugsxxxxx from Annie and (Robby)

I really have to go!!! WELCOME TO: KAYLA, MARISSA, and SHADOWMAN

A BIG HUG TO: Rizzo- Hi dear friend!, Steve and Louise-Hi sweet friends! Loved the story!!!, Damsel- hi gal and take care!, Carmalita- WHERE ARE YOU? Love ya!!, Ephermal- hi sweetheart!!, Jake, Pat, Renee, Nu, Tesa, Jane and Gary, PV- how was Florida?, Adele- hi there!, Adrian, Jeff A, Lancs Lad, Plunging Plop Guy, Punk Rock Girl, Bryian, Kimmie and Scott- heading for Jersey!!, LindaGS, Elena, Cousin, Ellie and Little Lou!



Hi, I posted here with my girlfriend Niki in the end of last year. Sadly we have split up a few month ago, which was the reason for me not visiting this site for a long time. I am still broken to pieces as I always thought, Niki and me would get married and we would spent our lives together.
I learned about the loss of Rjogger and Kathy yesterday and am shocked and deeply sad. They were so wonderful people. My deepest condolences to friends and family.
I just wanted to say hello, as I was afraid, some people who still remember us, might think that something as bad could have happened to us. Special thanks to Robby, Annie, Sarah and Meghan for still saying hello. You are great people. I had no idea, you would still think about us and would not have left you maybe worried for such a long time, would I have known. I very much hope, the moderator will let this post go through without any toilet issue, but I don't know what to say at the moment. Sorry. Maybe I will return, but I don't want to promise. Take care in the meantime. With every good wish

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone,

While it's still fresh in my mind, I want to share the pleasures I had this morning sitting on the toilet!
I went for a walk and intended to have my shit on my favourite public toilet. by the time I got there, I was ready for it but not urgent, so waited a few minutes in case I had company.
I heard a guy go in the cubicle two doors away, then after a few seconds, a loud thud as he dropped a big one in the toilet. I heard him wipe his arse, and as he flushed and came out, I was already at the sinks, where he washed his hands and I showed him how to work the paper towel dispenser which baffles some people.
He wasa good-loking young guy in tight jeans, so I immediately went into the toilet he'd just vacated, and sat down on the warm seat, and without too much effort, had a brilliant shit! Very loud plops as satisfying turds splashed me all over my buttocks, and even though some of the turds floated for a few seconds, they sank and allowed the next turds to plop and splash. It was GREAT! If only someone had heard and been impressed at the sounds I was making!
I was especially pleased by how good I went, as yesterday and the day before, I felt a slight bit uncomfortable after my shits for a few minutes, but now, it's back to Business as Usual!!

I don't mean to plug that programme "Jackass TV" which I think has a lot of idiotic and dangerous stunts in it, but on friday it was worth watching for the toilet content again! I should say it would be if it wasn't for those tiles that keep obscuring anything that is considered unsuitable for the viewers.
One scene was of a guy sitting on a toilet on wheels that was freewheeling down the street! As he hit the kerb, and the toilet stopped and he was ejected, as soon as he stood up, those silly tiles appeared,to censor his backside!
Another scene was of a guy hovering at the side of the road, as though he was trying to shit with his jeans down as cars were passing by with his arse in full view! The whole time, his arse was obscured, and I wondered if anything actually dropped out but nothing seemed to land on the ground.
This was followed by a guy who then squatted down at the side of the road, again with his arse showing to passing traffic, but unfortunately, we weren'allowe to see it, but he looked very relaxed as he squatted with his jeans and pants down and reading a paper!
This programme also featured a stunt where several people had to drink, (well of course, no-one forced them to) a gallon of milk. Everyone of them then threw up and the camera showed them all vomiting all this milk. Obviously, the site of them being sick was quite all right to screen, but to see a guy's naked backside? No way. That would be in bad taste.
The strange thing is that if a guy's wearing a thong and his buttocks are on show, that is allowed, but if he has nothing on, that is not shown, even though from the back, the arse crack LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME!!

ZIP, Yet another THREE sighting of guys on toilets! You have a great time! When you mentioned the guy on the toilet with skinny legs, I wondered how you would describe skinny. Did he look like he wouldn't cover the seat when sitting on it, or that his thigh muscle seemed underdeveloped in the way it looked as regards the depth of his legs as he sat there, if that make sense.
Whenever I see guys who have well-musled thighs and buttocks, I wonder how they all look sitting on the toilet, and yet if I lok at a toilet seat, it always seems to me impossible for anyone to sit there and completely cover it! It's as though the thighs and buttocks miraculously change size and shape when sitting down.
I've sometimes seen adult males who look so thin, I wonder if they even cover thehole in the toilet seat let alone the seat itself, and yet they all probably do, but I'm very fascinated by how toilet seats never seem to be too big or too small for our various physiques.

As usual, it's been great to share all this with you, and I hope you all have as much enjoyment on your toilets as I did today, reading what I've just said about my own shit today made me think how many others had one as sayisfying, loud, and splashing! What a turn-on thinking about it! Peace to all, P. Plop Guy

That picture a few days ago of the slim girl sitting on the bed with what looked like some very fat knobbly light brown jobbies in the basin on the floor tends to support my findings that even slim women can do bigger fatter turds than men.

On the matter of black women defecating, this is NOT a racial matter but I have found empirically that people of black African descent DO pass bigger turds, especially black women. I have seen some of the magnificent big whoppers passed by a black girl (Afro-Carribean) I used to work with. Long fat firm jobbies of up to 18 inches long and 2.5 inches fat, sometimes even 3 inches thick at the start of the turd. These jobbies were firm and well formed but quite smooth and I listened to her doing her poo or "having a stool" as she called it and there wasnt a lot of straining, just an UH! AH! MMM!" as it came out, so I dont think she was constipated, (Ive heard lots of constipated women trying hard to pass their jobbies over the years). I think it was her diet as I believe the West Indian foods contain more roughage and vegetable material and less refined processed food than that eaten by the average British white person. Anyone care to confirm or refute this throry?

I like the photo of the Oriental Girl! She seems to be taking a nice dump. Not sure I'd like to have squat like that if I was taking a long dump mind. I hope she's got some tissues as well as it looks like she's out of loo roll.

I was reading one of the letters that said her log was 6 inches wide! That seems very wide and must surely have hurt! Anyone beat that for width ?

So Anyone got in Marathon stories seeing as The Boston and London Marathon were run recently?

I heard a story about a restaurant in Philedaphia that when you closed the toilet door it triggered a camera that showed you on the toilet in the restaurant. How bizzare!

soory, iaam no body
i saw a girl on a bus poop this soft shi out all over the back seat and the bus driver didn't even know!!!

Punk Rock Girl
Good Morning!

I fell asleep on the toilet last night! I was getting ready for bed with my boyfriend and had to take a dump. I was wearing my usual pajamas--a t-shirt and boxer shorts. Anyway, I went in the bathroom, closed the door most of the way and took a pleasant crap. That's the last thing I remember for a little while. I guess my boyfriend was wondering what was taking me so long, and finally got up and knocked on the door. When I didn't answer, he came in and there I was, my shorts around my ankles, my chin propped in my hand, fast asleep. He shook me and when I woke up I almost fell off the toilet. He said I'd been in there for an hour. He figured I was sick, but I didn't answer him when he called. He went back into the bedroom, I wiped my ass, flushed and washed my hands. I got into bed and he started teasing me. I guess it was pretty funny. Never fell asleep on the pot before. Ever happen to anyone else?

I have a question for everyone. Does anyone here actually anjoy shitting their pants on purpose? How about intentionally not wiping your ass after taking a shit? I was talking to some guys and one of them is this hardcore fetish guy. He says he and his girlfriend are fascinated by anything having to do with taking a shit, and often shit themselves and/or don't wipe. Just curious if anyone else has similar interests. Hey, it's your ass. Do what you want to it.

Hello Ina, Pico Tamale, Bryian and everyone else!


Hi does any one no what foods you can eat to shit alot.

yo i was just wondering-i dunno about paper towels but does ordinary toilet paper dissolve sorta in the sewer pipes/septic tanks?

freddy fart: i hope u didnt use that toothbrush again...

Messy Butt, I do wipe until thre papre is clean. I also like to not waste paper so I wipe and fold each bunch of paper i use thus using leass paper. I'd like to apoligize for any mispellings in my text. The forum does not allow me to backspace and correct mistakes even when I want too.

Hi everyone! I have been reading for a long time now, and this is my first post. One time when I was at National Honor Society Inductions I had a very embarrassing mishap happen to me. I had just eaten a huge amount of food, a hamburger, half a hot dog, two orders of fries, and a chocolate shake. I was SO full! Well, I had to be onstage to say a speech. I was one of the last people to speak, and the ceremony was about two hours, so I had to wait a long time. Well, I started to get stomach cramps about halfway through the ceremony. Really bad cramps. I thought, oh no, I have another hour to go. I wanted to cry it hurt so bad. I couldnn't get off the stage because there were 500 people watching me. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I let out a huge fart and lots of liquid poop came out, and it ran down my leg. I was wearing a miniskirt and tank top, so everyone noticed. I ran offstage, and into the nearest loo. I sat down on the toilet and brown water came out of my butt. It smelled like rotten eggs. Then I started to feel a big log push it's way through. I pushed and pushed and it finally started to come out. I was sweating at this point, and it finally plopped out. It was about three inches thich and one foot long. Then more brown diarrhea came out, then about ten soft brown logs. Then more liquid brown stuff. Finally I felt much better and looked at my load. It was one of the most massive loads I have ever performed in my life. I wiped about 12 times, and didn't flush because it would never have went down. After that, I just got in my car and went home because I still felt sick. I knew people were probably laughing at me, but I didn't care because I felt so much better after I shit. After I got home I went 4 more times, and it was the same stuff as at the school loo. I have never shit so much in my life. Well, I hope everyone enjoys my first post! There will be more to come. P.S. Carmalita, I love your stories, girl. Yo hablo espanol tambie! n! Bye! Happy Pooping Love, Kayla

I figure everyone's had at least one accident when they're a teenager or adult.

Anyway, my story. It's got to be some psychological thing, part of you knowing that you're about to get to go the bathroom, because it's always harder to hold it right as you're on the way to the restroom. That's when the 'dance' generally begins. For me, anyway.

Anyway, to stay awake at school one day, I'd drank a lot of Mountain Dew. I was fine most of the day, though for some reason or another I never stopped to go. Finally, after school, I had to go, but there was no time; the buses leave really quickly at the school I was going to. By the end of the long bus ride, it wasn't just pressure, it was painful. But finally, I get to the house.

But no! Mom's there, and drags me off to do... forgot what it was. I'm riding around with her for about an hour, and there's no place to go at any of the places we stopped, and I was trying not to scream. Also, my mom drives at about the speed of a turtle with two broken legs (unless she's really mad about something, and then it's NASCAR time. I'll never figure her out.) so by the time we get back to the house, I'm dancing. I've been holding it for hours at this point. But finally, home free. I'm on my way to the bathroom. I was having to walk slower to clench as tight as possible whatever muscle is responsible for 'holding it'.' Just as I know I can't hold it anymore, I'm almost there. But finally, when I'm in the hall in the way to the bathroom, it's like the pressure tripled in an instant, and I totally wet myself. By the time I'd run the four yards or so from that point in the hall to the toilet, the front of my pants were already obviously peed-in, I could feel it r! unning down my legs, and I was still going, so I was totally panicked, and getting my pants unbuttoned took longer than usual. By the time I'd gotten them down, they were soaked, as was the floor in front of the toilet. I still feel a little embarrased when I think about it. I never had big accidents like that even when I was little. That has to be my worst.

To Sophie: I liked your story

To A Girl: I liked your story

To Zip: Loved your story

To Andre: I loved your story..thanks for telling it

To jim: Loved your story..keep them coming

Well i gotta run...going to work

i like it when you see sum1 else going
(hee hee)

Traveling Guy
A GIRL - I'm sorry about what the teacher did to you on your field trip. Yet another story here about a repressed, anal retentive, control freak teacher. Can't we get these people out of the teaching profession and into a job where they belong, like prison guard?

PUNK ROCK GIRL - Doesn't that unisex restroom you described by the warehouse have a lock on the door so that both sexes can use it, but, if the user wants, only one at a time? Most unisexes I've used are like that. As for me, nope, I wouldn't have any problem at all taking either a dump or a shit in front of a female, although I would certainly respect a female's request for privacy, if she wanted it.

JaLe: I love your posts. Your English is very good. What is your native language? How old are you? Please keep posting :)

Once while waiting for an appointment with a guidance counselor in college, the secretary(late-30's, brown sort hair, cute, glasses) got yo from her desk and went to use the bathroom that was close to the chair I was sitting in. She was worried I might hear something so she turned the water on in the sink. Fortunately, the stream of water from the sink did not splash much so by standing close to the door I could hear her strong stream of pee tinkle into the bowel. The stream stopped and after a few seconds I heard a grunt followed by a sigh. Then to my delight, I heard a soft splash. She wiped about four times judging from the pull on the toilet roll. I quickly went back to my seat as I heard the toilet flush. When she came out I could see from my peripheral vision that she was looking at me wondering how much I had heard, but i pretended to read and didn't let on.

Another pretty cool sighting: I went to the taco shop that has the outside restrooms that are coin/token operated. I was just finishing up taking a leak when the door opens and this guy comes in and rushes over to the toilet. He has a somewhat desperate look on his face. He said that he really needs to take a shit. I tell him to go ahead. He says "cool" and quickly wipes down the seat, turns around, and pulls his jeans and boxers down in one quick motion. He looks about 19 or so, kinda short, skinny, with a cute face, but a big nose. Short brown hair and slightly olive skin. He lets loose a whole bunch of crap and quickly stinks up the the room. He just stares down while crapping, not looking over. It was cool to see him sitting there, skinny legs and butt sitting on the can. I could hear a sigh of relief after he cut loose. He was pissing into the toilet while I washed my hands at the sink.

The same restroom a week or so later, I was lucky enough to walk in on a good-looking guy taking a dump. He was probably about 25, with black hair, about 2 days growth of beard, a lip piercing, and tattoos on his arms. When I walked in, it looked like he was finishing with his dumping and was starting to wipe. He was sitting there, with his jeans down at his ankles, and very white briefs right above them. He was holding his t-shirt up around his chest, and his right hand was behind him, wiping away. He had a light trail of hair visible from his belly down to his pubic hair. Strong-looking butt muscles were planted on the seat. I said, "oh, excuse me" and he just looked up and said "no problem" and smiled. I backed out slowly and was able to see him reach for another handful of paper just before the door closed. I waited for him to exit so I could use the toilet after he was done. I saw he was really attractive when he came out. He said "it's all yours" when he came out a! nd flashed another grin. The seat was still warm when I sat on it. Very cool sighting!

Another cool sighting: I was in Home Depot today and was at the sink washing my hands when this guy comes in to take a dump. He goes to the last stall, the handicapped one, and opens it. Apparently the door didn't latch very well and there was some guy already sitting on the toilet. The guy who opened the door didn't say anything, he just left the door wide open and went into the adjacent stall. The guy on the toilet had his head down and didn't see that the stall door was still open. He looked to be about 32 years old, with black wavy hair and slightly brown skin. He looked Latino or Italian. He was wearing a denim shirt, white/tan jeans, olive green briefs, and work boots. About 10 seconds passed before he looked up and saw the open door. He had to get up and shuffle across the floor to close the door. His skinny but decent-sized dick swayed as he waddled with his pants at the floor. The guy was thin, but attractive. He went back to the toilet and finished up his business.

Haye yall I'm not sure if yall read my last post on April 2cnd because Ididn't check back the next day but Alyssa Renne is such a cutie pie She was born on I can hardly believe she is almost one month old. Anyway for those of you that have babies do yall notice those diaper changers in business' are so messy why do parents not clean up after their kids I do but anyway the other day at a baseball game I went into a porta potty and there was crap all over the seat so i squatted over it when i bent over my porta potty started tipping so I pulled up my pants without even wiping but i didn't care It scared the living crap out of me Have any of yall had "incidents" with porta potties Always Jasta

Not posted before but been reading for a while.

Hi Mina,

Nice one :-)

I've never done the whole #2 in the shower before but I always finish off in the shower if there's one in the bathroom I'm using, like at home or in a hotel. But it has to have a flexible hose. After doing a poop, I don't bother with TP but just go straight into the shower, take the hose off the wall, squat down and spray up onto my butt. It's really feels nice but also gets me properly clean which TP never can. Sometimes just a few tiny bits wash away but on other occasions the water loosens a load more that's just lurking up there. Then I have to really make sure it goes down the plug hole and doesn't get trapped (I have to use my foot to force it down - ugh) but since I then have my shower and wash and soap all over it's very hygenic. You were lucky in the one you used that the whole lot went down by itself - no small holes I guess.

I feel so much cleaner and also properly finished off because how often do you know there's a bit more to come but it won't whilst on the toilet.

To Punk Rock Girl
I have no problem peeing in front of my wife and I love watching her, but pooping is another matter - I wouldn't want to share the smell or site of that - that's a bit more personal in my opinion.

Peter XXX

in 1989 my company sent 3 other worker and myself to a job remodeling this old remote CCC or park service camp which had become a youth camp. It was off season but the headquarters office was open and our job was to build a brick chimney outside of each dorm room this old, old building had been converted into. The other three or 4 buildings already had been converted, and each of us were given a room in one of them for our stay of about a week. We also were provided meals at the cafeteria. 2 of us brought our wives. as they could help us with the work and make time go easier when off duty in the evenings. Each dorm was really just a small single room with two beds, stove and sink,table and chairs, and M&F bathrooms down at the end of the hall. However 2 rooms in each building had their own bathroom, if you could call it that, those rooms were for camp counselors or supervisors and we got one of those. The 'bathroom' was a toilet mounted on the floor in one corner, partitioned off next to the same sink used for dishes, with no door. The very first night, the camp cook fixed this huge delicious stew for everyone, and we ate and ate and made pigs of ourselves. It was filling, and threw off my wifes BM habits. She normally shit after breakfast, but this time she woke up about 4am. It was daylight already, so when she sat up in bed I thought time to get up, but she whispered, "Its only 4, but I have to poop. Go back to sleep." She sat on the edge of the bed and waited, probably for me to go back to sleep. Something came over me. I was wide awake and my heart started pounding. I rolled over and put my head under the covers, and breathed like a light sleeper would. She got up and went over and sat on the toilet. As she did this, I used my hand to make a tunnel in the bedcovers so I could watch from under the covers. She sat sideways of my view, completely nude, with this smile on her face. She shut her eyes and pursed her lips an d I heard something go plop, and then her pee-ing. When the pee stopped she leaned forward and strained, and I could see this turd hanging from between her cheeks. It dropped and another splashed, then another and another. She sat for what seemed an hour and then dropped a couple more of them, and then she wiped, stood up and flushed and came back to bed. I pretended she woke me up again and you can probably guess what happened next. Wednesday night of that week, we were almost done and the boss called and told the other workers to return to headquarters because they were needed elsewhere and I could finish up. By then my wife and the 1 other guys wife had become good friends and she invited the other lady to stay on till the end of the week and go home with us. They lost their dorm room but she could stay in ours, and use the bathroom down the hall. All that week my wife had been waking up early and having her shit (with me watching from under the covers) and I wonde! red how that was going to work, but said nothing. So that night Millie (the other lady) went down to the other bathroom to put on her pajamas and stuff, while we did the same in our room. When she came back, after about half an hour, I was already in bed but not quite asleep and was surprised to hear Millie tell my wife that she had not been "able to empty my bowels." She said "I usually have a really good shit every evening, but probably will be okay until morning." My wife got this bright idea and took a blanket and hung it from two nails already in the partition and said, "If Tony is sleeping and you have to go during the night, just go in there, the blanket will give you privacy. So as usual about 4 my wife got up to have her dump, and I am all disappointed because I can't see anything. When she came back to bed Millie stirred and I heard them whispering, Millie saying, "I feel like I could go now," and she got up and went behind the blanket. I could hear her paja mas coming down and her butt making contact with the seat. Nothing happened. It was kind of cool in the room and Millie must have gotten a chill sitting there because after ten or so minutes she sneezed a couple of times. The second time she sneezed the blanket fell down. I had made my "tunnel" and could see her plainly, as the bed was only about 6 feet away. She looked over and saw my wife was asleep (for real) and no sign of my head, so she just continued sitting. She had this gorgeous ass and would quitetly rock from cheek to cheek. Pretty soon she started grunting and leaned forward and ejected several very firm logs. She continued this rocking motion and Once I got a glimpse of her rosy pink anus with a sausage about halfway out and then saw it break off and fall into the water. When she was done she got up, pulled up her bottoms, and went back to bed. I thought I would die, if you know what I mean. The following day I guess the girls decided the blanket didnt hel p much as they thought I was asleep anyway so they never put it back up and I got to see the same show one more time before we finished the job. packed up and went home. About a month later I confessed to my wife that I had spied upon her that first morning, but I played dumb about all the rest of them. She said if watching her poop was the cause of my great performance we would just have to keep up the tradition. And we did - at least from time to time, but I've never ever told her about spying on the other woman.

Hi, everybody!! The other day I was enjoying the toilet at a formal Banquet for work. I was just sitting in the stall watching the women come and go around me. I only had to pee but knew I could be in there for 10 or 15 minutes and not be noticed. I found it amusing how the women that came and left on both sides of me sat or squatted. The way thier feet looked when the were pissing was quite funny. Some faced the bowl and squatted others had thier back to the bowl. One woman came in and sort of did a little jump to open her legs for a piss. There were three banquest going on at this place and I was in the main ladies room. I love to hear people of either sex pissing. I think men are so lucky that they have urinals to stand up to so others may get a look at them going. I have a male friend who likes to watch this but he says some men are sissies and go into a stall to pee or stand so close that you can't see a thing. Also some have dividers between to block the ! view. How many men in here are not afraid to pee in public, how many run to a stall and how many stand so close to the urinal that no one cn see them?? I would be interested in your answers.


Hello. I am a 19 year old male. I am another with similar toilet interests as you. I am a lot more shy about it though. I would never admit this openly. I think there are a lot of people out there like us, who are too afraid to admit to their intersts. I find your stories very interesting! Keep posting!

ANDREW FROM MARYLAND-- I've never watched or seen black women pee and poop, but I would guess its the same as us white women. After all, we're all human females, so I seriously doubt skin color has anything to do with it. Even so, not all women (of any race, religion, etc.) use the bathroom identically--they may sit, squat or stand, they may wad paper or fold it, they may have loose, average or firm poop, they may or may not flush, etc. I really don't think race has anything to do with it.

MATT--Well, if I have convinced you to try briefs, let me know how that turns out. You're right--following the crowd isn't the best thing. I've learned that I'm much happier doing things my way. :) Afterall, if I followed the crowd, I might not be here on this board meeting all you nice people!

ANDRE--I never said I didn't like your posts! :) I just listed the other guys because theirs were about pooping their pants, and I like those stories. And sometimes, I'm so busy with going places, and college and homework that I don't have time to read everybody's posts. But just because I maynot mention someone's story in particular doesn't mean I don't like it. It would take forever to list all the posts I liked! :P


This is a great site!!! Does anyone (women) enjoy listening to other people take a dump. I love to go the public restrooms and wait in a stall until someone comes in and takes a crap. I love to hear those sounds of grunting and dropping those turds and then the relief they show when they drop one. I enjoy hearing men or women, but I don't think it would be a good idea to go into a men's restroom since I am a women!!! I enjoy reading the very detailed stories some people write about their dumps.Keep on writing!!!

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