To the poster who asked about what pads I use: just regular maxi-pads. I wouldn't really say that I have a bladder control problem. I never have surprise accidents. I just cannot hold my urine for long periods of time and if I get desperate, I usually lose squirts of urine and occassionally will have an accident, but only a few times a year when I have had to hold it for hours. Because I am a professional singer, I sometimes wear maxi pads for concert work, if I know I will be on stage for long periods of time without a break (I mostly do opera, where I get to go off stage enough in most operas that there's usually no problem.) Performance adrenaline and the water that singers drink usually send my bladder into overdrive when I sing, and if I really have to go, I leak in my pants and don't want to ruin my gowns or have wet spots show so I use the pads. I have even dribbled into them on purpose to try to lessen an urge. They wouldn't protect against a full accident, but I ta! ke that chance - I just wouldn't feel comfortable on stage in a diaper and would worry that it would show under some of my slinkier gowns, plus as I said I'm not medically incontinet or anything so I haven't seen the need (if I do another 3 1/2 hour Passion, however, I might think about it.)

As to the person that asked if black women poop or pee the same as white women - I would think that with all the pictures on this site you wouldn't ask such a question. How can you pee or poop differently due to skin colour? Culture, maybe, but most black women in the US have grown up in American culture the same as whites. Apart from the fact that some blacks are less reserved about such things, I can't think of any differences (and I'm black. My straightened hair looks a lot like the curls on the girl on the picture today.) However, I've never been comfortable with the pictures on this site. Your post and some of the others confirm to me that there are some white men out there who romanticize and exoticize black and other women of color (and a lot of the women her let them) and associate us with body functions (there is a long tradition of blacks = body/sexuality, whites = mind/intelligence that I don't even want to get into.) I guess this issue pushes my hot buttons! & makes me overreact because I've met a lot of white men like that and had a lot of experiences with that. I just wish there were more white women and some men on these pictures.
Having said that, there are some pee stories that I have enjoyed lately - Rizzo's about the girl on the horse and the story about the girl in French class with the pencil.
I had a horse experience myself. When I was about 8, I had been nagging my parents for ages about wanting a horse (like many little girls.) They finally took my whole family as a treat (a lot of money for them.) The horses were near a beach, so we went there first and stayed there about an hour and a half. The beach was about an hour from home also, and by the time I'd been there for half an hour or so, I already had to pee, but when I was a kid, I didn't like to tell anyone I had to go, I would just try to find somewhere when it was convenient, and in this case, it wasn't, so I didn't say anything as I didn't really have to go that bad, I was just aware that my bladder was full. Anyway, we went to the horse place after I'd already been holding it for an hour or so, and I discretely looked around for a restroom, but couldn't see one, so I got on the horse a little worried about holding it for the two-hour trail ride. Anyway, having to pee and not being able to is bad e! noug anywhere, but it's worse on a horse. Gradually, my need got worse and worse, and the bouncing and jolting of the horse jarred my bladder so that it constantly felt like it was about to be emptied, and I couldn't cross my legs or hold myself or anything because of the way that I was sitting. I could only do what Rizzo's friend did - press my bladder hard into the saddle and try to prepare my muscles for the jolts. I somehow managed to hold most of it, though near the end of the ride, a few spurts came out. It never occurred to me to ask the guide to stop or anything - I knew I just had to hold it. As a result, all I remember of my first horse ride is trying to hold my urine. Finally, I was off the horse. I ran behind the stable trying to figure out what to do, and found an outhouse. Relieved, I tried to open the door, but it was locked. I was too desperate to look anywhere else, so I sat down on the door step with my heel pressed to my crotch and rocked back and forth. J! ust as the outhouse occupant came out and I ran in, my mother and one of my sisters appeared. I hoped they hadn't seen me, but as I sat there, peeing what seemed to last forever, they began banging on the door yelling my name and for me to hurry up - however, I couldn't because I was so desperate, I was having a very long, hissing pee. I was embarassed for them to see me, but knew it was unavoidable, so I came out when I had finished. My sister was holding herself and my mother rocking from foot to foot. As they went in together, I heard them talking about how riding a horse makes it worse.

I also enjoy the stories about schoool, because yes, those are some of the best places to see pee desperation. It always amazes me how insensitive some teachers are. When I was in fourth grade, one afternoon, my old, cranky teacher yelled that she had had enough of kids asking to go to the bathroom, there were way too many people going, and everyone else could wait half an hour or so till recess. Furthermore, after that, she was going to write down people's names every time they asked, and there was some sort of limit to how many times a week you could go (I forget what it was) and after that, you couldn't for the rest of the week. I never asked anyway, I always held it no matter what (it was a "macho" thing with me) but a lot of kids were upset. The guy who sat next to me was bouncing up and down in his seat grabbing his crotch and whispering to me every five minutes that he had to go. I had to go particularly badly that day (probably because I was thinking about it mor! e) and I remember sitting on the very edge of my seat with my legs dangling off it so that the hard wood would put pressure on my bladder and lessen the urge. About ten minutes before recess, another guy, cupping his hands over his crotch, got up and hobbled, bent over, to the front of the room ad whispered to the teacher at her desk (we were workin quietly on something) and left the room. He came back a couple of minutes later trying to hide with his hands the big wet patch on the front of his pants. At recess, everyone, including me, bolted to the toilets. My good girlfriend saw and heard how desperate I was and wrongly assumed that I would have asked to go had our teacher not made such a ban, as she too had been urgently needing to pee and would have asked permission under normal circumstances. She complained that she was going to get her parents to complain to the school because going to the bathroom was a basic human right. That was the first time I'd heard that - usual! ly, kids going to the bathroom were just annoyances and inconveniences. I think her parents did say something because I don't recall that our teacher actually did write down any names.
My sixth grade teacher, however,was very different. On the very first day of class, he told us that he didn't want people to be sitting there bursting to go and unable to concentrate, and if we had to go to the bathroom, we should just wait for an appropriate moment and get up and go, like adults, and as long as we actually did go to the bathroom and come right back, it was fine, but if people abused it, we'd have to go back to putting our hands up and asking (he was big on maturity.) I still never did that, but a lot of people did, and no one abused the privilege. One day near the end of the year, we had a sub, and the sub freaked out at all the people leaving to pee and screamed at us "No-one else is leaving the room! You're not babies! You can all hold your bladders till recess!"
My sister said her third-grade teacher showed them the "secret code" to getting him to let them go to the bathroom - jumping up and down holding their crotches and whining "Please!" He was apparently a VERY interesting character.

Indiana TA
Been a while since I posted here. I've seen references lately to so-called "piss hard-ons," (waking up in the morning with an erection and the need to urinate) that a lot of guys experience.

Actually, the term is a misnomer. Yes, you need to pee, and yes, you are hard, but one condition does not cause the other. You need to pee, of course, because it's been 7, 8, or more hours. No great mystery there. You are erect, however, not because of bladder pressure, but because of erotic dreams you've had. The typical male has several erections every night while asleep. Erections are associated with periods of "rapid eye movement" (REM), which is a sign dreams are in progress. This occurs in periods of deep sleep, and your deepest sleep occurs just before that damn alarm clock goes off, LOL. At least, that's when my deepest sleep takes place. I hate that alarm clock.

Like most guys, I often wake up hard and needing to pee. And I take care of it in the shower; no difficulties in aiming it or trying to bend it down (ouch). Think of it this way. If "piss hard-ons" were really caused by bladder pressure, wouldn't you get hard every time you needed to pee during the day? Can't speak for everyone else, but that's not the case for me.

Hi folks,

I have a problem, can anyone suggest a solution? I have to wear shorts now instead of briefs 'cos of an infection. But when I am walking round in the daytime my willy keeps poking out. When I unzip to have a pee I risk catching the end of my willy in the zip. Being cut :-( it really hurts when I do that. Any ideas?


freddy fart
i'm just surfing by. i'm quite... obese. this morning i did a plop 6 metres long. i'm not joking.
i had to break it up with my toothbrush.

Mike of MD
Last night I did a poop in the shower it was 3 medium sized ones and 2 small size one and it smelled bad. But it washed down the drain also I peed couple of times in the shower

big pooper person
Has anybody ever gotton freaked out because their poop was so large it wouldn't come out even though you were straining for all it was worth?

What did you do?

To Richard/USA: Yes..I would imagine that Jill gets a bit of a thrill from peeing in front of some people. I know she is quite proud of her abilities, and the great rush and force that she can muster when taking a pee. She has had so many comments from those even outside a closed bathroom door about her length and power of her pees, that I think when she has an opportunity to "show off" a bit, she takes it.
Not to say she goes around looking to exhibit to anyone who happens by, but, if she thinks she can get a 'rise' out of some guy whom we know, she will drain a huge bladderful in front of him just for fun.

Your story of your wife and the other couple has reminded me of a similar event. This also was several years back. Very similar circumstances as to your experience.

Ours took place at a fuel/convenience store restroom. We were traveling back from a party event in the late evening with some other friends of ours. We had all been drinking throughout the evening, and Jill was on a beer kick that evening. I don't know how your wife's bladder reacts to beer, but Jill gets REAL full, and has a great ability to really spray hard when she is drinking beer.

Anyway, we pulled into this stop after all 4 of us expressed the need to go. As we rounded the corner for the restroom, we found it to be one of those Male/Female combo types, with the open commode, and 1 urinal on the wall. It was raining at the time, so all 4 of us went into the room at the same time to avoid getting soaked.

Now the fun began! Our friend Joe immediately started a loud stream into the urinal. His wife, Sue said" no time for shyness here, I suppose.." laughingly. Sue had the most to drink that evening, so I think her normally shy demeanor was replaced by the fact that she really had to pee!

So, with Jill and I still standing there, I closely watched Sue pull her jeans and panties down in one motion, and squat over the toilet! I was now excited as I could see her stream clearly from where I stood. Sue began immediately, and went from a short tinkle to make sure she was 'on track', to a wide, hissing stream! I was in a great spot to be able to clearly see the jets of piss shooting out of her, as she sighed in relief. I watched her finish up, and wipe.

At this point, Joe was done, so it was my turn at the stand up- Now the places were switched. Joe stood where I was, and Jill was ready to do her thing. I kept looking back to watch Joe's every eye movement as Jill rapidly pulled her jeans and panties down as well- She did the same as Sue, as the hygeine of this bathroom was not the best.

Jill went right into a very loud, wide streamed hiss that exploded from her pussy! Joe had a tremendous view of Jills' now powerful jet stream coming out from between her legs. You could watch her facial expressions as her eyes were closed in sheer relief, and her hips bore down as she forced this hot piss out of her huge, straining bladder. Her urethra was being pushed to the max! The stream would vary in intensity, but maintained a wide , fan shape as it hissed loudly out of her. Joe's eyes were transfixed! When it seemed like she was down to a trickle, and as soon as you would think she was finished, she would bear down again, and another hot rushing hiss would explode out of her crotch. Finally, after "dribbling" for about 30 seconds, she sighed , and wiped herself- wow, that was one tremendous piss! I could also see the huge bulge that Joe was sporting in his pants by now.

Sue made the comment to Jill , something about" I thought I had to go, but you put me to shame!!" All in a normal day's pissing for Jill- of course, the beer has that ability to have her really produce some heavy, hissy, wide streams that don't want to seem to end!

We all returned to the car, and drove home- needless to say, when we got back, and after Joe and Sue left, Jill was once again ready for a nice beer-filled bladder emptying. Now, I could enjoy a close up view, and recall the fascination in Joe's eyes as he witnesses this power -pee- Of course, my visuals of Sue's pee didn't hurt my excitement factor either!! Great evening all the way around!

Yhe next occasion that we saw Joe and Sue, she kiddingly asked what time the "group potty" was..... little did she know how willing I would be to repeat the event...

Tell us more about some of your wife's power pees. I am very interested to hear your stories! It would indeed be fun to get our women together for a "contest"..... take care- Mickey

scarlet-padded toilet seats usually have a special lining over them (well at least the ones i've seen). i can only compare it to the softness of a volleyball. see if you don't make your splodger in time you can clean it off easily. yknow what i mean? i cant describe it very well.

Hi I'm a 19 year old girl. The other day, I went for a trip out to the country with my friend's family because they are moving out there soon. My friend is also 19 and her sister is 14.

It takes about two hours to get to where we went and after about an hour my friend's sister told her dad she really had to pee so we stopped at the next gas station and she quickly went in and peed. We all stopped for a drink and I think my friend also went and took a pee.

Nothing else interesting happened until on the way home. About 20 minutes from home, my friend told her dad "Dad, I really need to pee, can we stop soon?". But we were in a part where the nearing gas station was just a couple of minutes from my place, where we were dropping me off. My friend must have been pretty desperate coz I noticed she would squeeze her legs together hard when she laughed or anything. She even said she wouldnt mind if we just stopped onthe side of the road so she could jump out and do it behind a tree. However, there wasnt anywhere to stop so we just had to keep going.

After about 10 minutes, she kept repeating "God, I really need to do a pee" and was fidgeting a lot. I was getting really excited by watching her in that position even though I am a girl too and I am not gay.

I wasnt surprised she needed to go coz just before we left we had both had a bottle of water and I was really feeling it also in my bladder but it wasnt that bad yet an di Knew I could hold it for ages.

Her dad decided she could go at my place. I guess he didnt really know how desperate she was coz he was in the front and couldnt see her fidgeting in the back. Finally, 20 minutes after my friend first said she was busting, we got to my place. She ran inside, quickly said hello to my parents and rushed into the toilet. She was in there for quite a while and I thought maybe she was doing a poo. But I dont think she was because there was no smell when she came out.

She quickly said goodbye and wet out the front door. I wasnt sure whether I was seeing things, but I am sure that when she turned around to leave she had a great big wet spot down the inside of her thighs. Maybe it was just a shadow, but I like to think that maybe she couldnt hold it and she had a little accident right there in my house!

I couldnt ask her about it coz I though she would be too embarrassed!! So I will never know...

I had to go and get my eyes tested this morning. My optician is in the town of B about 10 miles away, where I do not go very often. My appointment was for 9 am, so I welcomed the chance to take my morning dump in a different public toilet, which I have used before, but not recently. When I got to B, I had 15 minutes to do my business before the appointment. I was on the way to the public toilet when I noticed in front of me a boy of about 16, obviously on his way to school. However, he had a visit to pay before going to school. He went before me into the toilet, which is of a kind increasingly common in British towns, where you pay an attendant 10 pence as you go in. The boy was very chatty to the female attendant and I got the impression that he was a regular customer there. We paid our money and by the box where you put the money in there was a heap of paper towels. This is in case you do not like hot-air hand driers. So I picked up a towel while the boy was still talking! and went in to the menís room (the womenís is further along the corridor). I found that both stalls only had a small amount of TP left. I chose the stall that seemed to have the most TP and locked the door. The boy entered the other stall, and pulled his pants down. He sat on the pot and at once I heard the sound of turds falling. I needed to push much harder, but my own turds had started to emerge by then. The boy was done in about a couple more minutes and then pulled up his pants and went out to wash. I heard the sound of the drier, then he went out and again there was a long conversation with the lady on the door. Meanwhile, I had finished shitting and begun to wipe. There was very little TP, and I was not going to get skidmarks, so I ended up using the paper towel, which I tore into 4 pieces, and which sufficed to get my shithole more or less clean. I always carry some baby-wipes, so I was able to wipe myself with one of those and a small piece of regular TP to finis! h off with. The I flushed, and washed and used the hot-air drier. I was a bit fed up at the shortage of TP, considering that you have to pay to use the facility, but I was in a rush to get to the opticians, so could not stop to tell the attendant to replace the empty TP rolls.

A Boy
This is a story of mine from a couple of years ago. I live out in the sticks in England, and any large towns are about an hours bus journey. One weekend when I had been down the pub with my brother and a few mates we had all been drinking steadily for a couple of hours. I went for a piss once in the pub and later we went to the bus stop to get the bus; we were going clubbing that night. There was nowhere at the bus stop to take a leak but never the less we drank a few more cans on the bus, and about half way there I needed to piss badly. A few miles later more people got on, so pissing on the bus was pretty much out of the question (i've seen it done before!). We were all drunk and everyone needed a piss now, so a lot of my brothers mates were making jokes and talking about waterfalls etc. This wasn't funny now. I was thinking that any minute now I would lose control and have to walk around in public with pissed trousers. I thought about going in the empty can I was ! holding, but the bus stopped in a little village and loads more people got on. Now with a stranger sitting next to me, the bus waited at the stop for about ten minutes to let more people on while I still needed a leak, but finally we were off. By now the feeling of needing to go had turned into an unpleasent burning sensation. I was sitting there with my legs crossed, twisting round each other.
More people were mentioning how they needed to piss and I was getting more desperate. There was no way I was going to make it now.
Near to the journeys end we decided to get off in a residential part of the city and find a hidden corner to take a comunal piss. We got off the bus and ran round the corner into someones drive way. The desperation had made me sober now, and just as I was about to lose it, we all found a spot. I laugh now when I imagine some poor sod looking out of their window and seeing seven blokes burst into their garden and start urinating.
That journey stays with me now, how I spent 90 minutes needing a piss and still made it. It's a testiment to my bladder.
I was surprised how no one wet themselves that night, although one of my brothers mates suffered lasting bladder pains and needed to see his doctor.

Robby from Brisbane,
For anyone wishing to know of movies with female pee scenes:
The movie "Panic Room" (staring Jodie Foster ???!!!!) has one
where she unties her night gown amd sits on the potty and has sound
fx of her peeing. (Personally I,m into female poop scenes.)
See ya!

Todd & Diana
To Punk Rock Girl- Hey, We love your stories. You describe them in great detail. To answer your questions. We both feel that we could care less if the whole world was watching us taking a dump or taking a wee. We are very comfortable about going infront of the opposite sex. Now you said that you read when you know it is going to be a while. What kind of reading material do you read? We can't take a dump with out reading a magazine. Please answer our question. We love you with all of our hearts, Lots of Lovexxxx Todd and Diana!

Sarah S & Meghan- Hey you two. We just wanted to tell you that we love you with all our hearts and that we think of you as our honorary daughters. We were wondering when the babies are born would you like to be the honorary god-parents? Meghan I am glad to hear that you read on the loo, What kind of magazines do you read? Sarah what kind of reading material do you read? You two mean the world to us and keep us posted. Lots of Lovexxxxxxxx Todd and Diana!

Answers to Luke
1. How long does it take you to take care of your business? 5 - 10 minutes
2. Does it stink when you are done? Yes, more or less
3. Do you use the fan or spray freshiner? No
4. How many times do you usually wipe? 3 - 4
5. Do you go in public, if so do you cover the seat? No, if seat is dirty, I take some tp and wipe it.
6. How often do you get diareah or constipated? D 1-2 times a year, C 1-2 times a month
7. Do you ever leave skid marks on the bowl? Sometimes
8. Do you read while you are going? No
9. Have you ever clogged up a toilet? A few times
10. Do you always flush? Yes

A story posted on the internet this week; "According to someone who used a toilet after Gwyneth Paltrow at the opera last Saturday, she is a "hoverer", and pissed on the seat." Anyway, I am happy because my girlfriend had complained that she had been constipated, but tonight I listened at the toilet door and heard her groan loudly three times followed by a big splash! She came out and told me she had just had a poo. I noticed she was out of breath. Do any other regulars here secretly listen to their partners on the toilet?

Hello everyone, sorry I haven't posted for a while, I've been very busy lately.

Just took a dump before, yes it was 'the usual' in long pieces. The other day was special though. My poo was really long, possible the longest I've ever done! It must have been at least 10-12 inches long and it didn't even break once it went into the bowl. It sort of 'folded' but didn't even break, which I thought was a little strange.
Some people have said that when they do massive shits they end up blocking the toilet, but that never happens with me, it always flushes down in one go.

Anyway, those who are from the UK (like me) and like Football (soccer) might have heard the incident about Robbie Savage who plays for Leicester City. I found this incident amusing but in a way felt sorry for him.
He had bad stomach cramps and needed the toilet, but all the toilets in the Leicester changing room were 'engaged'. He needed it badly, so he used the one in the referee's room. Well, he got caught by the referee! They both joked about it at first, but the referee's assesor came in which changed the mood. The referee included it in his match report and now he's subject to an FA Disciplinary!! Once more, he's also been fined two weeks wages by his club!!!
I feel sorry for him as it was only an act of nature. The reason for the ref includng it in the match report was that a player cannot go into the ref's room without permission.
Another humorous moment is that I heard he never washed his hands, left the door open and wiped his hands on the referee assessor's blazer!!

Anyway, I hope to post again soon.

Messy Butt. The paper doesn't have to be completely unstained for you to have wiped thoroughly. If you wipe your backside to rigorously it could cause anal bleeding which, believe me, isn't a good thing. Some people use an excessive amount of paper to wipe and it isn't necessary. When my brother and his family come to stay we get through no end of toilet rolls simply because they're prolific users of the stuff. Usually the drains have to be checked when they've gone home to make sure they're not blocked. My brother and his family though are lovely people and that's no criticsm of them whatsoever.

Donnie M. I thought the gentleman traditionally walked on the outside to protect the lady from any tramps that might be lurking in the gutter, not human waste. I could be wrong though.

Punk Rock Girl. Some people are I think embarrased about going to the loo when members of the other sex are around. It's important to be understanding in those circumstances though.

Tony. I agree that after many years of (discreetly) listening to ladies going to the loo you develop a sixth sense about which 'number' they're going to do when they ask to be excused. That's been my experience too.

Last night I saw the latest episode of 'Survivor' and there wasn't much on the loo front. Only a discussion where it was mentioned that one guy hadn't gone for #2 for three days and had got the runs when he finally went. It's not in any way a criticism of her but my sixth sense about Susannah is that she probably doesn't 'go' as often as she should, especially for #2, but I could be wrong!

Best wishes


Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Again!

ZIP, Good to read of yet another interesting toilet experience from you! Are the toilets you find without doors, or where you've seen or heard some good shits from other guys,the same toilets, or have you been able to find different toilets on your travels?
If they are all different, is there a particular part of the USA where you are most likely to find good "sociable" toilets?
I certainly think you're very fortunate in finding them like that, and I'm always pleased to hear from you with your latest discovery or encounter!

Last week I saw the "Jackass TV" programme on Channel 4, in which a guy injured his coccyx (tailbone) from a stunt and then had an x ray to check whether he'd broken it.
The x ray was shown and there was a lot of light shadowy stuff visible in the area of his coccyx. He asked what it was and was told it was faecal matter! His shit could be seen and it looked like a lot as presumably the various contortions of the colon made it look as though he'd got loads to do!

Having seen a few documentaries on TV recently about exploration and living in extremely cold environments; I wondered about the practicalities of going to the toilet, or relieving oneself with no toilet around. In temperatures of down to -40 degrees C. There would presumably be a danger of frostbite if any man has to piss outside.
Apparently, during the time of Stalin when thousands of Russians were sent to labour camps in Siberia, there were cases of men pissing in the extreme cold outside, and suffering the terrible fate of losing their penis as a result of the temperature instantly freezing it.
Apart from such horrible effects, there must be some very careful techniques used to piss without coming to harm, but as usual, such details are omitted from such programmes!
I've often wondered how films or fiction in general can be so unaware of the public's curiosity when dealing with people in situations where no-one ever seems to need to relieve themself!
Naturally, I'm referring to films and books made years ago, whereas now, a lot of films include a reference to it, or have a scene in a toilet, or as we are aware of on this forum, quite a few films with people actually on the toilet!
While I'm on the subject of taking care when going to the toilet, is it true that in Australia there is a danger of poisonous spiders sometimes being found on the underside of toilet seats?
I hope that such incidents are very rare, and confined to very sparsely populated areas, but it is something I remember hearing about.

Sorry, I seem to have introduced some rather disturbing ideas here, so I hope everyone has very safe, and very enjoyable visits to the toilet, and I wish you all good toilet health! P. Plop Guy

Last night I watched an episode of 'Changi', a drama series about some Australian soldies in a Japanese prison camp in World War 2. In this episode one of the prisoners is caught stealing food and is put in cell/hole in the ground for six weeks. They only fed him once a day and his feed consisted of a bucket of mush and rice being poured into the hole (Which the soldier didn't get much of). My question is, the guy obviously didn't eat much (but still survived) so would he shit much? Does the body still reject waste material is very little food is eaten?

This episode also contained a couple of weeing scenes. The first was when the Japanese General goes to shoot the prisoner but has an empty gun (as a cruel joke). The prisoner wees himself (not surprisingly!). The second is when the prisoner is in captivity in the hole. Everyday the Japanese soldiers would stand over the small hole in the trapdoor and piss inside as they stand around laughing. Pretty terrible conditions!

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