hi everyone im a 15yr old blond girl. i've got a story to tell. well last week i was at a school camp near a forest and everyday my group(about 6 people in a group) went for a walk in the forest after dinner coz its still sunsetting and it feels nice to take a walk after food. on the second day after eating some chicken for dinner my group had the usual walk. the people in my group are me and my boyfriend, my friend and her bf and two other boys who are friends with my bf and my friend's bf. well as soon as we started walking through the forest i had a slight stomach cramp and i farted silently and i felt much better so i went on walking. but after 10 minutes into the walk i had an unbearable cramp on my ???? and had to put my hands on my stomach the whole time and i also noticed my friend Sarah doing the same. i quietly asked her does she need to poop and she said " yeah i need one badly ". so i made up and excuse and told the boys that we dropped something on the way and told them to keep walking and we will catch them later. they said okay and went on walking. after they were almost out of sight my stomach and butt feels like its about to explode and sarah was like almost crying. there were a few toilets about 10 foot away and i told sarah that we should use them but she said we'll never make it that far. then she suddenly dropped her jeans and her pants squatted and peed a gallon. she told me to hurry and do my deed or we'll never catch up to the boys. so i lifted my mini skirt and dropped my pants and faced sarah whilst squatting. she suddenly farted a wet one and brown liquid diarrhea just flowed out of her butt like mad. i peed and then i opened my butthole and i couldnt believe my eyes. i was peeing brown water from my ass!! i nearly fainted when i saw the massive brown water coming out of my butt, then i lost balance and fell on my poop and still uncontrolably fart and release heaps of stinky diarrhea. sarah wanted to help me up but i didnt think she could because she was like grabbing onto her stomach and pooping like mad. after about 30 minutes we were done so sarah helped me up(i was sitting on my own poop the whole time while crying and producing diarrhea). we had nothing to wipe and just as she helped me up our bfs came back along with the other 2 boys(sarah and i were naked from out waist down, sarah has some brown marks on her butt and it really stunk but i was worse i had poop all over my butt.) sarah and i were really embarrased as we saw out bfs. but they were really nice to us and helped us getting cleaned and changed we luv them :). later that night we found out that some fruit had food poisoining on them and like the boys hardly eat fruit so they never get the horrible poo. we still had to go 5-6 times during the night and our bfs were sooooo nice they accompanied us the whole time without sleeping. i hugged and kissed my bf the next morning(the diarrhea finally ceases). it really wasnt a go! od incident but at least it showed how much my bf cared about mee. :)

any other girls had any outdoor diarrhea events?

Messy Butt
I was looking at the old posts and I came across the discussion about how much toilet paper do you need to wipe your ass after taking a shit. I do not understand the people who say they can get their ass clean with less than 10 squares of paper. I usually pull off 5 or 6 squares and wipe as thoroughly as I can, but I don't get it clean. So I take another 5 or 6 squares and wipe some more, and it's still not going to be clean. I probably go through at least 20 or 25 squares before I can say I've gotten most of the poop off. To me, it seems that if people are wiping with less than 10 squares, one of the following must be true:

1) They're not really getting fully clean. Fully clean means that when you wipe your ass and butt hole, there is no poop on the paper.

2) The poop must have been hard enough that it doesn't leave much staining on your skin. Sometimes when I do a really hard crap, I don't need much paper to wipe. Maybe these people who don't use much paper make really hard ones.

Those are the only possibilities I can see. To me, if you take a normal, soft, mushy poop, you're gonna need more than 10 sheets to clean up the yuck.

A Girl
Hi! Weird site, but interesting. I'm a seventeen year old girl with blonde hair, fair skin and an okay body. Not skinny, not fat. Anyway, I only have one accident that I can think of. When I was ten, I was at out on a field trip with my science class. We were at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. Everything was fine until I started to feel a BM coming on. Normally, it wouldn't have been a big deal, but we weren't allowed to leave the group. I begged the teacher, please, I really have to go, but she told me to wait until after the tour. I was fidgeting, crossing my legs, clenching my butt cheeks together as hard as I could. But it was serious. Finally, I told the teacher I was going to go in my pants if she didn't let me go. She told me to wait. My stomach and my guts were really hurting by now. It had been almost an hour since I first realized I had to go. I felt poop start poking out, and I lost control. It wasn't even diarrhea, but a long solid log. It cam! e out slowly, but steady and squished between my buns as it squeezed its way out. It just kept coming and coming for what felt like a long time, and finally stopped. I was so mortified, but forced myself not to cry. It didn't stink to badly, thank God, but everyone must have known what happened. I went to the teacher and told her I just went in my pants. She scolded me in front of the whole class and STILL woldn't let me go to the bathroom. I stood there with a huge load of poop in my underpants for another fifteen minutes, before the tour was over and we were all allowed to go to the bathroom. I went in a stall, took off my pants, very carefully took off my underpants and emptied them into the toilet. I was surprised at how little they were stained, and it only took a few wipes til my butt was clean. I put my pants back on, but threw my underpants in the trash. When I got home, I burst into tears and told my parents what happened. They were furious, called the sc! hool and got the teacher repromanded by the principal. The teacher treated me like crap for the rest of the year, and some of the meaner kids who were there called me Little Miss Brown Bottom for the rest of school. That was the last and only time (not including when I was a really little kid) that I peed or pooped in my pants. I'm not like traumatized about it, but it's not a pleasant memory. The teacher retired a couple of years ago. I don't miss him at all! Any one else have stories like mine? Maybe I'll post again, if I have any more interesting poop experiences! Bye!

Poo pants - your dad sounds fab


At Earth Day in the Park this weekend, I went to take a dump in the restroom with the three open stalls that face each other. I was crapping away in one facing the door when a guy, probably late 30's, came in and went to the stall right across from me. He proceeded to wipe the seat with paper and put the seat protector down. He then turned around to face me and started undoing his belt. He opened his pants and pulled them down to the floor. Then he pulled his blue-striped boxers down to his knees as he sat down. He had dark pubic hair against his kinda pasty skin. He had a regular-looking guy with salt and pepper hair. In decent shape. I could hear his poop splashing into the water pretty clearly. He crapped for a minute or so, and kept looking up at me as I was sitting on the toilet.

I started wiping about the same time he did. He would wrap the paper around his hand, and lean forward while wiping from behind. I wiped from the front as usual, then from behind. I stood, pulled up my briefs, flushed, then pulled up my pants. It was pretty cool because there were about 4 other guys in the bathroom at the time, waiting to use the urinals. The guy in the other stall pulled up his boxers, adjusted his shirt, and pulled up his jeans. I washed up and dried my hands while the other guy washed up. We didn't say anything to each other, though.

Peeping Tom
Curious Kid

In the Old Old Old days they would have to go in there pants.

Later they use a "slop bucket" and throw it in the water.

The molt around a castle is really it's sewer.

I'm new and I'm 11 years old!I've been lurking here a few years and then I decided to write about my accidents.But before them TIM{AND SARAH}wud ya stop taking up the wholeCDDGDD
EF"Farents were out till nine o'clock that night.I was 10 and we were having a sleepover for two nights.This was my first night to stay,as my parents had gone away for two days.
We were doodling over sheets of paper and telling jokes.Then,my friend,Jemma,started to laugh so hard at a joke,and I joined in cos I saw her laughing like that.
Then she said,'I need to piss real bad from laughing,girl!'and I agreed cos I had to too.
'Well,let's go then.'I said and we climbed the stairs.I put my hand on the door-knob{we had a mess fight over who'd go in first}and tried to turn it.IT WAS LOCKED.
'Uh,oh.'Jemma said. 'The back door's locked so we can't go outside and anyway,Mum brought the trash out so we can't to it in the bin.
I shrugged.We went into the living room and played.Then,while I was sittind on a chiar,I felt the real need to pee.I jumped up and held my crotch really tight.Jemma had her hands cupping her crotch too.
Then,I felt a little hot shot of pee.I fought to bring control,and I did.Jemma was cool again.She was sitting down.I'm not the person for accidents,cos I have good control,except for little shots of pee.
Then,another shot of pee.I jumped up and down,but the pee was coming out.Jemma saw and opened her mouth and gave me a look.I just let the rest come out,but,I didn't know I had to shit.
It all came out,filling my pants....
So,that's why they call me,Mississippi.Missi for short,so don't be suprised of my next post being brought to you by:MISSI!

Long time no post. Aaron and I are on the road as there was a downsizing and he has to drive the company truck on deliverys. 5 States but its fun. I discovered a wonderful relaxing way to poop! Most of the truck stops we frequent have nice clean bathrooms but some do not. One morning I entered the "ladies" only to find pee all over the seats and generally dirty condition. I had to go #2 pretty bad but decided to hold it until after my shower and thought I'd use restaurant facilty later but found something better. I stepped into the shower and as the hot water was running down over me I got an idea. I stood directly over the drain and just relaxed and stopped resisting the "urge." Gravetey (Gravitey?) did the rest. Out came my big long turd, making a direct hit over the drain, where it broke up into pieces (due to being dropped from height?) The water puddled for just a second and then down it all went. Try it sometime, it's the most exhilarating feeling in the wor! ld, the nice hot water pouring down over ones' head, shoulders, back and butt, and the super feeling from a complete emptying out. As I said, no effort or straining, just relax and enjoy the hot water and being able to relax completely and have it all just "happen" without pushing. Goodbye, I'll post again when I can borrow a computer xxx Meeny

Punk Rock Girl
To Pico Tamale: While I agree with you that a grown-up should never speak to a child so harshly (i.e. Close the goddamn door!), you're forgetting that Haley Joel Osment's character was not a child, but a robot. Plus, when someone barges in on you while you're on the crapper, I could understand you're being upset, and perhaps not in control of your words.

To Another Movie Fan: I think you mean PSYCHO III, when the girl gets her throat slashed while on the crapper.

Had a potentially embarrassing experience yesterday. I drove over to our warehouse to drop off some paperwork, and had to pee. There's a unisex bathroom out in the warehouse area, so I decided to use that. I walked in and saw that there was a urinal and a toilet, and the toilet was only partially blocked from view by a doorless stall. Basically, you're covered from your thighs back. I almost went in search of another bathroom, then said f*** it. I went in, pulled my pants and thong down to my knees and sat on the toilet. I relaxed and peed for about a minute. I was about to wipe myself when a guy came in to use the urinal. He saw my legs sticking out from behind the stall and said, "Hey, you mind if I piss?" I assume he thought I was a guy, because when I said "No, go ahead," he said, "Oh, I'm sorry" and left. It wasn't like I was taking a dump or something. He could have peed. Anyway, I wiped, pulled up my pants and flushed. I washed my hands and walked ou! t. There was a guy waiting around the corner and when I walked out, he went in the bathroom. I assume it was the guy who walked in before.

I really don't have any problem peeing in front of a guy (I'm not thrilled at the prospect of shitting in front of a guy, but I can and have), but I'm always surprised at how many guys are uncomfortable with a girl peeing in front of them. I would think they'd be happy to get a glimpse of your bare buns and thighs.

How many people here have a problem / don't have a problem peeing / pooping in front of a person(s) of the opposite sex?

Peace Everyone!


Punk Rock Girl
To Luke:

Sure, I'll play along. Here's my answers to your survey.

1. How long does it take you to take care of your business? Peeing, two minutes or less; taking a dump, usually five minutes or less (unless diarrhea or constipation, then all bets are off)
2. Does it stink when you are done? Everyone's shit stinks, including mine
3. Do you use the fan or spray freshener? Both
4. How many times do you usually wipe? After peeing, once; after taking a dump, usually twice, but if it's messy, anywhere from three to five wipes (basically until there's nothing on the paper)
5. Do you go in public, if so do you cover the seat? I go in public all the time, but only use a seat cover if the bathroom is gross
6. How often do you get diareah or constipated? I don't get diarrhea too often (usually only when I'm sick), but I'm constipated occasionally (two or three times a month). Believe me, I prefer it that way.
7. Do you ever leave skid marks on the bowl? Once again, who doesn't? I always clean them up, though.
8. Do you read while you are going? Peeing no; taking a dump, only if I know it's going to be a while.
9. Have you ever clogged up a toilet? Yes, a few times.
10. Do you always flush? Yes, unless someone has one of those if "it's pee let it be" signs; in my apartment, I always do--who wants someone else's piss splashing up on their ass when their crap hits the water?

Hope that satisfies your curiosity.


Was reading some history of WW2. One story was about some US submariners who were captured by the Japanese. They were kept in a cell with only a slit in the floor for a latrine. They all had diarrhea. Ewww. Another chapter mentioned men who were thrown into the ocean when the ship they were on was torpedoed. Other explosions were occurring nearby (depth charges, more torpedoes, exploding munitions) and the shock waves traveling through the water caused the men in the water to evacuate their bowels involuntarily. Too close and it would kill them.

John Paul
Hey does anybody know of movies with seens of women pooping or peeing? If so post it here please. Thank you.

Andrew from Maryland
Does anyone know if black women poop and pee differently then white women? please tell me.

Greetings, All.

Since watching the previous two episodes, I have found myself developing a greater interest in ITV1's 'Survivor' programme. With a growing knowledge of the background of each of the contestants, it is a little easier to see why certain individuals perform better than others in particular challenges. Unless I missed anything further, the only reference to the toilet was a brief conversation in which one of the contestants said that during their time on the island, they usually found that they would go around three days without a dump and then there would be a bout of non-stop diarrhoea. Sounds like they have not been passing much in the way of solids, and I don't think that was the first mention of it. If I remember correctly, just before the log stand event, there was discussion of not wishing to be standing next to anyone who got 'the runs'.

To Richard/USA,
The urinating statues of Louise and Damsel would certainly be a fine way of immortalising the beauty of two lovely young women. I'm sure they would be worthy of being featured in a brochure somewhere.
Indeed there is a four year gap between them, but both girls look very youthful for their respective ages. In fact I would say that you would have to look very closely to decide Louise was the elder of the two. Sometimes it is very difficult to tell them apart. One time recently, they switched dresses without telling me and I kissed Damsel in the mistaken belief she was Louise, and my confusion gave them some amusement.
I must say I like the sound of one of the statues peeing hard enough to splash on the walkway beyond the pool boundary. I remember Louise urinating while standing in the pose she suggested when we were in Spain the last time. That would be some statue!
I've not seen Damsel frontally when she has been urinating but perhaps the pose suggested for her statue competing with Louise's for distance would be unrealistic for the very simple reason that if she had her hands on her hips (a great stance, I can just imagine it), her urine stream would have a natural angle that would probably be closer to the vertical. When I have stood in the gents' toilet and she has also used the urinal, I have not looked at her directly but I have been conscious of her using her fingers to aim and raise the stream.
I think Louise would win most distance peeing contests with Damsel anyway, but that is no criticism of Damsel.

There is just enough time to briefly tell another story from the past when I was 25, and it involves a wonderful lady I have mentioned twice before, 'M'. She was 45 at the time, and was a long standing female friend who became my girlfriend the same night I stood guard for her as she urinated in a side street in desperation. Well, that night when I escorted her home she asked me to stay for the night, and it was a very good night indeed for us both.
Anyway, on the third or fourth day of the relationship we had arranged that I would visit her in the afternoon for some physical activity. In her bedroom I had undressed and I went to the bathroom to urinate. I was in mid wee while holding my penis, and 'M' entered the bathroom. She allowed the robe she had been wearing to fall to the floor and she was in a black bra, small briefs, stockings and suspenders that showed off her gorgeous body to perfection. She was (and still is) lovely. Physically she could put many 25 year olds to shame. I could not help myself responding and becoming aroused despite being in mid-pee. She was looking at my penis and my urine stream, which became much weaker due to the resulting constriction. I had to stop urinating before I was properly empty and decided to resume later. As you can probably guess, the rest of the afternoon was very X-rated and I will have to remember it privately as a fond memory, but I think I can say that we took a bath! room break at some stage when I joined her as she sat down and urinated. I can clearly remember looking at her genitals and her well shaped black pubic bush as a focused yellow stream burst forth and rinsed the front surface of the toilet bowl. Then it was my turn to finish what I started earlier and emptied my bladder fully while she watched and passed some comments.

I'm looking forward to Louise's safe return this evening, and there is some possibility she might post. Perhaps tomorrow, if not tonight.

Cheers All,


me, my homie and his bruvva wos out skatin the other day when my friend said he needed a piss. we were in the part of town where loads of tourists are, and he just stood and pissed off the rocks into the sea!

messy butt: sometimes i shit hard and totally clean and i wipe and there's no stain whatsoever. just sometimes though.

poo pants
Dad and I were at a local football match - local teams but a real good competition. The game was great - the toilets are not good so neither dad or I went at half time. I was worried because I needed a poo but I knew that Dad did as well by the way he was acting - he kept holding his bum and after a while I saw him kind of adjusting the elastic on the legs of his underpants - pulling at it to get comfortable. He had let a few smelly but quiet farts out when I saw that bulge appear and he quickly lowered his knees a little and the load dropped - another bulge and the same again. I told him I knew what he had done and he just laughed and said not to tell Mum - I laughed and said I would keep him company and dropped my load which was good and stiff and sticky. We stood together till the end of the match and then walked home together with our hidden secrets. We compared dumps at home and then showered. I went second and took a long one and really soaped myself well and wh! ilst I was enjoying another kind of stress dump Dad came in and burst out laughing. I was so embarrassed but it was funny really.

That was the last time I saw Dad dump in his briefs.

I so hope the moderator won't delete this post, because I have the most wonderful news. I'm now allowed to tell my secret ! Last Wednesday I had to go to the dentist. I went to school in the afternoon, and after the final lesson, I made my way to the music room as normal for our weekly choir practice. I was well ready for my poo, so it was a good job I didn't have to go home on the school bus first !! I went in the toilet, lifted my school skirt and pulled down my pampies and sat for a wonderfully relaxed wee and poo. I didn't need to push at all, it just came out of me slow and steady, and slipped quietly into the water in three pieces, with just small flop sounds ! When I'd finished, I hung around on the loo for a couple of minutes waiting to see if Kirsty would come in or not, but she didn't, and I knew if I waited too much longer I'd miss the start of the practice and get in trouble ! So I wiped myself, tidied myself up a bit, and left the toilets for the music room ! which is only just along the corridor on the first floor. When I got in there, Kirsty was waiting and had saved my seat for me. Next to her was the new girl who had started that day, and who Kirsty had been looking after. The teacher had just started, and when I walked in, she announced "Oh nice of you to join us Kendal ! You can give out the new music now for being late !!" So I went round dishing out the copies. When I got to the new girl, she was staring at me. I felt quite funny, but smiled at her, and she said nothing to me when taking the copy. I sat down thinking "Not many manners" to myself, but just after I sat, she must have remembered herself and leaned forward and whispered "thanks". I had to immediately retract my first impressions !!

Then the teacher said "Right listen everyone. Have you all got the music ? .... Yes ?... Good ! We've a new girl joining us today. This is Eleanor everyone. I hope you'll make her very welcome. (and then to Eleanor ) I'm sure Kirsty and Kendal will take good care of you !"

I nearly died on the spot. I know I had gone very red. I leaned forward and looked at Eleanor. She stared straight ahead. But I know that as soon as I stopped looking, she then looked at me. I couldn't concentrate at all. I just kept thinking "No, it can't be. Eleanor is supposed to be in Exeter."

At the end of the practice, Kirsty introduced me properly. "This is Eleanor. She used to live in Lincoln." I know I drew in a sharp breath, and my eyes welled with tears. Kirsty said to me "Whatever's the matter ?!". Eleanor continued to stare, and then just as her eyes began to water as well, she said to me three magic words, just like a password. "Lawn Dogs Kid" ! Now I knew beyond all doubt that this was Eleanor who visited this site a while ago with her terrible story about her brother and his friends forcing her to let them watch her on the toilet. I opened my arms to her and we hugged and cried. The teacher was very distressed, wanting to know what the matter was. Other kids were staring as well. Eventually I said "Nothing is wrong. I'm just very, very happy, that's all". The teacher didn't know what to say to that !!

Eleanor has joined our little friendship group so easily. Kirsty and Charlotte love her to pieces ! They were just amazed when we both told them about how we knew each other from this site !! There must be hundreds of schools in Devon. But Eleanor is at mine !!! At first she didn't want me to say anything on this site about it, but now she's changed her mind, which is why I'm writing now. She doesn't have access to the internet at her new home, but she is visiting me this weekend, along with Kirsty and Charlotte, and has promised to write, especially to STEVE and LOUISE !!

There isn't room for four of us in a cubicle. So the first day we were altogether in the toilets, I suggested that Eleanor came in with me to save her embarrassment. I knew she wouldn't want to be seen on the toilet. So as soon as we were safe and sound in the loo together, I whispered in her ear "There. Now you go privately. I promise not to look" and turned my back. She pulled my arm, so that I would turn back again, and whispered back to me "Thanks. You're wonderful !" I said " I know, you can pay me later !!". She smiled and I turned and faced the door again. I heard her pulling down her pampies, and a soft pat noise as she parked her bum on the toidy, and there was an immediate whistling tinkle that lasted for about 15 seconds. I heard the toilet roll being pulled, and then the scraping noise of pampies being pulled back up again. I turned just as she made final adjustments to her clothing and said "My turn, leave the flush, we may as well save water" And with my s! kirt hitched up and my thumbs inside my pampies waiting to pull them down, we swapped places. Eleanor blushed profusely at me standing there with my skirt up. I told her not to worry about me. She could look if she wanted, and proceeded with a wee which I had been bursting for since the end of morning break !! She didn't turn her back on me like I had with her, but she made a point of staring at the wall, and not looking, unless she was looking out the corner of her eye or something !!

Well, thats it ! Love and hugs to Uncle Rizzo ( yes I liked your new story as well !! ), Aunty PV, Uncle Robby, Aunty Annie, Sarah and Meghan, Linda GS, and Jane. And to Steve and Louise: Eleanor wants you to know she is ok !

Saturday, April 27, 2002

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