I was reading your post about your story when you were participating in a long play. You said how because you were afraid of having an accident, you wore maxi-pads that evening. I was just wondering what kind you used. Were you useing regular maxis (e.g. always, stayfree) or the kind specifically made for bladder control. By the sound of your story, the kind you were using didint work very well. I'm just wondering because I've begun to have some bladder control problems over the last several months (its because of a rare genetic problem with muscles) and I'm trying different types of pads, etc. Anyways, this is my first post, I'm female, and 20 y.o. I'm from NY. My first accident was about several months ago (they dont know why this problem is all of a sudden just begining to affect me) I woke up to find that I went wee in my panties, and the accidents have continued since then. My accidents have mainly been at night, but just the other day, I was picking up! a box at home. When I bent over and began lifting, I began to feel a sudden gush of wee fill my panties. So if anyone has any simmilar problems or if you have any suggestions of good bladder control products to try, let me know.

To John: I liked your story...did you check that other stall out? and the kids boxers?

To Johnathan: I loved your story..that must have been so cool to see that. It sorta reminds me of Kim and Scott

Nothing new..haven't pooped in 2 days or so..gotta run

Well i have posted here before and i have an odd story to tell that happened today. We had a performance for sixth graders for the spring musical. Well the six graders sat in the seats and then they left after it was done and the tech crews were getting notes and i was sittting next to a freind and there was a seat between us and he wisphers to me does this seat feel wet so i felt it and well it did and then i smelled it out of curiousity and it totally smelled like pee. So some moron 6th grader peed on our chair. I am surpirised they didn't get caught.

Enjoyed the postings. First, for RJ, in answering your question on spreading butt cheeks. When I take a dump, I spread my butt cheeks on the toilet when I shit. Makes for better cleaning when wiping.

Second, for Jonathon. I enjoyed your story seeing the couple taking a dump in the woods :)

Third, for Samantha, I enjoyed your story about dumping in the outhouse with the guy.

I had an unusall dump last night..I sat down and pushed and this light brown log(nice and firm) came out. Usally mine are darker then what i had and i had a few small/softer pieces on top..wiped alot.

Donnie M
To the Courious Kid about doungeons

I spent some time in Europe and was stationed in Germany. They have many many castles there and I toured as many as I could.
They are basically now musuems now with displays of armor, swords, axes, and other midevil things including many tapastries and paintings.
I did get to see the prisons, the dungeons.
There were way down in the "cellar" of the castle and were a room of different sizes with white wash walls, no windows, just one big heavy door. I understand they supplied straw for the prisoners to sleep on and of course pee and poop on in a corner. Some times they would give you a chanber pot to use. They would get some other serf or unlucky person to clean out the place and put in new straw and empty buckets.
Almost all I saw had a large cement like bowl in another room also. I was told this was for exacution where they chopped off heads.
Many of the paintings inside the castles were of very violent scenes, usually from the Crusades and wars. They sure did paint and show a lot of bloody scenes from those times.
Just for fun, I read that there is a custom when the gentleman walks along with the lady on the sidewalk down the street, he always takes the side next to the street. Th3e was because way back when they used chamber pots for pee and poop over night, the next day, the people would just toss the contents out the window onto the streets. If you were unlucky you might get showered on with some doo doo and pee. Therefore it was usual for the lady to walk on the inside so to advoid being drenthed with the stuff.
I think there were some sort of toilets inside of building and home, not like we have today. Generally just holes in the ground with a board or something to prop your butt on somewhat.
Even today in many Beer Gardens or taverns in small towns and villages they have mens and womens rooms to relieve ones self.They are basically just 4 walls, whitewashed with a cement floor. Along the wall is a trough that drains into a hole. So in the mens, you just pick and wall and pee away. In the ladies, you just squat over the trench along the wall. I never saw any turds in those however, so dunno if they just cleaned it up all the time or what.
I was in a bar once where you sat at a table. When you hadda pee, you jsut unzip and pee under the table on the dirt floor.
Girls just scooted to the edge of the seat and peed right there.
Dont know if those still exist yet or not, but it sure was weird.
And they didnt have any straw on the floor either!
So I hope this answers some of the question about what did they do back then.

Donnie M

To Scarelt

Thanks for the reply to my post - its nice to know that there's at least one girl out there who doesn't find guys pooing themselves disgusting! I think youíve persuaded me with the briefs idea. To be honest I only really switched to boxers cos I thought it was considered more cool, but as I am learning following the crowd is not necessarily cool! I think that as Dork said pooing your pants is such a taboo and actually doing it in public would only add to the experience. Why donít you just try pooing yourself. Normally if you do a normal hard poo, the stains left in your underwear will not be big Ė just donít try it in a thong! Its just a suggestion and if you dont facy the idea then thats fine but surley its worth a try? Anyway keep in touch.

To Dork

I think youíve hit the nail on the head there about the reason why we love to fill our undies. I was sort of crouching on the floor when I filled my boxers Ė Iíve had poo fall out of them before when Iíve stood up and it was awful trying to clean up afterwards.

To poopants

The stories about you and your dad are great. He sounds like somebody you can really admire and look up to like my own father, but not the type of person you put on a pedestal if you know what I mean, just a normal great guy. Iíve never seen my Dad have an accident although I have had the odd accident (not intentional) in front of him. The last time we were on holiday in Spain when I was about 12 and we had hired a car. Well I hadnít wet my pants on purpose since about the age of seven so I didnt think holding it would be a problem Ė big mistake! After about an hour of being on the verge of wetting myself my dad, seeing how uncomfortable I was just, told me to do it in my pants. I totally soaked my shorts and undies Ė as well as the car seat! I must admit though I did enjoy sitting in those wet pants for the next hour of the journey. Anyway keep the stories coming.


Thanks alot for your answer. You dont like my stories. You did not include my name in your list.

It usually takes me ten min. but it all depends on what type of dump UI am doing. Most of the time it is really stinky. I usually wipe about 3-5x. No I dont spray air freshener. I hardly go to public bathrooms. And almost never get constipated or get diareah. I only read when I know it is gonna be a long dump. Never clogged up the toilet. And yes I always flush.

(This is for you bryan)
Last year me and my brother went to a school field trip All the way in Orlando. We live in south florida so it a long way up to orlando. We had to get up at 4 o clock to et there early and our shaperon told us that we better eat something before we leave because it was going to take us about 5 hours to get there. So we brought cofee because we did not want to fall asleep on the bus and we made a game out of it. whoever went to sleep first would have to buy dinner. So I drank like two cups of cofee and then we started talking with the other students and I swear like abouy an hour past and I neede to take a dump I had such bad cramps. I seriosly felt like crying and the same thing happened to my brother too. Luckily I dont know how this happened but we reached a stop at a big gas station. As we got out we asked the chaperone where the bathroom was at and he led us there. Now picture this it was an UNisex bathroom and there was only one more toilet. There was two but a man ! was uusing it. I quickly ran to the handicapped stall and locked the door. While my brother was cursing and yelling for me to open the sttall. I did not want to atract attention so I opened it for him by now I was siting there comletly nacked . I le out a OOOOHHHH and then aquick splatter. And then my brother was right there in front of me he was like " when you are done I am gonna kick yo ass for talking me into this." Then I spreaded my and my penis got erect and peeed a long ASS steam it lasted for like a minute. And then the man flushed and washed his hands and left without wiping. Then my brother rushed to the other stall. You can hear the clinging of his belt let out a never ending fart. And then I heard some splattering like PPPPPPPPPPtttttttttttttPPPPPPPPPPPPPttttttttttttttttt. For like another 3 min and I heard him started to wipe. AS for me I let out two big as turds snd some liqued it was so nasty. That is like the only time I ever took a dump with my brother.
And one more question do you guys take out all of your clothes when you are shitting?

to adele no i dont bleed i just push hard or not thankx

sry every one dont have time for a story to day i gtg tell you
next time
signed team extrem member

Hi all, long time since I have posted. I just happened to click on the site and low and behold, that PIC of that black woman sitting on the throne just blew my mind. Brings back memories you know. She looks just like on of the ones that visited my place, you know, the place with the cool mirrors. Any how, I still get to see ladies poop, but I do it legally and consentually now. I found a few escorts willing to provide the treat for $75.00 an hr, not bad. You know, with all the layoffs, especially in telecommunications, a lot of ladies are doing the call girl thing until things pick up. Oh this weekend was great. I saw a young lady named Kim, well built, and part Island Girl, part black, nice tight hips, big thighs, gleaming copper skin. She came over to my place and stayed for two hrs., long enough for a lot of pooping and farting. I rubbed her ???? while she went, and I asked her if she had ever had this request from a man. She said she had only been doing the escort stuff! for a few months but she had never had anyone ask for that. Regardless, she really loved it and she had a good time. She really liked the cheese and wine I had and she want's desperately to come back. Ain't bliss heaven? I will give you more details later of the physical description of Kim's dumps. Chow for now.

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
Hey, fellow fecal fans:
My attempt @ potty-poetry:
The woman seated on the toilet, what can compare? Women put on makeup, exercise, and even style their hair. But the woman sitting on the throne, legs spread wide, is the thing that makes guys like me all warm and fuzzy inside. From the time that those pants and panties come down and touch the floor, I want to see her bowel-movement, from start to finish, if not, I want to break down the door. To hear her sexy grunts, moans, and sighs, and to be able to kneel in front of her, whilst she does this, and be rubbing on her thighs. To hear the, audible, splashes, plops, and the occasional thud, and to be able to get a look at the toilet water, and, actually, see her crud. To smell her poop smell, like sweet perfume. Not very different from roses in full bloom. I want to watch her finish, with a final grunt and plop, and watch her pull on the joyroll, almost nonstop. From back to front, she will wipe her hole, get up, and pull up her clothes. I want to be able to see her full l! oad still in the toilet, before flushes it, and down it goes.

Tell me what all of you think! Denise loved it.



Jason the poop lover. Does anyone have any vomiting stories? Does anyone get 3 inch wide, 15 inch long turds? How is that possible?

SLAYER MOON--Yes, I've heard of guys waking up with a hard-on from having to pee, but I've never heard of a female doing it. I've never noticed it, but the female equivalent of the male reection is far less noticeable anyway.

LUKE--to answer your questions--
It takes about a minute to pee and wipe. Pooping takes more like 5 minutes. It usually stinks after I poop, but not very bad. I always use the fan, but I don't usually need spray freshener. I don't usually need to wipe more than 4 or 5 times. I never have pooped in public, but when I pee I don't cover the seat. I usually don't sit on it. I just squat over it. I've been constipated several times lately, but rarely get diarhea. I don't usually leave skid marks, but I have. I don't read on the toilet b/c I usually don't have time. Anyway, I hate getting the red toilet seat ring on my butt! lol I have clogged a toilet once, but it was at home and I fixed it easily, unlike my best friend, who does quite often and its nearly impossible to unclog. I always flush. Though I am interested in pee and poop, I am kinda grossed out by seeing someone else's poop or even pee left in the toilet. When I was little, to save water, my mom told my family not to flush. She sa! id after 4 or 5 uses, she'd flush it herself. Unless we pooped. Then we had to flush.

RJ--I've never spread my butt cheeks to poop.

GRANT--I don't have a cushioned toilet seat. Or furry. I hate those decorative seats b/c I'm afraid of messing them up, although I usually don't get anything on the seat.

Today in my art class, each person had to discuss a piece of artwork. I chose "Fountain" by Marcel Duchamp. If you haven't seen it, its a male urinal turned on its side and autographed. Look it up on the internet. Anyway, after discussing it, my teacher and 2 male classmates got into a discussion about different cultures and using the bathroom. My teacher says she has used a squat toilet and she said it was designed for males and females and there were no doors. She also said she had gone on a tour of the Sahara desert and when she and the rest of the tourists had to go, the guide stopped the car and everybody had to pee in the sand in front of everybody. She's had some interesting travels. :)

Also, my friend said when he was 9, his friends decided it would be funny to stand in the urinal at school (It was the long type meant for several ppl). Anyway, they did and it broke, which was even funnier, until the teacher came in.

I still remember in 6th grade my principal coming on the school intercom system and announcing that the boys needed to improve their aims and stop peeing all over the toilets and floor. All of us girls thought it was really funny.


I was quite surprised and very pleased to find a site like this where people can discuss such things with others who are so supportive. You all deserve thanks for providing a forum like this where people can share their experiences. I have always been interested in this subject but how and where does one go to talk about such things? It looks like I have finally found such a place!

I wanted to relate an experience I had the other day. I had some errands to run and I decided to stop at an arts and crafts store to see if I could find some glue to fix a broken picture frame. I looked around for several minutes when I really began to feel an urgent need to take a piss. I had felt the need to go for quite awhile, but now the pressure on my bladder was starting to get pretty intense. I saw a restroom sign pointing towards the back of the store so I headed off in that direction. When I got there, I discovered that the menís restroom door was locked and there was an ďout of orderĒ sign taped on it. I really had to go bad at this point - there was simply no way that I could wait any longer. I looked around and didnít see anybody in my immediate area so I carefully opened the door to the womenís bathroom and peeked inside. Thankfully, nobody was in there so I quickly ducked inside. There were two stalls, so I took the one furthest from the door. I shut the s! tall door behind me. I decided it would be better to sit down while I peed in case someone came in while I was in there. I was wearing jeans and tennis shoes so doubted that anybody would realize that a man was inside the stall rather than a woman. Hopefully, I would be in and out before anybody came in. I certainly didnít expect what was about to happen.

I was in the middle of what was probably the longest piss I had ever taken when I heard the bathroom door creaking open. ďI should have known this would happen!Ē I thought to myself. I sat quietly and saw a pair of feet come into view. She was wearing Birkenstock sandals without socks. She locked the stall door behind her and I immediately heard her tear off one of the protective seat covers from the dispenser. I could hear her placing it on the seat, followed by the distinct sound of her unzipping her pants. I watched the floor intently next to me as she slid her tan slacks and panties down to her ankles. I instantly realized that she was the attractive heavy-set employee named Margie who told me which section to find the type of glue I needed. At that time, I noticed that she was very cute. She had shoulder-length brown hair and she wore glasses. I also took special notice of her extremely large ass that was accentuated even further by her tight slacks - she must have ! weighed at least 250 pounds. Now here she was sitting on the toilet next to me. What a strange turn of events! I could hear the crinkling sound of paper as she sat her ample behind on the seat.

By this time, I pretty much decided the wise course of action was to wait until she was finished before leaving. I just hoped nobody else came in as we were taking up both stalls. Not having much else to do at this point, I found myself staring at her feet and observed some rather large skid marks on her sizable pair of white cotton panties. Then I heard a gentle tinkling sound that quickly developed into a very pronounced hissing sound as she began to pee quite profusely. I was mesmerized by this pleasant sound when it was shattered by a long and thunderous fart that reverberated throughout the bathroom. It lasted some fifteen seconds and it was sounded positively ghastly. I then heard a noticeable crackling sound which only served to confirm my suspicions that Margie was here for more than a quick pee. The crackling just kept on coming for the better part of a minute when it was broken by a soft splash of what sounded like a very large turd slithering into the water be! neath her. ďOh my!Ē she whispered quietly. By this point, it was beginning to smell very ripe - the odor had an obvious rotten egg quality to it and I was strongly hoping for a courtesy flush in the very near future! She then tinkled some more before she passed gas loudly yet again. She then let out a long gassy fart that led into some more crackling. She really had bad gas! She grunted audibly as I watched her shift her feet a bit. It appeared as if she was getting up on her toes a bit as she tried to push out another piece. She seemed to be having some difficulty getting it to come out. The crackling went on for quite some time until it ended with the sound of yet another sizable log dropping heavily into the bowl.

It was a strange experience for me. I was very much aroused by the fact that this attractive woman was dropping an enormous pile right next to me yet the stench was so overwhelming that it was becoming difficult not to gag. It smelled as if something had crawled upside her and died! She sighed quietly as she sat there. I heard her unroll some toilet paper. She used this to blow her nose - the moist sound of a frightful amount of snot coming out startled me a bit. It stayed quiet for a minute or two afterwards and I was starting to get a bit anxious - she certainly had to be done very soon. These thoughts vanished as a long, juicy fart came bubbling from the stall next door. ďUhhhhh!Ē she strained noisily as yet another turd began crackling out of her ass. This woman really had to go potty! This one came out in a dull thud as it landed on what must have been a very large pile beneath her. She unrolled some more paper and wiped herself. She didnít take much time doing so. ! She then quickly stood up and pulled her panties and pants back on. She then opened the stall door and she hastily washed her hands in the sink. I heard her tear off a paper towel and I heard the crinkling sound as she dried her hands. I heard the bathroom door open and it creaked to a close behind her. I instantly realized that she didnít flush! What kind of person would do this? By this time the smell was absolutely staggering.

I then quickly got up and pulled my pants back on. My backside was kind of sore - I didnít expect to be sitting on the toilet that long. I carefully opened the stall door and washed my hands very quickly. I peeked out the bathroom door and didnít see anybody. You just know I had to look to see what she had done. I knew she must have really dropped a load but I couldnít believe what I saw in the that toilet. First of all, there was this huge dark brown log that was sticking out of the trap. It must have been three inches thick and well over a foot long - and this was the part that I could see. Who knows what was lying around the bend? It was curled around the bowl and was severed in half. The other half of this turd was every bit as long and fat was laying on top and was only partially submerged. The tapered end was sticking straight out of the water and was nearly touching the seat. This was probably why she got up on her toes - the damn thing nearly didnít fit! The thi! rd bomb was shorter and a bit thinner (it was still a big one) - it was lighter brown in color and appeared softer than that fat eel she somehow managed to uncoil. I was absolutely stunned by the amount of crap that had come out of her ass. No wonder she didnít flush - there is absolutely no way all that was going to go down. That was one toilet that was well and truly clogged.
I carefully left the bathroom and picked up the glue I needed and headed toward the front of the store to pay for the item. I saw Margie at one of the cashier desks so naturally I chose her counter. She smiled at me and asked if I found what I needed. I said yes and thanked her for her help. I noticed that she wasnít wearing a ring so it seemed that there was a strong possibility that she was unattached. I then asked her if she might want to get together sometime for dinner. She blushed shyly and it was very clear that she was having a hard time controlling her emotions. ďI would love to,Ē she said excitedly. Naturally, I was very pleased by her response. Perhaps I will have more to write about Margie later in the near future!

I would like to make a survay to everyone hear. Who sits or stands when they wipe. For me I feel more comfortable when I am sitting down because its like your cheeks are already open. But my dad and most of my freinds like to stand he always seems he bends his knees while he is doing so. Its really funny. Please give me feed back later I will be right back later cause I gotta go to school.

Bye for now!!

Todd and Diana,

Yes, I like to sit down on a toilet pan and pee like a girl. Its a lot more comfortable, no risk of filling your pants if an ambush poo comes down, cleaner, no chance of splashing your clothing with urine or having to stand in a pool of someone else's piss. Safer, more privacy, allows better emptying of the bladder. At home of course it totally prevents missing the pan as most men do and wetting the floor of the toilet, a habit which quite naturally annoys most women and makes that horrid pissy smell.

I also dry the end of my penis with toilet paper after a pee or for that matter a poo before I pull up my briefs, in a similar manner to how a woman dries her vulva after a wee wee. Its far cleaner and more hygenic and stops any nasty pissy smells that some blokes give off, Of course I change my knickers every day as most clean women do.

No as far as I am concerned, having adopted the habit of pulling down my knickers (panties) and sitting to pee , I wont go back to standing at a dirty smelly urinal.

I loved the story of the big girl at the shop having a mega dump. We had our very ???? friend Donna staying for the weekend. Her partner Lauren was on a weekend course. Now Donna is open about defecation and is happy to let close friends such as ourselves and George and Moira accompany her to the toilet when she does a motion. On Sunday we had lunch when Donna, who was helping Theresa clear up , (I had cooked and served the meal). She gave a loud fart and announced, with giggles, "Its coming down and its going to be a BIG one!" She invited us to accompany her to the toilet. Now I suggested that, as she is well known for passing enourmous turds, she hung her fat bum (butt) over the bath which I would fill with water, and launch her big jobbie into it, and I would get rid of it later as it was certain to clog the pan and would need to be removed anyway. Donna and Theresa were giggling like mad as she said, "Oh, all right then, Tony". I filled the bath and Donna hitched up! her big pale blue cotton smock revealing her huge white cotton Sloggi Maxi Briefs. She pulled these down to her knees and perched herself with her big fat bum hanging over the now water filled bath. Another loud fart emerged then a stream of wee wee with a loud hiss and tinkle into the water, tinging it amber where her piss entered. Her wee wee finished, then she gave a grunt "OH! OO! NN!". Theresa , whom she allows to do so, (I wouldnt presume such a personal action), gently rubbed her big ???? ???? and we both encouraged her, "Thats a clever girl Donna, do us a nice big fat jobbie!" "Its starting to come out!" Donna gasped and we could smell the odor of a good solid motion. "NN! UH! OO!" Donna pushed. "Can you see anything yet?" she asked. Looking carefully we saw a fat brown knobbly lump start to appear. This was the start of Donna's jobbie, and was really fat, nearly 3 inches across. No wonder she was grunting to open her sphincter. It started to grow in length. A mid! brown very knobbly turd, solid, well formed. "NN! UH! OH! OO!" Donna was a bit constipated and we both continued to give her encouragement as she tried hard. The big jobbie was still coming out of Donna, soon it was over 12 inches long, still very fat. Donna went "AH! AH! AH!" and we could see it start to taper down and then it slid from between her fat buttocks and entered the water in the bath with a "SPLOONK!". It was 18 inches long. I offered her some moist tissues but she refused saying, "There's more on its way!" This time with a long !AHH!" out slid a big sausage, curved, 2.5 inches fat, smooth and cohesive. This jobbie was about 12 inches in length and made a "FLOOMP!" when it slid into the water. "Oh that's better, Im finished now," a very happy, turned on and relieved Donna trilled. It was obvious that the big girl had really enjoyed doing her motion. She wiped her fat arse and pulled up her knickers, washed her hands and we all had a good look at what had come ou! t of her. The first big jobbie was 18 inches long, (I measured it!) shaped like a big naval gun shell, tapered end, 3 inches thick for much of its length and very compacted and knobbly, the second was smoother, about 2.5 inches fat, 12 inches long and curved. Later I put on rubber gloves and removed her turds and put them in a bucket and dumped them on the compost heap covering them in a layer of grass cuttings. The action of the bacteria and dung beetles etc will break them down and add to the nutrients in the compost. A "Green" solution to a "Brown" matter. I washed out the bath with bleach afterwards to disinfect it.

Donna was delighted to let her old friends watch her virtuoso performance. Later when she phoned her partner Lauren, her little friend was a bit choked to have missed her girlfriend's mega dump as of course they usually accompany each other when doing a motion as they have done since they started to live as a couple in their early twenties.

Pico Tamale (The Butterfly)
Hey, fellow fecal fans:
This morning I was shaving, when my woman Denise comes busting into the restroom. She had barely gotten her pajama pants off, when some, postively, explosive farts came out of her butthole. I, immediately, got an erection. She was concentrating on her pooping too much to notice. She would not have minded, anyway, I was sure. I heard about two big plops, about 10 seconds apart, followed by 5 little ones, about 4 seconds apart. The place smelled like cooked cabbage, in no time at all. I loved every second of it, though. I savored the smell. She then looked up @ me, w/ her pretty-eyes, and asked me if I had pleasant dreams last night. I told her that she was making my dreams come true right now. With that, she told me that I was so sweet, and that she would kiss me, once she got off the can. She peed a little, wiped, and told me to have a look. Man, two six inch snakes, about 2.5 inches wide, each. There were five banana turds, as well. We both hit th! e flush at the same time. She then gave me an open-mouthed kiss, with the shaving cream still on my face. Needless to say, she got a bit of a "shaving cream beard" on her face, as well. She is really into fitness, and is an aspiring fitness model. She told me how crowded the women's restrooms are @ most gyms/health clubs. Man, would I love to be in one of those, while it is occupied by hot women! Can any of you lovely-ladies, who go to health clubs/gyms, describe, in detail, your pooping experiences there? Thanks, in advance. I can't wait to hear the stories.



Annie and Robby
Hi Fellow Toidyteers!!
We are finally back. We went to see my father and had a wonderful time. Given the fact he only had two bedrooms Annie slept in the spare and I braved the sofa. We also went fishing. I drove Dad's mobile home while he and Annie visited in the back. Herein lies an experience. Dad was washing and cleaning the fish that we caught and I told him that Annie and I were going to walk to the marina for some supplies. There is a wooded area surrounding the RV park. We were walking through this area and Annie said;"I have to poop!" I stood there with a smirk on my face. She punched me and looked around. She walked behind this tree and lowered her jeans and knickers. She bent over in a half squat and atarted pushing. Wee flooded out and a long log started coming out of her bum. That log must have been 20". It was like a snake!! She grunted a little and it dropped to the ground. By the power of suggestion I suddenly had to wee. I unzipped and flipped out my willie. I started weeing a! nd decided to aim for the pile Annie was making. I missed and hit her bum. She gave me this cold stare and I aimed elsewhere. By the time I had finished she had dropped three more smaller pieces. It looked hideous!! She took some tissue and wiped. She also gave my groin a punch and said;"THERE"!!! Well, she can be right nasty some time!! Annie- it served him right!!!!! We will have more stories from our trip later!

DEAR KENDAL, LAWN DOGS KID and ELLEN: Hi dears! Glad you are posting with some regularity again. We hope ANDREW'S Mum is better. KENDAL, that little wee you did with ELLEN was cute. Sue, Robby's wife, used to sit Meghan and Sarah between her knees while she was weeing and they would wee with her. We know how it feels to be in a full house. Robby and I couldn't do much toidy bonding with his father around. I do love the old chap dearly, though. KENDAL, we read Uncle Rizzo's message to you regarding the aniversary of the death of your dear father. These types of aniversaries are so hard. We know. We were going to say something on that date but both of us will be gone again. We want to add our feelings and say that we will be cyberly holding your hand during this hard period. If you need a second hanky, Robby has loads! We always remember the good things. Please be of good cheer!! We love you all very much! Please accept lots of hugs and and Lovexxxxxx from Aunty Annie and ! Uncle Robby PS: Meg and Sarah won't be able to come home this weekend.

DEAR RIZZO: Hi dear friend!! My, My, that was a thrilling performance you gave that gent in the mountains of Switzerland!! Did he hear your trumps? The splash of the water after and pieces Cullompt into the bowl? We know it was a symphony of plops!! I know you felt a great relief!! We are glad you both had a good time. We hope to spend some time in Europe this summer. Our love to you and your wife!! Annie and Robby

DEAR INA: Just a note to say hi!! We hope you are ok!! We miss you and hope you are weeing up a storm. I will have a performance story next time. Take care, Sweetheart! Lots of Lovexxx and Hugs from Robby and Annie

DEAR STEVE, LOUISE, and DAMSEL: Hi friends!! Annie- DAMSEL, you will get over the shyness someday. The girls are still too shy to show their female bits to any male, including their father. It takes time. Robby- I would have love to be there for the triple wee!!! STEVE, you are a lucky man!! 36, huh? Well, I can an uncle to DAMSEL. Rizzo is older than I am,LOL! DAMSEL, Steve said he couldn't repeat what you said when you saw him wee and shake that willie. Well, my Sue has said things along simular lines, too, LOL! LOUISE, I could picture you as you and Jackie squatted down and let fly. Annie- yeah, he was all bug-eyed,LOL! Glad you folks are getting away for a few days. Take care and Lots of Lovexxx from Annie and Robby

DEAR TODD AND DIANA: Glad to see you back. Great story!! Robby-yes I sometimes sit to wee when I am too tired to stand,LOL! Lots of Lovexxx from Robby and Annie

DEAR EPHERMAL: We are concerned about your asthma! We hope you are getting good treatment. We know your poos are ok, though,LOL! Take care and many hugs from Robby and Annie

SPECIAL WELCOME TO: Sophie, Rodger, A Girl, Nathan, Critta, and others we have neglected to name! Stay with us!

SPECIAL GREETINGS TO: Jane and Gary, Carmalita and Jake, PV- how was Florida, gal?, Renee, Pat, Nu, Tesa, Malita, Tim and Sarah- hope to see you back!, Eleanor- hi there, Samantha- hi, we are Meghan and Sarah's Dad and Cousin!, Alana, Adele- good to see you back!, Scott and Kimmie- where are ya!, Adrian, LindaGS, Elena, Cousin, Plunging Plop Guy, Jeff A, Diva- good to see you back!!, Ellie and Little Lou-come back! and all of the other wonderful posters here!



Tim and Sarah
STEVE AND LOUISE: Thank you for your words. We are are sure, youíll have a wonderful wedding day! We wish you the best of luck. We remembered when we got married, Sarah was quite nervous and went for lots of wees before the ceremony with her sister helping her with the dress. I was also nervous but could not pee the whole day. I remember I went after dinner and peed for ages. One of my uncles stood next to me and said: "I bet you are glad you have done it now, boy...", after I finished. I knew he meant the wedding, not the pee, but still had to laugh.
Yes, we are sure the circumcision was a good decision for our little one. I am circumcised as well and I never missed my foreskin. Mind you I donít remember having one, as I was cut as a baby. Loewie was just a bit sore for a couple of days, bur otherwise it is pretty much no hassle for boys.
Talking about family members having your genitals as a discussion topic: My daughter (and my wife) gave me the honour the other day: I took Josie for horse riding and there was a male horse having a pee. It was having the penis hanging out really long (itís normally drawn in) and letting a big one rip. You can imagine how fascinated our Josie was..."Wow, Dad, look at the big peepee, the horse is doing", came the loud call for everyone to hear. I was just covering the topic up a bit and thought itís over and done with. When we got back home, Sarahís sister and her husband were there with the baby. Josie talked all excited about the riding and the horses and of course the horse, which did the big peepee. "It had a really big willie, you know, like Dad!" ,"Josephine!" , "Mom said your willie is big, I heard it when she said it to her girlfriend..." I donít know who was more dark red, me or Sarah! Of course my sister in law and her husband were dying with laughter, after Jos! ie was taken out by her mom for a word of explaination. When she came back, Sarah was repeating very embarrassed, that she had no clue, Josie could hear them. I was of course embarrassed they talked about it in the first place....LOL. I guess you know what I am talking about, Steve, with Louise being very open about the topic
;-). We were very sorry to hear about your dad, LOUISE and DAMSEL.
No, I was not shocked, when I saw Josie wee like described. I think itís great, she does not hesitate to experiment and should know her body also down there. Sarah was a bit drunk the other day on a friends dinner party and I stayed sober as I was driving. She was desperate for a pee in the car park and squatted in a dark corner. I was allowed to watch and suggested, she tries to do like Josie does, so she would not get her shoes sprinkled. She did and her stream shot out and soaked my shoes! We both could not stop laughing!! Served me right, I guess. I still loved the sight.! Lovexx to both of you

RIZZO: Thank you so much for your wonderful words. Thank you especially for what you said regarding my friend. Sarah was taking no answer on my question for an answer for a while and was a bit sensitive about it. We are a bit vunerable there, as Peter and Robert are so close friends to us. I grew up with Peter and he is like a brother to me. We had some bad experiences before. When I was in hospital, Josie came back crying from Kindergarten one day. The kids have spent lots of time with Peter and Robert, especially as they helped us a lot in that time. Josie had talked about her Ďuncles" and another kid repeated what he heard at home: "All pufters should be beaten to death." Josie was so shocked and scared. Unfortunately I could not stand up against it, being in hospital and Sarah did not have the energy at the time either. But this is e.g. why Peter was cautious about it, as he was also afraid to get us hurt. He thought your words and by some others are very nice and w! ill think about writing some stuff. At the moment we are unfortunately keeping them occupied again, as like so often they will help us with the kids as I need another treatment next week. Thank you also for your caring thoughts regarding Loewie and Josie. Sarah sends you a kiss and I will not be jealous.
I think it is great, that Josie gets a bit of the feeling like growing up as a "country kid", as Sarah always calls me, LOL, while we are with the horses. The other day I needed to pee as well and asked again about the toilet, as I was not sure if it was ok for me as well to pee there. I was told not to worry and also do it in the stable, if I would not mind. I happily obliged and went into the empty horse box, while they continued with the lesson. I unzipped and stood in a sheltered corner and had a good piss into the straw. Of course I love it as much as our baby. Sarah says she might have never ordered a travelmate herself, but is very happy to have the option now. Hopefully your wife will also have fun with it or at least find it very practical. Hugs and love to you, dear friend from Sarah and me.

EPHERMAL: Thank you, dear. You are such a caring sweetheart. We are sorry to hear, you have got so bad problems with your asthma. Itís not pleasant, we know that from our son and Sarah is a light sufferer as well. Maybe you should really consider trying yoga or something. It could help you dealing with your stress. Please take good care of yourself. Love from Sarah and me.

ROBBIE AND ANNIE: Hello, dear friends! Thank you for your singing on the loo story. Even Sarah loved it. The kids are the only ones, singing songs to themselves while pooping in our family, lol. Although Sarah admitted she sometimes puts on loud music and leaves the door open, when nobody is at home. Sarah said if I sing an opera, she will also come and watch me. Itís not fair, Lol. The other day I dropped this big, long turd, that had curled itself to a ring. I called Sarah and showed her and said: Look, I pooped the "Ring der Nibelungen" . Sarah laughed and sadly shook her head over her twisted husband and replied: "You have to sing it, not poop it!" LOL. We both agreed that that would be a rather long dump though...There are also other than squat toilets in Spain. They are usually just in a few public places left. If a toilet is rather messy, I think the squat ones are more hygenic though. Why do you have problems, Robby? You just have to pull the pants to your knees,! not lower and hold the old friend down while peeing. Have you got problems with your knees? We are glad you are careful with the drinking!
I also take it slowly, it was only an exception in Spain and I paid for it. Lol. Your Sue was an amazing woman. Nice story about her! We stand behind all the compliments from last time. The cat is white with black patches. It had to move again, to a female friend, who lives downstairs from Peter and Robert, so Loewie can stay with them when they take the kids. Itís better also, as she has a garden and Josie can still see the cat now and then. Loewie also loved the cat though and we still have not found a good compensation for him. Weíll see. Hannah and the baby are fine and will stay in Africa for a while. We miss them. I have to go, more later. Lovexxx and hugs to you and SARAH and MEGHAN

Love to all our friends

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