I wrote over a week ago a story of pooping session with my friend in campsite. Here is another story from same vacation trip. On the third day of our trip we arrived in one small town. It was time to have lunch and we found a nice restaurant. We had a delicious meal. There was a department store across street and we went shopping after lunch. Marianne (my friend) and I went to clothing section and our men headed off looking for their own interests. We spent a lot of time there, but all we bought was just new jumpers. After we paid our purchase Marianne said: I need to go ladies room. It was my regular pooping time, so I joined her. There was a loo right behind the corner. We went in, but it was just a single toilet, no stalls, only a toilet bowl and washbasin. I locked the door behind us. Marianne looked me. ? Would you like to go first, I think I am going to?. You know? she said blushing. ? Actually I am here for same reason? so go ahead. I can wait, I answered and I was bl! ushing too. Situation was quite embarrassing. Although I like to go public toilets, I am a little bit shy to share a stall or toilet with someone, except my husband and daughter. It was not the first time to me, but anyway. Because we both knew we had to poop, atmosphere relaxed soon. I went front of mirror and started comb my hair and let Marianne pull down her jeans and panties in privacy, or so much privacy it was possible to give. We started talking. Marianne peed quickly. After she finished her pee, she tooted a couple of sharp farts. They made her blushing again. I tried to be like I didn?t hear anything. She had a lot of gas in her bowels. She kept on farting, but they were not loud ones. I heard several hissing farts while we talked: PUFFF?PFFFFTTTT-FFFTT?POFFFF. Mild smell of poop broadened all around the toilet. Marianne grunted and stopped talking. I looked at my friend first time. She sat quite deep and back in bowl, legs pretty close together. Her look was strai! ned and she let out a dull fart directly followed by audible sizzling sound. Marianne continued pushing and finally poop slid out with heavy plop. It must be a big one. More poop was coming out. After three lighter plops she took breathe. The smell of poop was quite strong now. Marianne dragged her arse closer to the front edge of toilet seat. She rolled toilet paper and took a wad in her hand. I expected she was going to wipe, but she grunted again: UHHH? NGGHHH! Two lumps plopped into bowl. Marianne sighed and started wipe her bum. She used 4-5 wads of tp and then she flushed. ? It is your turn, she said and looked me smiling. We changed places. My friend stepped front of basin and started wash her hands. Ring was still warn as I sat down. I didn?t need to pee so I started straining immediately. I felt shit moving down in my bowels and forced my hole opening up. It was much more harder than usual. I must work hard to push it out. The head of it was thick and knobbly. I bit! my lower lip and pushed. Finally I managed squeeze it out, but only an inch or two. When I got the head of turd out, it fortunately softened and narrowed. I was really relieved when it splashed into the bowl. But there was more coming out. Next log was easy, soft and thin, albeit quite a long. It slid out just with minimal strain. I noticed that Marianne was grubbing her hand-bag, obviously searching something, and she didn?t pay any attention to me so I spread my legs wide open and looked what I have generated. There were 2 light brown turds lying in the bottom of bowl. First one was about 6 inches long and really knobbly and thick from the other end. Second log was near 10 inches long but barely half of first one?s thickness. I sat for a while and made sure there was nothing more coming out. And there was not. I pushed a few times and only thing what came out was a booming fart. ? Ok, here is enough smell already, I said and wipe. Marianne laughed. I washed my hands and w! e left toilet and horrible stink behind us. Quite an achievement from us two elegant ladies?

Glad to hear you like my stories. We have something else common as only our interest to go public restrooms. As you, I don?t speak English as my native language. So, it was quite high threshold for me to write stories here. I know, I do some grammar mistakes, obviously most of readers have noticed it.

beach accident:
so my friend sara and i decided to take a trip to the beach one day for
some relax in the sun and to just get a way from everything. we both
had a really bad week. well, so were walking past the shore and everythings kewl so far. then i felt the urg starting to hit. now i've
pooped myself before, no big deal. but not in front of anyone and besides
i'm wearing some ol biker spandex shorts, which would make for an obvious sign that i just went on myself. so i held for a while.
were laughing and talking and we decide to go out to the peer and
down to the levy. the peer is full of people and the levy is kinda
vacant and stretches for about 1/2 a mile. well we make it and i'm
kinda clinching my sphinter not to embarrase myself in front of sara
not to mention all the people we would have to walk past on the peer.
all of a sudden i notice sara kinda standing a little cross legged and
she had a wierd expression on her face. didn't really say any thing
about it but i think we all know she was fellin the urg to.
a minute later she says we should head back to the truck. so about half
way down she stops and makes the grunting noise a ask if shes ok.
she says shes fine but that we probably should've started back earlier
because she had to crap really bad and didn't think she could hold it.
not to mention i'm about to push cotton myself. i told her that i'm
glad i'm not the only one in the perdicament. she just kinda smile and
grabbed my hand. 3/4 the way to the peer and she stoppes and yanks my
hand to slow me down. oh no! she says "i started to crap myself"
i must say she looked kinda sexy in her black and red two peice.
"oh, it's really coming out" she grabbed her but and my hand as she
was filling her bathing suit. she kinda had this, geez what a funny
embarassing incident, look rather than, i want to die don't look at me,
expression. i mentioned that i couldn't hold it either and that i thought i was about to poop myself as well."grin" so as we hesitated to
make it to the peer i started to go. which also turned me on, especially
seeing sara in the filled bathing suit. so ofcourse i got hard. so there
i am poopin a big load into my shorts with my back toward sara not
want her to know her to know that i was acutually turned on by all this.
she found out anyways and kinda smiled and grabbed my hand as
we braved all the people on the peer. we hopped back in to the truck.
she sat a little closer to me that day. and went home.
so after that day now sometimes well be around each other, watchin
a movie or walking around and have to go and just poop ourselves in
front of each other.
haveing someone being that enjoys it makes the world go around just
a little bit easier. er uh whatever....

Richard / USA
LOUISE & DAMSEL: OK, I’m planning my formal garden with two fountain/statues facing the same way, side-by-side- one is Louise, one Damsel. The difference? Well, your descriptions of yourselves sound pretty similar with Damsel a few years younger, but when you’re dealing with stone, I think those differences melt away, so I propose this: Both statues will be standing with feet placed approximately 2-3 feet apart but Louise will have her right hand spreading her lips and her left hand on her hip (as you suggested, dear). Damsel will have both hands firmly planted on her hips. Both will have their hips angled forward to squirt forceful streams but a computer will control the force of each stream with daily changes on a random basis. Thus, each morning will produce a distance-peeing contest with either Louise or Damsel outdistancing the other. I think a bit of yellow food coloring in the water supply would be appropriate and the computer could be programmed so that,! maybe once a week, one of the sisters would pee so hard it would reach beyond the bounds of the pool and splash on the walkway. What do you think, maybe this could be featured in travel magazines eventually? LOL. You two are something else: I love you both!

MICKEY: I think a difference between our wives may be that Jill seems to enjoy putting on a show, at least a bit, while my wife really is a utility pisser- strictly business, you know? Besides our friend S., I am the only male she has pissed in front of with the following single (to my knowledge) exception: In the 1980s, we attended Boston’s First Night (a city-wide New Years Eve celebration) with another couple- The guy was also named Mickey, but I forget his girlfriend’s name. Around 1am, we arrived at a party in the city’s South End neighborhood and all four of us ended up in the bathroom together right after we got there. We were all buzzed on champagne and other mind-altering substances and Mickey proceeded to unzip and pee in front of the rest of us. His girlfriend then slid her pants down and sat peeing with her legs pressed together- her attempt at modesty didn’t mask the loud hissing and tinkling she made and she seemed a bit uncomfortable going with me th! ere. I followed with a long, loud squirt, and then my lovely wife, not wanting to be a party-pooper I guess, dropped her drawers and peed her typical noisy shower into the toilet. I honestly don’t remember what Mickey’s reaction was, but mine was predictable, later on :-)

TIM & SARAH: Hey, please don’t tiptoe around my feelings, ok? I have nothing but the highest regard for you guys and nothing you have said has come even *close* to offending me- You sound like two exemplary human beings and I tremendously appreciate the effort you have made to advise me. Much thanks and best wishes to you both!

MEGHAN: Thank you for your appreciation of my stories!

CARMALITA: De nada, honey!

INA: Thank you so much for appreciating my stories! I loved the bit about Madonna peeing against limestone :-) Limestone?? Well, why not- Granite, limestone, concrete, what the hell…. It all produces great sounds, you know? LOL I guess your flatmate isn’t so uptight after all, she just has her particular hangups… I’m going to be in Germany on business this week and will think of you whenever I unzip to pee… I think you are definitely now my liebchen ;-)

Until next week, everyone…

i was outside playing today and i really had to take a dump and it was dark out i was playing baseball with my friends. and i just let it out in my pants because i didnt care and i didnt want to stop playing yet, and it felt weird running after balls with a big poop in my underware, it kept bouncing around between my legs. no one noticed what i did, i felt bad but i didnt care. the only thing thats hard to do is hold the pee while i was pooping, it kept coming out every time i pushed so i had a little wet spot too my friends saw that and asked if i peed my pants. i said it was sweat. one kid had a bigger wet spot than me, he didnt say anything, i know he peed cause i saw him do it. he kept trying to hold it with his hands in his pockets then he sat down in the grass and he was rocking back and forth. then he stood back up after a while and he had the big wet spot. thats when i decided to just poop my pants cause he wet his. everyone started leaving and i had to go home. i di! dnt want mom to find my accident so i tried to find a spot to dump out my pants, but there were still alot of people around, i asked the kid that wet his pants if i could come to his house. i told him what i did and he said thats ok i wet mine, i said i know i saw you. he said i could come over. we went in the garage door to try to sneak past his mom and dad and his mom heard us come in and saw tonys wet pants, she asked what happened and he said he had an accident, his mom didnt even yell at him, she saw my pants and saw the little wet spot and said lets go change you guys. we went up to his room and she told us to take off our clothes but i didnt cause i had a big poop in my underwear. she came over to me and said pull you pants off, so i pretended like the button was stuck and said i will be ok i want to leave now. she said no lets get your clothes clean first, she pulled my button and dropped my pants and then she saw my poop, i guess she smelled it cause she looked at m! y but as soon as she pulled them down. she said oh thats why, she said dont be embarased accidents happen. i said thanks and she helped me empty my underware in the toilet. she had wet wipes and she wiped my but, i guess she is used to tony having accidents so she had wipes. she was real cool about it, i wish my mom was ok with accidents even though i did this one on purpose. she gave me a pair of tonys shorts and we played while she cleaned our clothes. i guess she called my mom cause it was real late. she said i could sleep over and it was ok with mom. i said cool. me and tony are hear now, i used his computer to type this, he likes this site and might tell stories to. well its time for bed, his mom just yelled up to turn off the computer. by

I haven't dumped Andrew, Meghan, but I need some attention. Come on, Andrew, talk to me.

Thanks for thinking of me like that, Rizzo, it is very nice of you. Steve and Louise have to kick me out of here now, and unfortunately it does not let me have time to have another wee-wee for you. Soon. Smile.
Steve has said he will tell me about the man he has in mind for me soon, but he says he can't at the moment. He just says I will not be disappointed, so I feel very nervous. I hope he likes me and I don't do my 'ice queen' bit without meaning to. XXXXX

I blushed bright red on Friday night when Louise, Jackie and me all crouched down in an alleyway and had a wee-wee. I was embarrassed because Steve was there with us and he stood on the corner waiting. My older sister and Jackie took their knickers off and crouched down showing Steve everything between their legs when they wee-weed in huge jets. I turned my head around to look. I felt too shy to show Steve my female bits like they had done and I felt like I had been slightly prudish for turning my body away so he could not see my pussy from where he was standing. He is a very nice man and now I regret I didn't let him watch me. He had been telling me how sexy I looked in my black dress and he said the same thing and more to Louise because she looked fantastic and she really bowled Steve over. In the alley I was desperate for a wee-wee but I couldn't do it for about half a minute maybe longer and then I just started a fizzer of a wee jet that went on and on. Steve saw my ! bare bum when I was crouching and he was such a gent that I wish I had given him a show. It wasn't fair because I was in the bathroom when he had his shower before we went out. He had a wee-wee while in the shower, and he pushed his penis down so he could do it on the shower floor. When he did it I was mesmerised and I couldn't take my eyes away. I feel worse because just after I had my wee in the alleyway, Steve got his penis out and wee-weed so that all three of us could watch him. I will have to get over my shyness because it stops me from doing things.



OOoooohhhh, I have such exciting news that I'm bursting to tell, but I don't have permission, and being a good girl at keeping secrets ...... !

DAMSEL: I think you'll have to give up the chase for Andrew. He has another admirer at school now, and although he's not rising to the bait yet, I think he will eventually. She is so lovely ! Mind you, if you ask me, I think Andrew has been very lucky having you chase him. But I think he's scared of older ladies. Not that you're old at all, just older than him. I'll shut up before I dig a deep hole ! Love Kendal x

UNCLE ROBBY, AUNTY ANNIE, SARAH & MEGHAN: I'm pleased Andrew, Ellen and I were able to help you out as your cyber companions for that last big poo you had. We don't have too many stories to tell at the moment. Andrew's Mum has been a little unwell recently, so we haven't had the place to ourselves as often as normal, so shared toilet visits have been at a premium. Of course, Ellen and I have been able to go together. Last weekend, she had me out of bed in the middle of the night to take her to the toilet. We both crept along the landing so as not to wake anyone, and to save time, we had a wee together with her sitting on my knee. I had to be patient though, because for some reason, she took a long time to have a wee. It was just dribbling out of her instead of gushing like she normally does. But it was nice to just sit there and cuddle her while she finished. Then we both got up off the toidy and wiped ourselves. We didn't flush so as not to wake anyone. That is nor! mal in this household, so long as the toilet user has only done a wee !! Speak to you all again soon. Love from Kendal xxxx

LONDON LAD: I see you have come back again. No, I haven't forgotten your story ! It was too gross to forget !! Love from Kendal x

ADELE: Glad to see you back again as well. xxx

UNCLE RIZZO: You have been very affectionate to me recently, with all those lovely hugs in your posts. I hope you are ok ? All hugs gladly received, especially at the moment. You know why. I just had the most wonderful wee. I went just now after reading the posts. Had to go on my own while Andrew's Mum was home. So I pretended that you came with me instead and gave me one of your lovely hugs while I went. I enjoyed your funny story about the ski trip, where you tried to poo quietly, and you just finished up making a loud trump with lots of loud plopping !! Poor you ! Love from Kendal xx

LINDA GS: Neither of us seem to post very often now, do we ? Never mind. It doesn't mean that I love my dear on-line sister any less. Quite the contrary. Absence makes the heart grow fonder so they say. I wish you could be here at school with me. As you know, Kirsty and Charlotte and I share a toilet together most lunch times. Its cramped with three, so I don't suppose one more would make much difference. Andrew says that's interesting female logic !! His suggestion is that Kirsty and Charlotte go together, so that you and I could go together in another cubicle. Just so long as he can peep over the top at us !! I knew he would be suggesting that for some other reason, the naughty boy !! He sends an enormous XOSXOS to you. ( It's been really funny how some people have been saying about Damsel getting you jealous ! As if !! He's been absolutely faithful to you !! More than your Cousin can be to me, seeing as he is married to Elena !! ). Oh well, looking forward to you! r stories when you get time to tell them. Lots of love and hugs to you and babies Kendal and Lynda as well. xxxxxxx

Last night on Film Four, they showed the Rachel Papers. Andrew videoed it because he remembered someone here saying it contained a toilet scene. He is going to watch it himself, and then he will let me if its a suitable film. Otherwise I'll only get to see the toilet scene !!

Oh, and to anyone out there who knows. Andrew tried to locate this film called BOOMERANG that our Australian friends have been raving about. Unfortunately the movie database came up with 40 odd films all called Boomerang. Can anyone help him locate which one it is that has this fantastic poop scene ? Bye everyone. Love from Kendal x

PS: JANE: Hope you and Gary have a wonderful time !! xxx

Hi, I enjoy reading the posts on this excellent site snd have decided to post for the first time. I am 27 years old and live with my girlfriend. I really enjoy watching my girlfriend sit on the toilet and have a poo, although this happens only about once a month, either if we have been out drinking and I have the courage to ask if I can come into the bathroom with her, or if it happens that I am in the bathroom in the morning and she has to 'go' while i am shaving. As much as I enjoy this, I have never been invited to watch her without asking. I always try and secretly listen at the toilet door when she goes into the bathroom. I notice that she makes louder grunts when she is on her own in there, I think this is she is probably not so relaxed when I join her. Her time in there varies a great deal. Quite often it is 2 or 3 big splashes in quick sucession and it's all over, but other times it's a lot of smaller plops and the visit takes longer. She always seems to have a lot o! f paperwork; at this time I return into the other room before the toilet lushes. She often will then volunteer to tell me that she has just had "a big poo" or "that was excellent" but she does not realise how much I enjoy her telling me. Every now and then, If she has stomach ache I ask if her if she has had a poo that day and she will tell me that she went that day. I also know she goes at work when desperate. Sometimes when I put clothes into the washing machine, I notice she has marks in her thongs where she has obviously been that day at work. Finally, my favourite time of the week is on a Saturday or Sunday morning after a night out drinking. I am a light sleeper and she will get up in the morning and have a very big poo, thinking that I am asleep. I never let on that I have heard her and she rarely tells me that she has been when I 'awake' moments later. I have more to say on another day, until then, good bye.

Hello Everyone!
I've not posted for ages, so here are a couple of little stories:

If you can recall from any of my previous posts, I work outdoors most of the time, usually a good distance from any facilities.

In the past couple of months, my colleague and I have pooped (separately) in the bushes a few times, plus countless pees.
We've sort-of joked about having a buddy dump, ie going side by side, chatting to each other as we dumped. I'll post about it if it ever happens.

Recently, a female trainee has been working with one of the teams. A few nights ago, I spotted her heading in the direction of the bushes.
Later, I asked her how she was doing, she said "OK... much better now I've been for a pee in the bushes". I said "Aww, you should have said... I'd have come with you, kept you company and wiped for you if you wanted"
I got a cheeky chuckle for a reply.
That's another thing to post about if it ever happens.

Lucky you, seeing that couple!

Si :)

To RENEE: a very Happy Birthday to you, my dear! I know it is on the 25th, but I just want to make sure you see my post. I wish you and your little Malita-Jean the best of health! I hope that you all have a good party over there, and I will join in the celebrations from over here! Love and a huge hug to you from Rizzo! Give Patsy, Carmalita and Jake a hug too!

For your birthday I will try to tell you, my dear ex-cowgirl, a horsey story. This did not happen to me, however, but to a friend I have known since early childhood. She told it to me, and I hope she will forgive me in case she should read this, as I am quite fond of her. Let me call her Christine. She is a pretty woman, petite, with dark shoulder length hair; brown eyes and some charming freckles on her nose; she used to model. She always loved horses and fox-hunting. I know this is a controversial subject, and I myself would prefer it, if instead of chasing real foxes to a gruesome death, an artificial trail would be laid by a rider in advance. But back to the story. Christine had a chestnut gelding called Youpee. I do not know if the spelling is right, but if you read it the way I have written it, the result will be correct, and quite appropriate, too, as you will find out in a few moments! I will not pretend that I know much about fox-hunting, but it involved takin! g Youpee in a trailer with the Discovery-Jeep to the stables at a place in Southern England where the hunt should take place. The weather was cool and blustery, with wind and the occasional but short shower. To warm up, hot tea was served in large mugs before the start, and my friend carried one of those flat hip flasks full of spirits/liquor with her to “dilute” the tea a little. Soon the master and the hounds were off and the riders followed. It took the hounds quite a while to pick up the scent, to find a trail, and Christine soon found that she needed a wee. She hadn’t been since leaving home because she had not felt the need, and regretted it now not to have peed at the stables. The “spiked” tea was obviously already rapidly filling her bladder. She thought that if the chase would lead them near a farm, she could dismount, tie up Youpee, and ask to use the toilet. But the fox and hounds had other ideas. Over the hills and away they went, Christine in her place following! at a canter. At every bump in the saddle she soon had to clench her holding muscles shut, she said. She tried to canter standing, but with her kness spread it made things worse. She found it preferable to grind her pubis on to the front of the saddle to stop the urge for a few moments. After a while she found herself lagging behind, because she had reined Youpee in to slow down. She finally decided that it was no good, she just had to pee, come what may! Christine dismounted near a low hedge for cover, jolting her bladder in doing so, which resulted in a little spurt of urine in her panties. She put one arm through the reins to hold Youpee, and started to undo the buttons of her breeches, stamping her feet impatiently. In Europe horses do not stop in their tracks when you let go the reins. Quite on the contrary, they sense freedom and want to take off! Especially when there are other horses nearby galloping over a field! Youpee was restless while Christine eased her breeche! s and panties to mid-thigh with one hand, holding Youpee back with the other. They would not go further down as she was wearing boots. She went into a sort of half squat, or better, into a horse-stance, and started to pee in squirts at first, whenever Youpee gave some slack on the reins, then she finally managed to let go completely in a torrent. In the meantime the fox must have fooled the hounds. She was in mid-pee when she heard the excited and high pitched yapping of the hounds coming closer and closer. The whole pack was coming charging back towards her at full speed, but thankfully on the other side of the hedge separating two fields, followed by the hunters on horse-back. Youpee began to prance on the spot, wanting to join in while Christine was frantically trying to hold him back, in fact being pulled around by him, pants down, the last squirts of pee gushing out from her bits, then trying to pull up her panties and breeches with one hand in plain view over the low! hedge for all to see! Some riders seemed to grin, one or the other even gave her a wave with the hand! She was sooo embarassed - convinced that even her bared bum cheeks were blushing in a very conspicuous pink! She did manage to struggle back into her breeches in the end, and to take up the hunt again, but it took quite a few more swigs from her hip flask for her to see the funny side of things.

KENDAL, dear cyber-nece, let me hold your hand during the next few days to help tide you over times of troubling memories. A year has passed since that fateful Monday afternoon, April 30th. And then by the end of the year you had lost both your parents, which is sad, but you have gained a brother, sisters, and an extra cousin to cheer you up and to help keep away any feelings of “abandonment”. Apart from the dearest ones surrounding you, you have an on-line family as well. You know, I imagine that if your dad could see you now from wherever he could be, he would smile at how things turned out in the end! But, just in case you should need one, I have a fresh sky-blue hanky – your favourite colour - in my breast pocket. Here, look, it smells of honey, because I keep a honey-scented bar of soap next to my hankies. So, my dear, I hope you are chirpy as ever, and I also hope that you enjoyed my story of Christines predicament. Love to you and Andrew and Ellen, and your hug o! f the day from your Uncle Rizzo.

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, everyone!

ANDRE, Re. skidmarks. Do you mean what is the reason for skidmarks in the toilet pan, or in one's underpants?
I used to have a LOT of trouble with skids in my pants when my shit was not as firm as it is now, but that rarely happens now.
as for marks in the toilet after a shit; I' really like to leave a lot of heavy skids down the pan, but that's not happened lately either, although I think when it happens it's due to having dropped a big one with some force, coupled with having eaten some ingredient in my diet that I can't work out what it could be!
Perhaps the two are connected, but I would think there are more skids left in toilets than in underpants.

Ja Le, Re, getting splashed. That happens to me a LOT these days, I'm pleased to say. That is when I'm using a toilet with a good size water trap, and a good 10inches drop to the water level. I love the sensations, and the fact that other guys who might hear me could be thinking "I bet he got his arse splashed dropping those!"

DREW, Welcome back! Good to hear more of your toilet encounters in the university toilets again.
Did you visit Britain last year, and if so, tell us about any good toilets you found and any particularly good acoustics you heard of other guys shitting.
That 24 inch long turd you dropped amazed me! What do you eat to produce such whoppers?

LUKE, Re. your questions.
1/ I take up to 20 minutes on the toilet having a shit.
2/ Very rarely does it smell strongly, but often there's an aroma afterwards.
3/ I never use air freshener, but might open a window or strike a match.
4/ I wipe between once and upto 12 times, depending.
5/ On a publict toilet, I just wipe the seat if I don't know who has used it. If I do know and like the idea of who it was, I don't wipe and enjoy sitting on the warm sweaty seat!
6/Never diarrhoea, often constipated, but not painfully or unable to go.
7/ No skids in the pan, but rarely I leave some good ones!
8/I don't read, but sometimes concentrate on pictures of other guys and imagine them trying to have a shit and enjoying it!
9/I've not clogged a toilet for ages, but when i did, it was one of those syphonic toilets with a small water trap.
10/I flush, unless I've dropped some good size ones in a public toilet and want to let the next guy see what I did!

That't it for now, All best wishes and happy shitting to you all
P. Plop Guy

Answers to your questions Luke.

1. How long does it take you to take care of your business? Me about 10 minutes or so, Theresa, my ???? wife, the same if an easy motion, up to 20 minutes if she is very constipated.
2. Does it stink when you are done? Both of us sometimes depending on what we have been eating.
3. Do you use the fan or spray freshiner? Not at home but if in someone else's home and it was a real stinker!
4. How many times do you usually wipe? we use moist wipes, about 3 times on average.
5. Do you go in public, if so do you cover the seat? Both of us use public and works toilets a lot, we dont cover the seat, this is not common in the UK, but would wipe a wet or dirty seat of course.
6. How often do you get diareah or constipated? Thankfully we seldom get diarrhea, we are both sometimes constipated, especially Theresa at the time of her monthly period.
7. Do you ever leave skid marks on the bowl? If its a big soft poo yes.
8. Do you read while you are going? Both of us do if alone, not when we are with each other as its to much fun watching the other doing a big motion (BM)
9. Have you ever clogged up a toilet? OFTEN! both of us do big long fat jobbies which are too big to flush away.
10. Do you always flush? NO! If at home alone we will leave our motion for the other to see before pulling the flush, often too we will leave a really nice big jobbie unflushed in a public toilet for others to see. Of course, as in Q9 above if its a really big "panbuster" it wont flush away anyway and the decision is out of our hands or should we say out of our bowels!

Hope these answers are of interest, Luke.

I heard a lovely performance at the weekend, CC would have been in extasy!

There is a public toilet in a car park I sometimes use when visiting a customers premises. Now this toilet has a high ceiling and Ladies toilets are back to back withy the Mens. Of course the partitions are high enough to stop anyone looking over but the gap at the top means that all the sound effects are audible.

I only needed a pee but as I went towards the entrance to the Gents toilets I saw a nice ???? woman walking towards the Ladies entrance round the back. She was about 40 Id guess, long brown hair and with a large bum (butt) and breasts and was wearing a pale blue cotton dress. I just guessed that she needed a motion, you develop a sixth sense about such things after 45 years of listening to women doing a poo.

The Gents toilet was empty and as I approached a cubicle I heard her footsteps in the Ladies Toilet. She entered a cubicle and I went into the one backing on to her's, the better to listen.

I heard her bolt the door, then the rustle as she lifted up her skirt. (I wondered what colour of knickers she was wearing. I had seen the visible panty line through her dress but couldnt see the colour as the material of the dress was thick). I could then hear her pull her knicks down and sit on the pan. There was a loud fart and then the hiss and torrent of her wee wee which tinkled for a long time. When it dribbled to a stop I heard an "UH! NN!" and was delighted that she was obvously doing a motion. I hoped it would be a nice big solid one. PLONK! out came the first jobbie. NN! UH! PLOONK! PLONK! two more turds came out and from many years experience I guessed these to be the typical hard balls that constipated women usually pass at first. Oblivious to her appreciative audience through the wall in the Gents she continued to do her motion. NN! NNN! OH! KURPLOONK! a bigger jobbie came out. I imagined the turds in the pan under her fat bot. I heard her take a deep breat! h and bear down " NNN! NNN! OH! UH! NNN" That ???? lady was sure constipated. Listening carefully I could hear it come out as she tried hard, a sort of crackling sound. "NN! NNN! AH! AH! KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP! KER-SPLOOSH! KERPLONK! KAPLOONK!" A load of big solid jobbies then came out into the pan. I had to stop myself from exclaiming "CLEVER GIRL!" as I do when my wife Theresa does a big motion. I heard her get her breath back and then wipe her bum, pull up her knickers, thwacking the elastics at the waist and legs of her panties as many women do for some reason after they pull them up in the toilet. The drop her skirt, pull the flush and come out, only stopping to wash her hands. I thought to myself, if CC was here he would be besides himself! I would have liked to have gone into the Ladies Toilet to see if one of her larger jobbies had stuck in the pan but of course I couldnt do that, so contented myself with my imaginations. In the shopping mall I saw her walking in front of ! me and thought. "I wonder what you would say if you knew that I cold accurately describe the sound effects of the big motion you have just passed, and that you dropped 8 solid turds!"

Todd & Diana
Hey friends on the loo!
We have a couple of questions for you. For the guys out there, Do anyone of you like to pee "like a girl" I do and Diana thinks it is real sexy. I like to sit on the loo and pee. Now for the other question. We have a lot of new ladies to the forum and we are wondering do you read when you take a dump, if so what kind of things do you read?
Please let us know, We love you guys sooo much Lots of Lovexxxx Todd and Diana.

Now for the story. I had gotten a call from Amber and she wanted for us to come over and visit. So we went over to her house. We were talking for a while when I (Diana) had the urge to take a HUGE dump. I grabbed one of her magazines of the coffee table and headed for the bathroom. I walked over to the toilet, pulled my pants and panties down and sat on the loo that had an oak seat, really comfortable! I opened the magazine and started to read when I started to do a lot of farting. I turn a couple of pages and then took a 20 second wee. I can feel this massive dump moving its way down. I start to grunt and push which is followed b some more farting. I can hear Amber say to Todd "She must be talking a huge one" After a half and hour I released this huge dump, it took me three good flushes to get it down.I opened the door and Amber said "Honey I need that magazine because I have to take a dump, and you spent a half an hour in my bathroom reading and taking a big dump, good! girl" Well that is it for now and we love you with all our hearts, Lots of Lovexxxx Todd and Diana!

Wednesday, April 25, 2002

Hi guys. Since my short-lived experiment with Metamucil, I've been having normal regular BMs about once or twice a day. Last Friday was no different, as I built up an urge to poop and went to the ladies room to relieve myself. I went into a stall, pulled up my beige skirt and pulled down my white panties and sat. I pushed out a very long and thick piece of poop that approached Kim-like proportions. After that, I pushed out very thick, semi-soft banana-like pieces, one after the other. I must have pushed out a dozen pieces when the poop smell became very strong. I flushed the toilet while seated.

I continued to push out long thick semi-soft pieces of poop like a soft-serve ice cream machine, with no sign of stopping for a while. The pieces were coming out one right after the other, but not in explosive waves. I flushed the toilet while seated four more times before I was finally done. I wiped several times, flushed a final time, and saw a skidmark at the bottom of the bowl. I flushed again but wasn't able to remove it completely. Of course, I left behind a strong poop smell.

Gary and I are off to a much-needed time off and promised to stay as much away from cyberspace as possible. It will be early May before I post again.

jamie lynn
mins ago I let out my poop in the school toilet. It
was very hard and very thick (about 2 inch) but only
about 4 inches long. I then wiped my self off and then I flushed it

Slayer Moon

I see you like beans and rice too. Do you eat white or brown rice. I prefer brown rice myself, since it has flavor even if you add nothing to it. I like mixing it with chili beans and taco sauce. GOOD STUFF! Of course, I fart like a popcorn machine thereafter. I'm a vegan as well (no meat, dairy products or eggs in my diet).

To the anonymous poster who had to open the window after farting:

I know the feeling! After eating a bunch of grapes, I got a bad case of the farts. At least they still smelled better than my landlord's cigarette smoke, though.

A question for the women:

We all know how some men wake up with a "piss hard-on" in the morning, one that results from waking up with a full bladder. Are there any women who wake up with a "piss hard-on" as well? (Physiologically, a female "hard-on" consists of engorgement of the clitoris and outer labia, to explain this unorthodox use of the term.)

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