Thursday, November 27, 1997

Baron VonFeces
Hi, Kimmy. It appears I neglected to mention that the incident occured on a Sunday and my family and grandmama were at church. I just happened to come home at a bad time. Thank you for being so concerned. My grandmom would touched.
It seems I remember someone asking about classroom accidents. I have some stories. Let's see...You may discount these first few because of age. *When I was in first grade, my good friend <friend1> sat next to me. On this day I happened to look down at the floor and noticed that there was a yellow puddle under his seat and that it had spread until it was starting to surround my shoes. He looked at me and asked my please not to tell anybody. I got up and went to the bookshelf and told another student to look under <friend1>'s desk. The teacher noticed us laughing and made us tell her why. Everything worked out okay. *I think I was in first grade when I knew I had to pee. I didn't want to raise my hand to ask to go, and then the teacher called on me to go to the board. I wet myself as I stood there at the board. I don't think anyone ever knew. *My best friend claims he crapped himself in first grade and the teacher walked around the room smelling the air until she sto! pped at his desk and asked him if he did it. *In second grade, when we were about to get dismissed for the day when this really smart girl asked to use the bathroom. As she was running out of the room she suddenly stopped and yelled "&tt;Ms.teacher> , I'm peeing my pants!" Everyone tuned and stared at her, including the students in line to leave outside our door. We all watched as her jumper (or whatever it's called) developed a wet spot and she started to drip on the floor. The teacher just said "oh, <girl I know> ". She said she couldn't let her go home like that so she took her in the bathroom and cleaned her up. *I heard stories that in fourth grade this guy I know shit himself and it was "hanging". I can only guess what this means. *In seventh grade some girl wet herself. I wasn't in the room, but everybody made fun of her benind her back (they never really liked her). *And in tenth grade, a guy that sat facing me and this other girl was trying to get the teacher's attention so he could use the bathroom. After a few seconds, he just said something like "aaahh" (the exclaimation of annoyance; he said it quietly so as not to attract attention to himself). A wet spot appeared on the front of his pants (he was sitting on top of his chair; it's hard to explain how we could see, but we could). The girl at our table and I just laughed as he said "Oh well. What are you gonna do?" I think that's a great expression.

Some Guy
Me again! Joe- Sagg's rule! CT- Yeah split streams suck! Donnie (who seems to have the same stories as Pottyboy)- I know some of the girls are young, but they just let you watch while you clean the bathroom? Even if they're not shy about peeing or having a BM, it seems like they wouldn't want to pull down their pants or dresses in front of a man. I don't know what The Toilet Authorities heard about Janet Jackson, so I'll just say what I heard. Sometimes she suffers from depression, so she takes coffee enemas (no joking!) to get rid of "bad cells". I have made myself ...(drum roll)....Lactose Tolerant! I'll tell about the details later. Happy Thanksgiving all!

Janet Jackson made the local news and I think it may have been on Oprah. Missed the details though.

Wednesday, November 26, 1997

Hi everyone. I'm going home this weekend, it's my b-day tomorrow(11/26), and I'm going for thanksgiving. I always prepare magazines and so on for that half hour long day after thanksgiving dump. It's just a usual ritual. Almost as relaxing as the holiday itself. Uninterrupted crapping. Does anyone else see it this way? Redneck: The school I went to for a few years always locked the bathrooms until 9AM. It wasn't intentional, they just didn't remember to unlock them early enough. It cause alot of kids frantically yanking on the door knobs. This happened to me once. I had to piss really bad and almost had an accident in the process of waiting.

I think that I have low bladder pressure. I pee perfectly normally, but it comes out quite slowly. Most men seem to be done in a matter of seconds. I reckon I take about 3 or 4 times as long as most men for a pee. Does any other regular contributor have such a slow peeing mechanism? I can't be quantitative because I've never timed myself. Maybe it does not take as long as it seems.

Attn: Baron VonFeces Where was your grandma? Was she alright? Or was she out shopping?

Tuesday, November 25, 1997

Mik, I enjoyed reading your story about working in a turn of the century factory. The company I use to work for has a plant in New Jersey along the Delaware River. There were separate facilities for the factory workers and office people. The office bathrooms were kinda primitive but the bathroom for the factory workers made the office bathrooms look very luxurious. When I went to 'Jersey for business, at the end of the day, the management went out of their way to make the factory workers unwelcome in the office bathrooms. At nite, they put padlocks to the office bathrooms. The factory bathrooms were also locked and basically the plant supervisor carried the keys. I had to piss like a horse one time and finding the office bathroom locked, and then going to the factory bathroom locked as well with a sign that said, "See supervisor for key", I got pissed. When I got back to corporate, I raised hell about the Jersey plant management being anal such as locking the bathrooms and having to ask that if I can use the facilities.

Baron VonFeces
Hi, all. Been readin' the posts for about a month now and I swore that I had nothing to share. Recently I have remembered a ton of stories (I really don't know how I forgot these). I can't tell them all now because I've got some homework that I'm supposed to do for tomorrow. Before I forget, I'm 18 and a strange but pleasant mix of many disorders that only surface some of the time. I decided to make today my first post for a damn good reason. I have never EVER had an accident, and especially not in public, but it came pretty close today. Here we go...I slept at my friend's house last night and we had pizza with some spicy meat toppings. They also had some juice boxes (the ones with the attached straws) that nobody that lived there was going to drink. Being the nice upstanding, respectable gentleman that I am, I gladly stuffed myslef with pizza and had three juice things. I also single handedly nearly finished off an entire bag of nacho cheese combos and some onion rings (I was a real pig). Everything was fine. Not a single problem...until morning. His mom made us breakfast-scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage, and toast with orange juice. I inhaled it. Bad. After about five minutes, I felt like I could kinda use the bathroom, but I knew we were leaving in about ten minutes and that I would be home in fifteen. I could wait. As we were walking out to the car, I started thinking that maybe I should have gone while I was still inside and as I was getting in the car I think a tiny piece of soft crap found its way between my cheeks. No big deal and it didn't smell or nothin'. We finally made it to my house. I knew I didn't have my keys, but I shouldn't need them as my 88-year old grandmother who never goes anywhere lives with us. I was wrong. I was knocking on the door as they drove off. No answer. Great. Now what? We don't give sets of house keys to neighbors and I'm not real friendly with mine anyway, so I couldn't knock on one of their doors and ask to use the bathroom. I had no idea when my mom would be back home. I have never had to shit like this in my life. I made up my mind. Even though I had no money, I was going to Burger King (a few blocks from my house) to use their bathroom. On the way I had to pass a lot of people because I live near a major avenue, and somehow I wasn't making strange faces even though I was in tremendous pain and distress. Some shit started to come out as I was walking. I ignored it and kept going. More came out. Right before I got there I started to think: what if the stall is occupied (Burger King bathrooms only have one stall)? I finall got there and to my horror, it WAS occupied. I walked back out of the bathroom and sat down (I know I shouldn't have with shit in my pants, but I didn't want to look suspicious) near the door. I seriously thought about using the ladies room, but there was someone sitting in the area that would have seen me. The dude finally came out and actually thanked me for waiting, and I said no problem! Ha! I rushed in and tried desperately to get my pants down as another wave of pain and shit-urge hit me. I lost more shit in my underwear until I finally managed to sit. My ass exploded. I looked at my underwear. Big brown spot. I shit (past tense) for a long time (don't know how long...didn't bring my watch). After cleaning my underwear as best I could, I went to wipe myself and found that my ass was totally covered in nasty sticky shit. It took literally at least five full minutes to clean myself properly. I pulled up my pants to leave and all, but when I was washing my hands I found that I couldn't (well...shouldn't) leave yet. After another ten minutes or so I left. Luckily my parents were home now. I was still in a great deal of pain and needed the bathroom about three more times in the proceeding hour, but all that came out was that nasty anal-lube (you know, the clear, sticky, liquidy stuff that looks like it might be snot that passed through the digestive tract), but man did it hurt. After the pain let down, I took a shower and disposed of my underwear. I didn't put on another pair for complicated reasons that I won't go into. I don't usually go around without underwear, but it feels pretty good. Just curious--what are the symptoms of food poisoning? I'm telling you guys, this public accident thing doesn't happen to me...

I took my girl to the movies today. We were waiting in line and this snotty little kid was behind us in line, acting impatient. He was bumping and smacking and kicking us, and his mother was not paying any attention to him. After a few minutes of this, he suddenly started rubbing his face and crying "make it stop, oh mommy make it stop!" After that he was well behaved, and it was not until we were in the movies that my Jayell explained to me what happened. It seems she was holding back a big blast of gas, and finally had enough of the little brat and let fly. She said "you gotta look at it from his point of view, I mean his nose was about level with my ..." and we both broke up laughing.

I had something happen to me yesterday that got me wondering. I had the urge to pee. So, I'm standing over the toilet and a strange thing happend. Instead of a single stream flowing, I let loose two streams. This lasted for about 15 seconds, then I went back to the familiar single stream. This event reminded me of one of the few times I got to watch a woman pee. Instead of a stream, she had a bit of a "waterfall" effect going. Have any of you had a similar event happen to you or heard of it happening to someone else (two streams -> male, "waterfall" -> female) ?

Don asked about high school or class room peeing accidents. I wrote about a girl I knew in high school who wet her panties and dress while taking the SAT exams. I posted it a while back at Patches' Place. The story is completely true, its only too bad I wasn't there. She told me about it, sitting there peeing in her panties enough to releive the pressure, and then during the break going to the girls' room, finding a line, and just going into the boys' room, with guys in there peeing, because she was already peeing in her panties again. She had on a dark dress, so people didn't know, so she thought. But she was peeing down her legs in the boys' room, and probably some guys knew that. It was obvious she was totally desperate. She took the rest of the exam with soaking panties on. I also love the idea of a girl wetting herself in class, but don't know of other stories told to me. I know of a lot about girls wetting after school on the way home, on buses, driving, walking, etc., but not in class.

I have recently stumbled across this discussion page on bowel and toilet habits and surrounding humour, I would like to contribute to your postings with a couple of points concerning recent letters in the columns. Concerning the letter submitted by Kevin, regarding the insertion of a piece of soap into the bottom to induce a bowel movement, I also has this done to me when I was younger. It does work well and will cause a trouble free bm when constipation is present. I am now 46 years old and the mother of three children. I myself have used this method to cure constipation, both in myself and my children. For bad constipation, this will work much quicker and faster than swallowing conventional laxatives. When my eleven year old recently became constipated, I tried her with Milk of Mag and syrup of figs. This only helped in a small way, and she still needed to strain hard and passed only with difficulty. I inserted a piece of soap into her bottom and she had a good bowel opening within twenty minutes, with little or no discomfort. Myself I enjoy eating bananas, but these give me bad constipation and to aid this I shove a soap stick up into my bottom at night, before going to bed. On arising in the morning I am able to enjoy a smooth bowel motion without discomfort. I generally use a non scented or bland soap for this, and cut a stick around 4 centimetres long. Rounding off the edges, I then moisten this in some water before insertion. This should be pushed up into the rectum as high as posible. This does work well and will shift the most stubborn constipation. I find this works much quicker than conventional laxatives, and besides its cheaper. Kevin your mother probally made you sit on the potty, so she could see and ensure your bowels had emptied properly.
Referring to the letter by Pharmacist, regarding laxatives and enemas. Perhaps the insertion of some good glycerine soap might form the basis for the competion you describe. This would act just like any good suppository and constipated competitors could all insert a stick of equal length, at the same time. I can't imagine them trying to hold back a bm much longer than 30 minutes, any longer would prove extremely difficult, perhaps Kevin could provide the potty's and then the results could also be judged on time held back and amount produced, perhaps using a good scented soap might dispel any strong aromas, during the competion.
Finally I find the soaps I prefer to use are either, Ivory soap, Glycerine, or Palmolive.
Hope this now offers a wider choice to readers who are purgative and laxative lovers.

Monday, November 24, 1997

i have been reading your posts and i think they are great and thanks to all you girls for answering ower questions well i have a question when you wipe do you fold the paper or do you just wad it up i fold and i wipe from front to back

Why we are discontinuing the thread on the unnamed celebrity:
Several people have said that they couldn't find anything about the person in question sitting on the pot in front of an audience. That includes us. Our searches turned up nothing. There is too much information on that singer for something that significant to simply not exist. Celebrities on the can are unheard of in this day and age and something like that gets front page headlines when it does happen. (The Spice Girls, Candies shoes, Janet Jackson etc.) The tour was several years ago. This whole thing should have been old news long before now. We didn't post the name because we felt it was a real good story but it was unquoteable and unverifiable thus potentially libelous. Another of our readers checked Vibe magazine and couldn't find the article (I think Kim has the worng person in mind, after all we are talking about a R&B/hip-hop magazine carrying a passage about a rock star.) This isn't Robert, Durandal, Brad, or Kim's fault but someone is determined to milk this for all it's worth on every street corner from New York to L. A. and will probably end up getting one of the parties in "this business" sued in the process of his selfishness. So, the thread about the unnamed celebrity will be discontinued until something substantial and quotable turns up.

Sunday, November 23, 1997

Jill, I don't know if the feelings are actually sexual in themselves but they are certainly nice. I needed to take a dump today and was out doing some shopping so it had to wait an hour. I was passing a lot of gas as I strolled around, spreading the wealth you might say, so that they would not be too noticeable. The gas got hotter and hotter, eventually I could feel heat all through my panties, and then I started to feel like I better find someplace NOW to take care of it. Fortunately, I made it home and had a seat. By the way, the jeans went down around the knees, for those keeping track. I relaxed, and a couple really nasty hissing stinkers led off the parade. Then, a long soft sticky poo, popping and snapping the whole time, felt like a huge load leaving my poor ????. I sat there a while, then the fumes got to me and I wiped. Definite power dump! Took a couple good hands full of paper, and a couple flushes to get it down. It was big, and sort of loose and porous, with dark speckles, really funky looking. I left the bathroom and a few minutes later my dopey brother came home and went in the bathroom before I could stop him. Didn't matter-he came running out even faster, and he was like "Wow, what died in there?! That wasn't you, was it??" I tried to keep a straight face but I started laughing and couldn't stop for about a half hour!
-Later, Jillian.

Brad, 100% digestible food is a bad idea for regular consumption for multiple reasons. Intestinal integrity is maintained by the undigestible portion of what we eat (in other words, use it or lose it). The incidence of things such as colon cancer would rise dramatically. Plus, there are still those people who are intolerant of certain things that would still require regular trips to the toilet even if food became "100% indigestible".

Brad was wondering about food which is totally absorbed and therefore had nothing left over to poop out. The answer is that you would still poop because shit also consists of the shed lining of your stomach and intestines plus dead blood cells and other crap excreted by the liver. People undergoing starvation and people fed intravenously for months still shit occassionally. Also, the digestive system is set up to move stuff through it and a person would not be very healthy with no roughage for their system to "work" with. Food that stays inside too long also undegoes putrefication, and all sorts of bad things happen. Shit becomes hard and difficult to let out. Sorry if I've been gross.

pooping girl
To address some of the questions asked by different people I wipe from front to back and never towards my vagina. I use wetwipes as well as toilet paperas it helps to clean and also feels good after a difficult or real big load. I enjoy seeing and hearing people on the toilet and I do enjoy the sites and sounds and at times sexually stimulating. I have never been shy about nnoises when I go to the toilet, when I have to go I go. Im a grunter and seem to always pass alot of gas when I do jobbies,other times as well too I guess. I have noticed that when it is quiet with a few people on toilets, when I make the first noise so to speak it seems to make others more relaxed for them to do what they need to do. Mothing to exciting on my toileting today. Went twice pants and underpants down low not to much grunting just to get things moving few loud farts and about 10 min each sitting, reading newspaper for first and magazine for second. wiped fanny with wet wipes both times, not to messy...bye now

Jason, about your trip to JC Penny and seeing your friend's father on the throne, this kinda' reminded me of high school. I went into the boys room to the first stall to get some TP to blow my nose into. The stall next to the one I was going into had one of my teachers, Mr. East sitting on the shitter. It was kind of embarassing. Our school had no doors for the stalls. I can understand why most schools from the grade school level to the High School level have separate bathrooms for faculty especially in the 1990's. I guess the idea behind separate facilities is the temptation to adults to "mess" with minors.
At that High School in Indianapolis, there were 3 boys rooms and 3 girls rooms. The 2 boys rooms had a wall between the shitters and urinals and the other one had no wall to where you are on the shitter and you can see someone taking a leak and vice versa. At the time, when I took a crap, I usually did in the either of the 2 bathrooms and avoid the one without the wall. One time, I got sick and had to use the shitter in the upstairs bathroom. My attitude was that I didn't give a shit, just relief and no mess. It only got worse and I ended up going home for several days.

I was mowing on our faem [A open feild no trees]about 1 mile from the rearest bathroom. I did not realize that i had to pee so very badly til I got off the mower to move someing. Then it hit me i had to pee and now . I tryed to hold. I got bock up on the mower and started to head to the bathroom.I did not get 2 feet before it happened I look down at my pants only to see a small wet spot start to appear. I quickly stopped and got off after i realizie I couldn't make it. but not quick and soon.I got off then i could not hold it back at all.i unbottoned my pants fast but my zipper got stuck.My pee started comeing out fast and my zipper was still stuck witch meet i couldn't get my pants down. I kept trying to get my zipper down. When I got my zipper down I had don had pee all over the front of my pants but i was still peeing hard and fast so I quickly pull my pants down. But I did not catch my underwear at the same time. Still peeing fast [the pee was catching in the underwear an running down my leg] I eas trying very very quickly to get it down.It had all ready turned bright yellow.So I just lened forwrd. an just let it come threw the cloth after I was down I felt good i pull up my pants. I went back up to the house after that and changed into a dry pair of pants an underwear. no body every found.

I was cleaning the elementary school girls restroom the other day, and a mother and daughter came in. The mother asked me "Can she go?" I said: "Sure!" and the little girl entered a stall, pulled down her shorts and began tinkling. She wiped and came out of the stall. Her mother said: "Don't forget to wash your hands." She came over to one of the sinks where I was cleaning and washed her hands. The mother remarked that I keep the kids bathrooms nice and clean. At that point, FIVE girls, aged 9-11, came into the bathroom and asked if they could go. I of course obliged, and they all entered stalls and tinkled. They really had to go. They wiped carefully and washed their hands. I said: "You know, I really like cleaning your bathrooms, I know that you kids really enjoy your school bathrooms." They smiled and thanked me and left. I thought this was cute.

Philippe was wondering if girls sit directly on toilet seats, for one thing. Well, in my school they sit directly on the seat with their bare bottoms. How do I know? I spend a lot of time in the girls restrooms cleaning them. I ask the girls and see many of them on the toilet. Plus, we use those little squares of toilet tissue which are not conducive to covering a seat with. I find that as long as the seats are clean and made of white plastic, the girls will sit down. Many times a girl with drip piss onto the seat as she is getting up, or accidently smear shit on the seat as she is wiping. In that event, the next girls will either wipe it off and sit, avoid that toilet, or squat over the seat to avoid contact with the other persons shit or piss. Some girls forgo the use of the girls restroom altogether and run in and use the boys urinals.

New Guy
This question is for the ladies: Have any of you ever pooped in front of your boyfriends/husbands? Have they ever asked or have you ever volunteered? Have they ever pooped in front of you? We all must admit that we all take some pleasure in the bowel movements of others.
Also, is there a correlation between the enjoyment of bowel movements and anal sex? Do you all consciously extend the time between movements so that you can pass a larger more satisfying turd? It would be nice to hear about everyone's best pooping experience.
To follow up on the discussion about atheletic supporters: I can't have a bowel movement while wearing one because I absolutely have to pee when I poop. I can't hold in the pee when I'm pooping.
Also I remember a story. I was in McDonalds with a friend, He announced that he had to take a dump. He went into the bathroom and was back in a flash. I said, "That was quick". He said, "It's cuz I'm saving the big ones for later." I thought that was funny.

I work in one of the last, turn-of-the century warehouse/factory. You know the place, red brick building cold in winter, hot in summer, a virtual dust-bowl. Anyhow, the men's lavatories have not been renovated since probably 1902, small wooden partitions between the bowls, but no doors on any of the stalls. (Guys, before you get excited, the ladies lavatories all have doors, no one has figured out the difference, we are doing the same function, right?) Well, when I started working there I would never sit on a toilet, I felt embarresed to stink up the john with everybody walking past you, but I realized I brought more attention to myself by NOT crapping like everyone else, Guys would actually say to me, "I know you eat breakfast and lunch, but you never use the john" One day, I had no choice, I had bad chicken salad for lunch, and I was rumbling, really really bad, so a darted into the closest mens lavatory, ran into the unoccupied stall, dropped my jeans, and blew like no tomorrow. Ed, one of my co-workers, in the next stall, laughed and said, "just made it, huh, Mike" We both laughed, and talked, while we completed our business, Ever since that day, I look foward to going the the bathroom at work, You can be so open about everything, whe the stalls are open like that, and you know when someone walks in to stop talking if it's a supervisor. Anyone else work in a place like this? Let's compare experiences. BTW< I am a happily married 43 year old man, but my wife would not understand this fascination we have.
Peace guys.

I have been reading this site for about 6 months now and I must say that reading about a woman pooping really turns me on. I haven't told this to anyone at all, especially my wife. I have never written here either and I didn't think I would ever have anything to write about, until last week. My wife and I were returning from a weekend trip to the mountains. We were basically on the interstate in the middle of nowhere and she began complaining about her stomach hurting. We had just eaten a really large meal, so I didn't think too much about it. A few minutes later, I noticed her moving around and acting uncomfortable in her seat. I asked what was wrong and she said "I have to go really bad". She then asked how far to the next exit. I told her at least 15 or 20 minutes. She said "I can't make it that far" and asked me to drive faster. She obviously had to poop really bad. I felt sorry for her, but at the same time could feel myself getting excited. She then said "you've got to find a spot to pull over I've got to go bad". I said okay, just a minute as I was looking for a good spot. She then said "Pull over now, its coming". I pulled over immediately and she sat still for just a second. I could smell it. I asked her if she pooped her pants and she said yes just a little. She then asked me to go into the woods with her as she didn't want to go by herself. I gladly said yes. I jumped out of the truck and followed her up into the woods. She was running. When I caught up with her she was despately pulling her pants down. I then watched as she let go a huge pile of shit onto the ground. I had never watched a woman shit before, only read about it here. I was so turned on. My cock was so hard. I could smell her poop as I looked at the huge pile on the ground. She then started pooping some more. She was embarrased and I think she knew I was turned on. I haven't mentioned it to her and am not sure if I should bring it up or not. Any suggestions from you ladies out there? Post a reply.

Saturday, November 22, 1997

Lynn: What a great post. I love the detail that you use. Keep the stories coming. I had simailar experience the other day at work. After having gone in to have a pee after lunch I too was fixing my hair etc in the mirror. One of the girls from customer service came in and went into one of the stalls. She sat down on the toilet and strated peeing right away. This was followed by very loud straining and pushing. This caught my attention since most girls in the bathroom tend to be a bit more on the quite side. As she kept pushing I could hear it start to come out of her. There were 4 pieces that all splashed into the toilet. At that point some other girls came into the bathroom and started chating and fixing their make up. I had to leave at that point so as to not stand out. I wanted to hear how she finished up. I am going out to a bar after work with some of my friends from work tonight. I'll post if I hear any good bathroom stories.
Take Care,

It is my impression, from recent posts by Coprologist and others, that a lot of people actually find the sights, sound, smells etc. of other people using the toilet, to be sexually stimulating. I can't say I agree with that, and usually being in a public toilet is a somewhat embarrassing experience, especially if you know the person making the noises - or worse if it's me thats doing it! However, I love to read the posts here, because I realise that there are plenty of other people, who like me, enjoy the process of using the toilet, and although we don't talk about it to each other (much); it is wonderful to have places like this where we can discuss it anonymously. I get tremendous satisfaction from having a big bowel movement, especially if I have waited a while, but I don't believe that the good feelings I get are particularly sexual; other than the same part of the body is involved. Do other readers of this page find a sexual connection, - and if so (like Coprologist), is there a preference to same sex or opposite sex?

Last month me and 2 of my buddies were hanging at the mall, when we had to hit the head. JC Penney's was the closest store, so the 3 of us invaded the men's restroom. This place has three stalls, with no doors, all occupied, in the middle stall was our buddy Tim's dad, who is one of the store managers.
He struck up a conversation with us while he was making. He aked us if Tim was with us, and wanted to know why he wasn't , and him and Mrs. -------- were worried about him lately, all the time two other guys are also making, on either side of Mr. ---------, and not really appriciating us standing there, but he wouldnt stop talking, while he wiped himself and pulled his trousers back up. "Whos's next? he asked, I warmed the seat for you, he laughed. He left, and we all did our business, and left also, but that was a weird experience, and now whenever we go over Tim's house, I always picture his dad sitting on the toilet bowl.

Hi everyone...have a good story to tell. When i was at work today I had got hit with the urge to go. well, not hit, more like slammed! So, anyways, i ran into the ladies room, found an open stall and started to undue the bottom half of my clothes, as quickly as possible i might add!. When that was all done, i went and sat down on the toilet. I popped and farted for a few seconds, but nothing would come out. "Oh Great" i said to myself quietly....and began to grunt and push. After about 15-20 seconds, red in the face, and out of breath, i said to myself, well....i guess i have a little problem, now what do I do? So, i sat there for about another minute thinking and (still) farting, when this HUGE urge to push came. I went with the urge and got it started (a few inches out). Well, better than nothin i thought. I guess you could say, it gave me my second wind and i continued to push as hard as possible. Well, after 5 minutes of that i finnaly got it out. I just! sat there for a few minutes recovering from being so tired out and letting my poor butt recover from hurting so bad. Obviously something was going to be a little red...(uggh!). Anyways, after all that was done i went to start wiping myself. Talk about sandpaper! OUCH! that was not very fun. So, anyways, of course I finished, washed my hands and thats my story :)

I sometimes go round to play with my friend at his house. He has a brother who is about my age (11) but he is autistic. His parents have tried to toilet train him but without much luck. One day we were doing a jigsaw and he came in the room and watched us. The next thing he did was squat down next to us. We continued to do the jigsaw and his brother stood up. We thought he was going when he pulled his shorts down to his ankles and bent over. He gave a few grunts as we saw him do his poo on the floor. The logs were small anddark brown but did not smell much. He pulled his shorts up and we took him into the bedroom and cleaned him like a baby using wipes. When he had nearly finished I said I would go and clean up the poo. I picked up the three logs and went into the toilet.

Here's a strange idea. In consideration of the fact that excrement consists of material that is unusable by the body, I wonder if sometime in the future someone will invent a foodstuff which is 100% digestible. That is, it is fully absorbed in digestion and negates the need ever to poop.
While this would save much personal time in the aggregate as well as appeal to certain specialized markets (astronauts, athletes, long-haul truckers, etc), it would certainly impact the profits of companies which make #2-related products like toilet paper. The question is, would anybody go for it, or would they choose to stick with old-fashioned elimination and its accompanying pleasurable sensations?
Gotta go now (in several senses of the word).........

Hey Robert,
The identity of the " famous musician " woman is pretty obvious since I had read an article in VIBE magazine - she mentioned one her favorite things in life was taking " a nice big poo "
The VIBE article didn't get into the juicy details but apparently on the newsgroups there was some hinting to people watching her poo - and she actually enjoying it.

I once saw a desperation scene where a high school cheerleader wet her uniform on the bus! Does anyone have any female classroom wetting accident stories?

to alex: yup, both were a similar color green, with of course a red streak (uggh!!!). I haven't had any reoccurences, but does anyone know why? Almost all my friends have said they've done it, but no one knows the answer...

It's been a couple of days I haven't posted and I am taking this opportunity to reply to John-Ohio, react to Johnboy's very scientific review of women pooping habits (how far down they pull their trousers) and to ask our female team here a couple of questions.
a) To John-Ohio. YES!!! I found the place, exactly on the NW corner of Queen and Claremont. The place is actually called CATACOMB and is in a basement, with a bar on top. There is a dark and rather scarry staircase leading down to the place. However, it may have changed since you were there last time, because I disctinctively saw a Men and a Ladiesroom. Perhaps one of the two areas was under renovation last May (I did not ask). As to whether patrons use indefferently one bathroom as opposed to the other was irrelevant: I got there at about 10:00am last saturday and the place was absolutely empty. I returned at about midnight and there was almost no sign of life. I do not know if this idleness was due to the weather (it had snowed a lot on that day), or whether to some random slow day, but my visit was inconclusive. I'll check again at some later time, but again, John, thanks for the information.
b) To Johnboy: If you studied statistics, you've put your academic knowledge to good use, for I found your report very instructive and well balanced. I guess it settles the issue. Also, I wonder where on earth have you been able to get "five hours" of bathroom footage...I'd love to have them....I think I must have about two hours of footage total, with girls seen from the side, the front and the back. Very complete you might say, but rather all pee and very few pooping (Did I understand that some of the girls on your films were pooping because they kept themselves busy reading something?). Now that the trousers-lowering appears to be settled, I'd like to ask a couplee of questions to our girls here.
ii) If you are in a public restroom and go for a pee, would you sit downright on the seat, wipe the seat and then sit, cover the seat with TP and then sit, or just squat over the toilet?
iii) As to wiping, do you wipe from the front or from the back?
Of course, I cannot answer these questions since I am a male, but as far as it is relevant to me, after finishing a poo, I take exception to most people, since I stand when wiping.
I wish I had more time to relay to you the pooping stories of my wife Dora during our honeymoon trip (we travelled on the seas, in the air, on the road and on the tracks in 9 countries..) and also report to you on a fruitful career of 10 years voyeurism in a downdown Toronto guybar that has since closed. I hope to be able to do this soon. Cheers to all.

I was at a friend house last night It was hot so we drank a iot of water.It was ten p.m my friend went to sleep he was just wearing his white underwear. I told my girlfriend to call over there around 10 p.m.she called around 10:30 . I got talking to her about nothing much. IT was 2:00 a.m an i herd a psssssssss noise I look up to see his white underwear turning yellow. I did not say a thing about it. I got off to phone with hwre around 9a.m. About the same time my friend was starting to get up. his underwear just starting to dry to. He would feel very neves about wetting his pants in front of me [I did not care I know that he would] I also just had on my unrerwear. So I did the only thing possable and pee my underpants to and told him the same thing had happened to me. nobody both us ever know what we wet our self
when I was 10 y.o. my dad came to pick me up from school. It was the end of the day an every body went home. We only 4 miles from there. Around 10 min in to the ride i saw my dad start to move around a lot I ask him if he was all right he sad yes. 5 min later I saw a small wet spot start to appear but no less then a min later to small wet spot got very big fast. he peed all over him self and the seat when we got home 3min later he quickly ran in in the house to change my mom never found out.
I was 9 y.o. an had to pee very very BADLY that day. I was walking back from a friend house who lived around the block. It did not pee before I left [it takes about 10min ] because i know I could make it home.but i know wrong 6min in to the walk [iwas walking on the side walk were long fence ran the edge of it the only place it stop was at my house]i felt my underwear get a little wet but then it all broke lose before I new ii i had peed all over underwear an pants.I must have peed for at least 1 min if not longer. when I got home no body GOOD i quickly ran to my room and changed.I never told eneyone.

Friday, November 21, 1997

pooping girl
Went to the toilet at work today and as I sat there peeing and getting rid of some gas,another lady came in and rushed into the toilet next to mine. She was talking to herself, saying ohh my hurry as I heard her pulling her pants down and She started farting before Her fanny was on the seat as I could tell by the sound. I could see her pants bunched as I looked under the stall couldnt see her underpants. She must not have gone to the toilet for days as she grunted and passed some very loud gas and poop started to hit the water, and she just kept going seemed to be nonstop with farts and plopping. when I finished and was washing my hands before leaving there was another blast of gas and jobbies. Im sure she felt much better when she was finished. I know I would.

One day me and my friends were out for a bike ride and I had bad diarreha but I decided it could wait. When we were about 5 miles from his house I started getting really bad cramps. We stopped next to a lake and I said that we should go swimming. So we all jumped in. When I was in the water I coudn't hold on any more so I dropped my pants and let the biggest brown cloud out from behind me that I had ever seen. My friends noticed it and they just laughed.

That was a fascinating story, Kevin. When you said 50's and 60's, I thought 1850's and 1860's. It really seems antediluvian to me. However, I'm sure she picked up the technique from her Mother, and so on back to the invention of soap!

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